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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 5
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
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THE PES MOTXES Mornlmr. rob. 21, HCT-TIIE IOWA OKI'ICSHS IirON'. Club So defy "IT and he owa Women's ews 'Conference of Women's Have These Questions Ever Bothered You? D.M.U. Plans Washington Dinner Here WILL SING TODAY AT D.

A. R. MUSICAL TEA In compliment to legislative ladies and friends, Abigail Aaams chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, will present the Treble Clef club as the entertainers this afternoon at a musical tea. Shown, left to right, ore Mrs Esther Pierce laul, Mrs. Corrinc S'cafie Gousseff and Mrs.

Soma Sands, the club trio, and Mrs. ben Mills, club president and soprano soloist. Clubs Will be Held in Des Moines, March 7, 8 i jiembcrs Are Urged to Attend Belter Homes Congress in Session Then. I Dps Moines university students and allium will hold the annua liiri hilav banquet BY SUSETTE. From which side is soup served? From which side is the empty dish removed? From which side are dinner plates served? (hi which side of the lady does the acntUmnu nif Is the, jie placed at the right or the.

left of the plate? If rentable, dishes and sauces are served at the same time, where is roch placed around the plate? At a table, where ladies and gentlemen are seated, must thc'ladics be served first or can the dishes be, passed in the order in which the people are stttmg? (7. Del on, la. tbe Commodore hotel tomorrow at p. 's expected Ihat nearly JSO will join in the annual Velebralion. Mr.

Klmer Os-berg of the class uf '24. now living in Hampton, will act as toast- asier representing (he alumni. Toasts will he given by repic sentalives ot the various colleges. RS. JOHN FOX LAKE, president of the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs has issued the call for the spring board and committee meeting to be held in Des Moines, March 7 and 8.

This will be a hripf business session preceding the state bien- Tconvention, which will, this year, be held in Davenport, Miss Kdith King respoiuiiiiK i-fine arts. Mr. Karl for pharmacy. Mr. Leon lloste ler fori 'engineering.

Mr. Clyde Trimble for education, and Mr. Kenneth Morgan for arts and sciences. Music will be given by Misses I'orlann Hernlce mount, imJ fha renorts of K. Smith and Mrs.

nedv, Mrs. J. W. J.

The soup plate Is served at. the. left side of the person sit I ins the table. Kmpiv dishes are removed from Hie right side ot the person at the lalile. The dinner plate is served from the left side.

I'sunlly at a dinner the ladv has a gentleman on each side of her, but she is supposed to look after the gentleman on her right. Pie Is not supposed to be ni tl Riiinn time with speak of for vegetables and nances can best he placed around ihe plate when there Is room tor them. This custom Is rapidly riving out and now the vegetables aie served directly on the meat plate. This has always been Ihe custom at correct dinners. Wlien passing dishes of food at a dinner table, where there is not outside service and things ate verv Informal It is best to let each person, man or woman, serve himself as the dish passes them.

At such i linen It is better to think of Ihe facility of the service. Duplicate Auction Played at Army Post llorotbv Moore and May Dnvies tbe, women's quartet. Loons Knckhnltz at the Plnn and Kliabeth Miller on the violin will accompany. The board of social affnlis with Dean Thvllis Spencer are arranging the details of the banquet. Washington color scheme Col.

J. R. Llndsey entertained at a duplicate auction bridge party at his quarters at the Fort Des Moines army post rlday eve be carried ning. oilier courses of a meal, but If vim wish to serve it, why not put it In front of the dinner plate. Extra dishes such as you and.

decorations will mil. Prize winners were Lieut, and Mrs. W. N. White, north and hince.n.

uinns and committees hiVnnium will be printed fnr the bmnmuui the state con-iBd distfpublished vent on and pwo gu tnc3e re- iorlll Vlll 'b. eliminated Irom the wTii of plans for the Considers! on oi be Davenport BiPnn' the pro. a features of work Xv complelign will Je discussed rail the clubwomen are t'J ln 'J Inrt ii reed to remain in invited and American Hps Mome 1,1 cofTKress to be ffl 8 to 11. There Wno rplrtratlon foe for the and all meeting apd iiH without charge. hllS id VveninK.

