The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 15, 1946
Page 3
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Murder Suspect Takes Own Life Missouri Professor Peniejs Poison Death In Suicide Note Coliimbin, MO., April 15. (UPI— Authorities were convinced "today that Dr. Adolpli Zocli. University 0[ Missouri iH'ofessdr of German. killed himself after a lie detector "test because he' had 'poisoned his wife uilh arsenic as she lay In a hos- pitul lied. Zech, a quiet, niild-inanncretl nncl scholarly man. sal flt the desk in his study yestei'dny afternoon, v.'i'dte n suicide note il)'e the county' prp- M'ciilor denying Unit he tilled his wife, then' fired ii .22' caliber rifle bullet into his right temple. A coroner's jury (luce days earlier had found thai Zech's wife. Malic, died of' arsenic administered by "a party or parties unknown." On Satu'rda'y Zech was 'subjected .to questioning" for 10 hour.s and un- ilcrwent a He detector test. Aulhor- Hie.s said the ' results were' "definitely unfavorable." "As far as I'm concerned the suicide " solves the inurder," saitl Prosecutoi 1 George S. Spencer. "Till' closes the case." Authorities believed Zech mixed arsenic in bottled soft drinks which he brorijjhi to his .wife's bedside. He admitted keeping a sack of arscmitc of lead in his basement. 1 for spraying rose bushes. Alter the coi-ouer's jury returned its verdict, Zecli had urged a thorough investigation to determine if a, murder actually .had Uecn committed. ' Zech. 48. German-born and a naturalized American citizen, had liv'ecl quietly "with" his wife on the universiy cnmpus, They had with- Peace Is More Dangerous Than War LlQ (AUK.) COUU1K.U NI5WS 261,608 U. S. je.vice nun killed horn Pearl Harbor lo V-J Day . fn same period, 355 000 civilians died tj accidents'in U. S 651>ll U. S. ser'vici- men \>CIG wounded war * » . Honic liont's accident injury EoEl duiiiifj wor . reached 36,000,000 Rettirned serv.cerneiMacc more danger on Ihe homo front than they •did m uniform according lo statistics of tl,o National Safety C >u dl K.cto-charl, above, shows the contrast in toll u f de-pUi a u i m-y taken .of servicemen and of civilians during the war m-riod Thf- cp H ,,c»l t.sihnHU.s lhal , lle odds are one , 0 1^ Ural the re ,'n'd "\. erunAv.ll be lulled ,h, an accident .before he dies of naUnai c'nsrs and four to one Uiat he will be injured. ' ' Qthmqn's Future Dispatches Coming From Postwar Europe , ld themselves from inany ( of .the cial .activities of facility members. When asked what he thought the murder ' motive was, prosecutor Spencer said: "A' '• motive? .Well, I think .he: was very uiihapfily .because his wife was in poor' health.' 1 Mrs. Zech, 44. had been a .patient at the ' 13 opne! County hospital for nine clays before 'her 'niysteripus. death Ayi'il 5.'' Before that, she; was n 'patient at'Noyes hospital.—. thp ^Diversity Infirmary— for " 5 weeks', but physicians said sHc had no serious illness and" sent her home.' Associates said Zech had complained of his wife's "winning disposition.' In his suicide note to Spencer, Zech wrote: "In the fact of the step I am about to take. I want' to hssurc you for'.'the last 'tinie that I .had nqth- inij whatsoever to do with niy wife's death. The thought of 'giving 'arsenic Id her never enteved my .mind, and I hud "no ..knowledge of liei' being poisoned until the .inquest was heldr r ..... " '" ' ' ' ' : |1; " ''I appeal [o you in, the name of; our niiker. in the name of .the supreme judge, hot .to '.stop tlie ii!