The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 7
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•H \if * [DC Stakiiig Early Claims • • By Art IllPULL "Cut-Throat" Baseball Expected When Greater New York Rivals Tangle BY GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press Staff Correspondent >. NEW YORK, July 7 (UP)—Ilie ,'bltterest .cut-throat, baseball series • In jears was anticipated in the Giants-Dodgers set-to of four games • In Iliree days opening In Brooklyn 'today. As an N cutgi<wth of the Zeke Boiiura-Leo Uuro:hcr brawl last week and Larry MaoHhail's accusing BUI Teiry of "Intimidating umpires and trjing to run the National .League," the ilot squad of the police depaitment will be on hand and plaliiclothesmcn will be distributed thicugh the stands AH bottled drinks will be served in )n|icr cups. The Brooklyn club has posted' signs around the stands calling for fair play and threatening picsecu lion for ungentlcmonly acts * "Any one spotted hurling flre- crackeis cr a bottle on the field •will be promptly arrested," It announced There's more bltleiness In the feud than any attempt to drum \\\ ,business Bonura has said that two regular Infleldcrs and one regular outfielder on the Brooklyn club kid him he should ha\e given Managei Durocher n lacing for stepping on his foot in their Imbroglio nt Ihe Polo Grounds. Durocher reslcd himself especially for Ihe Giant series, nnd he Isn't one to drop any argument. More fuel was poured on ihc fire last night when Cincinnati . knocked off the Cardinals, 7-4, nnd enabled the Dodgcis to climb Inlo third place above St. Louis The NEW YORK Julv Dodgers now trail the seccnd-place Jimmy Johnston,' (he i Giants by only 3J4 games and can lake over tlie runner-up spot by Winning low stialght. Tlie seiles was expected to draw 100,000 Paul Derringer, extending his ' control pitching" (o 43 2-3 consecutive Innlngi «ilhcut walking a man, led the'ficds to triumph, in- i creasing theii lend to 514 games Although rapped for 14 hits, Derringer \\iis' gient In the pinches, winning No. 11 A crowd ot 29,105 attended the game at Cincinnati J Pittsburgh took o\cr filth plnce by beating' the Cubs 1-2 Di7?> Dean was knocked cut of (he box In the fourth anil charged wilh Ill's first defeat Pern Bell's Irlple with 10 iccclved his foinml education, ind did net stop until he had woin out seven sets of listeners ' The lopic cf his fllibuatei was Bab Pastor, a? a member -of the the bases packed clinched Ihe gnme. in the eighth —«« iLiotu*, HLJ i, incinuui -01 mo "'"v mia .iu ^LA lur me v-os. l j lul- icicnih group of listeners I iul«e<l "IB made nine eiiois nml Qood- Ills '(tpsrvinflnn - nr rinc-j>-i.>^ • I.IL.LI. Vf*ni' f/ii'ir The TOille Sox moved into the ' first dlvlsltn of (lie American League by winning Iheli flftli straight—an- 8-1 triumph over Cleveland, which dropiwd the Indians Into fifth place. Jack Knott held the Tribe to five hits while Ihe' White Sox knocked Johnny Allen out of the box In the seccnd , mning and collected 12, hits oil four Cleveland nioundsmen Geiald avalker hit a triple and homer. <A four run rally in the eighth, ^started by Roy Ciillcnm'ue, enabled .Detroit to .trim the Browns, 0-5 Cullenblne, York and Greenberg made three hits each in Ihe Tigers' lB ; hlt attack on /our Brown luiil- ers, • * * *'George'Coster snapped the Athletics' five-game losing streak lost night in Philadelphia when he beat the" Senators. 9-3, before 8,732 paster gave up eight hits and held the Senators at bay evcent In the second/when 'they made all their runs. j « + * Yesterday's here—Bob Klinsei, "Pittsburgh right-hander, yrtio scored his seventh victory by beating Dizzy Dean and the Cubs. 7-2. :ils description of Paster's blrlh t\sto>'s ttindergniicn do>s, Pasloi's :curtshlp, ami Paslor's mnrilngc. aul \>ns present for his clisravilon of Pnslor's .coming fight wllh Lzuis. Johnston -wants Hie nght lo bo leld in Detroit, as lie tersely e.