The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 17, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE VOLU.MB xxxiv—NO. s Blytheville Courier Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi Vnllcy Leader Blytheville Dally News TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPKU OP NORTH! 'AST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTIIBVILLIC, AH10 1 COURIER NEWS NSAS, THURSDAY, MA150H 17, ]fl;)8 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TESTING LAW REPEAL COT SUBJECTED 10 DEMO™ Hundreds Packed In Cafes, Caught Without Warn• i;ig By Raiders HV HIVING I'FLAtJM United Press Staff Correspondent BARCELONA. Spain, Mar. 17. <UPj—Tlie nationalist air force, in raid alter raid, today subjected Barcelona to (he most deadly bombing of the entire Spanish war in an eflort to hasten the collapse of the loyalist capital. The 12th attack in H hours oc- 1 currecl this afternoon and raised the casualties to an estimated 1,230 dead and 2.000 wounded. The city was thrown into panic ngnlii at 2 p.m. when squadrons ot insurgent planes roared over on (he 12th attack. Bombs dropped at short intervals along the main boulevards Cafes, jammed by lunch liour crowds, became charnel houses. II was estimated that 500 were killed and 1,000 gravely wounded in this raid alone. Hundreds ran screaming into the streets. One bomb hit a crowded railway station, injuring hundreds. Belleville's Death Toll Reaches 10 BELI,EVILLB~IiT Mar. n (UP) -Death- of MI..,. L ucy Weaver, 50 in St. ratalbeth hospital nt Belleville, lodny brought to 10 the toll of a tornado Hint wrecked sections of Uellevlllo and Glenvlc-w Tuesdnv aid On Barcelona HULL BELIEVES Kansas Officer Gives Company IV] Annual Inspection For Efficiency Captain Jack R. Gage, United States army instructor of the Kansas National Guard, who Is making the annual federal Inspection of the 153rd Infantry of the Arkansas National Guard, was In Blytlievllle yesterday to inspect Company M. The inspection consisted of an observation of demonstrations by the unit, of the different types of training that have been given on regular drills since July i, 1937 The purpose of it wa.s to "determine . ..-.,..— h ...i..uiLu.i. i.iv yuijjvjjrc ui ii, wit. 1 ) u> determine As tins correspondent sat at his | the' preparedness of the unit to desk telephoning London the wall of the United Press office fell in The desk was smothered by debris. Windows crashed down from the detonation of bombs in the nearby central squares where casualties were heavy. -, The planes flew over the central streets.:, anil dropped their loads The bombs made direct hits on .nt 'Eftst. four- large buildings?'."Buses nnd streetcars crash! turned in the streets. panic stricken people. Three of the heaviest bombs I ever want to know dropped so close that the windows shook for inin- nntes. The United Press office was badly wrecked. Tlie adjoining.-wall of thc Western Electric office collapsed, jfy desk is covered with calcimine, glass, and plaster. Leading liotels on the mnln boulevards were lilt. This raid came without warning. The first sign «-as broken, glass falllne from the walls. Throughout the night and day the air raid alarms screamed their warnings but Barcelona was unprepared for thc 2 p.m. bom bin? Most of tlie people did not know the raiders had returned until . bombs began bursting, many of them along the streets where the finest buildings were located. Some of the bombs hit directly in (lie streets, crowded by pedestrians, street cars and buses. It was believed 200 persons met instant death in streets alone. Tasmania Wants 5-Day Week I.AUNCESTON. Australia IUP>— Ttie five-day week may be officially applied to all stores and shops in Tasmania. The Tasnianian state government is sponsoring a bill requiring all stores to close on Saturdays and fixing closing hours of the main business houses nt 6 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and 9:30 p.m. on Fridays. I'LL T€LL YOU BY BOB BURNS _ I don't think it's fair that every time a star falls out with his fiancee, the wowi Is flashed around the world, but nobody ever bothers to mention anything about the split-ups, separations or divorce of the extras. I know one extra actress who was engaged to a playboy here In Hollywood and one time when this playboy had lost a lot'a money on his investments out nt the racetrack, he walked over to see his fiancee nnd she was very cold to him. When he asked her, point-blank what the trouble was, she said "Well, when I heard that the finance company had repossessed your rar, something dlert within me." take the flelcl in case of an emergency. Of tlie GO men in the