The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1967 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1967
Page 17
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6^-Algona, (la.) Upper D«« MolnM Thursday, Nov. 30, 1967 WASHINGTON WASHINGTON - Gen. William Westmoreland gave a generally favorable picture to the Cabinet regarding the end of the war. He made no rash predictions, but he did say that by next summer, possibly even by this spring, the American people would know that they were on the way to victory. Westmoreland expects no enemy cave-in. Diplomatic observers back up this view by predicting Ho Chi Minn will not throw in the sponge until after the U. S. elections next year and then will agree to come to the conference table only grudgingly. However, Gen. Westmoreland, hitherto no great optimist, now expressed optimism that the war is under control. One factor substantiating this optimism is the pacification program. Robert Komer, deputy ambassador in charge of pacification, reports that he is now able to transport fertilizer to farms and building materials to villages. In the past this was impossible because the roads were in the hands of the Viet Cong. Today, however, Homer's pacification forces can move around. The American public, of course, has had little realization of how limited an area U. S. troops have occupied in the past. However, it has been risky to move more than 15 miles outside of Saigon; and U.S. stenographers water skiing on the river a few miles from Saigon took machine guns along in their power boats. Despite Westmoreland's new optimism, the harmonious atmosphere officially radiated from his White House talks was not quite harmonious below the surface. There were no hot words, but there was a difference regarding more troops. Westmoreland argued that 525,000 men will not be sufficient to finish the war. This was the ceiling the White House had agreed to last summer. Last week the President told him that any increase over 525,000 would mean calling out the reserves or increasing the draft by a sizeable figure; suggesting that Westmoreland could get along with 525,000 by using more South Vietnamese and sending more of his housekeeping troops to the front. Westmoreland bowed. In all public statements thereafter he stuck to the 525,000 figure. Secretary McNamara still believes Westmoreland has been extravagant in his deployment of troops, that he doesn't need even 525,000 men. The General has used three men behind the lines for every combat soldier. McNamara regards this as inefficient. - o - - ROCK-THROWING GI'S- Two hundred soldiers of the 198th Brigade, on the eve of their departure for Vietnam, recently staged a rock-throwing riot at Ft. Hood, Texas. They had congregated at the enlisted men's club for a final binge. As the night wore on, they became raucous about their ability to whip any outfit on the post. The club, sensing trouble, cut off their liquor, and they began to get nasty. One of the troopers tossed a tear gas grenade in the middle of the festivities. This cleared out the club, and MPs rushed to the scene. But the men of the 198th, angry over losing their drinking privileges, began to throw rocks. The MPs herded them back to their barracks, but the GIs threw rocks all the way, hospitalizing three people and breaking $3,000 worth of windows. The 198th is now in Vietnam, where the men can work off their anger throwing more potent ammunition than rocks at the Viet Cong. - o - - PUSH FOR TAX INCREASE - LBJ used the devaluation of the British pound to make a new pitch to Congressional leaders for a tax increase. Late Friday, November 17, just a few hours before Britain announced its historic decision, the President summoned Chairman Wilbur Mills, D-Ark., of the House Ways and Means Committee to the White House, and gave him a stiff lecture to the effect that Mills'no-tax-increase deal with Rep. Jerry Ford, R- Mich., the GOP leader, had contributed to the devaluation of the pound. Johnson is respectful in the way he lectures Congressional leaders, but he argued at Mills that his refusal to boost taxes had increased inflation, which in turn had hiked U.S. Interest rates to the point where the government is now paying up to 5.75 per cent Interest, the highest in history, and this in turn had helped siphon money out of England, thereby weakening the pound. Mills Is a hard man to move and he did not move easily, even in the face of LBJ's mingled persuasion and scolding. There followed two other meetings be- between LBJ and Democratic leaders, later