The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY,_ DECEMBER_6,J93p_ JLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK!)' COURIER_NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor first insertion .and one cent a word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count tho words and send the cash. Phono 30G FOR SALE FOR SALE—Ca'e worth 5300.00. $75.00 Cash will buy, owner go- !ll3 to Rio Grand Valley, Texas. 407 West Asl) '6trcot. • 3P-KU FOR SALE—Two Walker hounds, t-vo and five years oM, One trained en deer, oilier partly tvaln. cd. Both for $7a. W. M. Taylor Kclscr, Ark. 2P-K1I FOB BALE—Fire insurance agency, pays ?200 to $250 monthly. Larj- csl company .in worlo* Terms if desired." Address "B", ft Courier News. 4P-K11 FOR son Davis, SALE— Variety of : — ICe per copy. popular 150 'E. C-K-10 FOE SALE—Dodge Sedan, excellent condition, 5 practically new tires, 1930 license, way below value, $175. Phcne 52, Mrs. Rosa Mills. CP-KIO FOR RENT- FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping, 700 Walnut Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnut 24C-K8 FOR. RENT—Furnished apartment garaga. 305 Dougan. 5p-kl3 FOR RENT—Two rooms, furnished for light hous2keeping, 025 Walnut Bt., Phone 521. Mrs. S. P cavendar. . K3-Tr FURNISHED APARTMENT fo: rent—E. Davis. Ave. Nice littler apartment at SW.OO month. Thoma: Land Co. I Beautiful residence out east, al conveniences. One of pretties homes in county. $35.00 rent Thomas Land Co. 3C-K3 FOU RENT—Five-room house am bath, newly decoraU-d and nice ly furnished.' Servants house garage. 1306 Chlck'asawba. Ca: 83 or 280. c-k- 1 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. 1 Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF WANTED—Two men of ladies to .work "in established territory. Write Mr. Rogers, No. 2 Sturdevanl 1 "-'-BaBlf>Bldg^ Cape rOirardeau,, Mo 4 1 '^ 2p-k3 WANTED—To trade Oldsmobile Sedan for good radio. Roberts Garage, Broadway. 5C-K12 WANTED—Lady to call on homes. Good wages to right party. Apply at once. 535 North Sixth St. 6P-KO IN THB CHANCERY COURT .OF CHICKASAWBA, DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. State of, Arkansas, Plaintiff, No. 41C2 vs. Delinquent Lands, Dillard & Coffin Company, Clear Lake School District No. 4, S. W. Warren, Cale Bradford, Warrell Bradford, James. Hicks, Curtis Bradford Jesse Hicks, mid Louis Hicks Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendants, S. W. Warren Cale Bradford, Warrell Bradford, James Hicks, Curtis Bradford, Jesse Hicks rtnd I/mis Hicks, are warned to appear In the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County Chancery Court within thirty days and answer the cross-complaint of the defendants, Dillard & Coflin Company nnd Clear Lake School District No. 4. Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court, and the seal thereof, on > this 15th day of November, 1330. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. 15-22-23-6 ANNE THE BLACK PIGEON 'THE AVENGING PMJROT* "MURDEB BACKSTOPS' IlKlil.V HfMK TODAY In" "NllifullilP lfc? Hiurdrr nf .U'A.MTA Xlil. 1)1 in » brlilKr lilir'l tW.VMl- mi.MJHlf tiri)i-r» ll«- rr|il:i)lim <if tkr "Jrnlli Lnu<!.- ')•[•:.% M' rilAIN. KAIIliN UAH. KIIAI.I. an<l, CAIIOI.YN IIIIAKIi rlny Ibr hlind, Mia t.tvlDK lircn "dummy.*' .ll^DCr. .llAIISIMl.lj nnJ J01IX D'l.VKK. rumliiK peli'Hraleljr. »rnv tin uae SI'U.UIUU. rnwlnc from Ibc Im* mm.- III 1l>r <llulnR muni M'llh JA.VUT llADtOMI, wlm wan im Ilif Ircnil imrrli. .Inncl ni-runri M'H-t- Chi- mntd, uf Ibe iuurcU-r. liri-iiuir I. »!!