The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1938
Page 8
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EIGHT , . , . ... _,,:• , Jes to back and hip, 13111 Starnes, Slaws, Ws wife, cut on right nnt> BLYTITKVrLLE (AKK.V COURIER NEWS when Hie ice plant was partially clemoll.sliwl. Tlie machinery wns badly damaged as It was thrown Into tlie stiwls, (he cork wall of the storage voom was torn away and large blocks of Ice thrown many feet. Mr. Johns had workmen cleaning Die debris nway lasl night nnd jilnns to rebuild nt once. Mr. Johns also owns Ihe house west of Die Ice plant which lost Its front porch and a portion of the roof. Mr. mid Mrs. .Sam Johns moved from lhc house yesterday. Another bouse owned by Mr I-physicians' oHices j Johns, which was north ol the iml to homes of rc-l- stucco station, was demolished. . , ln ? s ' , , Only Hirer: red and silver colored The^eport that^a baby was dead chairs and a part of a roof wns all ™" '—"•'" * - ,| |]|t ^.j,, j elt ()f ([le JJ1WJ1 KeAM y nose badly cut. These were treated Qt clinics and and Ister remo allves and friends. proved unfounded. It was Mrs. | Dora Lambert, wife of Glenn lam- bt-rl, who wns believed dead when neighbors pulled her from under her house which had crashed over her but she was only unconscious and soon became much Improved, The work of rebuilding was sl-irt- ed' today witli men, women and children busy going through debris which Itad formerly been tlieir property, Idc-ntlfieation of parts of demolished buildings was being made, roofs were being recovered., and electric and telephone lines and water connections were lying repaired. As the Injured were being nursed today. W. J. Kceser. field representative of the national Red Cross, was making a survey to register families which will be cared for, offers of assistance were extended by Mayor Wnlkins and Commissioner Cliff Davis, of Memphis, and school officials were making plans lo care for the 329 students of Ihe Lange grammar school who will have to attend school elsewhere. Visits to (lie stricken area revealed many sights (o the visitors which poured into Blytbevllle through (he nlglit and today. Warehouse Unroofed Tlie first signs of the storm, which can bs seen going west from tlie business section, is the warehouse of the J. P. Livingston wholesale grocery company at 1802 West Main street. The 100 by 300 foal sheet metal building was unroofed and removed from Its foundation by the suction of the wind. Tlie building is owned by George Lee and the groceries and feed belonged lo Mr. Livingston. A stucco service slation building owned iy F. Johns and which was being used as a borne by the Dill Slarnes family, \v n s partially wrecked. Like others who saw (he coming- storm, Mrs. Slarnes ami daughters. Emma Lou. four, and Nellie Mae, two, ran inlo Hie building which housed the Johns Ice plant and where Mr. Slnrnes was employed. All were scratched shop which wa.s housed in an adjoining frame building. Mrs. Eugene Bvswn. oilier of "the shop, no doubt her life to Iho fact lhat she ran Into ihc adjoining grocery store owned by Mrs. c. D. main. The beauty shop building wa.s owned b,' U-ndeiinle Fowler, 'Hie frame building, owned by 7C-year-old Mrs. Elam, was not damaged except for u broken window. CarwlK Out tlnbaiuifil niul bnrljpi' slioi) swept/ nwuy us (licy JiiKicllcd In tlio storm pit. ' Mrs. M. D. Mcl/cotl, wiio lives In on! 1 of llic first houses bnlU In Dlylliovllle, wns not ill home when a truck wa.s rammed Into the wall ol her living room, Tilt 1 fronl of the store room, own- Hi by Damon Mcl/eod, was lorn oir and a