The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1944 Published Every Friday In the Interest of Farm Familiea of This Agricultural Section. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS *'' FARMNEWS--FEA1 Enter th« P)»nt-to-Pro«j>er Cce-l tests sponsored by the CoariwB News and Commercial AppML | Machinery For Farming Needed County Formers Use Modern Equipment, But Haven't Enough 9 Mississippi county land Is being fiinneci modcrnly witii more limn one-fourth of all tractors In. Arkansas owned tiy. farmers of the county to set the puce in use of farm machinery ns well as In pro- (luclion. Of the 88CO tractors In (he slate, 1164' are qwiittl by North Mississippi County farmers anil IMS ir Eoitth Mississippi County. Hut tractors arc only a part of modern equipment used in lillim, the fertile soil of this section and much more machinery Is needed, a survey has revealed, In questioning 348 North Mis sit'sipjil County fanners, needs were expressed for 300 tractors, 142 combines, 48 corn pickers, 104 tractoi mowers, 09 pickup hay balers am 142 grain drills, in addition to i considerable amount of misccllane ous equipment. Fanners marie known their re <mest,s to the county agent, Kelt! lllbrcy, recently in lio|)e tlml a lore reasonable allotment of farm nnchincry could bo obtained in 945. Faun machinery no longer Is ra- loncd, to fanners, except corn plck- rs, but machinery ivlll be rntton- •<1 to dealers auei counties. Production Is about in line with he number of tractors. The cou'n- y produces for Hie state about one-sixth of the collon; one-fourth of the alfalfa; one-tenth of the corn and 2,000,000 bushels of soybeans or a very large per cent. Shutter Snappers Quickly Exhaust BAAF Film Stock Amateur photography Is the chief hobby of BAAF personnel, Lieut. George J. Geigcr, I'X officer asserts. He has reason for Ills belief. Last week tiv/ PX received Us month!) supply of film—'24 rolls of eacl of the popular sizes. Within a matter of moments the news liad spread and a line extending from (he sales counter to a point over a hundred ynrds from the building itself had formed; At one time 10! people—from majors to privates- were awaiting their turn to buy films. "We sold out mir supply In aboul an hour," Lieutenant Geigcr com menfcd .sadly. "Thank God thl: happens only once a month." Farm Woman's Column This is pickle making season. These arc some tested recipes that club women of Mississippi County enjoy making and their family and visitors enjoy eating: Ilre;ul uml Mutter 1'trklrs Remove 50 medium-sized cucumbers from brine and soak dverntghl in clear cold water. Change the water twice the next morning allowing an hour's soaking each lime. Drain niul cover with vlnegni which has been heated to n boiling temperature. On the two following days drain off the vinegar heat to boiling and pour over cucumbers. On the fourlh day droll' off the vineuiir, slice cucumbers V< inch thick, put In a stone jar 01 enamel-lined container with one garlic cone or one slice of onion Pour !i cup of salad oil over the encumbers. Mix the following to gcther and bring to a boil: 1 pounds sugar 1 pint vinegar V: cup black pep|>cr corns ',£ cup of whole spice 1 hot rcrt pepper pod Pour boiling mixture over cucumbers. Let stand 10 to 12 days, stirring now and then. Pack In jar and process for 15 minutes in hot Here Are A Few MORE (-TO-GET ITEMS We've Just Put On Our Shelves! Electric ALARM CLOCKS 4.95 * Vale Night Latches ... 2.25 Sergeant Night Latches 1.50 8 Inch Pipe Wrenches . . 1.25 4 Gal. Garden Sprayer . 1.95 Large Fire Shovels .... 45c SmqlliiRre Shovels'' ...... 15c : '' •"-''}-'. Enamel Wash Basins 17 Inch M 75c 59c Large Metal Dust Pans 50c Woolen Athletic Socks . 