Republican leaders, in which the President made a hard college try for tax increases. He even called in Chairman William McChesney Martin of the Federal Reserve to back him up. The President has now promised sizeable cuts In spending in return for the tax Increase, and if s almost certain he will get a surtax of around 6 per cent, possibly 10 per cent though probably not until January. Chairman Mills, despite Johnson's plea, refused to call a session of the Ways and Means Committee before the Thanksgiving holiday. Note: The President was kept informed by Prime Minister Wilson of every advance move regarding devaluation. Johnson knew it was coming as early as Monday, November 13, five days in advance. He gave his okay provided the pound was not devalued more than 15 per cent. The British cut finally ended up at 14.3 per cent. - o - - UNDER THE DOME - A backstage struggle over the Senate Democratic leadership has already begun in the back rooms, between Senators Ed Muskie of Maine and Bob Byrd of West Virginia. They are getting ready just in case Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield steps down. He has in- dictated to intimates that he would like to be simply the Senator from Montana again. The liberals privately favor Muskie to replace him, and Southern conservatives are expected to back Byrd .... Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman has warned Democrats in Congress that they can expect a Republican landslide in the farm belt next year unless inflation is halted. The Democrats talked to him privately about increasing farm subsidies, but Freeman claimed that farmers are most concerned about the high prices they are .paying lor farm labor and machinery . . . , Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen, who produced the key votes to push the last civil rights bill through the Senate, has been conferring secretly with Southern leaders about blocking another civil rights bill. The Dirksen-Dixie- crat strategy would be to tie up the bill with amendments, each of which could be filibustered by the Southerners for several days. - o - - KNOCKING OUT CHINA? - It probably won't be admitted officially, but the Joint Chiefs have just completed a new set of plans for knocking out the Chinese nuclear works located deep in the interior. These are strictly contingency plans, of course, which would not be used unless the Chinese attacked the United States first. The plans were formulated after it became known last summer that China had developed limited missiles. In September, therefore, high-ranking officers from the Joint Chiefs' technical staff traveled to the Far East on a secret mission to assemble the latest intelligence on China's nuclear complex and its vulnerability. From this information, the plans for attack have now been updated. It is no particular secret that China could be easily knocked out of the nuclear race in case of open warfare between the two countries. No doubt this has had a powerful restraining influence upon Red Chinese leaders. They have issued public taunts that Uncle Sam is a paper tiger, but nevertheless have taken care not to twist the tiger's tail. However, the behavior of Mao Tse-tung is unpredictable. He appears to have turned China at times into a massive lunatic asylum which has caused Pentagon planners to wonder whether the Chinese might take a foolish, suicidal, military gamble. As a result, Secretary of Defense McNamara ordered construction of a limited antiballistic missiles system, which could knock down the intercontinental missiles the Chinese are expected to develop in the 1970s. Most authorities don't expect such a move. But the Pentagon's policy is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Set Defensive Driver Course A Defensive Driving Program for Algona and surrounding communities of Kossuth county will be held Nov. 21 and Nov. 30. This program has been prepared and made available by the National Safety Council. The eight hour course will be presented by Safety Consultants from the State Safety Education Division, and supported by the Iowa Highway Patrolmen. ' 'It was required by the Department of Public Safety that every patrolman in the state of Iowa take this defensive driving course. I found it very educational and helpful. I feel every driver would gain something from it to help him or her become a better driver," says Bill Tordoff, Algona, highway patrolman. The Defensive Driving Program is a safety brush-up course for all licensed, experienced drivers. In giving the course right at this time, sponsors