-i vestigatipn. anil .to do all yoli can to clear my name of this vile ac-j cusation. ' t "I s^-car to. God that I told .you' nothing ' but ' ' BY .FREDKKICK C. OTIIMAN' Upit«d JJrfSs Staff Correspondent NEW Y'ORK, April 15. '(UPl—1 have heard that the British these days don't get much to .eat but Brussel sprouts'. That nekkld women cavort in -the theaters of Paris. That Ireland is a land of ham and I can learn about that. This dispatch I had to off eggs. That it's as hard Jo gel room in London as it Ls hotel Washington. in „, a u ,.^ the' tviith. Tills jos't. step ,1 ta,k'e in"pnierHp .assure you: of ,my innocepce of the crjnie..'. '•'. I 'have no .further .linp.jv-' ledge conceinjng'the inauer" than; what I stated yesterday, "yiy haiid's| clean and ,so is niy conscience. ^Letj me appeal to "you as a .human-being who is ready and willing to join These things and others, including the lip-stick shortage in England, the price of gasoline on the continent .ami how Scotch whisky j <lf any> .tastes In Scotland, I am on .'th c verge of investigating. Even 'as you read .this. .I'll be wajkiilj; • off a Pan-American' (lyLig machine on the other side of the drink Tor a look- at tlie first post-war spring,lime in Europe. Next year you may be doing the .same filing as'a 'tourist; I'm going a -little ahead of time to see if I can give you an idea of what it's like. I'll Iry ,to be an holiest reporter. If' I run' into misery, I'll say so. I.'ll make no wise cracks, bnt slionld a British lady .blame the Ippksjoi' her legs on no nylons aijrl the width .of her hips on her staVchy diet, I reserve the right to report her Ufords, verbatim. Tlie international situation and Ihe status of the British IpaiV'wlll get no comment from me. 'I'll stick to writing about the people I actually see and whether the hot water in sener'al iiiiis cold. .Last tinie I went traipsing across the oceans I did ,.so under auspices of the U. S. Army and full of .so sajcl he was innocent. He asked ilmt boardiiig a Lockheed 1 Cpn- slelintiuu plane al LaGuas : <lia field yesterday bound for Lpndoii. it was a regularly scheduled passenger flight, but the' boys' added something extra special to . keep the customers happy. They hope. They said that after the' .sun went down nnd nil the passengers line] eatei^ filets mignon on tlie house, the sle'.vnidess would lower a screen nt the from of the cabin. Her u.ssistant then would douse the liulits nnd we passengers would make history in spile of ourseive.' as the audience for the first over- ccejin preview ot a motion picture This one ft'atinoR Myrnu I.oy ant Don Ameche. the Hollywood invon- tor who never'thoUjOH .of nnytliiilg ike this, himself. I tell you. Mlow.s. the postwar world of wonders is enough to give you pause. As an old Hollywood reporter, who has walked out on more tnovie previews than the head usher at the Hoxy, -I am ..stumped. That if this picture is a punkeroo? Where am I ty>\ng lo walk? Pan American Airways. L appreciate your thouyhifulness, but ft better ~br a fjood' movie. A bad one 1.000 miles out over the blue and IO.UOO feet above it. I hate in conleoipl:ite. The way I figure it, there is no escape. Europe, here I come in a ' logo scat. Read .Courier News Want Ads. State Library Leader^ At Little UTTLR IvOCK. April 15. (Vi>> — 'I he Arkansas Library .Cpjiifiilssjop, meeting here over Ihe w^ek-eiid, MsunlUed thp llbrarv of loo)prro~w iis the |jcdd|er o/ ofd—uacklnV' (is waves unit traveling lhe"lilil\way.s liiul byways. .... The seven-member cotnmlsslpn discussed a proposed e.pnst}t'utlpnal' niiitmdnient 10 tie vpicd"at"Uie' November ujcutfpii'lu jieniilt rotmilcs '<> levy a onq-niili ' tax TpY"ihe support of county iibnUjes. •. Tin- commission's aim .is to provide Horary facilities ,lp ,'eyery 'jKl'-' soil In Arkansu.s.