The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWRPAPtri) no unoi-iin err •„„.. VOL. XXXlll—NO. Blythertll« Courtfr Blythevtile Herald THE IllythtTllle ,D»Uy N«wt Uuululppl Vftllc; Leader NEWBPAPBtt OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND 8OOTI1BA8V MISSOURI BI.YTHKVIU AKKANSAS, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HER-t •'"Her Smile Spells \ / * i ITALY V-i-c-t-o-r-y Farmers Haven't Heard of Walkout By Cotton Choppers in County Public announcement at Memphis today by H. L. Mitchell, executive secretary of tile Southern lenant Farmers Union, t'nat a: general walkout'' of farm workers In Mississippi county Imd resulted in wage and hour concessions by farmers was branded as pure Invention by planters and others familiar with the situation. Mitchell, according to press dispatches from Memphis, said thai "union" cotton choppers In Mississippi county had struck for SI 50 per day and a 10-hour day but had returned to work after planters Imd agreed to pay $1 per day for a 10- Jiour day and $1.25 for n 12-hour (13 y, Wage hi County Is S! Ira Crawford, eotion assistant In he county agent's oflice here, told the Courier News this mornins that he was in touch with farmer' throughout the county and if ther» had been a cotton choppers' strike or the threat of one anywii=re in the county it, must have been of small proportions, as he had henrd nofnlng of it. No farmer could be found in Blytheville who had heard of any strike in this county. C E trigger. Lee Wilson Co. manager at Rrmorcl, said that he Imd heard of no trouble in any of the communities in which the Wilson company operates. The 75-cent5-a-<]ay wage against which the tenant union is strlklji" in Critlendcn. cross mid St Francis counties, has prevailed in Mississippi county at no time this season, according to Crawford Parm- .ers generally riirou<;hoiit the coun- '•J' '""-e^n-payinfr si per. "day since Che-beginning of the chop":' pnig season, he said, although there may be a few who 'nave been nay- ing less. ' ' 1'reoicis Simt-Oown Mitchell, in his statement at Memphis today, also claimed that a number of small land owners in cnttenden county had signed contracts with the union. He dscllncd to divulge their names. ,n" PtirS ^ r 1 P ? rls from the Beld indicate that thousands of both union and non-union workers, srmr«- croppcrs and tenants are o ,,t of the fields, the united Press quoted Mitchell as declaring, "wiilla ev-ry plantation 'nas not yet felt the full meet of the general shutdown we «re confident that within three days all work will stop except where union contracts are signed " Johnson Asks Decision Be Left to Electorate I.ITTLB ROCK, Ark.—Eligibility of State Comptroller Grillin Smith as n candidate for chief Justice of tile Arkansas supreme court is a question which Chief Justice C. E. Johnson, the incumbent, prefers to leave to the voters of Arkansas, 'nc said yesterday. Judge Johnson made public a .|et-1 tcr which lie had written to j! D Jlrad of Texnrkaim, chairman of the state Democratic committee saying that -Mr. Smith's iiiellglbll- ity, if established, does not add to my qualifications; therefore, I much prefer to lei. the Democratic electorate of the state puss upon our respective merits." Despite Judge Johnson's letter, a call to the state committee, Issued Thursday \ v Mr. Head, will not. be rescinded, and rne mi , clmg s( .,, e(1 . uled for June 0 at tile Ihtel Marlon will be held, Mr. Head .said GET THUS II IfJi Wilt Sa y g Legion Had Part in Shrine Fire Outspcllinsj even her judges, blond Jean Trov:bridge, 13 ot Stuart, III., is shown nb'ovu smiling after winning a bronze plaque, S500. and title of qnejii of the nation's juvenile spellers, ot Washington. D C. After declaring her wrong threo limes, the judges: reversed decision after studying authorl-, tics. ''•ITilOIT, May •»> ill]')-.],,, vei.lliutlon of il'.e biu-n'.'H! nl "•''ilii'i- Clmrle.s 10. (.'oiiKlilliia htnlne of II,,. i.nti,. MOUVI- wns ii'inisllli'ii toclny niter I'roscni- w i:iin.