The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1968 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1968
Page 20
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l-Algona (la.) Upper De* Molnes Thursday, Jan. 18, 1966 1967 Fatality Toll Is 9 and Mrs. Maynard Miller and Mr. and Mrs. John B. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hood chose Jan. 6. - o - I have had three very interesting letters from Marg Dahl who is vacationing in Frankfurt, Germany. She is having a wonderful time, but strange to say, has met two persons from near here. That is, from the U.S.A. At church one morning, she met the minister who remarked, after learning she was from Iowa, "You don't mind our cold like I do. I'm from Georgia." He was transferred and the next one she met was from Kansas. After service the congregation goes to the dining room where they have coffee and doughnuts and walk around eating and drinking and getting acquainted. She thinks Frankfurt is a lovely place and it was beautifully decorated in the business area at Christmas time. - o - Some Des Moines Register readers for many years read Harlan Miller's "Over the Coffee" column. It was a homey type of column and one felt they knew his family, his "B.W.", (wife), "Red head", (daughter), "Lt." Harlan Jr., and "Q", the youngest member of the family (Quentin). I was so sorry to read of the death of his "B.W.", Doris, for whom memorial services were held. I am sure all the readers of his column will join me in sympathy for him and his family. - o I had such a good and informative letter from Meredith Raney Holzhammer, Iowa City. Her husband, Bob, is an Episcopal rector, and during the past year both attended the general convention at Seattle. Bob was appointed assistant secretary of the House of Deputies. They have an addition in their home, Scott Beckett, a high school senior, while his parents are on a leave of absence for a year from the University. Their son, Dave, has fallen for the guitar craze and with the humor inherited from her parents, Ruth and Glen, she wrote, "Now we find outselves trucking all the equipment around for practices and parties. The record was set by our Volkswagen when we packed into it bass guitar, amplifier, tape recorder, microphone, strobe Jight, Dave, Mom, and Foozer, the dog. Tina, the daughter has only big passion horses. She has been taking lessons and has switched from Western to English. We toured Lexington, Ky. , horse country, this summer." Thanks for your letter, Meredith. - o - Parakeets are cute and companionable, but give me a canary! When I talked with Hattie Heiter not long ago her canary was singing his little heart out and probably knowing he had an appreciative audience within hearing distance, he was putting in plenty of fancy trills and warbles. My old- maidism shows up in love for a bird and a nice cat, plus a tidy room, minus "do-dads." -fl- it is hard to think of my vivacious, busy, in fact, overly- busy Theresa Ostwinkle, being hospitalized, but thank goodness she is getting better and the first time I feel it opportune to talk with he'r I'm going to say, "Slow down, gal I Slow down." I've been checking with her husband Paul and so glad reports are as good as they are. She is a wonderful cook and never forgets me at Christmas with cookies and the best homemade candy. All my good wishes, Theresa. - o From time to time I have made inquiries of Mrs. Sarah Lallier, housekeeper for Gene Schemel, as to his condition. He is recovering very well from a fall in which he suffered a broken leg. Being a double amputee, I take off my hat to him for his fine spirits and his ability to have overcome his handicap. - o I had a young gentleman caller Jan. 3. We were well-chaperoned by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Webster Orton, and two-year old sister, Becky. Scott is only a month old, Becky is two and adores him. He is a very nice baby and gives promise of being Like the rest of the state of Iowa, the fatality toll in Kossuth county dipped during 1967- but there is still an awful lot of room for improvement. Nine persons lost their lives on Kossuth highways and roads during 1967- three less than during the preceding 12 months. That's also a 25 percent decrease in deaths. Statewide, the total of 841 was down 87 from the all-time high mark of 928 in 1966. That's an 11 percent dip, so Kossuth, while still far from perfect, did better the Iowa statistics. And they are grim ones. The 1967 toll in Iowa, however, was not too far off the 1964 pace when 851 died- and that was the second largest total in one year in the state's history. So, we have little to be proud of. Going back 22 years in Kossuth fatality history, we find that 175 persons, an average of eight per year, have been killed, 1946-47 inclusive. Peak years were 1953, 1957 and 1966 with 12 killed each year. Eleven died in 1955 and 1959, while 10 met death in 1950, 1963 and 1964. The minimum was reached in 1956 when three died. With few exceptions, highest totals have been reached during odd calendar years. Best example of this was in 1953-55-57-59, with totals of 12, 11, 12 and 11, one-fourth of the 22 year toll. Every county surrounding Kossuth, with the exception of one, Winnebago, which registered 14 deaths, had a lower fatality record during 1967. Emmet had one, Palo Alto, 6, Pocahontas, 7, Humboldt, 3, Wright, 2, and Hancock, 7. An area near Forest City in Winnebago county proved to be the bloodiest in this entire vicinity during the past year. The graph above illustrates, using the years, top, and totals, left, trends in Kossuth's fatality record since 1946. Let's keep the line going down during 1968 I a handsome lad. Becky is a pretty child, too, and was very good in a strange place. She looked things over but didn't touch anything, a