The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY! MARCH n, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Number One Nazi in Austria This Meal Is Linked Tracli-1 lionally With Occasion! Says Home Economist Of all ihe feast days in the year, none with the exception of Christinas is greeted with more enthusiasm than Easier. Lent is over, .spring is on Die way, so whin could he more appropriate than e-n- In most families, the high-spot, of ihe day is the Easier dinner, :il- Ihoneh latelj' Ihc Easter breakfast has come into prominence also as an entertaining feature, much to Die delight of the children ivlio .specialize in tlie Easier morning: f:gg-lnmt and capitalize on th<>. traditions of the da.v. But whether .vour Miiertaining feature coinr-s ;a i/iorniiiM, noon or night, (lie food is an important narl. and acmrd- ini! to Incx. S. Willson, home ccono- jnist. liain Is an excellent itjeat to cliuose, not only it is traditionally linked with the day but. also because it combines so well with the other Easter foods. Whole Baked Ham Wilh Maraschinft Cherries A whole or half baked ham is the choice for the Easier dinner, and indeed, when garnished with mar- nschino cherries, it presents a picture" worthy of this festive occasion. To bake a whole or half hum. place it fat side up, on a rack In an oixm roasting pan and bake, uncovered and without adding water, in a slow oven (300 degrees P.). Allow approximately twenty-five minutes per pound for baking n. whole ham, and thirty minutes tier iiound for baking a half ham. If the skin was not removed at the market, take the ham from the oven and lift this off. thirty or forty minutes before the ham is done. Score the fat in diagonal lines. Pour honey over tlie surface of Ihe ham and return it to the oven to finish baking and glaze. Just before serving outline the diagonal lines with slices of red maraschino cherries and decorate with slices of cherries in the diamonds. Ham with Apricot Glaze Or for Easter, you may want to decorate the hnm with apricots and glaze it with an apricot puree. Make the puree by nibbing 2 cups apricots ajyl.ijiiice through a sieve, addjng : !1 cup sugar and cookini slow^v until - thickened. Remove ham 1 from oven lliirty or forty rain' utcs belore tlie baking is completed, spread with puree and return lo oven to finish.baking and glaze. Ham for Easier Breakfast Thin slices of ham, panbroiled, and served with a poached egg on top and with ,1 slice of pineapple browned in the ham drippings make a delightful Easier morn ing breakfast. Siren! Where's the Fire? It's In His Own Trailer CARMEYS POINT. N..I. (IIP)- -\ C. Smith, Kinderhook, N. Y., motoring through here with his trailer in low, heard the wail of a siren. "A fire," he said to his tvifc. He was right. The fire was in his trailer. As he drove into town, smoke was seen pouring from the trailer. A telephone call sent fire, men in hasty pursuit and they caught- him—just in time. Munitions at Picatinney Valued at $37,500,600 DOVER. N. J. (UP)—War munitions valued at $37.500,000 are LET 'Ell RIP! Rainy Days I Ms nip I Hook Shop I BOSTON (UP) —Ui'cmiso ruluyi days mcanl wcl books, n bookstore proprietor lias posted the sign, I'lease Take Off Wet Hat.s." He discovered that men liki' to browse nround the shop on rainy days. When they bent over the counter, water from tliclr huts descended tin the books. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thit Old T«.lmrnl Ofl.n Bringi Hippy Relief • :ny M>n«rrri nlii'Hi lllltgjli,. Iif.-V liii'.ly, aura !!,.•> itlu'oM-r ihul ll,c- ,,.-,| r /J,.,jrl,,,,,),l<,;,, n ,. |,,,,i,,,U.i,l,,,),. llieki.liii-y»iLioXjHnii- p »i!,i|.| ,,| inl Ji. «l.-M» liflJ, Ullil »1M« :,,,< <,» ll.x, Mo IJ,,.,,. , l:« »»li«lhil:( One pant leg straggling down to his ankle, sin out-she chaw in his cheek, Lou Warneke, star right-hander of the St. Louii Cardinals, looks like he means business as he lets go with a last one In training camp at SI. By iiersonal decree • of Adolf HIMcr, parly leader Joseph Uucrckel was &ira> .supreme eonlrol of all Na?.ls In Austria under tlio banner of the lieich .swastika against which )m Is so strikingly framed alrovc. Nn/.i leader for tlie Gerinnn snnr district .and Hitler's representative in tlial historic plebiscite, Biierckci is making plans for the April 10 plebiscite on (he Austro-German union. stored in Picntinnej- Arsenal liere, ivliere 3,51 1 persons, a peacetime •erord. are now employed. Army officials revealed IhaL no "'iiiuiiiilion for snmli guns or machine guns is made at Picatinney *hich includes 2.297 acres. 