The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1967 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1967
Page 2
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2-Algena (la.) Upp«r DM Molntt Wednesday, Nov. 22, 1967 IF you feel you have no faults- that makes another one I COUNTRY MUSIC NIGHT Wednesday don smith GOT a thing in the mail the other day that proved interesting - at least to me, and some of the information contained should be of interest to anyone living in the Iowa climate. It's a wind-chill chart. Produced by the U. S. Army Corps, Minneapolis, it tells that the human body is continually producing and losing heat. Wind increases the loss of heat by reducing the thin layer of warm air next to the skin. THE chart is of value in predicting frostbite only to exposed flesh. Any clothing or material which stops or reduces the wind and gives a degree of protection. No attempt should be made to estimate this protection in the use of the chart. Across the top are listed the temperatures in tens of degrees from 50 above to -60. Down the side are wind speeds from calm to 40 MPH. TOM Waller, an old friend of ours (he's not so old, come to think of it), has been with All- State Insurance home office publications since his graduation this year from Drake University. Recently, he sent us a list of genuine quotes from claim reports submitted by policyholders regarding accidents. They follow. I collided with a stationary tree - I misjudged a lady crossing the street - I told the other idiot what he was and went on -Dog on road applied brakes causing accident - To avoid collision, I ran into the other car - A pedestrian hit me and went under my car- She saw me suddenly, lost her head, and we met - I collided with a stationary car coming the other way- 1 thought the window was down, but it was up, as I found out when I put my head through it - Three women were talking to each other and when one stepped backwards and one stepped forwards I had to have an accident. No wonder the accident rate is so high. DOESN'T seem possible, but Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated four years ago today (Nov. 22) at Dallas. And we're certain if he were still alive and guiding the country, we'd be better off than now. fteorgc Hamilton, portarying the lalp cinintry-u-estern singer, Hank William*, firm an impromptu performance from a porch in this scene from " Voiir Chealin' Heart." The Metro~Goliltryn- Mayer picture, in I'anarition. nnfolils the ilratnalir anil moving story of Williams' brief but colorful life in trhirh he roue to fame as one of the ntnsl popular composers antl entertainers of his time. Susan (Hirer, Heil Ittillnns ami Arthur O'Connell also star in the netr film, which features ten nf Williams' song hits. JUST for fun, let's say it's zero and the wind is at 10 MPH. The actual equivalent temperature would then be -21. See what the wind does. And if the wind is 30 MPH, the equivalent temperature is -48, with the thermometer still showing zero. Top figure at the far end of the chart is -60 with a 40 MPH wind. The equivalent temperature is then -148. If a person is properly clothed, he need not worry about freezing- IF the equivalent temperature is not below -21. So, button up your overcoat. SPEAKING of politics the other day with a friend, our discussion led to possible candidates in the '68 election. We couldn't figure out why Richard Nixon seems to be the leading candidate (right now) of the GOP - because it seems to us that Nixon is the only one of three or four Republicans that Pres beat. Maybe the don't really want Johnson can Republicans a president. IF you grit your teeth hard enough it looks like you are smiling. USE of state-owned cars by state employees got a little airing recently. Had to laugh at some of the information given out -Including the fact that it seems a great number of vehicles are used strictly for commuting to and from work. Question: Why don't state employees, even big shots, drive their own cars to work, like the peons, you and me? THE assistant state supt. of schools said he figured the car furnished to him (for use between his home at Indlanola and Des Moines) was a fringe benefit of the job and that he wouldn't have taken the position without it. I say get a new assistant! FIGURES released show that 213 state cars are driven 10,000 miles per year or less and mainly for commuting. And