The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1968 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1968
Page 4
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4>Alffirfta (lo.) Upper DM Metftt* Thurtdoy, Jan. 25, f TRIBUTE The Walnut Community Club wrote a tribute to Dr. and Mrs. ( frank ft. Weber in appreciation * Of his forty years of service as their doctor. Dr. Weber came to Walnut after practicing three fears in Imogene and has been in Walnut ever since. Council Minute* - the City Council met In anor- ganizational meeting Jan. 2,1968 with Mayor Finn and the following named Council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Nash, Pelrce. Absent: Cook. The newly elected Mayor and Council members were given the oath of office and the following business was transacted at this time. Mayor appointments were as follows: Police Chief, Al Boekelman; Assistant Police Chief, Ridftard Groen and the following officers: Hutchison, Jorgenson, Vofgt, Day, Thompson, & Scha- deridorf, Jr. Council Committees: Ways, Means and Finance: Pefrce, Cook & Muckeyj Purchasing: Cook, Nash and Pierce; Flee: Elbert, Muckey and An- dreaseh; Sewers, Drainage and Sanitation! Muckey, Nash and Antfreaseri; Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks:. Nash, Elbert and Peirce; Rules and Ordinance: Anflreasen, Cook and Elbert; Comfort Station Committee, Boekelman, Smith and Courtney. Mayor appointments subject to the, approval of the Council were ' as'follows: Mayor Pro Tern, K. T. Peirce; City Treasurer, F. 'L. McMahon; Fire Chief, Chester Willey. Council appointments were as folKiws: Acting Supt. of Public Improvement, Dave Smith; City Attorney, Russell Buchanan; City Clerk, Dave Smith; Health Officer", Dr. Rooney; Street Commissioner, Albert Pergande; Deputy City Clerk, Nancy Sands. Resolution allocating the revenue',for the year 1968 for the various funds of the city was adopted. Resolution designating official depositories for municipal funds was adopted. Moved & seconded the meeting adjourned, D. A. Smith ;. City Clerk COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met In regular session Jan. 10, 1968 with Mayor Finn and the following councflmembers present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Nash, Cook &• Peirce. Minutes of last meetings were approved. Resolution approving the Ambulance &, Radio Communication agreements with the county was adopted. Resolution authorizing sale & conveyance of real estate was adopted. Resolution approving Quit Claim Deed was adopted. Following appointments were approved: Ed Adams to the Planning & Zoning Comm., W. J. Nugent to the Bd. of Adjustment, Dean Parrott & K. Gellenfeld to the Playground Comm. Airport Comm. report for the year 1967 was read and placed on file in the Clerk's office. Knobbe, Gallagher, Volberdlng & Wadsworth, Certified Public Accountants, were again authorized to audit the city books for 1967. Instructed the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tern, Treasurer and City Clerk to obtain individual bonds as suggested by the State Auditor. Class C beer permit was approved for Dunn Sure Save. Representatives from the Iowa Comprehensive Alcoholic Project were at the council meeting to explain how they are organized for the treatment rehabilitation and education of alcoholics in Iowa. They also pointed out that it would be lawful municipal purpose for cities to allocate a portion of the Liquor Control Fund that they receive from the State, for the purpose of financing the activities of a city commission on alcoholism as appointed by the Mayor or Council. The council took no action at this time but will further study the program. A letter requesting that Smith street be open for 1/2 blk. south of College