display window of tiie Alurc fie 0|K?riites fell on Mrs. Mcl^txl mid Mrs. C. M. Patton, wlio wore scwhisn' The glass cut Mrs, 1'alton's hcnd severely. Knocked lljitionsclous Tht ocu])ic<l Ijy {,. E. Tlpps, janitor ul Lnnije .school, and hl.s family nl 1SOU West Ash .street wns liravlly damaged as the wind sxi.'Ml t 'J.'Otn Us Tlpps and c. r. Hedge, wlio were tlie only or^npanls of the house at Unit time, ran to'.i'nrd u .storm cellar but n Umber struck Tipjis. knot-king him unconscious for a .short time. He was nut seriously hurt. Nearby houses occupied by Mr. .•Did Mrs. Prank \Volsey, "Pink" Dumcu and lamlly, Mr. inul Mrs. J. M. ficndey, u-erc slightly dinn- Hgoil. In the home of Mr. und Mrs. Ocirll ArwooU, next door ti, tlie .."ifivitssrs B^WS r jra Miicco building ol the mattress factory operated by. him and j'anl Ham but hi; wns able tc crawl from the wreckage with only minor injuries. The 40 by oo fool building was twisted into pieces a.s it tumbled inlo a heap. Mrs. W. T. Uaker owned Ibis building in which the Jones fnmly had also liecn living until a few days ago. The residence owned -uy I?. R. Jackson and occupied by W. J. Evans, which WHS at the rear of tlio dcmcllshotl factory building, find the fence of Mr. Jackson's used car lot were damaged but the Stewart-Robinson Drug store and the Centley grocery were untouched, except for the grocery store losing the glass in its front door. The extensive damage done to the school building cannot be seen from the outside. The tall stack of lhc chimney wns torn airay and crushed Inlo the upper story which /creed the floor to fall into the auditorium where mothers and teachers Imd gathered earlier in the afternoon for a parent-Teacher association meeting. numnge lo tho building has not been determined. An inspection is to be made today to determine the extent of the damage, known to be heavy. A Dart of the lirst floor was undamaged except for broken window panes. Fifty Icel behind the school is a storm cellar which served as a haven for half a iwrsons who rushc<| there. J. t>. nocott. his wife and bruised j nnd young son saw tlieir tiro-room - and Mrs. Slnrnes' arm was injured house at the rear of tlieir residence The- Knee of . HAKDWICKF. tures iucccstliii: ability I. I'orch™! liigli, ivitlirx- tt«nrli|i|irr|icirtuininrlinrj lo slopr InrkMnl. 2. Kyr- lirowsi-i)m|ijrl:ir«lr.'(Tuhr, cspecully ill tlir inner e<lj; ( -. 3. New: arrhrcl ami rallier llihl. Likely lo slant grnlly lomr.l ihi- li|is. 4. of rlitot hour <iilly ptoininrnt.i. U|i|>rr lifturrowin relation totlic ower lip \\ Mfii is shorter and coinraum-fl full. There's a certain Kentucky straight Bourbon winning the highest type of praise. People call it "Double-Rich. 33 To win praise, just serve it! Pint 95c Quart 51.85 % Pint 50c Proof COPR. i?3S, SCHHNLEY DISTRJBUTORS,-INC., N. y, ilplicd the limbers apart. The Arwoods narrowly missed being ej-uslied under n (ailing brick line. Mrs. Odle Jackson, wlio was alone nt Jicr home ut 1208 West Sycamore street, suffered a bruised leu during Die storm. Three members of the family of Jesse Sides, 50, whose liousc nt 2010 West Ash street wns practically undamaged, were hurl as they rushed toward n storm cellar. Air. Sides' leg wa.s badly .bruised and Ills shoulder injured by flyitig dcurls, Ills wife, Mrs. Mnnde Bides, 40, was badly cut and bruised about both legs and tlieir daughter, Myrna Sides, 1C, hud one leg cut in three places. Another dtuish- tcr. Louise, 12. was uninjured. The home of George Mosloy, 2500 West Sycamore street, wns lifted from Us foundation arid enroled n short distance, but three occupants