-'«n C. Mi-Cren dl.s<-!o-;ed "at In the last .|H IHM-.VS miiric- , l ' 1! t evidence has been (Invlo|H-d A two-day event, the Northeast,'" wmi'ct the llhck Lcyiun , V iti> Arkansas Air linccs. will O ]:en to-' l| i'ftiuelimi of tin- fanii-d stnicliin- morrow at nlylhcville's municipal! As live .sepamie Invcstl-ulluns airport. It. is c.xpocted to prove bv, suight | 0 link (he bt'ick-roui-ii the most pretentious aerial nidit riders with recent Iddiuip- Races and Sluiils on Two-j Day Program at Municipal Airpoi'l snow ever olfercd here and one of tlie attempted In Mils'part slaylnss, bombings and ur- McOn-ii rcvi'iiled dial. |,| S 17 Tl ||' - > u ' <«' Ihc climax of the meet, will be "f the shrine laM March reached Sunday when as many as I being accelerated tkim, ;i0 ! ) " 1 !r' > , re " X1)ecl , Clll0 F, nr -| " cf ™"' sc »<">« <>r on- cvl- «,^ '", '" ft s varlcd " Cllvl " " rm ' L ' conncclfiiB the ICL| , nirres i lies b,, substantially (lie same pro'- 1 win, ,, le destructio of I," '' ine gam has been arranged for Sat-; is conclusive but II s s "o . Rejects American Suggestion for Negotiation of Settlement CIIETTE TH I Picket Plantations FORREST CITY. May 29 (UP) —Striking Southern Tenant Farmers v.'lion cotton choppers today began picketing plantations in at F;n;icis county in (heir fight for higher wages, shorter hours and rcccgnition. the sheriffs cilice 'vor, txiviscd. A leading plantation owner, whose name was not revealed, appealed to Little Rock authorities for state rangers to protect rharecroppers and tenants who have refused to strike at Widener. seven miles east of here. Several farmers hinted privately they would appeal to Gov. J. M.. Futrell for national guard protection if necessary to protect their workers Irom molestation b union strikers. Date's Income for 11 Months Above That for Previous. Twelve LITTLE ROCK, May 2!) IUP1- ln increase-in- cigar' and -ciBuv- cttc tax collections for the first eleven months of (he present fiscal year as compared to thc'iti- lal collection for 1935 was reported today by Revenue Commissioner Earl Wiseman. The collections for the first <•;••- vcn months now tolal Sl.noi.556 4; as compared lo SSM.62773 f or all of the ISIS fisenl year. "The cigarette and cigar lax ccllcction is thc best barometer of improving business conditions in Arkansas;" Wiseman said. Employes of the revenue tie- ' rarlment estimated that more than $100,000 would be added to I the collection total at the end of the 12 months. AU of the tax collected goes into the state school fund. LONDON, May 29 (UP) _ The United Slates today indicated rcadiiMs to reopen (he whole oucstion of Great Britain's war debts to America but the British mindful (hat another payment Is H" 1 June is, declined. Ttic American offer was revenl- iirday. Parachute jumps have been ai'- vangcd for bolh days, other events Kion lo satisfy is InvolU'd," "Therefore tire s Hint lie |.<McCrea said. .-..