The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the United Press . ••* TUB DOMINANT NKWSI'AWFI ni.- VI IX'l-m.-A HT.MM- .v -•• m. X 1 -B—J TT K^^/ VOL. XXX—NO. : v. ,.*• Me Dally News niythevlllo Courier --.tsslppl Valley Leader nivUicvlllo Herald ™. B .. UOM ' NANT NEWBI ' AI>K " OT NUIITIIBA 81' AHKANHAS AND SOUTIIKAST MISSOURI H!.VT|!KV1I.!.K. AUKAXSAS. KIMDAY. .MAlU'll HOME EDITION SINGLE COl'IRS PIVR CIONT8 VETLKANS ISSUE SPLITS DEMOCRATS Thelma 'Yesses' Way to Divorce! Fatalities Today Brint; Tola! ,lo Eighl Since Army Took Over Mail liy Uililfcl 1'rrs* Crash ol tun army plane. 1 , today, one in Ohio anil (he oilier i;i Florida, brought lo tight On- nunbcr of Myers killed in this e<j!3i:r:clion .•jinc.-e the army assumed the airmail service less than a rnonOi ago. A huge Key-stone bomber, en rniitc to Miami with foiu 1 .sucks of mall, i-rashcd when bolli motor, tailed ni-ar Daylona Bench. One lieutenar/, svy.s killed but the pilot escaped. U. Otto Wseiicckc, flying the Newark-Chicago mail, crashed at Hilllou, O-. apparently thy vit:- tim of a .storm. In itic Florida crash Sergeant Ernest Clieslcy Sell, 29. was killed, and Lt. 'Wiltiain R. Reid. 24. the pilot, anil Private Floyd M. Marshal], 3-1, wen; Injured. The first three fatalities occurred before the aimy had flown a tingle sack of mail.. Three lieutenants crashed lo tlieir deaths in the (ar west while Hying to assignments. On February '12 D. O. t,owry wiis killed at Deshlcr, O., and on the same day Lt. Frederick Patrick clashed at Denison, Tex., bo!h wiirc flying mail. Lt. Mc-nermott drowned in the hay ofl Rockaway Point, N. Y. on February 23 when the plane in which he was flying with tw« brother officers was forced down Since February 18, when the government assumed the moil ser• . vice. 12 pejsons have been killed ' ' ;i! 'crashes'" of privately owned planes. 5 Beauties of Sprin S iime '30-Hour Work Bill pears Alternative Johnson's .'Proposal lo Thelnii* Tnild, blond movie coraeitlenne, "yesaeil" her way to a divorce decree when Abe appeared, smiling. In I.os An. geles court, M shown here, ana YJM (reed trojn Faaqunle j. Da Clcco. Her mvryar asked, her a few questions aa to her husband's cruelty. Tliclma replied "Yea. jes, r«s," to each, and, orcslol Utn Aecrea won har>. Wants Flylny StopjWd WASHINGTON. Mar. 9 (UP) — nepresentative Edith Rogers, (Re|>. Mass.) sought in vain today to in-, traduce upon the floor of the house a resolution that the army air corps stop flying the mail. j Waving a newspaper headlining the death of other army airmail flyers, Mrs. Rogers asked nn- iinimous consent to the reading of the resolution but was met ivith a chorus of objections from thr. Democratic side. "• WASHINGTON. Mar. (1 iUl'1— The hoin.s and wa^es dlsiiitte be'.wren indiiMry niul !he NliA is moving uxlay lowiu-d a showdown ' n whicli big business probably will j lave to choOM 1 IjeLwcen (in. 1 Con- ! ncry ' week bill anil tin 1 flexible cli:mi;es ))roiHXied >)>' He- covei-y. Adniiui.strntor IliiHh S. Johnson. uKiness i.-, bulking nt (he NIJA plan for a 10 |x-r cent wage In- cri-nse ami a 10 IX 1 ! 1 cent work week reduction in as many Industries ns may bf able to stand il. A last minute efftirt at compromise was made Ix-foiv Johmm proposed the hO'.ir-wagi- jilan before a coiigiess of N'RA liulusUlu here. The United PII-M; was informed one gi-oup of Indusiriiil leaders in- .' formally proposed that OM- plan be restricted to wage Increases without changing UM- -.