The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1938
Page 7
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I'EDMESDAY, MARCH it), 1038. BLYTHKVILLE (AHK.) COUKIEK NEWS PACE BEVIfc. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for coiisecu- vc bisections: jic time per line We wo times per Hue per day ...OSc hreo times per lino per day ..06c Is times per line i>cr day ....05e foiilli rate per Hue .'...GOc ards ot Thanks DOo & 75c clraree 5flo Ads ordered for ttiree or six nnd stopped before cxpira- »'II1 be charged Tor' the ritiiii- tiracs (he add appeared mul of bill made. All classified Advertising copy .ibmllted by persons residing oiit- 4e of the city nnisl 'be accbm- fllilcd by cash. Hates inay be islly coruputcd frgm above table Advertising ordered for frrcgulai weiUoiia takes the one time rule. No responsibility will he taken ~>t more than one Incorrect iiiscv- ion of any classified ad. Directory HARRY CURVE IN CAFE ]Q«d Food at Goud Prices AH Kinds Sea Food Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 £°r 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones R-F-j & 878 Coal' For Sale Ilooin and Board Hill Oak & Hickory lumber, was- J Sjlcam healed room with board on tongiica and axles, shop,' bridge and dimension lumber of all sizes. Delivered at attractive vices. Kcc or wrile J. \V. liairon, Blythcville, Ark., rhone 308. 15|>k23 Small uprijjhl studio imno. Good as new. sacrificed for cash. JiK'k Craig, 310 Lake SI. M-pk-21 •10 or DO acres of land. U. II. Onr- uc'r. Annorel. 12-])k-4-13 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Qcuuinc Southern Loi'cdo 8C3 W. Af;h, phone 151. Nfccly furnished rooms. Board 11 desired. Phopo GIW. 112 E. Cherry. M-ck-3-28 Mule Help Wanted 42.00 per day i»ul coiniul.s- sion. Musi, have light, car. and free to travel. Training; required. See W. O. fniisc, Mrs. Wcrl Apartments. M-pk-n Found Leather folder with 'J keys. Own er can have same by paying cost beans. Threshed carlv. Itccli'uncd S. 0. Dobbs __ Ark. box 'I Black leather key holder coiilalr,- ll-pk-'J-ll Twy nice Scllle ,\n no\v rcntiiiij for $22.50 per month. $500.00 down balance like rent, Jf. G. Campbell, Administrator, llfi So, Franklin. ' IO-ck-17 FOR SALK-12 (;uod y«iin« mules. cash nr terms, c. n. whistle-. 0 miles .south of Ilosckmd. 8-pk-l-B Hay—Soybeans-oats Seed Corn—Miicii cows Ami Tractor Work. Sec W. L. Talc, Armorel, Ark. Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Book's with loose cuf Wilder. Call 239 or 192. 15-fa-fa My Coal Is BUck Bfft I Treat Vou WJule, liQVAL HAULING John liucbauaii B.lythcvUle, Ark. Fhonc 1Q7 Batteries BATTERV SERVJC'E J. Ren CJune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse ftilionra^s; fcchei. Active CBUAe of ' . Livers For Rent room furnished apartment. 000 W. Walnut. ' H-|jk-21 Unfurnished 4 room house. !JOj E Cherry. C. E. Parks. 12-pk-n Furnished apartment. Newly deco,rated. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 633. ••> 12-pk-19 2 room furnished apartment. 81C W. Ash. Phone 3CT-W. 8-ck-l b'urnished room entering into batii Call 63C, 818 Chickasawba. 8-da-tla Mgdefu 3 room apartment. decorated. Unfurnished. Coriie Main and 2nd. Also business build ing next to Kroscr Store. Simon, Phono 70-1. 