The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on August 16, 1958 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 1

De Kalb, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1958
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THE DE KALB D.ILY CHRONICLE v , '51, DE KALB, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1958 PRICE TEN CENTS i ft r ; 1 fed - J ' V r ..a A. i ri in I. 3 6 XAJOB BLOW The ho; barn on the Joseph Masear owner, the devastating blow came at about 4 ajn. Friday larm three miles north of Route 34 on Route 23 wti in morning, incurring damage upwards to $4,500 to hit farm, the path of the tornado-like winds that ripped through This view is looking west, the direction from which the the southern parts of DeKalb County. According to the .... winds came. n Sal SO Expect Shoot for Moon Attempt Will Be Tomorrow IS TALL ROCKET MJMWO . Tins l: 'up ii.iib Scidragon Reported to Be Better Than lSantilua ted Press IntaTnattoeaJ Pu.v:slOiT.. N.H. Jtiie sis ',i swift submarine Ffals-aKoiisaid to tfi oen-r nib ttan jie "polar-voyaging Nautilus, was launched today st the Naval hlpyard"here. ' Powered by an atomic reactor plant and having "missile guidance capabilities," the 268 foot twin-screws undersea craft U an attack submarine of the Skate class, the fourth f built. -fc : f- ; . Mrs. ftnhert T ' IVnnluin Coronado, Calif, wife of Vice Adm. Dennison, .commander of the First Fleet, christened the sub. Principal speaker at tht brief ceremonies was Rear Ada Frederick R Warder, commander of the sub force 1 the US. Atlantic Fleet , Conspldous by his absence n Rear Adm. Hyman C. VUckover, generally considered fit "father of the atomic sub marine," Rlckover has said the Seadragon Is a better sub than the Nautilus, but has re-toed to compare the two on, peciflc points. ,. , "tou may be able to deter mine that one woman is better looking than another, but you n1 put a percentage on It," bt said. -.' - "Any ship Is obsolete as I mod u It's built everybody I ,TOW that The reason Is that I5i are always incorporating 3 imnwMaa.. - . . - 'jmv.ciijcui, ana as soon aa yw nave a ship completed, s nave one nearly complet er that is better," Rkkover Hid. . Etfner this week. Mrs. Rick. WW WSJ OUOted aa hetne miff. " "t she was not asked by ftavy to christen the Trit Sandwich Begins Cleanup From Storm's Aftermath Hundred! Turn Out to Aid With Removal of ; Wreckage-Debris from Stricken ""' vO ' '$ Area.v' V--- Iii)IIDvlT OTOITY CilElTS All electrical power will be restored to Sandwich to night but this phe nominal recovery Has been made possible only through the co-operation of a small army of utility workers and thousands of volunteer citizens. ; In addition to 18 northern Illinois crews of the Public Service Company, 200 men making up emergency crews from Commonwealth Edison Company districts of the Chicago area were dispatched Friday into the devas tated Sandwich-Somonauk storm area. Observing the scene early Friday, power lines were Ivin in the streets like strewn spaghetti. Crews worked throughout the night with portable generators providing light for construction of lines and the Installation of many new poles. Expensive, damaged, transformers were replaced and miles of line repaired and replaced. Although power ten ice is expected to be restored to every customer by this evening, telephone repair work will probably take aomewhat loneer. ; ; "' ;r'i-: .:' - While work continued throughout the night, volun teer crews from surrounding cities began the Huge cleanup project. With the Sandwich Fair-, along side. There was not too Judse Poust Sets Hearing on Petition Circuit Judge Casslus Poust uunty Judge Ross E. let until September 2 to file if any, to a petition yt to mov hm as ; af.ffii estate of the late -". ur WcAlpin of Sycamore. hearing on the non-1 'cket M Case JS'o. Tlve s"t