very good trait in a tot. I was glad to have this nice visit with the Ortons. Ottosen Kin At Illinois Rites, Eli H. Schmidt Word has been received by relatives in Ottosen of the death of Eli H. Schmidt, 51, of Batavia, HI. Mr. Schmidt died following a heart attack Dec. 22 at St. Charles Hospital in Aurora, HI. Funeral services were held Dec. 26 in the First Baptist Church in Batavia. Mr. Schmidt was born at Ottosen and attended school at West Bend. He moved to Illinois in 1938. Attending the funeral services from Ottosen were Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schmidt, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilson. •MM1IUI1IIIIIIUUB Evelyn January 3 - Beginning the longest month of the year. I don't know why it is, we have other months with 31 days, but January always seems endless. And we know the holidays are over because yesterday out went the Christmas trees and the trimmings were packed away for another year. It was an enjoyable time and as I previously said, Santa must have thought I had been a "good girl." - o Many of the card clubs had Christmas parties with gift exchanges and when I asked LaVonne Post, I was told to guess. It was described as rather large and useful. I hit it on the head with the first guess - a garbage can, a much glamorized one for the event. I've a notion to begin fortune telling. - o Albert Granzow was here one day with a gift for me from his wife and he brought a half-size violin for me to see. It is a very nice one and reminded me of the one I began lessons on. I was a small and young beginner- 10 years- and a half-size instrument is very cute. Then I grew to a three-quarter size and finally could usemyfather'sfull- sized one. It had wonderful tone and Mrs. Cretzmeyer, with whom I frequently played, often spoke of it. - o - Talking with a friend shortly before Christmas I asked, "What do you want for Christmas ?" And her answer gave me a laugh. "A husband," she said. I told her I was in a poor location to furnish her with one and what we have in stock over here would hardly qualify. I suggested a few, found one already spoken for, one had just been married, so I gave up, but later could think of two very nice men but I am afraid they are confirmed bachelors. Shall we sing "A hunting we will go f - o - The other morning the radio across the hall from me was playing music by Jan Garber. How good it was to hear him. I wish TV would get Sammy Kaye back and Guy Lombardo arid the late PaulWhiteman. They play REAL music. I just hate this Beatle type. I read Whiteman's favorites were "Three O'clock In The Morning" and "Whispering," which are my favorites, too, and he composed "Wonderful One," which is also one of my "pets." - o - Mr. and Mrs. Gerald chose the right time to be away from home. They have turned their house over to painters and paper hangers and all the mess involved. - o - Thanks to the Congregational young folk for the calendar they gave me. I notice Jan. 2 was the wedding anniversary of Mr. So who needs an operator? Welli If you've ever had a family emergency, needed the police or firemen, wanted to place a person-to-person call, had to locate a distant party, didn't know a distant number, wanted to place a call collect, had a bad connection, made an overseas call... the "voice with a smile" has been right there to help you. Her personal interest in helping you is one of the vital ingredients of really good telephone service. Northwestern Bell HOME Federal Savings... > serving the needs of the whole community! I JL he cash reserves people save here spark a chain reaction of progress. We invest them ... along with other millions of dollars yearly in prime quality first mortgage loans to folks who want to buy or build homes. As a result our savers' funds safely earn top returns, are always "at par" and ready whenever needed. Monthly loan repayments, our strong reserves and our ample cash holdings make sure of that. These saved dollars work hard, circulate everywhere locally. In checks to home-builders and realtors ... wages of construction workers and suppliers ... grocery store cash registers ... department store payrolls. Some even return to the saver! Through this unending cycle thousands of people own homes, earn full paychecks, buy the necessities and good things of life. You can help make wonderful things happen to yourself and to your community by joining our band of savers in 1968 ... or by becoming a home owner with our help, if that's what you have in mind. I Statement of Condition JANUARY 1, 1968 ASSETS Mortgage Loans and Other Liens on Heal Estate All Other Loans Meal Estate Owned and in Judgment _ Loans and Contracts Made to Facilitate Sale of Real Estate Cash on Hand and in Banks . Investments and Securities Fixed Assets Less Depreciation Deferred Charges and Other Assets $24.337,997.7(i 35,392.80 40,412.25 365,577.08 2,190,383,75 149,087.35 221,797.47 Total Assets $27,616,335.45 LIABILITIES Savings Accounts . . $24.484,514.61 492,716.14 537,251.38 1,650,591 35 Loans in Process Other Liabilities General Reserves Surplus 451,261.97 Total Liabilities $27,616,335.45 DIRECTORS: C. R. LaBarre, M. J. Mowers. M. G. Norton, G. W. Stillman, Karl R. Hoffman, D. E. Dewel, G. W. Shumway, Harry L. Greenberg. OFFICERS: C. R. LaBarre, President; M. J. Mowers. Ex. Vice Pres, and Sec'y.; Mark R. Stanton, Vice Pres. and Treas.; Richard A. Ringsdorf, Cashier. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Account} Fully Injured to $15,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The .1st SINCg 1917 — ALOONA, IOWA [INSURED ON PASSBOOK SAVINGS AND *MONTH INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES All Savings Accounts Insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C.

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