The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1930
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 1ft, IMJI m.YTHKVIl.I.F,, (ARK.) COTIRJEtt NF.Wfl PAGE El.EMI Vote b in County Conlcsis c:. nniy Jud:'p Man Whr S-wnliM MHrw- 1 olofjirnl D.n'a for Cross- ' ni(is So as Waste of Livrs. j nv UK* Sfrviw Wri'-r . NEW YORK.- Sin-- .Mini"- " Scarr con't c.jmblnr- nii'-'lc "-tih ll( s : tnKr-ciu)oyv to swfen Athn'ir ski* 1 :- i <•!' ;ir rf s'.ornvs anil fc 1 ' nrir] hr;iri- ! v.i;,df. he v/anK in <ln Hie nc»i Ij'sl tiling-- slop ji'jn-.'.tijp oct-an . . With a record numlwr of heavier- , Ihiin-nlr lilteinpts scheduled for! iliH summer and euvlv full. l'ii? I niiitf Mclccr'wiEt )n:i<> of t'i" Unilfd SlntC!: Wiallicr Bureau has, a lori-!jiKlini{ Iwtk as hi' studies his clnirU and tccordiny inacliiiies. ftcui r's oftic'j lia.s supplied maps j and dula'for the siart of every I wrU-ensl ncean Ilit'ln. Hi': puins- ; lakinv ief.r-arcli and fii'<iui-nt <(jn-! • f< n necs with probp.-ciivt 1 r luiurr- j <irs of Ihc reran maitu him the | friend of evcrv one of them. Hut ; half a score: of these friends hav 1 - j ploughf-d t'ameU' into tho mists ol : ini'l-AlliXrilii: never 1-. return. I "And that." savs the veteran j \vc-ntherman, "iust isn't risht. j Ilavir NVfilcil l>ata "We have noiliiiiK more to fiain from ocean nif-'hls as they can he made now.. Alisolulolv nolhin';. E.-ience is 'salivfied. Meteorolotrv has learned all that can be learned. It is impossible t- carry anv pay load in the licavier-than-nir machines we'are usinir. and there raver is anv assurance that our plnnrs can get across at all. -Hie lives of our best aviators ; atu worth f:ir more than Mich use- | less stunts." • fii-arr is not timoious. n r -r will- In^ In dkcourazc any enterprise he considers worthy, no matter what the risk. He mil it thus: "It is worth (lie amWiion of any man or vrinan to accomplish what never has been done before, whether it's flviiiif acres-; the poles, scalins an uncontiuerod peak, or'erorslnf Ihe] Sahara. Tliossitilings keep vir- . ilily niid'lmauinallve- daring in Ihe j race We are a nation i;f lu-ro wnr- sliljipers. We nractically defy our Rieat men. and it will be a sorrv dcy fur us when wi> sion doing it." Hopts fnr World l!«-i>rd T::at is why he was heart and soul with l.indbciRh and Byrd. He wus keenly dlsaiipointed when John Htnry Mears' plane crashed at the start -f his race around the world to try to beat the time of the Gvaf Zeppelin. Now he's rooting for T^d I.nndsren to carry on the challenge. -L used to ask the early fivers." Scarr said. "why. if thev could fly more than 2COO miles, thev didn't first demrnstiate their ability bv flvine; over Inntl. And nearly all of them answered that if a man al- wavs had a good safe place to land. he nrobably couldn't so 2000 miles "But far too manv of them have demonstrated that thev couldn't do It. ever the ocean, either, Ihoucn the crossing has been made nearly twenty times in the last eleven or twflve years. "Now. when a feat has been ac- ccmplishcd that often, and under every possible condition, it beccmes iust as senseless as treJ-siltins. and is m-llvated bv the same sort uf nersonal ambition. Like tree-sit- tin". too, further alteinpts can be h{iH°d by public opinion. "We already know Mow far planes can fly. with present eouiu- menl. how well the motors we have _. can be expecled l« function, and j| how much fuel can be carried. We know preltv closely what winds will hn encountered, and where the stnrms and fog lie. We know thai planes couldn't, po^ sobly maintain a commercial schetl- nle. and that the average pilct couldn't eel through at all. Conlrl Use Dirigible "That is all that has-been gained from, ocean flights, despite the haw references to 'valuable contributions to science' with which aviators are yet trying to .iustifv nnv: attempts. S~me observations .