The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1930 Hl.Y'i'llEVILLti. (AUK.) COURIEU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS nvo cents a word lor first insertion and one cent & word tot well tubiequtnl Vnser- tlon, Ho Advertisement t&keu tor less than 60c. Count t!ie words and send the tft»li, Phone 306 FOR SALE OUR BOARDING HOUSE Bv Alien/ ERNEST LYN.N I)A.\ icttiurlo liirt* IIKIIB rou.\v KOKIMIUI, U,. II) \r FOR SAUJ— Baby Chicks. Custom hatcliing each week Irom now on. Marilyn Hatchery, 2Gcfc-tl I Used Car Specials For This Week During this week we arc offering Hie following USKD CAHS at SPECIAL PRICES, subject to our regular 30 Day Guarantee: 1030 Mcdcl Foru Tudor Sedan S135 1928 Mod. Ford Business (,'oupu S315 1028 Model Ford rick-Up Truck S2G5 I 1929 Mod. Ford Sport Itcadster SJ95 1929 Model Fcrd Phaeton . . . $205 192U Mcdel 1'orcl Std. €oupe S335 1 1928 Mod. Chrysler "02" Sedan $37r>l 1 192iS Model Wliippd C'uiu-li 5295 j Model Chevrolet Coupe 5 91 ! l3!fi Model Ford Coune ..... SIJ5J M92U Model Star Coupe ..... § 85 1 1 1920 Model Dedgc U-l Truck § 05 1 See these cars today and make I your selecction. Weekly Plan, |.Monlhly I'lan or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as ]iart payment. Used Car Dept. PHlLLU'S ilU'i'UK CU. Authorized Ford Dealers sn TOIWV \\rllur mill r^VKiiairrr nilili, nirrlM ; U'lVriill, ivho lui runic friini 1'uUn. Ukln., til «ri-k rxtrn tvork, 1U- lnkr> it dcni Intercut In hrr. !)nn la Mllh CoilllnrlLlill F'lrcurti, nnd not vrry iinlUIkU ullli i\h:)I In* H i)oin[;. AurK' pclx vvlr:i W4rl< nl Gr:tml ritlli-il «(i!dlo«. Slir KUI'> In Hie lUlh tivii ullicr rxtrpK, MnNA MOItlllSON a nil i:VA II A Thu Ltllrr IK n lihKT Inclivldiinl, |ii^«llil>- Iu>rnu%r! uf hrr /:iUun- lo ui't null 1 ?! i\i>vk, anii (r[>ni IUT D;IN Iriirn.ii u lnl iiliiiut OIL- iiruEi- ICILI^ ut tli« \-nnt nrniy uf r\lrnx. CAHHV Sl.(l,l.\, flminu* cllrrr- lt>r, ILIIH luillci-tl AllRi- Wlnlcr. He uUTN lirr n "lilt' 1 In a iilcmrL 1 . ]>:iu, mil MUlttc ^InnK, nllhinmli til* lin>< uot 'itdinlly met lihn, IH it I'll n[u»rrlLrnitvi-. Tin' cnttlitp cll- rvelnr nl IfrillH] Unllctl rnll.« Anne III) nnil II-HH hrr Ilirrr 111:17 l>? u rhnnri. fur her In n niititlo.-il cnin- <-t]y litclurr. Mr nml Dlrei-tor I-'IIKII Ill-Ill. I-Y K ct hrr l.i ilnnrc frr Ilii-ni, inn) llurli-y iirinnlyFN lirr n Jn-iCfii IrM. Anne rl:ilcill>- nl FOK RENT ROOM l^R RENT, nrivale family,', 312 North Filth at. Opki* I IFOR RENT—Front ucdrooin ad- joiniug bath in yrlvata residence. [Call 473-W. Ilckl5| 'OR RENT—Furnished apartment | 103 Kentucky, Phone fis;). 13pk21 WANTED | WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by comiK- Itent, white woman. Mrs. Brown, §704 S. Lake St. 17ck-tf lady with fourteen months c.viicr- j llence with trained nurse. 110 W. Ivine St. . 7ubH| AT 'ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA Oil UNITED STATES Pnrim- iitnt nositior.sT clerical, mcclwni- Ical. salesmanship; c>'.|>enccnc nr.- luccesiavy. Salaries S25-S100 weekly. It-rnnsportatioii furnished. Has | CHICAGO. ILL. I,OST AND FOUND i!l'.r,,Mli-,,l,-,l il::,,, nrnUil. Knrlnu-r, <ihn I l.llli i'AL'l, <•<>!,I.IDII. >>!i.