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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 5

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
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A LATE LO "OATH" OX GRANT. The r.ew nan, the politkal bab bad evne into ti household of the people found. Iik4 point of acru-ation aaiongst the huudred-i of th u.ands atxle anint this man (or a oh Itere than that the people, had called hiiu the thief What were hU a. Ua PP. PRO tMtSal(MiiHIWiMWIMMIrf (Daw.

Pn a Sr TuikM: 1 1 al Crpeta. Joroat, Lun Daa, liwaaa-Jof thm am- Ot-(v Alotir, aiuona: the bulrushes of the iir nis and the1 old Kryptian prisU were greatly Here is a Love Song imitation of Aus iw ii in -i- iJumnnHIJ.IM it Bia Death Makes tha Profound est disturbed to see that foundling on the brvx-a of Pharaoh's daughter. But from the adveot OXYGEN TREATMENT tin Dobson, hoe iilion of a sixteenth century ball Jl was printed In yumuv- iTeMiltct which we felt aw dtstre-tsrd ami linmihaUd about They were nothing bit the deceptkos practiced upon a young Presi Impression at Our History's Source. e-e tt mitt d4 cr Consumotlon. Bmnn Nrtla.

asthma. 2 daj'e Jciil and MV Ffrmr, Cstarrtt. 0erou frOtrstori. tc. 0 Icriaa 1MjRual.

bunk li. bum r.lAM. dent of 4b. lie tried to get us an bland out in the ocean and we imputed that to be a crime. He would net have the foreign rela Wheat! go SlAtm- 1rns rntrt i 3 'af in my place AH Ik Discriminating Fools Fall lo Hate Any Ta fwfp- srrwfael tr a trw -e rnr pa troaa: tions of the I iiited State, which are a part your feet.

CMeaajo. Chicago, 3 Hon. wm. pann Mnon, intr utmji, P. H.

Tubha.Iin.. rutin Tjm? Elect ea His Soldier Faint. of the txenime order, continually pmtored et. fmm 1 ROYAL Jk Sl pjp fan. tf.

Mr. T. H. Clrlt. Chicaao.

by a who supoed himself to be the O.W. Nnon, M. Mrs. Natta C. Rood, Cnkho.

Henry Stiles, M. MswVork. I I at I Mmihteror foreign Affairs. called that a great outrage, whereas the present or any Our ryryym ae tmt travWra rMrr sratrt. 'Quarts CosaamriaoBs with Wiaahina'toB mad Uncolii How tho Latter Lauid on the l)n4 II era.

Jburvpa fry ixprtu. Aasy. pttMa. c.puu latranaona avaam wwaaw. other Administration would do the same.

and the act of deposing Mr. Sumner learf" TIN ASCI A L. REAL. EST A TE. of Grant there bas been presented lo us an er-ckanging and new gallery of public characters, as animated as ever were the trshals of France in the time of the glory of tke French devolution, or as the Generals and publie men around Washington at the organization of this Kepublie.

The play of characters has stretched from the far North to the farthest South in every State and community there have arisen men to embellish the true literature of the country which lies In its public vitality. The battlefields of the Union have been its true universities. The simple men who sprang on either side to arnrs and illustrated the qualities great in man, have sped our century toward its close with vivacity and genius, anecdote, and example in its quiver. TUB TRUE MEASURE OF THE DEAD. When a great man dies whose valor, steadfastness, compassion, and simplicity were equal we have a point from which to measure was the act of the Senate Itself.

He had a Secretary who joined the whisky ring, or who did not; did not Gen. Wash .183. PERCIVAL HATTON, ington also have in his own Cabinet Edmund liandolph as Secretary of State, who made an DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK, Sixth and Walnut Streets. Capital, $400,000. SAFETY DEPOSIT VaTlTS.

liOAKd FOK KENT AT LOW RATES. offer to sell himself to the rencti Uovern Real Estate Insurance ment This man, who was in the first Cabi net of the Hepublic, was a defaulter to the Asents, Of thej case Is your gall Alt It's a lie, Tou can bet. That I fret-Why 'Cause 1 slue When I hear What you say Yea. Off go I On my ear From the word Heard. You're too new.

If yon thought I was caught Whew 1 GRANT AND THE YOUNG SENTINEL Government, and he undertook to make sale No. 410Aborn Block Des Moines. of Cabinet secrets to the French, and was di covered by the accident of a British vessel FARMS. Fnnn of 185 ncrcs, all fenced. 1-W in blue capturing a French packet with one of his scoundrelly letters in her mall.

At the present moment, when we think of the dastards here who would not be satisfied unless they back to the death of the next man before him equally great, The death of Grant takes as back to the death of Lincoln the death of Lincoln to the death of John Marshall the ftrafs pasture, few acres in cultivatiitn, balance in timber pasture; house new, 11 rooms, cellur, Hrljoining town of Van Meter, Iowa;, lO.ftu. 212. Far of 180 acres, 71 acres under oultl- DrnitCTOKs: John Wyman, J. S. Polk, A.

Dickey, J. 8. Clark ton, C. H. Getchell.

J. H. Windsor, V. M. Gilbert, G.

W. Seevcrs, U. L. Hardlmr, W. E.

Hazen. CORKKSPONDENTS: Northwestern National Hank, Chicago. Fourth National Hank, New York. National Hank of Redemption, Boston. Fourth National Bank, St.