«t111 are needed, such as determining the Meight of the foe: off the Orand Danks, where Byrd went up 15.000 feet and still didn't reach the top. "nut such observations are more likely to be taken from a. stable dirigible than, from an aiprlanc sco-lini; for its life through the fo-* anrt storms." The meteorologist pointed out that at the time when Kinpsforri- SmitM and his companions flew to Harbor Grace, N. F., much was made i of Die report that off (lie coast of | Newfoundland existed a mysterious | magnetic disturbance which made I romnasses whirl mind and rouii. Byrd's compass had performed the same way. It was said. "The answer, of com-se," Scarr cMuckled. "was that the compass was standing perfectly still while the plane went round and round. Precinct Kast Knd ......'. liciineil Klnrc Wf.M Knd Court flai'p Cltv ... Rlylliovillp, City flail Varlto N.i. 0 I'jomlse Uiiid McFtnin Wil«-oti llulluian Manila 2 Manila 1 Sliudy drove Millinan II Brown's Spur I.o<t Cane JnljK-r Circuit Court Clerk ' 1 s' Treasure; s •8 1 KCpresen- lailve 1 st a AvKCSSfl ?! J i 1 County Surveyor 71 1-t M '•!•> 31 :t ' 92 30 155 0 17 Hi) I o KM oo ma 113 ci 91 i 131 143 O::ci-nl:i '.Yd OstcoliX Court ICi-istr Caison L-aki> Aniuni-1 Tomato I)uri'.Hte New Liberty Cli-ar Lake Ilardslown Uasset; Frenciiman's Poplar Corner Nulena Whitlon Pecan Point 35 n; 13 18 n 12 117 ill K\ S-l 30 3C- C 10 Etowa.h ........... ' ............ 38 20 84 liateher School AlMclstcn l,iiu:ey Strre Stillman .. Uotvnmn Sc-hcol Bcynton Leachville No. I l.i-achville No. 2 Cannl ..' I5ox Elder Rosa Pawheen Toll 13 •35 20 S3 50 31 30 7 in 43 14 12 ::i so 135 Wi HIS as 13 -7 5S 21 3 5 28 11 1 21 20 11 23 43 31 7 1 11(1 mo •JIM 7 7 14 37 15 0 1 4 II3 141! 210 107 30 •I 0 14 22 li 21! :«! 27 17 15 11G 0 114 118 sir. 22D 113 2 . 30 15 0 47 27 «4 4li 33 I) 111 7 4 ^11 34 45 8 22 5 3 22 iiii 74 102 30 IU 4 21 14 19 21 44 40 12 7 23 in 16 21 27 U 30 53 89 ieo 400 143 45 210 •217 33 HI 37 1S3 21 3 It 20 117 01 40 24 8 0 21 0 40 15 98 31 33 26 07 59 10 43 10 0 130 •TOTALS 31 37 14 •85 140 3373 loti 11)7 4!) 4G 2G 55 211 20 SI 111 35 n 21 12 07 115 107 1C 40 11 43 250 70 47 94 12J 152 •('J 44 50 13-1 ISO 95 120 Ti'2 III 150 33 22 10 7 32 42 114 li!8 •it; 20 2.1 14 47 fiH 45 1'J 27 33 1!! 8 f: 44 31 33 43 in u 128 53 11 52 57 49 IU 11B 111! H 20 7 212 21) 40 111. U 10 31 22 1S5 101 34 1C 22 211 '.I 21 SU 14 2:t II! 11 95 41 C7 50 40 10 5 20 |5 K 1 82 25 21 4 41 124 3H 40 7 48 ua 7 2 II 27 2H TJ 0 3 2!) 0 0 7 12 <J7 117 55 18 11 1 10 3 3 0 8 42 3 1 1 • 1 1 14 1 0 2 til li 4 :t 13 3 1C (If! 21) 1 3 153 180 409 0 14 D5 57 12 •J 75 54 115 140 181 05 00 fll 27 0 0 134 48 16 05 1 18 19 9 i; o 12 43 a 3 ' U 127 43 12 14 57 45 20 1 22 37 20 30 41 35 H IOC 54 11 27 30 27 18 22 1 55 118' 30 13 82 111 20 41 .21 49 -16 130 127 43 201 219 43 28 •27 13 29 24 83 108 03 18 10 7 U4 43 15 30 1C 41 . 