The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 12, 1967 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1967
Page 8
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This edition of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, December 14,1961 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. BETHLEHEM OF JUDEA was a very small town. Visitors there from the big city of Jerusalem could very well have remarked, as our urban friends do today, "nothing ever happens in a small town." But long ago an event occurred that changed the world for all time. And it happened in one of the less desirable housing units of a very small town. - o - THE PEOPLE OF BETHLEHEM went about their business unaware that the long awaited Messiah was already in their midst. A handful of shepherds came in from hills with the unlikely story of some angels announcing the birth of a king. But then, sheep herding is a lonely Job and during a long watch it's pretty easy to see things that aren't there. - o- I DOUBT VERY MUCH IF Bethlehem had a newspaper nearly 2,000 years ago. Even if there had been one, perhaps the Birth would not have been noted in it. A rumor of a new king wouldn't set so well with the then current administration and small town newspapers have to stick pretty much to the proven facts. Legal notices are good bread-and -butter publishing. - o- IF THERE HAD BEEN A WEEKLY newspaper - the Bethlehem Bugle for example, the December issues of 1,965 years ago would make interesting reading. First issues would carry a decree reading something like this: "To the Citizens of the Roman Protectorate: You are hereby notified that each of you shall proceed within 30 days to the city of your lineage to register and be taxed in compliance with the law that was first established when Cyrenius was Governor of Syria. Failure to comply within the'allotted time limit will incur the penalties of Immediate property confiscation and arrest by the Emporer's soldiers (Signed) Caeser Augustus Emporer of all Rome. (Countersigned} His Majesty, King Herod. (Published Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 in the Bethlehem Bugle)" - o- BETHLEHEM WAS THE CITY of the descendants of David. There was a great deal of civic pride in this fact for the prophets of old had foretold that out of this family would come one who would save Israel. As the people returned to register and be taxed we can imagine that the residents of Bethlehem had many visiting relatives and much social activity - all to be noted in the Bethlehem Bugle. THE AROUND BETHLEHEM column would be full of items such as this, "Mr. and Mrs. A. J. David are being visited by Mr. David's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A, B. David of Nazareth. They have returned for the registry and are former Bethlehemites. Friends of the visitors have planned several parties in their honor." - o- ADVERTISED FOR SALE in the Bethlehem Bugle might be, "Fresh Temple-killed Goat Meat — 3 Ibs. for 1 sheckle." And, "Get your new donkey during our special December promotion— 6 sheckles down, 1 sheckle per month - highest trade-in value on your old animal - Ali Abed - 'The Wildest Trader in Town'" And there might be an announcement that a new shipment of loin cloths, in the latest colors, had just arrived from Persia. - o- THE EDITORIAL PAGE would undoubtedly contain a protest about the high rate of taxes. Those were trying times for the ordinary man and the high cost of living was being felt. "Shall it be swords or butter?" the editor might ask. "Seventeen million sheckels appropriated for the armament program 1 We realize that preparedness intimidates our potential enemies, but is it not also true that the funds already raised might be more economically spent instead of burdening the tax-payer with still further revenue bites?" - o- SOMEWHERE IN A DECEMBER issue of the Bethlehem Bugle, the local hostelry might take out a little ad reading, "Notice 1 Due to the influx of visitors and the quartering of the Emperor's soldiers, we regretfully announce that there is no room