\- -li\lned;iii 10,000 words; "I want it in Dslijt." lie sn i ( | without n pause for •>tall:n Identification, "because I cnn get a fall- deal theie, and I can't in Neiv York mder the picient boxing commission. The New York commissioners tlcn'l like nictitud what •! think Woco Pep Team ,To Play Local All-Star Club Local softball fans nlirimve an opportunity to see the crack Woco- Pfp team from Memphis in action here nen Wednesday ni?ht, It was announced today by Max Logan treasurer of the Chickasaw Athletic Club which will sponsor the appearance of Ihe Southern champions here. The Woco-Pep aggregation will meet an all-star team of Blylhe- ville players selected from the four teams composing the City Softball League. Members of the local team will be announced Saturday or Monday, Mr. Logan said. The Woco-Peps boast an enviable record, having won 35 games and lost only 3 In the 1938 season. Thex defeated King Kong Kelly and his' Arkansas champions uo straight gamts to win the Southern that .Included the highest ranking .softball aggregations in the South. .' Thus far during the 1939 season the' Woco-Peps hatfe run their string of wuvTup to 25 and hav Z '!' , , , St ",! lost onlv.i.wn ™nf«i., TV,-! ',.,„ smart,' Johnston said lost only .two contests. Their victims Include the Cincinnati Pol- ars, 1938 world champions, and i the Brlggs team from Detroit, 1937 world title holders. • ' /The; Southern champs recently relumed'from a t«o T\ceks trip through,, the East and Mid-West, ' A meeting some of the fastest oppo- ' .nents In these''sections and win'- ;> ling 11 out of 13 contests. T- '/,'The United states Imports chro- Africa, v cuba, Greece, and Oceania. BLYTHEVILLE, jWSKy. COUJIIER NEWS 7 mp> whc"» v^iiu mi . :ar Beats Phillips, 13-11, And Bottlers Take Avk Mo, 8-4 ........ b u,.,v.ivo wt^c vumjHuiuu lor Goodyoanahd Coca Coin went n Joe Louis-Bcb Pa-sloi champion- '"to the lend in the City 8oflbnll Ship fight LcaRlte ltll,l. nlnlil !>,., r;™,i so much Hint cecnsloimlly he pickets himself as being unfair to his OK 11 enrs, bn.kc tlie American record for volubility yesterday when arrangements wive comnlctetl for S "'P n e» l Lraette InU night ~ IhY'dooVlyoiYr' At 1127 am when, ns Paski's tc(lm bontliijr Plilliip, Motor com- unnager, he uas lold Uie bout was l' nn > !> ! lo 11, and the Bottlers '"" '- ~ ' ' 'i limning the Electilci, S lo •!. ' vv - *"'«"ifi m mo- (jic-L-i-iu nut- 1'^ Ibe fh <jt g'imc Guodycur hit juage of Ihe Llvei|iool decks, where Hliel1 hits were needed and Phil- 10 iccelvetl hk fmmni .-,,i::,^n,,,, ll[ti, - enoi.s helped them Lonsldcr- ablj ICclsor Goods eai rookie played jnni-up ball, making two sensational catches. Goodyear got, nine lilts to six for Ihe V-8's Phll- abcut tliem wouldn't look good even I piiulo:! \vlth Invisible Ink. If I 'lad my «ay nbout it I wouldn't even lei them have tickets to the fight, ; "It Is n waste of gocd cardboard, because thqr-'kuow so little nbout lighting they emit appreciate Uiat they see." In another curt culbmst of 5,000 vords Johnston said lie planned o ask Hie Michigan boxing com- nlsslpn. provitic<l the fight was hold n that slate, to make It a finish fight. ".There is no limit to, how long nght cnii go in that state." Johnton snjd, "nnd Hint's the way It should be Ten nm! 15 icund rights are lor sissies, My Pnstor is a uiiin and can fight nil day and night ( necessary. A nght of 20 'or 25 rounds wcula suit him fine." Several listeners Iried lo inler- •upt Johnston and nsk him if he bought Paster could run Irack- vnnls for 20 or 23 rounds, but (here vns no breakiiii? tlirrugli his barrage of words. From the subject of he .distance' the nght should go he noved Into a discussion of the ref- ree wlthcut