The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1930
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1930 (AUK.) COUR1BU NEWS CLASSIFY ADS nvo cents a word lor first insertion and one cent a word tor e»cii jurjiequtut Insef- tlon. No idvertlMDient taken to less thsa We. Count the words and send the Phone 306 FOR SALE ERNEST LYNN FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatcliing each week from now on. | Marilyn Hatchery. 26ck-tt Used Car Specials For This Week During this «eck we arc offer I Ing the following DSHD CAKS a SPECIAL PRICES, subject to on regular 30 D»y Guarantee: 19IM M«lel Ford Tuiloi 1 Sedan SS3 1028 Mod. J'ord Business Coupe S315 | sas Muile! FunU'ick-Up Truck $205 • 1920 Mod. Furd Sjiort lUadilcr $295 1323 Model Ford I'liuclon ... S2C5 • 1029 Rtc-dcl Turd Sid. Cou]ic $335 1028 Mod. Chrysler "Ii'." Sedan §315 I 1028 Mudcl Wliimiel CiKicli 5233 EC Model Chevrolet Cou[ii! §011 ' J}20 Model Ford Coupe $ 65 I 102C Model Star Coupe $ 83 j I 102fi Jlodcl DudBt 3-1 Trui-k S 93 See these cars today and make I your selccetion. Weekly Flan, | Monthly Plan or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as [art payment. Used Car Dept. I'HlLLU'ti iVlU'l'UU UO. Auluorlzcil Ford IJealers PHONE: su TOOAV FOR RENT I ROOM FOH KENT, private family. 312 North Fifth HI. Opkll j | TOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath in private residence. | Call -479-W. llcklS ! IFOR RENT--Furnished apartment 1 108 Kentucky, Phone 083. 13pk21 UKGJN IIKIU: TODAi 1)A.\ UOItJML-H, Hull}- Viirk tiruKLiuMCT mini, men* A\\i: WI.Vl'KII. tvlio hat em:ie from Tul.SB, Ukl;i., In *trpk eMni uorli. He tnkea n ttffit IntcrcBl In her- Dan U wltli Oonlltirnlnj Picture*, and uul % trj *i ultli nti:ii In 1 U Join p. Ainu.' RI-IK c.vtr.'i work nl I'tiEli'il KlniHnx. Shi- BOP* to Itvc (%Ilh two oilier cX I r{]N, MONA MoittusoN Una T:VA JI.UU.KV. The Inner Li n Itiifvr Individual, |ii)9^llj|jr ttcrnu\p of lift fiilluri' (u KV\ much trurkt nud from IUT linn lriirn!i u lol nl»iiiii UK' |iroT>- ln:i* of I lit vnst n nil >• of rxlnm. CA 1(11 V SM>.\\, fniiniLiM dlrer- lor, link miiU-ril Anm- Winter, ttvrj* her n M lil* 1( In a iilcturi DJLU. ii u | Hldnc Stoni:, nhhuiis hi' Eci\ ijol -ic-ltiully met liiiti, U n Mt niMirHicnfivr. TLu ca»tlnp til- rerlur nl (irnml Unltftl i-nll.t Aitiie ii)i intil U-LI* her (fit 1 rp mny Lc- ti rhnm.'i> (or tier tu n miihlcal coin- rdi pTrlurr. lie iinil Dlrrclur I'lllJll HHIU.r.V art her (n tlnnrc frr I tin 11. find Hurli-j iin>nif»< > * IUT ii hi-reen Anno lcH.i ilii.« in [lurliiirr, uTm I« nuirc lUxi-inKi-itU'iJ i h n ii f\-fr Ji I (Imiil- m-jiliil. UnrCmrr, u ho N 111 hi^ whit {'At'l, ri>I,L.!i:i(, N)]IE> write* n Onlly movie rulumii fur ti Mrlni- "C ncMYHiiniicm. icHs Collier Unit lir Lux lorn u|i hla coulrnct with ('iiiifliiiMifnl. N<*\V <;o ON WITH Tin: STOKV CHAPTER XIV pAW, COLLIER'S lingers felt tnvay from tho tyiicwrHor beys. He swung arounri, restart one nnn on the hack of his chair. ihe oilier clhnw on life lillln desk. Lrnred liin check with liis fist. "Yon ivtmI?" he raid. Rorinier gnnk heavily Uito. an easy chair He griiii:rd. "I 'lore ii[> my contract today. Yon know; my contract with Continental." ho aihlcd with sarcastic eninyius Hie uiild scit^atlon his au- uouuccinbiLl had created. Collier, uinuovfng, sttired tit him for some moments In silence. "Wliat's the mailer?" lie said presently- "Did tlie heat go to your bead? 11 "I tore U up right under Adam- WANTUD | WANTED — Family Washings. Washed ar.d ironed Vjy compe- Itent white woman. Mrs. Ijrown, 1701 S- Lake St. Mck-tl | WANTED—Practical mirsiiiz hy lady with fourteen months exper- lience with trained nurse. 