The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1968 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1968
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Entered as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona tipper JWomes JAN. 4, mi • SEr MLBUMMI SECTION EDITOR'S NOTE: This edition of Woman's World is a reprint from the Tuesday, January 3, 19bb issue of the Algona CJpper Des Moines. A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION is a fragile piece of crockery fashioned on the first day of January and usually broken on the second. The best way to keep them is to have a copy locked up in a drawer. Most of us are quite serious when we resolve all these reformations and when we break them we get quite a twinge in the region of the conscience - a rather unpleasant feeling. JUST BECAUSE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS have a pretty good chance of being broken is no reason to keep from making them. The summing up of our faults and the recognition that we need to change have a therapy of their own. But if you tinker with the resolution a little you can make 'em or break 4 em quite painlessly. If you use a negative approach to the new year and make the sort of resolutions I have, you can easily keep as many as you want to. But the real advantage to my new system comes when you break a resolution because you can do this without a single twinge of conscience. In fact, the more you break, the better you feel. * * * I HAVE HERE A FEW SAMPLES of Grace's Negative Resolution System. You can make up your own as you go along and it is also up to you to figure out your own method of breaking them. The first item is, I resolve to stay away from church. Til not go there more than once a month unless it's to some social affair and when the preacher touches upon one of my failings, Til look the other way and think, "He means somebody else, not me." Church attendance might be habit-forming and from it I might get spiritual inspiration, a fresh start for a new week and a sense of belonging to a congregation of people who are trying to live the right way. THIS YEAR I AM RESOLVING to let my kitchen cupboards, closets, and dresser drawers stay messy. Fibber McGee got famous by letting things spew out of his closet every time anyone opened the door and I might get some notoriety that way, also. At least I'm sure my closets are fully as miscellaneous as Fibber McGee's. * * * I RESOLVE TO EXTEND my telephone conversations to at least thirty minutes. That way the other party on our line will get to use the phone hardly at all. I'll phone people up at quarter of twelve, both at noon and in the evening, ask them what's new and I won't identify who's calling. When I have a busy day lined up, Til get on the phone and waste simply hours. Til never hang up when I'm through with the subject I called about, and I'll try to call just when you're giving the baby a bath or shampooing your hair. * * * I'M GOING TO GET MY column up to the UDM late every single Friday morning this year. That's real easy because I can always say the kids forgot to take it or I couldn't think of a subject. Pm going to keep misspelling words, talking about my relatives and bragging when someone says something nice about me. I'm going to leave at least one ingredient out of every recipe. When I hear of an item for Around Algona I'm going to send It in to the paper without ever checking with the person It concerns. * * * DURING 1956 PM NOT GOING TO keep up with my mending. Fresh air Is good for Father's elbows when the sleeves of his work shirts wear out and the kids look charmingly casual when they have a big safety pin in their coats In lieu of a button. I'm not going to take my make-up off when I go to bed, not going to pin-curl my hair between shampoos and Pm not going to clean myself up unless Pm going to a big party. Above all, Pm going to keep Father away from that bath tub! * * * THIS YEAR I RESOLVE TO talk more than I listen. Especially when there's a subject being discussed about which I know absolutely nothing. I'm going to interrupt very rudely, fail to show my appreciation for favors, write no letters and fail to compliment any job that is reasonably well done. Pm going to point out the shortcomings of my friends and overlook their good points. When the opportunity for cattiness comes, I'm going to say it right out loud Instead of merely thinking it. * * * IN 1956 PM GOING TO BE the original "Yes" girl. I'll not say "No" to any decent proposition if it's a job for me to do outside my home and hobby. If anybody needs any envelopes addressed in legible handwriting, any treasurer's work done, campaigns for funds headed, bandages rolled or doorbells rung, Grace is your girl. Especially when the job calls fov talent I do not possess. If nobody calls to solicit my aid, Pll volunteer, and to those people who have turned me down when I was out looking for workers, I will be insistant that they let me help. I have oodles of time, you know — the house and kids run themselves and the only reason I hanker to do more reading, writing and cooking and plain relaxing is to kill time. * * * I AM GOING TO DO a lot of worrying during the coming year. Pm going to fret and fume on all subjects from Atomic Bombs to Zebras getting loose from the zoo. It will put lots of nice wrinkles in my brow and more gray hair In my bangs. Pll really go all out with my worrying when it's over something that can't be helped or something that will never happen. I might be able to develop an ulcer this way or manage a pretty fair nervous breakdown. Then I'll really have worrying material - lots of nice doctor and hospital bills. * * * OTHER NASTY TRAITS on my negative New Year's resolution list are nagging Father, yelling at the kids, kicking at dogs, being mean to elderly ladles and Impertinent to salespeople. Pm going to be extravagant with my money, wasteful in the kitchen and a deadbeat when it comes to paying bills. Pm going to sleep late in the mornings and Pm going to eat until I get positively obese. I am even considering being snappy to my in-laws 1 * * * 1956 IS ALREADY A COUPLE of days old and for once I have kept several of my New Year's resolutions. However, there are quite a few I have already broken, But with my new negative system the crash ol