\Vfvmc 40- hour work week. NliA then wns wnvttllng to alxuidnn ils hours- wages program. of n reduced work week ai-gucd that •xxy\ inon-ascs alone would add Irss 10 ovcrhi<:iil and raise prices by a smaller margin than would a coi-ibination of reduced hours and Increased wages. Industrialists generally Insist that Ihe ndmiiilMr.ition plan would jjerito'.isly increase costs. thereby reducing the volume of business because goods would be out of reach of the consumer. Submarine Explosion Causes Injury of 7 PHIS M STILL I Nil O ^'' ILI '"nin .of lh<- Mjljuim-Liii 1 1 [nil L|Nuulllus wlillv it wus imikinx u [IHil il 11 " 11 ixwr run Ifii) inn,vs nil [he IMIIUU ,. n . lsl ,,,, ( ,,[,,1,1. S-MN niKOO, C'ul.. Mm-. !i lUl'i- i-ii'ii Him ivi'iv Injiiri'il, four TU'.uMy. liy i-xpluslons In lh<- v-ii- of : ; ofl(!v;il Men Uiiconmmiii- Ciilivo Concerning; Their 'huts for Pnsoncvs '1'hi' ui.iiiivd \seiv n-lurni'd hen 1 lilts liun.-'illiii by Ihi- di-sltuyi'd U. M. H. Harry, which mi.swi-rrd ludlu cull tin- lu-lp lr«m Ail vveii' vxi'.cclnl tti n-cuvi-r. French Aviators Report Sighting Arabian Desert Towers Spring! And what ymnj man's fnnry wouldn't lightly nun to thought;; of love at iho sight of pretty Hilly Rcwiird when Her I'litlclng- smile, d.irk wavy hair, ami nliuy Iwk are framed ugnl Calif crniii-.s building ulmoiut hlowoais? Hilly. Quaker City lass, Ls onr of filmclom's luvdlcsl ni- i .vconi(T,s. PARTS. France. Mnr. 9 (UP) — • Bill Introauced WASHINGTON,. Mar. 9 (UP) — The administration's bill lor establishment of permanent airmail service in accord with President Roosevelt's recommendations was introduced in the senate today by Senator Kenneth (Dem.. Tenn.) D. McKellar Two French aerial explorers wire- lessed from Djibouti. Africa, today [that thcv had discovered the lost capital of the Queen of Sheba. The exolorers, the French Captain Corniglion Molianier and Al- flre Malrcnux. author, reported thai Ihev had flown over the le?- cndan- citv from which the oueen cnme in biblical times to visit King Fail to Show McKay i Shared Murder Loot Testimony nt pi'e]iininnrv hear- in? at Cariithersvillc for Hnrvey McKay, charged with complicity in the murder near Holland Fcb- inary 17 of William K Tavlor. Femiscot county farmer, failed to shov. llir.! .McKay received part of lh" money taken from Tavlo: 1 . according lo worrl received here. McKay nevertheless was bound over to circuit court for trial. mturautt BUT BLUES McKeller, introducing the measure, said it was designed on Ihe policy of "honest pay for honest service." Provision is marie lor nwnrrthiE throe year contracts to air companies under n policy of open bidding by concerns which have divorced themselves of some of the evils chni-ged to those whose contracts were cancelled. Solomon in Jerusalem. The.y said thnt 20 lowers and temples still were standing in the etty. The location of the city was Illness of Cliairman Jones !• Postponement o( Debate WASHINGTON. Mar. lUPl—Au- thoritative fiBurei showing the extent to which-cotton production In e.".rh slate would lie limited under the coiuimlsoi-y plan ol the McKay was arrested in connec- lunkhead bill were obtained lotion with the cnse after C. A. (day as the house postponed con- Brasfield and O. C. Thompson.) S j (1 <, rali(m a[ Ull , mcn siiro. charged with the actual flaying of Taylor, were said to have implicated him iu the. crime. Stolen Washpols Awni klcntificatjon by l.oca Housewives These lo a 7,'aF.h ilny blues, vlsln volume lately as house wite after housewife hits fouu her v.-iishpot missing, are clue t vpliirn In nonnnl soon. i»lici- Ixi lioin-y Kiilnn, iimorlons Mlssis- killi-r. niul live otlh-rs iu- vcsli-d \vlili him In llw l.lUlf lilvi-r M'Olloil Wcdiii'Mluj 1 , ri'innlii- in MKslwlppi cismly Jails hriv and .ii OM'i-ulii wlilh! llxhl-llpix-il intriut liivi-sllgnUirs sUlt Inisinl icinn-lii-F in the connly. IMinis o( the feiknil ultlrns lo remove Ihelr prisoners lo Joni's- (his morning for hpni-lngs tx 1 - (IIIT U. H, Coiuinlwloner K. 1-. Jr.. on chnigfR ot Hyer Act violation evidently hud \icen Ktlnyi'i\ or surtilmly i-lmngcil. Tin- let'eial iiu-n left here Mils uit'j mnt and Ni-re In u InultUe I\t Mil- dsciola Jnll till;; iiflCMiaon. Wheliin 1 the federal pliuinccl furlhi-r t'u> Louiity or were seeking to si-cuii mine complete slali-menls fi-iiiii I'li-soners held in Die Knloii riiplure toultl not \*'. uscerlalned. 