The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1930
Page 6
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'rTO'lXMK/ tAUK.) COUUIEU NKWS Where Men Are Utes Mostly SATURDA i, Ike Armstrong Charges Get j ; V Eight- -.. Places on Star' ''.Mountain Team. . . ' SY'CLAIBE IUJRCKY ; • NBA. S*rrlre. !i >orls Writer ;- It's Pike's Peak In Colorado, bin! westward a few hundred miles In Utah they all have (o look up' ' among the clouds to eel n peck at' Ike's football team, . Blame Ike Anntlrone, then, if • the 1930.-honor team of Rocky •Mountain football seems top heavy with Utah stars. He's Hie conch •.who has, taught them how In lov> but two football contests In 42 played since he became head man there . 'ln>.1925, , • •. ': Utati won eight, games (Ills past sea;.on. They .probably would hnvc won nrre hnd any taeii schedule:), i Against seven conference foe. 1 :, they reored 320 points, an average of 45 . points per game. While they were doing .trills, their opposition f-und time to run iip'1'the formidable total of 13 points. It was Ike's'sixth reason at the Salt Lake City school. Twice In 1 ; team finished in second place. The other four times they won - the championship for the renson outlined above—no cue could bent them. Pour football championships Armstrong has given to Utnh Imve been presented In, the last five years. .'l[Pirst team honors have been glv- . en eight Utah athletes, and seven ' pf them .were hy unanimous vote of •my observers, It would bo inter'«ting no doubt, to hear what that -one .observer had against Tlieron •Davis to place him second on Ihc . list, of quarterbacks . '-With so much Utah talent on the • first team, it seems, thnt n tablet of some kind could be erected nnd inscribed with the names of Dn's- ; trip, and Thome, stalwart sons r,[ Brlgham Young, and Sawyer of University of Colorado. Their he- .roism . dgalnt-t the. powerful Utes .should be reworded. C11IUSTENSEN UTAH. HALFBACK J cwerful Western Squad. Between Rockne and! Claim to National Title. UTAH, HALI.'IIACIE JOHNSON 'TAH, T40KLQ UTTER'.' 'UTAH, EN?'..'' The licloved O'Brien Oh, yes, m'lnds,. sure-mi' there arc Irish al Notre Dame, nil right, . , jail right, even if it is the Schwnrlz- '.'.A'year ago, (He .whole Rocky dis- es and the Carkieos and the Kas• trict sans the pralsea of Power-, slcs nud Melzgcrs you're' always house Pomeroy. anJ little Bobbie Davis,, the .Utal< captain. They're • just a'coupleof old grads now, for Frank Christe,nsen and Captain .Ray Price hepped into the singe and took ! up-more spotlight thnn .either • Pomerpy or .Davis known.- ' • had ' Utah made (he Rockies rock dlz- ,zily. It's true, but'.'there, we re oWier : gcpd players in the 'district, even ••; outside of Salt Lake .City.'Colorado ••. had a trio' of threats -in Pleasant fullback; Haley, halfback, and . Loiicks, end. Denver'hnd Sjxckcn, halfback and Brownlec, center. Bn( U one gres on this way, he'll to . right .back naming some more Utah inen. arid when you do that, \ou can't overlook Croft and Wall- lug in teat, Icnvard wall. : '-^.. '.•',•••: >Where Men Are Utes, Mostly '. Position • •' - Fin.t Team End.;....: utter, ijttih -Tackle :........... Johnson, Utah Guard Dastrup, Brig. Young Center ...... Jonas, Utah Guard ..'.... Lybucrt, Utah Tackle! Sawyer, Colorado End-'....;,..' Watklns, utnh Quarterback .;;; Davis, Utah Halfoack .;..; price, Utah Halfback ...:.. Christensen, Utah Fullback .... Thorns, Brig. Young rendln' nboiit theso days, And one of these is Johnny O'Brien, from los Angeles and China nnd other places. And this same Johnny O'Brien .it is tint's the only man Knute Rockne ever embraced niter n football game. For O'Brien Is one of those lucky sons of Erin who seem 'to bo blessed either with the hick -o' the fairies of old Irebnd or their tricks. Johnny plays end and his size m.lglit tool you. He look? slight with his six feet three .'inches of iclglil. ljut when he hits he throws' 80 pounds of sinew Into his tack- Position Second Team End ... ;";•' Wilson, Colo Agri Tackle ..:.... Starbuck, Colo. Coll. 