< n aal\r mnvlr column f.,r n nf ncnxpniiiTj. It-It., (Miller Ilinl lie IIIIH lorn ui> bU cu[ilrnrl i^IIU (•imllnriil.lT. M>\V co nx WITH THE s'rouy CHAPTlCIt XIV PAUL COLLIER'S lingers fell away from tho lypcwrller keys. He swung around, rested oi:e arm on the hack of his chtiir, jilnnlcil the other ellinw on his littln dock, braced his cheek with his list. "You what'.'" ho caiil. Rorlmcr sank heavily Into^ nn easy cbair. He grinned. "I tore ill) my contract today. You know; my cuntnict wilh Conliucnlat." tie added with sarcastic - explicitncs:5. enjoying the mild sensation his an- iiouuccnieiit had created. Collier, uuir.ovlng, slareu" at him for souie tnonienl.T in oilence. "What's the mailer'!" he said pres- cnlly. "Did Hie heat go to your head?" "I tore II up right under Adam son's nuso." Dan told him calmly I "What for? 1 : | "Because I'm slrk of A(]am?rm anil I'm sink of Comment"!. They don't want ideas; they want yes men and clnte politicians. "I invited him lo fire me. and tore Uji my copy of the contracl to show him 1 wasn't fooling; hut AdaniEon's so damn suspicious of everybody thai he probably thought I was trying To put a fast one over on him. In fact. I'm sure ot it uy the way he acted." "What dirl he say? flsked. and Rorimer abrugsi'd. raid. "Oh, ho told mo that as long given tho mailer much thought, •I'm not worried Maillu Coi.lim la u friend of mine, lio told mo that K I ever thought I'd like to uiako a coniuvllon at Amalgamated, lo III him know, nud ho'd fccs what he could do (or inc." "Why, you old razor Made, you! you'ro too blamed bllff-iicckeil la usk Collins or nnyuody else lo do Eoaielhlni: for you." Pnul accused him, and there was affcultoii In lib lone uni'. In his smiling naze. Uun made no answer. Ho smoked Hi slli'iiro, bis in I nil dwelling on more pleasant thoughts. Collier lurned hack to hl5 lyiicwrltcr and I wrolc sii-rnllly for 10 or 15 inliiuie:!, after v.'liirii ho leaned hack with heavy linaUiy and (Uinounc.ed ihnl ho vanlcil another nlghtcnii. "H'a your nun. con," lie sn|d, and Dun went out lo the kitchen. Collier liirncd un Ilio radio, stood Iji-foiu ilio open window, soft- j ly hiiuunliii;. hands thriiEt In pockets, tiailns nhscntly at ulfjlit sky. Dan lo'iivncd presently wilh Ilio glasses, ::::d CuMicr, taking his, held It mi and looked HnouKli II lo'iHtril llic llsht. lie sahl, "I toi 1 - gol'lo itll you; I saw a friend ut yours [• Jay. .\luim Mnrrlsnn. 1 fpent L;::'.-I uf tl:t' morning over at Unitid Arihiia. ami 1 v;a-i shaguiir^ aloilii i-'i:i ii'i.: a Avenue N!U I II I I-.IH Inln hc-r I u,:ik her to lunch Slio lold in • sliv had jusl linlsbed up III Oil. '•! l!:"St_> s'.lKlici:! lllllUK I'DV- orly !-: .v. I (urycl which ono." ilio si.iil I. "Mniia'b :i prcat liu!o kill, isn't 'ike? keen al::uit A Ami Eiie'a ctilnlnly ii'i \Ylnlcr," UOAP3 WILL -to SHIFT T&-TH 1 REAR OF -fH T pOA-f -fa -TAKE -TH ' OFF THIS AFTER "THIS, VOU CjUVS MUDBUE. Be BAULAprr /• r j vjty-'-- -^ r\A!> EiilJ, "Anne Winter's petting a screen test." "Yeah? Thai's u livcak. all rhht. You mean you'd rallitr starve," Collier mortal 1 , ami Rorimcr jmilcJ. w !lj, rr( ; i f. a " tllis7 " <;uic!