The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 19, 1967 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1967
Page 13
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6-Aleona (la.) Uppftr DM Motnti tu*«day, D*c. 19, 1967 WASHINGTON Round WASHINGTON - This is the season for respectable folks, many of them church-going citizens, to engage in petty thievery as part of their preparations for honoring Jesus Christ. During the Christmas shopping rush, stores in this country will bse up to $50 million to shoplifters. Most of these light- fingered thieves will be pillars of the community. They'll be housewives stretching budgets, teenagers out for an extra Beatles record, husbands who can't find salesclerks in the noon rush, and store employees giving themselves pre- Christmas bonuses. Despite all precautions, only one in ten will be caught. And despite posted warnings that "shoplifters will be prosecuted", only one in ten who are caught will be brought to court. Often a store manager finds that the woman who just tried to waltz out with an extra unpaid dress under her regular frock is a charge-account customer who spends hundreds of dollars in the store. The postwar proliferation of supermarkets and discount stores, with merchandise piled high and few salesclerks around, has made shoplifting - or "boosting" as it's known in the trade - an apparently irresistible temptation. Particularly at this time, with a gaggle of shoppers clamoring for Christmas items, harassed salesclerks are too busy to notice an extra item secreted in a shopping bag. The stores, moreover, are strangely sanguine about the whole business. They say, simply, that nothing can be done but take the loss and pass it along to the honest customers in the form of higher prices. - o - - ELECTRONIC DETECTIVES - Most supermarkets and department stores have protective devices- store detectives, strategic mirrors, assorted warnings and sometimes cameras. But they realize these devices don't stop shoplifters any more than air raids stop the Viet Cong. Many store executives also feel that this protection costs more than the pilferage. "Look," a Sears Roebuck manager told this column, "a good store detective costs $200 a week and more, and he doesn't always save us that much a week. If we trained our salesclerks to spend all their time watching for shoplifters, they'd lose a lot more in sales than they'd ever gain in thwarting boosters." Between what customers lift off the shelves and employees remove without payment, stores lose 1 to 5 per cent of their inventory. A large percentage of the annual loss occurs during the Christmas shopping (and boosting) season. The fact that most boosters are otherwise respectable citizens — and only one or'two in a hundred ever get tried for their crimes - is what distinguishes shoplifting from other crimes. Even as protection lias improved against most crime hidden cameras in banks photograph bad-check passers, and burglar alarms are better than ever - shoplifting is becoming easier all the time. The best protection against shoplifters is alert personnel. But as labor costs have gone up, the number of clerks has gone down. As for detectives, most retail stores depend on detective agencies, which keep operatives in the store only occasionally. Meanwhile, there are more unattended sales counters, piled high with tempting wares. All these problems are multiplied during the pre-Christmas whirl. A startling number of customers take advantage of this to swipe some of the gifts they will decorate with religious stickers. - o - -LBJ AND CRITICISM "How does the President take to criticism?" Mrs. Lyndon Johnson was asked. "I don't suppose anybody en- Joys it. I do think he's more philosophic, has his passions more bridled than In his 30s and 40s. The