The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1967 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1967
Page 8
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l-AI0ona (la.) Upp*r DM Me!n«i thonday, D«e. 14, Council Minutes The City Council met in regular session with Mayor Finn on Nov. 29, 1967 with the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Nash, Cook and Peirce. Absent: none. Minutes of last meetings were approved. Approved a class B beer permit for Algona Bowling Lanes. Resolution approving the appointment of superintendent of the Algona Municipal Dump was adopted. Order vacating certain streets in the northeast part of the city was adopted. Offer to buy vacated streets was tabled and the city clerk was authorized to appoint three men to submit an appraisal for the vacated streets to the council. Authorized the Mayor to send a letter of approval of the proposed improvement of Highway 18 in the northeast part oi the state for the public hearing to be held Dec. 14, 1907 by the Iowa State Highway Commission. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. SMITH CITY CLERK GENERAL Finn, Salary 123.15 Smith, Salary 282.01 Sands, Salary 130.00 Iowa State Bk., Wholding.. .71.23 State Comm., Wholding . . .7.93 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 28.60 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 22.75 E. Brodsky, Supplies 4.40 Callaghan & Co., Book Add 45.00 Carsten Prod., Bicycle Reg 40.00 Herbst Ins., Premium.... 115.96 Koch Bros., Office Supplies 12.55 N. W. Bell, Telephone 35.96 Paymaster Corp., Checkwriter 119.50 Treas. of Kossuth Co., Civil Defense 1,140.00 Finn, Expense 47.50 STREET Burtis, Salary 165.67 Frambach, Salary 170.61 Giddings, Salary 179.54 Helmers, Salary 158.96 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Pergande, Salary 225.64 Wibben, Salary 154.07 Madison, Salary 144.04 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax 111.50 State Comm., Wholding Tax 15.90 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 130.24 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 82.25 All-Wheel Drive, Snow Plow 915.00 Snap-On Tool, Drills 33.32 N. W. Bell, Telephone 12.16 Swaney Equipment, Amber Light 97.75 Wesco Steel, Gutter Broom 53.16 ROAD USE TAX Bowman Bldrs., Labor & Material 1,038.50 R. Deal, Gravel 481.68 Del Chemicals, Weed Killer 455.99 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 318.75 Day, Salary 237.14 Hutchison, Salary 273.15 Jorgenson, Salary 273.63 Schadendorf, Salary 241.12 Thompson, Salary 245.52 Voiglit, Salary 276.49 Willey, Salary 47.80 Iowa State Bk., Wholding. .254.20 State Comm., Wholding... .42.28 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 172.54 Trust & Agency, Pension . .22.68 Heiman Equip., Badges 15.00 N. W. Bell, Telephone . . ..22.16 J. C. Penney Co., Blanket 6.99 Fire Department, Services 431.00 SANITATION Gade, Salary 88.84 Courtney, Salary 105.91 la. State Bank, Whold 5.10 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 19.10 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 15.19 Bowman Bldrs., Labor & Material . . , .609.00 Del Chemicals, Weed Killer 450.00 SEWER RENTAL Lemkee, Salary 321.50 Sifert, Salary 158.33 la. State Bank, Interest . . .22.50 la. State Bank, Wholding.. .23.50 State Comm.. Wholding . . . .6.92 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 15.53 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 12.36 Brown Supply, Paint & Thinner 26.68 N. W. Bell, Telephone . . . .11.85 Sanfax Corp., Soap 20.95 RECREATION Boldridge, Salary 155.31 la. State Bk., Wholding . . . .7.50 State Comm., Wholding. . ..1.13 