aeptember 8. petition war fJet by . Keuter of Blvi- a cousin of the late Mra. grounds hit hard by the storm there was some question as to whether or not the DeKalb County Fair could be staged only two weeks from now. Fanners of the area witn trac tors, end loaders and hauling equipment have volunteered their services so that the fair can be held. Fire sirens were heard sev eral times in Sandwich, but BEATEN WORKER RELATES STORY Signs Statement Friday; Incident Occurred in DeKalb much damage done to the car except for some scratches and small dents. At the home of James Robert Allen on Elm Street, the garage was turned at a 45 degree angle, limbs went through windows and the meter box was torn from the side of the house. The car was narked in the driveway and was not damaged. At the home of Doran Grief, only because tests were being a tree fell on the roof knock made to insure the proper functioning of the warning system. No fires were reported. The following report and resume of the damage in Sandwich was provided by Chroni cle Correspondent Mrs. Lester Hage: Much damage was done to the house of Lyle Hyatt at 507 West First Street when a tree fell on the root knocking down all the plaster in an upstairs bedroom,-Great damage wai done about the north side fuprooted; One 6i the trees feu across the road and onto a car at the Edwin Cabrtelsen home on Lafayette Street The other fen across the Toad on the house owned-by GuaJDberg heartr-g was rou- sirxcs snsaAP . Wnor mishap was report ' iK4lb St Firt mnA FUk Joe Smith, transient worker from Rockingham, N. C, who was bpiUUy beatetw-un Aast Thursday, related the circumstances of his assault to DeKalb Acting Chief of Police Charles Leese and Officer Howard Crisler yesterday ait ernoon. In a signed statement. Smith told the two DeKaJb police officers that on August 7 he. Clarence Tracy and several other men had met at Scotties Tavern in the east end of De- Kalb's business section and gone out to a gravel pit south of Cortland to play poker. He said he won about SI 80. The group, according to the statement, returned to the tav ern where Tracy asked him to step outside and "match coins for $10.'" Smith said that he flipped the coin and that when he bent over to pick It up, Tracy clouted him on the head. I backed Tracy against the wall and pulled out my knife" the statement relates. The knife wasn't open. "I told him if he ever hit me again I'd cut him up" Smith's statement says. Smith told police he let go of Tracy and turned to walk away when he was hit a ter rific blow in the back of the head. He said that's all he can remember. The $180 Smith won In the poker game was not found on him when he wss discovered brutally beat en and bleeding at the Gornv ley gravel pit later that day. Police theorized that Tracy CAPE CANAVERAL, Fta An immensely tall rocket with knobby contrivance on top stood gaunt in an Air Force towel on Cape Canaveral to day. It apparently was ready for a widely anticipated "shoot lor the moon" Sunday. The Air Force and Defense Department still would not confirm that the hi- test, marking man's first uncertain leap to bridge the chasm be tween the planets, was imminent- i The maximum goal of the test Is to orbit an instrument ed satellite of under 100 pounds arpund the moon and obtain a crude television picture of its eternally hidden "dark side" Informed sources have noted that Sunday is the best day for such a test. If the rocketeers can not get It off then, they have the next three days when the moon still la relatively close to earth within 230,000 miles. Only a short period of each day' will provide a celestial alignment favorable for shoot ing and the whole thing could be celled off for another month. All signs of a major mi&sile launching were evident here Activity continued far into Friday night on the Air Force service tower, its bright lights