The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 6
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FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1939 vr BLVniKVILU], (ARK )^ CpUIOUK JNKWH ''1$$^ : >$N. .>''#: 4«ww,;:> - -—it <",r* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for coiisccu- llve Insertions: Une time per line. Two limes per line per .ICo .080 Vlirce limes per line per day...(Wo Help Wauled HHliTiiss man 01 lads Mny iij cure cMlushe Pljice c indies peanuts lontrilloiib pliln Pkff diii.s will! maid Om iMtuil elnnlmtes compel, iiul cut piices on main lino Mini mm inmlmenl of $310 requited nch 100 locations <mcd •""•" btil(, of Aikansis his itsiled a IliU. nu|in( 1 smil on Ihi, nl Hiiuit to Di \V 11 Youiif, & Ihl^h dij ol *luU 11HI, uul (M! jhcm lo till and <lls.pi n i \lnous n lu 30 di\ <>t him lilll 01 sphituous IJinioi!, loi ' ,.,-..>.,,,v.n,, M N Ux limes per line per day. Month rule per lino ....COc Cards ol Thanks.........50c & " Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered f o r ' ( h'r e c or ilme.s and stopped before expiration will be charged for Ih'e number of limes Ihe udd appeared nnd adjustment of bill'made. All Classified Advertising iiibmlUcd by persons .residing oui side of, the city must. he accom panlcd by cash. Hales may be eas Uy computed Irani above table. Advertising ordered for irrcsuIn •insertions takes llio.pue tmuvnue No responsibility will be lake for mare llian one tntorrect Ins" lion of any cliussilied ad. ny inonllily pvonts of SJUO. Write lilvcrsal Suits Syslcin,' 1500 I'.nsl icreland, Memphis, T«"» Washing, - wiSiitns .«!«' Ironing. ' aiid Iinlsli. 8 ' For Rent >f \ I'lltMll Notice h, hciel> } 6 htn llnl of as llii. 1W 1( - ^ l °l' l!ottl Nul) ' 1 \VUnut m.l Uumdft .v m> tin Mile, ,H ret-.ill on the pf.pnuses dcscrlb- l ed is 418 W Ash SI HhlhnllU Ark. ' I Tills •permit issued 5)ii 'Ihe 1st, diiy of July, 19M, and expires on (he 3,i) day ot June, 1U1U. , ' DR..:\V. H, YOUNG, ., UKAWQRI) M. NOIIU: >0 I 1.00. One day.'Venice. Willie,lie" Green, behind City lee Plant;.-^ ^^ \VcitUi7g~TT' UfJUOli ...., Notice ,ls hereby ,given'lhat Ihe Commissioner of new-lines o't Hie Notlit h heiebj XMrtl} lollui I Mi }(ill', ^"tl I' 1 ' 1 "Hl^ 1 'l'1't- nuXs'LUU- Wllli t i x «'.i fl|Wtd tl I eslr S>DN>VI wu tiiiiu airt \vhvn •, ' h is >u f o . u tint tlie C'oniml'silonrr of ItLvenues <\i tin Gl.ite 1)1 Alkjiu«>S I'1 S Issiuil i> pouiiil No U lo v Roulnson lu I. Kurt I'll mil if j fii sell »nd di pn vinous 01 plrHnoiii ll<iu<u > jl nl.ill on tin 1 nipuil n t J10 1 list Main > liiiUtiil. lunup ''U nnri , inlljn ijrljKI IRK Hioit) *W> not u tfi' 1 ollltu \\UoMlllV''' .r^btd i ^|fi/t iolHi ^lllnlJelS of the ul^ tn roiiu di mci'd H" 1 '- jin <ilh t '\ ink mill) u "(1 4 l» bnl i Hi b t lio k punid »\i ill?*} linn their ( iUl> •> to plou Auslra.Hi Hi) -its ( olj A" null!) 1'rishist Sloik Stale of Arkansas' Has" Issued a: Hhihullli Alt. - pe'rmil, Na -a. To Crawford M.I ''"^ J»|' n "., ; suc ,'„"' , '« Noble (o sell and dkp.vnse vinous d i\ of Jul., 10*1 "" rs ]" u ; , spirituous liquors for bcvcrage-l llic.SOlli il>> o Ji'";." '' , t retail on< l|ic..premises <lei|cri'oed 1 ">• "• "•-'""'•-y 'AND 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Vacant Monday. 