each and every resolve makes me feel real good. Pm going to try to break more of them. GRACE "Begin tee day with prayer and you will end it with praise," Family Of 8 Together First Time In 13 Years For the first time In 13 years the family of Mr. and Mrs. Antone Kardoes of Tltonka were together on Christmas. They were last together in 1954. It also marked only the second time that the family had ever been together. A son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver (Rusty) Kardoes of Titonka were host and hostess for the Christmas Day dinner. Other family members present were Mr. and Mrs. Antone Kardoes, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kardoes and two children of Des Moines, Sgt. and Mrs. Guy McVey (Lavonne) and two children of Del Rio, Texas, Tom Kardoes and friend, Charlotte Seebeck of Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dontje (Velma) and two children and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frericks (Johanna) and two children of Buffalo Center, Mr. and Mrs. William Kardoes and Bob of Cheyenne, Wyo., and Gary Kardoes of Titonka. There are 11 grandchildren, all present also. iiiiiiiiiiinwmmm^^ AROUND ALGONA By RUTH SHIERK MR. AND MRS. Merle Webster spent from Saturday until Tuesday in Des Moines with their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Webster. MRS. A. E. KRESENSKY telephoned her daughter, Alice, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Cunningham, who live at Window Rock, Ariz., last Tuesday evening to find that they are safe in the severe weather there. The young couple are spending this weekend through New Year's Day at Long Beach and San Francisco, Calif. Mrs. Cunningham teaches in the public schools at Ft. Defiance, while her husband is in the Legal Services Department of the 0. E. 0. in Indian Affairs. MR. AND MRS. John Thompson left yesterday (Wednesday) for California, where they will spend most of the winter. They will visit their daughter, Carol and her two daughters at Ingle wood and their other daughter, Patricia, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Orrick, at Lacanada. Mrs. Thompson's mother, Mrs. Elva Coon, is spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Paul Blome, in Seneca, 111. MR. AND MRS. Gordon Winkel and four of their children, Stevle, Scott, Greg and Ann, left December 19 by train from Perry for Garden Grove, California, where they will visit Mr. Winkel's sister, Helen and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gargiulo. They expect to return about the 30th. Their youngest son, Christopher, remained at home in charge of other members of the.famlly and a babysitter. MR. AND MRS. H. F. Fristedt spent Christmas weekend with their daughter and family, Dr. and Mrs. J. H.McLeran, at Iowa City. They also visited her mother, who is hospitalized in Cedar Rapids, suffering a fractured vertebra. MR. AND MRS. Richard P. Norton and daughter, Leslie, spent from Saturday until Christmas night in Marshalltown, where they visited members of Mrs. Norton's family, as well as their daughter, Lynne. Leslie remained with Mrs. Norton's sister's family, Mr. and Mrs. William Downing. The entire family was together for the holiday. Leslie, who arrived home last Friday, will return next Tuesday to classes at Estherville Junior College. TRUDY Bartholomew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Bartholomew and senior student at Cornell College at Mt. Vernon, arrived last Friday for an extended visit with her parents. Part of her teaching was In a predominately Greek neighborhood, with her final several weeks in a Negro school. She will leave sometime in February to return to Cornell, from which she will be graduated in June. Her sister, Gayle, student at Simpson College in Indianola, arrived December 15 to visit her family and will return to college January 2. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew on Christmas Day were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William. Peterson of Titonka, her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hoover, also of Titonka, Mrs. Marguerite Kalar, Algona, and M. A. Bartholomew, father nf Max. MR. AND MRS. Roger Long spent Christmas eve and overnight with his mother, Mrs. Fred Long, at Mason City. On Monday, they enjoyed Christmas dinner with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer B. Jenson, and that evening, they joined about 65 members of the family at Ham- lintown, with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Tantow. SALLY STEF.LE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Steele, who is student-teaching at Mason City as a senior student at Northern Iowa University, arrivedlast Friday to spend the Christmas weekend with her parents. She left yesterday (Wednesday) for Davenport, where she will visit friends over the New Year's week end and will return to Mason City Tuesday. MR. AND MRS. Randall Shierk, Stephanie and Scott, spent overnight with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brady Rovn, and returned to their home in Minneapolis Sunday evening. Christmas dinner guests of the Rovns Sunday were their other daughter, Judy, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hum, as well as Mrs. Cameron C. Shierk. There May Be A Promising Future For You In... 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Farm Equipment Mechanics Curriculum First Semester Introduction to Mechanics Electricity Agricultural Equipment Welding Processes Industrial Seminar Third Semester Hydraulics I Business Principles Farm Power II Human Relations Industrial Seminar Hrs./Week Hrs./Week Class LabSecond Semester Class Lab 2 0 Speech & Communicatians 2 0 3 5 Agriculture Equipment 3 10 3 10 Farm Power I 3 10 1 5 Applied Mathematics 2 0 1 10 Industrial Seminar 1 0 Fourth Semester 3 10 Hydraulics II 35 2 0 Farm Power III 3 10 3 10 Transmissions 2 5 2 0 Sales & Merchandising 2 0 1 0 Industrial Seminar 1 0 IOWA LAKES Merged Area III Clip and Mail to: Iowa Lakes Community College, 201 Va So. 6th Street, Estherville, Iowa, S1334 I would like to know mort about the following course: Farm Mechanics Auto Mechanics Auto Body Repair Secretarial NAME STREET CITY ZIP CHRISTMAS guests of Mr. and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. 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