-)uilf of .whom dp not have access ,toa'llb'nuy lil this time. ' ". " '.'• The backbpne ,of their plan .is Ihc ';bookmoblk'"—a '.''.j-to|i 'tinpk rc|i|ip|>ed 'ivl'ih shelvijs nnd 'cAvi'VliiK (2,000 b " ' j Already .successfully I Arkansas cpiii^ie-s. U are driven "by (iiiallfied ijb nnd .stop at k'usl once every three weeks at schools, churches, filling stations, stprcs or crossroads. In March, Hi,.. Pnhiski Comity | bookmobile .distributed ii)pre tlYdn >.i)00 books;' the Jefferson"-County nick distributed 9.000; and tlie Sebastian' t'ravclipi;-library cilrciilaf- Hl -l.OO'O volumes',' Ihe 'commission va.s told. '"•" Other tounlle,s nlso ine Interested n bookmobile,*. ' ' " '• • Cniigheact 'find Poinseli. counties :iavi' the : money, but'.l'isve l^Cen inable 'to ,buy the truck. : iThp'south Arkansas district ^f >}owarj,l, tJVlje r. .Pike .and' Sevie'r CQiintjes, \nd (he oznr'k dtsTrict' of FrjiilkUn and flohn'son counties, also' ,h'nve the cash'bul'cannot i)ii,v qqulpqieut. Clnrk County, wltfi' ljeu<}i)uijrtcrs at Aikadelphlu. Is supiisorlng n drive for a bookmobile. ' And meanwhile, Bother pqunties circulate bppks -to liranch ijibrfirles by private car. .111 Mls^is^ipul 'ppun- ccessfully used ip .Hirer iiiUes. the' lx)okin'obilfs by ctuallfled ijbrm'luns Ilrown-cye.d, bfown-luiircd Nancy Anders;m, above, will be queen of Virginia's fninous nn- nunl Shenandonh Apple Dlossiim Feslivnl. l() be held May a and :i at Whichcsicr. Daughier of UK- Sceroliiry of Agricullnro nnd Ki's. ClinlPn !'. Anderson, sho .lives in AlbiKiiierquo, N. M. and \Vi)sliiiiR(on; and Is 'a siudcnt ,iil Mounl Vcvnpn ^eminiiiy, in tlie hitter clly. '«' Mine Veteran i To Filrn Sunken Ships At Bikini My JAMKS <?. AM>KltS(>\ HAN iTtANOIKCO tUP)--'rakln|! pioturcs 180 feet imdeiwater of ships sunk In the atomic-bomb at lllktii'l Aloll wns the dangerous task for , which M. Cindr. John o. .Sl'inps'on, Ji 1 ,. of l.ynchlnui;. V:i., was preparlUK today. A veteran of fpur years of wartime underwater' iiliptiinraphy. Hi,. M-year-old ol'llcor has been named head of a (cam of camurnine'n who will record on Him the damime done lo the "uutncu plu flei>i"'at lilklnl tlil.s .summer. t Slmjispn lins all llic qunllfU'/illons nect'ssary fur his ussJioiiiient, for he spent many months in combat as a 'mine jllspusal ofncer. discovering photoxrapliiut and deucll- vqlltiK mines In Ihe Pacific (hcnlei: T|iere wne only if>0 mine disposal espciis in tljn Navy during. the war. I" biiy and oulflt ,a bookmobile lioul a special .drive for money. At Hit; .presi;"!. she said, the only ri'Kular Income of the M counly- wlile libraries Is Millie aid atuounl- iug (y about five 'cents .per capita «hiBh is ijiiitclii'd with appropriations by (he county quorum. cimiis. rifty-flvc .