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 15.66 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 12.46 DEBT SERVICE Iowa State Bank, Interest 255.00 C. D. Beh Co., Bonds 5,000.00 Iowa State Bank, Interest 108.50 Iowa State Bank, Interest 46.50 PARKING METER Groen. Salary 338.16 Schmidt, Salary 71.10 la. State Bank, Wtholding Tax 61.50 State Comm., Wholding Tax 9.25 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 8.02 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 6.38 Trust & Agency, Pension .. .4.00 Croft Ready-Mix, Concrete 101.85 Irons Htg. & Plbg., Supplies 6.48 Wesley P.O. To Get New Home A contract has been awarded to Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Alne, Ames, Iowa, to lease new quarters .rath improvements to the Post Office Department oft faain Street in the business area to improve postal operations In Wesley. Under the Department's Lease Construction program Mr. and Mrs. Alne will improve the building according to departmental specifications and lease it to the Department for 5 years, with renewal options running up to 6 years. The building will have an interior space of 1,336 square feet. The area for parking and movement of postal vehicles totals 460 square feet. 62ND Mr. and Mrs. Stoffer Van Dyke and Mr. and Mrs. Harm Hemmen celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary recently. They were married in a double wedding ceremony at Beerta, Netherlands. The Van Dykes live in the vicinity of Ackley; the Hemmens in the vicinity of Aplington. WHERE?—If you read the Algona Upper Des Moines, YOU KNOW! 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ORDER YOUR LAND O'LAKES GRADE A TURKEY NOW! | FLAV-0-R.TE •• A A FLOUR 0 J" SAVE NOW The AVERAGE Food Cost It LOWER AT HOOD'S - Day" After Day. Wt Invite You To Check Our Regular Shtlf Prices & COMPARE SOUP CHICKEN NOODLE CHICKEN STAR CHICKEN RICE HOOD'S FRUIT BASKETS "Just A Little Better" PERFECT GIFT FOR MOM, DAD, GRANDPARENTS, PAPER BOYS, BABY SITTERS, RENTERS, FRIENDS, BOSSES, EMPLOYEES AND PARTY HOSTESSES. ORDER EARLY SO WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDER ON TIME. **********************^ | TASTE SEALED.WHOLE UNREELED ^HJi ^ I I I APRICOTS 5 i******************************************^*************************** DEL MONTE FOR & Up SAUERKRAUT WASHINGTON DELICIOUS APPLE SALE! FANCY GRADE, WRAPPED 150 - 160 SIZE OR 303 CANS SPINACH 6.49 1 LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC MOUTH WASH HUNT'S 1 3 BOX $ FULL BOX 1.98 3 LB. BAG 59' 14 OZ. BOTTLE SUPER VALU FRUIT 303.;, CANS CATSUP 26 OZ. - TRIBE SIZE SUNKIST NAVEL - GOOD SIZE ORANGES DOZ. •PITTED DATES Ib. FINEST QUALITY AVAILABLE ********** ******SKnS9n»pJK VP'i**n5'KnC'i**p»i*'i* 5|»J|»5j»J|»5JC JJsSjC5(4J|C | POP 6-PACK ^^ ^^^ A * BUBBLE-UP ^ PLUS DEPOSIT ••• ^^^ * ^*****************************************% SUPREME CLUB CRACKERS 1 LB. BOX FOR MARIGOLD QUALITY CHEKD 8 OZ. DIP N' CHIP ALL FLAVORS 1015 NQftTH MAIN AIGONA PURE FLORIDA GRADE A FROZEN ^V ^I^IM ^ffw WHBP BP (P m PM^^ HHH HHBP ^(j^ (EXCEPT ASPARAGUS AND BRUSSELS SPROUTS) DECANTER BOTTLE WESSON OIL 48 OZ. *^^^^^^^^^^^^^«^«T«^»T««T»«T«'T»«T»»T'«^«T««T*'T'«T i ^»iT'iT i ?r'Jt:S(5J(«5(«}J«>J<^«^:5j:^«5K $ BETTY CROCKER ANGEL FOOD ^- — - - MARIGOLD QUALITY CHEKD NIC NOC EGG NOG DRINK I.S. NO. 1 IDAHO RUSSET ! POTATOES^_ ""TOYS NOW! WE STILL HAVE A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT FOR CHRISTMAS FULL QT. CAKE MIX 1 - STEP OR 2 - STEP WHICH DO YOU PREFER? INDIAN TRAIL CRANBERR SAUCE 303 CANS ********************************^********** t FAMILY SIZE IJELL-O | ALL _ _ ^ ******************************************* NABISCO ^^ ^^ ^^ COOKIES O . ^ OIIC ALL FLAVORS CHOCOLATE PINWHEEL IDEAL BARS PKGS. • SUPER VALU SALTINES UB, BOX MIRACLE WHITE QT. BOTTLE Water Conditioner SUPER UALU ALGONA'S NATIONAL AWARD WINNING SUPERMARKET \ Notes Of Servicemei Real Estate Transfers USS EIDORADO- Electronics Technician Third Class Thomas J. Zaugg, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius E. Zaugg of 322 S. Smith St., Algona, participated in "Blue Lotus," the largest U.S. First Fleet Exercise in three years, aboard the amphibious force flagship USS Eldorado. The exercise was held off the coast of Southern California, and involved 24,000 men in 45 ships, and six air units. - o - PLEIKU, VIETNAM - Brian A. Hike, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. Hike, 200 E. State St., Algona, was promoted to Army specialist four Nov. 11 near Pleiku, Vietnam, where he is a personnel specialist in the 102nd Engineer Company. His wife, Patricia, lives at 8-1/2 E. State St. - o - USS PERKINS - Seaman Apprentice Albert L. Fish, Jr., USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Fish, Sr. of Corwith, and the husband of the former Dianne F. Kuhlmann of 614 E. State St., Algona, is serving aboard the U. S. Seventh Fleet destroyer USS Perkins off the coast of South Vietnam 12 miles south of Phan Thlet. Since arriving "on the line" a month ago the San Diego based destroyer has fired 4,400 rounds of ammunition at various enemy targets in support of U. S. and Allied combat operations. U. S. ARMY, VIETNAM-Keith W. Holm, 20, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Holm, Swea City, Iowa, was promoted Nov. 19 to Army sergeant in Vietnam, where he is assigned as a squad leader in Company D, 1st Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division's 5th Cavalry. , Bowman, Warren ANellie,Ed- ward & Gretchen to Loretta M. Thilges 11-1-67 Lot 3 Blk 233 Call's Add.. Algona. Crulkshank, Rena B., Wdw. to Rudolph C. Harig 11-3-67 Lot 7 Blk 3 exc. W 70* Ingham's Add., Algona & a tract desc. as comm. at SE corner of Lot 7 Blk 3 Ingham's Add., Algona see rec. Luedtke, Donald W. & Maxlne, Marvin H. 4 Loretta to Ervin C. Luedtke, Esther Ackerson, & Verda B. Chrischilles 11-6-67 Undiv. 2/5 int. in NW 1/4 2797-30. Martin, Leon E. 4 Dorothy to Edward Bowman 4 Warren Bowman 11-2-67. All our undiv. int. in 4 to Lot 2 exc. E 18' Lot 3 4 E 30' of Lot 4 all in Blk 263, Call's Add., Algona. Ogg, Harriet 4 Clyde to Jerome J. 4 Linda M. Becker ll-G-67 Lot 6 Blk 1 Edna Smith First Add., Algona. Richardson, Paul W. 4 Dolores M. to Cunegundes M. Sullivan 11-1-67 Lots 1, 2, 3 4 4 Blk 7 of a Subdiv. entitled Blks 1, 4, 5, 6474 the N 1/2 of Blk 2 4 Outlots E 4 F exc. see rec., Ledyard. Smith, David A. 4 Esther P., 4 Smith, Leona May, sgl. et al to Jerome J. 4 Linda M. Becker ll-G-67 Lot 6 Blk 1 Edna Smith 1st add., Algona. LuVerne, Town of to The Borden Co. 11-6-67 Comm. at NW corner of OL B of Western Town Lot Go's 4th Add., LuVerne. O*Dell, Sandra 4 Norman L. to Elizabeth Elbert 11-7-67 S 8 rods of E 8 rods of Lot 6 of A. P. of SE 1/4 NE 1/4 11-95-29. HELPING HANDS Nov. 23rd was a big day at the home of Jacob G. Lee, Slater, when many friends and neighbors gathered and brought in around 130 acres of corn. This is only one of many good neighbor projects around Iowa this year. NANCY FROCK Made fo Wear Anywhere • Deep Hems • Full Cut • Misses & Half 12-20 & 12'/2.24'/a $5.95 & $6.95 ideal gifts for every woman . . I Be sure to see our new line of stylish dusters. I i Also accessories and gift certificates. Elite Hat Shop 204 E. 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