75c .Whirlpool E!ec. Churn 17.50 'Solid Brass Cuspidors . 4.95 Rubber Cuspidor Mats . 39c Gillette Teck RAZORS With S Gillette Blue Blades . . HARDWARE (0. 726 W. Main Incorporated . Phone 515 When you take your John Deere Tractor out in the field after our factory-trained experts have given it a "going-over," you'll say it performs good as new. Our shop- men arc experts. They know exactly whar your tractor should do ... tnd how to make it deliver a full measure of service. Don't wait for a breakdown. A check up now and a few simple adjustments may save you the expense and delay of more serious complications later on. When you tiring your tractor in, bring in your scrap ,.. Kccl> both in the fight. Missco Implement Co. BLVTIIEVIU.E OSCEOLA BUY BONDS * SAV1 4-H Members Help Gather County Crops North Mississippi County's 1100 boys and girls who are members of 4-H Club have picked 14,200 bale.s of collon up to Nov. 1, It luis been announced by Kellh Jjllbroy, Coun ty ngcnl. This Is n large contribution to the war effort and It represents only a part of the work they are doing, he said. They are also help- Ing to harvest (he county's 1,000,000 Imshei soybean crop In addition l< corn ami hay. Nineteen of tho 22 public schools In North Mlsslsslp pl County which IIIUT 4-11 Club: have remained closed (mill Nin 1 or luler so the youth could hell 'aler bnlh. Ilrrail and Uullor Vickies (Made from frcsli cucumbers) Twenty five lo 30 medium-sized iicuiubcrs, 8 large while onions, 2 urge sweet jicpiicvs, !'j c«l> salt, ' cups elder vinegar, 5 cups sugnr 2 l i pounds ov sugar substitute) 2 ablespoons mustard seed, 1 teaspoon turmeric, ',-J teaspoon cloves. Wash cucumbers niul slice ns thin us possible. Chop onions mid pep- ;ers; combine with cucumbers and suit. Let stand 3 hours and drain. Combine vinegar, sugar, 'and spices In large preserving keltic, bring (o boll. Add drained cucumbers; heat throughly bill do not boll. Pack while hoi Into .sterilized Jars and seal. Olive Oil Vickies 1 gallon sliL'Ml cucumbers 1 quart onions (ground coarsely) l tablespoon white mustard seei '/j cup salt 1 teaspoon white pepper 1 ',(• cm>s olive oil or : !1 cup suliul ........ oil nml *1 c. olive oil I 1 " " ll ' " of one of the conn Slice impeded cucumbers very lv ' s greatest crops In history, thin. Add Ihc salt, mix thorough- • These 4-H club children lire milk ly and allow lo stand overnight. I UK a grcal deal of money alsi Press Juice out of the sliced cu-1 Ruby Cain of the Oosuell 4-H clu cumlicrs thoroughly. To Iho quart has nvnrniicil picking over 30 of ground onions add while pepper, I pounds per ( |ay all Fall. I.nsl Mon- whlte mustard seed and olive oil day, she made $11.22 picking cot- tor half salad oil and half olive ton. oil). Let. this mixture slaml-1 hour, | M then add lo sliced cucumbers mix- havi ing all together. Pour enough ap- A i pie elder vinegar to cover. Dilute* — vinegar wjtli water to proportion of pan vlnegnr lo three pails of water, f'nck pickles solid in sterilized pint or !» pint glass top Jars nnd seal. Lcl stand 10 [lays before using. - * Dill Green Tomato Tickle Green tomatoes Slalk celery • '.'.' Sweet green peppers Garlic 2 quarts water . • . 