are seeking to do something about the terrible toll of lives and property during the December holidays. All licensed drivers are welcome and urged to participate in this program at Algona Public High School auditorium, 6:30 p.m., Nov. 21 and 30. Sponsored by Council of Catholic Women. Elks Helping Easter Seal Handcraft Plan The Iowa State Elks Association meeting held at Waterloo passed a resolution sponsoring a state-wide Benevolence Program to become active immediately. Immediate plans include sponsorship of the Iowa Homebound Handcraft Sales Program in cooperation with the Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults of Iowa, Inc. The Iowa Homebound Handcraft Sales Program merchandises items manufactured by the handicapped within their homes without cost to them. All proceeds of sales are paid to the manufacturing clients. First plans are to purchase a mobile unit to service sales UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held In the City Hall, City of Algona, Iowa, Nov. 1,1967, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Present were Harmes, Bay,T. James palmer, Supt. & Ira Kohl, Sec. Absent was Buchanan. O. B. Harmes was named President Pro Tem. The minutes of the meeting of Oct. 17, 1967, were read and approved as read. Motion byHarmes, secondedby Bay, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye", Harmes and Bay. Voting "Nay", none. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll 3,076.00 M. Bllyeu, Labor 329.69 W. Bruner, Labor. . . ....253.86 D. Van Ginkel, Labor 168.02 J. Parsons, Labor 170.10 R. Frideres, Labor 224.92 H. Wray, Labor 232.00 M. Meehlhause, Labor 127.08 Iowa State Bank, Tax 1,104.60 Treas., State of Iowa, Tax 150.42 la. Empl. Sec. Comm., Tax 930.12 I.P.E.R.S., Tax 370.38 Ins. Fund, Ins 287.48 Sunray DX OH Co., Fuel 734.37 North Cen. Pub. Ser., Gas 8,479.83 Mobil Oil Co., Fuel Oil 13.79 General Elec. Supply Co., On Contract 25,045.00 Burmelster Elec. Co., Supplies 187.15 Westlnghouse Electric Supply, Supplies 2,158.34 Elec. Mat. Co., Supplies 514.89 Iowa Electric Supply, Supplies 612.92 Graybar Electric Co., Supplies 266.05 Van Meter Co., Supplies 39.74 Rural Elec. Service Co., Service 1,202.04 Cook's Scrap Iron, Supplies. . 10.82 R. J. Funk, Supplies 3.57 Algona Machine Shop, Supplies 6.40 Algona Vault Service, Supplies 18.54 Trupke Elec., Supplies 1.40 United Bldg. Center, Supplies 5.31 Electronic Spec., Supplies 20.92 Cowan Corp., Supplies 1.28 Paint Spraying & Tree. Trimming, ..... Service:*. .-;-.. .. .= 25.00 * Sleg Fort Dodge Co., Supplies i .9.48 ' Joe Bradley Equip., • Repairs 2.00 Dau's Garage, Service 4.00 Behr's Standard Service, Gas 133.15 Penney's, Mdse 8.37 Baiter's Paint, Supplies 7.73 Charles Volk, Exp 5.00 Algona Reminder, Adv 49.29 Tim Boekelman, Service. 25.00 N. W. Bell Tele., Service 105.21 Petty Cash, Misc 17.01 Advance Pub. Co., Adv. & Supplies 517.09 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Adv 205.49 Pratt Elect. Const., Supplies 21.97 Taylor Motor Co., Repairs 28.33 Leo Frankl, Exp 25.00 Lowell C. Smith, Exp 15.00 Richard Burt, Exp 10.00 Howard Low man, Exp..... .15.00 M. J. Mowers, Exp 15.00 Virginia Evers, Exp 10.00 Lucille Johnson, Exp 25.00 Mrs. Mary Sorenson, Exp 10.00 George Kain, Exp. 15.00 Louis Ferstl, Exp 35.00 Leon Martin, Exp 25.00 William F.Dau.Exp 25.00 Andrew Cubit, Exp 10.00 Robert Johnson,Exp. 10.00 James Telecky, Exp 65.00 Michael Schrauth, Exp 10.00 Richard Moe, Exp 10.00 Larry Steinman, Exp 15.00 Bennie Wibben, Exp 160,00 Walter Haupert, Exp. .... .25.00 Treas. of State, Tax.... .1,410.00 WATER FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll 377.03 W. Peterson, Labor 265.95 M. Krebsbach, Labor 219.10 M. Meehlhause, Labor 33.30 Iowa State Bank, Tax 183,80 Treas. of State, Tax 20.95 la. Empl. Sec, Comm., Fed Soc. Sec. Tax 124.58 la. Pub. Empl. Ret. Sys,, Tax. . 19.24 Ins. Fund, Ins .59.23 Wallace & Tlernan, Supplies 110.35 Hach Chemical Co., Supplies 14.44 State Hyg. Lab., Service 40.00 Brown Supply Co., Supplies 360.04 Anderson Brass Co., • Supplies 168.16 Lead Supplies, Supplies 577.48 Des Moines Reg. & Trib., Pub 104.86 Advance Pub. Co., Pub 104.28 R. J. Funk, Supplies 2.46 Big Bear, Inc., Supplies 8.70 Behr's Standard Service, Gas 37.79 Addressograph Corp., Supplies • 7.08 T. James Palmer, Exp 61,35 Mertz Janitor Service, Service 275.00 SOC. SEC. & INS. FUND Life Inv. Ins. Co.,Ins 346.71 A list of uncollectible accounts to be taken from the active ledger and placed with a collection agency for collection, was approved. Next meeting date was set