'l-eciui'iU Itflephotie eommunlcallon ins been inaliilalned by (he live l^ciul lni'C.itlg)itoi1> here with he office of «.), Edgar Ilixivcr, end of Ihe buveiui of Invosllgft- liin, nl Washington. Through 'olm I!, lliinson. hcnd of (he niinlnijlinni office, in charge of he Investigation, Iho special uR Innied yi-sli'1-day Ihal tlich- presence lieu; In large numbers ha(! any unusual inennliig. They «ilil (he faet that l&itiiii wus si-rv- liii; a life term for murdering a federnl ngent when hi; escapee from Hie, Mississippi prison some month:; ngo anil stole the cm if a federal olliccr In a reccn: escnpnde In Ml<nKslppl offered .-iiif flcli'iit Inducement for • them ti IK: vllally interested In the- case. The "si'linolboys'.', OR tlio agellW have tven referred to by Eaton since Ills Incarceration here, hav Indicated that, possibly three o the six held may lie releaset Besides TCnton tlie group innlude Henry Urabbe and Joe Baggctl Frank Enton, Roy I.nncaslcr am Oily Lancaster. A cllai^e ol highway robbery, which earrlc (he dentil penalty as ninxlinum punishment, awaits Faton an probably Crabbe nnd Uaggctt o 1 llieir i-elurn to Mississippi. Tim Fee. for Next Six Weeks Will Be Only $6, 1 1 Announced Today , for (hir uexl six week |,(Tt«(l 111 UlyllK'ViUl' Iligll RChOO v.ill l.-i only $0, II wan aiinoiuu-i 1 "" i lo:liy by fir. I,. II. Moon-, clmli „', nn of the C:itl«-iis CuniinlUr i [-hiii-Re of the sc.liool. The ni-xt pi-rlnd Murls nc.\ Iciulny. Cnuvtm-d Oroonc, su| -|n(:n(U>iU »( si-Hoots. le. IIOIH- thut us luiiuy us (-,u: tic would pny the full $r> 1 ilvimcc. (hns saving bnukkeeping ciuble nnd expeiiFe. At the opening nt high school full Iho tuition rate wus $0 XT six weeks term. AUev 12 •k.s llu: rule wiis rc{luced It) Thief Escapes Under Barrage of Coconuts ™^ r was schetlnleit tor today j Is Housesvives look on wash day as a fclnc day bin. if Ihc wnshpot, Inn it's bluer still, officers but was put over mull tomorrow j have found from the pleas they've of illness of Chairman j received eiven ns nerr Ihe northern liniil.-; of the great sandy desert. The trackless waste spreads over part of soiilheaslern Arabia toward the Persian gulf. Djibouti is in northeastern Africa at the lou-cr end of the Reii Rea. just across from ! Arabia. Marvin Jones of the (-..nnniltre. lYnlalive figures show: for Ark:?Ct production l.OOS.uai); Bankliead plan. WG.OOO: Missouri, 103:1 production. 24x000; under Rankhcad plan. ir>2.000. On the ba I approximately 1M.OOO bn!r.<. r) New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. 9 (UP)—Cotton clospcl stead}'. open high low close aMr 1213 1213 1207 1213 May 1226 1226 1218 1222 ,!llf 1237 1237 1223 1234 Oct 1250 1250 1242 12<8 Dec 1259 1259 1250 1256 Jan 1264 1264 1258 1261 Spots closed steady nt 1240, off S. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 9 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar 1209 120a 1209 1209 May 1225 12"23 1217 1221 J»l 1234 1235 1228 1233 Oct 1245 1247 1241 12-16 D « 1256 1256 1250 1254b Jan 1259 1259 1259 125Bb Spots closed steady al 1232. nn- changed. Sergeant Takes Renort Of His Own Robbery NEW HAVEN. Conn. (UP)—Police Sergeant Frank Coctam. answering the telephone at headquarters, began (o svrite down a report of a robbery when suddenly he slopped and exclaimed nlo the mouthpiece: "Why. that's the apartment I ive in." "I know il," n feminine voice eplied. "this Is your wife spe.ik- ng. All your shirts are gone." Escaping imtler a volley of coconuts, thvown by Ihe pvoprielor and n friend, a thief made away with a quantity of wwly received socks at Kirkcndall's (en cent, store • last night. The owner. Paul Klvkemlnll, and a friend. Jerrold V/cisburd, were i ooeniiiE up some new r,.