„ n.n,i ^ lift ILVI.IU- crt when the foreign office received the customary u. S. department o. state reminder that another installment on Britain's war debt is sbout to fall due. The routine reminder, a mere formality since .Britain ceased making even "token" payments (o he United States, differed from he ordinary somewhat.; because the American note expressed a willingness .to negotiate a .settlement of tlie ts question. *._ui<i vjucaviuu The British government, how- i - • r ive tire g are two or more races, one wilh ll,h phase of U,, or more limiled alfalrs and oils a I (km " frec-for-all, "bomb'' dropping an:! balloon bursting contests, acrobatic flying by E. z. Ncwsom and Capt. Bill niigan and an unusual' novel exhibition of stunt (lying In a two- cylinder midget plane.. A .spot land-, ing contest, ml Ethiopian derby j clhcr novel contests and passenger flights, in ships piloted by licensed aviators, round out the program for each day. Ncgrn Will Jump Willie Jones, -south's only ro ]iarr,chii(c jumper, win make golnu iilieiul ,,v,, , Hivej,lls»- 's English Derby Winner ever, is preparing reply announcing its inability to resume debt payments to the United States at present. The reply, it „,„„ understood will indicate that the moment not suitable for p. the whole debts question. reopening New Orleans Cotton NEVV ORLEANS, May 29. (UP! —Continued rains in Texas ant! ,. Oklahoma, coupled with a dioulhy ^J'. he condition in the northeast b=lt ' niul {heft of Bicycle Leads to Capture of C o n v i c I Who Fled Prison crtf ""bo" 0 ''' 1 "' 5 ' "' taS GC ° rge Hob ' convict trusty, was taken into'cus- here yesterday aiten noon after i' stolen a bicycle s = , n a gave the market an added impetus ." tllc "'-Way Cut Hnl — ' ----- J '• - ' ' today and cotton futures closed six to nine points up. open high low close J'll ING 1152 1144 1151 Oct Dec Jan Mar Mnv 1045 1038 1037 1043 1045 1054 104G 1045 1047 1045 1045 1053 1037 10-1B 1037 1045 1013 1045 Sauls One It.iirjcr LITTLE ROCK. May 23 (OP) — Slate Ranger Superintendent Giay Jul Albright announced this afternoon he had dispatched one ranger to investigate reports of strike trouble in and near Forrest City. Albright said additional rangers woi-ld te sent into the district it reports of law violations sire borne out. 1047 1045 York Cotton YORK. May 28 (UP)-- Cottcn closed very. steady. open high low close 1151 1158 1151 1157 1052 1060 1044 1049 lOH 1047 1048 1050 10-15 1040 Dec Jan Mar Mas- Spot Average Is 11.G7 The average price of 7-£ ne out. The average price of 7-8 inch situation in St. Francis mUl f'" B , co " on on thc (cn -W Is a dangerous one :1I>[ , "'"^eLs oday ^ was 1I.G7. accord- ccunty Is a dangerous one and we are going lo proceed cautiously before making a move." he said. Inquiry Asked WASHINGTON, May 23 (UP) — The department of justice said today It hart readied no decision >el on the request of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union for an investigation Into alleged Intimidation and threats against union members in East Arkansas, where the union has called a cotton chopper' strike. Tlie department .said it was "still considering" the request. Blylhcville Board of Trade. Producers arc entitled to a subsidy of .33 of a cent per pound on IMS-crop cotton sold by tlieni today. Chicago Corn open July GO high GO 59 1-2 59 1-2 Beef" cows, Chiccifin Wheat , --• ••«/ VJ.IL nine urim store at Mam and Division streets Roberts attempted to dispose of "• bicycle to Cecil Lowe, North n street grocer, who became suspicious of Roberts' story and had officers notified, in the meantime the fneft }, a<i been reported to police and employes of the drug store were also notified of the attempt to dispose of a bicycle at Lowe's Lowe engaged Roberts in conversation until the officers and dru» store employes arrived Whc reached the attempt to \ t ^ l "-- "n* 'v« me viu'nm ot a Hying tackle by a dru» clerk He was brought to thc city hall and later removed lo Ihe county jail Officers said he admitted that he had escaped from the slate prison farm for