The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on September 7, 1873 · Page 4
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 7, 1873
Page 4
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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7,1873. Fmsi Premium awarded the Oskaloosa flannels. Sold toy Dart. v Doctoe Hasdy cure3 all female com-"jlaiats of whatever nature, without fail. tJMovLDiSGSand picture frames in great VJyariety at Art Depot. 204 Oth street. 5tf Public Schools open to-morrow morning and any school book required, from the lowest to the highest, can be ob- Wiiied at the publisher's price at Kead-head & Wellslager's book store, Court A venue, next to Post Office. I . r Attention is called to an item in local ". notice column announcing the appoint-H ment of Mr. C. M. Macomber to the position of manager at this place of the bus-iueaepf the "Singer Sewing Machine Co." ItEMEirnER Siholtz, the premium cutter, .(,Jwhen ordering your fall suits. . j' CasTBAii CarscH. Regular service this morning, with preaching by the pastor. Pnnday School at usual hours. Union service in the evening. This church has " been dosed for some time on account of the absence of Mr. Hills. Hereafter it will be open regularly. Wasted to Ptrchask. A good second-hand printing press and materials. Ad-, drees F. H. Whitney, Atlantic, Iowa. i , t sep6-10t ;"' Sociables Kexkwed. The Fifth Street 'M. E. Church basement has been refitted "and refurnished and now the ladies are ready to recommence their winter series of sociables. The first is to be held this wee"S Tuesday evening. ' Twentt pieces of water-proof, in new ealors, at Knight Bros. i -1iL Hasbv arrived at the Savery House yesterday morning, as per announcement, and nil day long his rooms were " erovrkd with patients who had been anxiQcsly awaiting his coming. He remains at the S-ivery until Oetobsr 4th, thus affording those who are afflicted in "any way amjr'd tpportumty to visit and oasuit him. His examinations and con-re free. "j jtjjti Ti9t your pictures framed quick, cheap and tastily call at Art Depot. fitf. RrefTLEMAN BEGS. fx oar report of the f-ir we neglected to mention the splendid display of Flannels "Iconih Xjkoiooja Woolen Mills. There ji;'jTi ti' 1 ot cn article on exhibition a VU 1 t Sd red card Crst premium was more appropriately attached than to these coods. I?rt was on hand, looking - ae proud as if he had manufactured them t' niaisttlf. Well, he might be. for there was npt a person that looked at the goods but -aid liwy were the best they had seen in tha city. , kjt ' tcnoLTZ, Savery tlouse block, has the foiiiat line of suitings in the Slate. A xet Vo. 7 safe "for sale. A. F. Dick i. Da.ui buIJ yesterday the materials for thirteen Kediugotcs, ca!y two of which were to ladies ia Dn Mjines. The stylish ladies of the adjoining towns usually are first to select tho novelties of the season Ksbky dav new goods at Knight Epjs. Errrnsiox to Sioux CorxTT. Next Tne Jar morning at four o'clock an ex-curBion party leaves Pella by the Valley .Road for Sioux County to visit the Holland Colony there. It will number about two hundred and fifty persons and will return Friday evening. The Pella Brass TanJt will accompany the party. The TteSfr Colony in ioux county L a most re-spactabio and thrifty swarm from the PtfUi kiv- By their labor they have TnwJe-Hhe Vi:d lands of their northern hofae '"to blossom as tho rose." We truaWtha- excursion snail be a pleasure faaufit( taring to its terminus. - Os of the worst diseases with which AoiiavX-Js. afflicted is piles or liemor-rhoid. , . Pr. Handy guarantees a cure every time. Death of Mi Ketes Concerning the death of Mr. Keyes, of Atlantic, the partner of Mr. Pritchard, who died in Nebraska last week, the Atlantic M-nsenger says : ' His remains, in charge of Mr. Henry Pritchard, who was with him at the time of his death, accompanied by a number of citizens who went to Omaha to meet the train, arrived at the depot on Tuesday evening. A general outpouring of utizens to fallow the hearse from the train to his home, showed how profound a Sensation his death had created. A vast osnoourae of citizens, old neighbors who had ehared with him the hardships and hopes of pioneer life, men who had grown gray beside him, the business associates f Tf?p wer rears, met at his residence on "elhyIay to pay the last tribute of re-si'U. bjjiljdiow how deep a cord of sympathy for his bereaved family hi sulien death had awakened. "Imitation India Shawls opened at Dart's a $76, $90 end $100 each. Iowa Peace Society. FA. Register: At 'Jew Sharon the Iowa Peace Society ia is MesHton, represented by members from various parts of the State. Grand letters fill! of electrical fire from Governor C. C. Carpenter, L.' Maria Child, the distin-gaished authoress; Hon. S. Merrill, A. Harnn; President of the Simpsonian College; A. love, President of the TJni-VMwal Peace Union; II. C Dunham, Secretary of the American Peace Society; Aj Welch, President of the Agricultural Coilegei Jiaiaiiigton, tho blind preacher of; Wisconsin, and other a. The convention" 13" jubilant over tho recent znove-meotja the House of Commons in England. A full report will be sent to Tni RmtsTEB in 45 hours. Importers are here from Chicago. In haute. ; J. A. Dcgdak. Notice. Tho copartnership heretofore exjBttng between J. S. and A. F. Dicks, is th day dieolved by mutual consent. ; . J. S. Dicks, - " . ' A. F. Dints. ()e Moines, Sept. 6th, 1S73 3123. Iewis's Benefit. The people of Dels "STbhies manifested their appreciation oftUie Salden Irwin troupe by a cordial wefcoine atiloore'a Hall last evening, on the occasion of a farewell benefit to Mrs. Irwin, rfhe production chosen for the time rasthc nrititary drama Tin French Put upon the sige with a strong caste, andthe actors in their most successful motfs. wrtra. Irwin rendered the role of tol, lie Cortry, Selden Irwin as Sergeant De rUTfs athi- Annie Hathaway in the s MMda de Meric, Ac, the rendering of alt being in the most admirable style.