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Des Moines, Iowa
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TO HT F. HA NOW! More Than 365.000 Circulation! MOINES SUNDAY KF.niSTKR Than circulation: scnuay, sF.iTi;:irEi: 28, mL IN HISTORIC CITY OF MUENSTER A Catholic Showdown in Germany as Bishop Openly Accuses Gestapo Second Lady at Ship Launching A Churchill in Uniform KILLING INSANE IS CONDEMNED CZECHS UNDER AN 'EMERGENCY' Sabotage Reported; Von Neurath Out. NEUTRALITY ACT BACKERS UNITE La Follette Attacks Any Changes. WASHINGTON. D.

C. CT Opponents of administration foreign policy were organizing Satur 'Irresponsible Group Determines Victims. (Special Radio Dispatch to thp ChiraRo Daily Nti and Th Dej Moines Hcti-'ter. l' rlKht. mil.) SOMEWHEIUS' IN EUROPE The Roman Catholic Unrest Continued from Page 1.

day to fight revision of the neutrality act, and Senator R.obert M. La Follette Wis.) declared that opposition senators would resist any changes. President Roosevelt is expected to confer with his congressional lieutenants Monday and to decide then what recommendations ti 3 U- U. at-5' church once ajxain has collided head-on with the S. S.

(Hitler elite guard) and the Gestapo in a conflict that may develop into a showdown in the Reich. It must be emphasized that the dispute involves no church pronouncement on Nazi foreign policy or the war with Russia and England, but is confined exclu make a formal message to con- cress later in the week. Heinrich Himmler, head of the German Gestapo. He was in the public eye a few weeks ago when he imposed drastic new laws in Germany requiring: all Jews to wear a star of David. Was in Norway.

As chief of the security police he combines the direction of security headquarters of Himmler's Gestapo, the Prussian Gestapo and the Bavarian political police. Heydrich, 37, was sent to Norway shortly before the state of civil emergency was recently declared in the Oslo area to combat strikes and sabotage. JJfwf XySS "I nm opposed to repeal or modification of the neutrality act," I a Follette told reporter. "Kit her proposal would be another step toward actual participation in the war." Senator Hiram W. Johnson 1.71 tcrn-ycar-old Mary Churchill, 1011 nficst daurhter of the British prime Minister, (fives a salute in her vew uniform as a member of the women's auxiliary territorial service.

4 1 sively to internal affairs. It has the most far-reaching implica Cal.) is expected to call a tions, however. Continued Persecution. meeting of the "non-intervention Continued persecution of church ist bloc" immediately after Mr. Roosevelt announces his recom institutions forms the background.

Convents, monasteries, and schools of have been closed and their mem mendations. Johnson is ranking minority member of the senate foreign relations committee. 4 bership scattered. Restrictions have been placed on religious fes The present neutrality law, en tivals. The church, for a long time relatively silent, now is strik acted in 1939, forbids the arrr.irg of American merchant ships an I ing back.

prevents them from entering belligerent ports or combat area The leader is Count Von Galen, bishop of Muenster, and repre fixed by the president. It pro hibits Americans from traveling on "4 sentative of an old, aristocratic Westphalian family. Whether the the vessels of belligerent nations. The press at Budapest, Hungary, printed dispatches saying German dive bombers wiped out the Yugoslav town of Uzice in retaliation for Serbian guerilla warfare against German occupation forces. A force cf 2.000 German regulars was reported fighting alongside the pro-Axis troops of Serbian Premier Milan Neditsch in a semi-civil war against the guerrilla bands in the mountains The attack on Uzice was reported by Serbian newspapers and republished in the Budapest Magyar NemzeL A town of 12,000 persons situated on the Belgrade-Sarajevo railroad.

I'zice Is famed as an educational renter. Almost every cabinet of Yugoslavia included three or lour members from the town. Croat soldiers also were fighting "the Serb rebels. At Zagreb, FIRST FAMILY IN SECLUSION Mrs. Henry A.