women near England wncre he had been on special duty «s a trusty. He was serving a term for grand larceny, having b;en sentenced from county He has relatives living here. n parachute Jump Saturday, prob-1 ably about 5:45 o'clock and another' Sunday at about the same time. Jones, who arrived here yesterday to receive the ndiilation of Asli street, Is snid by those w'no have witnessed his jumps lo provide many thrills by his antics. The program calls for Jones to make a delayed jump from a piano to bj piloted by Plckens Black, one of,, licensed negro pilots In ti^ United States. Jones usually jumps from about 6,000 feet, cnrryiivr In his arms a sack of Hour. He punctures the sack as 'ne starts his fall and flour spurts out, tracin» his downward plunge until he reaches y former Member of Faculty lo Deliver Address at Commencement week of 1030 high school Kraduate.s of Dlythe- Uilc' will be concluded tonight with the Bi'adiiiillnn exercises at tlie city cuidltoi-lum beginning at S o'clock. Thc 75 members of thc class, attired in formal cajis and Bowns, will be' presented- their diplomas tollowln K -.a-program on "Tlie Outlook For Youth." The ndclrcfs of the guest speak '"', Henry Hudson, formerly ,, member of Ihc faculty here and now or Arkansas Tech at KusscH- Sweeping home ahead of u fi;ld of 22 «f the be- tiBllsh Ucrby at Epsom Downs. The horsfs victory rorc OT.COO specmtors Bnvc his mvncr the dlslinclion of Lcinir the first to win two IJerbys In secession since 11195, his Bahrain mk- thc rich race last year. Mulimoiid finished three IcnHhs In front of his stalilemale, T«J Akliar, and nearly foi:r nhend 'of' Ihe show horse, Thmikerlon. SEKELT GETS. —...,,,,,M piujige mull ne reaches u " UA ^VLKMIISHS icon at about 2,000 feet, when he pulls thej vlllc ' wl » b " preceded by a scr- rip cord of the 'chute and floats les of (ttlfe s by students. Miss Pollv- down to earth. By way of variation i nnn n "<* will speak 0:1 "Youth In Jones manipulates the cords of Hie American History," Miss chute to make it jump about era- •'""""- "'—'—•- zlly and seem almost to fold occasionally as he slips groundwiml. Copt, Dugan, of Ncoslvji, MO. who was here last /nil dusting cotton Tor Finklca Brothers, will perform some unusual stunts. Capt Dugon Is a veteran pilot and a World War ace. having a number of enemy planes to Vu's credit during Ihe war. Brings Stunt Ship Ncwsom, whose father formerl) , yc Jeanne Dlaylock on "The Analysis cf the Youth Problem," Albert Ridings on "The Relation of the Youth Problem to Other Problems," Miss Mary Elizabeth Borutn on "Some Implications for Democracy," Miss pastorcd known to church here, is wsl local air enthusiasts Ployes arrive,! When they- an Tplane C " C the store Roberts marie an I „, '" . to run but was thc victim ,, e Etntopian M~ 1--1... . . . be (l ronl TIlirM. Newsom won one of ti:e speed events in fnc National Air Races several years ago and Is general!; considered one of the outstanding stunt pilots in the .soutli. He wi Pilot a special Fleet stunt ship. Details of the most unusual of the stunt events being withheld by members of the air committee. They predict, however, that this event alone will more [ban repay thc thousands who will attend the meet for their visit. It will re- venl the most eccentric acrobatic lying ever witnessed here, committee members insist, just as an Idea of what Is really in store, one ol :hc stunts calls f or a handkerchief to be plucked off the (jround by a fishhook attached to the whig of derby is said to be a real mirth provoker. Several negroes are to participate. They will attempt to outstrip each other In consuming a sack ot popcorn and cold drink, racing afoot across the runaway to waillno s ),ip s (o h- Pl oted around a fixed course and returned to their starling point. Th; morning program cadi day will be devoted principally to passenger nights, inspection "of planes by the pubiic and formation (lying Slany Planes Coming In addition to the six jhi^s own- Wunderlicli Appointed Lion Oil Agent Here W. J. (Bin, W^erlich ha, *«,I herT Ne^'a',* ^pt "£!