fact that he's been around here a long time has made him clearly understand that the fjrgt few years you're in the presidency Is the time when you DREW PEARSOK can actively push and hopefully achieve what you're trying for, what you believe in. "From then on, the criticisms and the barbs are likely to rise to a crescendo. It happens with everyone. "I think my husband is also questioning enough to wonder to examine - to consider - how much there might be to this criticism. Is the re another path? Is there something else that makes sense ? "I know he often gets somebody who's well equipped to come in and take the other side of the question - play the Devil's advocate. 'I am thinking about following such and such a policy,' he will say, and then asks the man who knows the other side to give his side - somebody who's very experienced." "How do you yourself take criticism of your husband f "It only cuts in proportion to how much you have liked the person who has made the criticism," Mrs. Johnson replied. "If it comes from someone you're devoted to, it has an edge to it. But, you see, I've been in this most of our married life - in the House of Representatives and the Senate and the Vice Presidency ; so I hope I've acquired a philosophical attitude. I think I have." "Do you pass criticism onto your husband when it's important?" "Yes, I do. But more often he's so besieged, he's under such a waterfall of criticism that I try to pass on to him some of the good, sweet things that I hear when I stand shaking hands with 300 educators or 4-H young folks or members of veterans' groups or women's art organizations. Also I pass on a filtering of the mail that comes in and which gives a wonderful line as to what's going on in the hearts and minds of the folks. Reading this mail is one of the mighty interesting parts of this job." - o - - CAPITAL NEWS CAPSULES - Westmoreland to Return? President Johnson has told friends he may bring Gen. William Westmoreland back to Washington as chairman of the Joint Chiefs. The President added that Secretary of Defense McNamara had recommended Westmoreland for the chairmanship. McNamara, however, told friends he had wanted Gen. Earle Wheeler reappointed when his term expires next July. Marine Corps Hassle - President Johnson's appointment of Gen. Leonard Chapman, Jr., as the new Marine Corps commandant was another slap in the face at Secretary of Defense McNamara. Four years ago McNamara urged the appointment of Gen. Victor Krulak, who pleaded that he didn't have sufficient seniority for the top post. There was a tacit understanding, however, that he would get the appointment in 1968. Accordingly, McNamara again proposed him for commandant. Opposing him, Gen. William Westmoreland stated his preference for Gen. Lewis Walt, who served under him in Vietnam. It's highly unusual for the Army to barge into promotions in the Marine Corps. Final Rites Are Held For Swea Area Man SWEA-EAGLE - A Swea township man, Virgil Jensen, 56, took his own life by hanging, Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 12, at his farm home. His body was found by his son in the barn. His wife died Oct. 22 after a long illness. He was born at Seneca, Nov. 2, 1911 to Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jensen, both of whom preceded him in death. He was married at Swea City to Gladys Jacobson, March 16, 1937, and they lived on the same farm since that time. He was a member of the Baptist church. He is survived by one son, Lowell, and two daughters, Mrs. A. P. (Aleta) Beiers, Sioux Falls, S.D., and Mrs. David (Marcia) Madema, Rock Rapids, and five grandchildren; also a brother, Maynard, Lakota. Services were held Thursday at 2 p. m. at the First Baptist church, Swea City, with Rev. H. J. Crandall officiating.Burial was at