Wallace, wife of the vice president, prepares to swing a bottle of champagne to christen the Patrick Henry Saturday at Baltimore, Mil. Standing with Mrs. Wallace are (left to right), Admiral Emory S. Land, maritime commission chairman; Mrs. Robert wife of the supreme court jus-llec, and Mrs.

Charles Brugg-man, sister of the vice president. WIKEPHOTO iV). MRS. WALLACE UPSETS A TALK Plans Go Amiss at Ship Christening. BALTIMORE, MD.

CP) Be -v. movement stems from a joint decision of German church lenders or the individual determination of the bishop to accept martyrdom is unknown. It is believed hardly possible that IJishop Von Galea is acting without the sanction of his superiors. An historical accident contributed to make Muenster the center of the outbreak. During the Thirty Years war the city was threatened with destruction by fire but saved i- will risv-'f 5 TVS pears to hold the temporary advantage.

Terse-eutions of church institutions are reported to have been halted early in HYDE TARK, N. Y. CP) Hall Roosevelt, only brother of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, was buried Saturday at nearby Tivoli, and Saturday night the president and Mrs.

Roosevelt found seclusion at their Hudson valley home. From a special train which, brought the body from tho capital over night, the president and first lady rods in a White House sedan to the mausoleum of Mrs. Roosevelt's family in the churchyard of St. Paul's Kpiscopal church. A small group of relatives stood beside the flag-draped coffin.

Halt Roosevelt was an air corps instructor in the world war. capital of Croatia, the newspaper remain bound to him now and for all eternity." Bishop Galen's second sermon, July 27, is reported to have been a beautifully worded, powerful elaboration on a similar theme, again mentioning names, which few clergymen previously had to do. Kovi List said Croat soldiers won a 3-day fight with Serb rebels near Doboj. Bosnia, killing 300 rebels In the Rozanci sector, 26 "rebels" were killed and 14 executed. Christians," said are the anvil, the "We (ialen, by a fortuitous wind.

The annivcrsaary ceremonial, a solemn religious festival, was banned this year. That vvjht IJritish bombers ayain fired tlic city. The. devout paw this as divine punishment for failure to observe Die rites. Bishop Galen subsequently preached three powerful sermons Galen was nt first officially urged to travel "for his health." preferably outside the Reich.

He replied that his health was good and that he required no vacation. cause a speaker had talked overtime, Mrs. Henry A. Wallace, wife of the vice president. Saturday nearly missed christening a modern Patrick Henry which President Roosevelt said symbolized America's slogan of "Give me liberty or give me death." Mrs.

Wallace was scheduled to smash a bottle of American cham- others are the hammer, and tiie anvil never yet gave out first." He now is said to be under house arrest though otherwise to the amazement of parishioners in the rest of Germany. This coincides with the new re ENLARGEMENT pagne on the hull of the Patrick I and, personal protests to iMimirij; memuors or ine iazi re- IF' Ilenrj', a new Liberty model cargo port that Dr. Martin Niemoelle.r F' REGISTER nd TRIBUNE Rf.den is no longer in solitary confine-j: ftf i -lff llshiplauncl ched here with elaborate mctlt at Saebsenhansen hut has link picuirp. pr.nt or HSr.r. wnn mis n'l ''iy; ry ceremonies His third sermon, on Aug.

3, opened one of the sorest spots in internal German affairs, the killing of the insane, hopelessly ill and crippled. This practice, which first became known in the Reich years, ago, apparently has no legal foundation beyond the theories of the most extreme party elements, and has at least the tacit approval of been transferred to Dachau where im'lirs i colur liair n'l nutnraL Mr nronuit inlnrmnHnn he shares three cells with It was one of 14 cargo ships gime, including Hitler. Only Dr. Hans Heinrich Lam-mers, head of the Reich chancellery, replied, saying merely that the protest had been referred to the "competent official" Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmler. The bishop returned to Dr.

