The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1946
Page 6
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•BbY«FHEVITjIjK (ARK.) .COURIER MONDAY, APRIL 10, 194G NAM Editorial Ridicules OPA '€h rittmeu- 1 n- Apri I ,<8to..M?*.Wfl?« •Sarcastic Article NEW YORK, April 15. (UP) — Trie Rational Association of Manufacturers, arch-foe of Uib OPA, today tried a rie\v weapon—ridicule ~n'galiist that gover'nriiciUM agency. In an edilorial 'signed by Walter B. Weisenbui'Ber. executive vice- president of the association, the NAM'News, weekly organ of Uiat group, says: ,'JOPA brought Christmas in April to Anfierfcaii lidusewlves this week! It fre^d from price control a tliou- sand'of'llie .8,000.0(jp Items under its jurisdiction. "So. MOW a|l the 'housewives linvc to do'is scare up n holeless stocking "and OPA will fill it. With nylpps and low-priced dresses'? Butter and meat? Radios and refrigerators? White Shirts and low- priced men's clothing? Homes for ai Joe? "Not yet. That wouldn't be fall- to l]ie black marketeers. It would drive' them out of business. And OPA 'would lose their help in Ihc fight, on inflation. They reduce the inflationary currency supply by taking thousand-dollar bills out of circulation. "Housewives won't need nylons, butter, meat .low-priced • dresses and men won't need white shirts and .tow-priced suits with all the good-substitutes on this Cliristmas- in-April gift list of OPA. "Cajidles are on It. These can be served hot as a substitute foi butter. Razor straps are freed. Instead- of steak, how about fillet de razor strap? Why quibble abom low-priced canvas bags (for delivering-beer,, ice and coal) can take their TJlace?" ' : "For entertainment, without radios, there arc flyswattei.s and glass novelties to provide a Swiss bfil concert in every home. Ice crenn freeifrs can replace refrigerators. "TJiie men folks arc not overlook ed, ^either. They can garb them selves" in mothproof bags with ke. chailis and can accessories. The) they "Won't need white shirts ani low-priced suits. "A,tv<l tile ' vDtqrairs are ,rciiicrn bercci" lop. Sqnic'thini* special fo thein- Decorative sofa pillows^ an hfiiijmoclis 'for living in (he park tinlil.' hoVises arc ready sometime in the.i|:'xt decade. "Truly, it's-a mor.v .Christimas- in-April from QPA to the .American people! Will Caesar Petrlllo please give permission to play •Wtiiito Christinas?' "P. S.—Stretchers are free, too, in case OPAi generosity seems too 'pvenvheliiitng. 1 ' Where Jap 'War Criminqls Will Hear Their Fate Picto-diagram above shows the courtroom of the Japanese War Ministry Building, Toltyo, as arranged for Hie trial of major' (Jap \vur crimes .suspects. 'J'hc UU by Jir>-iuol room has been completely remodeled and redecorated. There :ire accommodations fm- 20t) Allied and Japariest: cor- r, respondents, with special lights mid, booths for i>hologr;iphcrs and radiomen. '.; Osccola-Blythevillc - Liixorn Bridge Club 'when Mr. and Mrs. Joe litres entcrtiiiiKMl the eh|b. Mrs. Jesse Browiiovqn hiuh score 'or the ladies' prly.c and S. L. Dladish won high .for the meii's liri/e'. Dr. T. F/ Hudson won miis'l ijrlzc. A snlad-saiMlwich plate anil eotfec were served. GUUJ) SKUVKS' The Methodist Wesleyan Ciiil^d served Its "monthly supper. Wejl- ncsday night. Tl'ie hostesses were Mrs. T. D. Wllkins. Mrs. Noima \Vllson and Miss 'Christine Calvert. Mrs. .Charlie Thomas, sponsor for the Jicta Club of the Lnxoru High School, 'left Friday lor Little Roqk, Ark., to attend the two days ineqt- inj! of the Beta Club Convention. Mrs. Thomas will preside oy<;r Mie meeting of ,the presidents ,<]! thp 'different, clubs nUentjIiH: tl convention, ' -Mrs. A. D. Roxelle. Mrs.' T. ; p Wilkins. Mrs. Joe" "Gentry. Mrs. T L. Stanford and Mrs. R. L. Iloupk attended the mcinorlnl service. held at Yarbro .High School, l r iidus TO//S Arkansas School Buses Unfit For Use Luxpra jSqciefy —Personal CHRISTIAN SERVICE MEETING -Mrs.- Allie .Spann was hostess, Tuesirty afternoon, to the Methb- dish 'Society of Christian Service. ^iss -Florence Rush, president, presided^ over the- -business meeting. Mrs.~"Roy Owen was in charge of trie program which was opened by Mrs.