10 23 0 II 23 84 0 <J 20 108 C 37 133 130 42 40 3 33 277 41 57 72 130 MO GO 28 46 107 123 285 21 28 25 31 25 0 5 20 7 43 C8 133 24 24 30 24 G8 GO 94 40 50 9 13 4 0 42 2 30 0 33 o 27 55 15 (14 48 10 10 30 21 55 Shortages Arc in Food for Slock Rather Than for i Human Use Says. Hyde, • HAPPINESS IN TIG OF ins BEING USED^71 ItOTIt POOI.UI>.; ; wreck ho hnd seen there, JIc stop--.:. KATHKIl-IN I.AyV: When I \ pcd the ear, Inoknd,-drove ilp on '• Rfivo you my dnujjlilrr's linnd 'limp iraok-i nnd was struck "by n '' illilii'l. Ililnk ilial you v,ete. i\l\vuys i Iri'lgh! train. Shock escaped with '! Minis ID be lU'pemlenl mi. mo. | minor Injuries. • - . SON-INI.AW: Neither did I. I| — -• Ihmii'lu Hint you wtlild islvf! us | . .'. fimiiBli in i-nahlp us to live Inde- . SON OF HIS DAII pi-ndently. -Pauii, Vleniin. I '" lp "I"? son nf a UK inahufuc- \VASI1INOTON. Aim. 13, UM 1 )— , Tile pivienl drouth Munition ninl : resiillnnt crop cliortage hold no | jmliC.nillon of greally Inflated re- j tall iirkes on farm products, Sec- : Ifbry of Agriculture Hydo. said i today aft-T wuilViTuig with Pri'--.l- deni Hoover on the llnM prepara- lloni (or tomorrow's uoveinor's conference here. j HU department lius received no imports o[ attempts at profltecrlni; mill lie Ls (-onfk'^nt Ihc crisis will be p.Ksca wlthoul undue Increase:; lo fonsiuiiers. llydc filcl. lie [winted out that while shorlaiies : exist jvir the part they 'are I ~ ..... in foods for cattle and hut foods '. :. s an Impoitanl ni"'i"' ".vim! for human consumption. j maliUatntn;; normal wrll-liclnti. llnin rromlsril Mi>ni|ihls Daily Mrnu MKMPI11S, Toiin., Alls. 13. (Ul>) I I.UNGIIISON— Oiiiillllonvr nil sin — l.isht show.'Ms in uullylui; districts ' '.In. Kralrun bread, colcry and ai<- ' the past 24 honr.s pioiuise: pie salad, .sliced h:iimnns, t!innrr (<xl:iy df a general rain wlilcli ' cooklc.s. milk, ti-n. would curt (he WJ-day dreulh here, i niNNEH— linked cotlui;e ham. 1 lie rain which fell near mid- j scalloped ixjlnlocs, steamed swi v. in scatterina parts of the . chard willi l:ai<l boiler! • rgn*' nnt: city did not. officially end the ; lemon, Dutch a]ipli> cal:;:, milk, nir-" drouth which 1ms cnnscd wiih- i Ire, sjitead snircrliii; huo. II diil llnli'l -- - --------- •— INSIH'L'KNT 1,A1I' ' I'.inMINCllIAN, Ala. (UP)— When olliivr* nllciiipU'd i<i chase? IJoyd i l ic]i!c), M. and i..'11-lieadcd from tiivnrih' swimming hole down alril.; tin 1 lullroiul he went homo lu'id nn! Ills fnlhi't's revolvi'r. A (IciiTllvC llhally dHiirnu'd lliv Imy. '" lp '" tlc SOJI "f iurer watched the opening i '" r l ' le l ' llcn<i wllli-rtcc]) Inteiesl. -"' 1 ' »! ;i . 1 "o you IMIik of.- JNIN'lUill'S ('Alt HIT BV TllAIN TONASKCT. Wash,' lUI'i—A 1 : I eater Shock tlroic hls'car to n rail- BOILS nolbloi li. ttb ulve.Culwil. JuUftUritcc*' ' Mia. Killi mioiibl. On Cuboll (ton iiou'tl- tt.l Iti^bU I» 24 toui i. Amuici I QukkMI nKtl cltl tno.n C ontr«' COTTON LEAFWORMS or 1:0 UCKK! lo crops nlrcntly parched and withered by the hot sun's SiriTllW IT STUAKiHT , FITCHUUIUi. Mass. <U!'l—IXm- rays. A senkcr would save tonic ; nl <l's nosb had been rrook- of" llie crop.';, niiriciiltural depart-! •'<! ever Since lit; was involved li> ini-iit niriclnU said. 3520 2117 1424 4277 3354 2230 'JM 2015 '21C5 3004 '2426 Opposes Atlantic Air Trips Former Manila People Attend Reunion at Lake, SISTFR MARY'S KITCHEN r.n automobile .accident live years :is;o. Hecenlly his ncise wna slraluht eiiol ns result, of another imtumo- ijile collision. i cow MOTHEKS nt:iti) i RAf.K.U, Ore. (UP)--Ali ciilii' j herd of 31 entile un a ranch nunr 1 here arc all clc.scciiditnls of one i cnw that Is still livlnf; mid pioduo- : inn. 