Lam- The two death sentences in tier-many itself were the result, said the German news agency DNB, of "extreme instances' of "listening to foreign lies" over the radio. One of the two persons sentenced, Johann Wild, 49, of Nurn-berg. "intentionally arrayed himself on the side of Germany's enemies by regularly listening to lying, agitating radio broadcasts," DNB said. The agency added that he wrote a pamphlet of "invet-tives" against Hitler. The second case was of a Polish housekeeper, Telagia Bernstowicz, 45.

who was working for a German doctor in Grandenz. Shr was accused of using her employer's radio to listen to foreign stations when Ihe doctor was away, and Inviting in a circle of Polish friends to listen. Aside from the fact that Poles are forbidden to possess radios, launched Saturday in shipyards of Catholic priests, giving him the': imm to rt in itii or irr.r. oppoitlinity for the first time in KnUrc-im-m tlO.M return numnt the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts, the greatest mass float iMk over nir -Ttirs rlsy. as tins ire offer is four years to speak to others ex- Pi'r" I or negatives tc OK AN STIIUOS.

DKrT. UU. "Ullll nn: Idle VIML. Ul IUS limited. 211 W.

7th Pes Moines. mers a full report on Gestapo and wife. The Pat rick Henry going down the ways at Baltimore. Designed for rapid construction, this and other Liberty ships have an overall length of 411 feet 6 Inches, a beam of 57 feet, a total displacement of 11,100 tons, and will carry a general cargo of 9,116 tons. Their speed approximates II knots.

.11 Hitler. Bishop Galen cited the law against murder and the statute S. S. activities, insisting that they be called to account. i it izs 1 till ll I I I I I I I I IIIH mi-s I 3 ing of new since world war days.

During Speech. Three were of the new Liberty "ugly duckling" model, designed for mass production to create a bridge of ships for carrying supplies to nations resisting aggression. Chairman Kmory S. Land of the maritime commission was in the midst of a speech when J. Macy Willis, general manager of Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyards, nudged Mrs.

Wallace and ROOSEVELT'S TEXT His first sermon on 13 likewise dealt with Gestapo persecutions and mentioned the dread secret police by name. It: directness astounded listeners. The bishop noted the large part she was accused of "arousing her Polish friends to resistance making guilty any persons knowing in advance of a crime and failing to report to the authorities. Reciting the number of persons taken away "the day before yesterday" in Westphalia, the bishop said in effect: "I am now reporting to thei competent authorities that these people have been taken away with intent to dispose of them. I am jointly guilty if I fail in this duty." Bishop Galen said that the victims were determined by irresponsible groups, a practice which against the German reich" by lis tening to the broadcasts.

WASH I KG TON, D. C. (IF) Following is the text of a speech President Roosevelt prepared for delivery by radio recording Saturday at the launching of 1-i merchant ships in various parts of Those accused of listening with the church has played in the historical development of Germany and accused Himmler's organiza the country: her were sentencsd to 10 years the right of American ships to DNB said spreading the news tions of disrupting the national said: "I am afraid she's about ready to go." from foreign broadcasts, if per community line voiKsgemcm- schaftun). mitted, would force constant de Bishop Galen drew heavily from nials of "enemy lies," making the task of German soldiers doubly the so-called fuldaer, or pastoral might lend to untold excesses. He i i difficult or impossible because of jint-i, utu-u out: wtTK earner, in i argued voyage hither and yon without hindrance from those who sought to keep them off the seas or drive them off the seas.

