The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1951
Page 2
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PAflflBTIW BI.YTHEVn.T,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST I, It* President Begins Move To Halt Trade with Reds WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. W'l—A series of steps by which President Truman If expected lo withdraw trude concersions to Russia and Its European satellites was described YCNlerday's proclamation was accompanied by a letter from Mr. Truman lo Secretary of the Treasury Snyclcr. Snydrr was ordered deny trade benefits to 13 Corn- today 'by Informed Slate Depart- munist controlled areas In easlern mcnt officials. Step one: a Presidential proclnm- ation tssneii yesterday, to establish the baslr. aniliorlly for carrying out a recent coinrcssionnl order. The order luslnicted llie President to cancel concessions lo Hie Herts. Obituaries L. C. Rollison, 46, Dies after Illness; Rites Tomorrow Europe and Asia, Including Red Chhiii. The effective date is Aug. 11. Mr. Truman also instructed Sny dn to embargo Imports from China of prmLiit*. (ox. koliriicy, marten mink and wen so] furs. (Xhi'r Arcus Oivt-ri'il O i hrr A rea s covered by t tie t>a r on trade lienefiu are Albania, Estonia, Ens i Gin ninny. Communist ronlrolled parts of Indochina North Knre;i, Hie Kurtlfi Islands Latvia. Lithuania, outer Mongolia itiimatiia, Soul turn fiukhalin am Tnnna Tuva. Wlih the exception of Rumania ihcf'ft flre arens which hart no lira trade iiRteements or trestles 'A'itl the United Slates, -Stntc 'l)rimr»- mcnt officlaJs snir! there was therefore no tensrui why action cotiU not be taken now. Action a wain j Mnj-.ctiw-btoo Liaiion.s with whir ] the U. S. Jins tighter Undo treatli [will take lotiRcr. Human Ian Notice (riven Services for L. C. Il'tlN.son of BlythevfUe. who died ye.stcrriiiy j morning in Baptist Htwjiitnl In Memphis after an'Illness ° r several! days, will be conducted nt 3 p.m. f tomorrow at the First Baptist i Church in DeWilt, Ark. : Rinnama nad a trade Agrce.non The Rev £ C Brown, pa.stor onMibjoct lo cancellation on 30 dcu' Ihe First, Baptist Church herr. will | notice. Notice wn.s given a month officiate. Burinl will be nt DcWitt.j"BO- Mr, Rclti&oti. who wrft* 46. was a i Notices of Intent u> etui existing plumber Ke was a member of thcltiade noinpiicU nl*o li:'vc linen rjjv- First Baptist Church licre. \m by the United States to ttussla. He » survived by his wife. Mrs. | Hii^aria, Unitary, and Poland, L C Rollison' a ctauptnor. Miss j However, iii each of these cases n Dorothy RollJson; nnd two brothers, j Longer period of time must elapse O S. RollLson of Hlylhcville and O. G. Rollison of DeWHt. CEASE-FIRE until the CRiicellatlons can become effective. UNITED IN FAITH A huge cross stands over Ihe Olympic Slarlium in Hoihn, s.vnibcil ol Hie failli dj-cw 30(1,000 lay and rlerlcal deJeg;jtc.s from all pnrls o( Cicrninny [or Ihe third posl-war Evangelical Church C.'ongit'ss It was (he larges! reliRinus fiathcrmg in Germany since Ihe war ended The body voted tc condemn Communist infiltration ot yuuth and forced Jaboi in the Soviet Zone. Atmoun, in Roman mytliolojiy. was the name given to the personification of the produce of the year ' Siberian mninEand. I A pipeline connects the Russian jollflcltl oti Sakhalin Island to the! ties. (Continued from Pnge 1) .1. Gen, Natn 71, head of the Red delegation. Nature Nut Disclosed Nuckots did not disclose (he na- ure of. this