unit, 54 men were present, with five absent by legal excuse. The company was given credit for one man who was attend tag R. o. T. c. camp which raised the total to 55. Tl»j rating of the unit was not mado known, but .the demonstra- been in previous years. Beginning Immediately, the training of the unit will consist of marksmanship nnd kindred subjects in preparation for the annual field training cemp which will probably be held at Camp Pike from August 21 to September 4. Officers of the unit are Captain Wendell M. Phillips, First Lieutenant Arden B. Crowder, and Second Lieutenant Ouy T. McHenry, of Manila. Badminton Gaining Fast As Sport in Seattle Says May Hinge On Halting Of Inlerna t i o n a 1 Lawlessness WASHINGTON. Mar. 17 (UP)— Speaking to a world alarmed by threats of war Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull today declared that (lie fate of hileniatlonnl civilization may hinge upon success In bringing IntcriinUonnl lawlessness to n halt. Hull presented a comprehensive statement of United States' policy, a re-statement in careful phrases of his pronouncements and those of President Roosevelt since mid summer of 1037. Hc spoke before the national press club and his remarks were broadcast throughout Uie nation nnd by sjjeclnl hookups were carried abroad. Hull did not mention by name Germany or Austria or the Hitler coup but he left no doubt to whom he referred as treaty breakers and nations whose actions tend to international anarchy. He said flatly that America has no alliance or understanding— as ben echarged— with any for- n and has no Intention of eign nation and has no Intention of Stales lias not the slightest intention to entertain any such notion -as the use of American armed forces for policing the world." On the other hand, lie asserted, tins nation proposes to continue to respect the rights and Interests ot '' . v intends thai all other nations' respect American lives, property and rights In all parts of the world. Liberty Cash Grocery To Re-Open Tomorrow Announcement of the reopening of the Liberty Cash Grocery located at 314 West Main street was made today by Mitchell Saliba manager, who said the store would be open for business tomorrow. The store has been closed for the past six weeks while the buildln" which was one of those burned nt that time, was being rebuilt. Mr - Saliba said that the entire — — wpvJt w of elsewhere. The ^i, GAINING FAST 14 buildlntr has been rnrmiiptni,, v Q SEATTLE (OPi-Three thousand built and all fixluS™ S and IPrROnS HlniF hnrimntnn in r> H\~ nt\^ !__ .... ' "•"•"' "ii<J persons play badmnton in Seattle, and batting shuttlecocks back nnd forth across a net threatens to rival tennis this summer. The badminton fad arrived in 1933. Since then Mrs. Del Barkhuff, Zoe Smith and Hamilton Law have won national titles. The state , other equipment Is new. While Die general arrangement is the same as that of the original store, a number of Improvements have been made. One of the improved features is wider aisles permitting patrons of the store more room in which to do Ihelr shop- i.uvc wu.i luuumai uues. The state room in which to do Ihelr shoo tournament in February attracted ping. Greater space Is given to the best players In western Can- fresh fruits and produce which ndfl. ivhr»r*» tlir> ITQ>HA l» ~,.i i.. n«..- 1.- .11 ,_. , . . ada. where the game is extremely popular. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Mar. 17. (UP) — The stock market started strongly today, and then turned irregular as selling was resumed in rails. At the close ,1 majority of issues registered declines of fractions to more than a point. AT & T ................ 128 3-4 Anaconda Copper ........ 30 7-8 Associated DO ........ 6 Steel 55M now be displayed to a' better advantage. The meat department, which is also newly equipped, will again be In charge of J. o. Wicker, with Daniel Boone as market assistant Besides Mr. Saliba, other members of Jhe stcrt's personnel include Bernard McFarland. checker, and Robert Scott, stock man. New Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 17. (Up) _ Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Mar. Boeing- Air 27 7.3 lUav Chrysler 501-8>j u ? Cities Service I 1-2 Oct General Electric 37 7-8 Dec General Motors '.... 331-2ij an ' fnt Harvest 62 Montgomery Ward Si 7-8 N Y Central 14 1-4 Packard 41-4 Phillips Pet '.'. 35 3.4 Radio Schenley Simmons Oil N J .. Texas Corp U S Smelt !s u s Steel 205-8 17 1-1 13 3-4 48 1-4 40 1-4 51 1-4 Livestock 889 892 895 900 900 903 893 895 901 908 DOS 888 892. 