224 Dueaii., Mrs. WcrL V-uk-11 2 rooiu unfurnished apartment,. 21 ° W. Cheiiy 5v. 7-pk-l'J 2 room Furn. Apt, Also bedrooms. HJione 385. 102 W. Davis. 7-ck-H Cool, soutii bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 813 Wal- nul, '..••„• C-*- 11 Drag line and lieavy weldiiij; » BarksdaielMf g. Co, I'lioiie 1'J "f lies- l° l!) Personal 'rices cu(| to llic bone, !''» '35 Clicv. Coupe . * .<; 3 room furnished apartment. 719 Chickasawba: Mrs. Ramsey Dim- can . 5-pK-lO 5 roonTiurnislied apartment with - rouse SlugBlsh Mvcr, work .e Mir, lo rid yourself ol cnnsll- atlon, «ns pains and lhat sour unk feeling, Take one ' box 0; KIRWY'S ACTIVE tlVEH I'll.I.S 2Bi: nl nil Klrhy Stores. bath. !0i:l Walnut. 5-pk-lo 5 room riirnlshed liouse on Ken lucky St: Kent $35. Thomas Co. 3 room ; furnished apartment. ^ Chickasawba. Phone 810-W^, J 2"larger.canl bcdrooins/nevvly 'deep " rated. Mrs.' Emma Nolen, 311 Walnut. 3 ^*~L Cool, soulii bedroom, convenient t bath. 611 W. Main. Call 2SO. . JN.olice '37 Only Fishing license fOR YOIJK C.ONVKNIUN.CE, \VI! ARIi .. KEI'ARKn TO ISSHK VODli FISHING MCENSE AT OUll STOIiK SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. COU[)R ,.;.:;...:..,...'.. $299 '37 Ciicv. Coacli Only . ., '. .l|)lvi) '35 Ford Tudor c,,, y ;.:..:....,.::,... $123 '37 Ford Tudor 'j-jq OnLv . dj "' '37 Chev. Sedan . . JO I /,UHHt|l Notice I" licrtln Contml loiif) 'of US\imif. of Iho Slate of Aikausns Iws I neimll t^» 45J lo I'll *fH > Htou lo !,pll mill dispense in plilluoli. llnuoif foi u-lail nn Uie piemlbCs i!|i Wort Mivin SH'tl Ihis peinUk lssllr( l " On of Juh IW'i '"Hi i spins Hie JOIli ilnj 9f nine I'Mll I I WfcH OpLomctriit , •JK; AJAKICS 'MM SI;K' Ovi'v;'.!'!!' IswV 5il' r , i'honc PtlKSCRlP'VlONS Snfe J. I, GUARD Optometrist , Only .Uradiulr' Opinnic! dlsl hi lllytticvnir, Olissis Illliil (iiriidly Ymn Til tilpllon t)iut,i,lsk Uowlci Drug Co. Comforlable bedrcom. •101* Walnut. phone 102. 2 or 3 : room furnished apartment. .- Nrswly 'deramted. 914 :llearn. 3-pk T 7,S Modern 3 room unfurnished apnil- ment Main and Second.-P. Simon. phone 104. 3 - otc -" Dflice"it)C^ris. Suiibury Building. S_ee Graham. Sudbnry.V .' , OOD, ROUTE'AVAILABLE of MX) Rawleigli consumers. No experl- ncc needed. Sales way • up', this ear: Large sales uicnn hi^ =crmanent. Full time. Wrilc igh's, Dept.. AKU-a'1-10-!, Mem- his, Term. .' . Minnows 'Foi- Sale •mi FoivSale. Gold fish m'nranvs.- Dav nnd night k _ 7 _ a 213 E. Kentucky, 4.: rooms • with bath. Newly papered and paint «xl. 5200 down ravnicut, remainde to -inelude prtocipal^ interest, in Buranee and tax^s, payable month! ' Morris, pli:n like : rent. '• Ha""sy- or 50B Mv Stucco borne and 3 acres.. HP 5 roonis and bath. Blocked hard wood fltiars: Phone 2.52. or 3'! Paul Byruni. -J-CK- Salcsnicn Wanted \\ VKMNU OII01 II Mis Hun. i M. H »«•'<•' nrulw win m d lo .in|>uu in Clilinun Coin I loi I lie tjilcktt- si\\b,i Dlslikl uf Mtais-.ipiil Coun- U Aiknn ib within »'l'^ rilli •xflei lliib dile H> i ( am •lainf filed .i^ilnbl hci 11 Schaefei Dated this 7tli tliv of .lulj 1!1J1 11AUVIA' MOnfiltj, Clcil n\ i ii/iiitiu laijii"., l id ind I Mild '1-1 i •\ttorncys for I'.luliilltf. eslrlet, ^Plloii (,1- s iionrrniNf,' '°' i z» s l'rUc» ( Drug Siores Ainlnlh'" *l 't *l"l*¥ V '1 l«'Viw»"-4 O n |y_| . MX 1!c °8 IjnUf'Aij cfj9rt. lyill bc^iadc r ' ilfi'ii J ^° l l°"" 1<? . i''° ' l )rei > en l' ininijicr tl U Ci, Ausliallji < will n nmh for Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 l i '(>r I'i (i ui |> I I intimity ittul CIcitiiiiiK Service Cutcd WIIUoii{'Siiu?