-.-.-is in a j Rjlly Oiiffv rear room of the store, meil hy' ' IJ " 11 ! Kirk-rndall as living quarters.: for Income Tax Evasion Hearing a noise In Ihe store pro-; per they investigated, discovering j KEW YORK Mar g (U pi_Billy the intruder, who promptly fled j Dl: iry. American reuiefeiilativr of Primo Camera, world's heavyweight Police received so many complaints that Ihry proceeded to check up on uash pots al various second hand furniture sloies. Some M cast ii-on i»ls, blackened bv mnny a wood five, had been peddled, in most cases by small negro youths, officers discovered. •c iers asis of these figures' Three, already identified, liavc •ciimly's ;il!olmenl im-j^em relumed to their owner; bill would hi-! while- 11 mi- .-(ill lined up In a Jill May -In! Chicago Wheat open high low close 88 S-8 36 1-9 8S 1-4 80 1-2 Sri 7-3 86 1-2 85 3-4 8fl 1-8 Chicago Corn open high low close 50 7-8 51 1-4 60 3-4 51 M 7-R 53( 1-8 65 ,1-4 53 Armed willi coconuts hastily gathered ns they rushed from the rear room the pair chased the thief. DespHe his load lie outdistanced 'them but- Weisburd claimed lo have scored a hit with one of his missiles rhnmp-on. lodav wns sentenr'-rt to -serve a term of four months noon ccnviction of an ion charge. Income (ax evr.s- Anpointment to West Point in Two Tries Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 121 1-2 Anaconda Copper 153-8 Bethlehem Steel 427-8 Chrysler 55 1-2 Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank . General Electric •'.... General Motors International Harvester . Middlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum '. Radio Simmons Beds ' S).. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel .,:,...', 3 1-8 41 21 3-4 37 1-2 40 1-: X2 1-. 37 1-2 5 R-8 SEATTLE JP>— Homer Stout Ivcrsllv of Washlns- intrd lo make sure Ihey will likely be turiii.-d ovc- to Mississippi olficiiils by the eminent agents hns already bee forecast. U. S. .Agents Hold "Pickles" Culliso dnr) "PlcWca" Onlllson. loc man. was picked up here Uxla by two federal agetils conncctc the narcotics bureau. m i 7.SO. The committal! liorics Hint or ihi! rctnnlndcr of Hie school i-nr it will 1» ixisslli'.e to Ojir I n rate not excecillnn the $8 '.-<• nnnnuncctl .foi 1 the eiwitl Ix wiekH. The reiliictlons In tui- loti wi-re miulc ixisslble by •nrplliiicnl greater than Unit orlij- iwlly niitlcl}iatcil. "ail lo Achieve Pledge ot Unh Action at Stormy Caucus •. WAS1IINOTON, Mi\r. 9 tUi') — liL'inocrnb broke with tliO tooscvrli lulmlnlslrnlion today on lie vein-unit' roiiirn.'nsatlon Issue. The leinlerslilp WHS . gUim over hi- rhinnx-fi ot .iiilvnBliiK $:inO.OOO.- JOII In CL-oiniiny net savings. veleriins bloc emerged vlc- lurlouMy toilny from an angry iiirly caucus ilrsiiite wnrnln^s that I'ri'alilent. Hoosi-yelt would veto the imlrurmtriil offices bill unless letinle amendinciiLs Increasing vet- cvims coiniK-iisiHSon nnd govern- nient pay were clmiiRed. The fi'leiidn of the veterans up•it-l mlmlnlslvfttlon holies thai the liuiisc hud "cooled down" cm tho tlckllsli Issue. They .succeeded In preventing ICaileiK tiom binding the imrty lo null, action. They timiiaKCtl to force tho, tack to Uis Iloor of the house where •tin; vclPinns bloc ia convinced II will win an ultimate Ictory. i i[ ) Admliilslinllim lenders liad plg- eon-liuled thi; bill for a wecK, hop- to win fresh .support tor iho