- "Toodles" was given as the aaerpiece with Tom Hampton as Tcxxiiei" and Anna Hathaway Jas "Mrs. Toodles,'-the piece being greeted with s-.omus" of applause from pit to gallery. Th$4 LnoU.or theatrical weekof a favorite troupe Y1- J '"vcr3 of the dramatic art in lJ,Vv ia lrougUtto a successful close. The Irwins, in the past have won from the DesM'jues public a deserving reputation forhtf uairahle hutrionic ability, and a siiivtre .respect as worthy and good peopjjp. Ijlhuir present visit they have ad (Ld Xfew' laurels to their reputation, and we cidiidy if for them among another people the 'srfmo-' cordial regard and admiration which they have eo succesa-fullyjrjjo with the good people of the Capitam?.;,, ' i 'Keter Mle. : " Keeter bite, papa r J ai -e i"""' The red spok iwelled on the round arm fair, -u wi. ,ia.i heen Elven there. And the child ma proud of her punctured ltln. And the right to fret lie her grown np-kiii. -Koeter biter' Verilv I've had mine, rutting id swelling and smarling flue; Scratch 'em and show 'em, theo ttiey'U hin. urhnsinlil hAHinsnlftrf ftll aluna. With no red Irritant boast of his own . ; . Shu vm A K,v" Ttnt whnhMmet The grown-up child who was satisfied yet. Till his grievances save him the right to rrei . Ah ! we all come short of our perfect bits'. , Till we re able to show tfce mosquito s ais- TWtor Handy cures consumption, and .11 Mn,nUini r the lun29. br the only sensible and reasonabie methods, the in halation of medical vapors. "Aist" you tired of those stripe shawls? pi rnor eves bv eoing to Dart's and seeing those Paris noveltiea in Shawls without stripes. Thb cheapest and. largest stock of looking glasses within Ihe reach of all at Art Depot, 204 6th street 5t'- PEBSOXAL. W. T. Hetwood, Esq., returned from the East yesterday with his family. Me. Olivbr Pbrkiss arrived home yesterday morning from his European tour, looking as fresh as daisy and as if six months in foreign lands had agreed with him. E. K. Masos and D. W. Fklsoaw were admitted to the Bar by the Polk County Circuit Court yesterday. S. a Ga-DDEs, as we regret to learn, is in such poor health that he i obliged to re tire from business. He is making preparations to take a trip to Dakota, camping out, and to be gone six months. Gbobob F. Waijexb, Traveling Agent for the Kockford, Eock Island & St Ixrais Railroad, ia in the city on business connected with his road. , M. Kkiglkmax, the well-known merchant of Walnut street, returned borne yesterday from a journey goods-buying. While absent he added to the Reigleman family its best part, a wife. May hearty success attend both him and his. Governor Carpkntkb returned from Monticello last evening. Among the arrivals at the Savery yes terday were Jas. W. W. Kountree, ew York ; Chas. A. Sewcomb, A. J. Howell, J. A. Collins, J. K. Crocker, C. J. Walcott, Morris Salinger, JJoyd Eberhart, 8. R. Williams, Chicago; S. Byron Strader, In dianapolis ; W. S. Cadle, Muscatine ; r II. C. Odell, J. Werner, Philadelphia. , Wasted. A good girl to do housework in a small family. Apply at office Gatch, Wright A Runnels, Fourth Street, or at residence on Pleasant Street 6-2t Thos. S. Weight. Doctor Hasdv never fails to cure all cases of deafness and diseases of the ear. Doctor Hasdy can cure Catarrh, that terrible forerunner of consumption, every time. All cures guaranteed. About Openisg Streets. Iuasmuei as petitions are in circulation for the purpose of securing the opening of certain streets of the city, it is proper that citizens should know the law relative thereto. In order that a full understanding may be had, it will be necessary to go back a little, and trace the Btatutes and the construction of the statutes by the Supreme Court of this State down to the adoption of the new Code, when all former laws were re pealed. The Revision of 1850, Sec 1064, says that incorporated cities shall "have power to lay off, open, widen, straighten, or to narrow or vacate, or to extend and eetab lish, to improve, keep in order and repaii and to light, streets, alleys, etc"" Sec.lOGj provides the manner of paying for prop erty so taken for streets by the corporation. Sects. 1063, 1069, 1070, provide that cities may by ordinance prescribe the mode m which the charge on the respective owners of lots or lands, and on the lots or lands shall be assessed and determined for the purposes authorised by the act, and such assessment shall be a lien upon the respective lots. The Thirteenth General . Assembly (Chap. 65 of Acts), amended chapter 01 of the Revision and the sections above mentioned, so as to empower cities to provide by ordinance for grading, construct ing, and repairing streets and alleys, and levy a special tax upon the lots fronting upon or lying along the streets or alleys so improved. At the June Term, 1870, the Supreme Court, held, in Warren vs. Henly, (31 Iowa, 31) that it is compe tent for the Legislature, under our State Constitution to authorize mil nicipalities to require the streets to he paved and the cost assessed npon abutting lots. At the June term 1971 (32 Iowa, 27 ;) it was held that an assessment and levy might be made by and under the author ity of a resolution of the City Council as well as by an ordinance. The 14th General Assembly, (Acts chap. 45) repealed chapter 65, acta of the 13th General Assembly, and of course took with it the decisions of the Supreme Court made thereunder. The new Code of 1873 repeals all former laws, and provides, Section 461, that cities shall have power to lay off, widen, straighten, narrow, vacate, ex tend, establish, and light streets and al leys, etc- and provide for the condenona tion of the same. It will be observed that the word "open," in section 1064 quoted in italics from the Revision of 18130, is omitted in the Code, and evidently so for a purpose. as sectien 470 of the Code provides that cities shall have power to purchase or condemn, and pay for out of the general fund, and enter npon and take any lands tritbin or without the territorial limits of such city or town, for the use ot pnblic squares, streets, parks, common?, cemeteries, etc. Section 476 provides for the manner of condemnation of the property taken un der section 470. Section 465 provides that the grading of streets and alleys and sewers, shall be paid for oat of the general fund, bat no such work shall be done except by vote of two-thirds of the Council. Section 466 provides that side walk?, paving, gutters. and repairs of the same shall be paid for by the owners of abutting property, bat no such work shall be done except a majority of the owners of such property petition therefore. So that as the law now standi cities have power to take private property for public streets and to grade the same, and pay therefore out of the general fund, but all surface improvements, such as sidewalks, gutters, and paving, are to be paid for by the property