Harrison township cemetery. Reese-Henry Funeral Home had charge of arrangements. Pallbearers were Weldon Brandt, Norine Danielson, Elmer Berg, Fred Butterfield, Francis Torine and Richard Krumm. - o - CHRISTMAS PARTY The Eagle-Ettes 4-H Club had their Christmas party Saturday at the home of club leader, Mrs. Cecil Thoreson. Sixteen girls were present. Honored guests were new members Heidi Thoreson, Lauri Thompson, Barbara Ezarske, Joy Geerdes. There was a gift exchange, and the club sent a gift of $10 to the Algona School for the Retarded. - o - ANNUAL DINNER Members of Post 3963 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, were hosts Saturday evening, Dec. 9, at a dinner, which is an annual event on or about Pearl Harbor Day. Russell Strayer, Ceylon, Minn., was master of ceremonies. A letter from the department president, Louella Schmidt of Schaller, was read expressing her regret that she was unable to attend. Speakers of the evening included Auxiliary President, Naomi Blair, who announced the local Auxiliary had received a department award for having the most dues in percent in October. Commander George Elliott gave the welcoming speech and introduced Dept. Senior Vice Commander Lloyd Rockne, Estherville, who is also the delegate for the Crippled Children's Camp from Emmet, Kossuth and Humboldt counties. Commander John Appelhons of the Tenth District received an award for being quota in membership by Nov. 15. Commander Geo. Elliott received an award for having the local Post 100% in membership. Past Department President Patricia Albers, Buffalo Center, extended a thank you to the Post and Axuiliary. Commander Appelhons of the Tenth District talked and Junior Vice Commander Leslie Peterson and Senior Vice President Lorraine Schoby were recognized. There was presentation of pins in recognition of continuous membership, with Inez Graham receiving a 15-year pin and Bernadine Hazelhoff a 10-year pin. Mary Ann Davis and Dolores Holm each received 5-year pins. The main speaker of the evening was Tenth District President Elsie Kvamsdale, also a member of the local unit. Music was furnished by Mrs. George Elliott and Mrs. V. E. Hazelhoff. Lee Davidson of the Swea City State Bank was presented with a community service award. Mrs. Carlos Engelby, chaplain of the local Auxiliary, delivered the opening and closing prayers. Sons of the Post members served the evening meal. Real Estate Transfers Anderson, Roy W. & Florence V. to John G. & Nancy Kissner 10-13-67 Lot 4 Blk 6 exc. the W 65' thereof Murtagh's Add., Burt. Bronson, C. R. & Corean to Ronald J. & Marianne Briggs 10-11-67 Lot 5 Blk 86 0. P., Algona. Didriksen, Onieta & Anton to Mildred N. Zeigler 10-17-67 Lot 5 & W 1/2 Lot 6 Blk 255 Call's Add., Algona. Keith, Kyle D. &ClaratoClara Keith 10-17-67 Lot 1 Riverview Height's Add., Algona. IF IT'S NEWS, WE WANT ITI Board Proceedings TWENTY-FIRST DAY OCTOBER 2, 1967 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, Andrew Reising and Ernie Schmidt. Absent: none. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that open ditch exemption be allowed on Dr. 90, Lat. 58, requested by Robert Hamilton, NW 1/4 Sec. 33-99-27 and for Albert and Emma Wertjes on SW 1/4 Sec. 33-99-28 and on Sec. 32-99-27 SE 1/4. Ayes : all. Nays : none. Motion carried. •* Motion by Reising and seconded by Schmidt that refund in amount of $37.50 be approved to Central States Theatre for cigarette permit surrendered. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and sec- ondo I >;• Raising that refund in amount of $149.05 be allowed Fred E. Kent for erroneous assessment. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Schmidt that Mrs. Leonard E. Heller, Curlew, la., be refunded $54.84 for advance taxes paid. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that Class "C" Liquor License by approved for Charlie s Supper Club in amount of $750.00 Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Schmidt that application for Class ' B' Beer permit be approved for Charles McVay, Jr. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Schmidt that the 3rd quarterly reports be approved for the Auditor, Clerk, Sheriff and for Milton Norton (J.P.), & for Wm. Droessler (Bancroft J.P.). Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Reising that report of the County Weed Commission be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Reising that Cat Loader be purchased from Gibbs-Cook in amount of $15,250. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Newbrough that #645 Allis-Chalmers Loader be purchased from Dukehart-Hughes Co. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Reising that International Loader by purchased from Herman Brown Co. for $24,600. Ayes: Reising, Schmidt and Kollasch. Nays: McDonald and NewLrough. Motion carried. FOLLOWING WAS OMITTED RESOLUTION SEPT. 4, 1954. "Whereas following property in LuVerne L. 8 B. 5 was sold to the highest bidder, Richard Wegner, in amount of $1,620 and Q.C. Deed was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (S.D. McDonald) and by County Auditor (Marc Moore.) Ayes: all. Nays: none." Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Reising that resolution on water and sewer development for Kossuth Co. be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. It was motioned that the following claims be allowed and paid. POOR FUND Madelia Walker, Extra Help . .44.50 Irene Denton, Extra Help 19.25 Algona Locker, Rent 12.00 Wendel Warwick, Mileage 21.45 Cresco L. & Pwr. Co., Electricity 202.45 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 28.60 Grace Lee Products, Supplies 92.76 Chemco Inc., Supplies 59.25 Acme Chem. Co., Supplies 218.25 N. W. Bell, Tele 23.42 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical 45.00 Rusk Drug, Medical 46.58 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 488.58 Algona Impl., Co., Impl. parts 1.51 Laing's Plumbing & Heating Heating Unitlnstalled 589.75 Jack's O. K. Tire, Repairs 3.75 Alg. Flour & Feed, Supplies 40.78 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs 2.20 Insurance, Inmate 9.00 Des Moines Register, Subscription 2.40 Des Moines Register, Subscription 1.80 Arwell Inc., Spraying 11.45 E rvin E mick, Supplies 21.84 Spencer Grocer Co., Supplies 27.00 Finn's Bakery, Food 96.00 M. & J. R. Hakes, Food 288.36 Bernard Food Industries, Food 130.40 Consl. Coop. Creameries, Food 151.59 D. D. Sparks, Food 15.00 S & L Store, Clothing 36.61 DX, Fuel 127.72 Whittemore Elevator, Supplies 395.29 Algona Produce, Supplies 44.13 James Zaugg, Labor 14.88 State of Iowa, ADC, EMERGENCY, DISABLED & BLIND 2945.83 Payroll, Poor 1312,63 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage .34.40 Federal Food Stamp, Food: Glen Parcel 50.00 Joe Rapp 16/00 Inez Lamb 24.06 Irven ElSchen 50.00 John Helderscheldt 20.00 Floyd Reibsamen 28.00 Ella Govern 12.00 Bernard Leeper 35.00 Doris Culbertson. 18.00 Audrey Frye 16.00 Richard Parsons 45.00 Louis Bartlett, Rent: Glen Parcel 25.00 Wm. Boettcher, Rent: Roelf Miller 40.00 Boughton Ambulance, Ambulance: Ray Welg 28.00 Interstate Pwr. Co., Elec.: Floyd Rerosamen. ......10.05 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Fuel: Will Gustln 1.89 Town of Bancroft, Elec.t Joe Rapp 2.94 Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical: Audrey Frye 10.00 Mae McLean 19.00 Helen Johnson 23.00 Welp Drug, Medical: N. J. Nemmers 36.98 M. G. Bourne, M.D., Medical: Patricia Parsons 75.00 Memorial Hosp., Medical: Ella Govern 285.65 Dr. John M. Rhodes, Medical: Kathy Sennenfelder 6.50 Memorial Hosp., Medical: Mrs. EdGade 366.17 Rusk Drug, Medical: Al Tlmmer 2.25 Wm. Gustin 13.01 Doris Culbertson 22.65 Ray Weig 7.75 Tom Devine. 