'Die arsenal has been rebuilt in the pnst few years with WPA funds following a 192G explosion which destroyed many buildings. Picnlinney is the army's principal 531 buildings on ammunition manufacturing center. i>.l HOUR F RIGID Al RE SERVICE Only Authorized Service In Mississippi County Commercial or Residence Jobs Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. E. B. Gee, MRI-. 109 S. Second St. 4«#eMv* I Ml SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY BEEF ROAST Fancy Baby Keel Shoulder Clod Lb. 17 lie I'rinve Rib :.l.h. 17;/'c Chuck or Thick Uib, l.ti. BEEFmiEfl s ,,,,.,,12F 4 A Ij Rrookncld 4 AC Oeam, Lb. BOLOGNA 12 c SAUSAGE iMixi'tl _ I'dtmtl I 2 T 1 PIG LIVER I'otmd 10 BEEF STEW PORK CHOPS '" LOIN ROAST Ml. 171' I AMR (Jradc, Chops 25c, Ro. 19° | SALT MEAT , , 10 Cambric FLOUR In Dress Material Bags Carload Huylng makes possible this better flour priced so reasonable. G His. 30c; 1Z His. 50t'.; 24 Ibs. 90c, •!» lb<. RADISHES ':'„", 5 GBAPRFRUITS, Seedless, Each ..He LETTUCE. F'cv Iceberg 5c COOK. APPLES, Kirm-Juicv )b 3 ] A' POTATOES, Washed Clean, 10 Ihs 19e SORGHUM "" o'£» 59 l RIPE TOMATOES , 7f TURNIP GREENS F'cv, Bunch -I'/ot CELERY I ge Crisp Stalks '"ic CAHFJAGE, New Green Heads, 11) 3c BELL PEPPERS, Fresh Lb 17c (DAPUCTTi Alncaroni or fl 1 C Ol HUnCI llTomato Paste L~2 HOT SHOT Shorts ?i.25 \T/< Profein I IRITZ CHEESE, Lge. I5ox -iTC "Free Samples" la CRACKERS Ixiose-Wiles Fresli, Wholesome Sun-Ray, 2 Ib. nox 15c QAI T OHLI or Iodized, 3 For MERRY WAR LYE, 7 ' CORN TOMATOES, 7J.C Beans, Can • 2 JUICE, Rosemary Slenderize, Pints HOMINY GRITS Pound CAMPBELLS COFFEE True Ithie «A It's Fresh, Lb,*.U APPLE BUTTER,! 12 PURE LARD or Ilumko Shorteiiinf Frrsh i Fine, in Crls. ' Hi- 12c; 4 ihs. 45c; 8 «>s. FREE DELIVERY PAGE THRKR KROGER s PIGGLYWIGGLY STORES Prices Good For Friday and Saturday ^_^^„.. — Bananas 15c Tomatoes (Iniiiily, |,|). Texas Seedless <> Km 19c Strawberries' ' ° 121c Cauliflower <'<"'< Oranges Do/.. Size 25c KlHllllHSV Salad Dressing (fllUI'l 25c Coffee I'KKNCH 1WANI), l,l COUNTRY CI.UB. }.\>. BEANS CIA NT LIMA, 1,1). NAVY found . ... IIAHY I-'MA. Mi. w Cookies C'hoc. S(|nnr(' : mrs,' Cinder ri Lb. lOc ('hoc. S(|niir('s 'lmrs,' Cinder Snaps Peanut Butter RM MASSY I'inl .liirs • 2 for 25c OATS ('(ittiilry Chili Small Box.. 7c Large Box . 15c Twinkle epiigA Country Club Pork and Beans No. 2 Tall Cans 3for25c FLOUR I.idle Kiuj< 2-1 1-1.. 7AC •IS I,l>. Country Cluli Nu. 'i Ciins Pet or Ciirmitiou 3 for 25c 6 small or 3 tall 21c 17c H K I N / M ()/.. l!i)lllf, Kiu-h Del Munlc Halves or Sliced No. 2|/j Ciins CORN MILK KETCHUP PEACHES HOMINY CRACKERS OMEGO FLOUR HuMKu ^ I.KZIV 4-lb. Ctn. 45c nrjiynT DIITTFD v™^*y m <>*•- I'iickcd '» ir rtANUT BUTTER s £ rlc (is sec 15c Country Cliili Nn. y/j Cnns Wesco Bulbil 2 for 15c 2 Ib. box 21 Mi. HUR. 91.0!) OLEO Kiilmnrc" liranii Pound 15c •onI Northern R 1'on nils Our Mathers 2 Mi. liii\ 25 ( COCOA o rirr,r 15° PANCAKK PLOUIl ItfC C. C. 20 (\,.. Hox, ;( |>kj?s £U CVDIIP C'iili'.v's f> 1,1). Can 2!)c OinUr 0 HI Lh . Cnn r ,r,e MARSH MA I,LOWS I found Cello, liiif; 15' APRICOTS N, \r<,« 19' WESCOLA ' ^ ,!'";:r 25' CHOC. DROPS 10' R l A F Whole Grain OH I V L pound "0" WHEAT FLAKES Will kit I If) ()/ [>|()r IVORY SOAP MEAL 10 I.K. 10c; Medium Paper \\n\r |M( 5 l.lis. 10 GRAPE JUICE Rocky River PIMf - - - 15c QUART - - 2Sc CLOCK BREAD 2(1 O/. Loiivcs 2 for 15c MACARONI Country Club Shell, ICIIiow, Long Spaghetti 1 Lb. Cellophane Pkfcs. .Made of 1(10',,' Pure Semolina lOc FRESH FISH AND MEAT SPECIALS BACON Fancy Sliced Ib. 19c Kwick Krisp or lllack Hawk Rindless Ib. 29c Beef Fresh Ground For Loaves Ib. 12ic Brisket Roasl or Hake Ib. lOc Sliced Pig Liver Ib.l0c Roast Chuck Lb. I5c- Thick Rib Ib. 17c Steak Choice Sho-Round Ib. 25c Sausage All Pork 15c LOBSTERS, RAW OR COOKED. LOBSTER MEAT, LIVE CRABS, POMPANO RED SNAPPER rtCC For Haking, Lb, ... fcw SHRIMP, Jumbo Ra\v, Lb 25 C COOKED SHRIMP Pound 29 DRESSED RUFFALO, LI; MACKEREL Pound 20 PAN TROUT or 1O1C Jack Salmon, Lb. 1*2 CATFISH round .,. 30 OYSTERS, PI. 25c Select, Pt 39c

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