The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1967
Page 5
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Ronnd WASHINGTON - The United States has warned Cambodia's Prince Sihanouk that he must not continue to allow the Viet Cong to use his country as a sanctuary. The Pink Prince, as he is frequently called, has been told that the United States will respect Cambodian neutrality to the same degree that the communists do — but only to that degree. In the past, Sihanouk has allowed the Viet Cong to operate on Cambodian territory but has loudly protested any American incursion against them. He has now been put on notice that the United States demands equal combat rights, though we would prefer to operate across the Cambodian border, as the communists do, without official notice. Intelligence reports warn that Sihanouk still expects the communists to outlast the Americans in Southeast Asia, therefore, that he will side with the communists. He might go so far as to declare war on the United States in order to open his country formally to communist military operations. Meanwhile, General William Westmoreland is pressing President Johnson to permit American forces to cross now forbidden borders to attack communist troop buildups in three areas - inside Cambodia, above the demilitarized zone in North Vietnam, and a third area where Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam meet. Chances are that the President will authorize so-called hot pursuit across these borders after the traditional Christmas truce. - o - - YIP'S IN VIETNAM - Gen. Westmoreland, following Sen. Charles Percy's narrow escape from Viet Cong mortar fire, has ordered that full precautions must be taken in the future to protect high-level visitors. Percy had refused the protection of armed helicopters which normally would have been assigned to him. Westmoreland was furious when he heard about it. He was concerned not only for Percy's safety but for national security. Sen. Percy has top secret clearance, might have been captured by the Viet Cong. This would have made him the communists' prize prisoner of the war and subject to mistreatment and brainwashing. Westmoreland has ordered his subordinates never to take such a risk again, whether the VIPs like it or not. - o - - CRACKDOWN ON TERRORISTS - Attorney General Ramsey Clark has ordered a crackdown on the terrorists who have been bombing the homes of civil rights sympathizers in Mississippi. The reign of terror almost certainly has been carried out by the Ku Klux Klan in retaliation for the conviction of Mississippi whites over the killing of civil rights workers. Clark is determined to bring the nightriders to justice. He is also worried that militant Negro organizations might move into Mississippi and start taking an eye for an eye, thus leading to open race warfare. - o - - U.S. DILEMMA IN GREECE- This will be denied, but the United States secretly encouraged King Constantine to oppose the Greek military junta. It'began with President Johnson himself, who met with the king at the White House last September and urged him to oppose the junta's police-state methods, In Athens later, U. S. Ambassador Talbot followed the President's lead by encouraging the king to use his influence to modify the military's strong-arm tactics. Finally, on the morning of Dec. 13, the king summoned Talbot to the palace and confided that he intended to throw the junta out. The attempt failed and the king had to flee into exile. Afterwards, Col. George Papadopoulos, the military strong man, who suspected American involvement and was furious, arranged an unofficial meeting with Ambassador Talbot. Papadopoulos bluntly accused the ambassa- DREW PEARSON dor of encouraging the king's revolt. Talbot flatly denied that the United States had been directly involved. After the king arrived in Rome, U. S. Ambassador FredReinhardt visited him in a private call. The king then told Reinhardt that he was still head of Greece's only legitimate government, and asked the United States to withhold recognition of the military junta. This presented President Johnson with a dilemma. He had encouraged the king to stand up to the junta. But with Russia moving into the Mediterranean, the United States could not afford to offend the junta to the point we would lose Greece as a NATO partner. The President finally decided to hold up recognition of the junta, meanwhile pressuring it to restore the ancient democracy of Greece. - o - - FACTORIES FOR RURAL ARE AS- For years, big corporations have been establishing plants in rural and suburban areas to escape the problems of big-city operations. President Johnson is now studying a proposal that the federal government latch onto this idea, offering federal incentives to companies which build factories in rural areas. The purpose would be to redistribute the population, relieve the over-crowding of cities and all the problems this has brought, ranging from the creation of ghettoes to congested traffic. Young men and women now being attracted to cities by the hope of higher wages and access to city conveniences might remain in rural communites; people living in cities could find jobs outside. Thus, existing congestion would be reduced and future congestion precluded, if the idea worked. The proposal will face a lot of opposition: Mayor John Lindsay of New York only recently per- suaded Pepsi-Cola not to move from Manhattan to Long Island, and other mayors beset by growing expenses and the rreed for tax revenues similarly want to keep companies in the cities instead of having them move out. However, some system may yet prove necessary, for the costs of tearing down and rebuilding our cities to meet modern needs are rising faster than the tax revenues needed to pay them. - o - CHRISTMAS STAMP PROTEST - The Post Office Department has won the first round in a suit brought against its Christmas stamp because the stamp features a "missal" or Catholic worship book. The suit was brought by Americans United for Separation of Church and State on the ground that the Christmas stamp was actually a "Roman Catholic depiction." U. S. District Judge Alexander Holtzoff, a Jew acting as an intermediary between Protestants and Catholics, ruled in favor of Catholic Postmaster General Larry O'Brien. The Protestant organization is now appealing. In 1965 the same Americans United for Separation of Church and State protested against a stamp memorializing the Salvation Army, which is Protestant. - o - - SENATORS' TAX RETURNS- "Honest John" Stennis, the- deep-voiced Senator from