< HUM.AI*. In Ihe illnliu rutim »Tllli TllACKV JJil.K*. hild 10 rlnc twice for her. l.l'illa »n>jt Bin. «:t« :i«lrn> trniii Iftr f^'reCK nf nn mic«lbell.-. and fliiil «llf did nut lii> l"lu MI.VB mum. ll'nnilff lhlnk> «b» 1< IjttxB \\l-.vlt «hi- Kt)>K *hr *n»' DM Our. S|:r::iiUr *.1>» '" knew Mta «' tlir AMllmolU SludEim In .\nv V.irti. mill llllf >li<- • lICK'-'I'-d !lc ,-rl Hit- riililrnrt for n Iliinilltu,! cii.vlr. lilnlim'd !)>• tli« llliamlicr uf ^ l f p. ihindrr irll* Itio nil-.,- Mil mil- l<r:}ril tillli II Jlmliu Nllvii •Hie flli'Ct "I Ilirar .Eroup thnl. :l Jilli't. II Cllli ftr ""» uni-d. "i,fd» l> ••- cav The Territory of Wisconsin was ndmitetd into the Union as the State of Wisconsin in 1848. Do not delay to pay I'AVING AND SEWEK TAXES Dee. 31sl is the last Day. Pay today and avoid the riis'.i. G. G. CAliDIU,, Collector. HAY Quo bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 68c bu. Shuck o(T, R6c per bu., in car lots. , Cotton st.itos Sales Co., Inc.' Bljthevllle, Ark. I'hor.c 174 or LD 1603. i'AVING TAX Tune In pay Paving: Taxes is icUiiR short. The penally is :ou hi~h for anyone to neglect Winjf before the books Close- Belter F.iy Now— C. J. EVRARD. Why Pay Jiorc Than Half Price For Auto Parts? JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main phmie G(j M>W uo UN WITH Tim s'l CHAl'TEll XVI AS DKter btirasuc bad glibly am plausibly explained away every Sinister aspect of tbe note lie ha' written to Nita Esllm that day— tlie note whtcli flora Miles a< milted having stolen and rend I Her hostess' clothes 'closet just be fore the murder was committed— Special Investigator Dundee wa recalling with verbatim vividness Ills argument with Captain Strawn .it the homicide sqwul •immediately r.ttcr his arrival into tha house o( riolcnt death. He had said then: "The person v.-ho Killed Nils Selim was so well knun-u to her. and his—or her— prc-itnco In Ibis room so nalurnl a tiling tliat she paid no attention to Ills—or her—movements and was concentrating on the job of powdering her very prntty face." And ho had said further, in fsce tit the di3.ipjcarance o! the gun and In explanalion-of the fact that all 12 o! these people had immediately protested to Strawn tbat they had heard no siloti "Tins was a premeditated murder, of course. The Maxim, silencer jmlpsi they arc all lylng^ abo^t not ^fifaS'lifg ' a 'shot—proves --that • Silencers are damned hard to -gel hold of, 'but puoplo with plenty o! ranney can manage most : things.' And aa Dexter Spraguc ha( talked on, more an,d more, glibly Dundee had suddenly found an ei ptonr.lion wliicb fitted bis own ar o wondered, naively, It ho were erliaiis gifted wllh clairvoyance Of all these 12 people, wbom be ad questioned so relentlessly, only lextcr Spraguo couU easily have, oiiio Into possession el a Maxim ilcncer. Ho had dilated proudly pou the fact that lie bad been an sslsiant director at tlia AHamoat >tudlos on Long* Island. And the AHamoiit company had recently finished making a series of "under- vorld" molion pictures — crook .rainas featuring gunmen with 'rods" made eerily noiseless' b; iilcncers. 1)IT of information' h« tad picked up in a motion picture nagazlne hail hurtled Into the log- cal chain-of Uuniloe'a reasoning; issistnnt directors wcro In qharga of "props"; it wns tliijlr business to sec that no article needed for the production of a picture was lost or missing when the director needed t. Dexter Sprague hm) said that he had "drooped everything" to come when Nlta Selim wi-ote him of the Chamber of (Jomracrcs ect to' maVo a "booster" movie o! Hamilton. Perhaps ho Jiotf dropped, everything. But—had-ho liesitated long enough to pick up a Maxim silencer and n btunt/nosed auto matlc? And was tho "row" which Sprague had been ao glibly explaining away an ancient one—a row to o( standing together wliateror happened, but thot their eyes, not meet- og at all, became eecrct, calculat- ng, afralO. , . .'