--Eimer Hall, who gave the de- votiognl, "Fruit of the Spirit." Mrs. Roy , dwell presented the article, "The>jMelIiartlst Institute of School. Montevideo, uMsUwy." The pro- granf'wns closed with n series of prayers by Mrs. E. Hall, Mrs. E. R. Began, Mrs. H. W. Spann, and Mrs: Brantley. Mrs. W. E. Head led the studs course, "Christ in Our Own Couu- try,";':\utli,. special discussions on the rgets—rth.e 'White, Negro, Spanish, 'aiid Anierican Indian, Mrs, .Logan Rpzelle, of Memphi; was a guest. The hostess/assisted by" Mrs. Walter Lynch, served sqlad plate. • ' BRIDGE cum and Mrs. Hudson and morninK, by the County Council f> The Parent Teachers' AssociatUjt 'for Uie'lata Mrs. It. C. a past president of the Mississippi County Parent Teachers Association. Mrs. pocrv Heroic! of Flint. Mich., arrived Monday to be with hpr mother, Mrs. Lee .Long, who ' .is seriously ill. Mr. and Mrs. William Hnynes, and Mrs. M. W, .UiKhtshOP. of ,We>t Memphis, visited Mr. ilaynes mother, Mrs. Nonye Hayncs, Sunday. Mrs. S. ^Ipffelt line! as her cnesl his week, her sister. Ml'.s. 1-7. A. Geasley. of Lexington, Tenn. Mrs. O. HowtOn had as dinnei' ucsls Thursday night, Mr. ami Mrs. Lilbcrn Ilpjvton, of Evans- villc. Incl. and Dr. and Mrs. Alonxo liowlpn. of Osceola. Mr. Howtoo ind D'r. Howton are brothers of he late Dr. O. .Howton. Mrs. Avis Crawford 'nas as her ;uest for the weekend. Mrs. Georue A. Rogers, of Little Rock. Mrs. Mellic liarmon, of Lexington. Tcnn.. wns llic guest cf her niece. Mrs. Willie Howard, the first of the week. Mrs. John Thweatt had as hni guests. Fri'day, !ier nncle and aunl Mr. and Mrs. Lilbern Howton ol Evansviltc, liul. Miss Catherine Tennyson, of cur- son Lake spent the weekend will •Dr.' Si J. Smith played bridge. Tuosdnj night/ 'with the members o't the LITTLE ROCK. April 15. (UP) — At least 00 per cent of Hie school HISCS in Arkansas are unsafe and ihoulti bo banned from the hltjh,- vny.s, Jack H. Porter, director' of he Arkansas State Police, snld Saturday nif-lit. He made- Uic KtateincnL after receiving preliminary reports of 11 special .statewide checkup by hifih- vay patrolmen of school tiiises. Tlic iiirvey—or brakes, linhls, tires rmd jtlier mechanical operations—was nnclc lo inform school boards ol [he necessary repairs and rcplaee- nents before the opening of tht [all term. Porler also released Hie dcpnrl- metit's monthly report showing ,l,:ns arrests in March. US moic than were made In February. Tin department also checked the light: on 5.G24 vehicles and found 2,075 .with defects. Fifty-three stolen vehicles, valued at S'H/ltia. were recovered by tly: patrol. Eleven were found in district one, near Little Hoi-k. and 10 in district 2 year Jonesboro. anil district U near Blylheyille. Porter's records showed that most of the .nrri'.sts durnis^Jhe. .month \'ert:'made for driving ^vhile intox" 1 ciitccl. operatiin; a car with im- iroper.lights, rind for speeding. The )alrol made four on nuir- :icr (tliari;es, t\vo for kidnap[ilny. fight fur robbery and '30 for bur- . >;-^ : ;lary during the month. | jSj A lolnl of S13.7SII was collccled *-* On F.9-1 fines, while 14 j.iil senifnccs 113 slnlf penitctitinry sentences ]'csulte<i from {be patrol's work. A local service onianizalion foi louslui; in Los Anyele.s K«ve tlio ity SGO.&OO, which was turned over o the Los Anucles Housing Au- hority. Demonstration Agent Outlines Flea Control Although fleas usually breed In a doK's bed, Ifopnc iJemoiistration Afjcnl Coia I,ee .Colcinnii warned' Mlssissijipl County lipmemakcrs that limy may also breed inside a house in cracks filled 'with d|ist ihd lint, she added lhat ficas inay jeeojne a pest in hoihes in the sprint;, and that they can persist joiij) lime if proper Censures are not taken. As dogs and cats are the common curriers of fleas that bother jeople. searching pet.s every week and treating them wh.qre fjea's arc- found will keep them from Harboring in the insects' She ad- vlsed thai treatment with clerris or cube powder containing onp .per cent jotcnone i.s highly '.effective. When an outbreak ' of fleas pe- eurs. the home ' dcinonstraiEon Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We 1'ick Up and Delivel Jusl Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We IJiiy ami Sell Usetl Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 321 I'i'st Main Phone 2401 agent advised thiit the first t|i|ng to do Is to find the sq'urce. If it is the pet's I/id, as it usually Is, the animal .should be treated and inpvcci to a new bed. She advised that the old bed be bunied. Then the breeding place is dusted with dciTiii or rolenone. A 10 per cent DDT dust may be used instead of rotenone; how- .ever, she pointed out that rotenone acts faster f.;id there is danger of DOT poisoning pets, especially cats. Fleas lay their eggs without leaving the animal. The cgsjs drop to the ground or floor and hutch Into tiny white worms that feed on animal or vegetable matter. As they require a dry soil anil protection from sun and rain, a dog's bed located under the house Is an ideal breeding place, .she warned. Hunting Regulations Will Be Discussed LITTLE rtOCK. Ark., April 13 (UPi—Possible changes in the regulations for hunting migratory waterfowl are to be discussed at a meeting in Little Hock Monday ol the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. 