The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE tWO BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1934 .Social Calendar SATURDAYS EVENTS i»j Comity. Council, Home Dcmon- |~flraUcm clubs meeting ul Woman's "~ 'i lor'all day meeting beginning ft; >-*: 10 -a, in. . 1" Social Sen ice •^bludy Club'Mcels. *'.'[ Tlic Mississippi County Social i«. Sen'lce Study club hud IU> second "" weekly meeting here lasi cu-nnii! '" when Mrs. Harmon Seaiord, who «..-is eonductlns the sliidy coiuse, 'V.discussed "HiGli Lights of a No:i',~ 'Kmployr.fcnt Hecord". In her talk slit' set forth Hie ,'*. necessity of having a happy Ethel Brlltnm and Mrs. Walker, and one visllor, Mrs. Hmvnrd Joclisoji I'Jcnu, were nmcle lor ;i program to be given Miucli IB. 'After a bilef business M'.-xSioj] :i EI«UI> study on "How Mucli Trulli Can Children Ht.'inri" led by Sirs. Hagt'elt, insisted by .Mrs. J. W. He!cis, Mrs. liuili IWvb, and Miss Lois Fields. Has Club Mrs. Floyd White WHS :i guc.H Right Timing Gives Declarer the jump on His Opponents! Wulch! Don't He Flim Flammed on Price and Weight—An Humi/ed (,'ush Hejrislur Sliu With Each Purchase! ERTT CASH 6BQCERS Specials for Saturday and Monday ol Mrs. Harry \V. Hiilncs when liiiil lilc Mlil-Wi'ek UmlBc club Thursday for :i brhlw litr.chi'on. •In the cuicl uniJic-s. wlilcli ful- lowed tlio t»o cuurtu itu'iiu wrvcd :it one o'clock. Airs. A. Comviiy K- between the client anil ! cclvcd IHo jiw. hosiery, and worker, discuses! [j>-s ol White \viis jn-oseuu-d ;i fill. •• -interviews, evidence and ollu-r such ;'.'.details. ~i~ •'.- F. Kcescr of St. Louis, (k'ld •— i!'jspector oi the Keel Craw, !^.:i visitor mid several new mctn- ••'•bcrs-enrolled. This cl'.ib U open r.. to representatives of ail ari;cuuz.i- lions in the county Interested in'nuoii ;;;.' suclal service work. i i,,,, >' Tins Is'Ihe llrsl club organised ""in Arkansas, ot this kind unco ' .-the Red Cross tetiini sponsorltj& '. • the movement. At (lie coticiiuiion 'i',Q f - Si''weekly lessons, iiu-mbers J. will be given honorary diplomas ., : in social service work from the • •" Scd Cross.'-; In a brief social hour I;U nvn- i"'.". Ins Mrs. Scaford served rcfusli- .• : mulls to (hose present, from Dly- • • IhcUlIc- OsccoUi. and Mvinlh. •'"" The nexl meeting will be licld •J"' nexl Thursday evening "I llso ,',, First Methodist cliurc!i of Manila \j\ whsn two guest SIKJ'SCIS \vili be ',..i invited to attend. To Jlrutdca^L Mines. Gcor-,;o M. I.fc, UiLssc-11 FIIIT and I'aul !.. Tipton, vonili.Ms, and Miss Marvjitvci Merrill, plan- isl. will broadcast u dassltal pro- Bvnni over KLCN Simdiiy aflcr- ii'cloc'k. Ineluilcd in Hie selection lo he Kiiiib' by the I no will IK "In Old Madrid." "Absent," "Vi-i:i!lli,n Love Song" »t:d "Drink li> Me Only With Thine Kyrs." Miss Merrill will accompany iliein anil will also p!uy "June Uarcarolle" iin<| "in Hie Land of tlip Sunshine." <•' U. JJ. C. Program 'T.I Ott South An.. Dlm-alloii. jj!