Louis. JOHN WYMAN, President 3. 8. CLARKSON, Vice President. novSdly W.

E. HAZEN, Cashier. made Grant share Babcock's folly or guilt, we death of Marshall to the death of Washington. Beyond that our interest is but slight in Kew Voiik, July 28. I was making a little round In New Knglaiid when, last Thursday mominir, within half an hour of Uen-Crsnt's death, the conductor on the train at 1'Iy mouth came to me and said "Well, the old man Is gone, lie died about 8 o'clock this morning." I knew at once that he meant Gen.

Grant. I looked out of the window and we were passing Ilingham, I think the home of John A. Andrew, Governor of Massachusetts In the war, when he was alive. The thought struck me that Grant's fame described bo wide a circle that Andrew was like a mere stone sunk somewhere within it 1 continued to old Plymouth, thinking a-i I went that Grant was also of the Puritan emigration. Indeed, his forefathers lauded ithln of the railroad I was traveling on at Nantasket, now the Coney Island resort of Uoston.

Ten years after the foundation at Plymouth Iiock the Mary and John, of 400 tons, landed at Nan-taf-kct, nine miles below Boston, with 110- are almost tempted, for the future of our lives. viitinn, liire grove, small house, l'i miles from rHilrotid town; pHyrneiits. to believe nothing that Is said against our biography. We may go back of Washington. If we please, to the death of Rileigh or chief ruler.

The last accusation made against the dead -Absolutely This powdar never vnrtei. A marvel of pnrttr, ltrenlli and wholeBomenras. More economical Ihas the ordinary kinds and cannot bi aold in compotltlou with the multitude ol Inw teat, ahort weight alum or phoaphate powders. Boi.n only iw cans. Ilovu LiKi.NH Powdkb 1U6 Wall tU N.

Y. 6 awlAwlrnrto Shakspeare, but the main interest is gone, for us, with our chieftain. Amongst these Haw the General was Compelled to Put Out man was that he became the special partner In a speculative banking house. At that men there ha hardly been one more original, more sincere to his own portrait, than Gen. time he had no relation to any public oflice Ills Inevitable Clgr.

From the Cincinnati lwiutrer. Grant. The defects he has admitted, such as as a retired eitUeu aud he merely followed Citizens National Bank, DES MOINES, IOWA. UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY. Captain John R.

Steere, now an inmate of his son into a concern which, on Its face, bis want of appreciation of music, are valuable to his portrait as the warts on Crom LIGHT, STRONG, SPEEDY. the Soldiers' Ilouie, tells a good story, show seuned youthful, enterprising, and solid. The son was the fool, and the father's faith well's face. We do not carry away in ing how he, when but sixteen ears of age, orrr memories the female face which the made Gen. Grant obey his own orders.

eela- Sun nled in the son was childlike. We perhaps owe to Gen. Grant's humiliation In this last business his most perfect ordering of his final ill The occurrence took place In the early sculptor makes; some ruggedness, some crookedness, some peculiar personality, assists the mind towards its wealth and the retention of a face. Grant had but little of the stages of the war, shortly after (irant had re iw. arm or mi acres, an renced wit wire.

2i'0 in cultivation and in (rood condition, (rood house nnd sniblinif for 35 head of stock; 8 miles from Fonda, Iowa; fH.OUOwill buy it. 211. Furni of 2WU acres tell miles west of city and IM miles from Campbell, all under fence nnd in cultivation, jrood douse of 9 rooms, good water and ample burn room; fSt per acre. 203. 40 acres fenced and tn cultivation, house 2 rooms, cellar, well, cribs, stable, Located 2 miles north of Grimes.

Price 1 1200. VACANT LOTS. 308. Lot in Tlrown'8 1st addition, on 18th St. very choice locution.

good neighborhood; $1510. in Brown's 1st addition on 17th one of the finest lots in the city, east frout, very cheap; li'iux). A few choice lots In Grand Park, North Dcs Moines, overlooking the city; easy1 payments; special inducements to parties who will build. Lot 75i330 on Pleasant street, comtnimdinir a fine view of city; choice, and reasonable price Choice lots in Hit-key's addition, from i200 to fl50U. For Kent.

Suite of living- apartments In the Oriel Block; also, oflice and storo rooms in grood location. have a larpe list of vacant and improved residence property in the choicest locations throughout the city; also, business property and farms of all descriptions tn Polk and ur ness and disease. lhe world had lost Its sincerity to him who had trusted it beyond passcngcrs, among which were Multhew and ceived his commission as Brigadier-General. nearly every experience in public history. Prixcilla Grant, each 29 years old.

Four John Steere, then a boy a little over sixteen cheap sentiment which prevails in some parts of our country. He was neither unfeelingly stable nor femininely Instable. His mind Capital, 100,000. Surplus, 150.000. SAMUEL MERKTLL, President.

J. U. MKHK1LL, Vice President. J. G.

KOLNDS, Cashier. directors: J. H. Merrill, 8amuel Merrill, J. CallRBnn, H.