showing through a squall line that enclosed the rape. All living, space in neat by motel as sold out. Whimpers were circulated by "beach telegraph." Ms for the Wml of shoot planned, the rocket standing in an extended thor missile tower was certainly like nothing ever fired here before. Apparently completely as sembled in the hut day or so, It looked to be slmost 100 feet tall and towered above other missiles in position along the cape skyline. The moon rocketeers can only hope to do a portion as well ss an electronic brain did Friday in sending up a Bo marc Interceptor missile against a B17 drone. The Bomarc was fired by pushbutton from Kingston. N.f, more than 1,500 miles from the launching site here. But, checked out for the first time by an all military crew, the Bomarc exceeded its mission of a near-miss which W'ould be enough to blow up the target with a nuclear war head. Ing down all the plaster In an upstairs bedroom, also a tree! fell on the car parked in tne front of the house and another and several other men dump- tree uprooted which was held up by an adjoining tree. Win-, dows were broken at many other homes as well as dam age to roofs. Many trees were piled up along Route 34 and traffic was rerouted until a one . way passage could oe made. This was at the home of Mrs. Wilbur Feehan, Mrs. Charlotte Berry and the Meth odist Church. A limb damaged the belfrey ... tow er... of . the. ehurEfc Early, to the morning . the bulldozer owned by Staht's Construction Company of ed Smith into an auto and dis posed of him at the gravel pit Eight men were arrested on trespassing charges stemming from the incident. Tracy la still being sought and author!' ties believe he has skipped out of the state to New Orleans. Mishap. Occura Touches Wire Semenauk who have been do-jeecapwr lerloul TajufteirTafe ing work on the city streets. the - earner of-Second awt rTru ent at through by puahlng limb, and went down the streets making a- clearing - for- ears te get knMla4mtact1maletry, sccontmr thtreboemUM fMMi tw nntln that Mrtiln Kin wmuMlWHW UWI what trees were possible tol the aide. . AH the damage was done In about 13 minutes although the East Center Street a tree fell on his car in front of the house causing damage to the nnf mnA . hrwakln. WindOWS while a limb fell on his service rain continued for some while truck Barked on the side street aner tne twister. at his home ' In the downtown "area the A .n mrMm th rar of Unm.Kw VariMr Ktnrt Duv'a , .eroay sitemoon InvoMn Carl Sent on Elmwood Street Shoe Store. Cooper's Furni-i tL i ... ' nrtuy aim uAttcircu ... lure, uenjers Appareu no u windows of the Nstional Tea At th corner 13. 411 (Livxth C .V. ' f - J n CfraMtta th and a rar nnanii k. .!... iv. Kan. nf Vn : John-on. 222 Fi.k Ave-;.Martha Dayton was lifted off Store were blown or sucked the car and piled tne wooa euu Friday . afternoon when he " 1 - - 1 . ' . t, , '"'io.w-' -aVr- I w NsW.WsWsjW TOTAL LOHH-rThi Is one of two Piper trainers on the Sandwich Airport lot that were declared total louse. Two othcr planes suffered hrvy damage, while minor is. mmnmtmm t 1 in n i'miMimi k n M bstterlngs occurred to two others. Total Iom st the airport was believed to be around $10,000. ARE KILLED Includes Entire Crew; Twelve Persons Injured HOLIDAY BOUND WEATHERMAN GIVES VERSION Drunk Drivers i Sent to Jail for Offences ' f I Two drunk drivers, both sr- viit t? .1 f 'rested in DeKalb through the MU Earth lence MaiiiC(M)ppration of fri ci,lMn,, Describes Reasons for Slorni Tlte resulting damage of a! TEETH PULLED FROM PROGRAM Expect Some I'mponalx were sentenced to jail terms in County Court today when they pleaded guilty to the maiKt-K- 1 niled PreM Interridilonil Inton h. Lagerstrom, 6. or I'MTED NATIONS. N Y k n n as-a I t n Ia niohl .. i: .t ... . . . . storm usuallv take., the snot- V"-"". V ' ."'iinmcaiiona mounieu i.niay inose iinspiiBiiio ..