The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1967 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1967
Page 16
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8-Algona (la.) Upper Det Moines Thursday, Nov. 9, 1967 MIMl! . .by Evelyn nfflimnHniiiiiininiiiniiiiinii™^ Evidence of Halloween callers remain on my desk this first day of November. Dutch Honsbruch and two aides were here last night leaving an apple and doughnut for each resident here and at Good Samaritan II. There was also candy for the nurses and aides. Dutch has left these treats every year over quite a period of time and it is a gesture of good will and thoughtfulness appreciated by all. Thanks to you from all of us. - o - This Russell Stover is my favorite brand of candy, Whit- mans a close second and Fannie Farmer, which is not sold here. At least Fannie Farmer is unique — for this reason I wouldn't want to repeat. A cousin of, mine in Detroit always senti mother and me a two-pound box of it at Christmas and one evening as we were eating some, I was letting a cannel-filled piece dissolve in rny mouth. All at once I felt a foreign object — removing it, I found a bent pin 1 It's lucky I hadn't bitten into the candy, and it's lucky a child didn't get it. 1 sent the pin, still having a little candy clinging to it and explained the situation. At once I received a two-pound box, a letter of apology - but what a fool I was 1 I missed a chance to bring suit and I'll bet I could have collected quite a sum. I told Dutch about it and he could top my tale with one about his father finding a gold tooth in candy years ai^o. I didn't ask him what brand- maybe it was one of Fanny's, too. - o Last night was by no means like a Halloween night when I was in high school. We had a progressive dinner party, starting with oyster soup at Dot Carlon (Smiths), meat course at Mary Benjamin (McDades) assisted by Edna Norton (Ferguson), salad at Zada Brunson (Davis), pumpkin pie, doughnuts and coffee at my home, toasted marshmallows and salted nuts at Buena Reed (Dodge), brick ice cream and angel food cake at Mattie Dewel (Thorpe) and apples, cider, music and dancing at Ethel Lowe (Parrott). There was a big full moon and a night so balmy I wore a thin dress and light sweater. - o Little Martha Smith, brought here Monday evening in Halloween costume, didn't quite get into the spirit of the occasion hid her blackened face on her mother Trudy's shoulder and daddy Don couldn't persuade her to cooperate. Well, she's such a little gal to learn so much in so short a time. I'm on Martha's side. - o They say a "bird in hand is worth two in a bush" and B. P. Richardson didn't quite have a bird in hand but he did have a leghorn hen roosting in his garage. He is still pondering as to how it got there and to whom it belongs. The hen that got into Walter Klamp's garage did tetter- it paid foritsloddn^ in their garage by leaving one ep^r. - o - When I read John Donahue's letter and learned he lives in Honolulu, I was reminded of a Sunday school picnic supper I attended with Mary Benjamin, Henry Willey and John. We went to it in a surrey "with the fringe on top" and where it was left, I don't rememter, but I do recall we were due at a rehearsal ut the old Call Theatre for a home talent play a Mr. Wellington was putting on a few nights later. - o - Hawaii is beautiful, 'tis said, but Fran Herbst, Jean Cady and Joan Hovey agree they wouldn't want to live there. The people are very friendly, the scenery beautiful, but agree Iowa is for them, except John of course who makes it his home. - o - 1 was talking with Olga Jordon, a nurses aide here, and names were mentioned. Some call her Olga, but it is"Alilga"-AHLGA, but spelled Alga. She doesn't like being called Olga. I don't blame her, but the spelling could confuse one. - o - Mice are sucli a nuisance this time of year. One walked boldly across the hall just outside my door. I have two traps set and there arc several set in various places so wo are on the winning side. - o - I was so glad to see my cousin Vinnie Goddard of Pocahontas a few days ago. She likes her apartment, one of a four-unit new place. It is close to Rolfe, her old home town, and there are many nearby relatives. - o - What has happened to the present generation ? A chafing dish is not a new tiling — there are many ads for them, and I have had mine years and have had good service from it. It makes a good place for cookies or cake, keeps them till I am ready to eat them, but nine times out of ten, the girls look at me blankly, and