L. Whitman, Ed. Wright. A. Lederer, E.

H. CotiK-er. J. It. Kollins, W.H.

Hutch. f'OKIIESPONUBNTS: Union National Hank. Chicago. Importers Traders National Bank, Now York. Gilman, Son Ac New York.

sopWdly years after the widower husband emigrated years of age, enlisted. The morning after Grant as the man out or whom to make a St. Piter he never wavered in his general faith to our human nature, and hfs disap to the Connecticut Valley, and at Windsor, was true, birt it swerved so as to be of bene- young Steere got his gun lie was stationed at (ieneral Grant's headquarters as guard. It faction. He never huted a man for his opin pointments did not sour him, but the last one bent his mind toward the finishing of his this family matured, and In the fourth American generation Noah Grant removed to as in November, and the day was a cold and ions nor his choice In politics.

No Democrat boisterous one. As every person who came course. With that same right hand which had guided our armies, he wrote tho book ever went to Grant without receiving equal treatment with the Republican. There were near the place seemed to be an ollicar he mo but ene or two times in his Ufa when he which was to give solvency to his family; lested no one, devoting all his time and attention to keeping himself warm and comforta Valley National Bant, the waters of the Ohio, in Pennsylvania, nnd he had Gen. Grant's father there by a widow named Kelsy.

Then Ohio became the home of the second pioneer's son and birth-place of the hero. Old John Brown, the Idealist who when it was ended he desired to go out into thought It due to his self-respect to resent an insult. One of these was when Andrew John ble. Morpheus courted him, and he was on the unknown, and not to return to this world, lest lie might have less faith in it than before. the verge of taking a pleasant snooze, when joininy counties.

some one coming down the stairway aroused him. Looking up he saw an oflicer buckling son and his cabal, finding they could not use Grant for a political campaign, undertook to put in question his word. He saw through their device and would have no more Towne, Welles McFarland, The deaths of philosophers possess no inter-st. The deaths of wise men are observed as the deathbeds of fools. It is when character DES MOINES, IOWA.

CAPITAL, $150,000. SURPLUS, $40,000. on an elegant sword. After passing through the door the officer came to a halt, and, look end pathos touch the lingering life REAL ESTATE AGENTS, ing at the indignantly, asked of them. The country has become familiar with Gen.

Grant's nature by the aid and interpretation of his calamities. His portrait has mid bring the tears of human nature, "What are you doing there?" "I'm the j.j. Cor. Fourth St. and Court become Identified with our blood and circula then a universal thrill runs through mankind, and the Pharisee himsalf feels his contemptiliillty.

Where is TOWN, President, W. W. LYONS, Vice President. WM. D.

LUCAS, Cashier. guard," replied Steere. "An excellent guard, indeed. Do you know whose headquarters this is Yes, tion, as wc can remember the face of Wash Under Valley Bank, DES MOINES The acme of the Cycle Builder's Art is found In the beautiful Victor Bicycle Of this Wheel. GEO.

M. llENDbE. tho World's the philosopher now who takes any comfort sir; (Jenerol (irant s. ington In our dreams. The illustration of his life will be the agreeable duty of many a community and State.

His dying scenes with his to himtell that be abused toe feelings of Un. Invaded Virginia, gives a suggestion of the Grant family, in that his cradle was Connecticut, and he tanned his leather, like Grant's lather, at the headwaters of the Oiiio. I esteemed It to be something of a privi-It go to be at Plymouth Kock among the graves of those curious separatists on one of the most Important days In our history. Jilglit abreast of the rock, which Is down on a Lend, with a granite canopy over It, were two vessels, each about the tonnage of the Mayflower, with Hags at half-mast for Grant. At the hotels, public ofliees, and manufactories of the town tho Hag of the Itepubllu stood suspended between tho base and neak.

The The officer looked at the guard a moment in silenco, and then thundered: Stand up Grant? If he hae written similar scorn to that of Tom Paine on Gn. Washington, the conn ehpon or.STfl Chemical National Hank, New York. First Nalloiml Hunk, Cliicfliro. Bank of Commerce, St, Louis. DIRECTORS: J.

J. Town, W. W. Lyons, Wm. D.

Lucas, S. H. Tuttle, J. A. Ankeney, J.

K. Gilcrest, F. Kiseley, Chas. Weita, Ira Cook. wife and children and his advice to his eldest son put the Washingtonian stamp noon the We have for tale SPECIAL BARQAIN3 In mproved farms In Central Iowa.

Also several larsre tracts of wild lands In Northwestern Iowa for sale or exchange. City residence and busl-pess property. nov7dly there, sir, and bring your gun to a shoulder rtllectimis uliroad upon Grant's death must tininpion, Shys "Irldo the VIetor because I think it is the fastest bicycle made." 1 oung Steere did as requested, bringing 1 admonish him that he was a fool. The last simple man we have too much underrated because he mingled freely with us. Grant Is his gun to a shoulder like a squirrel hunter.

scoundrel at the crucifixion was tho rational thiif upon the cross, who put the syllogysui to OVERMAN WHEEL 17 ft Tremont ltoston. WM. MONTGOMERY, REAL ESTATE OFFICE. slightly out of respect from that class of men who never saw Gen. Washington and never believe irr anything that they never saw.

The officer took the gun from him and went through the manual of arms for him. He remained with him for fifteen or twenty min-uutes until ho taught him how to handle his Kew England Loan Trast Co. Afti'M for Des Moines G. E. SHEPAHD.