yet, highway patrolmen were (and maybe still are) in some cases furnished with j I • THIS HAPPY PAIR want the most in savings convenience! And, with a joint account here, that's just what they get. Passbook flexibility that lets each of them add or withdraw funds whenever they wish, while the handy passbook shows their quickly growing savings balance at a glance! Shouldn't there be a joint account in your family? Convenient Passbook Savings Thit it th« best all-around savings plan for everybody — the best way to have money available when you need it ... the best way to build small sums into large. Dividends are paid twice a year. Put any amount into your account . . . any time. HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully I mured to $15,000 Save From The 15tb — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA ON PASSBOOK SAVINGS AND 6-MONTH INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE $ving$ Accounts insured up to $15,000 by F ederal Savings and Loan Insurance Corpqra.Uorf the economy models of autos. They are the type of employee that should have the good vehicles. There's some of this commuting on a county and local level, too. And we never could figure that one out. Fringe benefits? SOME men have a reputation for truthfulness because they can't think fast enough. VIETNAM, as everyone knows, is a mess - the war situation, that is. We happen to be among the many who feel it was silly to ever get involved -and are also among the many who have felt for some time (lots of months) that the offensive should be escalated and the enemy destroyed -hang Red China. What really burns us, however, is the minority groups around the nation who demonstrate against the war, burn draft cards, etc., and the recent actions of that instructor at Northern Iowa University didn't make us very happy, either. OUR feelings toward the draft have never been very solid. However, it seems to be a necessary evil, especially when a nation is at war or nearly so as we have been for too many years. Lord, I hope my kids never have to get in on one of them. I hope, though, if the world is still all loused up when they reach the proper age and the draft comes along that they will take it like men— not like the crud that are demonstrating against it nowadays! THE only way to save money nowadays is to have low pockets and short arms! HOSPITAL NEWS OCT. 31-Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buscher, Algona, boy, 7 Ibs., 12 oz.; admitted: Lynn Keith, Algona, surgery; Mary Jo Johnson, Bancroft, medical; Ernest Sorlie, Algona, medical; dismissed: Eugene Meyer, Richard Ristau, Algona. NOV. 1 - Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cink, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs., 3 oz.; admitted: John Reding, Bode, medical; Douglas Fraser, Burt, accident; Ann Patricia Origer, West Bend, boarder; John Fowler, Irvington, medical; dismissed: Ann Patricia Origer; Mrs. Lemmon, Whittemore; Mrs. Marie Bakken, Algona. NOV. 2-Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Orie Shipler, Algona, girl, 7 Ibs., 6 oz.; admitted: Casey Kuhlman, Ottosen, medical; Elna Buffington, Burt, medical; dismissed: Mary Jo Johnson, Bancroft; Douglas Fraser, Burt. NOV. 3 - Admitted: Casper FOR PLUMBING HEATING COOLING INSTALLATION - REPAIR OR REMOPELNG WE'RE AT YOUR SERVICE Phone 295-2104 LAING Plumking-Heating*C6->l!ng 12 No. Podge, Algona Kohlhaas, Livertnore, accident; dismissed: Mrs. Ida Reid, Algona; transferred to Iowa City, Mrs. Henrietta Mescher, Bancroft. NOV. 4- Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tietz, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs., 14-1/2 oz.; dismissed: John B. Reding, Bode; Mrs. Edna Buffington, Burt. NOV. 5- Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Moore, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs., 1 oz.; admitted: Louis Dudding, Herman Bonnstetter, Algona, medical; Michael Buscher, Algona, boarder; Florence Hofer, Bode, medical; dismissed: Mrs. Robert Cink and Baby, Mrs. Joseph Buscher and Baby, Algona; expired: Mrs. Emma Liesner, Algona. NOV. 6- Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ostwald, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs., 8-1/2 oz.; admitted: Lloyd Schilmoeller, Algona, surgery; Hazel Seeley, Algona, medical; dismissed: Baby Patricia Ann Origer, West Bend; Mrs. Mike Hofer, Bode. NOV. 7- Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Arrowood, Algona, boy, 6 Ibs., 12 oz.; admitted: Eva W. Smith, Algona, medical; dismissed: Mrs. Orie Shipler and baby, Baby Michael Buscher, Algona. NOV. 8- Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moffitt, Algona, girl, 9 Ibs., 4 oz.; admitted: Thomas Lighter, Algona, medical; dismissed: Mrs. Don Tietz, Thomas Lighter, Algona. NOV. 9 - Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs., 11-1/2 oz.; dismissed: Mrs. Eldon Moore and baby, Lloyd Schilmoeller, Algona. NOV. 10 - Admitted: Elaine Wilderman, West Bend, medical; Esther Uhr, Swea City, fracture; dismissed: Mrs. Charles Ostwald and baby, Mrs. Eva Smith, Algona NOV. 11-Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Merle Halverson, Algona, girl, 3 Ibs., 13-1/2 oz.; admitted: James J. Butler, Bode, medical; Patricia Jordan, Algona, medical; dismissed: Casper Kohlhaas, Livermore; Mrs. Esther Uhr, Swea City. NOV. 12-Births: Mr. and Mrs. Steve Poutre, Humboldt, boy, 8 Ibs., 5 oz.; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dodds, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs., 15 oz.; dismissed: Mrs. Jerry Moffitt and baby, Mrs. Gregory Arrowood and baby, Mrs. Christina Thilges, Algona. NOV. 13 - Admitted: Beth Eleanor LaBarre, Algona, medical; Mary Kramer, Bancroft, accident; James A. Mather, Whittemore, medical; birth: Mr. and Mrs. James Rosenmeyer, Corwith, boy, 7 Ibs., 12 oz. NOV. 14-Admitted: Baby Lynn Halverson, Augusta Patterson, Algona, medical; dismissed: Patricia Jordan, Mrs. Richard Powers and baby, Mrs. Merle Halverson, Algona; Mrs. Elaine Wllderman, West Bend. Most species of sharks bear living young, called pups. Duane Hilbert, of LuVerne; Dennis Uthof, of Fenton; and Bob, Dick and Don Erpelding, of Bode. The Chicago show will celebrate its 68th anniversary this year as the country's largest stock show. ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Henry Iverson of Story City were honored guests on October 15th oh the occasion of their 59th wedding anniversary,. It was also the 83rd birthday of Mr. Iverson and the 82nd birthday of Mrs. Iverson. Kossuth Entries Competing In International CHICAGO, Nov. 9 - Kossuth county is among the many Iowa counties from which entries have been received for the 1967 International Live Stock Exposition, to be held here November 17 to 26 in the International Amphitheatre at the Chicago Stock Yards. Thomas and Eugene Henry, of Algona, have entered Angus cattle; and several Kossuth county 4-H members will show steers in the exposition's junior classes. They are Lenora and *********************************************** THE FLAG IS FLYING IN MEMORY OF LT. WILDER J. STEVEN WORLD WAR II- U. S. NAVY EASTLAWN MEMORIAL GARDENS 708 S. Phillip* - Algona Phone 295-7153 Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. • 12 Noon Sunday: 1 - 5 p»m. ... BETTER YET • LET'S TALK TURKEY AND GAS APPLIANCES From Now Until Jon. 1,1968 We Will Give A 10 TO 12 LI. WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY MAJOR GAS APPLIANCE •X- * •X•X- •X- •X- •X•X- •X•X- * STOP IN NOW-LET'S TALK TURKEY AND GAS APPLIANCES NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. ALGONA IOWA PHONE 295-2484 ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY^ ^^^ ^^ • ^^^^ W^^ f^^^. • ^^T Awm rot/frrf tvJien (ttm&/f Boys' Penn-Prest® double knee corduroy slacks 2.99 Wide wale, polyester/ cotton. No ironing needed! Wash and tumble dry. Western styled . Regulars and slims. Sizes 4 to 12. Traditionally, the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving at Penney's kicks off our Christmas season! Our store is loaded with gift merchandise . . . unusual special values for the early shopper! Special Buy! Mens' fur lined leather gloves 3.33 Pigtexed capeskin in a slip-on style with warm, natural rabbit fur lining. A tremendous value! Black S, M, I, XL. STORE HOURS; 9-5 MON.-SAT. 9-9 FRIDAY - SPECIAL Sno-boots lOO' 1 ? vinyl, water-proof, wqrm lined, sizes 6-10. >\ *•> *r^ .MM? f Classic bulkies with holiday news in novelty knit styles! 6.99 Top off her winter wardrobe with one of these gifted cardigans! Cuddlesome, quick care acrylic knits in her pick of fashion colors . . . and a wonderful selection of classic, cabled, or crochet patterns with a handmade look. Any gal on your list would love one! In sizes S, M, L.

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