street was tabled for further investigation. After considerable time studying the proposed wage scale for city employees it was moved and seconded that this meeting be adjourned to Sat., Jan, 13, 1968, at 2 p.m. to further study the wage scale. COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in ad. Journjed session Jan. 13, 1968 with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Nash, cook ft Peirce. The purpose of this meeting waf to study the proposed 1968 WAf« #c*4e for city employees and after considerable discussion it waf screed that a proposed resolution regarding salaries, as discussed, be submitted to the council at their next regular meeting for adoption. Moved & seconded that the meeting adj. D. A. Smith City Clerk GENERAL Finn, Salary 123.15 Smith, Salary. 242.98 Sands, Salary 130.00 Algona Postmaster, Envelopes 144.50 la. State Bank, Wholdlng 71.23 State Comm., Wholdlng 7.93 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec. ..... .56.32 IPERS, 1PERS 44.80 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 39.83 Advance Pub., Publ .79.46 Arwell, Service 15.00 Blossom Ins., Work. Comp 60.84 A. Boekelman, Destroy Dogs 48.00 Buchanan Abstract, Fees 30.00 City Clerk, Prepaid bills 15.45 W. Finn, Court costs 70.00 W. Finn, expenses 34.00 Hutzell's, Pens 1.37 Inst. of Pub. Aff., Booklets 2.00 NWIa. Mayor's Assoc., Dues 25.00 NW Bell, Telephone 44.58 M. Parrott, Office Supplies 450.35 Rowley Bldrs., Supplies .2.95 Upper Des Moines Pub, Co., Publishing 131.85 D. Smith, Meetings 174.00 S. Muckey, Meetings 174.00 J. Andreasen, Meetings 168.00 J. Elbert, Meetings 144.00 K. Nash, Meetings 48.00 H. Miller, Meetings 102.00 S. Cook, Meetings 168.00 K. Peirce, Meetings 150.00 F. L. McMahon, Fee 50.00 J. M. Rooney, Fee 50.00 STREET Burtis, Salary 177.05 Frambach, Salary 188.28 Giddings, Salary 165.39 Helmers, Salary 177.40 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Madison, Salary 145.95 Pergande, Salary 243.38 Wibben, Salary 171.35 la. State Bank, .Wholding 13.0.40 State Comm., Wholdlng 19.91 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 141.34 IPERS, IPERS 108.93 Life Inv. Co., Insurance .74.07 J. Bradley Equip., Supplies 3.90 City Clerk, Fee 3.50 Coast-to-Coast, Supplies 5.94 Ft. Dodge Towel, Serv 5.63 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 22.71 Sherwin-Williams, Supplies n.67 ROAD USE TAX Algona Machine Shop, Welding 4.20 Arnold Motors, Repairs 20.61 Benson's Welding, Service 22.70 Bowman Bldrs., Supplies 56.75 Bowman's Engines, Repairs 6.00 J. Bradley Equip, Pulley 2.75 Cook's Welders, Supplies 26.75 Funk Plbg., Repairs 13.03 Greenberg's, Supplies 56.84 Hilton's, Repairs 3.75 Laing's Plbg.. Service 7.65 Taylor Motor, Repairs 39.04 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 288.83 Day, Salary 252.16 Groen, Salary 297.75 Hutchison, Salary 276.17 Jorgenson Salary 269.54 Schadendorf, Salary 236.60 Thompson, Salary 208.12 Voigt, Salary 206.09 Iowa State Bank, Wholding 293.30 State Comm., Wholding 48.85 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 230.37 Trust & Agency, Pension 26.19 Life Inv. Co. Insurance 167.53 A. Boekelman, Uniform Allow 150.00 C. Day, Uniform Allow 150.00 R. Groen, Uniform Allow 150.00 E. Hutchison. Uniform Allow 150.00 P. Jorgenson, Uniform Allow, ,150.00 A. Schadendorf, Uniform Allow .150.00 G. Thompson, Uniform Allow 150.00 J, Voigt Uniform Allow 150.00 Arnold Motors, Repairs 6.71 City Clerk, Prepd bills 2.62 Eide Elec.,Service 127.00 George's Body Shop, Repairs, 341.84 Greenberg's, Repairs 28.57 Hutzell's Supplies 3,51 Kautzky sport., Repairs 4.17 Percival's, Repairs 4.50 Hilton's, Repairs 6.71 Advance Pub., Adv 39.80 Cook's Welders, Demurrage 1.50 Electronic Spec. Service 31.25 