8-4d2m Jesus something as follows "If you are the Son of God you can do anything; you must want to come down; ergo, let too see you There are some natures so constituted that to make a contract with them is to take all faith DES MOINES, IOWA. gun, when he asked: Farms for Bale or ex- Town property and How long have you been In tlie service No. West Fifth Streot, cnanpe. umoe. 11 Ri.vuro 1 rlav-a and reverence out of them.

The great majority of men, more happily constituted, love tho conic." I his wise and also enduring chap no doubt attracted the admiration of some of the Pharisets gathered around. Ho cuuld have his argument with the nails driven Claim lilock. Telephone No. at omce Teleo and No. S77, at residence.

PoetotBce Box No Paid Up Capital, Surplus, 50,000 50,000 "Do you know who I am?" "No, sir; aulMly 140, DE8 MOINES, IOWA. more when they have taken on's hand and felt hiiu at their fireside. Therefore the old never saw you before." death' wll 8avv England till thi'T ar was over' produced tho profoimdest Impression at the source of our history as tlie far frontiers. I climbed Bi I ill at Plymouth, and as I Icoked off In 1 a'nu the most consplc- i through his hands. From that day to this, every mocker of lofty human nature in in I am General Grant You have deserted syllogistic bores and faint-hearted patriots and utterly commonplace reprobates will your post of duty, sir, which Is a very serious agony rt asons witli the nails through own hands.

He has bis tortures. He builds his John Wyman President. W. W. Winner Vice President.

H. O. Eshhaus-h Treasurer. W. F.

Hurtlett tfecn'tary. E. 1). Sarrson Nourse Kauflmann Counselors. swarm together and decry so much praise of Grunt, but another guiding face aud potential name have been added to our race and conti cross, hiiu accuses others from It.

1 he breach of discipline. 1 will not punish you this time, but, young man, be very careful it does not occur again. Orders must be strictly and promptly obeyed always." KEELER HOWLAND, Real Estate Exchange BROKERS. 411 Walnut Des Moines, Iowa. nent.

Gatii. vow WM unfinished monument of Wllw' Standish, at the oppose' si1 of tl'e bay- in I)lix-tury. It sto' I "Pn a naked ''III massive and and Mu- LoansT Neffotlates First MortKaire iterest on. 11: rieiiml Bonds. Pays 3 to 5 per cent 1 ner cent A SLAVE GANG ON THE CONGO.

Several days after this young Steere was put on guard on a steamboat which was being aded with provisions and ammunition, with orders to allow no one with a lighted pipe or time deposits, and issues "Safety riind certitt- cates therefor secured hy bonds and niorttrugus. janltf P. O. Box 191. Telephone T59.

stunted and 17 unfinished. I thought to myself, o-id ly Prom 11. M. Stanley's Ttew Bonk. greut charm of our country and system is that it brings the strongest character without any of tho artificial accessories to greatness.

Much of the old feudal and monar chical splendors remind one of tho man on London bridge ith the penny show, wlro directed the public attention, to the tableau of Daniel in the lkn's den, and in order to make Daniel recognizable lie put a green umbrella under his arm. It is the crowns, the robes and the distinguish the apparent can wo recollect ex- cigar to come within a given distance, lie after all w'at There are rows upon rows of dark, naked bad not been at his post of duty more than an Stnndlsh lie was a soldier, and ness, relieved here and there by the white cept hour when lieneral Grant approaohea with a worn to LOAU AT LOW RATES, on or acciden.L.:VlJ.".'r,",tc' dresses of the captors. There are lines or by sclee lighted cigar between bis teeth. He seemed enses ft The little colony. He IiaJnot to be In deep thought, but the moment he ENOS B.

HUNT, (Successor to CoRgoBhaU Rant,) Dealer in Real Estate, 403 COURT AVENUE, Telephone 39. DES MOINKS, IOWA KcriRKRca Publishers of this paper. 8-dtf the groups of naked forms npriglit, standing, or moving about listlessly; naked bodies are came near the gangplank his musings were spectabllity of Bradford nor gravity lulers of Kurope. Without their green cotton interrupted. Without Halt cried thft young guard, bringing his gun to his shoulder.

enough, perhaps, to be one of the counsel, tit they made him the fighter, and he Is about the only one of the pilgrims the universal mind takes hold of. So with Grant; he was picked nut for war, and all the wise fools who are pondering and discriminating have The General was taken completely by surprise. He looked at the young guard, who umbrellas hardly one of them would attract atti ntion on the sidewalk or in the schoolroom, or at a molasses candy pulling. Const ()uenlly the average man of good sense in F.urope is pushed aside from public career snd he takes to music, like Wagner, or to semi-piratic foreign war, like Chinese Gordon, er to making big cannons, like Krupp. bad him covered with his gun, ama.ed, and then his countenance showed signs of rising The NORTHWEfTEKN MLTflAti LIFR IX-Bl'MANCK COMPANY will loan on lonir time, fiiuis of fl.UiO and upwards, on real estate security, at lowest rates of Interest, and without airent's commission.