• "Sir!" Judg« Marshall began pompously, < wheu he had planted ilmaeK squsrely bcfort the young detective, "It jliall never bo said of me that I hare tried, even In the slightest way, to hamper, tho course ol justice." "I *m iuro of tliftt, Jud(o Marshall," Dundee, replied courteously, nit bis pultcs'werc hammering. Wliat, in Uod'e asme. did till) IODE- winded, pompous old fool hare to tell him? . . . "You Uaye, some information you believe may b* TtU- uablo, Judge?" "I do not believe it will If it aU valuable, glr. On the contrary." the old mau retorted Indignantly. "But to suppress the fact it thli juncture; might lead to grave mtsunderttand Iuss later, when It InerUably came to light. So, sir, It IB m? duty, to Inform you that 1 njrj«!f o Colt's .33, ai -w«U u t, JJailra silencer." , • • •" •vrrHATi 1 ' Dundee exclaimed In crodulouEly, Ho was con scions tiiat. behind blm. Captain Strawn wag getting to his l«et . . "Tliere Is no need to get out you . .inilcufi's, Captain Strawn!' 1 Judgi Mnrshall warned, him majestically "I assure you that I hava not Tlc- M .0 fail. Several of us • became ulte expert with revolver oml Be. Mrt Drake"—and 'h* nuitilcd ownrd tho h/uker, who'lnslniitly Yorled lite eyes—"coi:cpl»ed tho dea ot practicing the-draw.froiu- s»-hli) sort'ot revolver •hooting—' b« kind one BCCS In Wild West movies, you know—". "1 lliipk you might ndd, Huso." )r»ke cut lu angrily, "tliat 1 Imil u. mlud llio hope ot being able to Uct the bouk lu case ol a holdup," "And lb<j Blleiivci', Judgo M^r- balir Caplalu Slrawn prodded. Judge Marshall flushed, and Ilii- ;erod Die end ot a waned' mustaclie. guiucnt with ileadly that, when Nlta Selim had refused to heepV. hla written warn- Ir^'. her murderibecitme.necesmr.v! It was with all this in m' ' that Donnt" Dundee flung his challenge: "I must conclude that you arc all t'ing or that Niti Selim was killed 'ilii a gun equipped with B Vaxlm ilcucer.'\ '••.'" • Ann' : -. ;s, terrible with their c;..rand that the weakling should reak and confess,:wefp upo^'i Doxer Sprague. But Sprague'did 1 not rcak. He stared back blankly.... If tits eyes find his attention had nclutlcd the whole group it is pos- iiile that what happened would not ave taken Dundee so"completely y surprise. He-bad p'aid little at- enllou to a sort of.concerted gasp, a. slight movement among the group arthest from him. Bjit not even his Intense concen^ tratfon iii>en Spi-ague could urovcnt its' hearing Karen Marshall's child ish voice, tremulous with fear: "No, no. Hugo! Don't—don't!' Ha whirled from Spraguo in time to sec Judge Marshall dlsen gaging his arm from his young wife's clinging fingers, to note with profound astonishment, .tha J.ohn.U. Drake,.,bankjr,- was stepping hastily" aside^so"thaV not even his coat sleeve might be brushed by the advancing figure of Ihi elderly, retired judge. And befon Judge iMarsliall had time to speak Dundee, saw tliat a blight ha touched, at last, the solid friend ship ot the women; that they d!