March 7, I I he held a sub dinner at there will bene mee, eceded rom 4 until 5 south players and Mrs. E. 0. Oliver and Mrs. A.

M. Grueu- hostesses Wednesday lo the Des Moines Music and Drama club members at the studio of the for ther. east and west players. Guests were the following post nt 1 p. m.

Tuesday at the home of Mrs. S. M. Magarian, 430 Kingman boulevard. Hostesses will be Mesdames J.

J. Dagleish, C. E. Avis, S. C.

Davis, F. F. residents: will have charge of the 1 p. m. luncheon.

There will be a benefit card pnrlv held at Visitation hall, Hast Ninth nnd Garfield streets, Tues-ilnv nftpinoon and evening. Pro t- i mn -a -WMBi Lieut. Col. David Harmony Biddle, Miss Harmony Biddle, mer. Chairmen or me nmi will be Mrs.

Thomas A. Dye and Mrs. Maurice Miller. Monday Club Junior will study rt Economic Conditions Lieut. Col.

and Mrs. F. D. Doyle, Capt. and Mrs.

K. W. Buffin, gressive bridge and "500" will be! Lieut, and Mrs. H. J.

Krlcger, Mrs. I I BWSWR. MW. "'Wtimittri III 1 ni tim nipetlnc today at. tbe K.

0. Oliver, Capt T. D. Boisseau, Miss Agnes Buchanan, Lieut, and Mrs. Mark Hanna, Capt.

John Cochran, and Lieut, and Mrs. Y. M. C. A.

Madga Ahrrns will be the leader. Mrs. A. G. Rawlins H1n2 Enston includes hv a meeuuK 1 rXmiUee whirl.

FavlUe, C. L. Howell and C. Leslie Johnson. Division 4 of the social union ot the First Methodist Episcopal church will entertain at dinner Thursday evening for the husbands of members.

The dinner will be held in the church psrlors. Mrs. W. A. Wilson Is chairman.

St. Paul's guild will meet to-lav with Mrs. J. K. Gamble.

Rhenan- T.i,iv.nlnth street, is visiting A. M. Gruenther. I Ruth. Mrs.

Flora Williams and! 1 'J Int. William Milchrist plsyed. Division 10, First Methodist Fplscnpal church union, will meet Thursday with Mrs. Milo Slade, 1440 Forty-first street, for 1 p. m.

luncheon. She will assisted by Mrs. Duncan Elder, Mrs. R. 11.

Young and Mrs. W. P. Ballon. Cottnge Grove circle of King's Daughters will meet for luncheon vipb president ni first re Mr.

Joe Klggs. iJL- Ftoux ipfferson. Bee boulevard will be Hostess io-dav to the members of the T. club. Mrs.

Henry Gray will be the club leader. Mrs. Anne L. Ramsen will entertain with a rtadlng. with her son, dick, who iuni Ihe New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell, N.

M. Mrs. 1'lovd Klngmnn and son, John Maxwell, landed In New York Citv yesterday from Port an Prince, Haiti. After a short visit with ('apt. and Mrs.

Matthew II. Kingman In Qunnt leo, thev will ome to Des Moines for a visit of several months with Mrs. Kingman's mother. Mrs. Martha Reeves, 2815 High street.

Parliamentary Law dub will meet Thursday 1" tbe llarris-Emerv dub rooms. The open forum meeting will he In rharge ot Mrs. I. II. Faculty Women's Club Indorses Mrs.

G. Tilden The Faculty Women's club ot Ames announce through the press Hint, the members have moHt heartily indorsed the ran-didncv of Mrs. Galen Tilden as first vice president ot the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs for election at the biennial convention to be held in May In Dav- pnnort. Saunders Kmmetsour "SaTnr'VAe field. senSa! federation director.

Many Conferences. nver' to a conference of county rtt with district alrm 11 until noon Church Notes Fraternal Groups Surprise Giffords About sixty members of the Beta Gamma Sigma sorority and the Sigma Kappa Beta fraternity of the University of Commerce staged a surprise party on President and Mrs. L. E. Gifford at their home, 104 4 Nineteenth street Friday evening.