of (lie house were not hurl. Mosloy, ivho was next door at the home of Dill Tucker, World War veteran, was en!, and bruised about tlie bend as Tucker's house wns completely lifted from above them and torn to pieces. Tucker was not hurt. Next door lo the 'nicker house Albert Ellis, 40, saw the slorm approaching and grabbed a small elm tree. He wns almost blown away, but mnnngcd to hang on as Hie tree wns pnrtlully uprooted. Damage to the Bills house was not heavy. He was aloue at the house at the time. Thn brick residence occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Berry on Sottlh 21st street was damaged considerably but Mrs. Berry, her little son and a servant were not hurl. Mission Damaged Considerable repairs will be necessary at. the W. V. Christian store as result of the win:l. Mr. and Mrs. Christian, who make their liome in tlie same building, were not injured. The Methodist Mission at 304 South 21st street., a portion of which Is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McCnllough. was twisted from its foundation and damaged. A fe«- feet away Hie house occupied by the Prank Webb family was partially destroyed. Frank Huff, who was in (lie house, was struck: by a brick. Also damaged were the Oxford house at 2016 West Vine slreel, an adjoining house occupied bv Mr. mid Mrs. E. M. McCoHnin and family, nnd the resilience of John Lan- ilrum at 2010 West Vine. LaiKlriunV; grocery, located on 21st street, was wrecked and Die U'cvt End Pentecostal church on an adjoining lot wns wiped out, only n s-inall pile of debris remaining. Seven children and two women [escaped injury ns the wind struck another house nt «0 South 21sl. Mrs. J. w. Williford and Unco children occupied one irortion of the house nnd Mrs. Henry Bolden nticl four children another. Mrs. Mil DunnvanL and six el:il:ivcn rushed to Ihcir slorm cellar just before Die ratters in their home at 917 West Ash street save way. Two rocking chairs were blown troin the house. One was found later smashed on the street, The other was carried lo the bock yard. Tf.e Swift home at, 2011 \Vrat ash street was not damaged at all. but as Mr. and Mrs. BUI Swift and Ilieir five children attempted to get, lo the Dniiavnnt storm cellar, the parents were injured. Mrs. Swifl was slruck on llic hip by flying glass as she attempted to get lo her baby being shielded by her brother. Bob Sides, who was lying on tlie ground by the storm bouse as there was no more room inside. Mr. Swift, who was aiding 'other people to safely in llic house was cut on the arm by a piece of flying tin: Two studies ' were taken to close tlie wound. Tho house at 2001 West Sycamore street occupied by the G. W. Rdd, C. Gtllison and C. W. Walker families was not seriously damaged. but a car parked at tlie southwest comer of the house was turned around and blown into the front yard. Miss Laveriic Reid, the deaf daughter of Mr. Reid who was working at Ihe factory ran through llic tornado to reach home but was not injured. Some damage was done to the porches, windows nnd roof of the J. J. Oxford home which was next door, but none of the family were hurl. The row of houses on the west side of south Division street, were considerably damaged. Roofs and porches were lorn up, windows shattered and chimneys blown down but few people residing in the homes were injured. Many neighbors rushed to (he home of the Rev. p. E. Ramsey, which escaped with practically no damage. At lliu Anderson home ai 513 S. mi street, u car was blown from one side of the house to the other. The Ihird house in the row was divided Into two npai-tincnks. Tlie annrtmcnt