899 900 901 889o 889 894 899 900 *""' ""* yvL yyi Spots closed quiet at 895, off 4. NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 17 <UP)_ Cotton futures closed steady today four to eight points down Busy Ring of Iflarnmev and Saw F()llowsOrnino| 'Hoar of Storm The work of repairing the buildings damaged by the tornado late Tuesday afternoon was well undfer way today although no work has been started on the rebuilding of tlw; n "-'sldcuces or the several -other buildings which were lout by the cyclonic cloud. There are about IS families In acute need and these will be giveV aid by (he national Red Cross, it wiis announced after n survey macje yesterday by W. J. Keeser, Hejd representative of the national group, and W. H. Stovall. chairman of the local chapter. Mr. Keener, who will remain here for a short time more, Is making arrangements for these families to receive food and clothing at once and they will also be given furniture, dishes and other necessities. It was first believed that there would be more than 20 families In acute need but a complete survey showed only 15 families. J'YJends and relatives are giving temporary homes to most of those lived in were demolished but those whose homes were damaged are remaining in them, where it is possible. Work was started yesterday -on the rebuilding of the Johns' Ice plant, which was partly demolished: The building, formerly of sheet metal, Is being replaced with brick. The extent of work to be clone op the Lange grammar school, modern two-story brick school', buildini which was heavily damaged, hijs not been determined, pending- tlfe report, of insurance adjusters. The 329 students are to attend classe? tomorrow at other schools and thi) arrangement will be continued for the present. , Sr ; It is possible that .Ui will hiu'e to be almost entirely rebuilt us the roof is gone, the lop :l«ur bus fallen into tin.' iiutlltorliiiu, seme uf Iho walls lire damaged iunl 'M-ii'.'tlnilly nil 01 the windows urc ruined, fhlmiicys, swept away, were being replaced and roofs were being mended. New window ixmos were bring put In nliuost. every liattso In tiic devastated area. More minor repairs were being nmdi 1 by the occupntits of many homes where they were replacing their garages, poultry hoiisc.s and oilier out buildings which were blown apart. Timbers were being Identified and the removal of nulls seemed to be a chief occupation of many children \vho were having a brief holiday from school. . The Joe Knelcr house In the Pride subdivision, where the storm first, struck Blythevllle, Ims n new roof today sifter a crew of 12 men worked almost constantly since (lie .ilorm. This modern house was badly damaged. The brick house on 21st street, owned by W. V. Christian and occupied by the Kendall Berry family, was also being repaired. This house lost most of its roof, Its (lues and all of lt,s windows were damaged. The eight small houses on the former Chicago Mil! property, which arc owned-by e. II. Whistle, were being repaired of their damaged rooty broken windows nnd demolished flues. The row of rented houses on West Chlckasawba avenue, owned by Dr. J, A. Sallba, wore receiving .similar repairs. Tries Last Legal Resort As Hour Of E x e c u 11 o n Draws Near HELENA, Mar. 17 (UP)—Attorneys for Lester Brockelhurat — condemned Jiltch hike sloyer—to- dfiy filed n petition for a writ of habeas corpus In federal district- court here. Judge Thomas C. 'Trimble was Sees Tornado As Warning to 'Get Right With God' Tuesday's tornado hero was Interpreted by -the Rev. C. L. Randall, evangelist conducting services at the Second Baptist church, as a "call from Qod Almighty for Bly- thevllle to be right with Him" In a sermon at the church (on the edge of the tornado's path) Tuesday night, Basing Jils remarks on the first verse of the 3Bth chapter of Job "And God answered Job out of tho whirlwind" tho Rev. Mr. Randall expected to rule on the petition, declared that "all such disasters late today. Brockelhurst, sched- arc used by doU In such a wnr, uled to die at dawn tomorrow In l regardless of whether He the electric chair at Tucker Prison ! (hem or not. "In the fourth chapter of Amos." farm, pinned all his hopes to live on this last legal effort. The confessed slayer of three men-once a Sunday school teach-1 upon Uie people, and yet they The council am™i („ er m Galesburg, III., - remained' hadn't returned unto Him. You strict enforcement of n^ chained to the floor of his denth had every one of you better be bage contaS In the house cell to prevent his making thanking God you are living. »"«n">.n, in me good a threat to cheat the electric chair by suicide. Additional guards were placed a 1 , his cell as the time for (he execution drew near. Mar. May Jui. . Oct. Dec. Jan. I open high low close 902 903 886 . 