(;Ol|UUes of Michigan's southern pei||ii^ita cover more (hail •Ji.OS'l ^qiiare 'miles of suit deposits, These ' deppslts are •estimated to conlaln ' o fsult. ty, llj.e books last ']'nohth,"'aii'd A tile ' same plan was used i^i .tlje North Arkun- sns district of Carroll, BopiieT N'e'w- ton and Marion cqujHfeif. ' Miss Loin Sowder, tSlate Librarian, lold the commi.ssion that Lhe one-mill lax will enuble any county prob'ably 3,2lip cubic , More than 7.000 pounds of special equipment: will be needed for the uridcrwalcr phuse of pholpui'aplihiiv tlic-lllklul tests, Hlmpso'n said. 1 .Included • amunij, die baltery of ciimeras the imderwatcr pliolo team will curry will be several Or- iimn 'JG-imn. boxes, which are en- rused'ln' sleel boxes built to wllh- .stand iivessurp at t)W [cct. The'cameriis to lx> used al Hlklnl range from .Hie "cundlii camera BABY CHICKS t;lii«K( Quarily ut u , nipletc line of feed. The handiest town. "We Buy Poultry & slw lo. ylant nerlal ciuncms which have been niodllk'd for underwater <M>crallons, Blinpsun mild. .Simpson who' used the German 'M:~ In mine dlsuo.snl work, said lie I'xiH'cled they would lie llic main- stuy nnd svonld ilo Ihc bulk of rc- cordlni! diiinaijo done lo sunken ships. liul his "jitt haby," Simpson said, was the modified aerial camera, which welijhs lit) pounds In Die ulv l>ul only will sciil-j 15 poimds uiulcr- walcr. Uses tartv rinsh Itulbs Klnijisoji's phplodn.'ih e(|iil|iineiU will bo liuii- dllliTcnt from Hint used by ] lri >ss pholomiipliL-is. Un- t'onvuler plctine-tiiklnu iec|ulre« laim>r Hush bulbs, he said, and lu'y urc mounted ahead of the -UK'lll lllsll'iul III' oil It. Wlii-ii the ciiininniider and his )li-ked crew no brlow td film tin- Ilklnl test, iiu-y will v.'enr clthvi- a lar diving wilt or Just a helmet . I'tidln;: upon imdcuviiter c<m- IILIons." At 1811 feel, liinvever. Hit 1 photo- impliers will have u> use .sulls, for lie wulcr pru;suie would crush A mm without them, Simpson said. Tile veteran Navy oli'liTr said le did mil Ihlnk Dlkinl would be my iiioiv iliniKeroiis than many if Uls wiirllnii' iisslunmc'iUs al- houiih lie pivdlcli-il he and lib •tew would have In work In iinicli lei'iii'i- wnler al liiktnl 'than' they .Hi] huiilliiK mini';, during! Ihe war. H imp son, whu eluiracterli'.ed iliiiM'll us "Jnsl a liiiinc-liivln' boy from l.ynchbiiri;," vnUmliirlly re- lunii'd to nctlve duty aflev f|iur Jiioiilhs as a civilian In order to take part In Ihc atomlc-bonib test?. • . .i.» 'Bcst slrigle activity of i the Stati' of I.oulslana, and ltJs"Yacllltl«s jm lued. at •ATtTOMittU Get St. Joseph AM- plrln and b« su^e of body the ashes his wife. Spencer cremated and that mixed with those of said Zech had agreed to his maker. Ami ^if you didjiot be- lh e li e detector test "reluctantly/' find that the results showed he "had '.knowjcclge of arsenic beinu Put in .water and Coca Cola.. The inquest was 'ordered after Mrs. Zech's physicians refused to sign a dentil certificate. Oren S. I-iley. chcinlst at the" State Patrol Laboratory! testified .that .he found arsenic in tlie .victim's stomach, many vaccines my head sounded like,the inside of the gear box on a jeep. This time things arc bet- icr. I might say they're dc luxe. I am wearing by own grey'pants aijd a .n'ecklie; 'l .had' to get a ' passport, bill nobody jabbed me V'ith' any .vaccine needles. It may be .