owners, abutting such street or alley so improved. Those who heard the entire discussion on this law when it was before the General Assembly, can arrive at no other conclusion than thai such was the intention of the legislature. They were positive in their dissent from the doctrine held by the Supreme Court, and we think their language can not be mistaken, as to what shall be paid for by the city and what by individuals. The principle entertained was that a public improvement, as a street, etc., being a public benefit, should be paid for by the general fund, but the improvement of a street being a private benefit, and to enhance the value directly of private property should be paid for by parties benefited. DALLY IOWA STATE UMVKESAlJiT SOCIETY. Third ucl t'aurUi Iaya Preellar :",tt, feiday "aftirxooii sbssioh. Called to order at 2J p.m. by President Committee on fellowship, ordination and discipline, reported. " Revi I. Smith was suspended from fel-Jshir Ofcvention, on motion. Committee . on nominations reported ; and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year : . ! President Edwin A. Van Cise, Mt Pleasant. Vice President Rev. Augusta J. Chapin, Iowa City. Secretary Rev. Legrand Powers, Mitcbellville. . . .... , Treasurer lion. Thos. juitcneii, jaueau- ellville. Trustees Kev. Win. J. nicxs, straw berry Point, re-elected for three years ; Hon. James D. Thompson, Eldora, in place of L. E. Coneer, deceased, Committee on Fellowship, Ordination and Discipline Rev. B. F. Snook, Marion; Kev. J. II. larnswortn, iea Moines ; Hon. M. L. Edwards. , Eldora was selected as the place of the next meeting. " . " . The State Missionary, Rev. Mr. Snook, reported that his work commenced May 1st and he has met with favorable results. Subject discussed by Rev. Messrs. Farns-worth, Brunning, Powers, West, Eaton, Hanson, Sage, and Wood, and Judge Lindley, Judge Thompson, Rev, Miss Le-Clerc. " Rev. Mr. Wood's Occasional sermon was requested for publication. Adjourned till 8a.. Saturday. SATURDAY MOBXINO SESSION. The members of the Convention this morning visited and inspected the elegant building of the new Mitchell Seminary, and the members were all well pleased with the building and its management Convention opened with prayer by Rev. CP. West . Committee on Credentials reported the Grinnell parish represented. TTnon the report of the Committee of Fellowship, Ordination, and ,, Discipline, Rev. J. M. Pardee, of Dubuque, was admitted to the fellowship of the Convention. ! Rev. J. R. Sage, Agent and Financial Secretary of tho Mitchell Seminary, made a verbal report of the affairs of that institution. Rev. T. C. Eaton was appointed agent to solicit aid throughout the Etate. Mr, Sage had himself been authorized to go East to raise means ; which he did, and, notwithstanding many and great discouragements, he had finally succeeded in procuring not far from $7,000. The build ing and furnishing will cost about $25,000; contracts were nearly all completed, and the furnace will be nut in next week. It is intended to open the school in th house on the 15th inst Further remarks were made by Kev. Messrs. B running and Sage, the latter stating that the Seminary ought to have $5,000 from the State within the coming year. Mr. Van Ciee offered the following resolution, supporting it in an eloquent speech : ' ' ' RestJcal, That this Conference hereby expresses its hearty confidence in the Executive Committee in their management of the building of Mitchell Seminary, and recognizes the splendid generosity of its founder, Hon. Thomas Mitchell, and the prudent, skillful, and economical financiering of Rev. J. R. Sage, the Financial Secretary; and we commend Mitchell Seminary to our people throughout the State as an institution every way worthy their support, pledging it our heartv endorsement as a Convention, and bespeaking for it among our people the substantial aid necessary to its completion. Messrs. Thompson and Edwards, and Rev. Messrs. Hanson and Ballinger advocated the resolution in timely and grateful remarks. The convention then proceeded to elect trustees, with the following result : Edwin H. Conger, of Dexter, for two years, in placa of Leverett E. Conger, de ceased. For full term, Rev. Augusta J. Chapin, of Iowa City, and Hon. M. L. Ed wards, of Mt. Pleasant were re-elected and Mr. J. S. Upton, of Cedar Rapids, was chosen to succeed Mr. Pomeroy. Rev. Dr. Forrester, of Chicago, then delivered a very able and eloquent address npon the subject of education, for which the thanks of the Convention were voted him. The Convention then adjourned till af ternoon. Middlesex .tacis;b, ; all woof, at Knight Bros."" - - Heabt Sick.--Some months sihee, young man of East Des Moines went westward, and before he left he exchanged vows with a damsel. "Oat of sight, oat of mind," was his fortune, and the first in telligence he received from his Eliza Jane was that she had "played off " on him and married "that other fellow." Thereupon be sends us for publication the following rhyme of woe, addressed TO DID ASD MAM: . . Do you remember, dear Dsd and Mam, That tittle girl of mine. " That 1 used to lake to all the bal's . And parties of that kind? The on I used to love so well. And tried so hard to p!eae; She's wentand gone square baek on me With the coolest kind of ease. That nlcht berbr I went away. My fortune for to make. She promised me by all that's good. Her vow she'd never break:. fthe then rave me a little ear!, lied with s ribbon blue. And promised roe right then and there bhe always would be true. And In return f rive to her A little ruby ling. And told her, wbei she was my wife I'd buy her everything. I kissed her then, and said good-bye. While the tears rolled down my etieck. And took the train for foreign parts. Our fortune for to seek. Just four short months hsd I been gone From that dear girl I left behind, When a registered letter I received Completeiy changed my mind. A fortune it roust be, I said. For what elseoould It bring? So hurriedly 1 broke the seal. When, lol out roiled that ruby r luj. Oh, hov I wept, and how I mourned, I'll swear I nearly died; 1 thought I'd make short work of it By committing suicide. .Before I do so, Tad and Mam. I want you both usee now that little flirt In Iowa Has kept her word with met. No explanation for the cause Is what 1 can consider. It must have been the oily tonrnn Of her mam, the old grass wiuder. So then to yon. dear Dad and Mam, I'll make this