1 quart vinegar I cup salt , Dill to taste ( . . .. Use small, firm green tomatoes. Pack into clean sterilize*! Jars. Add lo each quart jar a, bud of garlic, one stalk: celery and one green pepper cut In fourths. Make a brine of the water, vinegar and salt and with the dill for five minutes, our Ihc hoi Urine over and seal nnedlnlcly. Those will be ready for se In four" to six weeks. ' • Whole Green Tomato Tickles Pack quart jar with whole green Dinalocs. Put in C to 7 ucpiiersj ix 1 tablespoon salt, 3 CIIIB vlne- ir, and 1 cup water. Bring to boll, II jars, and seal. F. S.A. News Mnny FBI-HI Security borrowers re Inklni; advantage of gooil pries (o pay off their debts. Through Oct. 30, It) borrowers In Mlsslsslp- il County hut! paid off their op- •ratlng loims In full. This Includes installments not duo until October 1945 iiml October ItHO. Thcso II) borrowers have borrowed and 10- mld $23,102 In principal and $1,'JI2 In Interest since they have been on the Funn Security program. ' families arc now on a sound financial bnsis and are able lo ellhei furnish themselves to make a crop In 1945 or lo obtain flmoiclnl ns- slstnncc from anolher .source. The Vhgli Cunningham fumily, liouli) 2, I.eacHvllle, is ono of these successful families. Instead of depending on collon farming, the Cunninghams have several sources of cash Income. A four aero truck pulcli Is one of these sources. This summer and fall they have marketed M different vegetables from their farm, Mr. Cunningham hns realized n cash Income from cot- Ion anil hogs, ami will also Imvc corn lo sell. In addition to Blowing vegetables for the market, the fnm- ly curries on an excellent, llve-at- loiiH! program; Mrs. Cunningham ins put up 1000 miurls of fruit, and t'Cgelables this year, and they still iinvo carrots, radishes, green onions, carnlnK.s Is i;i>lng into war bonds. of club members now I The rest of tlin money will be spent accounts ol llielr own.' on clollu's, school expenses, and for ile percentage of their recrenllou. FOR SALE — -Soybean Bags— —Seed Oats, Wheat, Barley— —Spear Feeds— Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 Crystal Pickle 7 pounds green lomalocs 2 gallons writer' 1 quart lime 4'/j pounds sugar 2 quarts vinegar ..-;. 0 strips of cinnnmon bark 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg 1 teaspoon ground ginger.-.(tic 1 In cloth) . ' Slice green tomatoes Vi inch in hlckncss, place,,ln i»rcelain-Uned IK granite vessel. Cover with the gallons of water in which the iiiiirt of lime lias been dissolved. I Let stand 24 hours. Remove, rinse veil through several cold waters o remove all lime sediment.; I Dissolve sugar In vinegar, add. cinnamon sticks and. cloth contain- i ng nutmeg and gingeh Bring to a' )0il, add slices of green tomato and i boil rapidly until slices are glnzcd and syrup clings to a spoon In drops. Pill sterilized jars with the slices, arranging , cinnamon sticks attractively with the slices In the jar. Discard the cloth containing nutmeg nnd ginger. Process quarts 10 minutes, pints 7 minutes. Mrs. Dyess' Ice Tickle Soak sliced green tomatoes (do- not peel) In lime water made by adding two cups of lime lo two gallons of waler. Let stand 24 hours. Rinse in cold water. For every 4 pounds tomatoes add an equal weight of sugar and l quart of vinegar. Add whole spices, whole cloves, and stick cinnamon. Mixed Pick|o 1 ounce white mustard seed 1 ounce ground while pepper \!t ounce stick cinnnmon 1 ounce turmeric '/i ounce dry mustard 1 pint grated horse-radish 2 ounces' celery seed 4 or 5 pounds sugnr 3 or 4 garlic buttons 2 large heads cabbage 1 gallon cucumbers (brined) 15 onions (large) 3 dozen poppers 3 po<Is hot pepper Grind cabbag'c. onions, pepper and garlic. Add K cup of salt and let. drain in sack overnight. Add seasoning nnd cover with cider vinegar. Lcl boil nil over the vessel nboul 25 minutes. Add to brined encumbers which should be diced. Tilts makes 3 gallons. Mr. Farmer: We Can Add Months To The Life Of Tractor Tires - Our modern equipment can rundlo even your largest tires. Repaln in time will save you both doltun and work dajs. Estimates without