ircsideiil In his ettorl to maintain .lie novcrnnicntnl savings. Rut tho showed that tUc Democratic all fncins rcelretlon thlr, year, were us vigorous as ever In Ihelr ileslre lo better the lot uf vpitimix niul Bovuvnmeni en\- Paid Bold Visit to Chicago Filling clay Station Ycsler- CHICAC1O, Mnr. 9 (UP)— John ltllnser was believed totlny to \ic rppnrliiK another of his machine tain tank holdups as police changed Ihelr limiting for the notorious outlaw lo Die south side ot the city where ho wns, sighted twice. Dnlln|>c-r appeared in a south side gasoline station yesterday, nrcordliijj lo police reports. E. II. Deacon, nttendnnt at Iho stnllnn Alabama Sends Troops to Coa! Strike Area ^ BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Mnr. 9 (UP)—Three companies of national guard Infantry, u troop orcnv- iry, and even a squadron of ftlr- itanea were dispatched today lo Vnlkcr county, where mine strikes .re swr.enliiK the ricli coal scant Violence threatened distinctly at wo mine settlements where cm- iloye.s persistently remained at work In Ihe face of the slrlko vhlcli now iMis'iKs the eiillre slate, :rlppllng mine operations as nioi-o Itnn B.flM) miners remain idle. The troops moved Into Hull nnd Vownlcy. lo recognize Ihe alleged Immediately. Dlllinger re- fulled killer moved his coal Inside the station building, revealing two revolvers In shoulder holsters. Dencon hid his change making Ct.'Hson wns pEaceil In tlie conn- 1 device when he saw the guns but row in the fire Mruion nl the cilv hall. Several of the laKcr have nl.«o Ix-en irtenlillrd but not yi-t relumed. If. F. Su'irri'. second hand !ur- niliirc duller, has been charged ill municipal rourl with recciv- in? slclci) pioper(y iu connection wllh purchase of Ihe scasri pots. H is understand negro youths were givir 'iO ccnls each for Ihe poi.s. p. :ice «,ay. ly .'.ill but later removed by the r.genU wl'.o .said Ihey would ro I'l-n him within n short time. No c'clails of Die reason for Cul- llsnn'.i arrest were available. Liauor. Transportation Fine of $100 Suspended d Kershcl Trotter was fined SlOOit.. w _ on a charge of trauspoilim; liquor jof an appointment lo'"wrsl Po-.nt j wprc orclcrc( ' by Municipal Judge C. A. Cun-ine-xi fall, anil he's gning. ' j Brniid jury, ivingham yestovilnv but the Indefinite Continuance Ordered in Flour Case An indefinite continuance ha.i Dlllingcr said: reported lo have "I don't want your dough. Don't you know me?" Deacon reported that he lo!f Ihe outlaw he did not rccognlM htm. "You'd better not recognize uu but you can lell your friends thai I fooled the Indiana police," Dil- llngcr was reported lo have saul. Dlllinger entered a small gray been ordered by Municipal Judge automobile without license plates C. A. Cunningham in n petll larceny case against Altord Recce who walked out of a local store with a sack of flour last Saturday. Two Men and a Woman Bound Over for Robbery Harvey Tanner Thomas Hale Recce's aclion allegedly followed mid Vester Iludglns waived pre- i fforts to secure credit nt a num- llmlnary hearing on charges of **r of stores nnd n call on local Municipal Judge C. ™l'cf agencies for help In which at least one more man was seated and drove tv<j.'ay. Cun.inghain vesterdny and avail. Tt Is umicrslood the man to the sprln" claimed to have no funds with ° "••-'-'- to buy food and that hi-: •as II! at $75,000 R. F. C. Loan to District Approved OSCEOI.A. Ark. — Tllu Recon- ilritctton Finance Corporallon has approved tho application of commissioners of Sub-District No. I to DIMrlct No. 12, this county, for a loan ot 5ir>.0(W. The information was received by J. T. Coston. attorney for I lie district's commissioners, by wire from Congressman W. J. Driver In Washington. Negotiations