8960 9« 907 898 899 910 912 915 017 915 918 916 916 Crawford Files Pledge As Senatorial Candidate LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 17. (UP) — Candidacies of five members of the house of representatives for the state senate were disclosed today when party pledges were filed In the secretary of state's office. Those seeking positions In the upper legislative branch are; Ivy W. Crawford, BlylhevIHe, for the 30th district, Mississippi comity. Joe Beck jr.. Hughes, for the 32nd district, Crlttenden county. Dennis Horton, Forrest City. 33rd district, composed of St. Francis and Lee counties. Gene Baker, Newport, for the a)!h district, composed of Independence and Jackson counties. Cteracal Warfteld, Endora,' 25th district, composed of Lincoln and 'Dcsha counties. 903 910 910 911 904 910 910 ST. LOUIS, 111., Mar. 17. [UP)— Hogs: 8,500 Top, 9.50 170-230 Ibs., 9.35-9.60 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-8.85 Bulk sows. 7.90-825 Cattle: 2.500 Steers, 7.75-9.25 Slaughter steers, 6.75-S.OO Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.00-8.75 Slaughter iielfcrs, 5.25-625 Beef cows, 4.25-5,00 ^ — ly 3*i yii Spots closed quiet at 909, off 5. Withholds AcJiou Pending Public Hearing posal Monday Nighl DELHS Chamberlain Cabinet Is Threatened LONDON, Mnr. n. IUP>—A serious revolt within the conservative parly nnrt even the cnWnct Knelt threatened tho Neville Cluun- Pro- Tin- irlty Hiuncll Insi nlflil: 1. Declined to set thn'mli! of levy on assessments In Fitvhifr Districts No. Two mill Three, part of a rcOiinni'lng- proirnijii lit take the districts mil nt rrarlvcr- ship, iwmllnir H pubilii henrlng Monday nielli. 2. rnmcil » resolution, with a. tin vole forcing Mayor Mnrlon IViillttnia tci cast the dei'ldlng ballot, vohdeimiliiK as nulsunces a residential buUcllin on the northeast corner of Eleventh and Chickasawha and out In the 1400 ChicknsiiwbA block, 3. Tabled a. proposed ordlnuncc which would prohibit Junk dcui- crs from purchasing articles from minors, Inloxlcnled persons and persons previously convicted of yctlt larceny. 4. CJavo Infonnal approval to an agreement with Joe Martin for effective cleanup and garbage removal In the business dlstrlcl by requiring all business houses to maintain and use garbage and trash containers, 5. Aurecd to waive 30-dny notice required by city zoning ordinance for the, establishment o a neighborhood irrocery stoire- rolilence In the 100 West Missouri block provided tho applicant, Mrs, Elbtrt Alley, obtains written approval of residents of thu 'block. • '«.. 1 - •: The city council In a session lust night at the city hnll refused to sot the rate of levy on assessments In Paving Districts No. Two and No, Three until a public hearing Mon- dny night nt which property owners within the districts may appear. With the council deadlocked over a resolution condemning as nuisances a building at tho corner of Chlckasawba and Eleventh streets and another In the. 1400 West Clilckasawba block Mayor Marlon Williams cnst tho deciding ballot, In favor of condemnation. An ordinance offered by Alderman Loy H. Welch of the Second ward which would prohibit Junk dealers yfrom purchasing article* from minors, Intoxicated persons and persons convicted of petit larceny and requiring- Junk yards to Of Memorial Park „ - —,—,.. a JK.UV j,,,,i lft IAJ The Memorial Park association sends be enclosed by high board fences which Is to begin work «£ week' U'flS (Mfnimntl.* fnKtfl,; t.. .l-_ , ... n. . . .. WI.V.IX WRS Informally tabled In the face of opposition which caused Alder require ---------- ........ ,~ vu> ,i,,t;o seotio " In exchange for an agree dav ••/-.-i . i ;. i ... . »•—««» "> cAuuuiiga lor an agree- ""a at ngitume all v God psscd by in the shadow ment by Joe Martin, who operates blossomed during the of death nnd we were standing in a private garbage removal agency taken, It Is dec ared he church door when He passed, to see that all garbage in the bn'i- Plans we ber^ inade by I had rather go to heaven from a ness section is removed, Irrespec- Martha Lane i reside.1and church house than any other place n»» *' ...«.-.