'I hi' nine lulnlt lemale.s in this i herd M:ivc an nveriw plo:lnctlon ii'i-oril 'il 4M) pounds or bullrrfnl. Poison In Time i with the Old Reliab The tiest is nlwaya (lie \ t'lieupcst. Dust with "Delia Hrand." —trenh —affective —economical llrand" Wire or phone C-UTl, for Immedlit* deliver/ A friend of Atlantic, flyers—thong M lie lunvillingly aids In what lie considers "useless stunts"—fa Jam es H. Scarr. pictured litre nl his desk at the United States Wca'thc r Bureau In New York. The veteran meteorologist decides when c onditlons are ocean hops, and supplies weather c harts upon depend. - mott favorable for which aviat;rs' lives Europe. Scarr says. And he believes Coste.and Tiellante ought "to prove ilie 0000-mile radius they claim for their Question Mark before starting over from Paris. Two other Frenchmen. Lieutcn- rnt Paris, crack navy nil't. and ricne I.e Fevrc. who fiew in the Yellow Bird to Spain, mav try to come across. Paris, backed by the French government aeronautical i-ervicc. already has completed his plans. Lunrlirai. Lewis A. Ynncey. Rog- Q. Willinrns and Dcrhans Robert Kierro arc expected t" dare the ccenn from Ihis side, tisini;. resoec- •elv. Emsco. Stinson. Bellanca and Ixjckheed Sirins planes. Yanccy Is planning to make some "valuable contributions lo science" bv following a "radio beam" from New York 10°London and thence to Mosc-w COW RESCUE OUTFIT METHUEN, Mass. (UP)-A cnw- escuing outfit hns been added le ho equipment of the local fire department. It includes, among other things, r.n Improvised derrick The unusual equipment was ob- alnert because of Hie larse number of calls from farmers wlioso cows had fallen into wells. No wonder they didn t P« anj- •- MeleOTO , ogist searr wr , 0 has Ink- vherc! They lost aitli in. hrir in- chancw , n h|s ^ , ifc slruments and. flvlng blind in the ; tcach , f'K. did not realize they were so- |' d . (or am , lrwn jl|s(ioe jn the MIR in circles." ,i avs 0 [ Oklahoma before entering Flyers Seek His A!il In addition lo Lundgren's attempt there will be a number of Atlantic flights this year in which Scarr, unwilling though he is to " aid in what he considers "personal publicity stunts," will piny a Part- About half oC (hem will be cast- west hop?, for which he will supply weather advice bv radi". The glunt DO-X, which will lake | ]OVS off from Germany for New York, in-nm should, In spite of Us twelve mot . ors; first demonstrate Us ability on ! B lens-distance nverlfinri flight in I Read Courier News Want• Ads. the government service 32 ago—wonders why that "radio !>eam" couldn't be ]x)lntcd over land for rt few test flights. And. he recalls, significantly, that rn a re- rent fliehl Yandcy couldn't navi- pale wcl enough to cct within loC mil's of the island of Bermuda. "But he's n fine bov," said the weatherman. "All of them are fine That's why I hate to see 'Ihcm go." MANILA, Ark.—An enjoyabl", and happy reunion-of old friends who formerly lived in Manila was held ot the lake Tuesday. Most of tho day was spent in talking over ok 1 , times they had hud together. Those v;ho had the pleasure of being present were: Mr. and Mrs. John McNeeley and son. Carthol, and John Bruce of Kenton, Tenn.. Oeo. Bruce cf Eaton Rouse. La., ^!iss Tiielma Do-iier ot Trimble, Tenn.. Mrs. Effte Dyid of Leachville, Arch Glission of fjoit Cane, Mr. and Mn. J. H. Bruce, U. P. Gibslon, Oscar. GllESion, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Qlls- ilon nnd son. Carroll, Mrs. E. F. Alston'and'daughters,- the Missos Lorine. and Lorette, Mr. and Mrs. Lc-e David, and Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Frank'in. • ' • Miss Maxine Halstcad of mytlie- ville was the of friends here Tuesday.