'Guard ...'.—'...'Duster Col'racia .Center ..- Burrell, Colo. Mines • Guard ..... McGregory, Colo. Coll. Tickle ..: '. Cannon, Denver JEnd ..,.,; Worthington, Mont. si. Quarterback. Middlcmlst, C-lorndo Halfback'-... Butler, Colo. Teachers Halfback Fullback Dlr, V'yomin? Remunri, Utah Ag •GARRET NOVEL rtjBUSHKD DUBUQUE, Ja. (UP)—A novel begun in a stuffy garret at the age of. 14 was recently published by Miriam Monger. It is ca:|rf "A Midland Sagti." The principal character, an enormous old woman riding to a black carriage behind z coachman, was the heroine of her juvenile attempt/Miss Monger Ins also published, "Diana of the North Country." 8E ONLV AS OU> AS HE INSURANCE BME THEIR RATES OM -THAT ARGUMENT- Ills Startling Debut Harking back to the Army game of 1928, Johnny O'Brien was sent nto the field hte In .the game to ko the place of Johnny Colrick. Chris Cagle nnd other Army plnyr ;rs breathed n sigh of relief, for Colrick had been a thorn in their side nil during the game. They leemed O'Brien a second-stringer, )ul It wasn't long before thnt impression was crorected. Q'Brlen skipped along, leaped high nnd snatched a forward p'ass ight out of the air tmd before the soMler Inds knew whnt was happening, he had tumbled ncross the goal line with th ewliinlng touchdown. Johnny was' only a souho- nore Iheii. and the story goes thst Socknc wcs so glad for what tiio boy had done that he hugged him ns the team cnma off the field. * c * The Threat Since then O'Brien has been a terror to the Ciiemy. He grubbed n pass and made a touchdown In'that Army game, nnd ever since there Is an uneasy feeling nmong. the Notre Dame opponents when Johnny comes dashing ;ip to the referee In Ihe last few minutes of n tens- game. When John appears In the game, the enemy looks for strategy at once. He is supposed to bsar signals from Rockne to his men The fact that Rockne lets his men take care ol their own signals on Saturdays cannot counteract Ihe (ear that O'Brien has been sent Into the game for some sinister pur-- pose. ( ' Thus it was In the recent 'Army game. Laic in the game Johnny came galloping out to play left, end. Army secondard concentrated on stopping nny sort of a pass to O'Brien that might to attempt- Ed. O'Brien reported to Caridca that he was beins followed Car deo ran the very nest play oil right tackle for a touchdown Johnny is a hurdler. Oddly enough he picked (his up i n ci'i- r.a. For a lark he had boarded n snip and worked hu way to the Orient. Dunns his wanderings he came across a carnival which catured a high hurdle race for the cnamplonship of the country • He borrowed running pants and I JPKes. entered the race and won I *nc title. j Oh, yes, there are Irish at No- :trc Dame, Even If you don't hear much about them, Cliick Mentor Is Named on All-Star Hendrix Grid Teain CHICKS' COACH—18 BOD CONWAY, Ark.—Coach Ivan H. Grove of Hendrlx-Henderson college regards five, members of his 1029 football team as the greatest performers he ever has had here nnd includes tli'em'pn his all-star eleven — selected from .:Hendrix players of the'past seven seasons. Grove came to Hendrix from the University of Arkansas in 1924. Here Is his all-star team: Frank ("Swede") McCormlcic, clnss of 1927, left end. Bill Meriwether, class of 1927 left tackle. Henry Hudson, class of 1928, left guard. Now Blythevllle High coach. Carl Wilson, class of 1928, center. James Harvey Humph, class of 1930. right'guard. Lawrence Harris, class ol 1 right taekle. ' . Everett Eason, class of Ifl33 .right end. Wright Salter, .class of 1928, quarterback. • . Marvin Bird, class of 1025, left half. . - ( ... .' . ; Vernbn Day, .class of 1833, rlgh't half.