Applications considered without delay, and correspondence solicited. Address, L. PERKINS, State Loan Agent, Sll Firth Street. anger. But he did not budgo an inch.

stretched under the sheds in all positions naked legs innumerable are seen in the perspective of prostrate sleepers there are countless naked children, marry mere infants, forms of boyhood and girlhood, and occasionally a drove of absolutely naked old women bending under a basket of fuel, or cassava tubers, or bananas, who are driven through the moving groups by two or three musketeers. On paying more attention to details, I observe that mostly all are fettered youths with iron REAL ESTATE AGENT OFFICII 214 Fifth Street, Olapp'a Block. 1 have been taught to obey orders strictly nnd promptly," explained Steere, quoting the general and as my orders are to allow no MOINKS, IOWA. 7dm loans, make Invest- I pay taxes, negotiate one to approach tins boat with a lighted cigar, menUL and oromnilT attend to all business per- WM. O.

LKWIS. OBOHUM H. Lawis. yon will please throw yours away." talnlny to real estate. (irant smiled, threw his cigar into the river.

or Heating Fabllo or Private liuildlngs. KEW GOODS lein unable to make the least Impression ou the foldier's fame. IIISTOIIV'H TIIKKK IIKROKH. The death is precisely In the order it was. i ri tlpurt ears ago when tho soulpUira put Washliigton, Lincoln, and Grant together upon their inrilallloii.

There they sUud, ard thrre I think they will remain together, the three popular heroes of this country. It wiuld be verr hard to And In any country or atie thrt men more homely in their origin, more unpromising until middle life, for any rareer. anil more Individual and perfect In their fumes. Lincoln receives from the War and crossed tlie gangplank to the boat. Hi rings around their necks, through which a AT THK IlKAO OF TUB LIST.

The United States has produced out of Its citizens commingling, ithout any green cotton umbrellas to distinguish them, the remarkable men of the present generation. Lincoln and Grnnt head the list. When Lincoln became President he waa worth, perhaps or 5,000 sterling. Wheu Grant became a Colonel twenty-four years ago his entire worldly fleets hardly amounted to $1,000. When Wellington became a victor In Spain he had been serving twenty years In the armies of India and England, and his brother was the I General of India, which at chain, like one of our bout-anchor chains, is OPIUM IN PERSIA.

rove, securing the captives by twenties. The Rubber children over 10 are secured by three eoppet From Ilarper't HVfMy. GREAT IMPROVEMENTS! rings, each ringed leg brought together by the GEO. H. LEWIS fo 315 Fifth Des Moines.

REAL ESTATE LOANS. County, City and School Hoods and Warrants. We Invite attention tn our facilities and terms for neirollallna any of the above securities. Hale and profitable Investment made for Eastern or home capital. nnv lvdly Nine out of ten of the aged la Persia take from one to live grains of opium dally.

Dur central ring, which accounts for the apparent llstlet-sness of movement 1 observed ou first coining In presence of the curious scene. The ing the cotton famine caused by our civil war, that time was next to a private cor and frenihls tragic death before Its conclusion the greater portion of his halo. It was as our (Vniuiamler-ln-Chief of the army and the navy that he took a great portion of mothers are secured by shorter chains around whom their respective progeny of Infants are the attention of the rersian ryot was turned to the cultivation of the cotton bush, but cotton became hardly worth irrowlriir. save the BOOTS WITH DOUBLE THICK BALL. Ordinary Rubber Moots always wear out first on the ball.

The aJANIalCtt Boots are douMa IAIcA grouped, hiding the cruel iron links thtt fall poration, and the Governor gave the brother all the chief places and opportunities, and he ripened In twenty years of Ms luster. He exDowed himself within the in loops er festoons over their mammas' Furnaces for all Fnels CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. 8LND FOR CATALOGUE. RICHARDSON i B07NT0N CHICACO. For Sale by JL F.

KEITH SON, Dos Moines, Iowa. actions to become at last a European lines of war, and his person was the apex of the enemy's triangtilations as they beleaguer small amount miulred for home manufacture, and the villagers throughout the center and south gradually turned their attention to the commander, drant had not one friend, lhe breasts. There Is not one adult man-captive amongst them. Little perhaps as rny face betrayed my feelings, other pictures would crowd upon the Imagination aud af ed ashlngtori and fought to the rear of It. Congressman In his district gave him in time cultivation of the poppy.

Grant did not lean on Lincoln as much as Lincoln leaned on Grant. Lincoln had tried ev- some of that support which I ongrensnien al In the neighborhood of Ispahan, as far a on tha ball, and aire wassglve to a rising favorite from whom the eje ran reach, nothing but fields of en body, and they all either fought too little DOUBLE WEAR. they have expectations but Grant made his ter realizing the extent and depth of the misery presented to me, I walked about as In a kind of dream, wherein Isaw throub the darkness of the night the stealthy forms of popples are to be seen, with a small p.tlcli IOWA 10AM TRUST C0MP1NI DES MOINXa, IOWA. Cpftl full paid 1500,000 Surplus Money loaned on real estate, ea short or loauy ttma, and sums to suit. All papers kept at Oas Molnee.