- Miss Halstead staled lhat the would teach in the Luxora schools this . winter and came to Manila lo e've her resignation lo t:t directors. The directors alonf, .vitli every patron of the school feel tliat tMcy liave lost one of their bw and most loved teacher. Miss Halstead has taught in Ihe Manila school;, for the past five years as primay teacher. MUs Mrna McDonald of Mc- Fcireii. Ark,, is visiting her grand- rnolher. JTrs. Dora Berry, for a fe.w davs. Clyde nodjers of JonerJicro was the ijuest of liis s'tsler. Mis. L. E. Mobley, Tuesday. He was enroute lo Brooks Junction where he will take choree of Ihe lelegrnph office. Mrs. Bill Kins had as her Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. B. 13. La- Shclt, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. LaSVto',1. mid Mr. and Mrs. Elbcrl Gay, all of Blytheville. Miss Thelma Do?4er of Trimble, Tenn., will spend two weeks here •vlth friends. nv.SISTKU MAKV : Ni:A Scnice Writer Vacationers in slranue Melds murt I te particularly carefi.l of the viv.ler i Uu-y drink. In cities the vvnler v I cari-fiilly jjuarded for purity, but ' ! country dislricts and villages Ihcri : sometimes is limde(|uate supervision I "What If, your' nephew dtiiny?" "He Ls nn inventor." "What lins he invented?" "Nijnerons excuses tor Inrrow iny money from tnc."—Nc)>elsi> ler, Zinidi. Calcium Arsenate 'of the water supply. The "natives" TO A noon 1'iiiti' CLERK: I can't, Melp beliui all may know that a ceilaln v.v-ll or'^i'^eoy in the otrice. My baby Is •spring has hcen condemned nn i teething and erics every llvo min- ,iib:iii(!oiied, but, the tourist has ne jutes cf Ihc night, and wnkcs me means of knowing this and. heliiR up. •tlilrsly, stops for a drink. CHIEF: "If that Is so you hud Contaminated water i.s an even belter brlnn him to the oifice.— Creator disease carrier tlmn mill:, ner Wahre Jacob. Hcrlln. and clcanifs-s and ' — ..--.- .- - — do not guarantee purity. Mucl' •^••^••^•^••^••••O discomfort, if nol acUinl illness I may follow tb-lnking impure \vntcr.. "Costs no more but covert more 11 COMMERCIAL CHEMICAL CO., Memphii, Tcnn. World's Isrocst manufacturers of Calcium Arien»t« Wnter which lias for twenty minutes been boiled ! Is slerllirat' HGIIBKOW PROJECT MAPPED • HARUISBURO. Pa,, (UP)-^The Stale Highway Department Iws >]nimed read projects for Dauphin county to cost 52,000.000 during the next two years, -7. A. McCarrell, division engineer of the department, has announced. • "MEAN AND BUOOTISII" MEMPHIS. Tenn. <UP>— Willie Sanders, 25. negro, was fintd S25 or 25 days In jail when a neighbor woman testified: "He's just wild clvul me,' but he's too mean and brootish. I told him he couldn'i me an.-' more, but he just •..•(.n't. stay away." nn cotii.n TKO In the course of a conversation in a factory yarn. It was mentioned that a man who was passtn? rarl, at one time, been In a menta home. "But he looks quite sane to me," said one. "Sane? Oh. yes, he's sane enough 1 And lie's the only chap In the rtis- irict that's foi papers to say lie L rancV 1 —Tit-Bits. Lone Oak Items Miss Jewell Maxwell was Ihe ;nest of Miss Mavorlen Davi? rin.rsduy nlsht. Mrs. Ada Hldt-r and children and nother were the guests of Mrs Clarence Davis Sunday. Miss Helen Hod« had as hei Kuesl Saturday nigiit. Miss Alms The revival meeting ended Sun day with forty-five converts win were baptized Sunday afternoon b> Rev. Williams of Oosnell. Clyde Jarrctt relumed Safurda night from St. Louis where he ha hctn vtritinrj relatives for the pas week. Misses Eunice and Bcrnice Jar relt had as their guest Salurdaj Miss Mildred M-ixwell. A Ifi-gc crowd accompajiied the Lone Oak ball tenin to the Lute" ball diamond where they played Dur.