final question. Blit It. wa.s presumed here that the North •Corcnn had asked something like the following question: ' H you sincerely desire peace, and intend to observe the armistice, why nre you talking about defensible potions? Nuckols .said the tiwMJrm had been anticipated, and the answer prepared in advance. After ma kins M* statement Joy asked: ''Do you or do you not a^rce thai the security of hi.s forces is a responsibility of each commander during a military armistice?" Mam II evaded a dIrect answcr. Joy repeated bis question a second mid (hen a" third lime. Fach time General Nam nvoided a direct 'answer. H f i\ Finrry Ca usf d When Joy put the quest Ion for Ihe third time, NuckoLs said, it caused a flurry on the Communist side. The two Chinese in the five- man Red delegation conferred with each of her, apparently ntt"mpling to find an answer for Nam. "The riue.stion was becoming something of a dilemma to him." Nnckols said. For his part. Nam asked Joy five times during the day whether he had anything further to say. The . first time he asked it. .somewhat ; hopefully, Nurkol.s said. Each time • Ihfi admiral said no. 1 All evidence indicated that Nam's 1 mission at the moment Is to keep j the conference going while he awaits } Instruction.-; from higher author!- i Public Platforms 5p*«W Red Form of Justice HONG KONG (AP> — Chinese Communists are making It easier for people to denounce their enemies as "eounttr-revoliitionnrlcs," Authorities vt CbunRshan Pro- j cruiting stations in City Hall here vince, just north of Mncno. Imnj j during July, According to m-rult- ordei-cd fill villages to construct "nc-| er . s - r e[»rts announced yesterday, cuaatlon platforms." an indcpend-i of tne to tal, 22 men enlisted in ent newspaper reported here. Lhe N aV y. according to Chief Petty E«rh platform is to he constantly j officer H. O. Tiewaler. recrulter-Hi- attnidcd by one Communist soldier | charge. These Include: and one Junior Red official whr l - - -- ac(s ns a Judge. People ran drag "cn»ntcr-re\'0-l r) ra tie and Silas Leon Brown, all ot liiiionarles" to tha platform at any • Btythrvllle; Bulls Monroe Jones, time and hurl r' -rt?^ nunlnst IhPin.'Yroy Wilbur Langston and Wayne Then it'.s IM> to the accused io prove • Harcty [, mis ford. all of Osceola'; hlsjnnocencc^ | Billy Wsyne Jarretl. John, Luien. *" ] William Ralph Sowetl and AU'in RusNiiin-traLjied 38-year-olri Korean i Edward Constant, all of Caruthers- has received no instructions to I villr. Mo.; Bonnie O'Nea Carter 38 Men Enlist in Army, Air Force And Novy Here During Past Month A total of 38 men enlisted al the j rol, !><-nn Hobnln, Kutwt Iff Pu* N::vy anil Army and Air Force re-1 ncll Itolxnl.'. L. C. Sinllli nnj !»»«• WnMiliiDloii. nil nt l.uxum: W«yiw II. <li'slrlnii nlul ItaroM 1 nov Me. Dimk'l. linlll o[ IlollnnJ, Mo.; Nor. IIKIII Uowli>y nf Blcrlp. Mlli. »ll< Nnpnlran Kotliuini of Jolnci Knllstlnn In III? Army \vrtf Halt^ ^ „.. oil U'c Duvh o( Hloclff, Mo,. Cljdt wll ° Jess Charles Uplnn. Isanc I.ron | Cm I llmulilr ol O-ci'oln »iul Clmrlri ] Ashby. I-ee Spencfr. Jr., Edmon Dale] Wrslpy t.nCmiw ol Luxor*. RAN change his demand for a butter ] Charts Alva HadRer.s, both of (he 3fWi parfiHeL Con- 1 Ktowah: Roy Lee Carter and Curtis fiom Slcko.s, lord privy prob«l)ly , would arrive In llu* li-unUti cnpl- .socjuently liis technique wasTl)?]ievcd ! Rny Taylor, both of Steele, Mo.; to b? one of continuing the meet-j Cecil Elmer Fears of Lenchvlllc. tails. MUH'CPA