so much as a second's pause. "In Michigan 1 wouldn't have to ake Arthur Doncvan," Johnston aid, "and heaven knows I don't vant Donovan In the. ring at n ight I'm interested in. He referesd he first P;islor-L:uis nght nnd vlmt a job he did. "You won't believe it, but he aid that once during the fight he hcught of throwing pfwlor out of he rin» fcr. miming and dodflng Louis. That would ha*e been a ine thing, wouldn't it, lo disqual- fy a fighter because he didn't nail himself down nnd let his opponent ack liim on the jaw." While Jolmstcn wants the right scheduled for 20 cr more rounds ic thinks there is a fine chance hat Pastor will knock out Loins in he first round. "Galento vvculd have fiattcned ilm In the first If he had been 'Remember when Tony nailed J;e wllh those two left hooks? Well,'if instead of trying to land an:(her left he had feinted with his left, which Louis nlempl was afraid of and watching, and stars 0 then crossed a right, Galenlo wiuld be champion today, pastor never would have missed an opp:rtunity like that He would have finished ^i Joe on right there. Let me tell y:u game this, boys——" My cars were beginning to cauliflower at tills point so I left. Read Courier News want ads. year four. Cora Cola E ot oiT lo a Rood start, and was nevci headed Dan Wnr- rlngton plti.hcil ijood ball holding power crew lo Wimpy Burns. Team Qoo'dycnr Coca Coin .,,'... Phillips Ark Mo, four blows in off W. . ?. . 2 „ I . 1 Pel. .607 .OGT .3M .mi Business Men's 'loop To Play Games Tonight Onuies In tlie nusiuess. Men's Softball League wil Ibe played to-' nlglil inslend or Sunday morning as scheduled , because of the intense heat. It was announced today by Henry Humphreys. BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League W. L. Pet. Caruthersville . ,•• Pnrasonld Jnicsboro .. ,'. ' Newport '"' .71! .500 .429 Southern Memphis .. . Chattanooga Allnnla Knoxvllie ... \v Orleans Birmingham Nn'shville ... Little Kock W. L. 1'ct. •i-t TO .sns •13 35 \S5l •12 36 .538 3G •II •1C 33 •15 .GM .174 .•167 .•157 .100 National League ' W. L. Pet. xCIncinmti -p'-25 G?V N<W York ;;;;; 3 g 3 , xSt. Louis .35 32 Brooklyn 33 3] Plltsburuli 33 32 Chicago, 37 .-jo Boston 30 30 Philadelphia ........'. io -I-I x—Night B-ime. American I.catue „ > York 00 Boston 38 -25 38 -32 ..551 .522 ,516 .508 Ml .455 .303 Chicago '.' 37 Cleveland '.'..' 3( j Washington .. 29 Philadelphia .. ..'.'.'.'. yj St. Louis '' 19 W. L. Pet. 53 17 .757 .G03 .543 .530 .522 .3D2 .38G ,275 Yesterday's Results Northeast Aikausas'LcaRiie ^fewpart 1, Jcmesboro C ParagouUl 5, Carulliersvllle 4.. Soulhnn l.oague Memphis 3, Southern league A e Pittsburgh 7, Chicago 3. SI. i-.uls at Cinelnnaii, night N .. Amcrio.ui League ,• Chicago 8, Cleveland 1 Detroit 9, SI. Louis 5. Philadelphia 9,-Washington 3 threatening', all-star rally,- Herman Besse, Uic lanky jiorlslder, and Ed Heuaer pitched iwo.Jmiliijjs each and the. oitior-iChlck Illngers vere in there for' one—Oadcly. Vevcika, Ileiiry^ Dpyle and Stout. eyt Trammel Scott of tlie .Soutliera, V IUMI1I | Pi'L'sideyi Trammel Scott of the E TIl T •' olltlle ™<- 'Association introduced . I I) I [in«nber,s'af Ijplli'teams nnd sports I II I wiHers.In ceremonies which nrc- 1 IL, ( ceded (lie game. Blanks Leslie's Best lh Game Of '-Thrills/- 3 lo •••••• 0 I1Y HllpOKS SMITH Iliillrd Press Kt:i(f °'Cu'rrf»i)<uiilrnl MKMPHI3, Tenn., July 7 (Ul')~ The Memphis Chicks - ; gol hits In Ihe clutch lust night while their Etvi'ti slar hurlers were taHnt' i"is Hi blanking the hardest tigKfru of iiic Southern' Associti- «i lo win the league's second an- Kil ull-star game, 3 to 0. II was a game replete with ,nlls-great pitching, suporb fleW- liiK nml enough hitting to keep -m •wrflow crowd <>r IO.IJOD funs on '(Inc. ; - 'i'lii! nil-stars got seven hit:-, but Ihty ntivor came in n pt, )c ],. O n 'lit! few limes Hull the mill)!