wicked banter. That when I'm dead snd get a change. Darn metr X don't haunt bar. S. H. M. RttfrECTFCixT Decijnxd. We acklowl- edge the receipt, from the Graphic Publishing Company, of a piece of the big balloon and with it an invitation to take a trip with Professor Wise across the At lantic. The reflection that we are needed more in this world than any other com pel Is us to decline the invitation. That piece of cotton is almost as thin as a Re print editorial, and the man in the moon might take a notion to throw a dornick through it ; or Jupiter might detain it for nonpayment of tolls; or old Saturn might ring it ; or it might get lost in the milky way ; or get snagged on the high back comb of a long Indiana girl. Now, there's the local of the Lender he can be spared and never missed. The Fair Committee decided that he was too homely to have any hope in free grace. The i Jieprhd I local, i the ; committee tlecided, 1 was -a trifle homlier. Sycamoro street grade was modled in his shape and doctors employ him to travel in healthy seasons. His personal appearance always creates an epidemic Either of these chaps would make good Subjects. It the Professor take them. STATE REGISTER. SUNDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER ITEMS IS BRIEF. The Irwin troupe leave this evening for Richmond, Indiana. , Tu Fanny Kellogg Concert Troupe are billed for Moore's Hall Septembr 27. ' Tub Bloomfield Township Republicans have their township caucus September 27, Tns Board of County Supervisors have a session to-morrow. Thb east side of the grounds of the New Capitol is graded to the basement walL Tns Fire Department expect to liave their annual parade October first 1 Oca Des Moines Methodist preachers propose going to Wintered, Tuesday, to attend Conference. Bisnop Andrews will preach at Wesley Chapel this morning at the usual hour for morning service, half-past ten. . Thb Mission Sunday School had a very pleasant picnic on the Fair Grounds yesterday. " ' " ' Tux West Side School commences to morrow morning with a full corps of teachers. : . H. R. Hbatb has invented a most inge nious machine for turning fluted columns. He talks of patenting. - Tas pay roll of workmen ou the New Capital for the fifteen days ending Aug. 30th amounted to $3,404.07. Thb Dexter Herald says that four hun dred bushels is an average day's purchase at Des Moines. Thb engine on which Engineer Rafferty was killed has been repaired and is again on duty. For a nusDExn letters were received at the United States Pension Agency in litis city yesterday. . " Take a peep at Willis' windows and see more California fruit than you- ever pat eyes on before. ' . " ? Astbat chunk of a shower came tumbling down last evening about nine o'clock. - J : From August 1st to 30th Allen's Bank paid out $150,000 on wheat checks $15,000 a day. Where's the Iowa bank that can match it? "Peacock coal" is the last development of Chet Savery's coal mine. It is splen did to burn, and is the color of a peacock's narrative when he is going courting. Tub fall term of the Iowa Normal Academy ! commences Monday next All designing to attend will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. Yesterday was a general clearing out day for the fast horse men. Trotting snl keys and skeleton wagons lined every road leading from the city. ' J Frank Stboso, who tried to kill Charley but wasn't Able, is to have a preliminary examination before -Justice Conner to morrow morning. Thb Pastor and all hands being absent in attendance on the TJniversalist State Convention, there will be no services in that church to-day. - Tug Vine street wall of John II. Giv-ens' new machine shop is one hundred and thirty-three feet eleven inches long. V, Ovau five hundred dollars have been subscribed for the payment of the contin gent expenses of the Reunion of Soldiers of Mexico. Tbbascreb or State Christy is too ill to attend to business. The Deputy, Judge Ingalls, U also a good deal nnder the weather. A Chicago bummer yesterday denied the statement that two men had died of cholera at the Burtis House. He said they starved to death. Eight carloads of stone for the New Capitol have been shipped from Iowa City, The quarries are seven miles from a rail road. . . . A roc x rr noot containing a small earn of money was left on the train going east Friday night The owner can get it by applying to W. L. Peck, at the Rock Island depot. Thb W interact Hen says that a Des Moines quartette troupe, composed of four of our leading citizens, and assisted by two talented lady singers, proposes to give a concert in that city soon. We regret to learn that Miss Carl B. Little, one of the most accompliishod teachers in oar public schools, Is quite ill at the residence of her brother in Grin nell. ' Hox. Jonx A. Elliott intends to attend the great cattle sale at Champlain, New York, this week, and to add to his pres ent fine herd by purchases from the stork there offered. ' ... Ax error occurred in onr Fair report with reference to the premiums on fruit paintings. The first premium wasawarded to Mrs. II. M. Blanchard both for miscel laneous paintings and fruit paintings. The August payment of pensions at the Des Moines Agency amounted to only $4,322.40. September will be a big monthf the amount paid out approximating close ly to fSO,000. A stoke gutter is being laid in front of Rollins' Block tne best we have seen in the city. It is so good that it may well serve as a model for the balance of Wal nut the navigable street of Des Moines. Messrs. Posd, Corliss, Hatton, Coyken-dall, Moody, and Sharman, and Mrs. Rob inson, Godfrey, and other vocalists, propose to do the musical agreeable at the Mexican Reunion. Majob Jonx MctlirsBEX is running as train boy on the Wmterset Branch Road. The Major is over twenty years of age, a voter in Madison county of the straight Republican stripe, is twenty-eight inches nigh, and weighs about forty pounds. DraiNQ the Fair Marshal Miller found a Docket book containing a small amount of money, in the amphitheater. He turned it over to Col. Spoflbrd who wants to find the owner. Capt. M. T. RimsELi, yesterday aston ished Hank Angevine by pinning to his coat a conductor's badge, made of silver and handsomely lettered, and which he had had made for a friendly present W en, there a no one better deserves good wishes or their expression. Mehsbs. Kennedey St Messenger had the misfortune to have a fine carriage badly used np by the playful