(ji said thai IK /fncui somcl/iing uboiil l/rol, loo. hud- BOOTS AM3 HER BUDDIES 01I01I! By Martin from Ihe kltcucii to rvsk Dan wn^.l had hecu the Immediate cause of the row with Ailamsun, and liort- nicr strolled out tiic-ro \vitii tils honils In hib [lockels anil SAiil there \vouhl never he a chance of doing j anything oriciMl as long as Adamson was in authority. heavy hrain work is lo change a gooil litle like 'Gri:u Holiday' to a couple ot us collaborate on It nml. sllc l: ' lill ''I something Til n ;o >M lbo r feneni-of each Ciller's. ° Wlilc » 1'lei'f nhoiH lier In my ideas, lie j.asses I 1 around as II H ° lllln| i: was a contest or something! That's his iilca of r.eouomy. Tliey can't Imy me a new typewriter to ro- lilaco that old coflco mill 1 unvo ILOST—Three mare mules from | farm at Halt Moon. B. F. Gay. For Rent Two slnre.s on Second street, also cotton office up stairs with north skylight. Grand Leader building'. Apply on premises. L. ROSENTHAL Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. NOTICE From ivfay 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed lach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Mooro. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. V. JR. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trlpi to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono E51 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT Ho Makes 'Em Sec Royal C. Mills I'uLlic Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Tlionc 52 Ingrain rjldg. Blythovillc, Ark | "Grand United," Uin lold linn, and Cullicr said he cnlainly lin; d wow DO TO 90T KNOW OT OVK. - Us lii'cn a Ions time sluco vc run into a guod olil-fiishi'jiii-d umaa interest stury about an cx- a yiil coining through. • How did . hapiicn'?" Uan related what Anno liad Inld hat cvcnlni;. anil wlicu ho liail unshed Paul Collier sol'l, "Harvey Lo work on, lint they can waste the time of three men malting Important money, in duplicated ef Bell and Hurley, eh? I'll like nothing belter llian to have Arlatnson tell me lo get out "He docs everything lefmannon. natter: only. Harvey's a Ili'lo iard-ln!lei!. lie lias lo he. or ho Ho vanls a story, say, couldn't bo a casting director. How N, bis eyes glinting wrallv tions; just write something. lid Auuo happen to get under liii \vhcn yon write It lia says, 'Don't It Isn't done often. make me rcail it; tell il to inc.'" what be would do under tlio same as he lield Continental's copy ot Hie. contract I migbt find It a hii They liUd bet In tlrat ple- you try lo tell H to him— and he- sinilo and like ft, ch? difficult to. leave coiinecliona." Me lishted a clgarei and added ttiiit thai was Adamson for you. "He's such a colossal lilufT himself lie thought I was bluffing. And n blnfi scares him silly; 1 learned that." "Anil lure ahe was in, Sloan llic tireat words for lier." "Oh! . , . Well, hero's lucli to fier—and lots ot it." ",Saraa here," Horlracr said cinlctly, and I'aiii smiled. "Von like Anne pretty well, ilon't you?" "Veil," Dan said shortly, and L9 moved over lo tho radio and silenced lu ' Paul, grinning broadly, said, "You've no Idea how- eloquent that sounded. Well, 1 don't blame you; she's'a swell girl. Iterucmber," lio said, "Low crazy you wcro about looking her up when you got that leltcr from iJiggy Younn? What