The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1936
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1936 BIA'THEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Classified CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dnlly rale per Una tor consecutive Insertions: Duo lime per Tine lOo Two limes per lino per day ., 08c Otirco times \yx lino pat dity . CWc Elx limes per line per day .. 05o Month rota per line .,,.'.... 600 Minimum cn«rge 60o Am ordered lor tnree or »tx times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the num, bcr ol 1 linos Hie ad appeared and •4Ju*lmeht'. of^ bill made. . • 411 Clussmeo i Advertising ..copy lubmlllci] by persons residing out- Bide of uic cJty must be accompanied by cnsh. Rates may be tully computed from above Ublc. Aavernsing ordered lor irregular Insertions take Iho one time rate No irsiioiusiDlmy will be taken for more timii one Incorrect In- Kirtlcji of any eLossincd ad. Business Directory For Sale Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONEY MACK GUARANTKK Wllli Every It. & G- Or Square Deal Car llouglil From Phillips Motor Co. 1031 FORD V-8 KO'UDO'lf SEDAN—Same 1 its New .. S3M 1035 KOIHV V-8 PICK-UP, (fnlbr Black. Motor and Tires OK. I'rli'o S 15351'OItn V-R I)K LUXE (JOUl'ii. Cnliir Green, A Hc:il liuy! KvcrylliliiK i» A-l Condition; I'Hi-c S 1031 iklODEU "A" HOU1>; 1030 liiccnsc. Now 1'aiiil. New Tires. Motor A-l ; Shape. 1'rkc .....!.. S Liberal Allowiinee On Your I'rcs- cnt C:ir - - Low Finance C'lu Through U. C". C. Open Evenings for Your Convenience Drive by Lots anil Get Acquiiinlcd. ttill 810 - 8H for Demonstration' or Information, Ask for Graves, Shanks, 'Calvin or liariier. PUJPSIJSED CAR LOT 5th Si Walnut' rhonc 110 or 811 Open At NiElil Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IKON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Itlythcvillc Iron & Mclal Co. 221 W. Chcriy 'jmamSm^ WE BUY & SELL HAY And we handle all leading brands of High Grade Goal: SUMMIT, GUKAT HEART.. BRILLIANT, MONTICBL1.0 ETC. Suiiui'ior Coal '& Mining Co. Phone .700 Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 10 Inch Kmci'.son oBdllaUni; FAN, Cowl condition. 1'i'lce $1H. Trau- lliam Coal Co., S. Broadway. 2(J-c-M-lf 'iktlerics HETTKH liATraiY SERV10K Call J. B. dune At Tom Jackson's Service Station BEAN & TOMATO STICKS, !i & 6 l-T. LONG, 1'vC KACH. CHICAGO MILL,. Certified Potato Plants Tomnto, rcnncr ft EBB Plants C, C. ll:i\vks Cor. I.-nUe * Main or V'Q Miullson Good Used Trucks 193. r >— I", Ton Ford 10:i5— ',(. Ton t-oiil l'icli-U|i 1931—1(< Ton Clicvrolcl 1031—IJi Ton International All have Gooil tililkc lloilles TKHMS Delta Implement Co $12b.OO Crecit on New Chevrolo or used car, vnluc $400.00 u: move, to buyer having no trade-in G/ad iliscounl for cash. Box "AB" Courier News, dli t XEONARU refrigerator, 75-lb. TEN NTS net, ELECTRIC sewing nui clmnc. Call 204 or 498-W. 27-ck-3i Auioniolivo I'llICKS riiT ON' AUTO 1'AKTS Tiles, Tubes, llnttcilcs, Taint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mats. Scut Covers, liel our prices Uclorc you buy. Save Money! WOLF AKIAN Thone no 1'JB E. Main Snlcsinc-n Wanted •G-Men G'ci^ Bandit Lovers Prance Traces Miss 'Marianne' to Revolution MAN \VANTKI> for Ruwlelali of 1101] liunilii's. Good piollts for hustler. Wo train and help you- Write unlay. Ruwleltjli Co.. Ut-pt- AKE-27-3A2. Moinpllls. 