obligation. GUARANTEED WORK — CEILING PRICES MODINGER POETZ TIRE CO. Hwy. •! North Phone 2201 Published By The Delta Implement Co., Hlytheville Vol.3 Friday,'Nov. 3 No. 10 QuickReliet FROM SNIFRY, STUFFY DISTRESS OF Instantly, rcllet from snMy, sncew distress of head colds starts to come when you put a Itttle Vn-tro-nol up each nostril. Also helps prevent many colds from developing If used In time. Just try ill Follow directions In folder. VICKSVA-TSO-NOL MADAME MAY Satisfaction Guaranteed READINGS Gifted reader and advisor. Hwy. 18 West at end of BIylhcville Bus Line. READINGS DAILY , 9 A. M. til 9 P. fa. ['Ian to have your Inictors repaired and overhauled just as soon as you jjet n chance Ihis'year . . . Parts anil labor nre just as scarce as ever, and it looks us though there '. will he more equipment in need of repair than ever before . . . We arc hoping that we can sla'rl early; repair instead of replacing parts where possible; order necessary parts early; and keep our customers from losing work days because of breakdowns. You can help us by bringing your tractor in before the rush season. DI Among <|iiiti! a few Mississippi County I'nnn- crs and business men to nllcud the mechanical demonstration on the Ilopson Plantation, near Clarksclalc, Miss., yesterday were Louis Nash, J. IT. Williams and Fred Plcc- man, of Blylhcvillc, C. F. -Tucker, of Promised Land, and B. S. Simmons, of Dell. DI New equipment deliveries of Hie p;ist week include tractor stnlk cutlers to Clarence Moore, farming Kiisl of lilythcville, and I''red 1'attnn, of Manila; and a steel stock tank (o .1. H. Gtirlcy, of Promised Land. . DI^ We now have 50 pound Alcmite grease buckets and vice-grip pliers on hand in the parts department. DI Let us know if you've used equipment for sale—we've more buyers for all types of equipment than ever before. DI In our shops this week: a D-30 International truck for minor repairs for \V. \V. Alexander, of Osccola; a Farmall II for overhaul for Annie Smith, of Manila; and a K-5 International Inick for a new clutch for \V. T. Johnson, of Jonesboro. OP YOUR ALBUM »Olff »AVI IT IT«K« HALfWAY * M* • W fOMYI and tomatoes In their garden. The. success of tills family Is an'exam— pie of what,'can be" accoifiplisned' through good planning" and 4 roin"- agcmcnl ami hard work. Jr , ','..ri,. Buy Yoyr Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. , ' PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL :Su»> PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythevlltfi, Ark. Phone 2911 » I l' Yes — We Have Them ".".. In Stock! HEAVY "DUTY TRAILERS / with 650x16—6 ply Goodrich Silvcrtown tires and four springs. NO PERMIT REQUIRED * * ELLIS IMPLEMENT (0. Blythovillc, Ark. If it's You KHOW its good! ._-.. „ .-~- • The Checkerboard has been a sign of QUALITY through more than 50 yeais. We wouldn't offer Purina Products if wo weren't sure they'd do a job for you! See for yourself! TESTED PRODUCTS .. Feed LAY CHOW It pays lo balance your grain wilh Purina Lay Chow. Quality ingredients supply what your own •cratch grains lacV. Seo us. For FULL EGG BASKETS Pep Op APPETITES Slop up appclilos of 6|f-fced birds. Keeps 'cm caling. Also'helpful , In lulling laigo roundwcms, te-.^ duccs intestinal inflammation. Mix CHEK-R-TON with Mash For FAST GAINS, Feed PURINA RABBIT CHOW America's largest selling rabbit feed. Tops for rapid growth, easy feeding, economy. Try Rabbit Chow. ."f-o/GOOD HUNTING Feed' ., ; PURINA DOG CHOWj X .America's choice'fot hunting'dogsO '•Helps promote vigor, 1 condition, starn-- 'ina. Keeps 'em hunting ALL dayl^ L K. Ashcraft Co 1-S Blk. S. of Frisco Depot Phone 493

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