overlook the article which is on a little piece of furniture just back of me. - o - When I wrote about Mrs. Gron- wall going to San Diego to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. George Sayers, I said she had a fall last winter but broke no bones. I had forgotten that she had broken her hip and was hospitalized several weeks. She now uses a cane, but has made a remarkable recovery. She is leaving this week for another winter there; will be taken to New Ulm by her daughter, Mrs. Keith Rowley, met there by a son Robert of St. Cloud and taken by him to Minneapolis where she takes a plane. She will also be seeing a son Jerry at Fullerton, Calif. - o - I hope you don't think this is vulgar - I think it is cute and indicates innocence. A little six year old youngster said to his mother, "Do you and Dad have sex relations 7" Mom was flabbergasted but answered "Yes." "Then why don't we ever tiave them here for dinner T" the child said. have happened and I was loathe to mention It. But the other day she brought two new vigorous ones, a purple and a pink. Now my window looks like itself again and already the blooms have been seen by many callers and greatly admired. Thank you again, Mrs. ,Fisch. READ THE WANT ADS Bros Re-reading this, I thought of the ones who have passed on since that memorable Halloween party, Earl Crane, Day Potter, Zada Brunson, Dot Carlon and Ethel Lowe. Perhaps others, asldon't recall other "dates", except Malcolm Tracy who was Zada's "heart throb" at that time. There has been no word of him in years. Earl Crane was my date. He was such fun to be with, jolly and had such a sense of humor. Dot's date was her Don Smith, of course. - o Marg Dahl leaves November 6 on her trip to Germany. We have a nurses aide who came from Frankfurt where Marg will be going. I told her not to bring back a duke or count. Nobility abroad, as I understand it, is impoverished and live in a few rooms of their castles and charge sight-see-ers to go through the castle to defray taxes and living expenses. I suggested that she smuggle in my four carat diamond I mention frequently. Well, if I could rid myself of arthritis I'd like to go with her, thumb my way, or maybe some friends would give me a coin bon voyage party! - o - I almost forgot to tell you Mr. and Mrs. Nasby entered into the Halloween spirit, dressed in clever costumes and shaking tricks or treats sacks. I didn't recognize them and said, "You are out of luck. I haven't been able to get up town to buy anything." Later some of the aides recognized them but it took Mr. and Mrs. Love sometime to tumble but finally Mr. Love said, "I'll bet it's our neighbors I" - o - I am again the proud possessor of two new beautiful violets from my faithful donor Mrs. Catherine Fisch. Since I had not mentioned violets for some time she wondered what had happened and guessed correctly something had gone amiss. In spite of my good care, the two I had drooped and sickened. She sensed this may 108 North Moore i Algona, Iowa FIRST OF IOWA CORPORATION Stocks - Bonds - Mutual Funds — Commodities Member Chicago Board of Trade OPEN HOUSE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. * Door Prizes + Free Gifts + Refreshments Drop in for a free gift and say "Hello" to ... D. M. Conway, Exec. Vice President Lyrnan J. Clark, Commodities Mgr. OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald Usher Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wigans and Luann of Thor were Sunday night visitors at the Howard Thompsons. Mrs. Paul Espinosa of Mason City visited Margaret Holt Tuesday and were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs at Bradgate. Sunday night visitors at the Victor Banwarts were Mr. and Mrs. Silas Banwart and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Banwart and family of West Bend. Archie Banwart of Rodman, Bernice Banwart of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt and family of Whittemore and Mr. and Mrs. James Banwart and family were also guests. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oppedahl and Ronald and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Oppedahl and Renee Ann visited Mrs. Bertha Oppedahl at the Rotary Ann home at Eagle Grove Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jones of Rolfe were Monday visitors at the Darrel Jones home. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Halsrud and family were Sunday night visitors at the Albert Hellehome at Dakota City. Ray Anliker Algona Office Mgr. 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