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Advertising 35.28 Struecker's Conoco, Gas 2.68 Gambles, Cabinet 26.95 Holiday Station Gas 3.80 N. Side Texaco, Gas ; .5.63 Ricklefs Insurance, Premium 3,317.00 SANITATION Gade, Salary 88.84 Duboskl, Salary 28.68 la. State Bk.. Wholdlng 5.10 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 11.62 IPERS. IPERS 7.14 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 8.56 Reding Gravel, Labor & Material 180.00 Benson's Weld., Labor 11.50 J. Bradley Equip., Spring 2.05 City Clerk, Prepd. bills 1.25 Laing's Plb., Serv 29.79 Spencer Grocer. Tissue 13.70 SEWER RENTAL Lemkee, Salary 261.56 Sifert, Salary 194.89 Iowa State Bank, Wholding 27.40 State Comm., Wholding 7.84 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 48.33 IPERS, IPERS 38.45 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 31.27 Bowman Bldrs., Supplies 3.20 J. Bradley Equip., Tires & Service 67.01 Brown Supply, Pick. 6.19 City Clerk, Prepd. bills...'. .2.00 Frederick Hdwe. Supplies 12.11 Greenberg's, Blades 2.22 RECREATION Boldrldge, Salary 159.02 S. Ludwig, Labor 49.47 R. St. John, Labor 56.88 la. State Bk., Wholding 8.10 State Comm., Wholdlng 1.22 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 25.87 IPERS, IPERS 12.79 Life Inv. Co., Ins 8.56 Coast-to-Coast, Keys 70 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 1.39 DEBT SERVICE W. O. Anderson, Interest 155.00 N. E. Brear, Interest 22.50 PARKING METER Schmidt, Salary 68.94 la. State Bk., Wholdlng 11.70 State Comm., Wholdlng 80 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 7.78 IPERS, IPERS 1 6.19 Life Inv. Co., Ins 8.56 Arnold Motors, Supplies 4.45 Utt Electric, Repairs 74.60 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egli, Pension 75.00 Municipal Utilities A postponed meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held In the City Hall, City of Algona, la.. Jan. 4, 1968, at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Present were; Buchanan, Bay, Harmes, T. James Palmer, Supt, and Ira Kohl, Sec. The minutes of the meeting of Dec. 19, 1967 were read and approved as read. Motion by Harmes, seconded by Bay, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye", Buchanan, Harmes and Bay. Voting«Nay' , none. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll 3,096.68 M. Bilyeu, Labor 284.87 W. Bruner, Labor 229.51 D. Van Ginkel, Labor . .. .145.89 J. Parsons, Labor 153.94 R. Frideres, Labor 193.07 H. Wray, Labor 196.16 M. Meehlhause, Labor . ...86.72 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax 1,075.10 Treas., State of Iowa, Tax 139.56 Iowa Empl. Sec. Comm., Tax 727.96 Iowa Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys., Tax 283.28 Ins. Fund. Ins 267.11 Sunray DX Oil Co., Fuel 8,266.54 North Cent. Pub. Ser. Co., Gas 3,267.82 Cooper-Bessemer Co., Repairs 1,398.71 Fulton Iron Works Co., Supplies 515.00 Algona Machine Shop, Supplies 2.70 R. J. Funk, Supplies 40.18 Algona Vault Service, Supplies 49.44 TRW Div., Supplies 30.90 Big Bear, Inc., Supplies ... .5.31 Sherwin-Williams Co., Supplies 1.76 Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies 5.42 Fort Dodge Ind. Towel, Service 9.30 Electronic Spec., Supplies 245.89 Crescent Elec. Supply, Supplies 10.54 Iowa Elec. Supply, Supplies 216.59 Graybar Electric Co., Supplies 76.63 Joslyn Mfg. Co., Suppl es 529.31 E. A. Pedersen Co., Supplies 36.02 General Electric Co., Supplies 50.88 Elec. Materials Co., Supplies 2,092.10 Westinghouse Elec. Co. Supplies 295.31 Schneider Elec. Co., Supplies 570.21 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 18.98 Cook's Scrap Iron, Supplies 3.22 Mobil Oil Corp., Oil 18.05 United Bldg. Centers, Supplies 3.20 Western Buyers Supplies.. .8.50 Coast to Coast, Supplies... .5.70 Pratt