The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, .MARCH U, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Mrs. John 1). III. A Soc'mlist liifluslri.-ilisLs Unmoved by l!i>; A|:JK;I| for HigluM' \V.i_j"'. Sliofler Hours K\ KOIIS'KV niTrlllill Cuuur \Vw-s UV Mns'.l'in Corn- spi'iiilrnt \ \-HIN< IO\ \\ i « I' >»' to .'.hoop '.hiny.-> in'- Ji utHvi nuii'iil j l ^ il UUhmll-if. Tll<-ll:l!l<!^!-lkl' .ip ii'-l ;i it ' trill" • v - i 'l> 1 :•'! > \ > and v ''"1 " !"• ' * s<l 111 ' : ' '" ( i uK th::lii'd by II ") i |itl ' i | ill Hid l>i" ljl;l'.-!jl | i j' I'll. 1 lint l i: ) ) ' I il J i i i i 1 ' i I ill " i id Thf. niaj-Jn-' bu:d l;!.n.':i i'.. 'n-i.i A;-i- ll"ie A'-'i'in. 1 Pi-i-Mjiiiiihlv "I!-' I),id Wclf v.-as ,!ii)|w-=:d tr> mak" (•;•(-! ylj'hly ;:mu!j!(' and I!;-- nt-v si.-.v- L.<- "FriiSlklisi, !fvs""M' Marc!:." As i: if-:-a!lilli; [•;•• ("xlc-violal- illu iilllon:nli:l(. iinlii.~l-.-y. U!" b'.ir.d;! into -A Mr>f. : -' Hidr- i l 1 '•M.nvliiiiu Aliiisg To-_ii".hpr." ApphuiM- Is Tlirn All I Ins in -.hi' :n'.:M p.- 11 i iiiiashnb!-- M-UII;'.', the D. A. K.'s emblems. Yon ii'ii'jlu naV S ji < ed Uio h.ii-;lfsi-b(jii?!l inOnsunii t to KOI steamed lip—fe.j- .1 t,.;\ ,), ut'js, Lim\vay. i Tlii-n Ko-;:ev:-h tanii- rm ihr- s » •> I miked (1 r hi'.'hc-i- Y.".i'.-e-i. sho u l:0ur<:. Lhr con-n.'ncr, bimnsn \ b foi-.-i p-oru.s mid fK-cdom £01 'nr O.-casicnal ixilit? ivin-.l-c: vpnm K'3-n'i tiiGii'rii lo :n>j>rriipt him. Al tin- fiid. thu N-i-.v n-.u ciiicMs in i!if p:aifoi-in v.crn l-iiin:] i>u 1,1 i-rupfconp and t:c baud, phjin,, "Star-Spiiny!e:! ll.innrT," beio u So il nny have -vxinuvd liV.o :\ drni- '•iiMrafion tnx-r tlic r.»i:o. 1 is i '.i'.il !tp|i!:iuy in liii hull v.-.vs f / '.n-ily tiiin. •Sltain Ages I'rc.MilrHt Hojsfvrlt !"ohe:i :ii-rd—1 won't k'-:-p; hands on i.-.e tab;.,, t.-i sup, ;WM. <T\vo shown at a lA'NN. NSnss. lUP) —Mayor J. Pivd Manning, nflor u iH'isonul n( hinli schools here, lius t thai boys mid lili'ls bi- In sopnvuli' soliixils und | i-liissi-s. "Hoys und (jirls .sliould not ll)C thrown tni'odicr m mch ;i rrHi- i cal |>;'rlo<l nl IlIc," In' .said. PAGE THSEE Will Ojx'ii Saturday Morn-j' 1 ing at Corner of Mnin and First Streets Him Morn flood Than All Others The Kroner grocery nnd nidi! market, lot HUM! for u number of years at 311 Wi'M Main, will open for biislni-.\.s Satnrdny inorninit in I., 11 new niiil inocloi-nly pi|iil|)|W(l I ••"• H Ill's! Mild I,os( l''!li<h v.iuu> in 100 WPM Mnln. tlio north-1 III All Modicinos llnlll | w<'.,i corn,, or Main and r'irsl H<, T r il'd |1 H . \ t , w (;|y. Cast No\v Knjnys (inod Hoalth Tin' iii-n- More limy lie identllled c by ii.s un-pii fruni. now used on M' Kroger siorr.s. A substantial Mini. ,. ~ o: money has Ixvi, invested in n s -! r """>' '«™lf<ls "I BlylDr-vlllc Hires and «.