gambols of a team to which it was attached Friday evening. The driver had carelessly left the horses untied at the Cottage Grove sociable. Oue Presbytery correspondent "E. 11 V." sends a line as follows: "Please make the following correction in the report of the proceedings of Des Moines Presbytery : That the Presbytery did nof sustain the appeal in the case of Smith vs. the Session of Church of Pella." T. L. Pollard, of Wlota, who died few days since from the effects of injuries received by a fall, has left considerable property, but no known heirs. If none are discovered the estate will devise to the commonwealth. Mr. Pollard formerly lived in Fella. ' The Board of Directors of the Agricul tural Fair completed the auditing of bills yesterday and find that they have funds sufficient to pay all claims. The total receipts were not far from three thousand dollars. Any claims against the Society will be paid on application to the Secre tary. ....... - - A few days since Booth, of the East Lo cust street drag store, while oat alter prairie chickens, killed a puff adder seven feet long. The day before, as the farmer in whose field he was hunting avers, one of these reptiles was killed in tha same place that measured seven and one-half feet Just as like as not, though, the fanner didn't want folks shooting about there, -3 - x . i ' Neably everybody in Des Moines has been investing recently in - barometers. Yesterday the Local of the Reprint stood a long time in front of one of these instru-1 meats that has been hung up ia the Aborn House office. Finally he turned to the clerk and pensively enquired if that "durned clock struck 7" Oscar told him that it was a dumb clock and he departed. Sweet potatoes delight the Dea' Moines' palate at two dollars, a bushel. . v. Tub horse race advertised for last even ing was postponed till Monday afternoon at four o'clock, on account of the Mission Sunday School picnic. -i-i. j Mi lis & Co. yesterday received twenty- five Bay State Organs. We regret to learn that the statement that Mr. Hepburn had collected a large amount of money to aid in defraying the expense of M. G. McMahan's railroad trip to Missouri is incorrect. Many persons doubtless will be glad to contribute to his departure. All such can leave contributions Monday morning with either of the following ; gentlemen: . IC P. Clarkson, Geo. Osgood, L. H. Bush, or James Simington. ( I want to rent a comfortable house of from 5 to 8 rooms and get possession the 1st of Oct H-C.Pl.OMB. Lost A red morocco purse in or about the Rock Island depot, containg about ( 2 in change and papers valuabla only to the owners. Leave with M. M. Murphy. New shades in satins, velvets, plumes, and trimmings, at Knight Bros. Wasted. Two good farm laborers to work on a farm seventy-five miles from Des Moines, Norwegians or Germans pre ferred. For further particulars call at Tns Rkoisteb office. The railroad traveler will find a remedy that is Dleaeant and nerfectly harmless. and sure preventive ot the evil effects from constipation or change of water and diet, by using Simmons' Liver Regulator. Come and look at those beautiful ch rc- rn as, steel engravings and lithographs brought here by Riegleman Bros, Art De pot " " " Recsion or Soldi ins or Mexico. The Resident Committee held a meeting last evening and found that all the arrange ments for the Reunion were progressing favorably. They want quarters f r one hundred more men. The total number already provided for is about two hundred and fifty. Persons willing to share the hospitalities of their homes with the old veterans are requested to notify General Given or Captain Griffith early this week. From letters already received there can be no doubt that the gathering will be largely attended. Residents of Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, New York, Indiana and Minnesota, have notified the Committee of their intention to be present Over five hundred dollars have been sub scribed for contingent expenses, and of this amount more than four hundred is already paid and deposited in the bank. Mahasa makes special inducements to purchasers of crockery. It is a fact, certain and sure, that Dr. Handy removes cataract from tne eye, and restores the blind to sight New Mrsrc Mills & Co., the enterpris ing music dealers of Fourth street,never al low any house to lead them in late publica tion?. Semi-weekly installments of new music are received, direct from the pub lishers, so that their ' Des Moines custom era can procure the latest thing in musical line as soon as a resident of Boston or Jlew York. Among their more recent receipts are " Be still, oh heart;" a solo with chorus, as sung by Miss Antoinette Ster ling, of ny month Church. The music is by Zundel, organist at the same church It is the leading devotional song of the day. Beside this, they lay on our table "Make Believe I'm Dreaming." "Take me Home Again." and " Yonder stands the Little Cottage." These are enchanting ballads and great favorites in musical cir cles East; and "Those Beautiful Eyes,' an extremely popular song and chorus, sung by Rudolph. These are selections from the largest stock of sheet music ever brought to this city. Go to J. O. Mahana for bargains in Dress Goods. - Miss Maccibe thinks that 52 fairs in a year would judging by the past week- make the millinery business splendid for that year at least " Wild Oats" Yesterday's train from the West had a brace of passengers of whom the Sionx City Journal says : " A young man passed through the city, yes terday, whose life is not antinged with romance. He is the son of a prominent lawyer of wealth, and his family is among the most aristocratic in its section. This young man was sent to college and grad nated with honors, but soon after com pleting his collegiate course proceeded to sow his wild oats in a very energetic man ner. As a last resort pater familial de cided to send his hopeful West and throw him upon his own resources for a time, hoping that the privations of fron tier life would cure htm. Be ing acquainted with Gavefnor Burbank, of Dakota, the father wrote to him and obtained for the son a situation at Fonca Agency, and thither the boy went and there he has remained until this time. A short time since he had a letter fromhis father telling him to come home, as he was probably by this time ready to settle down to business and be come a sedate citizen. The young man is responding to the invitation, bat he is taking back with him a half breed wife, and this it is'presumed will throw a bombshell of consternation into the family circle. lie has not informed his people of his marriage, intending this for a ear prise, and, as he has three sinters, young ladies, who are acknowledged belles of the city of their residence, it is probable that he will succeed." The "Jersey- matched" couple dined at the Given House, and not even pastry could make the squaw part of the twain anything better than a Digger. 