Elec. Co., Supplies.. .31.30 Cowan Corp..Supplies... .652.37 Elbert's Station, Gas 108.10 Kossuth Motor Co., Repairs 26.51 Badger Body Co., Supplies 106.35 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co,, Supplies 3.83 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., Service 117.24 Advance Pub. Co., Adv 124.07 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Adv 187.08 Algona Reminder, Adv 41.24 KLGA Radio, Adv 46.20 J. C. Penney Co., Mdse 4.42 Miller Lbr. Co., Supplies 10.26 Keith Rowley, Exp 47.50 Robert Bomgaars, Exp 60.00 Russell Buchanan, Exp. . ..25.00 W. D. Coan, Exp 10.00 Mrs. B. J. Bradford, Exp. . .7.50 Robert C. Dreyer, Exp, . . .25.00 Allen K. Buchanan, Salary 75.00 0. B. Harmes, Salary 75.00 Melvin J. Bay, Salary 75.00 Milton G. Norton, Ser 9.17 Hutzell's, Supplies 30.00 Petty Cash, Misc. 48.48 Water Dept., Ser 70.17 Reding Gravel, Ser 643.40 R. G. Buchanan, Attorney, Ser 387.81 Joe Bradley Eqpt., Repairs 49.14 WATER FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll 377.03 W. Peterson, Labor 245.29 M. Krebsbach, Labor 190.20 M. Meehlhause, Labor 48.60 Iowa State Bank, Tax 177.80 Treas., State of Iowa Tax 19.70 Iowa Empl. Sec. Comm., Tax 72.64 Iowa Pub. Empl. Ret. Sys., Tax 19.24 Ins. Fund, Ins 50.18 Cook's Welders, Supplies 61.50 Hach Chem. Co.,Supplies.. .1.19 Waterous Co., Supplies.. .195.75 Anderson Brass Co., Supplies 9.02 Bowman Builders, Ser 48.00 Elbert's Ser. Station, Gas 37.44 R. G. Buchanan. Attorney, Ser 189.00 Mertz Janitor Service, Ser 275.00 Petty Cash, Misc 9.96 Electric Dept.. Ser 1,200.01 Reding Gravel, Ser 161.75 SOCIAL SECURITY & INSURANCE FUND Life Inv. Ins. Co., Ins 388.37 A schedule of salaries and wages for the ensuing year was presented and reviewed. Then there was a motion by Harmes. seconded by Bay, that the schedule of salaries and wages for the ensuing year be fixed, subject to change, as presented and adjusted. Roll call, voting "Aye", Buchanan, Harmes and Bay. Voting "Nay", none. A clothing agreement for the employees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was approved. Next meeting date was set for Jan. 16. 1968, at 12:01 o'clock p. m. Meeting adjourned. IRA KOHL SECRETARY ALLEN K. BUCHANAN PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held in the City Hall. City of Algona, la., Dec. 19, 1967, at 12:01 o'clock P. M. Present were Buchanan, Bay, T. James Palmer, Supt., Ira Kohl, Sec., and Charles Volk. Absent was Harmes. The minutes of the meeting of Dec. 4 and Dec. 8, 1967, were read and approved as read. Motion by Buchanan, seconded by Bay, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye' , Buchanan and Bay. Voting "Nay 1 ,none. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND Postmaster, Supplies . . . .11.00 Postmaster, Postage 82.04 Pay Roll, Pay Roll . . . .3,112.58 Milton Bilyeu, Labor . . ..306.49 Wilbur Bruner, Labor... .222.97 David Van Ginkel, Labor 156.60 Jerry Parsons, Labor... .155.89 Richard Frideres, Labor 208.99 Harry Wray, Labor 209.29 Marlin Meehlhause, Labor 116.92 Sunray DX Oil Co., Fuel . 7,334.38 Buell & Winter Eng. Co., Eng .1,717.74 Algona Machine Shop, Supplies 38.71 Gary Lane Elec. Ser 128.00 KLGA Radio, Adv 46.20 Allen Travel Agency, Ser 111.40 Robert Crall, Refund 82.35 City of Algona, Street Fund, Funk's G Hybrids G4350 Single Cross G5207 New 4-way G4377 New 3-way G4333 New Single Cross Soybeans HARK! — New Variety CHIPPEWA 64s LINDARIN A-lOOs AMSOY Oats JAYCEE — New Variety O'BRIEN — New Variety NODAWAY GARLAND CHEROKEE Grass Seed FUNK'S Seed Formulas DISCO Seeds Seed mixed to meet your needs. Funk's G Hybrids Douglas K. Mechler Ph. 928-3333 Tltonka KLGA SPORTS COVERAGE DIRECT REPORTS FROM THE CONFERENCE WRESTLING TOURNAMENT SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, \W