occupied by Mrs. Kiln Smith and her daughter, Mrs. Cooper and Ihelr family received a slight damage bill (lie one in which the family of M, Hudson resides was nol harmed. Tlio house of j, A. Hiimbaloujfh nnd his family of six al 407 Sonlh 21st street was ljudJy damaged, bin the occupants were unharmed. Mrs. Mary Southard, who ran from another house lo a storm cellar was .struck on lhc back and hip us tin- wind whipped the cellar door. Olhcr homes in Ibis section were occupied by Mr. -and Mrs. Lcuily Murphy und four children; Mr. mid Mrs. II. Aker.s- and family at whose home Miss Helen Underwood A-till'ercd skinned knees and bruised shoulders and ribs ana Mrs. Akci-.s wa.s cut In several places by Idiiss; Mr. nnd Mrs. Burl Davidson and son, who escaped Injury In the storm house. , Only the pa]ii-r was blown off c wall in the home of Mr. nut! Mrs. Allan Baker, who live ai'siw South L'lst street,, iiie Teask-y home had only a few shliijjle.s oil In Ihe Pi-ide subdivision Die slorm struck almost in the same places a.s did a vvln<i last year when cpUte a bil of damage was done. Joe P. Pride nnd Oliver W Copnedjje lost roofs of their barns nnd other out houses, several window panes and a part of the roofs on tlieir houses, the A. p. nielrlch burn was demolished and the turkey house blown aboul 100 feet but a mother turkey am! her brood of nine were not hurt. The garage, warehouse and poultry house of s' J. Cohen were badly damaged. The Keuter family had to stand knee-deep in voter in their .slorm Pil as they watched the roof of Ilieir homo lorn off nnd llielr large brooder house soar Into the air. Tlie two room house ccupled by E. W, Graves loll niy u part ol the roof und leaves from Mr. Graves' 170 books to Khow whore his home had formerly .stood, Donuld Huey was the only one Injured fit Ills house but the barn was blown awny and the house lost Its roof. Mrs. 11. L. McKnight wa.s critically 111 at Die home of her daiigh- ler, Mrs. Franklin Worth, whose was picked up from its foundation and scl down again a foot away. The garage and torn were demolished and Inn house damaged. The rof of llir house owned by Hen Williams and occupied by Mr. find Mrs. J. W. Singleton wa.s par- Unity torn away as Mrs. singleton, who Is an invalid, watched the storm. Houses occupied by Mitchell Houston and Karl Hill were also damaged. The garages ol Ear) Witlltsr'.s new home nnd Unit of Thomas Bognn were lorn to pieces and less damages were done to a number O f houses oilier out biiildini's in trial a ; ctlon. "(.'rushed i,j|,i> ;,„ j;^-. John Landrum's grocery store, sit Vine and ]8(h street, wa.s badly damaged and his stock of goods was sur-pt into the street. In llic section north ol West Main street, the damage wns less, but the home of crippled Glenn Lumbcrl In tin- icoo block on Short Walnut slreel was picked up and crushed "like an egg," according to H. Gentry, who wnlch- ed Ihe disaster. As the timbers fell apart, neighbors aided Mr. and Mrs. Uimbert nnd lln-ce children in (jcttliit; out from under the wreckage of the two-story i house. Houses In ibis block which were damaged were those of Mr. Gentry, which Ls owned by C. R. Layman of Memphis, lhc Hev. ,1 b. Vance, who also last his garage nnd "Shorty" Garrison, who lived in the residence owned by Buford Young. North of this street on Chickasawba avenue, Ihe B. A. Buggs iwivcd diiHiajjt-.s lu die roof ol their home, and fence and their line mare was Injured. An old cedar in tlie j. c. Harnlsh yard was riilni'd nnd the house wn.