with the district's bondholders tor acceptance of this sum In settlo- ment of bonded indebtedness, amounting to $loi),500, will be begun imtucdialely. Mr. Coston said. The district Is In default between $15.000 nr.d $20.000 on interest nnd. principal. The district comprises ot 10,500 acres adjacent, lo Osceola. Commissioners are C. L. Moov.c G. TJ. Ayers and J. W. Edrlngton. Nutria Now Raised Successfully in U. S, Iowa City Pays Tribute To Czechoslovak Leader CEDAR RAPIDS. lOWd (UP) — OLATHE. Knn. (UP)—Jnmes C.lWIicn President Thomas O. Mas- Manning, who Imported the first laryk of C/echoslovakla celebrated, nutria, or South American be-.iv-1 his birthday on March 7. In his cr. to this country, believes the!native land, half the Inhabitants demand for the animals' fur will of (his Iowa (own did him honor, result In numerous domestic breed- Half the city's residents arc of Tanner's band was set at $1.000. ter was Irving lo arrest Trotter, but not for" Ion?, according to the chief. «t.o Mid he proceeded to will enter next fall. Wir fashion with his fisls. 'n^^caUeir'fmu^lnaiiv 0 ^,!,'.^^ The K. 13. Gee gin company was! mvenigate reports lhat' cltv water nned five dollars rm-itly for (nil-ji,i.<l a bad ta<te did a lot' of lu- ure to pay privilege tax. A similar , VC sttEatiiKt niul then ordered charge against the E. fi. Gee Sales householders in remove Ihe ground company was nolle pressed. wires of their woman are alleged to have par-Umllj ""=«"•-• """• •'" '»'«"=• »v- T , nn i ma i s are casilv raised tleimin/i in hnirt urn qatnrdnv ' °i w ^ '"^f 1 during good be- ™, nnllnals are easnj raiseu, nclpated in hold-ups Saturaaj . . 6 - according to Manning, who now ""'" "'" " 1V " U '" 1 11!U!0r ' has 18. The orislnol pair died recently. Tlie adult male weighs nlghl In which Hale was Involved but to have fled before Hale was seized by his prisoners. from UH- wa- -• Spanish Government Jails Labor Leaders 17 5-8 Several one dollar fines were im- lei pip-s. Currenl from tin- radl-! 8 posed Wednesday for (allure to P->. tl:ey said, ciiarmril Ihe 1n'>le of 19 3-4 3 1-2 United Toilers Will Meet at W. 0. W. Hall work streets. Those fined were: tiie wnicr. Reaves Allen, Jesse Taylor, and! MADRID. Mar. 3 >UP)- hiindred exircmist ln';or leaders were arrosicd in raids during the night, the government announced 4SW | John origg, negro. Blmllur char,-i nici.y is ro ,,.Uered unlucky cda ' ,s ^ of ° , ^on o 161-2Us were docketed against A. Ui^nse u wns lno .,,.. Oll ..,.,! "?.;•'"„ "'.„,?, ,''!,,„' '^ iSmall and Uless Scott. Chrisl it was the day on utilrhl prevent a revolnlionnry crueitlcd, I .strike. The local chapter no. 1 of the United Toilers of America will -Three]' lnvc n '"'ellr.g this evening. 7:30 o'clock. In the W. O. W. Hall. Plans will be made for organt7lng n chapter nl Gosncll nest Tuesday evening. WEATHER In south. Rain. about. 25 pounds, nml Ills consort Arkansas-loany in sousn. about 17 pounds, They reproduce ! or smv nwl coWer {n UQtUx at the rale of about five inters | lion wil]l [ em poratmc every two yeais with trom four to eleven young in a litter. FAt.LON. Nev. (UP)—A mile- below j freezing or lower temperature. Memphis and vicinity — Light rain or snow tonight. Temperature 32 lo 36. Saturday jnlv and Meellng. 1 ! of iho local group arejologlsts who recently have exam- held each Friday evening. 'ined tt. wide hole in the earth northeast of( co id c r l:ore. long thought to be an old vol- ] caiio crater, is, inslead, a ho'.e i Tlie maximum temperalure, here made by a huge meteor whlcli struck the earth, uccording to go- yesterday was 42. minimum 31, partly cloudy, eccordins to Samuel P. N'orrls, official weather observer.

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