Interest paid on Hal dapoalts. School Booa PurcbaJtvmooey Mrttraea. and other Sscusr- here and there of wheat or barley, which the er fought too rashly and with half purpose. He bad sent and cot this man out of his own Mate of Illinois, of whom he had never heard friends by the necessity that was felt for him up to Die very height of hie power, lie did Uttt teonomieal Kuhher Boot In the market. Lasts lonrer than uir IHSwdilin I murderers creeping toward the doomed town.

not need Dr. Douglas to be bis physician In Ids last Illness as much as Lincoln needed cultivator produce for his own or to give some rot to Ills land. The white variety of the poppy la the one that Is grown. It is) until some time after the war began, and gave its Inmates all asleep, and no sounds Issuing otnvr duu ana um rrto Hlbr. from the gloom but the drowsy hum of chirp Grant to come and save his life, and time, vail ana eiauune sua fwaa and country.

Alter (irant career was assured parasites of different kinds would cling ing racadaa or dUtant frogs when suddenly Hash the light of brandished larches the sleeping town Is Involved in Humes while sown broadcast, and very thickly, and when It first comes up resemble a very abundant crop of dandelions. Thin redundance to soon red nor by the ryot, who, with a short, curved knife, barks away superfluous planU until those that are left stand some six Inches fmm upon him, and when they found they had volleys of musketry lay low the frightened made no Impression upon him they would go away and traduce nun for years. Ileeonhl and astonished people, sending many through short minute of agony to that soundless have exposed such people from time to time. rarh other. The reducing procew has to lie SALE but etrry one of them knew that It Oas boua-ht aad sold oa reasonable Urate.

Oorreapoadeaoe solicited. a rULLIB. rrasKWnt, W. A. OOfTIW.

Treasurer. lly DE3 MOINES. IOWA. gone through many times and the grounds kept clear of weed until the plant to alt Inches a ataa-rall. IV ra MOISirji StV was not In his greatness to bandy words er retaliate In kind.

Therefore much of the sleep from which there will be no waking. COLONEL EKED GRANT. From ts Triiy rimes. STACY Ji'HNl ar to, til fourth aod XI llghllrg against Gen. Grnnt has been coward' Ws'nut Mrea-is.

II. KiltMNO. Walnut Pt. lillih. TI.e lieMs are also Irrigated once a rk until the buds are about to burst Into bloom.

And now that the popple are In Mower and lire ietato are about to fall, the ly. Take the sprrrh of Charles Sumner to C. I AIII.KU A) Walnut day and read It, when both Grant and Sumner There have been during the past few nniitha many touch lug and pathetic Incidents In the HOAKK MII.I.KK. Ri-1 annul ru a. II.

wlNIil'H. (Is Walnut Ht, aro deail. and ask yourself if irant would ba to Grant everuilng a President could give ex-ff pt vlrtoty, and (irant went and got that for Lincoln. Gen. Washington, In like manner had but very small reputation In the I'nlUil Mates hi he was selected by Congress, In which had a seat, to go forth and bring victory to an Insurgent body which had adventured to if ate by treason great Mate.

That Cou-iree rould not hold Its ground, but was hllti rl from point to point, accordlnx where Wahlngtin withdrew his army, and during the war Washington's papers had but little to Inllniste that he was pmseaseel of civil ability. He also had been a frontiers-B'Sii, sleeping among the In Hans, and lie was fermril In the roughest anatomy, Willi such lands and fret as polite soviet nosr would look at marks of III-lirrding. Lafayette said that he never tk the hand of tienrge iVa-ihlnirt'm I ut he regarded It with amatewietit. At the rlweof the revolution Washington was 61 )ears old at IhertWof Iherlvll war Grant was 41 )ear old. When l.lnmln riebilm) with lionglas, the first lima at) thin was evtr known alxiut him.

lie was A' years old. Whin Graiit rapluteit Port iMielom, the MAKK1S a ttl Court Art-nua, Hots, under the il iter Hon of the men from the nelghboihood of Yexd. who travel all over life ef the old hero now lying dead at ML floated in any mind ny having made such a prrcb, on Sumner Here you have the test 1. o. HKi.iloN.

sia K.i ijh-u'I et. I'M KSTAItKK A WILKIN. Knat Flfij ga. 'crMa lo ntiiieriiitimil tlie gathering of the McGregor which the world will love to lie test of the gulden rule, laiea not UAUTL NU SIO Kaat "jrcamora Cffete lls rs-beniiirra. with Interest, payahUi at-n-l annually In Sew Yora City.

Hi-unil an Ittin-s in real estate niorljtarf'-. hrid In tiust. lUiys and Hla Mnrtvaena. Itonds, and other Sreurlllea. Ais-s-pta and rreul-a TrU'lS.

lull Informai'iin aiven nn appllratloa lo tho Company or any of ilsaarenia. diaries Sumner stand more lonely to-day In member of lilm personally, for he was even nop and Its miIw nuent preparation, begin to collect the opium from the plsnU This tod inn the amphitheatre, thai he applied the rattan BENTLEY OLMSTED, greater In sickness and suffering than he was over the unoffending Grant which llnsiks had Py scoring lhe seed veruwlM Willi a small Uirec-bladrd knife, wlilrli makes three guhos an In health and strength. Vanquished though Western Wholesale Agents, I led over bis own shoulders years before I alwavs the suffering heroes, ami not the he was at last In the tight with death, he was rlghlh of an inch aiart and threepiarters of an lln long. The nperatlnn Is (H-rfonne-l In the afternoon. Kroin Uiese gashes the opium IrdUctltig Irenes, who are raised lo the tender still victor In the struggle with disease.