'IVllll. Rattlers Take Over Petrified Forest Region ELLENSHUliG, Wash. (UW --Where 10 million years ago mastodons. semi-equal le 'rhinoceros and three-toed horses roamed, iackrah- bits ami vatlK-Miakes today are t'ne only animal life on the Giugko i>st- Ten million years a^o also touvrlng .s[)i'uce. there were ntatoly te- 'New Walnut Veneer dinelte suit al n bargain for quick sale. Bess Godwin, 2114 Henley. 27-ck-30 I Lost Character Loans from $100 lo $2000 repaid over a period of :12 to 00 inontlis. No red tape and ilow government interest rale. See ;£. C Robinson Lumber Co SEE •' • " The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE : ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. quala, sturdy oak ;'.»d dense un- dcrRrowth. Today red, wealhcr- \voni rfick alul sagebrush. These are chaises which time has bi'oug'hl In t'.ic 1.00-aerc forest alou» the Cohnnbtiv river near Vantage, in central Washington, 30 mile's cast of Ellensbnrs;. George P. Bock of I IIP Ellenslnirg Normal School fucvilty discov- Brown leather ^rij) tontaininff \vo- man'.s elot'he.s, Siuulay on clear Lake road. REWARD. Mollic Tay- | ercd Ilif forest some; jvars ngo and lor, Hickmiin. 21-pk-'JCi Is now recognized as lt-5 foremost authurity. Largely through '"is efforts, the :>!'(.•« hus ueen niiide n slate path. Now attempts are be- lli" made to Imvc tile forest designated us 11 national park. Beck has foiind prtrilied tones of camels, mnstortons, thrcej-toe'tl liomcs and r'iiinoceros. Shoe Repairing Shoes Half Soled, 65c& up Strings with job. Ic extra SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TRUE BLUE SHOE SHOE' Next to 13. T. Worthy's 'I'n-o clrls hired by the excitement ol travel anil Ihe apparent prosperity ot Ihc men llicy casually mel figured In Iho nr- rcsts ol Gangsters Alvln Knrpia ntid Harry Campbell. Mrs. Ruth Ilamm Roblson of Davlson, Oltla., top ptiolo, was arrested willi Karpis la New Orleans Mrs. Harry Campbell, below, cold.she married the gimp, suspect as "Robert Miller" ot Toledo. Both women were freed after grilling. 1'AKIH. (Ul>>—Like Uncle S:un nnd Euithuul's John Hull, rrnneo liu.s her Marianne, and Illic Uncle Sam nnd ,lohn Hull, Murlauno's url|;ln tuis tong been a i]i!esllon of lively de!ialo, lh»we\ - ei', according to n^eaicli- i 1L i ^'litclk huve l>oo]i carried out, it would appear that thu minui had Its origin in Muntpcllt-L', in mitral Krniu'C, ul the lime of Hit: Hel|;n (U Terror. At that Him', the mime Murl- nnne, dei'K'i'd from M:uy Magdalen, \\as tnie aoplk'd lu \\umi'u ol <li:ul)llnl miinils. Arrintlln:; to this OM])laniitt<H], one of tln'M' \\omen was oite called n]Kiu to ri'incsenl the Cldddess of Uea^ou [u a republican feto at MontjiL-lU 1 !'