at The Inn." -o- THE STRANGE LIGHT IN THE sky over Judea during that December of long ago would probably be the subject for the headline story. People hadn't taken to orbiting the earth just yet, but the National Observatory at Jerusalem would undoubtedly be called in to comment and just why the star seemed to pause over such a non-strategic point as Bethlehem would be a controversial subject for the astrologists. - o- JONG HEROD MIGHT BE QUOTED AS seeking the object of the star so that he, too might worship as the visiting digni- , taries from the east said they were going to do last week. In the coffee houses where the men gathered and at the wells where the women went to get the wash water, there would probably be much speculation on just how advanced was their own government's anti-missile program. - o- IN A LITTLE STABLE BACK of the inn, a man from Nazareth would be watching over his sweet young bride. He'd be worried because her time was near and this stable where the animals lay sleeping was the only place he could find to shelter them from the cold. - o- THE BABE WAS BORN! He was born to be a King but only a few people besides His mother knew His province was not to be confined to earthly boundries. - o- THE PEOPLE OF BETHLEHEM went about their business. They were too human, too filled with this world's trivia, even as we are today, to realize that God had become incarnate in their midst. - o - THE EDITOR OF THE Bethlehem Bugle, if there had been such a paper, might have closed the office a little disgruntled because there didn't seem to be much to write about this week. He'd be unaware that he had just missed the second greatest news story of all time. The supreme story in the history of the world was to occur about thirty years later. It has to do with an empty tomb. St. Joe Trojans ST. JOE - St. Joe Trojans held their monthly meeting Nov. 28 with Marvin and Allan Kohl- haas hosts. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Robert Plathe. Roll call was answered with what you would like for Christmas. Plans were Tuesday, Dec. 12, 1967 8- Algona, (la.) Upper Des Moinei-9 made for a gift exchange and potluck supper Sunday night, Dec. 3, in St. Joe hall. Gold Coast, West Africa, is known as the "White Man's Grave." 1965 PLYMOUTH FURY I, 2 dr., 6 cyl. stand, trans. One-owner Light blue W/matching interior ................ $ 12 g 5 1965 CHEVROLET IMPALA 8, 4 dr. sedan, power glide, P.S. P B radio. Turquoise W/matching interior, like new ..... $1895 1965 PLYMOUTH F-IH, 2-door hardtop, V-8, AT., P.S., PB., WSW, big hub caps, white w/turquoise interior, fender skirts ................................. $1595 1967 CHEVROLET IMPALA 8, 4 dr. sedan, PS & PB, factory air, tinted glass, one owner. New Chev. trade, near new. .$2695 1966- 1966 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE V-8, standard transmission, radio, heater, whitewalls, big caps. Extra clean $1585 1966 PLYMOUTH FURY II, 4 dr. sedan, 8 cyl., AT, P.S., Factory air, tinted glass, one owner, see to appreciate, Near new, warranty. $ 2 095 1965- 1965 DODGE CORONET 4 dr. sedan, 6 cyl., standard transmission, heater. One-owner. 28,000 miles, in showroom condition $1295 1965 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE Station Wagon, 283, stick, six passenger, R & H, one-owner. White with red interior. $1495 1965 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 6, 4 dr. sedan, Powerglide, R & H, turquoise with matching interior. $1495 1964 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2 dr. hdtp., V-8 engine, Stand, trans. R & H, red and white with red interior. Real sharp. . .$1495 1964 DODGE 330, 9 passenger station wagon, 6 cyl. stand, trans. R & H, one-owner, Extra clean ................ $1295 1964 CHEVROLET IMPALA Coupe, 8 cyl. powerglide, radio, heater, Cream Puff, Red with red interior ......... $1495 1964 CHEVROLET IMPALA Coupe, V-8, AT & PS, Radio. . .