5.70 Audrey Frye 40.30 Jos. M. Rooney, M. D., Med.: Angellne Gustin 30.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medical: Helen Johnson 10.35 Hood's Super Valu, Food: Esther DeCamp 20.00 Droesslar Mkt., Food: Virgil Wolf 20.83 Harrison Twp. Trustees, Burial: David Heneman. 40.00 Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Fuel: Adolph Pert! 35.70 Thermogas of Algona, Fuel: Mae McLean 82.81 Dodge House Inc., Keep: Chris Reefer 61.91 John Hennessy 3.93 Helen Johnson, Keep: Rose Westllng. 90.00 Morgan Home, Keep: Lawrence Mulligan.... .150.00 Richard Moe, Rent: Rose Hahle 35.00 Town of Whittemore, Elec.: Myrtle Frost. 15.80 Thuente Pharmacy, Medical: Leatha Redemske 33.20 Mary Hentges 68.20 Mary Hentges 33.00 Rusk Drug, Medical: Doris Culbertson 13.00 Audrey Frye 16.80 Tom Devine 5.10 St. Ann Hosp., Medical: Leota Barr 40.00 Will Gustin 557.80 Pat Parsons 161.95 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Elmer Dole Co., Proj. 601 15,531.05 Faber Const. Co., Proj. 603 & 608 12,163.50 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 7.92 James H. Merrymah, Proj. 606, 1129, 602, 503, 601 20,790.00 Payroll Fund, Sec. Road 19,765.56 Everds Bros. Inc., Proj. 569(2) & 1128 (1), 923 (2) 63,672.66 Everds Bros. Inc., Final: Proj. 553 (2)& 566(3) 21,098.47 P & M Stone Co. Inc., Base 12,860.78 George's Body Shop, Clay Pit Work 3,485.20 Humboldt Concrete Prod., Pipe 457.14 Chas. Reaper, Labor 161.00 Alg. Mun. Util., Util 11.09 Standard Oil, Fuel 1,607.47 Sunray DX, Fuel 1,652.27 Blanchard Lumber & HdweCo., Supplies 957.63 Glbbs-Cook Equip., Parts 235.54 United Bldg. Centers, Supplies 51.64 Brown Supply Co., Parts 846.87 N.W. Bell, Tele 50.58 Taylor Motor Co., Parts 53.91 Rowlet Plumbing & Heating, Repairs 17.84 H.E. Hemmingsen Plumbing, Furnace Installed 546.75 Elbert Chev., Parts 21,20 Schultz Bros., Parts 22.13 Goplerud Lubricants Inc., Supplies 47,25 Miller Lumber Co., Supplies 41.00 Schumacher Well, Co., . Repairs 75.00 la. Pub. Serv. Co.,Elec 5.00 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs .16.50 United Building Center, Supplies ,2116.33 Swaney Equip. Co., Parts 661.23 John Thompson, Repairs 913.75 Nichols Body Shop, Repairs 71.85 P. R, Irons, Repairs 24.29 W. E. Ley Motor Co., Parts 5,79 Lyman Oil Co., Fuel 144,80 Edwin Blair Welding, Repairs 2.50 Ledyard Lumber Co., Supplies 32.55 Cent. la. Tele., Tele 17.63 Cent. la. Rural Tel., Tele 37.93 Cowan Corp., Supplies 109.45 Reynolds Mach. Co., parts 35.17 Barclay Co., Supplies 136.03 premier Autoware Co., Supplies 203.16 IrvlngtonCoopCo., Supplies 46.00 Grouse Cartage Co., Freight 4.50 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 5.03 Michael Todd & Co., Supplies 152.67 Thermogas Co., Supplies .15.00 Cook's Welders Supply, Supplies .15.00 Allan Bellinger, Repairs 14.14 Doocy Repair Shop, Repairs .21.00 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor Co., Parts 506.17 Johnston Automotive, Parts 22.54 Hilton Super Service, Tires 271.75 Big Bear, Supplies 12.58 Town of Bancroft, Elec 6.00 Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies 405.41 Arnold Motor Supply, Supplies 30.39 Sleg Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 51.44 Lone Rock Coop. Tele., Tele 16.74 Elmore Concrete Prod. Co., Tile 15.60 Quick Supply Co., Supplies 169.40 Titonka Tel. Co., Tele 7.05 C. &H.Co.,Supplies 1147.20 Hoien Gravel Pit., Supplies 65.00 Bowman Small Engines, Repairs 16.05 Nielsen DX Serv., Supplies 5.98 BeedHdwe., Supplies 30.85 West la. Tel., Tele 8.92 la. Elec. L. & Pwr. Co., Elec 3.53 Adam Helderscheldt, Labor 110.00 Sargent Engineering Corp., Parts 1005.58 Town of West Bend, Elec... .1.00 la. Pub. Serv. Co., Elec 5.00 Peter's Auto Supply, Supplies 19.90 Cert. Elec. Div., Supplies 277.20 Helen Baldwin, Clay Pit 250.00 Glenn's DX, Fuel 3.00 COUNTY FUND N. Cent.Pub.Serv.,Gas 4.72 Alg. Mun. Util., Util 189.12 Payroll Fund, Co 13,367.76 Post Office, Rent 45.00 Ralph Llndhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners 26.10 Humboldt Co., Board & Lodge of Prisoners 35.00 Eppo Bulten, Mileage 57.