<|i,lp mi .nt for the dus-i ''""'f, im " , I'™" 1 '' »'™>'8"o»l l'!"v :ind p,, w ,™,, 01 , (if foo , L , „,„,!* ««« w«™ «« nosv I'Ak- for ,1,. , c ,,v,,menco of cn.tomers. j \$ M K" ,1^^" Si Tril A .prinklcs- sy.siein lins been in-; powerful n.cdirnl prciKTlies and Maih'd ii» iiLsiiro ihal veRelablcs Will always be giirden-frfsh and crisp. I A modern, sanitary market lias! ! been insiiillcil, complete In every i di-iiiil for Die siorinK mid <lLs])lay of ul! kinds of menl products. T!U' giocci'y deiiarlnienl will la> | iindi-r Hie managemenl of M. H, | CaiiU'i-nn nml the meat department \vill be directed, by J. H. Tyrone, uoih of wlsoin are already v.-ell knon-n to Illyllievillc :ood Tokio Wants lo Know How to Dress Officers BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP) —Tlic I many are frankly saying they have i Mu.vor of Tokio, Japan, wants to never In-fore lind nny nwiUrlne. I MR. V. SI. IIIJKST know what the well-dressed Buf- fn!o city official wears. A letter received by Mayor Astoiindins to bells Socinl!st.s an<l o u 1 PS \ ts ih" diso\ny that Mrs. John D. Rockefeller III, alioi' was enrolled ns a member of t':ie fe'ocinlisi naily. Her husband is a R"pnb!ipfln. Mrs. noi-kefcller, the ff.rmrs' Dlanciietle Hooker, of: Grc.".i',v:t'.i. Co:m.. had no coinini'inl ;o make. George J. Zimm'-iniaiinri near Sir: It. is my honor io \xf, your kind answer abmu me mailers us follows: If llierc Ls any <ai Ciiy flat 01 mayor's lias, i In Official uniform for mayors or (l(-)iuly mayors, ic) Official uniform for municipal offUers or cmploy- •ny to not .so . f iiirprl5inR!y ujion tlin system. Klytltcvlllc by the scores continue to jmblioly endorse Gly-Cas and prnl.' 1 ^ IL- (is they have never pralsi-d anythin? j before. Head wlini Mr. 1-'. M, • irnrst, S20 North Ninth St.. I51y- j thevillc, well known retired faun- , er who lins lived licsc n mnnbcr j of ycass, snld recently: I "Oly-Cns Is the only medicine I liave ever taken Unit gives the. le.siills it is supposed lo ijivi'," : he snld. "I )md losL fnllh In on medicines but was dimity persuaded to tiv (his now herbal Aiiiiciiiii'lnx tin' 0|u>nlii|> (if Our ,N'c\r Kriiju-i 1 Sliiri 1 Which .Movi'il fiviiii :|ll Mnin Sh\ : in nil \\Vsi y t n\n. WIGGLY Pricey for Fridcitj and Saturday ORANGES KROGER STORE Sweet Juicy Floridas Dozen 15c icoki'd u-n C'oinini-i-f.; ,iuh-.i Dickinson -.iisiimi-a I ';•«'-. but a \V)ii> Hon.y v.'Ui'i :a-r- ' Evtryono. howc-ver, jinis^ n n- s s n 'Rood liealih.l Few things ever stlricd your cov- -^^ 1 ri'sptmdlcnt's emotions more than Chariic McAdnms, who has 'ace, llic '"'"' Surle-Oooter Society -— Personal nil Ilmiee for municipal of-i remedy as so many people wen fleers and employes in your praising it !iere. And was I Mir- city. please instruci me as prised when it began lo ti'm: an: it.s size, color cr various results from Die very Why rules and customs referring il WB.S no time until my stomach to its cases or using, and and bowels were s-cunliitcd, was if |jo.