The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1967 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1967
Page 10
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Discussions Highlight Self Discovery Days Linus says that security is sitting in a box but 500 explorers will tell you that real security is getting out of the box and discovering. Thus Garrigan students were guided through their Day of Discovery Nov. 6 and 7 by The Rt. Rev. Msgr. A. W. Behrens, Sister Daniel, OSB, Sister David, OSF, Sister Machaela Galles, OSF, Sister Jose, OSF, Sister Miriam, CHM, and several volunteer faculty members. The purpose of the morning session was a search for the inadequacies that exist in our lives. Small discussion groups An Editorial of ten to fifteen students examined concrete elements of society - popular art, music and literature - to find out what each person needs for a whole and complete life. After a successful morning's digging for the gaps, GHS'ers began an afternoon of discovering how to substantially fill them. The film, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," led students down the positive trail by giving them the ways and means of fulfillment. Then it was back to small groups for resolution of the material offered. The day ended with Mass in the gym. Burn Rubber, Man Automobiles ? Are they a means of letting off steam or showing off? If the answer is yes, remember that the man, not the machine, is held responsible for what the machine does. Someone may say, "I made it over here in 5 minutes." Was it really that much of an accomplishment ? Five minutes is all the time needed for a life to be taken because of someone's carelessness. Will God ask, "How many minutes did it take you T or "How carefully did you drive in order to protect others f Every day news of more and more accidents is heard. But if s bard to realize that some day it might be you or one of your friends. Someone you love may be lost before you realize the effect of cars and machines. Speeding makes you big, so go ahead and speed, you'll think twice when you're that cause of someone's death. Automobiles have no mind by which they might choose to go slow or fast, carefully or carelessly; but you have that ability. What will your choice-be ? Bear Greets New Leaders The happy basketball cheerleaders, chosen for the coming season, gather around Goldie. They are, left to right, Jeanne Crotty, Barb Stoffel, Shirley Stoffel, Maureen Bestenlehner (seated) and Barb Winkel. (Photo by Jackie Dietrick) Garrigan High School Algona, Iowa November 7, 1967 Fa n-on-t he-Foot Cramagesic Man Brought To Light BY MARY ANN EISCHEN Family tradition, active enlistment, and a Fair fan-on-the-foot happening: reasons why Jerry Besch, Pat Schiltz and Dave Waldschmidt are student managers. Their official titles are, respectively, Trainer, Manager and Assistant Manager (although the Manager likes to be called Trainer, too). These are translated loosely as Tape-man, Sweeper and Pick-up (towels, equipment) respectively or otherwise. In the locker room they clean up and keep everything all right, up tight, outa sight. They are hardly considered Candy- Stripers, but they do manage to slap, rub, or spray Atomic- Bomb, Nitrotan, and/or Cramer- gesic (affectionately called Creemageezie by those who can't pronounce it) on athletes' aching muscles. They, too, are responsible for equipment on away games and only rarely do they forget the warm-up jackets. On occasion they even double as lifeguards at the whirlpool. So, if ever you walk the halls of Garrigan and chance to observe two feet under a bulky fish-net or a moving mass of ropes, regulating devices, handlebars and stirrups, do not be alarmed. It's not the Blob in last year's swim suit or an invasion of any kind, but rather Wally, Schiltzy or J. B. carrying towels or moving the Exergines. The junior-journalists offer sincere thanks to the Gambles store. The students were allowed to manage the store for two days, Oct. 20 and 21, and keep ten per cent of all they sold. A total of $150.00 was cleared by the juniors. The high salesman was Tim Boekelman with $238.10. Tim will receive a transistor radio. Jean Nauhols aha did a fine job by selling $235.62 worth of merchandise. Debaters Attend Practice Sessions Mason City High School's Quintilian Club hosted Sister Mary Ignatius, PBVM, and her crew of debaters Nov. 4. They were part of the Mohawk Invitational Debate Sessions that day and also plan on attending the Nov. 11 session. There debates are strictly practice sessions with no trophies awarded, levels include novices, limited experience and experienced delators. Bits 'n Pieces Biologists Discuss Rats Want to know what* s happening all over the world? If you do, just drop in on the Advanced Biology class any Friday while Mr. Frank Mousel, biology teacher, is conducting a current events discussion on various science topics. Already, his 12 students have covered the rat problem at the Algona