> lated the Sullivan law. Even judge, actiie and retired, la tntltle to a permit to carry a weapon, am long ago" availed myself of'tbe perfection tha not look at ea-'i other with tbat air rlvllege. Nor am J about to confession ol murderl" "Thero ain't no permit, BO far as know, Judge," Strawn growled, for any man, wboorer he ta»y be, o tote a gun with a silencer on it" Karen Marshall was crying now, vlth tbe abandoned grief, of a ictted child. "Granted, Captain!" Judga Mar- ihall snapped: "But it bappena tbat : do not 'tote' my gun with, the illcncer on it. 11 It interests you. may as well explain that ! came by the silencer several years,ago, when I was on tho bench. A DO' torious gunman, on trial for iniir der here, and acquitted by a feeble- Ellcucor, sir, was i)iy dca. You sec, sir, wo nrc forluniiio enoueh to be tha parents of an lu- Tint BOH. Ho was jiul a month old shen I painted a bull's eye upon the brick wall ot our back garden in,d Invited our friends to pursue :b«lr fnd as our guests. Tbe shooting awakened tho Imby so fre- quenliy that Karen-Mrs. Marslinll —dug up the silencer, vdiic,li 1 bad sbowu her »9 n memento ol my career on the bench. Thereafter wo conimcd our practice almost ciciu- ilvely to duwlnti from Hie hip and shooting without sighting. It If to eight witli a Kim equipped wlth-Bi flilfilicer, you IEUOV?. since tho . silencer • covers tht slglitcr ou tho barrel." » • • 441T sura do*f," Strawn travleil. ^ "So every last one ol you folks bad a good deal of this tort of practice, 1 take, it?" . Judco' Marshall gbnccd about tho room, as It bo could not recall tho taco of everyone present. \ "Yes, all ol u's-^except Mr. Sproguo and-- Penny, my dear, did you loin us at all?" The girl who had once been In on qrery «port snd pav.ty that thla crowd ot Hdmlltou'B socially-elect Indulged 1n r but who was now earn- Ing her llrlng as secretary to Dts trlct Attorney Sanderson, flushed painful rqd. "No, Hugo, i—I'lmvo' to Blny with mother on'Sunday mornings you know." . • . • "Your target practice was a Sun minded jury, made me a present ot :he very silencer ho had used to kill bis victim—an ironic gesture, a gesture ol supreme insolence, but an entirely safe gesture, since he well' knew tbiit a man once ac-. quitted ot a crime cannot bo tried again for that crime," "So you kept tha silencer as a curiosity', Judge Marshall?" Dundee Interrupted the pompous flow rhetoric. / . ' . . "For rs—yes." the ex-judge answered, tbeu bis face .went yol- low and very old. "As I told.ypu just now, I will withhold no fact that may be of any pertine_nca whatever. . . . About two" mi ago—in March, I believe—our little group hero took up target shooting day morning diversion then, Juilgo Marshall?" Dundee asked. "Yes. We usually have ail hour of tbe sport — between 11 nnd noon on Sundays. Wo'vo b«cn bavins sort OUR BOARDING IIOtiSE AMOS, MV BGOK-?AMK ; LIP ALL SfeAR A/a 1 iVe <•• JPOLLAR5 1 \AiifH ! I'M SOlM<5-fo QE-f BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' '• ' A FORUM By Martin New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 6. (UP)-Coton closed steady. • Open High Low Close Dec. new 1040 1040 1036 1033 Dsc. old 1039 1011 1039 1041 Jan. new 1050 1050 1041 1042 Jan. old 10-18 1043 1042 1042n ilarch 1075 '1075 1070 1013 May ____ 1098 10DD 10S4 10S7 July .... 1117 1118 Hit 111G Oct ..... 1134 1135 1131 1133 Spots closed steady at 1050, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. C. tUP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec ..... 1034 1038 1034 1035 Jan ..... 1050 1050 1042 March 1074 1075 1050 May ---- 1094 1100 1092 July .... 1115 1117 1114 Oct ..... 1137 1137 1132 Spots closed steady and uncharged at 1011. 