«ible, send me any: freed of years of suffering from oitalofjue or pictures ofj' ll ' n l M B 0 - Xow I gel around wiili Ihem. ease, sloop over and do as I like Expecting your t[iiick seliirii I wi '!eh I could never do before, rcniniii. ' ,My wife Rot wonderful relief from. Your.s very .sincerely O| y- Cns lo . and v;e boih join! Tonildu' Ushiouki" in " ralsln i' r Gly-Cns lor the re- Mavor of Tokio ' mari:ablc rw " lt -' i il givcs-cvcn In i Officin-s agreed lhat the Tokio ^. J"!^ cS'" "'"""" •in ' •••in-I n, i - f. ' , ' ------ — ,, in,,-, y 1,^,11 kJIIlClllLS fl^rePil t MS t I rift TVilr in --•-••" IP.... . *.. u%>i W : ^;i %:*-T^, ^™!? ^ ni ;' i° " fnr "™ ino.'^tn.aj-or ££"%.£$ S^o? 'Vwc^T "n Slill w-ini Thir 7»- ' ilicamiutm, is much im- budge in his fourth intniii-v MIV r, 5 S , in ^''"^, sr !"^ ,„„,. ^ ;"«' « ™ ^ «• *i «P a ior Immennann tSaZ"i^ Sd ^^H^d^"^ W U np; ;S ar,d Um fioo^velf, _„,; ... ..., „,.,„__ !^. a "l ulc ^ relllm '" ro,, n dln B towns. T>roj - Hopes lor 'i-o-on-aii-n "-luh",'-^ llrs - Rch!l Arilold ;lllci children,! Nrii- u-ai "nr- I'-H .,/,;. .-,'.'. ""'. .', iieccmpanied by some friends from 'T men in ims:ne«' ;nic! ;r-i'.'is'-°- I "'-'''""'• Ic - fl '«lay for. Flint, ;ifich , 0'Ci-iiiin;rs still di-iimncl cirs'of n-»" !° m!ilrc ''"'"" l!r ""°- JIr - A! '""'d <l:-ure.«ion /C;ze in lu c proIVl pie" i ' ls bccn lht ' ! ' 0 for S01 " L ' timc Yomi!; fellows s;:M .'-;,-.-,. ,'i^j- Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Douglas and tye.s o-.ii for £ t:-ay nickols an;l u'im?5 children of Wilson. Art:., and Mr. but ,-];•:• williii:,' to concetk- tint ili^' ;lr:ri M I' S - J. F. Vlcfc and son Dean' i.s ::!H»:lm : - p-.'iio;!. ' .nnd Mrs. Garvcn May of Stcclc K-es-o dinner gueits of .Mr. and Mrs. I.intlsey Smith of Caivilhers- ville Sunday. Mrs. Smith nnd lii- Ue datisiucr. La Jeanne, returned heie n-lih iliem and visited until Wednesday. Mr. and Mis. Lcsicr J. Wyalt have announced the birth 'lasi Manila Sociely crsonai Salm-day of an S-poimU son. Eighiy-Jive were prcfeiu at A Mr * m ^ Mns - A - L - McBricic and nswiing of the Parent-Teacher as- "°" y<l niltl Mrs - ''• c - Spencer scriation at the liiyh scliool Mon- j S;W ' 11 wn ' fc ollrt in Joiner. iNiy nftcrnooii. It was det-idetl io' Alk ' u ' hcrc thcj ' lverc cnll «d byj complete pluns for a ci.mmunitv i! !', scr ' ons lllncss of ''• R - Camp-, kilclicn project. ' , c '"- wll ° Ls still vci-y sick. fc^SSlta 3:;;~f I»;;i C|:IMC.S foui. five and iix of theivLs'^lh','! 1 'i.f'n" lls 8 " Cl ' ils " r I Sunday scUcnl held a|"wW f 'n -ri ' .vei'i-l^A^a ty^eif:™?' 