Tho 319 vwur Avonue, lira) MIIIOK, IOWA. ''1 lil tirfs of our ovrtllow Ing eyes. grand characteristics of the man, the nobility Prraidrnt. l'rrnleiii. "s-n-tary.

Trwuirr, tul In hap. which are collerled at rirly Crorre l. Wriht. Wr.lrt Hrtlhfad I I), ilmi'mlinn. W.

II (turn TUB KIVRIKAI. milHOW, rf his nature, the loving kindness of his hrL dawn by scraping with aplerrnf glass or H.W.WETHERELL Seme men make tis laugh, and they loik as Csllr kniie. If fortuiinieiy a heavy shower of ram IRDBY FDRNACE all shone more rotisplcumioly In the hour of pain Ihan they did throughout his rr as a slieuld fall, a lurife proixirllon or even all ol ua as iat taaM b'Kli laughing belly which shook at II. i others by their ferocity get as high as lhe opium may be This gashing or soiiiit or statesman. During all his sickness most Important eent which had taken place on this continent In a military way since the Central Loan Trust Co.

DE3 IOWJu his first thought was not of hiinelf. but of the our terlh. which we grit at them then am leg to frpeatiu a seeonti or ewn a inini unie. And Warm Your House Perfectly. me we talse to the leel of ceir rye and b.

dear otes aiound hi in, and Ms lnt work was The (i 1 1 ln opium to xtra., are Haul as fmliler. snirei iler el li'tnwallis, he was only A'l years rid. IaX any man 40 yars of age ask htm- stow nun them tho relief of team as wa lo proline means for the'r support when he CJ A auai r.stua Half Cloth uni Wirt sfet. Nocp Stirti.

Naif Cloth Slitit, a. a a twa uas ue OLACK a.a COLORtfJ Olc alateal Tsaapht, Car. Tt. Waliwl lit. would trpfn a lot child of our own, or a should be gone.

And never was fatherly love seif ahetlirr he feels cimniletit that heenutd ore gti any appreciated and rewarded. 10 nirlhlng like IhaU When Grant became tarlipg parent. The eye that have filled a Mb lears for Giant throughout this eoun'ry nitihral HnawtaMtar Aitaalaw Tlie AHsoia runtiiuHin rharitmln raU Up Capiul, lie cotiiitry has marked and will remember liutrtit he was only 4ft years old. Iet any iji the devotion of that family circle to the dying an. "Good old Mother Grant" as Mr.

sn tl 4rt ask hlnvwlf If heriHild be wie In all nrrl and suit all the newrier I'resi could hot be emmieit for their tuullilmK The inalilyof their pity lis hot been strained, tot r-e fallen like the tmtle dew frmn hra- eat saw. Fir Mrffs "the grealmt Jew luce the da) ef Mle' )vld and Rain-n en. not In mention the Mai of NtarH'i, U.t. lha fmmt Two. p.

U. I.toa. Trraaurve. 6. It.

Paaaiss Jeaa MuvaUMX. tswaaakak t.ins."Tai (rant tted to be called In na-hlnttn, tolh a mother and a wife lo U.e uilerer, ami tennrnn the cor r-e hefieata. Trtoe whi Ms lo I avr been fiirgntten by our e-mlein- a. a.i aa aiU v.r a-f a Nellie, the da ill Irr, wlio came three I BURNS 80FT or HARD COAL. fnd.fCOMPAKET ASTAHIv ANCHOR LINE.

('Heat Wall aiaMtaaaalilpa 11 frmn Npw T-w-a fe ClASCdW VIA lONnPsmlRrir, KV Ml KilsV. Csa ra.iK iesu on.ea, Uvcrprrol and Qtioonstown SorYlca. mils ai 11. ei.rr. HT fl Is, rl.ln rww, i HM, Sanaxl 0e.

Mre-, iiiilwaM, prlHai-l, I J. a "tsrart. U. Lyena, Tbna. NatloSA, mile from armsa the a lo shed the lig'it of hrr diar presence acnsia her father's pathway H.

iraiea. r. laal Kalala MutlaaeS and nmAw a 11a.u1. in i -Ti H.r-. .1.1 ') t- 4 Muaey ruapt.f la sealed at eurrees) tn the tomb, wa ever a ministering angel by si.te.

The enurdrv. Ion, hw hwrned le and admire Krrd (irant tor hi ont uit mm ta. riaaatso Oanas-IOF. Ctaeaaaml HaOnhal rai eWas v.wa k.ugaai Haaav rare una devotion to his father. The world (as tnra, Inna.

S-Miy argue that some other kind of rvnroiit mlM have been better than Graffs, Put rme oilier kinds of urn might have d.i tix re, admit altogether tn rmlder the In.t'i- fc.e i-f a mw hii buiaau pub-Ite affair. Wisdom sire out in tim; a rw Uhe hnfn In l'ie houwledd, and It Is Uiur than all the learning and ofl.f them It as lb ptrxt dUtiiil-'ng tiling which has rt roe IMn the family II taken the ft tie angler Sixl of the Miller b1 ay frm Ibe well eettreed and rnshired children. Hut II Is treat hieing In that bmH and en I a new sd ni quantity nnesrvrbsl In ha never seen a more beautiful example of filial love and duly illir-lralrxL Ithhtrd In IOWA NATIONAL BANK ray when, through all the weae mouth. r'rd III MlHI-oS tiisrtl kpt, or ai or drank. He wa the o' fill Of fhANK a.