113 W. e St. , 7pkH AT -ONCU—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Per 1113- I noni positions: clerical, meclvanl- [c-al, sAlesmar.'-.hiii; c>:|ieuecne un- ejEary. Salaries 525-S100 weekly. I transportation furnished. Box 1175. (CHICAGO. ILL. son's nose." Dan told him calmly. "What for? 1 : "fipraus? I'm sick of and I'm sick tit Omllneiital. They | don't want ideas: they want, yes j men and ofl^e politicians. "I Invited him to fire me. and tore u;i my copy of the contract to show lii in 1 wasn't fooling: but Adamson's so damn suspicious of everybody thai he probably thought 1 was trying tn put a fasl one over on til in. In fact. I'm sure cf it hy the r,ay lie acted." "What did he say?" Collier asked, and Horlmcr BtniBsctl. He raid. "01], he told me that as long given tho malter much Tin not, worried.- Mttrtiu Coutns la u frloiul of mine, llo loltl me that if I over thought I'd Ilko to uiako a connection at AiUAlBAinnl- oil, to kl htm Ktiov-', ftud bo'd BOS whai lio conld Uo (or mo," "Why. you old ruzor blude, you; you're [03 hlnmcd BtlK-uecked to usk Collins ov anybody else to ilo couethlng fur you," Paul accused hlui. and thcro \vus affect Inn In UU uino ami lu MS smiling Raze, Dan timilc no iiiibwcr. Uo smoked in Hilcn.v', his nihul dwullin^ ou more |il.-;tsrmt Ihoughls. Collier turned hack to his typewriter and wrote steadily for 10 or 10 minutes, after uiiich ho leaned hack ivlth heavy linality and ininounccil lltnt lio \vtiiitcd iinolher nffilKcnii. "It's youv t'.nu. ton/ 1 he sold, and Uau went out lu the kitchen. Collli-r lurnid on llio radio, •stood lie to: u the open window, softly limiuniiiK, La nils thrust In hl-4 )^ ahscuEly at iho ulghl sky. Jinn uMrncd presently wttli tho asses. ;ii;d Collier, liiklni; Ula, held It HJ, ;nul lookoil ihrou^ti It llio IIgUt. Ilo said. "1 tor- KOl'to lull you: 1 BLUV a friend of yours t'.Oay. .Momi MoiTtsnn. :::-.-i of il:e irmvnln^ over at I ArtlMf. and I >va:> idini',i'.:iK ' u Avoinio wliun I r:in I o:»!( ficr to lunch Slio had jusl llnhticil nti '>e sUuU«j:i iHoni; I'm*- ; I rorutl which our." ! "Muna's a great Ilitlo i Uid, icii't she 1 ; And slic'a ccrtnluly i An:j'> \Vlnler." "Tjj\N s'ii'l, "Anne Winter's getlliiB •^ a iciec-ti test." _ That's n break, nil rkM. Vou »,«„.$.»•«< ratlin ^," Coffie, »orlcJ. and Rorim, ^<> ^^^^ ^ IM ^ anil Oililcr said lie ccrlaluly lnv .-il Hlio ];:i:c!r[i Follltllllll >UR BOARDING HOUSE Bv AJieru 3/UiD-BAR ,' UOAP5 WILL SHIFT T&-TH 1 R£AR OF BOAT -To -TAKE TH ' QHF THIS AFfeR -rHis, Vau Bp- HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OHOll! By Martin <iulctly snirf lliol /ic Itncu) :onicl/iinj< about l/ral, loo. from the kitclscn lo ask Ran what ..,.„.„,.. ! liad Irecu llio Immediate ouw of ! lhc row will] Atlamsou. and llorl- incr Plrollcd out llicro wllli Ills liamls in liis iiockctK anil salt! there wouM never l]0 a chance of doing anrlhlny original as Iocs as Adamson ivus in iiulliority. "His idea ot heavy lirain work is to cliause a ,ood title like 'Grim Holiday' to 'Passion's Price.' "lie docs everything lelt-liannca. lie wauls a story, say. for Olija Jolmson, or Atwood. No suggestions; just writo Eomelliing. And wlicn you write It he says. 