1 ^""* ^ '« "Sec. S Sj \Irs° r I n'n-vi?i , n • '•""; I Olive Ander.son of Warden visited 1 v,-iv iU t,,i"\veok " S "•»«•» IWonchh-n,^ „„_ ThQ « Mr :,»d M,>. Roy Hibbs. Ml« 'Anicn M T' ' " ML<8 IO " C ! ChkH- Scot:. Miss Nettie l.ytnn! M,T> • j ni 7? oll Wito, and Curtis Hasll,. were: „,- pnemnonfa v^™ ^uitas ,» Memphis Tues- SIm , Mjcl]io ]cfl Wcd . /ik ... N. ,, ml and ,on Q , j ^ ^C-neT"" " l """i Tnckr-rman are mir.sU: this week of ' _..__' i her (l-.n-.shiev. Mrs. H. J. Mi-Kin-1 -, v ~, . . „. ' ••„„. jLow Watermark on Ohio \ Miss M.irtha niythf- visited MKs FnJ,,,^o.«J D:... r- i I I.ors Wiliiiinis in Lrachvillc Tnes- <lay. W ANTED Pile sufferers—snffprers with sores, burns, skin diseases—to list".to th!£_2=i! know it for the truth: Crass Salve will cittic-r cuiv you or it will give yon the most grateful relief you ever cxpcricnc-it m your life. It doesn't matter how old or aggravated your c:re it doesn t matter how many remedies you have tried that hnvr- failed you. Cross Salve will take care of your trouble or il will cnsl you absolutely nothing. Combining a powerful disinfectant in a vc vet smooth petrolatum base, Cross Salve offers tlic combination; a disinfectant. h trong enough lo Wll every possible -enr.- an oil base that gives immediate soothing relief, lind nssists >mUm> m the quickest possible healing. Over a quailer of a century of success on sieemimrly impossible cases makes certain our knowledge that Cross Salve will help yon. Trust ns. GET A JAR TODA\. We say to you honestly that your money will be returned without a question if it fails. ROc ana 50 C at all dealers The Cross Salve Co., Inc. Marion. Kentucky. is seriously ill PHILCO Model 60 Lowboys Our good fortune is YOUR good fortune! We have just received some more of thene popular new PHII-COS. Amazing tone and' performance! Take advantage of our special offering—order your PHHXX) early! Suiarl and Herslicl Endangered River Fish! Johnson were in Memphis on bus- : Fl * M " r >' or no - Cant. Joseph' ii:i -s Tuesday. ' | UK-en, siiperinlenrienl of dnm No ; .. 10 mi llic Ohio River here, snid' ! -. .1' »• 7 n i rrrenlly ihal the river Imi iion.i i .'tr! Kasseii and Band •,* i™ -n sl , had to «,"„ m uiciri in Sikcston M'arch 14 \^ r " ul (inn;: . b ^«'c'i cak^of i S1KFSTON Vo~ Th» <?i-o-lm, ! , niVC T" V r ° I>0rl( ' c1 ' "IC^S *-- ll '-"'O i \.J.\. ,%tO.— I II? OINv.'il.Oll i 'nv'TI' iH^n til nn\- H ;>..« C, ; ,b. ,,cnr>- Meldnnn Post ^'^ ^ '^"^^^ "•1 of HIP Amenran I.cs'.mi and possible lo keen rivnr-' HO , ;;- Sikesto,, chamber of Com- ^lace*^,^'^' i ^^ '" muro nave secured the seTvirt-.s- "f one of radio's mosi EASY TERMS Only a tmall amount tiflirrt nnft the balance in easy paynunttf low stage. ,.-.,.„ . . -- famous I Hi-mi CiKiner <l ;' 1 - cc , '"ntls. Art Kasset and his' K:i.=se!s in the Air orchestra, for I'.irr: W«liw«iivy. M arc h ». c lm:ce.. The ihi-oe oi(;ani7alions .^eei V.i-inn.'-iioii rrom Hip school board 10 -,:•!