The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1967 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1967
Page 24
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OLD WlVEfi TALEfi I TJillbilly Granny Clampett isn't such a far-fetched character. •*-•- In fact, she is pretty realistic to those of us whose own grandmother or Aunt Maggie had a passion for healing and curing and nursing folks back to health. "It might be catchin'," she would warn, and whether it was a cold or a pox, around your neck she would hang a muslin bag of asafetida that was supposed to make you breathe easier, cure your ailment and keep others from its contagion. That it did because the pungent aromatic odor kept everyone away, as did the onion poultice or goose grease for your chest cold. All of her cold remedies weren't offensive, but hot and spicy and sweet. She was heavy handed with honey and sugar whether it was mixed with turpentine, kerosene or camphor. The house and everything in it would often become permeated with the steeping brew of catnip or peppermint tea. Elderberries and their blossoms joined in a remedy for "stummick ailment" and if that didn't help, she made camomile tea brewed from a plant of the aster family. If this cure for some reason brought on the trots," she was not dismayed for she knew how to remedy that with blackberries, cooked down to a sticky concentrate and fermented, bottled and labeled "balsam." Purple and potent. Strategy and psychology were tools that put her a shout ahead of the latest whisper of modern medicine, which publicly disproves her cures and superstitions as fallacies. Like a general in battle, if her tactics didn't win the war on your sickness, she would give you a good strong physic to rid you of all the poison in your system. You might get a trifle weak and turn green, which in turn called for a tonic of sulphur and molasses in the spring and joy!— hard cider in the fall. It would have been more palatable cold than hot (mulled, she called it, remember?) and minus the red pepper. A little shaken from your ailment? Eat celery for your nerves; fish, especially sardines, for sharpening your mind; beets to redden your blood and cooked gruel to warm the corpuscles. Psychology 'way back when? Did your father or Uncle George ever tell you about the blistered neck from having the home doctor lovingly rub kerosene into the pores of your neck and gently swathe them with red or outing flannel ? As a counter-irritant, a coton swab on a stick dipped into kerosene swished down to your tonsils. No wonder folks got well quick with such killer cures. We now have ways and medicine to effect quick cures, prevent communicable diseases and make the patient comfortable — you must agree that they're easier to live with than asafetida and other folk cures. We can be nostalgic, but what deodorants, anti-perspirants and mouth washes could erase the fact that you are sick? Itfs a funny thing, our laughing at their methods because your grandmother scoffed at the silly tarnations of their older generation. Imagine, they'd reminisce, "My grandpa wore copper wire around his wrists and ankles and gold beads to ward off rheumatiz'. Alfalfa tea, my ma'd fix for him." Recipes for home remedies were handed down as were "receipts" for family delicacies. You will want to preserve some customs as an heritage, but you do not cook and bake as they did back in the good old days of poke berries and goose grease as remedies. The American Dietetic Association* has issued a list of the fallacies and misconceptions, some taken from so- called "doctor books" of another era. Judge for yourself: Dried currants are poisonous berries; ripe cherries destroy old age matter in the body; asparagus is good for the kidneys; sassafras and vinegar thin the blood; ice water causes heart trouble; watermelon, cucumbers and soft drinks cause polio. Olives, eggs (raw, of course) and oysters increase sexual potency; if the expectant mother holds her weight down, the size of the baby will be reduced; eat all you want until 4:00 p.m. in order to lose weight; calories don't count. That last one should do it if you believed even one of the others! * 1965 AMA IN THE HEART OF CHICAGO'S LOOP MEETINGS COME ALIVE WITH EXCITEMENT Year after year, Sherman House is host to many of the most distinguished companies and organizations in America. And not just because we have the facilities. Sure we have meeting and banquet rooms to handle groups up to 30X10, exhibit halls, seminar rooms, and all the rest. But what makes 'em come back for more are the extras. The excitement of great restaurants, bars, and night club . . . all right in the hotel. Or stepping out on the street into the glitter of dynamic downtown Chicago. If you want your meeting to be right In the middle of it all-this Is the only place! NEW AT SHERMAN HOUSE! New executive suites, exhibit halls and meeting rooms. Send for complete convention details HOUSE! INCHICAGOATCLARK, RANDOLPH, LA SALLE Phone: 312/FR 2-2100 TWX: 312-222-0631 Daniel Amico, V/ct Pre* .. Sale* M«n*«er Can't seem to lose weight or gain weight? Maybe you are on the wrong diet! Now-pick the diet that is right for YOU More than just a low carbohydrate diet.. . More than just a low calorie diet ... More than a high-protein diet ... It's 6 books In 11 $1.00 a DIET FOR EVERY WEIGHT PROBLEM COMPU U VSUH c aioRiE PR01 I IS aND THE 1500- CALORIES-A DAY DIET THE COTTAGE CHEESE DIET THE NIBBLE OR SNACK DIET THE LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET HIGH - PROTEIN DIET OF 1200 CALORIES A DAY "CRASH DIETS" FOR QUICK WEIGHT LOSS theO WAY DIET mmr DIET DIET DIET DIET BOOK Fm»*r4 ky IUIMCCI , M.O. • 1500C/\LOR/ES./\-D/»yD/ET Reduce slowly but steadily. WITH BREAD AND BUTTER for those who can't do without • COTTAGE CHEESE DIET If you want to lose a few pounds In a hurry. • NIBBLE OR SNACK DIET Eat little, eat often — to drop five or ten pounds. • LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET The drink before dinner Is not taboo; neither Is butter, nor cream. • HIGH PROTEIN DIET OF 1200 CALORIES A DAY You won't become listless, dull of eye, skin and hair. • "CRASH DIETS" Lose a pound a day. Plus other special diets and weight charts... and a • SPECIAL DIET TO HELP YOU GAIN WEIGHT IF YOU WANT TO! > For the few — the lucky few, reducers say —who want to gain weight, not to lose It — delicious but not too rich, replete with snacks. 96 pages, 8W x5W If you have tried one kind of diet after another without satisfactory results, you know how true it is that a diet that works for one person may not necessarily have the same beneficial effect on another. It's a simple medically proven fact. Dieting should be a highly individualized matter, guided by your body type, your preference in food, and your reasons for dieting in the first place. That's the diet you are most likely to stick with! "This book should make it a simple matter for dieters... to choose the regimen that is most compatible with their appetites as well as their home, social and business lives." —FROM THE INTRODUCTION BY REBECCA LISWOOD, M.D. MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY! Send to: FARM AND HOME SECTION, 20 North Carroll, Madison, Wisconsin 53703 Please send copies of THE SIX WAY DIET I enclose a Q check Q money order in the amount of $1 per copy. Name __ Address. City .State .Zip.

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