-letle Sunlny afternoon end safe for drinking. But thr | Intense Jieat of boiling drives ou: i air- lind until nir Is again mlxj-j with the v;ater It will tasle flat. Water is so necessary to health however, that it must be provided \ distilled or sterilized if. there is! question about ils natural purity i I Importance of Water I "Although nearly all foodstuffs,! no matter how dry they may sesm, ontnin some wattr, only about hall water required by the body h \ irnlslied in' this manner. Krosr I our to six Biases a day in addi- j on lo what Ls obtained from food ' s the average requirement. i Water regulates the tempera- I lire of the body, assists civcula- | Ion, helps in elimination, aids in ilfrestion and thins the blood. T nesc factors aie all essential for lealth and do their share tov.'ar! ceping one cool on hot days. Water with meals is a - good jractlcc, for the digestive juice: vorl: inoie efficiently when diluted, t should not be taken In large i imouuts to wash down half masti- ! ated food, but drunk slowly after ; 'ood lias been coni])lclely chewe'l ' and £»'allowed. Water served with ; meals should not be too cold. Slid- I den chilling of the stomach re- ' ards digestion. ' . Campers should be sure that I he water used for dish washing 1= j Hire. If. aflc-r washing, all dishes | mrt cooking utmsils arc thorough- | ly rinsed in scalding water, thr langer of conlaminatlon from Ihis •oiircc is lessened. Heavy storms «nd rains may wash surface water into otherwise safe well or reservoirs, making- the water unsafe for the time fc. As such time It's a simp!:- but wortii while precaution lo boil Ihe diinking writer for a few days. Dige-slivc <listmbanccs i'an do much to mar the pleasures of ? v.icalton, s'.nd pure drinking water OAKLAND-PONTIAC PRICES REDUCED up to $ 170 "flASSIFIED ^BF ^^?V-^"^ Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Blylhc- villc hospital: Mrs. C. A. Tillman. Tomalo; Miss Velma Lotlln. Huffman, who Is receiving treatment for her throat. CRASH MRS. BIIOWN: Docs your husband help you with the dishes? :v[RS. SMITH: !"Tot any more. We (ouud It cheaper to hire a itiaid.—Ivcrncss. England. Courier. . We have just been the Oakland Motor Car Company that, effective August 11th, prices on all current model Tontiac Bi» Sixes and Oakland Eights have been reduced . . . with reductions up to $170. PontiacBig Six-now 665 A big car at small car price Oakland EigKt-now America's lowest-priced Eight These reductions are m:tcle because in the winter the factory will present two new cars which, while changed enough to classify as new models, will remain practically unchanged in appearance, si:e and design. . The' fu'o neu' cavs ifil! hat-c the same type engines used in i/tc <-'«rs iisii, 1 offered. These new prices give you an opportunity to own a big car at small car cost and at a great saving. Don't miss this opportunity. At their new low prices these cars arc (he greatest "buys" in the automobile field today. All (>rir« f. o. b. Ponlict.-, Ml'chijrin -1>RO1>UC1S OK CbNKKAL MO TONS HODltS III FIS1IT.1- LEE MOTOR CO. Blyllicvillc. Ark. DSE*SHONE

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