-i slightly damaged. The roof of the J. C. Buchanan house was damaged nnd the chimney stack blown away. About Ihe same damage wa.s done to the John Bombolaski liousL- next door. The occu pied( by Alfred Ward was ,-iJso! damaged. Across lhc .slreel, four liousc.s i owned by the Gosnrll estate nnd n barn al ihe rear of the sterling Martin house was damaged. Miioiis damage wa.s done to two houses mi North 21st street, which are occupied by Mr. .•mil Mrs. Charles Odell and Mr. and Mrs. .limmic Peterson. Chemists Meet In Dallas On April 18 to 21 DALLAS, Tex. iUi'1—Thr: American Cliwnira) Society will convene here—in t),c center ol an area pKxIiu-liiK many of chcimirgy'.s most essential ran- products—for a fnur-duy annual meeting tofinniii" April ]«. The delegates will be taken on a post-convention tour of Hit; R«t Texas oil ilelds, and some will make .s|xx-j.-il irlju lo study plans for pulp paper developments und other industries ul Texas in which they mny be particularly interested. Ur. N. C. Hammer, general chairman, announced today that Henry Winston Harper, dcmi emeritus of the graduate school of the Univer- .slly of Texas, lias been named honorary chairman lor Ihe, society's 95tli convention. Hammer joined U)e inilverslly's chemistry department in 189-1. Prof, May L. Whitsltt. of southern Methodist University, is vice chairman; Dr. J. u Whitman, of H-xns Christian University, i s «,(> WKDNRSDAY, MARCH 16, rclary nnd treasurer. The general opening scsslo" the meeting will be follow*!/ divisional conferences, at l- scientific papers will be read discussed. COTTON SEED D. V. L. No. 11 Firs! Year From lircedcr Custom Glinird BRAXTON GILL Bell, Ark. 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Main J'KOSSTOWX CAFE. 109 So. Division IHCK'S CAFK. -109 W Main A, 1). IKnvi.ANU OKOCKRY, 612 So FranV.ll:! f'. I). Kf.AM C.ROCKKV. 1316 W. Main .losi: rsriNo/A, So. Division J-VUK W.M. GEtO. & S1KT, 322 E, Main 1 OWI.1.U DRUG CO.. 101 E. Main IRtSCO C.rxcil, 224 W. Ash ARKET. 118 W. Main ,., «ASKIN IA1XC1I. ioa W. Main \A\ <;ilO. & ,MKT.. West End, Hiv. 1« L. K. GAY GKO. & MKT.. 324 E. Main Gl.KNCOr. GRII,!,, 2ntl & Ash OI.ENCOK HOTEL, Glcncoc Bldg., 2nd & A^i\ <;<)!•>• H01KI,, 410-18 W. Main O. II. GKEAR. GROCERY, 210 E Main ORI:EN BKKTLK CAFE, 317 w. Main CiREYHOUXn I.UNCH. Asll & 2nd, Bus St.>. IIAPI'Y 1IOCIJ r,RO. A SIKT., 103 W.Maiti HAY'S STORK, 200 E. Main Iil-iVAY fi"r HATE, Main .t Division C. A. HOVEY. 30D N. Sixth HMJso.vs & MKT., 323 No. and ,„,. RETT ' S GROCERY, 538 Lumcratc .JOHNS CONFECTIONERY, 303 W. Main .J»vl£ CAS " ^TOUE, 404 W. Ash ;.-,„,;,• *' VVI| KAT GROCERY, Highway 18 ,-,»,,,. ftos - nRUG to.. Main & Broailwp.y "," 151 ' 0 <:0 - *" * Main \ vu; n OROCERV, 32-1 NO. si«i , ,'•''• CHEVROLET CO., 301 W. Wai. i i m, r ' !to <"™>'. 18 Highway, Rt. 3 i.. ' fiI! OCERY, 530 No. Sixth "'C'KKrtSTAFF, 415 So. Franklin - U ' K - 116 No ' 2nd .'lUE, Hlshway 61 North ItoCEKV * M KT., 212 E. Main «i:f:or, u-xcii ROOM, 214 E. Mam DAMON McLEOb GUO, 2019 W. Main McMUI.LI.VS CASK GKOCERV, 320 W. Main C. L. NABF.RS. 105 S. Division JODIE NABEKS GKO. & MKT., West End HOTEL NOBLE NEWS STAND, Hotel Noble OLE HICKORY INN', 707 W. Chickasawfca PALACE CAFE. 217 VV. Main PARKHURST CO., 109 E. Main I'ARKS GKO. & MKT.. 430 W Ash PASTIME BILLIARD ROOM, 207 W. Main 1'ICKAIUVS GROCERY, 1044 Chickasawbn REX BILLIARD ROOM. 407 W. Main KITE PRICE GRO. & MKT., HI E Main ROBINSON DRUG CO., 300 W. Main SS5™ S ™ ™"??IACV. 310 E.. Main ,v RUSTIC INN, Walnut & Division •SAFEE WAY GKO. & MKT., 501 So. Franklin W Ma '" r '- G - m ^ u -. 31 » W. Main "717" MARKET, 523 W. Ash G E WHIGHT'S LUNCH ROOM, . Main *H *-:$ <«'£:

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