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage & Assistance 310.54 Donald M. Wood, Mileage 87.55 Algona Reminder, Supplies 6.63 Heck Ross Uniform Co., Supplies 161.58 Doris Culbertson, Extra Help Nurse 65.00 Joyce Hayden, Mileage 95.00 Culllgan, Soft Water 6.50 Wm. Thul, Meeting 4.00 Francis Kollasch, Meeting 4.00 Geo. Baas, Meeting 4.00 Chas. Bormann, Meeting 4.00 Elmer Kubly, Meeting 4.00 Henry Hefty, Meeting 4.00 Ed. J. Elbert, Meeting. . . ..4.00 Henry Hefty, Meeting 4.00 Earl Chambers, Meeting 4.00 Ed. J.Elbert, Meeting 4.00 John Weber, Meeting 4.00 Albert Bormann, Meeting 4.00 W. H. Raney, Meeting 4.00 Richard Mawdsley, Meeting 4.00 Koch Bros., Supplies. .... .11.90 Pitney Bowes, Rent 71.86 N, Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 43.91 N. W. Bell, Tele 354.13 Hutzell's, Supplies 7.64 Hutzell's, Supplies 8.09 la. State Bank, Supplies 11.20 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies 111.88 Security State Bank, Supplies 16.00 G, A. Thompson, Supplies 10.80 Advance Pub. Co., Supplies 38.06 R. L. Polk & Co., Supplies 12.00 Klipto Printing Co., Supplies 77.41 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies 276.45 Koch Bros., Supplies 10.88 Xerox, Supplies 79,00 Cert. Elec. Div,, Supplies 104.44 Bureau of Labor, Inspection. .4.00 F, E, Davenport & Co., Services 45.00 State Automobile Ins., Insurance 6228.18 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Tests 10,00 Upper Pes Moines Pub. Co., Notices 18.90 Advance Pub. Co., Notices 48.90 City of Algona, Ambulance Service 440.00 Co. Treasurer, Bounty 83.53 Walter B. MacDontld, Expanse* 396. S3 PAYROLL FUND Wendef Warwick, Co. Home 237.50 Alma Warwick, Co. Home 237.50 K. C. Kern, Co. Home 212.50 Rosetta Kern, Co. Home 212.50 Richard Synder (Dr.), Med. Examiner 17.50 Janice Funk, Extra Help Auditor. .. 174.00 Kathryn Myers, Extra Help Treasurer 168.75 L. C. Rovn, Probation 198.50 Kenneth Richardson, Probation. 161.82 Wayne Keith, Civil Defense 362.24 A, M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage 743.40 L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & Mileage 704.60 Andrew Reising, Meetings & Mileage 648.10 Garry McDonald, Meetings & Mileage 621.20 Ernie Schmidt, Meetings & Mileage 631.20 Homer Downs, Weed Comm 347.80 H. M. Smith, Engineer 1,000.00 John Fraser, Asst. Engineer 650.00 Tommy Aaron, Inspector 734.40 Marilyn Schneider, Clerk. 350.00 Wilbur Doege, Rodman. 336.00 Wayne Christiansen, Rodman 322.00 Mads Christiansen, Checker . . . .542.90 John Eller, Jr., Labor 474.00 Richard Hoberer, Labor 434.00 Clarence Hentges, Labor 434.00 Earl Johns, Labor 451.50 A. J. Kollasch, Labor 456.00 Ben Metzger, Labor 458.00 Leo Ramus, Labor 480.00 Fred Sleeker, Labor 426.00 John Schueler, Jr., Labor . • .420.00 Geo. Werlnga, Labor 426.00 Cyril Wagner, Labor 440.00 Gerald Wibben, Labor 490.00 C. E. Zaugg, Labor 494.50 Henry Zweifel, Labor 494.00 John Bauer, Labor 422.00 Raymond Baade, Labor 441.00 Melvln Baas, Labor 434.00 Detain Blumer, Labor ' . • .438.00 Clifford Blanchard, Labor 476.00 M. E. Blanchard, Labor 440.00 Alvin Ewing, Labor 490.00 Dale Helmers, Labor 434.00 Clifford Holmes, Labor 432.00 Don Hainzinger, Labor 420.00 George Rockier, Labor 476.00 Urban Neuroth, Labor 440.00 Fred Plumb, Checker 422.60 Elmer Ricks, Labor 438.00 Charles Thompson, Labor 460.00 Orville Weiland, Labor 440.00 Erich Willrett, Labor 440.00 James Walker, Labor 504.20 RETIREMENT FUND IPERS, 3rd Quarter 2,362.40 SOC. SEC., 3rd Quarter 3,129.75 ROAD CLEARING Farmers Coop. Soc., Supplies 1,848.50 REFUNDS Cent. State Theatre, Clg. Refund. 