Will or II. enlHMKM, AAtfai OF DES MOINES. Ik a M.rinra. lte mihMtafioei sertned iwvdsnt. IK It a ho at pear Mtd to have Interpreted every detts in etety thing at the age or 4'.

The fart Is, thai this man hw been ptvm-rlfto in a rrruikablesrnNaM wear only able In see his life and Its lull no sr ltl he Is no more. The death of a Very trtatly rnnnerted (nan like this has mnr ues ll.t IImhmaimI Ipu.4 4 plik'ir. Trt bialh of Unenla hal a similar effect, It rsud a thrill and terete of see all over this (eld. and lite trtnn and the (nril losay, What west tn The country tesn In refnfss llaelf and ttsdy for Inrllvldiial prMerialliin when ertn lrd. In the tarltrt crtolnes of tsilh Sld In lle b'tlrrt't hsluie.

fiete tie II at If the a-in was tw isseeor rprthtlle ere had we 1'ilnfs har than war ff em Whit died lite I'DiH 5ilS WtlMl ld Ins tntn hf fart srninm ewtil It ftrSMd teal lefemnM he ex awe itswf Mt Mff.n frit a at ItmVf it hfS lley Kare qvwtrlr ai4 tn4 In to ls t-li4. Matit nss': usai-ai. t.ianla fbaia kss mn4 litis HitWei sveti rrw(i a4 gwerai Mfetntr. If la hsMaK te-dsta or CANTAL, 1 1 00,000. abb ef tfce dtlog man hen itwh hw laltid fmm hi forever.

week i tttldie alalr. If Grant bad red bxenrns lb Sat real hern ihi. hae gie al-ovf wit'i hsd fmrl rvree anly In hi rla'aal Sr, Wr I'll, uiem'ea A nnihi, pia nna. J. I I' "tt.

tb len tsn'S In I h- I Irrtitt I ifurl fl 'hr a.talr nl lwa. In ar.l lor rsiunti, Ss 1 1- aiivr I. nn. A. I leu -'l-r ri.tim.

-I 'hat IN. re pi lla I-. 't ietiSa la l- rii. In Ml r'--a I If tnl I 11H ef Itw ia'e laa li e-l l.r I' 1 i.t eit. r.

wieat 1 ai.m e'l aail Is at I an 1 la', a tn. l-a a ia Ih. r. I- if a I lhal a a -t a'. iin.l lmrn.

I aa. I'l aa.llln, A I "I 'rT. s-l I aurf iai.lm.lai 'l l- 1 A-vl iaa aai. ir-i ar-l Ir.a ta. th.

rl I w'-e I tan. A a a. a -a-ae al la lens. I'll af' 1 1. A II an I I a I a-w I -'fS'-l Ivarfsib sm.V A atHl aiir.

e-r 1 7, -r SURl'LUS, 131.000. ICDCt B. MAlJIl.te-b'-f llr In I rtl. asaa It aar-a ti ntn-ltk l.t ton ar brrl amate. I ati'-arai ibrnvint Ka.w I.

sa an 'Iva Mla A. I lsV nili.1 a in aum. an r. el re-f llw aa I mali'l A Imwm. Ulr I a art al whnh l'n awl aul lii.llM'Knar.l'i'laii a as' I Id h.i (a last a k.

I a. a. anr kaa4 ail t4 a' i n-i (tilt l.xl al a M.anra, Tit Jvl A I. A i.a.a-'S I a Mil 11. K.

U't iTiaaaana. Mre.rf i.ttanleg iHt k'- palil at fa'r. A Ite Bnal nmtiieili appn hl Vaf Jaa thelepr IMrts. 1 hl l-1 fld as a (asdud Into lhe falhrt's eje sHn 1awBa. Ihl.

CREAT faV I rtrt t.tantln lhe lbpail'leit p.1 It'f" a hrfier fis? aaMiwlhln, re.l ti h- rs- 1 "ft, fl I jT, m-imA ft 1 1 1 sn.iMwaUiwnsnti'.a,Hlt-ul isosdlnas i ak's: "WmiMtaM 9 af A 1 fsf 1 1 I I 0arht not ftu'l II Uxa b.I (ike la fie itnwn and ttle lvt Ml bow VaVl illla'lif JJ lsaJf if U3 ksM fnf ilm. 5matasr Miesst liat WfH re bad irrtrtrratH the want l-O-l-l. j.jt.3Sl i mU be ItraMa. at Vte a.vH..Wrt Ml tie brad id frtsl liranl fiar baa rn bs irlit aaip)! rw I I W4.a tt.a.t al ramaSM va ttrl mm. m.

Ita, -f. as- IX M. fttaiea. tt. A -r Ia4, N.

Naia.tna. II. Maaak, H. t. IWsiaMs.

SJt4 tWaA baa a Siaaartaavf nHf tat Sa.l. ib lee laat rsak I lhe was. kasaa UvkM rntl. taa hDslli Mtomr gtoit tnl llrf l.t all bis i'1s tl IUis, trt as fear lurgrl naM av-ee ks ksat owtvslt of iw lataastTayf iala the Iv psb4 ewba-ava. MniuaH'laai 1 aatavt 1 UUi 1 1 tfar UtU..

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