-u. k... , .,.,. Tt,.ny m me county jail, given that sijiis, uui in antiiiiini iv s iti Made In Ike Will Be Dropped NANTUCKET, Mass. A Northeast Airlines plans crashed and burned Friday nlfihl on fog-bound Nantucket Island, killing 22 of the 31 person armaicl. Including torni-er Atomic F.ncrgy Commission Chairman tjonion E. Dean. Tlie tw in engine C o n v a i r was filled Willi holiday-txiund weekenders on a filght from New York to Nnnlm-ket when it slammed to earth near the airport and disintegrated. The dead included the entire crew. The other 12 person among: the total M ahoard were in-lured, some critically. Seven were flown ttiis morning to i Boston for special treatment ;at the Massachusetts General .Hospital's "burn renter." Scuts, hiu of flaming fuse. late and wheel were hurled belter skelter into woodlands east of the airport when the 4 two-engined airliner crashed! The body of Dean, a weekend "vacation commuter," was identified b his wife. A hby. Cindy Lou Young, 2, was hurled alive from the 'wieckage but her mother urn 'killed. The bahy was among backstare negotiations Eve witnesses reported that i-edil for timti' tri-wi alnee' i ....n t.t ..,!.,. .1 .. 1.1. DeKalh Dailv Chronicle', sum.!; '"' , " " ' ' .VT.: ''" F"'1' " "" ',"e inr spin apau nrte ..1 V.. '. .Jj i,:'a!" neo '' Pr.f.iilenl Elsenhower's pro eggshell Arrest Youth Friday Night; Three Charges A DeKalb youth is In the city Jail this morning awaiting preliminary hearing on three charges lodged against him Friday evening after a dlstur bance In the eastern business section. Larry French, 19, DeKalb was arrested st 11:30 p.m. by DeKsio police after they spot ted a crowd milling in front of the Twins Tsp on East Lin coln Highway. Officers Richard Miller and Charles Luoma found French and James Poksrney, 629 EU- wooa Avenue, in sn argue-ment. Witnesses told police iran roaarney had been knocked to the ground. Taken to DeKalb Public mary report in news and pic- ,nA . -m nn. u. ti.! lores her Is the storv nf the , u.. ti-o , x - luwt-ii jiom yi-iniie oy O'.ni awiui rn. riiunv "''!: i nam J, .sipavich of 193 Terrace from the weatherman's point Dlivf n,,Kalb, who signed the of view. I warrant and also testified The Saturday morning Dr. Mar-iarrest was made by Ofticerj tin Retnemann of Earth Sci- Howard Crisler... ence Department at Northern; Hurt Hanka. 42. of Chicago,! Illinois University was contact was sentenced to 30 days in ed and provkled the following )' " ordered to pay costs information. i H wrresied, by gway Bked i21 he fire alarms i usiiing to it.... ...i. gi inrir im inr otiui 1411 r ui ,1 nivf- iiah Platte-1 bee n opposed by the Arabs H 200 blmk on East "mma.ory piopngnr.oa in In which he.'M"la" ''" car of It k. &B . L. a l 1 1 " .,w",,""l dent in th iiuia una urxil tvirtru u a 1 InCOln Hi u'ai-m alama.a V. o . Uu,. 1 i .ion "-v., rarnme(J a j, Riving us ine w aegiee. puis. hy Tom temperatures, inis warm air Ville, Wis. MaVtln Dohrlch was reported that they might mass, aside from yielding un chased him and luHd him until be relntioducefl when the t;en comfortabe heal, is not storm ilui; Xt isler could make the era I Assembly lieu ins its iegu- producing. arrest. ; lar sessmln on Sr pt Id. However, a cold front mov ' County Judge Ross E. Millet i informed diplomats said the Ing out of the northwest ttig Imposed the sentences and , j,,, pitie proposal In gered the vicious storm as it State's Attorney Carl A. Swan -( the resolution being ptepared hit this warm mass hovering son. Jr., was the prosecutor. ihy Kn!.w, would lie a dnetle over a large area. Ttiis front,' , to Sh retail (i e n r r a I Dag iiiihling snme pa- man, f,,r a Kli.l.llj. . n 1 1 Is . L. ,.. ..... In.l hnfi.l . It hills' into llaniev Informed sources sdi,l ihe Amid the flaming wre. k-resolution which Nuiweglanve. Miewn about pme woods Deputy Foreign Minister 1 Litis n,'a' Nanin.