37.50 Fred Kent, Over-assessment 253.16 CIVIL DEFENSE Payroll Fund, Payroll 385,94 Hutzell's, Supplies ,185.00 Doris Culbertson, Extra Help 52.00 la. Agency for Surplus, Generator, 100.00 Elliott Flying Service, Parts. , 16.29 Co. Ext. Serv., Rent 50,00 BANGS FUND Kent Seely, Indemnity.,.,. .25.00 SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND Elmer Phillips, Rent, .... .50.00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 11.95 la. Pub. Serv. Co,, Elec 11.89 Alg. Mun. Util., Elec 10.80 Dr- T.J.Egan, Medical 20.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medical. , . 5,80 Thuente Pharmacy, Medical 74.75 Welp Drug, Medical 9.85 Van Norman Drug Co., Medical 16.00 Dr. Geo. H, Utley, Medical, . . . . 20.00 St. Jos. Mercy Hosp,, Medical 96.00 Dr. R. O. Sebek, Medical ; 25.00 Dunn's Sure Save, Food. 10 -°° Leonard Warner, Mileage 8 - 70 Everett Attlg, Keep 79.34 Kenneth Salveson, Keep ".02 David Smith, Meeting 5.00 Howard Andrews, Meeting 59.00 Lee Davidson, Meeting 10.40 Marvel Immerfall, Clerk 25.00 Lawson Hardware, Fuel 15.00 Hutzell's, Supplies 8.80 DRAINAGE FUND Koss. Co. Soil Conserv., Drain 4 30.00 John Thompson, Drain 4 141-25 Standard Oil, Drain 4 8.00 Kruse Engineering, Drain 4 Lat 24-33. 388.72 Shumway Kelly & Fristedt, Drain 5 W. Br 10.00 Leon McCoy, Drain 23 H3.30 Kruse Engineering, Drain 23 163.80 John Thompson, Drain 39 27.50 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Drain 91 45.00 John Thompson, Drain 133 150.00 Koss. Co. Soil Conserv., Drain E. K. 2 45.00 John Thompson, Drain PAK 1 12-50 Kruse Engineering, Drain PAK 1 649.12 Erven Anderson, Drain Tri. 84 14.61 Harvey Pedersen, Drain Tri. 84 29.80 STATE INSTITUTION Jos. M. Rooney, M.D., Phys 15.50 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney 15.50 Ralph Llndhorst, Mileage 22.09 James Andreasen, Attorney 10.00 Jos. M. Rooney, M. D., Exam. Phys. . . 15.50 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney 15.50 Ralph W. Llndhorst, Mileage 20.22 James H. Andreasen Attorney 10.00 Dr. Wm. Jackson, Medical. »• 6.00 la. Children's Home, Keep 366.12 Buff. Center Clinic, Medical 6.00 Guest House Rest Home, Keep 154.00 la. Children's Home Soc., Keep 214.93 Quakerdale Boy's Home, Keep 131.33 Helen Zaugg, Keep ...138.35 Tommy Dale Mem. Hosp., Keep .450.00 Alma Leegaard Home, Keep 125.00 COURT FUND Payroll Fund, Court 1,817.21 James Roberts, Expenses 13.75 H. J. McNertney, Fees 150.00 Frank Ross, Expenses 7.50 B. Gerald Reynolds, Expenses 9.24 Gordon L. Winkel, Fees 150.00 Eldon Winkel, Fees 105.00 Pengad Companies, Inc., Supplies 26.02 Delia Welter, J. P. Fee 12.00 Wm. J. Finn, J. P. Fee 87.00 Ralph Llndhorst, Meals & Mileage 42.35 Wm. Droessler, J. P. Fee 5.00 On motion adjournment was taken until October 10, 1967. A. M. Kollasch Chairman, Bd. of Superv. Attest: Marc Moore, Kossuth Co, Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS OCTOBER 10, 1967 Regular Sept. Session The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A, M. Kollasch, Chairman, & Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, Andrew Reising & Earnie Schmidt. Absent: none. Motion by Newbrough & seconded by Reising that Charles Quinn, Bancroft, be appointed on examining board for appointment of Assessor. Ayes: all Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Schmidt & seconded by Reising that account of Orval Peterson (Ruth Trunkhill) be cancelled. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Absent; McDonald, On motion adjournment was taken until Nov. 1, 1967. A. M. Kollasch Chairman, Bd. of Superv. Attest: Marc Moore, Kossuth Co.' Auditor I

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