- | Mrs. T. <J, SMl wns leader ul U.,; Ihe program u( the U. D. c. mccl- '{!-' m s .Thursday afternoun at Hit i;;. lujnifvof Mrc. W, M. Tiiylui when Bits oj News Mostly Personal Miss rmiy Sliiuir Is ill al her home on \Vc-s!, Main sired from » severe cold. Mrs. N. H. Mcnard lias reliini- ecl liuai a Iwo weeks .slay In Tal- Itilah. Lu., us th<; of her brulher. Mrs. Z. JKrii'l inis returned Iroin St. Louis where she ^K'liL lust week. Billy llicwer. .-Mil of Ur. mid Mrs. \V. f- 1 . Hrewer, 1^ !!! Horn n sc'vcrc case ol alihrlUs. .Mr. and .Mrs. M. ritzMiiimoiis are spiMidlni; (oduy In Mempiils. Kara Lou JlcCutclien is ill al the home of IHT parenls, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCiitcheu. Mrs. c;. w. Moon: has returned fi'oni u [c\v di\ys spent in liot j' j Springs. Enrotitu home fihe altend- |lr i ed to l)us!llc^5 In Memphis. A. M.-R. Bi«nto:i, Ivy V,'. •~y. Crawford ami R. B, -Mo'.l were 15-i also : hostesses. '%'• - ; 'PW .South' and. Education" tytis £1 Ihe'thcmc studied. Mrs. Seal sjxikc ^- uf ihc part itic-.sonili plays in •^•j present dny )ed.iicai!on, commein- I* lag thai iht Arkansai division ol ,,-.-. Ihe U. D. C. )s now aitvancln; it.r luition for 33 students to obtain ••f, collc;{; degrees througlioui the ,^-: Uniled Stales. 'I'lie hsslory ol .;'• the Washington and Le;- unlver- • : ;i sily, beginning in n-19. «-as jslvcn .'i.-.: b >' M I^S. James n. clark. Mrs. ,»i P. Barkstlale spoitc ol Bier)...,,, i+; Price, an nuUjtaildlnij general Inf MrSi ^ l.losentlml, who has liccii ^'Missouri from 18G1 -,o I8b5. Dcllvli 11 .. s>e_vc!'!il dnys, 1ms now vctover- I'.J Lou Kr.imer played T-* "Tir SprSng" Crlsg-. Today's Conirnct Problem TiW contrarl If \\i\fti 1:0 trump 'oy Soulli. U'i-.-,t i.;.i,ns 1>.0 o"coi) oi illioiioncls. H'IT: nlic.ulrl Knulii iiriiffvil Ir.;- l!n! linnd? lli'rr-'s a Up-- \viic/l .Soillll (hf; rjil- ,:u o r ^pa^;c.'^, West rovers with i!i'j A A J 10 B 2 V S .1 ^ «7 r. 4 04 .1 ~T7 ~"1 ^ (nilud) K Denier (Dili'.'!) V A K J * A K4 4 A 3 S 0 2 Solution in iicxl lai Pure Cant ' dummy with the Jack. The t>- i i'!:i:v r now will load , t s ,n:il| S])!U , t trumping VM\\ the jour oi beam' i-i:rt 11 iimp w llli ihc live of club* He v,lll tuv. the kin;; of dla- I inomls .111,1 now lie has n slraloh- | crcsvriKllng hand, Ho w >n )0 . l(i 111 diamond from dummy, irutnp H • Ic.xtl a heart and trump in dummy' I/ciid unolhcr diamond and truuiji In his oivn haiv.l, Ihcn liump ;n- oliier hi'ai'l in duminy. In olhcv words, lh<> lust nve cluu lire cashed separately. , liy liming ihc hand