-kri An putt, vear-Engen is expected to suhmlt '"i"1"1 residents and summer to the emergency Cletteral A 'vacalionei s risked death when aemhly session next week will l' ueniert ga.solitie tanks to eliminate Eisenhower s pro- ati souimus to safety, posals for I ' N. peaie (one loe Indio, editor of a Niin-and for an effoit to curb In tuckcl weekly. aid the first MORE STORMS ARE REPORTED cioua must be evident lor a, in tne West, Montana fire ional acts of "brigandage" hy true tornado. However, wind fighters battled a three-dav .fe- of President Csmille velocities over 75 miles per blaj; which swept 1.300 acreVchamoun. I Party cloudy with low to hour are considered of hurri 0f timber in Glacier Park. night around fiO. can and tornado velocity. Los Angeles was swamped PICTt'RE THIS OAK Outlook f"r Sunday J Psrtly Although reports of the fun jwith its heaviest August tain, NAGASAKI. Japan - A,r,"u1 with high In upper 8ns, net are unconfirmed, Heine-; in 69 years Friday. Th down !youth who stopped s speeding low"it "rnpersture re- mann explained that squawl-Ipour, which ranged up to 5 t,in hv standing on the tracks porf1 'bis morning wss 34 de. like Whirling winds tan de- imhes In the Berstow Daggett explained that he merely was grees velop under such conditions,:1, was blamed lor at leait(tryng to take a photo giving a twisting, tornado ef !flv deaths. rushing train from "an feet alona the front . 1 Thn frton were killed in angle ." , . ,. . . .. iraiiH- act men is on lain-suca HosniUI In a souad ear iiM L . . . .. led road and a stitches were required to close a rutin Pokarnair-a face. ; e signed... o lit (nt against French for assault and battery. Officers Luoma and j Miller arrested French for In toxication and dfcorderly con duct after he became "bellig erenr sna used atnisivt lang cal wire while working on a construction project Larry Burk is la DeKalb Public Hospital In "good" con-ditlon . following the mishap on the (Thailand farm between Cortland and Maple Park. He was rushed to the hospital by the DeKalb ambulance and two firemen operating an lnhalator unit , Apparently Burk came In contact with hot electrical wire while on the steel machine building he and other workers were constructing. , - . ' Yesterday was French's 19th birthday, according to police recoras. AeVUUosteJ pictures r the terrific aamage eaaa. ed by th twister sr twister that struck la the sootbemmont ares of De. Kalb Coaory rriday anorav bt eaa be fesusd en Page Three of today's edlttoai f The Cbreatrle. being cold, is "heavier'' air and rolled under the warm air mass setting up turbulence. Ordinarily such a front moves st the rate of about 20 30 miles per hour, but could slow down and become "sta ' ' tlonary" which results in the Storm Activity Kasing dumping of several Inches nf' ( f f Afler Miglily rain, which apparently wasi OniKp-.L. ' i the case In some areas 1 sMiinreaKs As this frontal comluion develops a shifting of the pre vailing winds occurs. Tins explains th shift in cloud direction noted by Sandwich residents prior to the hitting of the storm early in the morning. The front was located south west of Chicago according to maps drawn Ust evening. When asked if the storm could be termed a tornado, Reinemann was hesitant in a definite answer sine a funnel inln th. r.rniin.. iuld to make : langetnents forthwith'' for sent hundreds he scene. When he Indio said, hugn hunks of Ihe plane were slid burning. It looked, he said, as if the plane had just plum meted down. Indio said he lonnd one man, sitting down, holding his back. "All he could say was 'Hold my bai k ' snid Indio. "A litter crew ari iwl him olf " It was the second crash of a Northeast Ail lines plane itt southeastern Massachusetts ii II months A fot;lelaved air-liner i I ashed -September W IM"i7 at New- liedfonl. killing