iiiK ur til such instructions were re-1 I.ynn Alexander Manning, Jr., nf lions on I run's coived, if at all. ! Manila. Clco Hnnna of Luxora. Kd- The Pyotiffyan^ radio save no in-| ward Enaenp Lloyd of Bassett, Rites Conducted For Mrs. Chance Services [or Mrs. Gladys Mae Chance of Huffman, who died nt 'Walls Haspifal yesterday follcwing a brief illness, were cotiductcd nt 2 p.m. today nt Cobb Funeral Home Chapel oy the Rev. Darrcl Proud. pastor of the Church ot God. Mr. 1 ;. Chance, who was 39. war, born En BIylhevillc nnd resided here nil her Me, Her husband, died a year ago. She Is AUivtved by three children, | Ralph, Chnrles and Putty Sue Chance; her father, Jame.s Lyerly; and a brother, Jess Lycrl,v. Pallbeaiers were Jess Lott, Tin- Mr Lott, J. B. Lett, William LoU. Charles Stevens nnd \V. O. Snn- ders. Buri&l was in Doewood Cetne- j tery. Girl May Wed Unfrocked "Pflsst If D?C-'f?r*?^ Rational, Italy Says '. MILAN. Italy. AUK. 3. f/Pj—Kalian sulhoritle.s .salfl i today Claire YoiniR of Chicago will be t permitted to marry 'Lucinno'Ncgrfhi, a'n mxtrorU- ed and excommunicated priest. If pKychifltrists declare her rational. A Vatican spokesman snid If Miss Younir, a Cathoh'c, marries Negrlni, she too wiH be exco]i> municated. The 20-year-old AnicHrnn girl has been held in Jail here since Saturday when she slapped a policeman Rfter bcinp refused an extension of her visitor's permit. YOU MAY NOT NEED CASH! Your Present Refrigerator May Cover Your Down Payment before you buy any refrigerator ... TRUMAN wi , h See how much more you get 2cuftKELYINATOR (Continued from P;\se 11 campaignintr at this particular linic.j Com me tit Refused 2. He would not comment on a ; proposal by Sen. Mundt iR-HDi i proposing an alliance of Southern • Democrats and Northern ftcpitbli-1 cans. The President said thai was! up to Mundt and the Dixiccral-s, as; he called them. i *-. 3, He Is continuing his InvRsll- j gation of charges thai William • Boyle, democratic national chair-1 man, was paid a fee in connection i with an RFC loan to n Missouri • corporation. j 4. He is very sorry that Senator] ConnaHy (D-Texl tnok the position i he did earlier this week shnrpJy \ criticizing overseas foreign aid pro- ! grams. ; Hfi ?'avors Demorrnls 5. He a 1 ways has Io be LSI favnr of (he Democrats In a.choire he-' twecn them and Republicans This ! was in connection with a request ; for comment on the Republican ! nomination of br- Danlrl A. Poling i for mayor of Philadelphia, Mr. Tru- ', man retrrrcd to him affectionately as a good BapUst preacher. Tin- President is a Baptist. Asked whether ho frit tlir new controls law would require tlie rr- laxalion of waee controls. Mr. Truman sairt his siatemrut on sisznivp; the bill spunks fir itself. In that statement, he hinted at wap,p concessions, sayinc the woikinc p^tnilc could nr>t be expected to for>T tlip bill for profits he foresaw frwn the new legislation. SUBVERSIVE (Continued from P;'»P U testified. Hiss complair.rri Thai she was "tryincr to eet Noel Fir'.d awru fmni me," She said she rep!i"d !hp "No, you are frying to eel N T opl away from me." She. IlKs Avrertt '• In the end. ?he ronliuucd, -^hr and Hiss aprreri ihnt it wais no! (or 'tiCni tvi decide '.vlir t niiould tet Firld. By "gettinE" him, she pnid slic- meant whose unit he was lo be in. As Mrs. Massing pictured U, the Soviet Union had various crmip*, such as the comintcrn, R"d army Intel] icenre and others, vrorkine undercover and there was keen <'nnv petition amone them over "getting K man as an informant. 