1044 1051 1095 1116 1134 C g C T" £~ 5 "^ 11 ) E fr s < MARY'S ITCI tied to form t'ne crown, which is filled witb sausage. Combination dishes made - with vegetables or cereals and' sausage unusually nre good. Potatoes stuffed with parboiled suasage and the whole baked, sweet potatoes and sausage scalloped together, baked macaroni and sausage, casserole of rice and sausage, sausage In a casing o£ baking ponder biscuit dough, are a few of the many ways it can be used .to give variety to winter menus. Meals _must be carefully planned when sausage is to be the meat. Vegetables must be served that will supply bulk as well as mineral and • By SISTER JIARV NtiA Service Writer One of the'most popular meats during the fall and winter month; is pork sausage. Although any kind of meat can bo made into "sausase" tne word generally signifies pork In this country particularly. Both fat and lean meal are uses in the making of sausage, but never more than one-third as much fat as lean should be used. Link bulk and country sausage all art made from finely chopped pork. The small link sausages make n most attractive garnish for roasi chicken and turkey. Cooked. to crisp brov.'ii. their highly seasoned richness provides a pleasinj contrast to the more delicately flavored fowl. Bulk sausago often is added tc combination dishes to give (lavo- Vcal birds are made more substantial is sausage la added to the dressing used for stuffiing. An excellent "crown" roast of pork usej spare-ribs and saueagc in place ol the mere expensive cut from ths loin. The ribs are shaped and R\6\tt , VOO GONNP, OT.OTOE c-o! Vl\6vVY COMt IM SQtAE W?. l tournament — quitfi sharply competitive— '' "\Yhen did you and your frieuO practice last?" Dundee asked. • "Last Sunday. Tomorrow was to mark Ihe end of tb'o 'tournaineul,' " tua judgo answered. . . , '"And .when did you last see your sun with Its silencer?" Duiideo persisted. . "Lnst Sunday, ot course Why. good Lord!" Marshall cjacu- lated. "/( reus .Yi!u vitamin content. The coarse -flbered j teaspoon salt, 2 ta- winter vegetables are Ideal -for this. blespoons butter, water, are appetizing accompaniments for Mix and silt flour, salt and baking powder. Rub in butter 'and cut, in water to make a. soft dough. Put on a floured molding board and roll with a floured rolling pin into Cut into oblong pieces n little a sheet about one-half inch thick. longer than the sausages and put a sausage in each. Fold edges together and place on an oiled and floured pan. Bake in a moderate oven until a golden brown. Serve with cranberry or apple sauce as soon as removed from oven. pork in any form: Sausage may be baked ui a -hot oven instead of baked on top of the stove. But no matter how it Is cooked, it must be well done. In order to insure thorough cooking without drying out and over-cooking, it is an excellent idea to par-, boil thick sausage first. Be sure to prick the skin in several places to prevent bursting. Sausage TIoHs Two cups flour, 4 teaspoons bak- WORTH SEEING. SORE TMOO61TT I JUST -ms.xi... ISMT A MYTH, LOTSOFTWNSS 60 CNERT! OP THIS IF VWE •*wy, THEY, SAY THAT TlflS SHOSTUliE Hoetss AHO SALUOP STANDIWe OUT DEAD VHIT£ A6A1S1ST.THE BLACKHESS-AVl' Hot A SoOvio COMES THE A TMIW6 HORSE I Hope APS- THE LO.-J D30SMMWG OF HOUSE'S HOOFS !! HORSES HOOFS !! V To BGUEME / WASH TUBIiS HIT OF^SLICK WORK Ml, SENOa, I C(*l MOT KEEP FBOM trtl«WVl& OF VOOR WhTOERFUU 0£tSCO\|6RV. WOT . OF COURSE VOVi (kFFQROTOgVN IT, BUT WSt OUT O' f RAtHosrt\p, I T'STl DON'T ICTCIM SER.EimED. JOLO WN-S SUH-TrtOUdHT IT vJ BUT I f WPvVW TMKED >£M WTO IT t T^KEt) 'EM INTO LETTlNCrXOO ^ dOOPLt O' YQOR MOST tji sgKvH:e,in^'y A V

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