The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1967 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1967
Page 22
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HURRICANE OF LAUGHS WITH 2 GREAT LEWIS HITS IT'S WILD AND WACKY JEUIIY - TWO TIMES ! Jerry Lewis, the greatest laughmaster of them all is being featured in a special double-hill presentation of two of his best features, "The Nutty Professor" and "The Patsy." which opens Sunday at the Algona Theatre. "The Nutty Professor" is a wild and hilarious variatoin fo the Jekyll and Hyde formula, while "The Patsy" concerns a group of Hollywood types who try to make a star out of a bellboy when their latest client has suddenly died. Naturally everything Is wild and crazy-and typically Lewis laughable. Hoth pictures arc in color for Paramount re-release. WASHINGTON Meny-Go-Roand WASHINGTON - Three years ago, Rep. Edward .Hebert of Louisiana, the resourceful and able third-ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, called in one of the authors of this column and asked cooperation in a plan to "get" Secretary of Defense McNamara. The plan included keeping the new chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Mendel Rivers of South Carolina, sober and using him to battle against the civilian boss of the Pentagon, whom the generals, the admirals and the hawks on Capitol Hill hated. Hebert expressed the hope that this column would not report on Rivers's alcoholic binges. Today, three years later, the hawks and the military have "got" their man. The exit of Robert McNamara, only Secretary of Defense in history who has stood up against the military, came about on his own initiative, primarily because he felt he had lost his usefulness on Capitol Hill. He knew that the President sets great store on good'relations with the Hill, and that enemies on the Hill were planning to explode three time bombs against McNamara during the election year. - o - - DOUBTS OVER BOMBING - In addition to his sour relations on Capitol Hill which he knew concerned a President who had served 26 years on the Hill, McNamara nurses a nagging concern in his own conscience over bombing of North Vietnam. He had gone along with it, but he had reservations, and some of his blunt doubts upset the generals and admirals. He was among the very close circle of advisers consulted by the President about extending the bombing holiday this Christmas and New Year's, and was strong for it. However, since Gen. William Westmoreland's visit to Washington, the President has indicated he was not going to take McNamara's advice. There has also been a running- fire series of disagreements with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These have not been abrasive or bitter. They have been sincere and reasonable, differences between men who had the welfare of their country at heart. But the hawks on Capitol Hill have fanned them Into disturbing proportions. - o- -, NOT A SURPRISE Sen. Eugene McCarthy's official announcement that he will run for President as a Democrat in opposition to the Pemocrat now in the White House did not take the latter by surprise. President Johnson has known Gene McCarthy well. They served together in the jSenate, and at one time there were some talks which ied McCarthy to believe he would be the Vice presidential running mate on the 1964 DREW MARIO! Johnson ticket. McCarthy, thinking the lightning would strike, even rented a headquarters for himself in Atlantic City. And today, according to friends, he is bitter at the man who, he thinks, took him up on the mountain to the Vice Presidency, then pushed him off into the Atlantic City breakers. - o - - LEO'S FRAME OF MIND - The frame of mind of a President who is challenged for reelection by a member of his own party is as interesting today as it was 20 years ago when Harry S. Truman found himself in the same position. In 1948 Harold Ickes was maneuvering to unseat Truman. Jimmy Roosevelt joined in the search for a suitable candidate. So did the late Mayor William O'Dwyer of New York. Their chief goal was to persuade Dwight, D. Eisenhower, then president of Columbia University, that he should run against Truman as a Democrat. Harry Truman, watching their efforts, was not pleased. Today Lyndon Johnson, watching Sen. McCarthy's efforts, is not pleased. He is also skeptical regarding McCarthy's real backers. The McCarthy campaign, he suspects, is actually a front-runner maneuver by Bobby Kennedy to soften up Johnson for a later political kill. Recalling Theodore White's book, "The Making of the President," President Johnson speculated that Kennedy and McCarthy would like the next book to be called "The Unmaking of the President." - o - MCCARTHY CHALLENGE - LBJ, in the presence of Mrs. Johnson, recently told some intimates, including Secretary of State Dean Rusk, that he definitely did not intend to run for reelection next year. He promised, however, that he would try to control the Democratic Convention and use his influence to bestow the nomination upon Vice President Humphrey. The President said he would like to resign in advance to give Humphrey the advantage of campaigning as the incumbent, but he felt Oils would be improper and would only cause a public backfire. In any event, he predicted that Humphrey would be the next President of the United States. However, Johnson made his statement before Sen. Eugene McCarthy challenged him by announcing his plan to run against the President in state Democratic primaries. That is just about enough to make LBJ change his mind. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders have taken urgent soundings around the nation to determine how much damage McCarthy's challenge may do the President. They have concluded that in most primaries McCarthy may be able to get between 20 and 30 percent of the Democratic vote. In California he stands a chance of actually winning, because the party is so badly splintered. More than 90 per cent of the party leaders, however, are behind the President. Even Sen. Ted Kennedy privately urged McCarthy to stay out of the Massachusetts primary — not because Kennedy is for Johnson, but be- cause McCarthy might be badly defeated by the state's hawkish Democratic voters. However, when leaders of the pe^ce organizations threatened to withdraw their financial support unless McCarthy runs in Massachusetts, he reluctantly agreed to do so. - o - -HUNGRY PEOPLE - A tough foe of the Great Society, Rep. Albert H. Quie, R- Minn., has come to the rescue of a Mississippi-sponsored move to help the hungry. When Sen. John Stennis, D- Miss., introduced a bill to provide $25 million to feed starving people, Southern colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee held secret hearings and promptly sidetracked it. Whereupon Quie went to bat single- handed. "The Agriculture Committee agreed to a six-month study of the problem, but it seemed to me that hungry people couldn't wait six months to be fed," he U. S. Senators and a doctor's Thursday, Dee. 14, 196? told this column. "There already study in Mississippi. _ was considerable information-at "After reading these docu- hand as well as publicity about ments, I was shocked to think this as a result of a report by that we could permit real star- vation in this country. In my opinion, the federal government has no greater responsibility than to see to it that hungry Americans, wherever they are, are fed." WEDNESAY thru SATURDAY Dec. 13-14-15- 16 IE1VIS! v ^••M««*am tf r*lir* \ I THROWS THE WILDEST BEACH PARTY SINCE THEY INVENTED THE BIKINI AND THE BEAT!!! V. 5 c SUNDAY thru WEDNESDAY Dec. 17 - 18* 19*20, TWO JERRYS FOR THEPRICEOFFUN! mmW PICTURES presents yg»g i f s a irmnry mi» 5 v ! movie \ a •> \ clock ! JERNIENISJ^ rtSSOK id (A Jerry Lewis Production) TECHNICOLOR' %THE, FOTSY (A Jerry Lewis Production) TECHNICOLOR' ALGONA THEATRE WEDNESDAY thru SATURDAY Complete Program begins: 7:009 p. m. "Clambake" - 7:15 9:20 p. m. SATURDAY MORNING AND MATINEE ONLY - Merchant's Christmas Party. Complete program begins: 10:00 - 12:00 2:00-4:00. "Tammy And The Millionaire" - 10:35 - 12:35 2:30-4:25. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:30 - 5:00- 7:00 p. m. "The Patsy" — 1:30 - 5:00 8:45 p. m. "The Nutty Professor" - 3:15 - 7:00 p. m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY One Complete showing starting at 7 p. m. "The Nutty Professor*' - 7 p. m. "The Patsy"9 p. m. ill J 1[V» GWlfRlMtNt-r EIVI5 PREIlEYin'ClAHIBAKE 1 SHELLEY FABARES WILL HUTCHINS-Bill BIXBY-GARY MERRILL-JAMES GREGORYS* "'"""" jjj* Continuous Shows from 1 P.M., on Sunday One Comple'te showing starting at 7 p.m. on Mon. - Tues. • Wed. Admission : Adults $1.25 Children 50c i • jutTsiEw ARTHUR GARDNER ARNOLDIWEN TECHHISCOPE' TECHNICOLOR* 2 Complete showing starting at 7 p.m. each evening. Admission: Adults $1.25 Children 50c. COMING DECEMBER 24th ROSALIND RUSSELL In ROSS HUNTER'S production ol UNIVERSAL PICTURE TECHNICOLOR^ N.Y.'s EVE 'POINT PLANK' Algona theatre N.Y.'s EVE LEE MARVIN MERCHANT'S CHRISTMAS THEATRE PARTY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th MORNING AND MATINEE ONLY FREE FREE PICK UP TICKETS FROM MERCHANTS DISPLAYING WINDOW CARDS. 4 COMPLETE SHOWINGS STARTING AT 10 A.M. A-l FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT. Tammy's Takin 1 on High Society! A Feature-Length Hit From the TV Show in COLOR Remember you must have a ticket to be admitted. Shows at 10 - 12 - 2 - 4 only. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD DURING THE MORNING AND MATINEE SHOWINGS. Algona Theatre How about a Christinas gift for the entire family ? GIVE YOUR LOVED ONES THE PLEASURE OF A NEW COLOR TV BY '68 Buick Skylark $26641 Now we're talking your language. We gave Skylark a brand new look. And we gave her a price tag you can afford. $2664: Is that talking your language? •Manufacturer's suggested ratal) prlct (or Skylark Sport Coup*. Modal shown btlow hoi at eitra cost whaal covers, •21.06; and whftiwall tirti, S31.60. All price* Include Federal Eiclse Tai and suggested dealer delivery and handling charge (transportation charges, accessories, other optional equipment, state and local taiee additional) We also gave Skylark a new wheelbase. We shortened it by three inches. It parks easier. And you'll think you're driving a sports car. The engine runs on regular gas. Now you can take it easy on the family budget and travel in style. Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick? Visit our store for a complete display of Admiral color television sets — many styles and screen sizes, Please EVERY MEMBER of your family with ONE EXCITING GIFT ! The '68 Buicks with the new GM safety features are at your Buick dealer's. SCHULTZ BROS. SOUTH PHILLIPS ALGONA GIFT IDEAS FOR GOOD HOME ENTERTAINMENT: + PORTABLE TV's + PORTABLE STEREOS + TRANSISTOR RADIOS + CLOCK RADIOS + AM-FM RADIOS + STEREO CONSOLES + TAPE RECORDERS + ANTENNAS ELECTRONIC SPECIALTIES 616 Diagonal Algona, Iowa

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