1 ' She said that when she sot DUR- gnn, she was given "a line honor." Duggan pJun^ed to his death in December, 19^R, from the 16th floor of a New York office building. IT'S COLD Now you con hav« 12 cu. ft. ef cold ipac* In a cabinet that 1 * only 31 !A r wid« r 58%' deep, 60%' highl It fH» right In your kitch»n In place of your prewar tixl COMf ARE FROZEN FOOD SPACES This Kel- vinatnr Masterpiece gives you f/cftendablt *Tor.i£;e for 42^ ths. of frozen foods. COMPARE BOTTLE SPACE! Room for 16 i qua re t]uart milk honles. Takes tail beverage hotiles. too! COMPARE GENERAL STORAGE SPACt! No more "slacking" wiih all thi.^ room . . . mid tttjuM.iMe sprice for Imlky items! Shelves are of sturdy aluminum . . . rust-proof, stay iH'>v lookint*! COMPARE SPECIAL STORAGE FEATURtSE KefviiiAtor gives you a roomy Meat Tray . . . clear Polystyrene I fanditray .,. am! new fulf-ii-i/fth Sufier~('rfifrer for mnist-coUl .storage f)f o\er a bushel of fruit and vegetables! COMPARE 8EAUTYI All Kelvinntor.s bring \on [lie new hiMiit% of wonikrful posi-\var PoKstyrenc, u.scil for m;iny part.s — an<] ne\\- 1 11 a nil i rn-porcclai n i ntcriors.acid resisting, toupher, tM77lfn(^ white, easier to clean 1 . COMPARE DEPENDABltlTY! Kelvinator u-ii ONLY .95 r Vll.-h^n «'lh Fiv ^ AWWICA'i AlOSr COPIED «FR/G£RArOR B.FGoodrich 417 West Main Phone 6331 dlcation that North Koreans would j Charles Edward Jones, Jr.. of Coot- comproml*e. IL said the U.N. cte-[ cr. Mo., and Raymond Leo Houna- niand for a cease-fire aV>nt; present ! liasi of Portagevillc, Mo. battle lin<\«;, m:ist of which run j J<'1>' enlistees in the Air Force lo- throii"h North Korea, was totally j talert 13 and three men joined t'.ie uiiacce])t;ihle. j Army, according to; Staif Sgt. Ar- Hnwevpr, tlie Pyongyang; radio on \ tnur G - Bflhiij two previous nccislons has taken an: Air Force enlistees Included: " UMfymui-omEsir!'; stand on coutro- Floyd ni:ickburn, Daniel II. Cnld- vcv'M-Vut miifh IPS.S important—Kvi-11, ' Charles Kenneth Coleman. qn":.lions, on which tho Rrri nogo- I Chnrlrs Eriward Hoover and Rilly iiaiors .subsequently ga%-e in. within 24 houi'.s to work out de- aid nefiotiH- ltoiuiUmtlcu of the Angli'-Iranlnn Oil Conip;»ny'i M,400,OQQOOC holdlnfis would bftgln Sunday or Mautay. ilEirrlinnn received Hie British reply last night, and although tU content. 1 ! wore not disclosed, it !• understood Britain $»irt the conditions for the talks, a* explained bf Harriman, were satisfactory. The sturgeon uses its iiiE- . ___ . . . } to root in ocean mud ' Gene HUKMCS, all of Blythevilfe; Ca- [ \v»rins and small shellfish. It was believed here that the sfeot roliirspliere cold-mnkcr lhai defies time and wear! COMPARE VALUE! Yes. compare Krliimtnr n'ith any refrigerator anj^'hcrc. H ere is more for xour moncv at ECIAL! NLESS GIVEN WITH THI PURCHASE OF A DfXTER AMERICA'S WASHER 3 quart covered server 2 quari ulitiry sauce pan * pan 1 quort covered souce pan 101-2 Inch cov- Bted French S ki I la ! and Chkkon Fryer Doabl shows U33 of to make double boiler New exclusive features mean lifetime washaf latisfaction. *Coro-Vane Agitator—•Turn- Flo Tub—'Super-Century Mechanism— / •Gentle-Action Damp Drier give you the extra* that make Dexter the finest of fine wa«her«. Small Duwn Payment. Weekly l'aym«nta As Low As GORE'S 306 East Main FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 2660

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