«.* nnicd u-holrcab aeon turn far tiu. n-iii ,„ ... °! la capl - DU 3 nn Will C1 ,[e r tl bi n dutie - - - . "- w^ , - ,,j , t., un:i t^J\vs, 1/0-D3U. Sept. S7 5-8 51 7-8 SI 3-8 57 1-2J Cutlers & low cutlers 3.10-450. Williamson New Pilot . Appeal's hand- open high n sa:'":; Bai-iraaSwsSiias«»"-«"= I manager of Che Phillips Motor com- Livestock j to his neTdiftics 0 " " EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., May 29 i (UP)-Hogs: 5500. Top 1010. 170-230 Ibs., 990-1005 140-160 Ibs., 010-1000. Bulk sows, 860-875. Cattle 1800. Slaughter .steers, 600-875 Slaughter holfcrs, 600-875, ---.. w^m jjiuup 1S C.\E?cClt'lt here Privately owned ships from bikeston, Kennell. stcele. Pava- gould, Memphis an() ot - mr clt | CS!ind JONEfiBORO. May 20 j aJon ? • <UP)— of the . Date Barren resigned as manager field adjoining the alrwrt In? b of the Jon«' )ora Giants of the prepared for 'cars Notthcnst Arkansas league Icxlny and Al Williamson was named tn's successor. will be for p ar |, lng or p ar , ng „,, c , i but there will be no other tli.irj (Continued on pane ihr Emmnllnc Do " c Paiic the tional Government," Miss Vcra Saliba, salnlatorlaii, on "What is Being Done by Independent Agencies," Miss Pauline Fowler on "What is Being Done by Particular Communities." Miss Jape Branson, valedictorian, on "Tlie PJace and Function of Education," Miss Martha Ann Lynch on "The Importance of Character." Miss Jcssalyn Blomeyer will read thc poem "Bridge Dnilders" Bill Harrison will sine "Tlie Old Road" Scott, Misses Katherinc Walpolc. Sybil Brackin and Eviloii Haw- Kins will sinf "Wynken, Blynkcn «"d Nod" Hartlclt. and '"Ilptoe" Carew, thc Rev. V. E. Chalfnnt, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church, will say the Invocation and the Rev. W. V. Womack Pastor of the First Methodist church, will pronounce thc benediction. Miss Kathryn Orcar pianist, will play for tlie processional "March" Minmna. Basil Locke president of the class which completed Its work tit mid-term and Oene Sykes. president of the eroup finishing » s work nt the second term, will present the class members. W. D. McClurkin. superintendent, will announce the awards and the senior memorial and thc diplomas will be presenled by c M Buck, president of the school Ditl !•!> on Measure, Carrying Record Breaking Appropriation, Passes House Today WASHINGTON. May 2!) (U1M — Thc house today completed congressional action on thc $200,000,000 peace time record breaking navy appropriation bill by approving the conference re(iort. -The hill, carrying Increases for personnel, airplane and .ship strength, eoes lo the White House for slgrnalurc since the senate adopted Die report last Monday. Approval of the bill boosted appropriations for national defense at this .session of congress to more than $1,000,000,000. Principal points in thc bill provide for: 1. Conditional aulhorl/ation to Roosevelt Proposed .