A picnic supper and dancing formed the diversion. Polk County Women Will Wire Coolidge Mrs. Alfred Launspach, president of the Polk County League of Women Voters, announced Saturday that the league -Is appealing to every clubwoman in the county to send telegrams or letters to President Coolidge in support of the agricultural mea Mrs. Tilden is now serving Ihe federation as the corresponding Mrs. Hahnelte josepn is ed to return this week from Los Angeles after a iwo mouths' visit there.

She 'will care for her grandchildren, Peggy and Arthur Sheuerman. while their parents, Mr. and Mrs. .1. L.

Sheuerman, vacallon In Cuba. nrrinv nt the borne of Mrs. First Church ot Christ, Scientist, Des Moines, Iowa Announce Two Free Lecture on CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Hy t'harlrs I. Ohrcnstein, C. S.

B. Ot Syracuse, New York Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Molher Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, In Boston, Massachusetts In The Princess Theatre 313 Fourth Street MONDAY NOON, FEB. 21 at. o'clock The Public Is Cordially Invited secretary and has been very active in the work for a number Ballon, 1 407 Forty-first street. Hnshnnds of the members will of vears.

having served on a be guests. Third division of Westminster auxiliary will entertain Tuesday afternoon at a Washington birthday party in the church parlors. Mrs. John Fisk, Thirty-sixth street, will hn hosless at a 1 p. luncheon Wednesday, en-teinlalnliig the members of riivl- number of important committees as well as having held executive Frnm Literary Clubs office.

Professional Women to Meet at Register Plant Mr. and Mrs. Frank F.mniUp will entertain the members or tne Commak club st a George Washington party Thursday evening in their home, 1 407 Mondamin nv-iiue. Twelve couples will participate. Mrs II tt Cory will be hosless Bx of tbe First Methodist Thursday to the members of To church.

Thn assisting liontesses sure now bctore mm. Include Mesdames Kead. day's club. During the afternoon jlltlo, Mnthls and D. C.

Molt. This evening in the third floor conference room at The Register and Tribune building the Professional Women's league will meet tbe group will study tne me on Giovanni Verga, the novelist. There will also lie ft review, Jolly 23 club will meet for 1 Mm, Scott C. Pldgeon, 130 m. illlicneon runrauitj i New Younker tearooms.

Mem Fortv-tourth street, will be host-1 ess lit alp. m. luncheon lomnr-. with Miss Blanche Wingate as hostess and program leader. Following the business meeting at 7:30 p.

a program presented bv heads of the various depart fl str chapman lncludlnK Mrs McLaughlin. Washington; f8SeCwaU Naylo'r, Clear Mrs. 0. R. Woodhouse lion; Mrs.

Kugene Henely in ell; Mrs. Oliver James, In er-et; Mrs. C. P. Bowen.

enter-vine- Mrs. Edward F. Bilnarz, W. Emmetsburg, and Miss Catherine Brown, Sioux City, will contir with their respective county chair-men. Also from 11 until l-" vision and committee chairmen will meet with their committee Truncheon to be served In Hotel Fort Des i Moines bal-IVrnom from 12 until 1:30 p.

m. will he followed by a Joint board mid committee meeting. Report of Contests. Jolly 23 Club Meets Wednesday. The Jollv 2J1 club will meet for 1 o'clock lujicheon Wednesday at the New Vounker tearooms.

Roll call at the meeting will be responded to by quotations from Lincoln and Washington. Hostesses at the meeting will be Mrs. Ben S. Harrison, George L. Bar-quist and Mrs.

E. Welshnar. "House by the Medlar iree. Review club members will meet Wednesday with Mrs. F.

J. Long, 1728 Oakland avenue. The afternoon's program will be In rharge of Mrs.Eugene Cutler, Mrs. C. 0.

Hunter and Mrs. Crom Bowcn. Mrs. Lonls Crampon will be hostess Thursday to the members ot the Worthy club. row, to the members ot the' Friable club.

Aylwyn club will hold Its February meeting at 7:30 p. Tuesday with Miss Persia M. Bowen, 5115 Grand avenue. The hosless will he assisted by Miss Essie Whirry. "Travel in Turkey," will be the evening's topic, wllh bers will answer to rou can mm Lincoln or Washington quotations.