'Uon't as he held Conlinontal'd copy of I make me read bit LOST AND FOUND ILOST—Three mare intiles Iroin farm at Halt Moon. B. P. Gay. llpkU For Rent Two stoves on Second street, also cotton office up stairs with north .skylight. Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. L. ROSENTHAL tlie contract I might liad U a difficult Ip leavo to.maho other coiKiecliotis." fie lighted a cisarct and Gddcd that that was Adamson for you. •He's such a colossal bluff himself ""• that he thought I was bluffing. And .'__ a hluff scares him silly; J learned that." "And suppose he hadn't been blnfied," Collier said. "1 sunyose yon would D:WQ wailzcd right over to Paramount or M-O-M or some place and told them that their new scenario writer was ready to lake off his coat and BO lo work—huh?" t; tell It to mo.'" Dan swore explosively. "Aud you try lo tell II lo him—aud before yoii'vo fairly started he stops you and sr.ya it won't [In; it's uot tho typo of story for Johnsou at Aad you tay. 'But this Is not nson; H J a for AUvood.' and Apiainson leans hack In lhat big chair of his and looks out tho window aud says, 'Well, writo It over for Johnson, or for Esther Crane. We've sot a story for Atwood. 1 " Rorimer stopped, and he tool) the glass thai-Collier offered hin end drank from it. gerating one, He wa= not exag- bit, ho Insisted. Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson. Ark. I Schultz Construction Co. IV\X laughed. "Not exactly. But •^ I'd ralher free lance than work for Continental." "You mean you'd ralher starve," Collier Enorleil, and Rorimcr Einilcd and (jiiictly said lhat he knew something about that, too. I'aul ^ya5 siienl for a moment, and then he abruptly announced that he was going lo mix a nightcap. He departed for tho kitchen, and Horimer could hear him at -'Ic refrigerator. Collier'* role* ««11ed presently "That's straight. That's just the kind of stuff Adamson pulls. Today 1 blew up. The other day they handed me a Saturday Evening Post story lhat they'd bought tho rights (u. and wanted me to adapl It. Adamson was in a great big a couple of us^ collaborate on It nnil Bd tbo" l»nefii of each ollicr's. ideas, be parses 1'. around as it It w;is a contest or something! That's his idea of economy, They can't buy me a new typewriter to replace that old coffee mill I have- Lo work on, lull they can waste the tinio of three men making fairly Important money. In duplicated effort I'd like nothing belter than to have AtUmson tell me lo get out and slay out." * ,* * T"\AN, his eyes glinting wralh- •" fully, demanded ot Collier what he would do under tho sanit circumstances. "I suppose you'i smilo and like It, eh? You would like so much—" "Say," Collier interrupted, "If ever landed one of those fancy see nario-wriling Jobs, I'd take out an accident policy on It. That's jus [iow nice I'd treal It." Rorimcr he added, didn't know when he wa well off. "I could put up with an awful lot, Danny, my hoy, just a long as the old dough was there 01 pay day." "I have a life-size picture ot you, Dau retorted, his eyes taking I tho