correctly, rer makes his contract til 10 Pounds 47c Jiimlio Stalks Kach 6c Ivxtra Kaiicv Lar^o Heads C** K;u'li 3 C BACON Slicc-rl. Swiff's Oriole Pound I live i Pound Sic Swift's Half or Whole, Pound - - 1 afte Premium Sliced, Pottnil 20c lr - h j ^/v^» «J Solution to Previous Contract Problem 11V U'5I. t;. AKKCNNCV SccrcUry, Ajnrricnn Hrid^r I.cii^ni' lloiv often, lifter [iliiyins :i hand, •live yiiii :;a!il lo yninsL'If. "If I hud .rd trump hvo rn:m:U fnrllcr. 1 »ii!(i hitu 1 made mv tonlrat'l?" Or. v.lK'n yo'.i \verc thr opp::iu v nl. i I had upciii'd hearls. Instead '• at dhiinuiuis, I ci)ii!cl have defeat- i 'tl Clio rcntntel?" OI cuurse, what 5011 realty lire | P. T. A. News! Tlic foiirih le.sson of the , U'tekft study course on the n curriculum was led by Miss Wi:- jiie Viruil Turner Tuesday nlu'.'. | Klin talked on "The Child in it:e j New CJmrlculum" ami iinswcw-il i|iic.s(!ons I'oncenniig ' Individual problems. Miss ilarlha Jeun Wni- litirn K»vc a rending... Mrs.'.Pin- Criiij; will he the leader next Twv <lny niRlil wheir she wUl^dfebuv. "Iteuruaniuitlon of llie> New C'.ii- riculum." EGGS Strii'lly Fresh Do/en 14ic PEACHES Hillcrcsl No. s>i/j Can MUSTARD Quart Jar lOc Old Fashioned Brown. (Loose) f _ Pound DC CORN Pride of Illinois o. 2 Can 1 O ** 1 d£ C MEAL 2-l-I-b. Sack 40c RfcD POTATOES Fancy Pound CHERRIES Red Pitted No. 2 Can 13c BEANS (ircat Northern I'ound 4ic SAUSAGE lOc I CABBAGE Tlic cily council .met Tuesday, morning \vllh Mrs. Olio KochUU- i ky pre.sldini; in the absence of llu •m, >,,Sixl^ L t c 5 tS' ,1™' Victor''^ ll1 ™ 1 ' «'«• &* *m*.™ ' n Ihe pi "v of' th, 1 ha'rVd \iKUn | *«»* '* , ««*"»B parl.nmcnt.ry the jump on [he oppwition is an ™ ll ! B ™ A *L. h « '»™'10n of Miw ill-lnipoiljnl factor. It is on hands ihnl rrtjulre ac'cnrntc tiiuini; that tj-e atjllily of the cxrirr Is iutltted. n pain, i'blrt __ In the business session, presided .„,, over by Ihc president, lira. Clark, ---; plans were made for the nivion ^-; and spaghtlti supiwr to uc given ,'"': at the Womiin's club, Tuesdiiv i- ; Wurch 13. '.'"\ ?'''" t " s ca«ion of beslowin^ ihe ...: niilitary crosses U|>on veterans 01 .-: the World War, llic Spanish ,\m- •• ' cvica-.-i war iuirt u, c Philip-jiiu- ;_.; liisunvclion, broiight oul thai' ef- '" •i.wiil be made to fully •oiinly. — UK' members and one suest. Mrs Sall!e llaCcr of SI-. Louis, «li iio. Lloyii Hixson, tf . _J out this work in Mississip))! c •;... A st-lad .couree was serve Ark., will nrrivc today lo six 1 tlii! .v.i'i'k-cnd with hi-i- ssli'i 1 . Mrs. Tony L. Clcinenls, ar.d Mr. Clements. Mary Lynn Jackson. daiighUr of Mr. antl Mrs. Eincfil H. Jack- f-un. is ii:i])ruviuu. aiic is ill lium Miss I-'iaiicisc IJobC-iithnl h;].i rc- ui.m-d troin Bt. Lxuiis ulicre .ihe liarntcl week. I'.oiiie She by \\iis accom- Slnriey •--( , "•"• "-uiiioi MUU la .. Hie e«fst of her sister, Mrs J .. • V,'. 