ON Transfer 34,621.97 Druggist Mutual Ins. Co., Real Estate 5,000.00 John Snere. Exp 40.00 Terry Dlxon, E xp 10.00 Pat Goodwin. Exp 25.00 Doug Jergenson, Exp 15.00 Keith Rowley, Exp 25.00 Steven Krasean, Exp .15.00 David Evans. Exp 10.00 George Harris, Exp 15.00 William Grant. Exp 10.00 Mrs. Martha Cook, Exp. .. .15.00 James Andreasen, Exp. . ..15.00 Orie Peterson. Jr., Exp. . .25.00 Ralph Diekoff, Exp 15.00 Mrs. Helen Wichtendahl, Exp 10.00 Duane Riley, Exp 25.00 Gerald F. Ferris, Exp. . . .10.00 Delmar Reding Exp 10.00 Murray Mowers, Exp 25.00 Keith Rowley, Exp 23.00 Harvey Godden, Exp 25.00 Reinhard Lieb. Exp 10.00 Thomas Kissner, Exp 25.00 Bryan Asa, Exp . ,25.00 Albert Harmes, Exp 10.00 Ray Muller Exp 15.00 Marilyn Kuester. Exp. . . .25.00 Glen Burtis, Exp. ..... .10.00 Walter Zentner, Exp 10.00 WATER FUND Walter Peterson. Labor ... 244.65 Maurice Krebsbaoh, Labor 195.99 Marlin Meehlhause. Labor 29.70 North Cent. Pub. Ser., Gas 62.48 Bowman Builders, Ser 48.00 city of Algona, Street Pond, Transfer 8,324,84 Charles Volk gave a report on a public relations workshop meeting held at New Orlean*, La., Nov. 27, 28 and 20. Next meeting date was tet for Jan. 3, 1968, at 7:80 o'clock P. M. Meeting adjourned IRA KOHL SECRETARY ALLEN K. BUCHANAN Chairman of the Board Send $1 today for our ALL NEW DESIGN COLLECTION 46 ALL NEW MODELS ALL NEW FLOOR PLANS ALL NEW STYLES ALL NEW INTERIORS "NORMAN" This is without question the most beautiful and the most magnificent home planning catalog of any company in the country. For your copy of this all- color book of hundreds of home building ideas — send $1 to U.S. HOMES, 5390 2nd Ave., Des Moines, la., or call your local Home Consultant: RONALD TAYLOR 1001 N. Minn. Algona, la. Phone 295-2217 (5-55EOW) PACKED WITH POWER, MAKE OURS MILK! ... the giant in thirst quenchers, is the beverage that kids just can't get enough of! For mealtime, snack time or anytime, make it a hearty glass of milk! •*-' ^^^ ^ A toast to tasty Milk The young 'uns salute the flavor of milk, although they couldn't care less about its marvelous nutritional values. It'i the snackiesf idea for between mealsl Consolidated Co-op Creameries Whittemore - Lone Rock - Swea City a KLG A 1600KC Half of the world is under-fed or undernourished. Children make up a great share of that half. U.S. farmer cooperatives work vigorously to export quality products to correct this wrong. U.S. cooperatives also provide funds and technical assistance to establish farm cooperatives overseas to help foreign farmers increase food production, improve marketing facilities, and to meet their credit needs. Hunger is the enemy of freedom. Co* operatives serve people in both strong ami weak nations. They help the weak matter hunger. They help the strong remain strong. Children, wherever they may live, bent- fit. Hunger loses. Freedom wins. Patronize Your Cooperative WEST BEND ELEVATOR CO ------------- R. W . Jurgen,, Mgr. TITONKA CO-OP ELEVATOR ------- ....... Jaek StQtt , M ^ FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode ----- R. L Mathtwn, Mgr. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR ---------- ..... C urti, Lyra, Mgr. IRVINGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR -------- E . F . | mmerfa ||, M gr. LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE _._ Lorenx Geitwnautr, Mgr. WHITTEMORE CO-OP ELEVATOR ------ Alfred Schultz, Mgr. (Hobarton Branch) BURT CO-OP ElfVATQR ............. RwioW j ur9 , n , ( IEDYARD CO-OP 5UVATOR ------------ Bwnqrd R.i||y, «,,. OTTOSEN CO-OP ELEVATOR ........ .. Jfrry H ^ roon , 13. 8 B g fl 0 8 8 QQQOq JP OQOOOQ08000QOQQQOOO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o a 1 flQQQO flQJMBJ

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