«iv, iiml , .11! iln lot IliK N \ I II U (MINI w!U .... -Multi- Ihis lest yoiivsylt and mill Hit hn- ' UUilbulid Cii)S!,lowu Whiskey f 1IOMI SI 10 WINKS, UtJlJOKH, in:r s. DivKinn si A \uj rifi unil iwuulcis mi Him!, mtliotil t,unUnnilcnl 10 hcil lo , n( linw limn hmK unil with \us lltlk dlwomlort *A1I IVJH "t P'H. li'Viici, IW"I»^, UL, taut.ul hs om olllce DHS. JNJliS & Ollnlu 6ft Main lillltiovlllo, AlH. SAFETY'S . SAKE! * . . v ' ' 'KUAD THIS A!) > v. hie 'us inul m'e' del , S«\i' (rouble! Ilpfure Knliur '" jour i n.illuij or lAIng niolo )ni<, III us dink the ffjlluvtinj Banger Points Conlim,' Hv. Mini I !, JJiitlciy, Kkclik'.il Sj cs, Uiiilic & Clnlih Hlcuung \Vlvccl Dilleicnlial unil Nun luuitijl ill 101 NoiU» hu I ADDING MACHINE ft TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON I IHyAltllS, I'rnliililnr , lit ItUmlil l>l)OMltiis, Aildlni: MKlilmu uml (ill illilnr^—IUpillInc—ruit>,—Hlbliuni PH1LUPS MOTOR CO. f. \V 1'liuiw 81 Minnows nnd fishing canes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. O. 0. Hawks. = : • Goldfish''Minnows B. F. Brogdon, KINNOWS &' COCK HOACIICS ciarl Damon. Cnr. Railroad « Ua Vinci models Sliuwn MILAN, Italy ,UP)—Two hundred working models of the-outstanding inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, one man phenomenon of Life ISlh century, arc displayed at, Ihe Leonardo'da Vinci" Exhibition. The * «-"• —-• - . - _•__ . J_ll\^ J- I.V4 » * l.V.'l. tj ,*-T VI «i It >-*• -«.»-•.•*-•«.' ;.-•--. -j • Sweet peas awl ether cut flowers. o[ liivlhcville, Arkansas, a mcmlicr of Ihe Federal Itcservc Systcn!, 4! Lois Hooper, Phone 306 or 792. UK; cl'osc of business nn June: 30, IPS!!, puljlishcil in awprrtiincr .wilii i . call niado by (he-Federal Reserve tatili of Miis dislricl plTSMiH (n TOO dozen used fruit jars, any size. 1 ,, 1C nrnlisjnfls O r |l,c Federal Ucscrvc Art 'nnd the ,St;ile H.uifcins I)r- Savc money. Alvm - Hardy ^i , , f A.,.,,.,^. E. Main. n-ck-7-VF Can's .for'jug Fishing complete with straps. Cuarantee^ont 0-pk7-3 leak. 7It cculs each. Brooks, Steele, MO. Dairy f?flthfpctory qnallty nnrt service in • Dairy products. Cnllle frcn ol I-,-- Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace wwr— nt>2-J, for Halsell's Grade A J Milk Cream. Country Butter, lint- tcrmllk. extra or holiday orders Inspection cncoiiraned nnyllme. Halsell's Dairy Promised land. Koine 2 Ice Phone 197 Room aiif! Board Comfortable rooms, 1 :Rcasonnl)ls rales. 803 wl Ash, phone'SB. _ -. , i . 22-oK*"tI TTrmrTmuTs. 7 years oW. 15; hands high S10 reward. James Mon- ro c, Luxora Bl. 1, bo, ^ Undivided profiU; .... TOTAL CAPITAL isl 'puppy. Three month old. ard/Call Notice; Sale or Trade siocety. jjnd m«f:t to. leo/'tv^*. \ve i« 4 SisVefi buslkss. X^. c/o Courier''Ne«. ' HKD' UYDKU , TRUCKS '36 Forri :::.:;.,:....,. $149 ! 37 Fan! Pick-Up Truck ;$244 V VJWCHC.