5 That stock of boots and shoes at Ma hana's, Walnut street, is the stock to bny from. There's a bargain in every pair. ASKOCXCEMEXTS. TvpoaBArniCAL Unioh. The regular session of this body will be held to-day at 2 o'clock. A full attendance is neces sary. . O. H. P. Gaova, Sec'y. Sukday Temperance Meeting. A tem perance meeting will be held this Sunday afternoon in tha Court House yard at 4 o'clock p. m. Judge McHenry, General Given, Rev. Mr. Swope, and others, will address the meeting. Nearly all of our ministers have been invited and are ex pected to be present The East Side Glee Club will sing a few of their popular tem perance songs. A cordial invitation is ex tended to all. By order of the Com mittee. The Reotjlab Union Meeting will be at the Central Church this evening. Sub ject, "A Successful Winter Campaign." Dr. Murphy will conduct the exercises. Ministerial Association meets Monusv at 9 a. x., at the study of Rev. Mr. Hill. A- Irvine, Sec'y. Chcbch of Cqkot, Cherbt St. Preach ing by Pastor, 3. C. Hay, at 10:30 A.M. Subject, "Family Religion." A," 7:30 r. m. the regular- monthly JJUaionary Meeting will beheld. - ; - . -4 - , Masosic. Corinthian Chapter, Eo. 14, R. A. meet in special convocation Monday evening the 8th in&t Work - on Mark Master degree. All Companions are cordially invited to be present. By order M.E.H.P. P. H. Skinner, Sec'y. THE HEW LIFE-BOAT. jr-' or Besektah "Angaatas " - . SeiwtTs?) f . -.j j f . ... BY "TACK". I present with no little nride tha clarair face at the head of this littln ekoth There is something in the intellectual and finely cut face which at once enchains the admiring gaser and makes him wish to know more than is suggested by the mere study of the - features. It ia a face, too, a casual observer might interpret as be longing to a man "uoston-Dorn," and who had for years made "Boston-bakeri rwna" on Sunday a preliminary religious exer-eise. . As much as the bioeranher dislikes to disappoint such expectations, his love of veracity compels him to say that while the progenitors of Mr. Ileze-kiah Augustus Scroggs, whese face we are now contemplating:, mav have done so at some period in their lives, the subject of tuts iieuji cannot, to Ills regret, tru thl u lly uiy cuum to tne unining virtue of liavmg partook of that eheerful fruit in a baked state within the corporate limits of the "Athens of America." By the kindness of Mr. Scroggs we are enabled to give the following phrenological chart, which was procured at an expense of ten dollars, and to a person of my limited experience it beems wortn aouDie tne money. "Phrenological , chart cf Heztkiah Augustus Scroggs as given by Thomas Emanuel Bumppheeler. Price $10. - Yoo, Mr. Serogew, have the finest head I ever saw. In all my experience in mv exalted profession 1 have never exam ined a bead for phrenological purposes, so perfect in all its ramincaLions. All the virtues and none of the vices which have been known since the Hood, are poese&ied by the owner of this head in one grand conalonieration. Hannv would it nave been for this Kin-cursed world if tbe owner of this head had been the first man created. In which case all the in habitants of the world would now be roaming the garden of Eden, scantilv at tired, perhaps, but happy in horticultural and pastoral pursuits many of us no doubt in possession of diamond bosom piaa. We would not then have had to earn our bread bv the sweat of our hired man brow, as is tbe style oi some of the Grangers owning farms - within ' 4 the corporate lim its of your beautiful city ; or bear "the heat and burden of the dAV " by sitting: on the fciiady piazAd; or add experimentally to our store of Uoricultural knowledge by seeing said hired man perspire over the training of a "Prairie Queen" over a trellis, while wo smoked our pipe ol peace" in the Bhade, or read from lite thrilling novel entitled "The Skeleton iu the Corn-Crib." Your head was originally intended fr that of an angel, and how it hapiwned that you came here to abide, amout; sinful men on earth, is to me a profound mystery. But I shall not und-uke to explain the workings of an inscrutable Providence phrenology is my profession. Your body is not cuntmeiwurate with your gigantic intellect. This is the only thing approaching weakness I can observe in your much-to-be-adrrrired and highly-to-be-respected physical proportions. And this is scarcely to be wondered at as the body equal to the task of honoring all drafts mane upon tts vitality, by an intellect at which the world stands scape should be about the size of the "Colossus of Rhodes" a little less brass in its com- position, perhaps but not far from that size. He is thoroughly in spired with the most elevated ideas of patriotism. Should his country demand it he would be willing to sacrifice iiu brother-in-law, and in fact any of his wife's relations, rather than see victory perch npon the banner of the enemy. His love of truth and veracity is little short of id vlatry, and has never been equaled by 'George Washington in his most truthful days. Would make a good editor and a world would stand with bated breath to witness the sublime moral spectacle of an editor of a religious paper, if you please, who would not lie during the heat of a political --campaign 1 Conscientiousness very large. Would not make a successful lawyer. Is tha most benevolent person in the world, and vet with all his giving, has enough caution to keep him between Scylla and Cbarybdis. Is extremely modest, and prefers to have others descant upon his virtues never speaks of othere but the beautifully illuminated path he has trod ; the scintillations arising from the many good deeds ; the perfume from the flowers he still strews with his own hands by the way side as he passes down the thorny paths of life to the nowery meads or faradise, speak far greaterpraisesilent though they be, for this gifted person, than the most nowerv biographv ever written. N. B. An extra charge of fifty cents is made for all charts where an extra flowery sentence or a mythological allusion, as above, occurs. Thos. Emanuei, Bcmppheelee, 1 - Phrenologist Mr. Hezekiah Augustus Scroggs, whose life like portrait is presented above, and of whom the phrenologist speaks so mod estly is a descendant of the Puritans. 