- -< ••• —.. F - - — _"'""•• 1'n.amuu, ami In tlie world, when 1 am called to To Open Self-Service Grocery Store Friday Ernest Van Bibber, local grocer, will open another store tomorrow In the Simon building on West Main street In the former location of the Purity Bakery. The new store will be known as the Safee- way Grocery and Market and wUl carry a complete stock of groceries, fruits and prduce and meats. The building was recently remodeled and redecorated by Paris Simon, owner of the property, and new fixtures and equipment have tlve of success of hts collections for such service. on Page 7 bcrlnln covwMinimt toiiuy. Tho revolt came In thc midst of the grave Eiiropeim crisis which luis caused a parliamentary clamor for a "pence or war" .decision by the government. < Consent to thc government's "mlddli! of tho road" policy previously accepted as the best way of "[lodging" wnr apparently has Given way to a feeling Hint Brl- laln had better speak peremptorily in the spirit of former years or be dragged Into war anyhow. An active group of parliament members, sought n. clear cut declaration by Ihc government on whether Britain would go to the aid of Chechoslovakia In cnso of iiKgrcsslon. Phipps Heads Committee Seeking Support For Public Forums LITTLE FIOOK, Mar. 17 (TJP)- Stato Commissioner of Education W. E. Phipps was named today by KILL5HM House Approval 0{ Action Necessary To End, Requirement, However LITTLE ROCK, Mar, 17, (UP) —Tho senate today Invalidated tho aulo Inspection law by means ot an amendment to tho senate bill which provides for removal of toll bridges In Iho state. Senator Roy Mllimi of Harrison Introduced the amendment which Jielrl that motorists would not bo required to observe the law Tlie upper house voted 13 to H In favor of the amendment. A burst, of opposition from tho senate to the house's resolution to have dov. Carl E. Bailey explain a way to free toll bridges legally resulted in tabling of tha motion. A Imir dozen senators sought 'the floor to spwik against the proposal, It was said to be "foolish" to • go • to the house In a Joint session to hoar another address by th.6 governor "because he clearly outlined his plnns In the first speech." Senator unl Smith of Clarendon sold tho proposal "was for no othor reason thnn to slap the governor In the face." ,..'". Upon a motion by senator Ho li- drlx Ron-oil of Pino Bluff tlirBen-; ate voted to appoint a committee of three members- to Investigate the report mado yesterday by Rev- enuo Commissioner z. M. McCarroll. Rowcll suggested that Senator 1 Joe Hall of Scotland, who Introduced the resolution requesting Mc- Cnrroll's report, be Included on tho commltlco. A resolution from the house urg-, a group of educational leaders to , A rcsolutlol >. «Pm the house urg- head a commlttco of five to s'uriy , ! '.I 10 "' 6 ' u ' easur y to 'ss«* mills ways and means wiioreby Arkansas £''"?„ p "^ se ' °J ""^Ung.sales V ° states-.which -have --j - ...... ..,„..,,., T1*'ul*,l/jr fYlAUI!3!l& -,n...obtain.federal inoney to apread tho public iSnlin program qvciMlio state. Dr. J. If. Reynolds, president of Hcndrlx college, was chairman of tho meeting of about 40 representatives of state organizations. The steering committee duo to report this afternoon on Its suggestion for stato cooperation Is composed of Miss Willie Lawson executive secretary of the Arkansas Educational association, R. c. Hall, superintendent of Little Hock public schools, Mrs. M. Scott Wood, state P. T. A. executive and Dr. C. Liquor Export Tax Clause Mlsslns LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 17 CUP)— The hotiso of representatives today ' " --•• -Nyberg tuber- by a. vote ot 78 to 5. Tho measure, calling for an increased tax on liquor, will produce a revenue of $1,100,000 according to Its authors. 'The money provided by the buV If passed by the senate and signed Oov. Carl E, Dtilley, would Plan Beautification on the beautlflcatlon of tho cemetery ^ between Walnut street and i avenue, has asked the of the public In preventing further devastation of the old burial ground. The Jonquils are now In bloom and at nighttime all which Plans ore being made by Mrs '-Ttha Lane, president, and Mrs E. Crlgger, vice president, to plant crape myrtle bushes and other flowers and to make other Improve mcnts. Tells How Bragg City School Bus Drivers "Dodged" Tornado BRAGG CITY, Mo., Mar. 17 (Special to the Courier News) — The tornado that swept through Pemlscol and DunkHn counties Tuesday left a trail of wreckage behind It. About 4:30 a large cloud was seen forming In the southwest, accompanied by a low hum. Tlie formation 'was slow and thc children were panic stricken but he kept them In the bus until thc tornado had passed. Bus No. two, driven by Wade Dozler, was making Us last trip when he sighted the tornado whlcli crossed about one-half mile be- lilm. He drove 3',i miles on new fixtures and equipment have formation 'was slow and the speed ?, llld Illm ' Hc Urove 3 '* mlles on been installed. While the store will at nrst did |)ol CX(:!;ca 30 mll the gravel ro»d south off of his be operated on the modern self-j hour. Until It hit Highway No 84''"""' to Set out of thc path. There service plan, patrons will be given and Ulrcclcd 1L , colirsc northwe <., were 16 children on the bus and free delivery service If they desire. Mr. Van Bibber, who will continue to operate his other store at the corner of Franklin and Cherry streets, will be In personal charge of the Main street store. The meat department will be under the supervision of Tom Hale, well known local market man. Stamp Vending Machine Stolen From Drug Store A stamp machine was stolen Eddie Cantor Doffs Hat To Family With 8 Girls CLEVELAND (UP) — Rev. and Mrs. Roger P. Nickel announced I Hu' birth of their eighth daughter, i Grace Mulda (8 pounds. 