„. Graduated Levy on Un- dislributcd Profits Out South American Country Opposes Aimcxalion of Klhiopia CiKNKVA, May 29. (ur')-Ai'Ben- Unu today demanded an extraordinary .se.ssloii of Ihc League of Nations assembly bo convened lo consider Italy's outright annexation of Ktmopta, a league member, Although the council is scheduled to reconvene June lo to resume consideration of Ihe Italo- Kthloplan crisis, M, KiHr. ciulnax.u presented Josef A, o. Avenol Lrnsu secretary ncncriil, with his Kovernmonl's demand for on extraordinary session of the assembly. Kill?. Oilman has been Instructed lo oppose Italy's annexation-oi- U'nlopln "althotiBh Arcentlnu may be llic only League member lo adopt inch tin latitude." Argentina's continued membership In the league inny depend or driisllo action against Premier Den to Mussolini's fait accompli, n, t'.tlilopla. Small nallons. most of which arc strongly committed to League nro- lection of »cnk poivers lignliist iict.i of uuurcsslon, dominate tlie LenBiie nssembly, willed is made up of representatives O r all League members. Ihe great powers dominate the council. Tin Brllaln Would liml Crisis LONIJON, May 2D (UP)—Grcnt Urilaln has decldctl lo respond favorably to friendly gestures frcm Iltily , U1( | (o CS|)I010 1Wss| _ unity of resuming friendship it was understood today. The cabinet nt a special mect- "IB nL the house.ot common'; this morning was reported on reliable authority to ' have discii'ted Hit 1 f'dvlsnblllty of opening - negotia linns with it a iy rorra settlement ol n virluai crisis thiit.has ,, cl . sltlcd for a year. ••• » The majority of cabinet men,. i'1's, 11 was underslood, favoicd rpnjjly [jio effort .to stnrt nego- mlions, providing (hat' it could Iw nrraiiBcd, within he framework ot the (.eat'iic—a possible obstacle Gramli Vislls Kdcn U was understood that the ,. i "•" "*"* "«»ui»tou£i uint i ue cnti- WASHINGTON, May 2!) ;ijp)-1 tncl decided to consult the gov- -- — -. • finance commltlcc crnmcnU of the dominions nt- in report, the new compromise tax bill. lni.|i-rtln B a «ic per cent increase In Income surtaxes .Mailing at $(i,OC3 and extending m, to $. r in,000. •The compromise measure, ie- Jecllin; I'resldctit Hocsevelt's SUL'- liesllon for a hl B her i;radualcd Inx on undivided corporate lira- nis, was estimated lo raise as high as S700.COO.OOO Including- siir- tn.v Increases and the windfall lax. tr.l fell far short ot thc admlnlstintlon'n request for a total permanent and temporary revenue of $1.137.000,000. The committee ilcclili'rt to cliaii"c two, 35.000-ton battle-, the flat 18 per cent, r.ile en co'f '"" ' ""•" 1 construct . ships after Jan. 1, 1937. j pcrnlc oarnlng.s lo „ uradnatcd 2. Coiiitrucllon of 12 destroyers "" c ° r from IS 1-2 to 18 pu ai,d i; submarines. ' j cent mill to <tro|i the proposed IS 1.000 exemption for cor|:onitions :i. Construction of 333 Ihe nexl fiscal year of The bill, an approved. Is $2.1, W5.000 under budget estimates. din-ingrained. ' "' h'enalor Wllllntn II. Khv» (Dem '"'" jn-esldlii'r in (| lo "'ab.sente Closing Slock P NEW YORK. May 20. .„. ,_ Stocks rose one to morn Ihan three .T ". mi.- ,uA->i;ntc of Chaii-man Put Harrison (Dem .said am, i, c i,ad "confirmed" his earlier statements thm ccrporali! eninln^ |,ix wou!,l yicid $87.000.Cf,0 limn.' Minn ||i,- treiisn-y experts estimated vvoiiiu boost the once on tbelr ntlttude. Tills news came one <lnj aftei a visit by Dino Ornncll, ft.i'llnn n iii- bnssador, to Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. Cirandl was understood to hti\e told fcden that if League penalties were continued Italy would not enter into any agreement to consolidate peace in the Mediterra'u- she - nntl mu. s t consWcr whether should retain even fomifil ,.,,,11 yield of rp( ' $789.000.000 as' f:< " membershl]) in ih c League, Hamilton Will Place ' Landon in Nomination TOl'EKA, Knns,. May 29 (UP) -C.ov. AU M. Landon announced today (hat John D. M. Hamilton ' nuliomil commlttccman and tlio governor's caui)inian manager, ivill make the speech placing the Kan- snn In nomination for the presidency at tlie Republican national convention in Cleveland.. The governor's announcement came after reports had been circulated In Republican circles that eastern conservatives h.