1 lis forefathers he never had but one regular original father of his own were named Scroggs, and if you trace it back far enough you will find that one of the Scroggs' came over in the Mayflower. The daily papers of that date did not publish a full list of the passengers and the biographer is at a loss to know just who came over in her but as there was nearly every name represented, why not that of Scroggs? The Mayflower was a very large ship and the passengers came to stay, bringing their furniture and things with them. It is a sad thought to tbe biographer that out of that large stock of turniture only seventeen "original tables which came over in the Mav flower" are now in existence. These statements may not be statistically correct but as I am not a "Historian of the Puritans," being only an humble instrument to assist Mr. Scroggs to the niche in fame designed for him, and to which he is f o justly entitled, 1 trust that any little discrepancies will be overlooked. The biographer will not go back to the day Hezekiah Augustus' great, great, grand father was born, although it was a notable event and was duly celebrated by burning two witches and holding a little praise meeting" in a snow drift near by as was the pious custom of those days, but proceed at once with the business in hand, Hezekiah Augustus Scroggs was born in Brown County, Ohio, in the year 1S13, his father having come west to "grow up with the country" and better his condition. Little Hezekiah felt within him a striving after higher attainments than the rude cabin and farm of his uneducated parents. But alas, his parents were too poor to send the now growing boy to school. Hezekiah did not repine however, he went boldly into the woods, cut hickory saplings and made splint brooms, carried them to the nearest town, bartered half a dozen for a spelling book. Studying by the light of the cabin fire he made rapid proereas. It was no unusual thing for him to make a dozen brooms of this kind in a day and carrying them to town traae mem an ror books. At five cents per broom, the reader can figure np the disadvantages of buying a library in this way, but his courage did not fail. At the age of 21 years he had a good knowl edge oi spelling and reading and could sign his name without pushing out his tongue and holding it between his teeth. It was quite a common thins for him to devote the entire night to the study of snaKspeare, stanung ms lond Dut poor parents at intervals from their dreams by offering his " kingdom for ahorse," when, if horses had been sellinir at fiftv cents apiece, he could not have bought hair enough to have made a respectable fiddle bow. - Yet such is every day life. What hollow mockery. But it made him happier, by lifting his soul above the sordid vanities of this world, and that soul in its striving after higher things, beat against its prison bars. ; It wanted to expand to soar, as it were. It was probably this striving that induced him to make a four months' engagement with a drover as a driver of swine to Cincinnati. When his engagement was ended, he judiciously expended his enrnincs in a new suit of clothes and had his picture taken, wnicn. asl may have remarked before, ornaments the head of this sketch, t rotn tnence ne came to Iowa, with little in his pockets, it is true, but brineine his colossal intellect and a pair of new spectacles with him. When the late rebellion raised its formidable head and hissed defiance to the sleep-in? millions of the North, his heart glowed with patriotic fire, and when the -. pi sSMSrMaj"aBsssssBBSBBBSB.:9aVr ' 7. 1873. vast armies were called out to do and die. he patriotically enlisted as a suttler, faced the enemy, and fearlessly sold goods to our soldiers at . . . five - hundred per cent . profit Returning at the end Of the War he settlml Hnarn In en. joy his fortune thus honestly gained, and i suura tun ms Dy doing good. The reader must not infer from this last remark that he leads an idle life. He has been married four times always waiting with patience until the funeral ehseauiea were comfortably over before venturing npon a new matrimonial enterprise. He has always been an early riser. His first and third wives were Presbyterians. He ia superintendentof three Sunday Schools, leaaer oi three choirs, miing the pulpit when the minister takes a vacation, and and is the father of sixteen children, all wuom resemble him to a considerable extent. He does not use spirituous liq-UOir? 1 tobacco in any form, and eata a cold dinner on wash day with cheerful "'on: He is a "good provider," a model husband, an affectionate father, lives only in the affections of his interesting familv-anrt ie now at writing quite bald. He 8tiu in vigorous health, notwithstanding his age managing three large farms, besides his sixteen children, in a manner which plainly shows uwmcluuicruuuj tju iu not ue misplaced if called to occupy tbe Presidential chair His eagle-eye, which from behind hi. spectacles eeem to be piercing the unfathomable future remains undimmed and four of his toes aie ornamented by It Saddens the bio!rnrir tn thinV thai there may come a time when the intel lectual loot now bo prevalent will forsake its well known dwelling Dlara - hn th mansard head (architecturally speaking) will "moulder cold and low" but if this hastily written bketch shall cause any despondent young man to take fresh eour-age in the battle of Ufa, and to emulate to some extent the bright and shining example I have in 'uiy feeble way" en deavored to pieture, then I shall feel that Hezekiah Augustus Scroggs has not lived in vain, nor that the efforts of the biographer will be looked upon as "Bounding uraoa ur tue tiiiKiing cymbal. Univessalist Convestiok. A special train to Mitchtllviile will leave the Rock Island depot at 7 o'clock this morning. and return st K p. x , and accommodate those li( .m:,-. nl the Convention. Kev. Dr. Km rt-rt. r. of Chicago, and other prominent ci r,j mini will preach. All are invited. There will Ik ii s-rvices in tbe Uni-versliNi 'hnn:h i i ti-ia city to-day, the pastor ai;d mar;v ,jf !. coiijjregatiou being in attruiUtit't; at Ihe convention. The Oi.iis Hot'sK, Cuicaw.. Now that t!iii."H nds of our J owa dealers are flocking to Chicago to purcham fail goods it may not be out of place to remind them of one of the coeitwt, moot comfortable and convenient hotels in the city. The Ogden house, situated at the corner of Franklin and Washington streets is but two blocks from the Chamber of Com-men, tiMirt bonne and places of amusement, and right in the center of the Iead-iiti j hi.ioiT h.Miees. 