dump, mononucleosis, wingless chickens, and the possibilities of "little green men" from wayout. But if s all top secret 1 So keep your ears open and if you have connections from "within", who knows, you may find out there really is a Great Pumpkin! All-state quartet try outs at Humboldt Saturday, Oct. 27, were attended by two GHS groups. Making up one quartet were Bonnie Dahlhauser, John Forbes, Rae Ann Kollasch and Tim Thill. Jean Haag, Bill Obrecht, Dennis Walker and Barb Winkel formed the other quartet. "Kyrie,'.' "Song of Democracy" and "Three Madrigals" were sung by all quartets. Bonnie, John, Rae Ann and Tim were recalled for a second audition. "Your Vocation in Life" was the topic of recent talks at Garrigan. Brother Quentin Holmes, OFM, from Chicago, HI., came and spoke to all the religion classes Oct. 24 and 25. Brother Quentin said that along with the need for more priests, brothers and sisters, there is a need for vocations to a good lay- Christian life. Included with the talk was a film about the Franciscan missions in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States. Girls 111 Have you noticed how sweet and adorable the boys have been lately ? Don't panic I Keep your cool. Think 1 Could it be that the approach of Sadie Hawkins dance has something to do with this sudden change of character ? Could be! But take your time, you've got until Nov. 17 to ask your "white knight." Meanwhile, brush up on your Sadie Hawkins tactics. Ask Mom for the car, learn how to lead in dancing and remind the boys to get their hair appoint- _ment early I Ain't Got Time; I Wanta Live Wars, strikes, murders, riots, suicides I "Who's on that scene T "Aren't your' "Well if you start to whistle, maybe I can pick up the tune." Is this you ? Accusations of this kind of ignorance are handed out to the "younger generation" everyday. Are you one of the "Man, it's your problem, Iwanta live" people ? Is life one big bowl of cherries - filled with LSD, pot and you name it drugs ? It's an easy ride and it's a real ball - for awhile. Until one day you wake up and feel dead. But it was a real blast. The merry go round of nuclear wars, education, betterment of homes, feeling for hungry, neglected children, takes caring, helping and a little bit of love unselfish love. "But who's got the time ? I wanta live." The question is, what is life without a little bit of helping, caring and loving - unselfishly. Will it be life or a living death ? But man, it's your problem; I aint' got time - I wanta live 1 Mary Hamilton eyes thief, Tom Scherer, who tries to make off with an apple. This was part of the Spanish club meeting of Period Vfl. Photo by Jackie Dietrick. Classes Divide Into Clubs Something different! Yes, this year there is not one, but four Spanish Clubs. Since Spanish students could not attend one club meeting together, Sister James Mary, PBVM, Spanish instructor, decided that each class would be a club. Officers for the first period class are Mike Muller, president; Dale Fandel, vice-president; Kathryn Reding, secretary and Sue McEvoy, treasurer. Second period officers are Jim Boudewyns, president; Pat Nugent, vice-president; Tina Obrecht, secretary and Rose StOder, treasurer. On Chris- Journalists Tour Local News Media Garrigan's journalism class has been doing a little outside traveling for a better understanding of mass media. During Newspaper Week, Oct. 13, a group of the students, accompanied by Sister Mary Maun, OSF, investigated the operation of the Algona Upper Des Moines printing office. Mr. Waller showed them the processes of making the paper from reporting to the press run. KLGA was the next step in discovery. Oct. 18 part of the class traveled to the Algona radio station. There they had their voices recorded, were shown the teletype machine and the different mechanisms in broadcasting. topher Columbus day, Oct. 12, this group held their first meeting with reports on Columbus. A skit was presented depicting a humorous version of how America was discovered. Diane Muller, president of the third period club led the meeting with the help of vice-president Janet Stucler, secretary Ann Walker and treasurer Dan McGuire. At their first meeting a skit was presented describing a Spanish breakfast. Randy Studer, Mary Hamilton and Darlene Plathe, officers of period seven Spanish club, conducted their first meeting with emphasis on Spanish life, government and religion. A skit describing the morning of an average Spanish family ended the program. Goodies Promote Successful Sale A taste of success was experienced by Camera Club members as they sponsored a bake sale at Hood's Super Value store Saturday, Oct. 28. Chances were raffled at ten cents a Apiece and three for twenty-five cents on a five pound ham. Mrs, Eugene Heimer of Algona won the prize. At the request of students who donated baked goods, club members developed pictures of the students' faces on a cartoon body and background.

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