-.' .••••....»- ° : Elmer Smith,-'class of 1931, full-' 1925, utility lineman. •/•'.'. Of these men, Harris, " Eason, Rumph; Day and Smith were members of this season's squad..' • Eight won all-state honors. Mc- Cbrmick was regarded as one of the greatest ends ever developed in Arkansas. Meriwethcr never-has-had an equal as a punter. Hudson, Wilson and Copp were .other', linemen to make the all-state. In trie backfield, Suiter, Bird, and Smith were of-all-state.caliber. -.,•] ^ .Many critics, believe Salter was the: greatest '. b»ck -. wllhin>.!<}! s»rds of-an opponent's goal ever'to play in Arkansas. He had n tremendous amount of power, si>ced and versatility. , . ' / ' back. Noel '.f'Buclc") Copp, class of Wales Admits Golf Gaine is "Filthy" LONDON, (UPJ—Tlie Prince" of Waleii has confessed that he IS a '•filthy golfer," and' Just about • a: bad ah' after dinner speaker. :His '^confession 11 - came while he was addressing »'• banquet of ttie Stage Golfing-- Society" recently when he also'-' confessed that the toastmaster's 'Introduction of him worried him "as much-as playing golf,—or trying i<o."; : • ,i "We get into''traps'in'golf," sni the PrUic?. -'.TVe have to learn t« Bet out of -them. : We 'get Irito trap- in bur.'Jobs;' a'rid'"6f golf can hell in to .-get out-of ourjobs,—well, a! RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday MADAM , SATAN The Greatest Masterpiece of Cecil B. DC Mille A daring ToIkU of modern love with this notable cast: Kay Johnson Reginald Denny Lillian Roth Roland Young A thousand rev;ellers trapped in a Zepplin plunging to de-l striTction! j Comedy and News. j Matinee—Sunday Only—10- j 25c, School Children. j Adults—lOc. i Night—15 and -iOc. ! HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday loTTA HOKUM OIUGIX OK HONEYMOON* la. <up)_-m e word hon- tCat. * for IM ERMIIMf Coming—Tuesday & 'Wednesday — George Bancroft iir "DERELICT". ; Coming—-Thursday & Friday; —Ed -Wynn in "FOLLOW j THE LEADER". I Comings-William Haiues in' "REMOTE CONTROL". : "Strong WM Us name but be had fats weak moments. Soncllmonl- oos MMoI-Mialcher learns ; that people'who Jive in glass booses should pull • down the shades. Don't • miss this snappy com- ( edy wtth Robert Arm- [ strong, Barbara Kent, Beryl Mercer, Jamca ' Gicason, Arthur llojt, Claude Giliingwatcr. plons rip the Trojan line v.'ido open and lie believes that the powerful Irish forwards can do tlie'sam? thing long enough to let Si'iwarK, or Brill or some oilier Notre Dame back get away at least once. And once may be enough. Hollingb'erryTiiou's™th2t tne ripping, lackle slanting plays ol Howard 'Jones, as exemplified by Mu- slck, Duflield and Mohler can 1)3 Su>i,Yl C,- 1030 I dsy. of )pecemher, 10;; W. W. HOLLIPETER, 1 .. .' |,i chancfry. KM, Kvrnrd & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 0-13 ' COMMISSIONER'S SAI.i: NOTICE.ii hereby given ths the ir-drrslij-eil commissioner, in com- wilh the terms of a cle between the hours prescribed/iff] law. In the City of nlythevVfr/ Aikansas, on Ihc 21th d av 0 1 cf i:i e . of Section 17, in Tow 15 Noiih, Itange 11 East. THE purchaser at said c j.v«, uum^iu auu .>juim.-i k.j:i a, . • , .......j wi u ut- lilt, pUlCllu-tr at catrt r-ilA III stopped, and thinks that, psrliaps. \ { '- e • rortocred by the Chancery be required to execute l«r, , : h the Notre Dame line will dupllcats *™ tl ' 0 ' **. CJilckaaiwft. DIs- approved seeuri y to Se t'he ^ fmt Ulc. of MiSslssinn Cnimtir At-tan. „„ , _, ,. . . at *- ul '- ^ne LOS ANGEI.ES.