\hat Europe U healthier'thaii it was during .war-time; I'll see .what lieve me yesterday, do believe me now. I beg you. "If .the. proceeds from my estate would aid in further' investigation and thus lead to the tracing of the cause that brought about my wife's death, let it be done so. . . "I bear no grudge against you.: What you saw and did wa's your -duty to f/y and do. .But please do not Jet .the matter rest here fpr I hud nothing to do with my wile's death./so held .me Qod. "Sincerely." (Signed) "Acipplh Zech." In other le.tters to'university of-, flciajs, friends and .the children 'of his wife's previous marriage, Zecii Insurance .of eyery kind Phono 3545 W, J. Pollard Glencqe Hotel B|dg. * IMVJTED To Hear Key. R. Scptt Mrd Each Evening This Week at 7:30 O'C/ock In a Series of Sermons On 'FACES ABOUT THE CROSS' Tonight "Thc THIEF on the CROSS, Who Begged For His Mercy" We We/come You FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Mrs. Robert |M. Qroyes •Now has the Authorized Agency for the Eiectroiux Cleaner and Air Purifier For Y,o,ur N,ew .Cleaner or Supplies Call |650 : pimliry liliic'o in er Lewis Poultry ' : st. COMIIINK MILO SKK1) We will cotdnu-l In advance to buy your Mlln al n ijuariui- teeil price for Hie 19-ltl ciop. 19-iG urovyei's ,are .reiwiilinsj. See or.write us .for sued and details. MISSOURI SOYItKAN COMPANY Cariilhersvllle.'-'-Mo.' 600 West Main Street Blythevillc, Ark. on @w pro/ifs.,. m j j A .SOMETIMES, nrthougli an iJeu is w,rong, it does up linrm. 'Like the .i<^ e . a >!>S*- ^ .sq.u.ft"' Jaw is the sign of will jppufcr! TJmt wjii^erfi aren't as severe be, or,that rixi hau- dcnote.s (jiiiok temper. •But there are o^rvyrqi)gU]L>a.s,vvluc!i}xrecle(j|iitqly.lii ) riiiful to public conficjet|ce .in .grid understanding of industry. Oi)o such '4?a ,is tl^.c-HTterit ''g^esaing" nboiit profits mucle by.large business or,gani;!aUp,ri3. Many people.arpofjt to grossly exaggerate tlje inoncy njacle by busirjesa. JJp Ppinj^n ^^esearch jCcjrpcjrutioii (nn independent ^SanlzatiqiOfli^ learn jiist what the public think* about.profits. .Compare these guesses nnd .yours with tliu Inter- nalipiiAl,Harvester^rofit.fijfures given below. rate of profit in normal times. •Many large businesscu, incliulinj; ourselves,'would coijajder it a banper ycnr it 'wo could rciicfi Ojus figure.' Ouratcrageprefitfor fnc last ten years—four tmr and t(if pwicc— was 6,43% — mpre than ,a ,fiirj less (hart fvliul ike '(ijibJic considers fair. ^ll.thcse fitfurcH ebpw that pur .profits lire n'pi.' ))igh'. r Aa ji niattcr of fact, Uie.entjre.furm.machinQry .industry .is a low profit,industry. Jn 1944, the federal '[Triide.'Com- mission publiahcd a list of 76 in- dustriesTBnkccl in order of their ratio of.profila to sales. Tliu farm machinery industry wns SVth on the list. Whit About C«fT«i)l.1 (I.Pr^ei? •When the War ended nnd we planned our peace-time production, we had hoped lo be nble to serve our farmer customers nl th» same level which has held since 1942, regardless of wnr-limc increases in coals of wngcs nnd ma- Wages anil nmtcrinlH consumo nearly all of every dollar -Harvester takes in from unlea. A (!ov- ernmeiit Iward luis recommended nnd tlie Company haH agreed ,ti> pay H gcnonil wage incrc-ano of 18 cenU per hour for Harvester factory employees. The (iovernment linn also .ajlowgd price jncreimc.H e>n raw muterinlrt whicli wo |iur- clmse in'liirjje' nu'arilil'ii.'s. Steel him had an' HVLTIIK'- increiiso of Public gum M »ir promt.. 30.04 ST\ I H fw mu ft* 4.9f( In this survey, the average of the guesses by.the public of the wartime profits made by industry w»a . . . tJipjty.per cent (30%). Hut m the four war ycnra of •19.4.2, 1943, 1944, and 1945, thc profits pf International Harvester Company averaged only ... 4.9% on sales, /-ess than, one sixth of what Ike genera! public "gucaitd" for all industry. For this period, the year by year per cent of profit* on sales was: 1942—7.34, J943—5.59, 1944 — 3.95, 1945—3.93. MI PMC< prtfftt fc\£\ IH .ff«F«-«r"'>«* r \3J %i/ mtftf prafit .. 