'I'. A. McAmis, Secretary of the Commission, said reports will be given on the two-week turkey season which ends Monday, and the ~Kiils fcits Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nafl. Pesl Control Am'n. 115 S. Third 61. Phone 2751 meeting bC the North American Wildlife conference held recently In New York. Wyoming's slate Commissioner of Education Hay E. Robertson estimates that 25 per cent of the .state's present stuff of teachers is leaching on temporary war emergency certificates, NOSBR!! There is NO shortage in Concrete Products uild with locks the B; c pncrete heapest || Longest lasting-most attractive wall material available Seven national forests, covering 8.500,000 acres of land, are located n New Mexico. { S See us for free estimates. B! YTHEUILLE CONCRETE BLOCK CO. Ned Robinson MANILA CONCRETE BLOCK CO. Harvey Durham (BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour I A/U CALL 968 Bill Wunderlich Rullroacl Street — Rear Robinson's Drue Store IJAHY C11JCKS 3 to 5 ilays old—$1 to SI2 per 100. Several breeds — Feeds, Founts — Feeders. KLEVATOR FKEI) STORK Itroadway at R. It. Tracks Radio Service "I'lg" Angel Refrigerator Service fred Lawler Washer, I roner and Gas Engine Service I'bUlp Frei Vacuum Cleaners. Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. ,T. .W. Ailiinis, RIgr. I'lionc- 2071 -^OG-OS W. Main MAKE YOUR ESSO DEALER STATION YOUR TRAVEL HEADQUARTERS her sister. Mrs. Charlie Thomas. Dr. Floyd Howton. of Henderson. «".y., visited his aunt, Mrs. O. Howton, Saturday. Artificial breeding service for Holslein! Guernsey and Ayrshire dairy cattle is provided in nearly every agricultural conntv o[ New -York Stale. DON'T WAI TO? We Will Pay You T/je TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR CAR ive In Today — Get the Cash! We Arc Approved UlytheviUe Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS ftnd carry a .complete stock .of Genuine Chrysler and Packard Parts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES II. SEYMORE—O.wner ICor.Prompt Service On Repairs Bring Your Car to Our New Location Corner Franklin and Walnut Phone 886 or 3524 LaGunrclia Field, N. Y.—Sinclair's unique-oil-jeep drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S. Airline, relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear on its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give it the same .^•-.-•protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR Oil B. J. ALLE Phone 2005 — Agent — Blytheville, ArkI tir trips all plannd and our cars all read/!" This family i.s all set for a mighty plcnsnnt. summer. Daci was too busy to play nil (luring Uic- wnr —hut this sunimcr'a going to bo difftrciit,!'riioy'vo already had tlioir car flown to tlieir Auighborlioocl Esso Dealer for a thorough spring.check-up... plenty of warm-weather engine protection with fine, fresh Esso Motor Oil...important friction- spot lubrication of chassis parts. Take no chances on spoiling your .summer. •Your ,old car engine needs prompt, and careful protection of every single moving part. Yot\r ,nc\v car,deserves the best kind of oprc rrom the very start, to keep it newer longer! Make today "Ksso Dealer" Day. Do it now and enjoy the days of 'Happy Motoring" that lie ahead! ^. DEALER UP-TO-DATE ROAD MAPS. Accurate ...cleaily pi-inied in i'ull ,-olor.. all towns shown, hijrtiwavs mini- Iwrnd. Available at every ICsso Dealer Station. A {.n'eat help on the highways. ESSO TOURING SERVICE. Expert personalassistancc-in your-travel plans... maps carefully marked for best routes, v \ us up-to-tiio- mmute rorici repa!,- information, (let prepaid ,,ost card JYom your Ksso Dealer'fpr this famous'freo service. ESSO ROAD NEWS. A>loici publication v.-ith travel suKtfestions places- to see, timely vacation' nows,,niclures. Free at your Ksso Dealer's- 'during- (lie- summer months. Get your copies rci-u larly. . ' - ESSO AND ESSO .EXTRA GASOLINES ...Two powerful''p-asolincs that .deliver great all-around performance in your car! Both contain exclusivp.patcntecl Ksso Solvent Oil to help protect engine and keep parts clean and at maximum efficiency. The Sign of "Happy Motoring" STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY JM^T AROUND Twe Get yourself ready for harvesting now. Don't wait utilil it's time to cut before entering parts you ncca for your binder or combine. Certain critical purts are still bard to Ret. . Waiting muil the last immitc may result in i//\nvi^ I i • I r 11 i yqur bcir^j;.held up ;n harvest time. J'teasc give us your list of parts soon and we'll have their) ready for you before cutting starts., McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENKOMPANY Blytheville, Ark. IcGflRMICK-DEEWNa MMMHB,'PARTS AND SERVICE

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