—Two great foot- teams — Notre Dame and all outhorn California—will meet here Oday In the Coliseum to deter- ilne whether the Irish, lords of tic Central states and the East. liall extend their domain ti> the "aciflc coast ana thereby win p. stional gridiron championship. Undefeated In its last 18 games, otrc Dame will enter the (ray for he first time this season with the odds against them. Bub as Coach 'Tnutc Rockne and 38 warriors rode ito Los Angeles from Tucson, Ariona, there was no indication that heir supporters had abandoned "leir hope or their'faith .that Ne- 'e Dame's chargers would gallop Bears and Packers in Pro Grid_Tille Game ^ ™ CHICAGO. DTTc ,UP)-The (f ^^he^hl^t^tsl ^. •'~ — a, credit of th front door of the Court between the hours pr Chicago Bears nnd Green Bay Packers will meet tomorrow al Wrlglcy Field in n gome which mny^ decide the chainpbnshij) o£ Ihe 'national prafnislunnl football ItasKe. Ilie .Memphis Tigers will play Hie wlnmr of the pro league tille in Memphis. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the' Chlckusiwba District. of Couniy, „ ,...... O v*u Kiwtiiu £uiiu f j 11 it-ii ui ^uAsi^sippi (jouiii¥ t /\rK!iin~ ougli shod to their , goal of two j sas, on the 16th day of November ucccssivc undefeated seasons. 1030. wherein American Buildin^ Heports are Mulltns' injured knee I & Loan Afsocialion was PlalnOir" as rcs|K>naed to treatment and "'~ "~" 'iat there is a possibility of his ppearing in the lineup .even if nly for a few minutes. Rockne advanced the opinion iat the Trojans were a touchdown r two stronger than the Irish, mil e added a warning that "they nustn't count their touchdowns bo- ci'e they are scored. 1 -' Most of the >far western coaches •ho were gathered here seemed to hare Rockne's ^pinion of the rel- tive strength of the two" teams. :ven Jimmy Phelan of Waslilng- on nnd Tom Lieb of Loyola in Los .ngeles, both former pupils of :ockrie, made reluctant predictions .Southern California would hat •in. Babe Holllngherry of Washington (ale, whose Cougars gave the 'Tro- nns their only defeat of the year, )}• a one-point margin, it not so — ... ertain that Notre Dame will be I WITNESS mv hntiri No. 4503 vs. and Frances Baker, et al.. were Defendants, will sell al public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between tile' hours prescribed by law. in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 27th day of December, 1930, the following real estate, to-wit: Lots 8 and 9, of the re-subdivision of Block 6, of the Chi- ' cago Mill &, Lumber Company's Second Addition (o the City ci Blylhevillc, Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with apprcvecl security, to- secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional secui-- Uy for the payment oi such pur- 'ch?.se money. cler, on n, credit of three months at the '--— scribed by law, in the City of Bly- IhevMIe, Arkansas, on the 27th day of December, 1930, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot Number Seven ;•;;, in Block Two (2), of the Blythe- vllle,.Lumber Company's First Addition to the city; of Blyttie- ville, Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of (he purchase money, and a. lien will be retained upon raid property as additional seem ity for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS' my hand and tile sea! of said Court, oa thin, the 5th day of December, 1030. W. W. HOLLIl'ETER, ' Commissioner in Chancery. Held, Evrard fc Henderson Attorneys for Plaintiff. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of n decree rendered by the Chancery Court, for the phlckasawba Dis. tlict of Mississippi County, Arkan- sassos,.on.the 18th day.of November, 1930, wherein Guaranty Investment & Loan Company, ct al., was Plaintiff, 6-13 "/ iui me, payment 01 sucn pur- j chase money. •viiiNt^a my -nand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 5th day of December, 1930 '-. . W. W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chancery Reid, Evrarc! & Henderson, . " Attorney; for Plaintiff. C-13 No. 4842 vs; and Joe P. Prltle; et al., were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best. bidder, on a credit, of three months, at COMMISSIONER'S SA1.K NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree .rendered by ,the Chancery Court 'or the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas <m the 18lh day of November, 1930 wherein National Saving & Loan' • Association was FlitlntlfT, raid X No. 4840 vs. . Charles B. Brasher, et al were ne-,. fondants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court 'louse, between -the hours prescribed by law •,in the City of Blylheville, Arkansas, on the 20th day of December, 10"0, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot Five (6), Block "H", Nel. son's Addition to Leaclivilk', Mississippi County, .Ai'kaiisa-' SAID sale will bs had to satisfy said decree in the sum of S3.283.53, with, nine per cent Interest from September 26, 1930. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, lo secure the payment of Ihe purchase money.' and a lien wit! be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment of.such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 28th day of November. 1930. W. W. HOLL1PETER. Commissioner in Chancery. 29-0-13 •HKTTEII' • .- • / THE SREAT AMERICAN VALUE Fine-car distinction nnd qunlity in the new Chevrolet Six , Again, Chevrolet and Gen- .cra! Motors have utilized their combined resources to establish a new and highcrst'andardofvnluefor the American motor car. The new Chevrolet represents u type of economical transportation that America has long anticipated— a low-priced six styled with such striking talent and Roo<l taste, so smartly beautiful and complete in its perfection of detail, so advanced arid refined rncd^inically that you will immediately recognize it as the Great American Value. Thi'i grcnt value is the outcome of four basic Chevrolet ndvimtngcs: (1) The savings of vol- uiMcproduclioniiininctcenimmensc, modern plants. (2) The economics which result from great purchasing power. (3) The benefits of continu- OUB research in General Motors laboratories and on the General Motors Proving Ground. And (i) the close association with the Fisher Body'Corpora- tion 'who, this'year, have surpassed all their previous achievements in developing bodies of outstanding quality, refinement and value. These basic advantages have made it possible to build a finer car nt.fotccr cost. They have enabled Chevrolet to offer a car with a longer wlieol- base—greater roominess and comfort— strikingly smarter style—impressive new luxury—more thoroughly satisfactory per- forma'nce—greater dependability. And to pass on these savings of cffi. cicnt manufacturing lo the buyer in the form of lower prices! *» » AT NEW LOW PRICES « apiarist moon and feed 1 who vlsllcd them, ac- p f=f. P. R. Hiddock Iowa Sb'.e college. Coming -7- Harold Lloyd in' "FEET FIRST". , Coming — El Bremlell in' "JUST IMAGINE". ! Coming — Pack Oakie hi "SEAI LEGS". } Coming — Buddy Rogers in Coming—Robert Montgomery in "WAR NURSE". .Comedy (and Cartoon. JIatince—2 and 4 o'clock 2 Shows at N'ight. Adm) 10 and 25c. Coining —i Tuesday, Wotlncs"- (tny & Thursday—Jack Oakip in "THE SOCIAL LION" ' The Phaeton The Roadster Sport Roadster dJ/jfiC with rumble scat «P^ii/«) .$47$ The Coach Standard Coupe Standard Five- Window Coupe SPECIAL EQUIPMENT EXTRA $545 $535 oyort Coupe with rumble seat Standard Sedan Special Sedan $635 -»••.• ^A-//y.fto. m :^'$±- — Zane Grey's "THE BORDER LEGION". IT'S WISE TO CHOOSE A SIX W. I. Dcnton Chevrolet Co. BlythevilK Ark.

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