Mesdames Ben S. Harrison and Ernest Welsharr will be hostesses. -f- -7-' ''T- Mrs. John Ruvane will bo hostess Tnursday to the members of ihe Social Bridge club. The group will meet at 1 p.

m. for luncheon in the Harris-Emery tearoom, followed by an afternoon of bridge. D. A. R.

Officers Honored at Party Miss Harriet Lake of Independence, and Miss Amy Gilbert Vlopla club will meet with Mrs. O. JO. Courtright. ments will be given and al.

the close' the club will be shown through the entire plant. Richard Smith Held Birthday Party Richard Smith, son nf Mr, and Mrs. Harold L. Smith, 1001 Thlrtv-sevenlh street, celebrated his sixth birthday with a number of his playmates from llub-bell school. Attending the parly were Harry Snyder, Mnxlna Vail rier Linden.

Dorothy Benjamin, Howard Holhrook, Elen nnd Ma-rllee Sherlock, Ross Swain, Jack and Elsie Nutt, Bobbie Metier, discussions to be led by Miss Mary Nell Nelherciitl. The devotional program Is In charge ot Miss Jessie Altchlson. Croup six of Plymouth Congregational chun-h will meet, Friday with Mrs. 11. A.

Bryan. 634 Waterbury circle. Mrs. George B. Rex will assist Ihe hostess.

Mesdames J. Roy Capps, Harry M. Harris and Drlng I). Needham Mrs. L.

R. Robinson of Arcadian Manor, will be hostess Jo the Hv Low club at 12:30 luncheon today. Club members are the Mesdames Irwin Klaker, rod Tavlor. Will Smock, Will Jaeger, Chrence Sword. Ora Hall, crank Foley, Jack Newman, Maynio Bart'hnltnew, Margaret rowel and One of the most outstanding "leading women" of the dramatic stock stage Hazel Shannon has been engaged as GUEST STAR BY RALPH BELLAMY PLAYERS at the PRINCESS THEATRE opening her engagement Feb.

27 in "The Gorilla" of Stale Center, who are spanning the winter in Des Mo.nes, were guests of honor at an afternoon party Saturday. The affair was given by Airs. Charles I. Clarke, Mrs. George A.

Wells and Mrs. E. L. Hogue at, the Clarke home. Miss Lake is a past national officer of the D.

A. R. nasi sintB regent of the Iowa Mrs. C. K.

Tnompson will have charge ot the lesson on "Books." Betlv Patterson will be hostess TiiesdBV to the I). S. C. club members. Miss Patterson will be assisted bv Faye Granger.

The meeting topic will be "Literature," wllh discussions lead by Clara Jennings and Margaret Broad. Mrs. L. Adams will en-tnrtnin the Current History club Wells Imnson. Betty Llndsey, Reports of several contests sponsored this season will be tiired at this session, Pearl Bennett Broxam, Maquoketa, speaking on behalf of the play proj 1 c-(ion contest, Mrs.

Frank P. Hoffman of Ottumwa for the Iowa song contest and Miss Blanche Wingate for the press exhibit contest. Broxam will also speak concerning the biennial program. Mrs. B.

B. Clark of Red Oak will give a report of the Iowa club history, Mrs. George Cosson for the department of legislation ana Mrs. H. W.

Spaulding for he American Homes congress. Mrs. II. S. Vincent of Fort Dodge will speak in regard to conservation, Mrs.

Lillian Clark Cary of Du car; Mrs. Robinson, Qui Vlvet cllnb meets today Willi Mrs. Will 11. Harrison, 80S) Fortieth Mrs. Charles E.

Rlsser, secre-nf missionary education, 37 rijnuot I Pti-CONTINUpUS II Ph Cmim lo Our I'otiulnr MhIk. society. Miss Gilbert is vice president gpneral for Iowa for National Daughters of the American Revolution. Mrs. C.

G. Saunders ot Council Bluffs and Mrs. irank Thrall of Ottumwa, former state board members, who were guests of Mrs. Clarke over the week end, mother with Mrs. Llnl Suther TOIIAY, Tt 1IU VVUDNKMlVV members at ft luncheon party today.