- col ougb. the Chick pilchers bore lown lo .blank a dream team which included such men as Wwxly Ai;omalhy.. cm CJiOpinnn, nm NIcliDlsoii-.'. Emll Malhla, Babe young -'mil Paul Uiclmrtisv Tlie all-stars threatened in the Ihird inning wlien Richards hit one or jjm Henry's f as t balls ilie center field fence and imUod up ut third buso for a triple Hut Henry forced Nicholson ami llalhlo.lo po]i out to Andy ncene at first and 1'acky Hogers of New Oileun.s skied to Hlkard In leii fiCld. . •-. ; •..'......•'•• The Chicks scored their' first run In tlie fourth inning off Al Williams of.Chntttinoogri, 'who was charged with t) 10 defeat. Aubrey E|ips opened wllh u iinglo thratigli Ilie bo.x mid Reese .walked.' Ijlkard sacrinccd .nnd; after Piel \ V tir, milked liHcnllbnaJly to fin tlie buses, Muxey sent n ',!ong My to Chapman In right, Epps scoring after the catch. The second Chick run came an Imiliig later off Dick BBSS. Dulch Meyer fumbled • Bush's easy roller and the Memphis second-baseman went to second on Bates' sacrifice Epps singled Bush across and then ALemalhy retired the side on Ihe most spcctaciilnr catch."of the "lEht, lakinir a, liner from the of Andy licese over liis shouldei (iBainst Ihe tenlcr Held wall 'in Ihe eighth liming Dill .'Stiylcs walked Sid Cnulrcaux after oiu man was down and Reese slammcif one !o Ilie distant rlght-ccnlr-i field fence for a triple. The ball traveled at.least '150 feet. Malic.Voting, Knoxville first tase- wui, lined,u double. toMeft center but all (he other nil-star hits were sniBles by Abcrnalliy, Meyer, Yoiinc and a' couple by niiss' Peters. H Micro was » goat, hti prolwbly was Nicholson, llic home-rim slue- ger of iho Lookouts' whom Joe E"Kd sold rccrntly to the Chlciigo Cubs for $35.000. ;Nlcliolsoii came up UivcE limes will! men on'(lie buses ai «l. eacli-.tlinc iioppcd weakly lo No Clilck • [jltehur ' allowed more Ihnn one lilt .except'Allyn Stout : wlio imw -U|> two -singles; In" Ihe' down lo hip a Tlie score: All-Stars .,; Memphis Heniy, ; Heiisser,. . Doyls, Gaddy, Vcvcrka, Stout and Epps,'. Gatit- COO 000 O&O-O 7 2 000 110 Olx—i) U a' .... — I'olll, William:!, nassjj Sayles and Hlcliards, Crouch, lledniond; Dosso Fishermen Catch Ninety-Pound Catfish CARUTHERSVaLE, Mp July 7. Cil ," S " ' weig '.""e °0 pounds, ili'cssed out 50' pounds, was l X ( ?,P flrt S' « f K' flshcrmen Ihe. Mississippi River hcrci and Is tlie .largest such fish caufiht 1834. In the parly were Hoy Shan DcWitt and Jack Brown of' this city, and Max Rich of Keimett. PIkey nnd DeWitt rain- , ni«d llmlr hands' down the big fish's mouth when its weight and scrnpplni; ability WHS about to tear the hook out and let the iish escape. Both jnwi hail considerable I skin peeled from (heir hands and ] arms. , . ' I" July, '1937,.a fishing party headed by I,, j, Hazel cauoht a '/7-|>ound calfisli, and in .1931, :i party headed by- Prosecuting • Attorney/ R. W, 'Hawkins caplurctl one . v.'elahlnif 87 :pounds. In Uio same year, Jim Barton, of Ihls ^FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1939 city, took In a 92-pound cat, while Ihe biggest catch cv or reported' here was made by rjnjy Jitnes j» 1929 when he caught a 102-pomid' catfisli above town. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas i.ctif.un r-aragould at Cariilhc-rsvllii; Newport «l Joncslioro. KouUitrn Meiniihis at'Ch „„ Little -Rock ut. Atlanta"' Birmingham at Knox.villo i.Ncw Orleans at Nashville Tires, bwcrici, radios, li«tcn in J Oliver producls for) our car can be bought on tlie l-'irwioiie Ikuljjct Plan for.Jiirnrisinglf little cash outby <irul terms io small you'll lurMy notice them. P/ognm lairc fjch (vcefc tlnfing tioon i^our' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th * Walnut ( rhonc 810

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