'Barter. • » * Cmnplimrnti Mother ','., ', And Bride al Club ,. I>5rs. P. B. Joyncr entertained '" '«™bers of the Thursday Con'.,:'• iract rtub , Mrs. Fred Bonificld •> .... bride, and Mrs. W. W. Boniiicld' o'i - Oiemah, Okln.. with a lur.chenii ;.- und. bridec game in special com,. plimcnt to the Iwo Airs. •-•' fields. Wittels who Is her tjucsl. Mis. William Lang hus retiirnM from Puna, i|],, where file vi.-it- rd licr dauchler. Mrs. Iji'iinic Ber- fleld, ami fnmily. Miss .Mildred, her home. Her daiiyluer up to moloi '•'"".I ViVJ A )j » t;1 M * u »!<|!'OCjT f 1 1*":-t 'll-m.V T-'.'AV 'linos' 'b A—pco[ MinuoJo •I1IA \\\ pull -y — J)I1,1||<IHC( '• s r b * I 3 U 51 V * i ** 1 f: C V V Luna U. Wltliclin. cominlUei' was apiwlnted Mrs. Ji. A. Hmltli clminnah' mid other members,' Mrs. J. E. Ci iu and Mrs. Armstrong. Tlii! audbuiy p. T. A. met Wi.l- ncsdny. Miss Cora Lap. Colctuan .siwlie on "Raising Your .Hoaic Supiilii;.s .-ijul Canning the S'.ir- i plus." Mrs. i'rank Thrasher report- ; ed the Ilctlei' I-llms committee is' :-pnii!.oriiig a program for children S.diirday morning, March 17, at the mix thealcr. Admission wi.l j IT Icn ci-nls. It l.-i planned to.have :i similar program monthly. It was •fifed to allow $20 for library supplies, to (lay tlie telephone bill tut- Ihe year, to repair slides -oil the playgrounds, lo buy A new socccv brill, lo purchase door tlops and to contribute lo » luml [or' glasses lor n child. -New Texas Gvccn Pound CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP '£,.'!, £ S LARD iiesl Compound or Pure Pound Tie LADY HFTTY W™***** * Sand. Spread L/rii/i Itljlll 5 o-/.. Jar 8c; 9 oz. Jar 12c APPLEJELLY 12c White House Q 10-oz. Jar OC Free Story Book With l-Mh Pkt;. CAMAY SOAP "« ll ™"'ii :i f 1 " 5c Tenderloin Trout or Cat, I,b. Ked Snapper, Pound - - - -' BEANS Pinto or Navy I'ound Sunnv Brook Pound 25 c Heal Lean Pound 15c ry's Facial :( Bars .Nice «-. Poum! '" GREEN ONIONS liunchi • • f APPLES neliciotis. Size ICO.. ' Eacfi LEMONS Uod Ballj 300 Si/.c ^C'^k Boztn fcTTTT KRAUT No. 2</, Can Eatli 12c lf¥3>S, v C(n Evwrgood Pound N i Or Chops lOc S GINGER ALE Oh Bov MATCHES Pel or Finest Quart lOc Uoxes 10c I PEPPER Loose. Black Buchanan Baby Dies Bonl- " The Proper Thing" The Saint Patrick jiiodf. : Wned with yclloiv, wits used Edilor's Note: So tn.iny |xo|)!e dcconMn^ ,'\ ,' '('" "°"* '"jwuil lt > know ab-jui clliiucllv; tot 1 aecorallng the luncheon tables! children so, for wnicn -had jonquils in sllvei fnr H. ior me centerpieces. A \ course Tn honor ' i , W " S SCn ' e<1 - • n ,f Ba '!'° M "' G ' C! 