• die liigh school cymnasiiiin fiii ilv,.- evr-nt. as it \ nwcssary Ihnl :inr:le vonin to accommodate The 1 2ymn:!snun has tlanee floor •'Pace ol CCO square fen. whicli. • : i:o-Ainc: :iine .square feel per con- Pii-. uii! cive liinm room lo ac- r "i»cdaic Ciin roup!es with ease. ''he fur.ds laised from this <fr>;.,,. w ,|| lx , ;i ppij r d on Hit- air- l :i '.'i i-ast of Kiki'Mon. \vant Aas. PHILCO 60L Krauliful Lowboy unutlonal price! Latest fr.itnrKi. inrliHtin, r Autnmnlir Volume Cimirxil, Tom. i-unirol. Klcctru- I)yn«mic Speaker, police and ail plane calls, clc. llsnd-nihbcd caliinel uf tnatclied woodn. A Popular New Baby Grand PHILCO 843 Onlj- niir.CO can give you such a IHK vulue as this! Special Klcclro- Djnawic Speaker and ? 1htr '''K-S'' 1 ftalurca in H hand-rubbed l«o(one maple c.ihinfl. Come in tomorrow! See ALL the new l')3-l WIILCOS! HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. S\STCl .1II i l'\ Cabbage •••[••••ii •iiiiiiiinain Crackers ('(iniilrv Cluli 1-Kl 1 . 'I'- ' Cil'll Potatoes Wyoming IU's(. Itv'il Trumphs found Butter C<mntry Club I'niiiiil Sjirin^ l!ni»k Pound Cherries Avoiidulo K. S. l>. No. '2 ('tin I'nrc (iriinulHti'd III rounds I l .„, 2'f lltvtiis 'f-i: luu-h J mw' Crisp Shill.s Kiicli I'lili. SALTO BREAD ' [{l!ll ('.-III 22-iR. l.ltllf BANANAS •'K H ^^ 15 t: (W^SiS-' 0 CAIJLT CATSUP' _S^ Ott'KK Snow [i:ill7lt; ('. (.'.. ill l.lis. ll'.li- III His. r,:ic; r> li)-: S)r")I?AB^ H»i*in. Kyi' or 1At: DKhAD \\. Wlu-ni. K:,. JU TOMATOES Krtsh Dozen SQUASH Wh "r ' lv ?:ir w CHILI SACCft^Ei" TOMATO, <;. c. c; Hm. 5c COOKIES Choc. LI). I'lTIK-Ii, Ul I'li.n ->\c .M'H-i-l. l.h. I'ki'p IVc Each 49c Porlc - Beans {'(iiinlry ('lull I.;ip-Hc Can 2 for 15c Silver Wcddin)' 1 I'liiiii nr Suir \{'K\I\K Siit'l- S-l.h. UucUd Id's I Crwnti 21-Ui. Siu-li Cnnnlry <!hi!) {'innilry (Iciilk'ninn No. 2 Can. ,'i fur SYRUP 24 (; MILK :t Tall or (! Small 17' BRAH F '- AK ^-.^. W PINEAPPLE ^W APPLE SA ' lc L ( ;r;;.,]F BAISINS , 3 i ( W" cf S(i'ainl)();i( MI-IJi. (.':iu IJ/WU <''" - n"l "''''f- A ' 11/icH mnnr's. \ti-iw. c: A'r- CORN I-'I.AKKS <:. C. i.')-(>•/.. rkf: A npj r> liirmou c. c. IQ< r\l I SjR ;(S-o/.. .lar iU C. (.'. Uni&O hnm. l.l>. KPI1IT SAI - A1) <'• <'• rllUii No. ZCnn MUSTA C.oiintry C.lub Each 15c •IBBHIBHBBPB TOMATOES Nn. 2 Can 3 for 25c (Jmirt Jar Each SNOW DRIFT •£ 65 C J SALT 0 ' 0 '™ lain »r Imlizcd Ifex PUMPKIN c. c. No. 2'/ z Con 1C 1 JELLY Apple nr Grape it-ox. Jar Krosli I'diind i'nlind Kadi I'uund Chniri" K. C. Slaniprd Ik'cf l.oin nr Riuind I'nund Hams Ciiilaliv's. M.srrell's'l'riiic Half or VVInilc I'dinul Pig Brains Ib.l2;c Spare Ribs Pure Lard Fresh Pound Thick Rib, Ib. - 12V 2 e Shoulder, Ib. - - 15c Salt Meat lollies, For Itoilini;, Pound lOc 6c Bacon Oriole or iMclrO:e Sliced Pound Full Dressed Pound

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