The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1968 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1968
Page 9
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10-Algona la.) Upper Det Moinct Tuesday, Jan. 9, The H,i\liin!lflB DjRJEr ^candid \column PEARSON'S and revealing WASfflNGTON - The communists in Southeast Asia are putting the Vietnam doves in the U. S. and other countries on the spot. With the doves denying that the United States has vital interests in the area, and claiming that the Vietnam war is actually a civil war in which we should not be involved, Hanoi and Peking seem to be doing their best to prove the opposite — just in time to complicate the U. S. election campaign of 1968. ^Even before military action was stepped up last week, North Vietnam had 30,000 troops in Laos engaged in military action against the forces of the legitimate Laotian government. Hanoi also has agitators and guerillas in both Thailand and Cambodia. Two of Cambodia's northern provinces are virtually under North Vietnamese control. Peking and Hanoi are also supporting insurrection in Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines. Gen. Ne Win in Burma and Prince Sihanouk in Cambodia have gone as far as they could to placate Peking without becoming outright communist puppets. Yet Burma is under savage propaganda bombardment from Peking, and Sihanouk has complained bitterly over communist subversion. The Red Chinese also have made public announcements that Thailand is their next target. Already, the communists have organized three separate insurrections inside Thailand, and communist guerrillas are now intimidating village officials, government teachers and government militiamen exactly as they did in South Vietnam in earlier years. Four Thai provinces have been forced to bring in military administrators. In one province, night curfews have been imposed. As a result, you can be sure that President Johnson will soon mount a propaganda offensive to show the world what is really happening in Southeast Asia, and serve notice that the United States will block communist expansion, even at the risk of more Vietnams, wherever our help is sought. To this end he will increase the American buildup in Thailand, send more military aid to the Philippines, give support to Indonesia and offer aid to Burma and Cambodia. Simultaneously, and despite the ammunition it will give his political opposition, the President is practically certain to escalate the war in Vietnam — with additional bombing of the north as well as hot pursuit of communist forces across the borders of Cambodia, Laos and perhaps even North Vietnam itself. In short, the President apparently believes that whatever the political consequences to himself and his party in the election, the United States as long as he is President will continue to oppose communist military aggression wherever and whenever it occurs. - o - - UNGRATEFUL GUEST - A few weeks ago the American embassy in Zambia gave a party honoring South African folksinger Miriam Makeba, who has appeared on numerous TV broadcasts in this country. Immediately after the party, she headed straight for Tanzania to appear on the same platform with Stokely Carmichael, where she sang anti-American songs. The rally was so viciously anti- American that 12 American passengers aboard a ship in the port were warned that it would be dangerous for them to go ashore. The American embassy in Zambia, as well as the TV networks, may be more careful in the future about invitations to Miss Makeba. - o - - KENNEDY-JOHNSON CASUALTY - The last member of the Kennedy family serving the Johnson administration may bow out soon. Sargent Shriver, though he has done an excellent job as antipoverty czar, is too much in the middle between the President and the Kennedy family. Both demand complete loyalty. The President no longer is sure he can trust Shriver fully; on the other side, Shriver can't cut his Kennedy ties without getting a divorce — which he isn't about to do. So having won his battle to save the antipoverty program In Congress Sargent Shriver may now resign. Meanwhile, the President has come to detest Bobby Kennedy more than almost anyone, Democrat or Republican. - o- - GOP FIELD NARROWING - It now appears that Gov. George Romney's lingering hopes of getting the GOP nomination are gone. Ex-President Eisenhower'slabel of a man in a panic isn't likely to rub off. As to the other candidates, Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois, though promising originally, has tarred himself with his $100,000 expense fund. Gov. Ronald Reagan of California is too far to the right for the GOPand for a public which includes so many underprivileged voters. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York means it when he says he is not a candidate, and the powers-that-be in his party are not smart enough to pressure him into running. This all points to Richard Nixon being the front-runner when the Republican nominating convention meets next summer. He has a lot of scar tissue but GOPlead- ers trust him as they do no one else. - o -UNFAIR POLITICS - Mayor Paul G. Osborne of New Castle, inc., has a new display on his vail. Ifs a Republican political advertisement with the signature of Lyndon B. Johnson in the margin. The ad was published in order to defeat Mayor Osborne, a Democrat. It showed him riding on a Democratic donkey with LBJ under the caption "Saddle Pals in the Quagmire" together with this voter appeal: "Had enough of gimmick politics, lawlessness and criminal-coddling judges, half-hearted support of our boys in Vietnam, attempts to remove God from our lives, not being able to believe official statements, the White House being a bird house." Mayor Osborne sent the ad to the President with the notation that it was so unfair that the people of New Castle reelected him, plus an all-Democratic city council, even defeating the one Republican