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Telci'rrti'hiuK uitU railiutsAi station book-keeo- l'rtvate and individual inktruciloii irlveii Studeii'ft trt-jtin at any time. we wiu lurniFD Muaeuw wdo vinn to txiara themselves, wllh stove, cook me oienitiin, table. t-edf-utHis and chairs freeof chara. thereby en- abiiug tiium u have from 95UU fflOU from coat Of (Ktitftl . 1 or a list of tea nam en of youn mew and P. . adrires, we will bend a flLe ylvcv of pea A(iJrcs for eirenitir. Ptatlncr whi-A von a.w tbitXMW. EOTtl E I.1LL1HIC1D4.IL july -eodAwirn Pay export. Iowa. BURllNGTO COLLEGIATE IiWITUTK Burlington, Iowa. Th n?t erholasilc year w!M hnnn rf. Id IK73. Tut' rt't iitaUon of ine institution ha been rattxxi by a year of vwy succtfol aork nnder toe dtrctltH) of tiie preeiu fncusiy; Uie build-lu fciul ftfouutin are undergoing further 1m-Irove!ii-i1h, ml It lscontlUiJiiy expected thai the next yr will be oue oIsUU greater nrrrw than ihf frL. itiefiiuation l- an Timi roaiu t desired be&.ti(.Y, o-nrrat, wlh eitelve railway pon-nertioi.fe. and strru nd'.-d with tle h' nocla. and morn) inntii;- Tbe campus ia large and -womwl with ilnesl-:de irwa. Th lnri?unon is J'tpnlitnl with CffRMTOAU EI.TKl, ' A I . ASilitONOMrtALaiid fFUlAi- SOPHH'AL cipi aratuB, and a ubrar of uiurt uiBD t wj itJousMiHi jnn.ea. The year it. divided into fnnr trna nf tan wtkaearh. An Atdmiefur"ofthrmrears ba btren adopted an; 1 ot, rornnrJeutaof both ort. serial iunuuctiua will fe given wtiere reotilred. There ha aJso been ario-td a. Cmtcglale cou rv of !hrfe years Kales of Tuition are moaersie. iuir may o e--nr.i m the build lue and Mitl Inward a ibi p rem l sets. The let fH.-ilitt ar afforded for arquliirtg eoniidedurruioii and young iadiea w venue-meii win doaell to eeii full lntortuaUou of thi inFtltntioii belore glng elsewhere Kan intfth tiliirri upoii application to the principal. L. . W0.TTMAN. A. B. JolvlDJeodSm EDUCATION 1 1 EDUCATION ! EDUCATION ! A rare opportunity now offered for obtaining a thorough iviucaiion, from ihe elmplewl F.-e-mentary studies through a reuiar Scientific Course, including Lfttiii, the Slodern Lane-nAe and all the Ornamental Branches. Avomodattons all that could bedcalred. Exercises rein mod on tie First Monday in September Papl!.. however, received at any time, thalr t.rr dtti,ir from day of entranoe. l-'or u-rniK, Ac, apply to MOTHER SUPERIOR. Visitation Academy, ott-umwa, Xo-svsv. Inlyl'decMlSm SAINT AURrl ACADEMY Xotre Daxsie, Indiana. THE Nineteenth Annual Session will open on tiie Qrt-t Tuesday in Setemter. The Academic! Hiid ."iaRieai I.epri(jieijta have been greatly enlarged by pc,tiu building. A larg ball 6"x i lect hft -n appropriated to choice models in Bust, l urt'iini aud oil Painting tor pupils who wish 1 ttj'.er the JScfaool of Leelgn. and devote their time to drawing and painting. fiiiniMary t 4'ontervatory of Music bae aiao been enlarged. All branches of Mualo are tarsal on Uie plan of the treat Oaanlcal Conservatories of Europe, under the direction of ehjht teachers of iururoeiital and two leachera of vocal music. Puprta can pureae special eouree of ludiea, comprising Theory. Practiceaad Aetnt-i(c, vocal culture, chorus singing, piano, harp, orsau, thorough biis, and principle of teaenint-. For luil Information end for catalogue mad addre Mol'hKRSl'HERIoR, -HU SUr'i, .Notre Liame, lad. acEf-dod,weow3ro ST. CATHERINE'S ACADEMY, Racine, Wisconsin. THIS Institution, under tbe direction of tbe listers of r-it, Xtominick. la pleaaantly alienated in a heaiihy and retired part of tbe city ef llacine, pen-raliy known as the "Belle City." The course of instruction 1a that jreneraHy pursued iu rMiniiar Institutions. The Scholaatie Year commence in the firnt week of September, and end in the first week of July. Boarder will be receive J at any time during the year. Terms for tuition and board, bed and bedding, per annum, pavaMe baif-veariy In advance, S14. Music, Flowers, Ila.r, Wax Work, e., forra o i extra charge. For further particular and prpectu, addreas the lirec1reea of tC Cat he lues Academy ; or Iter. J. A. BtrkhaMwer RaciTie. Wi JnlygdeodAw3nfl ACADEMY OF TUB . Immaculate Conception COSDrtTIBBYTHl . SISTERS OF CHARITY, B. V. M. IAVEXPORTt IOWA. Thecho1atie Year, which h? divided Into two Sessions of rive months each, begins the First ot September, end ends the laat week In June. TK.iiMs-ll.rd nd Tuition per ISeaaion of Fivw months Mui. 1'ainting, and I a guafc forn- extra citanrea. For further partlo uiHrs, addrcKM slsTFif, SUTKRIOK, Academy of the Immaculate CunoepUon, 1A EN PORT. IOWA. julydpnd3ro Mt. Auburn Institute. Cincinnati. RE-OPEXIXG ON SEPTEMBER 17. BOAHDlXij. nd Tay puptla Moat efficient IVacher Iocatiou healthful and deeirebl Rare Advantage in Xaic Creech, Htavlaf. aa Pa.Bti. rcaiiy eqnal to those of tbe beat iiiKtnutions in the F-tst. Kond for ,,lrcuiaf to tte President, til iddeod Ini J. R. NEWELL, Pn. P. UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, Notre Dame, Indiana. THE SHh year be&ins on Toeaday, September '2, Isr.i. Hinloue tent free, on application to the President. auetkiendAWlra A IEMOXN"IKIt. C, S. C. STOYBS TUB MONITOR hnn pained a far-famed reputation. No higher encomium can be bestowed upon 11 than to aay that every bona-wife who usm it speaks in lta prwtae and recommend it to her neigh bora and friend, fOr economy, cleanliness and reliability In ail lie operations. 32.088 MONITORS Now in Use. .Visa the Clebrmted Santa Claus COOKING STOVJE, FOR COAL AND.WOOD, Which ha anch a demand ail throagrh the West, and for beauty and excellence cannot be surpassed . GEO. M. DI1IM1TT, Sole Ig't, No. 9 Youngerman's Block. apryiTMcodSm Tn Wolasi Isws. KAFCFAd t' OF Grocers' Caddies TIN ONS, Of all kinds, for the Spice, Faint and Drn , TTadea. . . ... . . vttt, rfemsno. Storm ror itiwinweu t.uinuu . IjtbograpUic pictures of all the lesUn yi. NORTON BROTHERS, lO State Street, CWcNl". mayTTdeortll-l t5 1: 1

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