-P B IW3R.GAM fMiJ WHO SHOJ '37 Ford 11 Truck writ., WEU' WHAT 5 U« Wity? 1 ' AU.TH'TROUBLE, <<','d M ...... ... Tliese' won't bo licrt Ih'ny.a . these-- prices. liurry ;inil pi'l LCTTLE FELLEK"? GIRL, FRIEMP 0EL|EV£ IT.' but the OHU yon NOW THWT 6-WAM TOM . FOUND OOQUA. LET'S SET WHATfe V(APPENIMS TO AUEV OOP ,. KNOWN ONLVAS'TME PHANTOM APE.., LA.ST SEEN VALH.TIN& A.EA.CK FENCE FOLLOWING HIS HEROIC BATTTLE WITH THE fr.PM-0 6ft.NK RO6BERS Rciinrl of Condilio'i n[ fii-s Bank & Tfusl Co., : corn, ujinv NE«i[», t.M. me..."•»•''«'.• ° in,iit;o.oo . 1.00 l(i,83S.Ot) Cora n» n< 'ir« *mM me ' " «t° u 3.TAT orj I!Y UOY CHAIN K It's! All Kixcil OUT VOBR.V l.AP,THt SHIPPER. S IWRE PfUCriCAL WAUETrtCAl. FOR ^00 HE'S A6REEP JO LAUD us w HIPPA.-WUA, i -wvrtc. i 60T IT FIGURED 001 . Tl'ft VC SQUEEGE IS PRO&UV «SM F |H"Aat> H <A flrrc-v? THE BI6 COSMETICS I'AMUrt CTUPER HE6KSPTMWA 60IIJ& TO H P^rt WJlAv 1O&ET THE /r"" ' •SbCRET OF THAT BEAUTV TP&AT1J.EKIT TOO, -. A WWW. ffiUBEWUiWJT.' 'Iho Kcnl MtC'o> HIS run M'S SOUND HEAR ME// You'f?e TO WDE AS WE GO, r ,„.. v POS WKIoTLES, RO °^ E ^rf"^ o A Mr° CYLINDER • LK "Ib . ...BBIH YCSt.CWI (M THE PEf?SOfJ Of- . NU08IN--- Iiartincnl of Arliaiisns. . (V >J o ,". * >J . . Loans and discounts (including $330.73 oveidmf(s) and CCC Cotton Loans ....:............- • • • • •:••:• ,$l,183,:>nT ID United Slnlcs-Government, obligations, direct and puaramccd J;il,-icniu Obligations of. Stales and'political, subdivision 1 ! ............. r,i.7(!lin Other bonds, notes, and riebcnlures — • — Corporate sleeks (including $5.70,0.00 stock of Federal fic- scrve bank) Cash, balances with oilier banks, including, reserve, babnce, nnd cash items in process ; of collection ..' — -• Bank prcmisvs owned $110.01)0,0), finnilnre and .llsturrs $1,800.00 •....,.--. '. Real estate cwned other lhan bani: premises -. AEECU of Tnsiirouoe Department i , Cthcr asrets (Insurance DeparlinenL • TOTAL ASSOTS •-,- : .'........5l,mnr,.51 MAWi.inus Dtirand depositj of individuals, partnerships, and L-i'of hidividijals, partnerships, nnd corporations 217,70 Dcptslls'of Stales and potilical subdivisions ......: ••' 1»,-I9 Deposits of banks •••••' ; Other deposits (ccrtitlMl and o'liccrr, 1 r.hecl:-;. Lie.) TOTAL DEPOSITS : : $1.620,527.01 Llabillllcs ol Insurance Department '"_____ TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated ob- _ lignlicns shown bslow •,-.••.••- : : $l,Gi6,.l»1.0 ACCOUNTS TOTAL UABILrtJEO AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS V.. .J 1,893 116.^ hh bank's'capital conilsls of common stack with total par vaiu. ' ' ' -dr,cd assets (nnd .w.urllifo Coined) (book value): _ , U. '.S. Government' obligations, direct and qimmntced, pledged lo secure dcpc-MU and other liibiUtita '^^ _ TfyrAi Secured and prck-rrcd liabllitirs: ; " l '. ',' , Deposits secured by pledged require-. mcnla of law ......'.:. ...::.... ;•..•••.••'•.• ,-•. ......... TOTAI '"• ' " ' '•'•', ••• ....... '..".'.-!•'" .......... $2500000 I F. E. WarrEn.c'asiilcr-of fiie abovc-nnmtd, 'bank, hereby certify that Ihc above statement, is true to, Ihe best., of iny knowledge and he licf> - V ••'..! . :•• • .' f. E. WARREIji Cashtd •••'• , Correct— AllCBl: B. A. Lynch j '.'. _ , ' i ! j- Cecil Shailei • . .' J L. • Chert y,s pirectois.

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