'l and ,,' f' « ««» 'te- J , W S B " CSts of P r «eiitcd h.ndker- so, for a few <| ; -,ys, MV Swill devote some span- to ",he Ihrtn. «ccor t [|n 3 Tilt's oiKiiln,; li-ad was !hc queen of hearls, wlllch held. He tlu-n .shifted lo U:e queen o! diamonds, which South ivcn with tlie nte. The declarer could sec thai he must run tiU'uc lieiirts. which meant that he safely could uke one ioini:l or Irump—Inn no: l\vo. lie \\onl:! have to rulT a sp.irie in his own hand, but before ]u> ( -o;ild do this, he must grant- I'm 1 opjjonents a spade Irick. If ho led a cinl) nrst and Ihcn the ace of spades. East would gel into llic lead and ivliirn a club, which would dclcal tiiu- contract. Therefore, lii'fore leading a rluli. I Ihc declarer nnssi lead Ihi: ace of .'padcs from diininiy nnd UIPII a f-mall spade. And now. regardless of wl'.o wins—E:ibt or West—a cilil) will be relumed. Let us say lliat i;. i.; won in Funi-ral wrvices Liiiiiy lor Billy were liekl yes- Joe Buclianan Pound. 20c lk ' st Hoiliny,-Pound - - - - 7'/,c Strcak-O-Ltan, Pound - - - -' 10c COMB HONEY 12 lo 14 Oz. Each iOc Mary Jane 21-Lb. Sad: S5c Plain or S. I{. 12-I,b. Sack lyt i | m « 1B , s «! is c [0 a cllil(i ' mterteres wi learnin- a l,.r- n yroal ndvant- oilier thiuu,, . Women sg«r r ° f f " l " rc |1!|S(1 "»" I' 14 "'-' 11 "' ;;,,-jr= ts i to foreign acccnl-s t :lvi'.-, '"' U '"' E " s " s1 ' spcccl1 - Alul "' '"'" two moiillis old son ot Mr. and ' Mrc. Clnmlc Uiichanan. of Maniln.i who died early yesterday. Burin] was made ut Maple Grove ci'ine- Tlie baby died following a brief illness from menslcs. Moss Undertaking cotupauy was in charge of arrangements. FLOIJR SALT MACKEREL itlo;ae ^.r GROUND BEEF ORANGES I'orto Ritas Pound TOILET PAPER Waldorf Roll 5c Liliby's No. 2i/ : Can 16c ic '' !w ' y>s Sour or Dil1 ' l " (r e c Jar - w«= , Sweet or Sweet Mix, Lge Jar 2-lc MILLERS CORN FLAKES ^.,".t..'S Florida. Size 250 Do/cn PEANUT BUTTER " FEMININE WEAKNESS l.iulc \:V _"1 Invc liter, lit. rr-r.r-s Fa- WE1NERS K * 25 c CARROTS "™' h ,,, ni , 6c Xo ' ! Wisconsin I'ull Cream 20c SOAP P. & G. Gianf liar for 13c / i-.-,i, [,; .niid i; .1 i;.--.l \ v.. <. it it." SoM bs- iUu«iii* c U'rtf in Dr. I'iciu'-f ("lisii ICtw si.f. uM-U ?•> |.t, r:;: i.-U ui li-r-K-!, 51 -t ; "« TABJMARDEN y,£7"S^ r >a5 TOILET PAPER """'? a S;' et 15c COFFEE Kl>ur L "' f 24c BAKING POWDER K. C. 25c Sixe 23c Ful1 Uressed. Milk Fed ••*• meet at the .Woman's club' S-,Uir- !';• day for an alt day galherins." " •: ' P'anEiwlll he made for a "Pian'.'- win"" confermc e next week u-hcn ; William Amslcln, stale honicul- ; . turlst and Miss Gertrude Coiiant, u; nutrition specialist; win confer with every thins a child says can r.ut bu over emphasired. Bad yram- nu-r Ihal h:is tho-.ouiihly hikon root is almost itnp.ossibli; to overcome. Hon'l niiow bad EnclL-ti to b-- ovcrlooltcd as "cute." iu:d don t t-c deal to a niisal tmnt. or ]";clse this year. ,~. MbiOCora Lee Colcman, lointv >»• home demonstration ogeiit. }ms ',;. arranged tomorrow's mcctlug. ..