As a nation we have realized that our export trade and our import trade had a definitely good effect on the life of families, not only on our coasts but on the farms and in the cities a hundred that the German people My fellow Americans: This is a memorable day in the history of American shipbuilding a memorable day in the emergency defense of the nation. Today, from dawn to dark, 14 ships are being launched on the Atlantic, on the Pacific and on the gulf and among them is the first liberty ship, the Patrick Henry. While we are proud of what we roon would distrust their own doc Land still had several minutes to go on his speech, and Willis could feel the tell-tale quiver of the vessel as she got ready to slide down the ways. "premature revelations" of Ger man operations. In France, two more Taris exe cutions were announced by Gen Joachim Stulpnagel, commander or a thousand miles irom salt water.

he said to the vice are doing, this is certainly no time to le content. We must build more of the German occupation forces. president's wife, shoving into her The victims were Eugene Devigne hands a bottle of champagne. Mrs. Wallace took the bottl Since 1936, when the congress enacted the present merchant marine law, we have been rehabilitating a merchant marine which had fallen to a low level.

Today we are continuing that program at from the shaking hanls of Willis, cargo ships and still more cargo ships and we must speed the program until we achieve a launching each day, then two ships a day, fulfilling the building program undertaken by the maritime and Mohammed Moali, who had been sentenced Friday on charges of concealing weapons. The deaths brought to 37 the executions in Paris since German authorities resorted to kill who was trying unsuccessfully to out specific reference to the Nazis, had said that forces in the Reich again were attacking the church. They had hoped, said the letter "that the crusade" against Russia would mean respite for German chinches, but "with great sorrow" they had this to be untrue. The issues involved, said the letter, included the very existence of the church. "Recently," the letter continued, "a book has been prepared in hundreds of thousands of copies, which expresses the opinion that we Germans today must elect between Christ and the German volk (people).

With flaming indignation we German Catholics deny that any such choice Is necessarv. i fiHll hole nf dnieni of JVw Chileo, Stewart-Warner. i4 "1 A Mjetir. Atwaler Kent and th- VanM i 71 rr Ineluded. Come -Sk 'or best election.

3 "ll FTV Windows jmwm v)fV. Snmr models llriV attract the attention of Admiral tors, a weapon that might be used to wipe out whole elements of the population. Most of the victims, he said, had relatives on the Russian front, fighting to preserve the nation. Sermons Circulated. These" sermons were mimeographed in thousands and circulated throughout the entire Reich, according to reports.

Many have been sent to soldiers at the front, where they have been widely rend. They have created a sensation unlike any similar occurrence within the Reich in years. The bishop's stand was supported by a second pastoral letter, which, in more moderate and general language, without names or references to the Nazis or Germany, condemned unauthorized killings of invalids and the insane. Land. Fly.

accelerated speed. Great Job. The shipworkers of America are A loud blast from a steam whis Aggressors. Our shipbuilding program not tle drowned out land's remarks. only that of the maritime commis and Willis yelled: "Now!" sion, but of the navy is one of our answers to the aggressors who would strike at our liberty.

A Week Mrs. Wallace wound up and 1ft fly. As she started her swing, she I am speaking today not only doing a great job. They have made a commendable record for efficiency and speed. With every new ship, they are striking a telling blow at the menace to our nation and the liberty of the free peoples of the world.

They struck 14 such blows today. They have caught the true spirit with which all this nation must saw the Patrick Henry slipping away, she leaned as far over No Interest or Carrying Charge to the shipworkers in the building yards on our coasts, on our great the rail as she could and caught the big ship a resounding, splat "We love our German people and serve them, if necessary, to death. But at the same time we live and die for Christ and will tering whack on the nose. lakes and on our rivers not only to the thousands who are present at today's launchings but also to The church so far ap- Admiral Land shrugged his be imbued if Hitler and other ag shoulders and quit speaking as ing hostages in an effort to prevent attacks on soldiers. The Bruesseler fitting.