for Nov. 15, 1967, at 12:01 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. Ira Kohl Secretary O. B. Harmes President Pro Tern gnumminniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniilfniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiii RESOLUTION 67 RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR SPECIAL ELECTION ON THE CHANGE OF THE DURATION OF THE TERMS OF COUNCILMEN AND MAYOR WHEREAS, the Mayor of the Town of Fenton, Iowa, has, pursuant to a petition duly filed with him by the required number of the electors of the Town of Fenton, Iowa, proclaimed a special election to be held on the proposition of changing the duration of the terms of Councilmen and Mayor from two to four years and staggering the terms thereof, and WHEREAS, it is necessary and proper that the form of ballot be approved for said election and the judges and clerks thereof appointed, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Council of the Town of Fenton, Iowa, as follows: 1. That the action of the Mayor In proclaiming a special election to be held on the 7th day of December, 1967, from the hour 8 A. M. to the hour of 8 P. M., at which election there shall be submitted to the voters of the Town the proposition of changing the duration of the terms thereof, be and It is hereby ratified, confirmed and approved insofar as necessary. 2. That at said election the ballots to be used for the afore- pared on yellow paper in substantially the following form, and with the facsimile signature of the Town Clerk in the space provided therefor on the back of the ballot: FORM OF BALLOT (FRONT OF BALLOT) (Notice to voters: For an affirmative vote upon any question submitted upon this ballot make said proposition shall be pre- a cross (X) mark In the square after the word "Yes". For a negative vote make a similar mark in the square following the word "No".) SHALL THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC MEASURE BE ADOPTED? Shall the Town of Fenton, Iowa, in the County of Kossuth, change the dur'tioi of the terms of Councilmen and Mayor from two years to four years and stagger the terms thereof so that one- half of the members of the Council are elected at each regular municipal election? YES NO ( BACK OF BALLOT) PUBLIC MEASURE BALLOT On the question of changing the duration of the terms of the Councilmen and Mayor and staggering the terms thereof so that one-half of the Council will be elected at each regular municipal election. SPECIAL ELECTION December 7, 1967 /S/ Paul W. Eigler, Town Clerk 3. The Mayor is hereby authorized to publish his proclamation of notice of the election and the time and place thereof by publishing said notice once each week for three consecutive weeks in the Algona Upper Des Moines, a newspaper published In Algona, Iowa, and of general circulation In the Town of Fenton, Iowa, the last of said publications to be not less than five nor more than twenty days prior to the date of said election. 4. That the voting places for Said election in each precinct, and the judges and clerks of election, shall be as follows: Voting place-CommunityClub Building. judges - Elsie Eigler, Herman Maahs, Fred Jentz. Clerks - Dorothy Matthiesen, Margery Jolley. * passed, adopted and approved this 7th day of November, 1967. /S/ W. W. Jolley Mayor ATTEST : Paul W. Eigler Town Clerk Councilman moved and Councilman seconded the motion that the above resolution be adopted. On call of the roll the Vote was as follows: Ayes: Hansen, Koenck, Mitchell, Volgt. Nays: None Absent: Jorgenson (88-89-91) THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fanton, Iowa Experienced Embalmed and Funeral Director* Rtllablt 24 Hour Ambulant* Strvlct Funeral May Be Referred To Ut With Confidence Phonti FENTON ••9-2794 RINOSTID I640004 •64-1001 •A4-1970 Your Ironer When You Dry Permanent-Press,, . Clothes Automatically! agrtt (hit Iht lulomit* ctottw dryer I »m buymi Urtiy will bt piK«d in l*nftc« in • loution urwd fyf low ElKtrlc Li|ht «n<J Powtr Comp»(w itectnc dutnt IMI fttttne Intlitttbofl Imptcliw Dtti Tmi ctrtificiti ii 'edeim.bli lor Tin Doiurt ($10 00) in rwcnanduc it my tloii in «ny community Mfvid by lowl Electric Light and Power Company. Void iHf Dec. 3), 1967. Your Bonus When You Buy A New Dryer Now This hanger is all the iron you need when you properly dry permanent-press garments in a new clothes dryer. D Buy your new dryer now and you can earn a bonus, too! It's a $10 merchandise certificate* from iowa electric light and power company. 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