- — • * • - ' Club^Has Gucsis .. ;|; Mrs. Ross £>. Hushes had ni"n-" .,-bcrs ol (he Thursday Luncheon ;^club-Mrs.-H. Highfill, Mrs. Walker ,_-.H. Baker and-Mrs. W. D. Chamb'-• lln .-jr., as her guests this vecv-. ;...Jonquils were used io dccoiatc the .-luncheon'-, tables. .Mrs. HighJill held lii^h wore. lone Oak Pxr. A. ;_ The'. P.-T. A. ol the l.ouo Oulc - school in ct Monday aftornoun \viih 'j^-'the vice-president, Mrs. Lwillc ^.'.Bagge£t;-y)residlhg- InHhe absence - olthe isresidBtit, 1 Mis.'Malllo'Huty. There were two ruw members, Mrs. Ti;c Danish ar.d No:\v< ;Un j.m- Et::iS'-" ure virtually the sunn- when v-'iue.-, hut vary consldcrablv v.lur, (ftetwecnSiHo&e)^ rrcshrnstlin mouUi J? ..Suollicstlielhront \.-^, , A. \/ 1*^1 • Irmorrlinids (Vilps> cured nilhmit (ho kliite. Oilier rcc- lal diseases irr.ilnl. Varirn«n] veins treated non-sursfcilly. ".' DKS. N1ES & XIES 514 \V. Main' Phone OS. Gas on Stomach and Sour Stomach make you Miserable? PAIN 3 J Too much food, or the u-rong kind of food, loo i , , "men smoking, too much beer, make your body over-acid. Then vou have dislres.! njicr eatian, 013 en ,«!o-rrch «c<ir(uurn, soi;r stomach ' AIJCA - SELTZER relieves these lroul,!<s prproplly, cITcctivcly, hannlessly "iir - C /I1 ^- Scl '5 cr ./ Or ."c<'rf'"''ic, Colds, fnn'i-ic Morning After JccIiTijr," Miw:w(or Scixti- c'% nhewnatic Pains. ' Alkn-Sellzcr mntcs n sparkling alkaline drink Vi ,1 contains mi nnalgcite (Acetyl-Salicvlalc) it fnit rcl,eve.s the pamo everyday ailmeivls am! Vm fy rcstoniig tlic alkaline balance corrects the c • r^ when rlnc to excess acid. Alka-SclUer tastes like carbonalcd mineral *„;-ing COCOA Our Mothers 2-!,h. Vox 17c CRACKERS ,l',.i-!:M£-.•-•.•-•.-.-.•. !£ OLIVES Quart Jur 31 c Uriskct found SARDINES AmericJtn 2 Cans JEI10 All Khivors TOMATOES BACON SQUARES """•".'SS llic FORM BEANS Cm """" °cl; c " l> 5c HAMS No. 2</ 2 Can lie J{!iit!i Hawk. 1'iehics Pound• BISQUICK Vm ~ Milking SS 33c LARD Reelfoot I-I.I). Kutkct 39c SPICES All Kinds lOe Pkgs. Ik-iirt Brand Can Tic I COFFEE p 24c MILK All Kinds. Small Can COFFEE Chase & Simiiorn I'onnd 26c SALT 1!.. l,u. Package Kadi Blytheville A'o. 2 Cii 9c MACARONI : Sic PANCAKE FLOUR Washburu ' s 2 Pkgs. l§c BANANAS Xice^Ycllow Fiuil Pountl 4ic I'ini 22 r SQUASH \Vhite Pountl PINEAPPLE GREENS All Kinds Hunch COFFEE Rostbllri - "' ir - st sl Cl b 25c PICKLES Suuv «r Dill 15c CORN Pound Hoy ill (tern No. 2 Can OXYDOLSOAP 13c I OATS (iok! Medal or Good I.tick 20-oz. Pkg. Sc

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