other's lanky, powerful fram hurry, ry. . . lie's always in a bur- Arid atler sweating over in significant appraisal. "You'd b planting your Fist in the middle o Adamson's uosc." Collier grinned. lie clasped h hands in back ot. his sleek blac head and, leaning back Indolent! in his chair, observed thai Adam son's noso was a big enough it and getting Ilia script in I learn today that he has passed tho same slory out lo Iwo other im:n on llio staff. "Can you imagine Ihe big stiff? Just imagine! Instead of letting "I don't want to seo you los Dan," ho said. "That era get. out, soulhern temper of yours will you In trouble yet. What will yon do—no foolin'—if Adanjson decides to take you up?" Ronmer replied that bo hadn't Td ii'io write a piece nbunl her in my lutnii: it's htcn it long llmu slrsoo ve inn inio a good olil-fushlori-il uman t:iiorcst s>tnry ahuiil an ei- •a girl comluB through. . How did jjcin related what Anne had told imt cvtnUiB. and when ho had Unshed Caul Collier said. "Harvey Bell and Hurley, ch? Hurley's n rent rconl. Sn'a Hell, for lhat matler; only, Ilarvey'3 a linlo lard-bollcd. Ilo has lo be, or ho ouldn't bo a casting director. i!o\v lid Auno happen to get under hli ikin? !> Isn't dono often." Ilo called her U|i." Uorlmer laid. "They Ii! cd her in lhat plc- .ure sltD was In. I understand that loan the Great had a few nlc» words tor her." "Oh! . , . Well, hero's luck to her—and lots of it." "£ama here," Itorimer said quietly, and I'au! sullied. "You liko Anno pretty well, don't you?" "Yep," Dau said shortly, and h» moved over to the radio and si« Icnccd It. • Paul, grinning broadly, snld, "You've 110 Idea how. eloquent th&t sounded. Well, I don't blame you; she's a swell girl. Remember," b» said, "how crazy yon wero about looking her up when you got lhat letter from Zigey Young? What would you do if Kiggy ever told tier about that telegram you sent him? You know; Ihe one hoping he'd get murdered in a speakeasy." ^ "You would brlug that up!" liorimcr said. "I'm going lo bed." "Walt a mitiulo. I almost forgot. You mentioned Garry Sloan a miuuto ago, aud I meant to tell (To lia Co^tiuucJ) Closing Stock P tees ''—^ A. T. rmcl T 205 7-8 NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed »ch Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. II. Moore, Dr. II. A- Taylor, Dr. H. B. Davis- V. R. WASUAM—Transfer Daily trips, to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and I packages anywhere. Special I rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 Aviation .' Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Fox General Electric . General Motors .. Grissby Grimow . I. T. and T Montgomery Ward Packnvd Radio Simmons United Gas U. S. S'.ecl WERT Ho Makes 'Em Seti Royal C. Mills I'uulic Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems riionc 52 Ingram Bid?. Blythcvlllc, Aiic FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Ncw York Cotton NEW YfbliK. Ccttnn cln^rcl ' Oprn Hlxll WHAT EA.Se Ct»U> I DO? . i v;.-.* i TlHl MO'jSt MI'S THIS CUC :? GOOF 1HKTV. closed 15 oil. tjulct at 1120. New Orleans Cotton HIS OXI.V CIIAXCK TOMMY: l\i. v-hy wai Adam created first. I-'ATIIUH: To s;ur V.iin to say Eonnlhini;.— \)I6LL...TH£R£ X SOT A TROUBLE RMO1N' 7MEIR NK\Y MKMIiKlt OF TIIK

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