7.17< In the four peace years of 1938, 1939, 1940, and 194'l,'.tRe profits of International Harvester Company averaged .. .7.17%. This is iL-cIt under 'half of liihal the public "guessed" fpr all industry. HWorttjr tM»M»ir pr»fit m M*IM| ttM« it lOf IH (M-JMT mttft k ku tkM H The survey indicate* the public Itriofv* tpjit iii pur.ecpRomy prof- iU are itidiiperiublc. 'And the m«gority .rej^fi "10% M> fair My Regular Deliveries' Have Been Completed IStHIHave Available a. few bushels of High Germinating PIONEER Hybrid SEED CORN in Popular Varieties: CAU OR SSI Mrs. Howard Bowen Luxora, Ark. There has been no crcvsc in,pur firfas since they t frozen by i^ii'. ^oi\r\\mcnl early i 1342. So pur ifituntiQn tfliiny Ls (,lmt wlmtwe,BUy<;ostimH 13 1C prices. Wu will bo Iiiiyinu nveniRu.luiiirly WHXf.<9 50% alx>vt 19 11 . iKcr wliiit wu SKLI. w« get only l'J-12 prices. This condition cnnnot )6nx IHI met out of our pri^uont low rntc of profit. ; It is plain.thal price ro|ief neudcd .to ttMMt iho uicrciisod wiige nnd material coal'! which we must carry. We regret this necessity. We prefer to lower pzicea, when poa- niblc, rather thaiii rai^c them and wc-know our customcns prefer to have ua do that. We hnd hojKcl to lie able to '-'ho)d the liner* ut Ic'Hst. !iut we do not see how' we can nvoid operating at n loss if our prices continue to remain at llioir |>rcwont frozen levels. .We will NOT-'V\lt corners" on nny of our producti!, because QUALIFY IS THE FOUNDATION OK OUR ' ' • .um.mnn.iTt terin^s up lo that lime. But recent tlevelopinrnts luive forced a change t in mir plans. . Our cualo^ers can be corlnin that we wiji'sect no more tbnti h moderate profit, IwtlijKicayso of our policies ^and becjiusc we imve npproitima'tcly SpO' .competUprs fighting X4S vigorously for your business. Our request for price rejijjf will more, tli/m is npc- esaory ,tb insure continued service' to our customers, continued work for ,qur employees, nnd a reason- i^ble ^c^uni .for our slockhpl(fqrs. INTERNATIONAL .EM'. Kni'ifi loaiiH iniulc to Cit your individual .nccdi). Our i-u-pnyniqnt in-ivilutte gniulcd all liorruwers. Let un cxpliiin our I're-1'iiyniont Hcserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES - NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we arrniijfo u loan with you it is good business for us lo rnnku it fit your nccila becajse farm .loans are a good Investment, only \vhen thej are good for t^e I'linn owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Gluiicoc Phone 3131 For River-Washed SAND p«i GRAVEL Phone We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam Dirt for Fills Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. !{ulen Holmes POULTRY WANTED! iUr. Davis is uinncclcd with the counlry's largest luiiillry buyers imil offers highest' prices 'at all limes. TODAY and TOMORROW'S PRICES— Hen$ —25c Cox — 16c imiNG YOUK POULTRY TO US 1711 West Vinr St. Blythevillc TrlcM Subject to Chai^e Without Notice Open for Business!, SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bu^hy Avc. CARUTHERSVILLJE, MO. Lawn mowers Expertly sharpened and repaired. Thone ^'c pick up ttnd deliver. Immediate I service and guaranteed satisfaction 2192 nssurcd. \Vc also specialize in gas and electrical welding. F. L WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second

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