incumbent. LBJ autographed the ad and sent it back to Mayor Osborne. - o - - TO RUN OR NOT TO RUN - Gov. Rockefeller may be consistent in denying he is a candidate for President, but he is not consistent regarding the operation of "Independent Citizens for Rockefeller." Early this month the Independent Citizens for Rockefeller circularized Nebraska Republicans, urging them to meet in Omaha. The letter, signed by assistant director Stephen R. Helpera, read: "Independent citizens for Rockefeller was organized to obtain the Republican nomination for Nelson Rockefeller in 1968. We have been working for several months to mobilize and channel the great enthusiasm for him which already exists throughout the country. "We are asking you and fifteen other individuals in the Omaha area who have demonstrated concern for responsible government to join with us in our efforts. I will be at the Commodore Hotel in Omaha from Sunday evening, December 3rd, through Thursday, December 7th. I would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you some evening. If this is convenient, please call me at the hotel. (342-7755)." Officers of the Independent Citizens for Rockefeller are Irvin Barash, Allen Kaye, Robert Muh, and Gilbert Offenhartz. U-Go-l-Go The U-Go-I-Go 4-H club held their Christmas party Dec. 18 at the home of Linda Mauser. Before the meeting and party, the girls went out to the Kossuth county home and gave them cookie plates and sang Christmas carols. Then the girls had their meeting and opened their exchanged gifts. Lunch was served. UPPER DES MOINES WANT ADS WILL SELL ANYTfflNGI .1967 CHEVROLET IMPALA Sport Coupe, 327 engine, overdrive, R & H, black vinyl top with black vinyl interior, white bottom, one owner, near new $2695 1967PONTIAC CATALINA 8, 2-door Sedan, PS Hydramatic, turquoise with matching interior. Sharp $2695 1967 FORD FAIRLANE 500, 2-door Hardtop, 289 Cruisomatic, PS & PB, tint glass, vinyl top, red with matching vinyl lnterior SAVE DOLLARS 1966 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE V-8, standard transmission, radio, heater, whitewalls, big caps. Extra clean $1585 1966 MERCURY PARK LANE S-55, 2-door Hardtop, 428 engine, AT, PS & PB, tint glass, burgundy with black bucket seats, 26,000 miles actual - spare never down $2495 1966 OLDSMOBILE F-85 Cutlass, 4-door Sedan, V-8,AT,PS& PB, red with matching interior, one owner. Sharp $1895 1965 DODGE CORONET 4-door Sedan, 6 cyl., standard transmission, heater. One-owner. 28,000 miles. In showroom condition , $1295 1965 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE Station Wagon, 283, stick, six passenger, R & H, one-owner. White with red interior $1450 1965 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 6, 4-door Sedan, powerglide, R & H, turquoise with matching interior $1475 1965 PLYMOUTH FURY I, 2-door, 6 cyl., standard transmission. One owner. Light blue w/matching interior $1175 1965 CHEVROLET IMPALA 8, 4-door Sedan, powerglide, PS & PB, radio. Turquoise w/matching interior. Like new $1695 1965 PLYMOUTH FURY m, 4-door Sedan, 318 engine, topflight transmission, PS, R & H, white with red interior, one- owner. See to appreciate - sharped around. $1595 1965 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN Station Wagon, 10 passenger, 289 engine, overdrive, R & H, one-owner, new tires. Sharp LESS THAN HALF PRICE 1964 DODGE 330, 9-passenger Station Wagon, 6 cyl., standard transmission, R & H, one-owner. Extra clean $1195 1964 CHEVROLET IMPALA Coupe, V-8, AT & PS, Radio. . . .$1550 1964CHEVELLE MALIBU 4-door Sedan, 6 cyl., standard transmission, radio, heater. Clean one-owner car. Extra nice $1150 1964 FORD FALCON, 2-door, 6 cyl., stick, radio. One-owner $850 1964 BUICK WILDCAT, 4-door Hardtop, PS & PB, black with red interior. One owner .,,...,,,. .$1425 1964 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2-door Hardtop, 6 cyl. engine, automatic transmission, power steering $1095 1964 PLYMOUTH SAVOY 6 cyl., standard transmission, R& H, white with red interior. Clean $950 1964 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 6, 2-door Sedan, standard transmission, R & H. One owner $895 1964 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2-door Hardtop. White with red interior, V-8, AT, PS $1395 1964 FORD CUSTOM 6, 2-door Sedan, R & H, one-owner, white with beige interior. Extra clean $850 1963^ DODGE 330, 2-door Sedan, V-8 engine, standard transmission, radio, heater $785 1963 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2-door Hardtop, 352 V-8 engine, overdrive, R & H, white with red interior $1095 1963 RAMBLER AMERICAN 4-door Sedan, 6 cyl. engine, standard trans., R & H. An economical car and modest cost. . . .$595 1963 FORD GALAXIE 4 door Sedan, 352, overdrive, PS, equal lock rear end, factory air, tint glass. NICE $895 1962 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE 4-door, V-8, automatic transmission, radio, heater. Cream puff. • $550 1962 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4-door Sedan, V-8, R & H, one- owner, turquoise and matching Interior. SHARP. 1962 FALCON SQUIRE Station Wagon, 6 cyl., automatic, R & H, chrome top carrier and mohogany wood side, vinyl Interior, 50, 000 miles. NICE $795 1961 CADILLAC DEVILLE 4-door Hardtop, 6 windows, PS & PB • $950 1961 CHEVROLET BEL AIR, V-8, AT, 4-door Sedan, R & H gray with matching interior $595 1960 MODELS I960 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 6 cyl., stick, R & H, new paint, runs good . . .$450 I960 THUNDERBIRD 2-door Hardtop, PS & PB, R & H, black vinyl interior. Luxury at modest cost $550 PICKUPS AND TRUCKS 1965 CMC 1/2-ton Pickup, 6 cyl., 3-speed, long wide box, overloads, 6-ply tiresonrear $1395 1966 DODGE D-200, 3/4-ton, 6 cyl., torqueflite, new mud and snow tlres $1495 1965 CMC 3/4-ton Pickup, V-6 engine, 4-speed, long box, heavy duty and overload springs, 6-ply rubber $1595 KRAUSE AUTO

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