. The chance: was too f;oi)d a inie to be inlsstMl, and Ihe luiU'd "Aiisto.i" look II, and from Ihi'Li im ilub'.u'd tliu iieisonlllealion nl tin' new regime wllh Hits name, There is another ^liullur version Wanted to Buy Or Lease My Haso oi\ the Splci-r plm:u In Pride Addition will cxph" shortly and owner will owpy. I (\m tliei'elnrij In the ninrket • lo buy, if LI bavnahi, i)r - leasv u jnndn'ii home 1 . ALoul llv I'ooins, In or near Ui\vn, lioour for chickens mid possibly a cow. Must be clean ]i]na\ Citjcd neighborhood. Fnmlly of tlnvi> or four people, 1:0 ehildron. A. F. Dietrich Phone tin.' iiil.'.lri'.v; u! Clmiulion-lioiis- M'KII, n mi'inlxT <il tin 1 convention, who liked to sec bis partner )*i- rnde lit republican fi^tlvnls rpp- iv.sfnthll! lilt 1 Clwldi'ss of Itcasmi. 'l'li« two cxphmiillum nru so similar, Hint Ilinv cun bo llttlu DUEilNKSS fc I'OLlTlt.'At. LHTTKHS A Gl'KClALTY Work noat, cheap fc quick Vi'tennis Hcivke. Work All Kinds lltiink Varmx ' Ciirtir, J. Liftle Hale nidg. nciw anne," *onlllcs hero Iter, (he origin of Hie iT.spcetetf nanu 1 of "Mnrl- \ihoso ninplo flijiiro' ucr- tlie Republic; of r'K.iice, than ! Ice water. Is more. trnnsiKircn 1 . WELDING IvUiOTIllO ,t ACUTVUvNl) riioiii'T Ki'.itvici: m-:<\SONAI!I,K I'lUCItf Barksdalc Mfg. Co. RADIO REPAIRING '\ Complete Line uf Tubes nnd I'urlj UWBAKD TIKE & KATfifiUY CO. P1IONK <7fl ONE STOP SK1WCK STATION TOK YOUtt CONVDNlKNCi:' SINCLAIR GAS AND UjmuCATION \VVHK I'KIWY,!!! cliarge of Service • Deparlincnt, 1.. H. JOHNSON, hi charge ol' Hotly Ik'iwrlmont. .—IIATTI'IIV SUHVICH —IIA1I1ATOII lilil'AIU —IIODV WOKK —I'OOKIl WOKK —<il.ASS ItiSTAMjKl) —AUTO VAH'l'S w, T. SARNETT 'IV nai\go '&• riyntoiilh Dp-ilcr 1'IIONH 888 HEAR! ot If you liitvo n burial ussodnlioii cciiiliciilo any hind on yum- lovwl onus when llicy uwny, we will iicccpL il uL full vahu; on tlic t'lincral, provided you buy as immli iw ?&0 or more in mcrclwndistt. COBH FUNERAL HOME I'HONB 1 or Kent INGRAM apartment, Parkhurst Co. Inquire al 28-ck-tf i room house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin Robinsot). Call 274-W. 23-c-tf 3 FURNISHED Rooms, modern. Sink in kitchen. 9H Ilctini. 23-i)-k-23 2 room Furnished apartment. Lights, water free. Reasonable. Call 9VJ. Wall Paper NI'.W PATTERNS—LOW PRICES CANVAS, PASTE AND TACKS A S K ABOUT PlTTSBljitOH'S NEW PAINT FINANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 Free Estimates WAKTEiJ — '-U. KINDS JUNK Scraji Iron, S3 lo $5 ton Aluminum, 10o Ib. Brass, 2o to VAa Ib. Copper WIrt, 4c lo 5e Ib. Radiators, 4',ic. Ib. HIDES & PURS WOLF AKIAN 22-c-tf S Room HOUSE, 115 S. Division. Ideal for tourists, Low rent. Max B. Reid. Phone 882. IDc ktl COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig, 900 Main, Phone 770. 8 room house, furnished or unfurnished: 2 baths and sleeping porch. Oil Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call DC or 20. c-k-13 3 room FURNISHED apartment, modern. 1117 Ash. Mrs. George Mattiicws. Call 294. ck-tf Modern furnished house for sum- nier. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross, 300 PHONE 176 123 E. MAIN HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open D?y and Night FRESH CRAPPIE 35c Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday LION & TEXACO GAS 10.3c gal. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton UIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phono 1505-F4 or H3 Courier News Ciasslt'.cd Ads Pay HO! SO YOU'RE STILL ABLfi T'MAVIGATE, ARE YUH.'.'WELL- . I'LL SOOW FIX THAT/ LIKE TWO EXPRESS TRAIWS MAWWG A CORMFIELD MEET;' THE TWO HUGH SAURIAMS COME TOGETHER; THEIR RIDERS HURLED HIGH IMTO'THE AIR HC. T. H. HEP. U. S. T.U.OFf OVX.ljOUKT Of OOKVT A MUCH VOW&ER. WASH TUTiliS Lake. G-ck-lf 2 tedroonis or a two room furnished apartment. •- Reasonable. -MiK. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hearn. Ixrecr floor a!, 1013 W. Walnut. 1 unfurnished rooms. Call 221-J. - . ck-tf UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment with bath. Call 327, or 55 at night. 12-ck-lf FurnishEd 3-room house. Fifth St. Couple Only. 503 N. dh 5 Room Apartment, • 4 rooms furnished. J. H. Smi.rt. Uail 805-J 2c ktf ROOM, size 22 ny M, next 'a Mubbarrl Tiro .t Uattery: newly decorated. Tom Jackson. Phone S 25-ck-U We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 STOVES STORED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I Irca' You While .JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE W, VVE-WECAME TO SEE I.ULII BELLE.) ROOM '31. BUT •1 room FURNISHED) apartment, duplex. Shade, wry cool All conveniences. Bess .Hall. Call 280. 22-C-k-tf Wanted •• Used Furniture Spot Cash Pair] Wade Furniture Co. i 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson Found Arkansas Truck license No. 217-739. Owner may have same by call- Ing at courier News office and paying charges. Bai'ber Shops . HOLT'S BARBER SHOP 101 South 2nd St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE 15c Bath—Close 8 p.m.—shine Airs. .1. J. Davis — Spencer Corscllcrc Call 421-W for appointments Eggs, Poultry row/rny BOUGHT & SOLD highest Prices Paid B. T. WORTHY-315 E, MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry i$ IT ALL RIGHT TO TELL HER THAT WE GOT THE BANPIT5 WHO SHOT HER ? CERTAINLY, BUT SHE FEEL5 TO BLAME FOR MR, PICKET GETTING F?OE>EED. IF I WERE YOU, t WOULDNT MENTION THAT HE PIEP. J FRACTURED \ A COMPOUNDED SHAME,SIR. HE VVA5NT SKULL.HE 1 JUST SLU&SEP AND ROBBED — PIVE BLOW; DIED SHORTLY / WcRF STRUCK , ANV ONE OF WHICH MI6HT AFTER REACH- S. HAVE p^Ol'EP FATAL? INS THE HOSPITAL., FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ill E. Main WHAT DID I "TEL.L- YoU ? SCRAM, MOW... AND TAKE "THAT MUTT WITH , S. YOU trr~r.--.-~A A UAKGAIN! Hy Hlosscl HEY, BOSS...THE BEARDED LADY'S DISAPPEARED .' CAWT FIWD HIDE ] NOR HAIR OF HER !! f':_ AY/ JcAW I HELP, WE GOT / MISTER? TO GET J POODLES CAW HERC-ACK/ FIM PY SHOW j HE'S PART POLICE: GIVE HIM A »3HLIH.' \CKAWCE, MISTER, HE LOOKS I A^ 0 lp WE ,D.S LIKE ( PNDS THE ,-[- ^ BEARDED B HOUNP./ 8E ASHAMED ;; YOU /INSULTED POODLES '' '^ij : ^i ALL RIGHT, KID! WE GOT TO FIKIP HER.../ SHE'S OUR BIGGEST ATTRACTION! IP YOUR MUTT LOCATES HSS, I'LL GIVE YOU TEN RA'SSES /' TOTKE SHOW.

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