German language newspaper published in Belgium, said 20 alleged Communists held as hostages wer3 executed Friday. The Germans have been holding 25 Belgians as hostages for the shooting of a German officer, but the 20 executions apparently were not connected with that shooting. The persons executed were ac cused of attempts to bomb German transport trains and French trains in France and Belgium Thursday with stolen explosives. Advices to Vichy, France, said the 20 hostages were executed Friday morning at Lille, Industrial center in Nazi-occupied northern France near the Belgian border, as the result of a berious railroad accident. gressors of his ilk are to be pre roars of 10.000 spectators and the men and women throughout the country who live far from salt water or shipbuilding.

vented from crushing us. AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE blasts from harbor whistles drowned out his words. Torpedoes. We Americans as a whole can A speaker preceding Iand had Sea Freedom. I emphasize to all of you the TO OUR CUSTOME talked overtime.

Workmen con not listen to those few Americans simple, historic fact that through trolling mechanism which started who preach the gospel of fear Oil Heaters, all sizes, as low-as 10 lounge Chair, assorted covers. Your choice Circulating Heater, 4-room si.e T.lack Heaters 2-Pc. Living Room Suite, in tapestry carved frame Electric Refrigerators, popular makes, ran teed Maple Double I5unk P.eds Wood Beds, panel and poster, jour choice Complete Walnut Dining Room Suite $200 Love Seat, imported hand-made needle point back Ipright Pianos, 2-Pc. Living Room Suite Mohair Covering 29.50 3.95 39.50 14.95 39.50 49.00 13.95 4.95 29.50 75.00 19.50 29.50 the ship sliding down the ways had who say in effect that they are not been informed of the delay out the period of our American life, going way back into colonial days, commerce on the high seas and freedom of the seas has been a major reason for our prosper and released the vessel according to original schedule. still in favor of freedom of the seas but.

who would have the United States tie up our vessels in our ports. That attitude is neith ity and the building up of our er truthful nor honest. country. Wre propose that these ships sail THE NEW FEDERAL TAX LAW BECOMES EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1st A TAX will be required on all SILVERWARE WATCHES CLOCKS JEWELRY Any of ihese articles bought before October 7 will not be subject to tax. To give you one simple example: The Yichv government Itself the seas as they are intended to it is a matter of history that a was taking stern repressive meas- We propose, to the best of our ability, to protect them from tor large part of the capital which in the middle of the past century went pedo, from rhell or from bomb.

The Tatrick Henry, as one of Free Truck Delivery Anywhere in Iowa into the building of railways and spread like a network into the new undeveloped areas across the the liberty ships launched today, Illll 111 II 1 I Jl I II II llll.l pill I MM II Ull I 1 uies. At Clermont-Ferrand, France, a regional court martial imposed death sentences on eight officers of the French African armies on charge of desertion and treason. Six of the eight were present. Mississippi river, across the plains PAINTERS WORK OVERTIME; PAY FIGHTS HITLER NEW YORK, N. Y.

CP Five thousand union painters, working on a Saturday for the first time in 20 years, Saturday donated their $50,000 in wages to a "stop-Hitler" campaign. On each of 1,000 jobs, the painters displayed signs showing why they were working and explaining the money earned would go to the Committee to Defend America. Posters read "Stop Hitler Now" and "Help Britain Defend and up into the northwest, was renews that great patriot's stir ring demand: "Give me liberty or give me death." Vichy's so-called anti-Commu- money which had been made by American traders whose ships had sailed the seas to the Baltic, to the Mediterranean, to Africa and South America, and to Singapore court in Bordeaux, France, There shall be no death for America, for democracy, for free sentenced 14 residents of Avignon dom! There must be liberty, world 1 mmWm to prison terms ranging up to life at hard labor on charges of furthering Communist party propa and China itself. Through all the years after the American revolution your government reiterated and maintained wide and eternal. I hat is our prayer our pledge to all man GINSBERGS Across the Street From 416-418 W.

Walnut OPEN Till KSDAY SATIKD.W EVENINGS 'TIL 9 P.M ganda. kind. baafhMrirfaXjaWaWaAaBaarfaXBaaiBaBkKBajBgpga KAaWkaaa taAAA..

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