Mrs. F. F. FavlUe will lead the afternoon meeting on "Alaska." Forum Delphian chapter wlli meet at 9:30 a. m.

Wednesday at ii.i Hps Moines. There will address the Clifton Heights Christian Endeavor society this evening at p. m. today on Mary Louise Young, Mary and Bohbv Cramer, Gretchen Haynes, and the host's baby sister, Shirley. Farewell Dinner Honors Mr.

and Mrs. Stolte In farewell compliment to Mr. and Mrs. A. G.

Stolte, who are leaving soon to locate in Omaha, officers and managers of the A. H. Blank Enterprises gave a dinner Friday In the New Younker tearooms. Dancing followed at the Stolte home, 1223 Forty-seventh street. land ot Sioux Falls, S.

who is the subject "Templed Hills. will be a walking rehearsal ot Vaudeville, Ni'ii'e Hid Pepper hokkmTn AM KS KhNM IIV thbJnaovkv? Toby Wilson Company in 'Oh Henry' I'liolnpltiy "Wolf's Clothing" vinrrlni MONTH HLl'K Tutor lliilh Yllllrr The. romantic atlvrnture nf a iilmny guard if a ite.ieli girl. visiting the Misses wargarei ana Anne Cummins, were non-resident guests. About thirty participated in the affair.

PERSONALS rinern's "The Second Airs, tan queray. SYWKtS Cues tovn Miss Elizabeth Weeks Westover club will visit, the state historical building today, In place ot holding Its regular mect- WESTERN UNION 1MN I wan Tiler" Ladies of Orient Will tM unlet in Mrs. Sara Blala Cohen, yesterday evening, left for Chicago where she will read two plays. "The Great God Brown" and "The Bride of the Lamb" before two women's club groups on the north shore todny and tomorrow. She will return to Des Moines the 1 a tnr no rt nf this week.

mt tfi4kafrt nmhnttnth rtei in the eJdre Install New Chapter Wirt 4 buque for Iowa History ween. Other reports will be made concerning illiteracy, parent education through child study, federation extension through the garden committee. The concluding event of the day will be a dinner to be given at the hotel In compliment to Mrs. John D. Sherman, president of the General Federation or Women's Clubs, who will he In the city to attend all sessions of the American Homes congress.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ross Sf Celebrate Anniversary The forty-ninth wedding annl- Vpraar nf Mr nnrl Mrs. Walter Ij. I Monday club will have "Phll-anthrnphy" for Its subject hi the city library.

Miss Mlznah Zuana. No. 29, Ladles I. lUWIMJU) TltO. CI.

Rk'JUIi UTwIt Bld, lh nd Grnd, MoinM. lo. of the Orient, will go to Creston Saturday to Install a new chapter Wrleht will be the Miss Doris Forbes of Jeffer Weds G. L. Strayer, Jr.

Miss Elizabeth Weeks, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Nathan H. Weeks, 2718 Indlanola road, and Mr. George L.

Strayer, son of Mr. and Mrs. George L. Strayer, 902 Twentv-fourth street, were married at 1 p. m.

yesterday In a nulet service at the study nf the Rev. H. .1. Adlard, pastor of the First Unitarian church. Mrs.

Straver was attended by her sister, Miss Katherine Weeks and Mr. Francis Cackier attend there. Mrs. rrancis jiougias or IStMFib. 19 MS- 11 Boston, supreme asheyl.

will he present. son, spent the week end at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house while she was in the city attending the national convention of iM Mn Cnnima sorority of which CBI31 35 U.w York It. T. A nmiormed patrol, directed hy Mrs. Hazel Cunningham, great ashayl; Lillian Garrison, COLISEUM TONIGHT LONDON HIPPODROME 3 RING CIRCUS Doors Open at 7 Show Starts at 8 nf rerenn was ob Mr Straver.

me service whs read in the presence of the Im MUCrffl THTATRH OT Wis TOO OA KOW Dr.Flr.jmY AKSOUKCS FJLUL tWW) AS OW.nT FT At! PHt KA" ARPAFOKD TO LFAVF. YCFH, IF TJKF TO 0FIS tlTH U8 IF TBI 0CP1LLA PlXFOflB FIL1.AKT mediate families ana inumuie leader. Assisting Miss Wright will be Mesdames O. O. Roe, W.