Mississippi, has l»een busy explainiiu; to Senate colleagues that he's nut investigating their income taxes. Some Senators were perturbed when they read in the Federal Register that the White House had given the Senate EthicsCom- mittee, under Sen. Steunis, authority to inspect tax returns. They wondered what their colleague from Mississippi was up to. Stennis has been explaining that all he wanted was the right to examine returns of Sen. Ed Long of Missouri, whose law- practice is under investigation. He was furious when his request to examine Long's returns was published in the Federal Register. Senators, however, were even more furious - until they received Stennis's apology. - o - CHIEF HOPE FOR PEACE President Johnson is now pinning his most important hopes for peace on U. S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker in Saigon. Without any fanfare, Bunker has been working with new South Vietnam leaders to explore peace possibilities. What Bunker is banking on is the fact that almost every South Vietnamese leader has relatives in the North. Vice President Ky came from the North originally. So did many oth?r of the South Vietnamese leaders. They fled south after the French departed. Thus the\ probably have a better chance of opening up peace talks than any diplomat at the t'. N., Paris, Warsaw, or Washington. Ambassadoi Bunker has made a deeper impression on President Johnson than any previous diplomat in Southeast Asia. He is resourceful, reliable, inspires confidence He is not kept on short leash by the State Dejsirt- ment, but j^iven the widest latitude. Former head of a sugar refinery, Bunker was brought into diplomacy late in life In his old classmate, Dean Acheson, then Secretary of State. Bunker first filled the difficult job of U. S. ambassador to Argentina when Dictator Pet on was causing trouble; went on to India, another trouble spot, then to turbulent Indonesia , then was given Thursday, Dec. 28, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Mein«*-5 the tough assignment of bringing order to the revolt-torn Dominican Republic. At the age of 73, he married Carol Laise, the U. S. ambassador to Nepal. "It was my hardest diplomatic negotiation," Bunker told this column. To Purchase 33 Acres For New Area College The Iowa Lakes Community College entered negotiations for the purchase of 33 acres of land near the Esthervillo campus for development of the school of arts and sciences. i'uic'hase price of the land is $-13,000. Funds voted b\ the five-county area last September will IK? used for the purchase. Orville 'Airks, present deaji of the Estherville Junior College was named by the board of directors to head the school of arts and science of the Iowa Lakes C»nniHinih College. Richard Blacker was named e.ulier to serve as the director of vocational education. TELEPHONE NUMBER is like an Address a letter to Benson instead of Bentpn —or make the street number 2431 in- stearl of 4231 —and it might go far astray. Tele phone calls go a stray, too, when numbers are not dialed right. Just one number dialed out of order and you'll get a wrong number — or no number at all. Each time you telephone, please be sure of the number- and dial carefully. Northwestern Bell in Iowa BUJINEtt PERJOrtALITIES AND JfHVIC€5 AND PATR-ONIZf VIKING OIL GO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL Wl OIVI GOLD BOND or KINO (CORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot ALGONAS Home Owned Bank BUILDING MATERIALS OF Alt KINDS AND TYPE* e For RemWeltaf, Moaemliinf e For Farm at Home BnlUUng e For Ready-Mixed Concrete COWAN CORP. Phone 295-5266 ++•>+»••••»•»+»••»••••••»»»• Checking Accounts Safety Deposit Boxes Loan Department GARGILL INC. Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Ott our bldi on your grain btfoit you ttll, • Federal Llcenied Storage Warehouse. Dale Klelngartner or Corwln C, Peer 419 S. Phllllpi St. Ph. 295-2741 "HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY" Well Appreciate a Chance to* litlmate Without Obligation en any Town of-Pairm Construction, TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 295-5577 ALGONA, IOWA Convenient Central Location MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Savings Accounts Bank By Mail BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm and Town 122 South Heckort, Algeria Phono 293-2165 (Ploaio Call After 6:00 P.M.) II SERVICE * Ifl^USI BULK STATION IVIPDII SERVICE PHILLIPS & MCGREGOR STREETS ALGONA, IOWA JIM SLOTER, OWNER Your Partner In Progress /^iiiilM^ Your Banking Needs SAFE e CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK AlCONA'S HOME-OWNED BANK : Moving«, Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured - New, Modern Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone 295-2275 POST Transfer & Storage PRINTING SERVICE Upper Des Moines Pub, Co. Ill E. Call St. Algona, Iowa Iowa State Bank Located State & Dodge Streets The progress of Algona and the surrounding communities is something our people can well be proud of. You need only to step into the spacious, modern quarters of the Iowa State Bank to realize that every effort is being made to maintain the pace of progress — all in keeping with good, sound banking principles. Free, three-minute parking in front of the bank, sidewalk teller window, film record of checks, and ELECTRONIC BANKING are a few of the steps in progress for better service. The officers of the Iowa State Bank are A. F. (AD Agena, President; Harold Gilmore. Chairman & Director; F. L. McMahon. Vice President & Director; E. J. Gilmore, Cashier; and Royal Nold, Assistant Cashier, The Board of Directors include Luke Linnan, Dave Smith, Clarence Mawdsley, Harold Cowan, Harold Gilmore, Al Agena and Roy McMahon. Algona Implement Co. • FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE B MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone 295-3501 1407 Commercial St. ' ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarter! In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" fait of Algono on Highway U $0 Phillipt $!• Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred L.P. G»s BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO, of Algona Phone 295-2841 ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT e Konier, rtheem & Crane Fixtures t Rheem Hot Wetar beaten. t Bruaer Water Softener*. e Electric Sew* cr-Rootcr Service. PHONE 295*5240 IN ALGONA t Lut-Aire end American'Standard Furnaces and Air Conditioning, t JNSINKERATOR' Garbage Pliposal Units

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