M and injuring 12 others. Itesides I lean, the dead In seek menus of Friday's ' ri ash. included the substitute for pilot. ('Hp'. John Hurnham of ai th" l'nlted Nation to safcguaid Jieace in the Middle l a--! This would effectixelv em power Hamrnai skjold to mm! the area and providing i 1 niled frets International ! CHICAGO Storm activity ieasefi off today following outbreaks of torrential rains and wind storms scroes the Mid ! west. ! ' L o c a 1 1 y . heavy thunder showers and winds up to 50 miles sn hour whipped west-ern sections of Nebisska and ; Kansas during the night. An Anglo American troops -- sjie , Marshfield. Mass . veteran cifically in Jordan. whoseif Pjfht years of service, and threatened government has re- hi nspiloi, David Carey of letted the ides of protection Nantucket. by the proposed peace foire. The stewardess. Kileen Da. Informed sources surmised bek. '". of Manchetet. N. H., that Hammarskjold. if he goes also was killed. She had been to the Middle East, would pro- flung only since January. pose Ihe creation of a C N. Ercnn the sky befoie dawn commission or some .similar 'be scene was erie. Jagged body to oversee peace In Jor 'stieaks of lightning and pour. ,).). Ing lain added gloom to trag. .. ... i . , ,eriv. From the sir. emergency The situat on In Lebanon: " li.Oita .-rtnll k. .nntll imvtnV be solving itself '"' "'" all the fires m. edt. appears to other band of thundershowers since the election of Gen soaked a widespread region Fuad Chehab as president of from northern Ohio into south the small countrv. I'. N. ob ern New England and south servers nave reported me situ alion quiet except for mras-; T'l,4,r. V,i,r.t.t the area. By 4 a. were out. at Grand Marias and of a Pet 1st on. Mien, me nignesi ideal Friday was 107 degrees at YiV ma. An. . a man and a wo- man were killed when their, buUdlng destruction south bf;ptana wg ,truck bv lightning! ShibbOM tt- tbottT-tfk LBatnCiiviT crashed Ua AMhelm i ume seemed logical. But, the i The Midwest and Eastern Masear farm being hit at storms were blamed on an In-ajn. on the same line from thejvadlng coot front which early northwest didn't seem quite today extended as far south i as logical. Last Minute News BAGHDAD, Maa) IT1- Tke ftrl f about 1M bifb government and military fftrtala f the eVpnaed regime of King Faisal meat m trial here today before a special high military court. Missouri. th Ohio River and - Relnemana gv T Jn)le ;tflGarellna. storm disturbances caa be "" itn. .kt i.k .k. i.!of Sandwich, in, causing an of th frort ma then atii. Tn estlmatH S250JMO damage to hatr e ,Ka -. .nA ., homes and utilities. l .enlt -ri. Four-Inch rain, caused flash KInood. nev Delphi and In "T" S'r ux South Bend, lnd. T""" u . Thunderstorma Friday night lJ,u- . . dumped nearly tH Inches ofl Property owners are ofjwater at North Platte, Neb..1 course vitally Interested wlth while Coodland. Kan, was the extent of damage, but thisjsoaked with nearly an inch and! story provides background for! buffeted by 50 mpX winds. a possible explanation ef I Kansas City also reported! ' WHT7 . - severe wind gusts. I WASHINGTON tTl Conrres worked desperately -today to patch up max adjostrameM afenaa with the Senata. tweknar thr effi-boostiag'Soclal Security BUI la a 8s reay sesaiosw BERN, gwttserUai ITI Two surtlCemmuusta ls vaded the Huararlaa legmooa here today aad shot It out for M asimstea wua armed Cseaiminlsl anploaneta usTJ trapped ay Bwtsa aofica, .,, i MINNEAPOLrt tTl Feed savps la4ed hero . today wttb no stgae of aa s free meat la a stria leckoui that aaa aB but halted delivery of aackaged feed eaa WASHINGTON tTV Iihm asaders put tt a la ' tao Senate tedav la accept the Hearse farsa bill aad sea4 It oa to the White Basra ee face the probability that a bill wUJ enacted. , t i . ' 'i 'Vs. V v( - .- ...

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