underiiluiid tliat ad a few nlcs foro you've [airly started ho stops you and er.ys it woii'l do; it's not "Hay," Collier Interrupted, "It typo of s'.ory fur Jolinson at eve: landed one of those fancy see- in. And you say, 'But Hits Is nol inario-wrlling jobs. I'd laKC nut an for .loimson: it's for AtwoouV and lcc |d cn t policy on it. That's jus nice I'd treat U. leans back in Ib.u big chair of his and looks oul Ibe win- 10 added, didn't know when bo wa and says, 'Well, writo ft over "I could put up with o Tor Johnson, or for Esther Crane. awful lot, Danny, my boy, just a bluffed," Collier said. We've got a story for Atwood.'" on E as the old dough was there o you would bave wallzed right over Rorimer stopped, and lie took the glass tliat- Collier offered him and and told them that their new "I bave a life-size picture of yon, Ho was not exag- scenario writer was ready to lake Dan retorted, bis eyes taking i off his coat and go to work— huh? iho other's lanky, powerful fram lu significant appraisal. "You'd I kind of stuff Adamson pulls. laughed. "Not exactly. Hut ralher free lance than vork for Continental." planting your fist In the middle day I blew up. The other day they me a Saturday Evening lory that they'd bought the would you do if '/issy ever told tier bauds In back of his sleek black "You mean you'd ralher starve," rights to. and wanted me to ailapl about tliat telegram you sent him? bead and, leaning back Indolently Adamson was in a great big Yon know; ihe oiie hoping he'd get' in bis chair, observed that Adam Einiled and quietly said tbat be . He's always in a bur- murdered in a speakeasy." knew something about tliat, too. son's noso was a big enough tar- And after swcatiuu over get. "I don't want lo sco you lost) Paul was silent for H aud getting llto script In shfrpe, "I'm going to bed. oul, Dan," bo said. and then bo abruptly announced I learn today that he baa passed southern temper ot yours will get tbat lie was goiug to mix a night- tiie same story out to two ether You mentioned Garry Sloan He departed for tho kitchen, you in trouble yet. i«}n on the staff. "Can you imagine the bin stiff a lulnuto ago, and I meant to tell do — no foolin' — it Adamson decides nml liprimcr could bear him at '3ie refrigcratoj. instead of letting Itorimer replied tbat bo hadn't Collier's role* tailed I'ASSENOiiKS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Closing Stock P ices UMO.S. ) IS TAKING AMyOME vjiTrf j H:!A T3 VW.'IV F02. TP£ / ("/Ot-rT THOXSHT -THAT B£R»e.-M-l- M RIGHT--D RE A. SETTER. ) .... — -/\ \r" AGE YOO so.MS oo: HOtl AS^JT TA-!<1>« US "? VIE v»>3i;i.o A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Fox Gcni'ial Elfclvic . General Motur.s .. Grigsby Griinow . I. T. mid T. Montgomery Ward Packard Radio Simmons United G:is U. S. Steel UE-i&T OSCA3. HE DO YOO New York Cotton OK TIIM KA.MH-Y FOR LOSVUG THE t-IUTT All!) THE HACK ANO OWES IT TO HEW Of IT AUTJ AS USUAU VLL Vtv GO Or 1HKT'. 1 . Spots cloaed 15 oil. quiet at, 1120. New Orleans Cotton NEW OI'.LKANS. --Cctton clor.ocl slrndy. HIS OXI.V CI1ANC TOMMY: IM. win- was crciitorl first. To sue' V.iin i lo say EomctliiiiE.—A:i'.-'.v'.'r

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