O. Smoiise, K. F. Whitney and Frank Armstrong. Prlscllla club will meet at the Hariis-Eniery tearoom for a 12-30 p.

m. luncheon Tuesday. Mrs. F. W.

Mutchler will he tbe hostess. A business meeting will be held at 2 p. m. Forum club will meet today for a patriotic luncheon in tbe Harris-Emery tearoom. Mrs.

w. Wilson will give a discussion on the book, "A Romance of Fifty" by Rheta Chllde Dore. riiio riulre club meets with she Is a member. Miss Forbes was president of Gamma chapter at Drake lust year. Mrs.

A. S. Schleslnger, 17,40 West Eighth street, has returned from a two months' visit with her daughter, Mrs. Boris I'etroff, In New York. Mrs.

J. E. Tone and son, J. Fj are stopping at the Chalfonte-Haddon hall, Atlantic Citv, N. J.

Mr. H. Hlotckv has re friends. queen; Zona Ituford, past, and Adah Brown, captain, will Initiate the class. Creston members will entertain the visitors at a 6 p.

m. dinner, Turner Faimly Honored at Surprise Party Mr. and Mrs. Jack Turner, and children, Robert and Madge, 2H20 The bride is a graauaie oi TA'ooi Hieh school and has at tended Drake university for the 1 past three years. ir.

aiiayei nf Knst Hieh school and turn f-omnWoll is employed wu Baking company. They will make mmm turned to her home In the Commodore hotel after spending some time visillng In Chicago. served Saturday with the annual anniversary dinner at the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stingley, 1427 Thirteenth street.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross have been prominent residents of Green county for the last forty years. They were married at Waukee, Feb. 19, 1878 and are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are living.

Friends Give Farewell for Mr. M. H. Hargrave A group of friends entertained at a picnic dinner Friday evening at the M. II.

Hargrave home, 112 Glen. View drive, honoring Mr. Des Moines their home. Mrs. George Barlow, 1510 Ihlrty-first street, for a picnic luncheon and hard times party.

Fortieth street, returned tne urst of the week from a six months' sojourn In the south. Thursday evening the Turner family were surprised at a party, given hy friends. During the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Turner told of their recent trip.

A bridge game followed. M. Laner nas neen coniint-u his bed in the Commodore hotel for the last week. George Duffleld left Friday for a business trip to Chicago and DES MOINES GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT fniillnl thou! are, aUraiH tnrrmoit in Ihe wimlt of vim are terkinu ihe best in amusement, Mrs. Dlllmer Goods and Mrs Milwaukee.

rs .1 Sheuerman 91 l.esllp Shaw will lie 301111 TV. Mrs. George Cosson Calls Group to Meet Mrs. George Cosson, chairman of the legislative Jsroup of the Iowa Federation of Women Clubs, has called a meetlng-of the members for 3:30 p. m.

Thursday, in the Harrls-tmery tearoom. Legislative Group of League Called to Meet fc to hrrril MM ApiilnmlrH Miscellaneous Events of Social Inlereil Hargrave. who left Saturday to locate in Omaha, where he will be Joined at the close of Bchool by Mrs. Harcrave and children. tri.fic ctrir Keeping that Schoolgirl DOVE iXU A miijhly flmil nt mother line nnd mm a nee, that's snrefl-ing the tnun.

Bridge formed the after dinner diversions. Participating w-ere Messrs. and Mesdames B. Rees rt rir in'iirr Dr. Mae Habenicht has called Mrs.

Morris Mendelssohn, 5200 Shrlver avenue. Is planning a series of bridge luncheons. The first one will be held at the Harris-Emery tearoom (thls noon. Mrs. Complexion a meeting of tne fur a mlttee members Jack Beardsley, It.

J. Twitchell. Bradlev Mahanna, Rex Fowler, Everett Thompson, Miss Virginia Eddy and Mr. Ralph Teterson, 9" I Thrr In ft rn- IV "1. en me trtv, 1 I the InMniatn I I of the I Koin- today at the H.

m. luncneon i i. tearoom. Menoeissonn win emeriuiu av uei home Wednesday. II By V1LMA BANKY UtsW mm lD8D Mrs.