-irl soiij'lit to persuade Uxndon to "ditch" (he board. - --- - ....w *"'. l.lll ,,, .-,„,„ o l c»y.u»yy.tuu as ' in dull prc-hollday trading conipared lo the house bill lota'I today. Sleel shares responded lo of 58t3.UCO.000. outlook far increased demand in f - ' I June to anticipate proposed third-! r i , - . quarter |)rice advances. Rails were iill [ jeac llC« Jurist SllCS To Test Senate Action young coinmllleemaii Kansas. Firemen Extinguish Sawdust Fire at Mill car loadings report | for the w?ek ciled last Saturday, i lotalin^ C33.40G car.s. up 1,955 f ro ,'(, Ihe previous week and up 85.010 WASHINGTON. May '23 from the rorrcsnondinj; week of! Altcr " c - vs for ""Istead I. 103S. It WHS .1 new high for the! '"'l-'™ch<xl RHter, City firemen were called to halt j stubborn sawdust fire at the e a t Chicago Mill and Lumber corpo ^™ . yesteixlay aftcrnooti city Tlie i , ,, k , ,.,.j ,n i vt |[(J(J[] -| [|p fire caused little actual damage i tail held a threat of more serious! loss until extinguished. I The (ire started when sparks were blown out of thc We burner In «hlch .sawdust, bark and ™h frcm the sawmill are consumed. The sparks Ignited sawdust along the edge of Ihc mill platform and tn a short time it had spread to sawdust under the floor' of the n HI H smoked heavily but did Ittle damage to Ihc building Ihe lire \vns difficult to reach "",!*";!. 1?'.'?. **'"Wished only "i yi b nr. A T. and T Anaconda Copper Ilclh. filcel Cliry.sler Cllirs Service ... Cnra Cola (ri'n. Am. Tank . Clon. Klcctrlc — Gen. Motors Im. Harve.stcr ... JlrKrsson-Robbiu-s Jlonlconipiy Ward N. V. Central I'urkiird Phillips Pel Kadio St. I,.-S. F Siiiiinons Beds .. Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Smelting ... H. S. Sleel Warnrr Uro.s Zoulle ...16.5 .1-8 ...33 1-2 ... 53 1-2 ... 95 3-1 ... 43-8 ...07 1-2 62 1-2 80 8 7-8 fedeial Judge, loday • filed acllnn in Ihe Uniictl states I court of claims, challenging conj stlti Uonality of the senate tic- lion In ousting the Florida Juris). Carl T. Holfman. counsel Cot Hitter, announced he had filed Mill in the court of claims or. behalf cf the Jndje. demanding payment of \m .salary as a Uniu\1 .States district judge. ' n •" i-z j British Troops Battle ...35 3-4 . .. 10 3-8 ... 403-4 ... 11 1-4 ... 23-8 ... 28 7-8 ... 50 1-2 ... 32 3-4 ...89 ...61 1-8 ... 0 5-8 ... 61-8 Arabs in Palestine .JERUSALEM. May ;9. (UP)-- BritLsli 'troops foinjlu pitched bat- Missourian Counterfeits Nichels; Gets 18 Months ST. LOUIS. Mo.—Edward Melcalf, 21 years old, a farmer near Morchouse, Mo., was sentenced to 18 months in the S-Yderal reformatory nl El Reno, Okla.. by Federal Judj?e. rtiarlcs B. Davis 'yesterday when is,; pleaded pitity of coun- lorfciling S-cent pieces. District Attorney Harry C. Bliin- ton toid the court the spurious coins were yudely made, but served thc purpose for ivhitvi they were manufactured—use in slot, machines, WEATHER Arkansas—Generally tab- tonight and Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—pair and { continued cool tonight nr ties with JalTa Jaifa rab demonstrators and Ramle'n loda.v. .. making proclamation of martial Jaw imminent and causing the authorities to order airplanes ami tear gas bombs added to defense cmtip- ment. Thc maximum temperature hero yesterday was 81, minimum 63, clear, according to Samuel P. Norris.. weather observer. Last night the minimum temperature was 19.

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