$1595 1964CHEVELLE MALIBU 4-door sedan, 6 cyl., standard trans- imss'on, radio, heater. Clean one-owner car, extra nice ..................................... $1185 1964 FORD FALCON, 2-door, 6 cyl., stick, radio. One-owner ..................................... $850 1964 BUICK WILDCAT, 4-door, Hardtop, PS & PB, black with red interior, one-owner ......... ; .......... $1495 1964 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2-door Hardtop, 6 cyl. engine, automatic transmission, power steering ............. $1175 1964 PLYMOUTH SAVOY 6 cyl., stand, trans., R & H, white with red interior, clean 1964 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2-door hardtop. White with red interior, v-8, AT., P.S ............. $1495 1963- 1933 DODGE 330, 2-door sedan, V-8 engine, standard transmission, radio, heater ............... , . . . . $795 1963 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2-door hardtop, 352 V-8 engine, overdrive, R & H, white with red interior ............. $1095 1963 RAMBLER AMERICAN 4-door sedan, 6 cyl. engine, stand. transmission, R & H, an economical car and modest cost ..................................... $850 1962 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE 4-door, V-8, automatic transmission, radio, heater, Cream puff .............. $050 1961 PLYMOUTH SAVOY 4-door, V-8, automatic transmission.- Runs good ............................... $25() 1961 PONTIAC TEMPEST, 4-door sedan, automatic, radio, heater, runs good ............................... j 46g 1961 CADILLAC DEVILLE 4-door hardtop, 6 windows, PS & PB ..................................... $995 I960 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 6 runs good 1960 THUNDERBIRD 2-door hardtop., PS & PB, R 4 H, black vinyl interior. Luxury at modest cost ......... '. .$650 1957 FORD CUSTOM 300, 6 cyl., stick, R & H cy. stick, R & H , new paint .$100 PICKUPS AND TRUCKS 1964 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 6, 2-door sedan, stand, trans., R& H, one-owner .............. ..... $995 1965 CMC 1/2-ton Pickup, 6 cyl., 3 speed, long wide box, over-, loads, 6 ply tires on rear $1395 KRAUSEAUTO PHONE 889-2843 The Friendly Store BUY ON FAMILY PURCHASE PLAN! o TRADE! °0 We Allow More! THRIFTY SANTAS «MI&?^»M*IK*W€a^)mr3«*rore}^3Me3m*K'>>ttM»^aK.. FREE Make it a COLORFUL Christmas CORONADO 'TIPTON' COLOR TV CONSOLE 226 Square Inch Viewing Area $3992* ^^ M M NrMoaH NO MONEY DOWN 1st Payment February 1st, 1968 Make this Christmas unforgettable! Treat-your family (and yourself) to the most true-to-life Coronado Color TV ever! Powerful chassis pulls in distant stations with ease. Instant warm-up. Channel lite. Smart satin black cabinet. 41-MtO CHRISTMAS TOYS WITH EACH MAJOR PURCHASE OF 575.00 OR MORE ONE TABLE 1966 TOYS REDUCED 15 - 20 - 25 - 33% [" GIFT~ BUYS FOR~EVERYONi~~6N~] |_ YOUR LIST AT GAMBLES ! i i 1 ea. - 12 cu. ft. Refrigerator * 2 Slide-out Shelves * Egg Shelves-ln-Door * Magnetic Gasket Reg. $199.95 NOW* 16985 Swivel-Rocker k Reverse Cushions fc Vinyl Plyhide Cover k Deep Channel Button Tufted " Turns Full 360° NOW* and up 1 ea. - Portable Phonograph with Radio * 4 Speed * Automatic-Changer * Plays 16-33-45-78 RPM Reg. $79.95 NOW * 5385 "•—»--»--•--»-• » • • • • • • • *• •— •—»—•—• Stereo-Phono with AM-FM Radio * VM Changer * 4 Speed Changer * Stereo Multipler FM Reg. $369.95 NOW* 34485 ****************#****##**##sl«H^ Pole Lamps... $6.66 • No Money Down • Sorry No Dealer Orders »No Payments Till Feb. 1 sjc*********************^^ 30" White Electric Range * Infinite Heat Control * No-Drip Cook Top • * Automatic Oven Reg. $199.95 NOW Homeguard CARPET 12' or 15' cut * Jude Back * Deep Pile * Easily Clean * 501 Nylon Was $9.95 NOW A85 ^^^^ so. vrf sq. yd. Washer & Dryer * Large Electric Dryer * 18 Ib. Auto Washer * Regular and Delicate Cyles * 3 Water Temp. * Safety Door Switch Reg. $289.90 NOW 22876 Eye-Level 30 Gas Range Lift-Off Top Removable Door-Seal Double Oven ff Reg. $369.95 NOW* 29885 Xiras Records. . 99c • No Money Down • Sofa Bed $99.87 • No Trade Needed !********************************^^ PHONE 295-3411 295-3177 The Friendly Store ALGONA, IOWA i - ALL MERCHANDISE COVERED BY GAMBLES SERVICE WARRANTY - i

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