14 i ounces), and soon after received ! tnls letter from Eddie cantor: l "Just received word of Ihe arrival mie last night or early this mom- • There were about 60 children In I of your eighth daughter. Congrat-1 Ing, It was discovered by Edgar. Ihe bus. The driver pulled upon ; ulatlons! I didn't know until today Borum, proprietor, soon after the i the bridge and stopped until the im oulv an amateur AH onnrf storr. ma. «™,™A t~»... I tornado had crossed the road about and directed Its course northwest through Bragg City. There was a total damage of about 17 houses In this vicinity completely demolished, one death, and 14 seriously injured were accounted for besides serious damage and death of livestock. School had turned out and the buses were leaving for their last "runs." The bravery and presence of mind of the two drivers probably saved the lives of many children. Bus No. one, driven by Ovid Hunter, wns going due north when some of the students noticed the -. ». u ,. lty iiinvuiiLu was aiuicn ouiiit; ui wiu aiuuenis noticed me- from Borum's Drug store either j queer formation behind them, late last night or early this mom- • There were about 60 children In I'm only an amateur. All good store was opened The scorc: Nick«lr, 8; Cantors, 5 j-all girls. -•v >r«^ yi/^»cu wuny, i Luiimuo imu cru&aea uie rouu &DOUI Police were working on a clue' a mile from teem. While walling which may lead to an arrest later j there he saw his home demolished to^y- I along with eight other houses. The George Taber, a senior, assisted the driver In quieting the children as they raced out of the path of the tornado. They could see several houses flying in splinters behind them. When Mr. Dozler felt the danger was over he turned the bus and came back to Highway 84 to complete his trip. The tornado hit 3 different places on his route but he managed to keep out of Its path each time. A hail slorm preceded the tor- Ings at Boonovllle and Wild Cat mountain, near Port Smith.. The bill as passed by the house did not carry tho amendment placing an export tax on liquor brought within tho state nnd shipped to dry territories. Tho forces seeking such an amendment to the measure said an attempt would be made to insert it when it came up In the senate. Following passage of thc, tubercular bill representatives turned their attention to a third reading and pnssngo of the house bill which would relieve bridge Improvement districts from obligations for tha present year until the governor's highway program can be enacted by the general assembly. ': Representntlvo Hudnall of Columbia county led the attack ajalnst the bill and sharply criticized the governor in his remark against the measure. "The governor lias broken every promise he has made to the 5ist general assembly and apparently has no regard for the state's expense as shown by his frequent trips to New York and Chicago on the taxpayers' money," Hudnall said. "The passage of this bill will aid in bankrupting the state and wo shall al! have to answer for such action," the Columbia man declared. Island Imports Giant Toads DURBAN (UP) - Giant toads more than seven inches tall werif part of the cargo .of a steamer which called at Durban on its way to the Island of Mauritius. The toads were Imported by the sugar Industry In Mauritius to combat a parasite known as the Phypalus Smith!. They came from p.ucrto Rico. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair and warmer to-. night; Friday cloudy and warmer In east portion. Memphis and vicinity—Pair to- —•— * ————* "•" *«• m£iiipui:> aim vicinity—rtur to nado, which was followed by a night and Friday with lowest tem- downpour of rain. | perature tonght M'to 64; warmer The tornado was slow enough in' ^'^y wllh showers Iliely sat- , its formation that practically all; UK|R5 '' left in cars IB the oppte direc tlon from which the storm came. on m h , demolished miraculously escaped, i observer.

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