R. Fred Throckmorton, 1149 Twenty-third street, will be hostess to the members of the Co lonial Glee club at a onocg luncheon and Washington birth day party at her home tomorrow. Residents of Harrington Apartments Entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harry V.

Smith assisted bv Mr. and Mrs. Harry roe Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuhns and Mr.

and Mrs. Arthur H. Corning, will give a dinner party this evening in the billiard room of thn Harrington apart eagiie president. Mr, Knutson of Clear Lake, will be ln attendance. Postnuptial Surprise Honors Newlyweds Mr.

snd Mrs. Harry Shropshire, whose marriage took piac Feb 9. were surprised by a group of friends Friday evening home, 903 Arthur avem.e he affair serving as a postnuptial cour teB?" nrpsented Aftt just annther Fire, pieture It Nun 1 I'll Y'I'll I Mi knt wttHl Ih firm! pli-lnri. n.lslillr-inir.1 folk "HI II" unit lotr r.prf mlniile ot solely for ONE purpose, to protect the skin. iiu i.oIh Gustin wilt entertain on Ihe, tlage.

TopAY.k. Beware of using any but true complexion soap on face THE modern way to beauty starts with skin cleanliness; with neyer letting powder, fonge or make-up nnr ikm over ntejht joiiv mi iiihv the members of the Slgrn Phi Theta sorority tonight at her home, 1532 Sixth avenue. tkl rr.l-hl.Miilril 'Vy, FIRST SHOW AT 11 A. imth si siiuh THE BOOK ments complimentary to residents Palmolive i the most widely urged soap in the world today lor complexion use. In Faris it is supplanting domestic soaps.

For true skin beauty, get Palmolive jday. Cleanse the skin with its oi tne Harrington, wnose umu days are in February. Zeta Tati Alpha aluiriae will meet with Mrs. Cedrlc Fegtly, 3841 Third street, at 2 p. m.

Sat OF UKLAIV13 Jinn' That means cartfol washing with soap and water regularly. ti ure voa use only a true Finis Idleman Class A gut oi but. the guests of honor 8. I Fosnot and Mrs A. were In charge of the affair ana the other participants were Messrs.

and Mesdames I. H. Bar AA pot John LunninK 'rn rht Ml IVIor I. Plans Colonial Party BLACK BOTTOM Mrs. A.

Downing. 1Z46 xs.iiij.TM. hmm SS. JBNUCofVey7Andrew Jlrott, Elmer Eckburg. George Frlnk.

balmy olive and paim lamrr irK-larly, and particularly at bedtime every night. Do that for one week. Note how much better vour skin. Costs but 10c a cake. Take care that you get the genuine Palmolive.

Green soaps repreienttd as of olive and palm oils are not the same. They are but rmAt imitations. The Palmohve- Wilnedav SVTIIIi i ii (i'i'em im) most hum; wv Wh.n Tbr'ii Thrill Wllh K'rv Tirk lh Clork SFVAS (OMF.IIY urday. Liberty lodge. No.

Degree of Honor Protective association, meets at ft p. m. Thursday In the I O. O. F.

hall. A social hour will follow the meeting. St. Aiigustin's parish will hold Its annual reception at the Commodore hotel. Feb.

28. Tharseo club members will entertain at a p. m. dinner Sat- rmfl 7 nl I'. Charles C.eissinge.

complexion soap for that purpose. Be sure it is a bcauiy soap. Before Falmolive Soap was perfected, women were told "use no soap on your faces." SAaps then were judged too harsh. This soap creation largely changed the akin care of the world. Made of Uue cosmetic oils, made ROAIM TIa U)IS WII.SOV RICARIK) fORTKJB Forty-sixth street, will open her home Fridar to members of the Finis Idleman class of Centra Church of Christ for, a colonial luncheon followed by a program.

The guests will be attired In old fashioned gowns and each -will brine some family heirloom, wnlrn will be on exhibit during the afternoon. Assisting hostesses will he Urs, Joe Meyer, Mrs. C. M. Ken- ARTISTS (t STAGK Came Hrlnr fin 'W, Feet Co, Chicago, U.S.A.

Tew and daughter,.

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