'J-ck-t Li rer Till (jir' ill!. lM poiBoni UaTtrlc!!, ' 5ro» Storei. MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. Nev Ostrex Tonic 'Tablets contair raw oyster invigorators and other stimulants. One dose starts na'.v liep. Value $1.00. Special price 89c. Call, write Kirbr Bros. Drug Ktorc Position Wanted White ladj- wauls job as housekeeper or nursemaid. References. Write Box "Y", Courier News. one key. Owner can have amc l)j r paying cosl of tills ad. purler News. :etal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High School. Owner can avc tame by paying cost of llil. ilatcliery dolt oil Seed D. 1'. U 11-A Colton Brcil.• J2 per hundred. First year out from ex- imi/iieul .station, I'iioiic Dr. Row- Blythcvllle tiin. For Rf;j»t Land for rent. See Hvei'eH 13. Ciw, 109 yoiilh Second. M-tk-21 The Miner Slipper I'nri.-i Vushioii tjhoC Shoe (Jo. Shop bells . l».v Walil Baby Chicks UULKJ HATCH 1 NCi. Marilyn liaU-hery, BlyllicvillC', Ark., 1I.\V. 1 Norlli, rhoiic 74'2. NO'5'H'K U'tters lestiune::'.aiy an liiv i:s- l:ilr ol Otto .Uriullx'rry, deceased. wen- lininled la I lie imilci-siinu'd (in the I4(h (lay of January. 1W, by the 1'robiito Court of (he Chickasa\vba Dislrict, of Muaissiy- pi Count} 1 , Arkansas. All por.sons having Claims ::nl(l c,st(ite are reniilrrd to exhibit tlicm proiicrly aiillicnLI- catrd for allowance to the under- sisunl as executrix of snid e.slate bcftno llje end cjf one year Ironi the dale of Ihe i;ruuUii|! of Hie IclU'rs exeeulorstup upon said t\ k .- liile. nml if Midi cliiims lie not KJ presented they will be forever bur- cd ol u 'bis UwiMiiv >,iiii|i here and HorMn-linU u nlit|i|oart nf uold. Hint my irriiiuiriiliim' kiinu' «b,gn(," nnd prpndl.v Ini'or'med lliai. hlf> sold-lindtiiB Invention hml "vvorkeil" on an I'spi'ilmr-ut. u wi-nl. '>lroli!lil as a d)'t'" ty Mime Holrl coins liinicd In the suml fon\v lime uiso. In- Miid. acrofs TdiuiitlcnboiiDa river near Ullojil. Duiiii); JO years lliru- l-.r- sypuv "Hi.-.i of his siiaro ii'nui iH'nruliliifj lur bnrirrt tiviisinv, Hie. list sciiri'h Ik'lnt; conducted In the ilc'liths of an Indian niiuind. One nl Ills •'iiivetilliiiiK. 1 he said. will switii; in an arc mid pulm lo silver W\> am-a,; ., wlly ,,„,„ Uf , burial pluce. .Idil Nil! fur 'I'ijlp'.l'iH HOCil-.lii. Ark. Ull')— 'I ho mnynr lias htnrtrd a «iir (in nrresls Im dninkeiiiH'.vs. "laxnn now on," he s;iiil in ;i Klnli'itirnt, "drunks will net j [ic.s compiled In Ihe l't oiiico hero ruveal tlml 320 have b!-'.!lhers In the imma Uiwrd null, in \vhlch they n\;n an listed. TJiWc me 14(1 pairs of brothers son-Ins li> the same mills. Pr S . Wcrl $ Werl OPTOMETBIST8 Over Joe ftp MS' gtor» "WE MAKK 'fill SKt." Plipiw M(> CJciK'iul Charles. L*e, of Iho American A.ii(iy of Ucvolutlqimry iluys, loved (Jojit boiler Uiiin 'men. Ho look ihcin with h(m on his FQWL&R DRUG CO YOUR. Main DRUGGIST hi I'll one Ml niarclies qiiij tlicy oftcj'i ate with him at tljc,' tab!?, sitting dn their hiumchcs In chairs. * WELDING AT pST PRICES pROoffT pKKViaE Barksdale Mfg. Co, 1500 *nd will — lout-si riiieii.^i Alsn clijr wviwllpt DON H. KASSEBMAN ThQinaii UinJ Co. OlIK'e P. 0. Ilex 470, t'hono B'iJ. Lost ,lad: medical handbag. Initials on b".'f are O. C. S. Medical and urgical inslrmnenlo were in bag. .easonable reward tor return to )r. Stevens, Farmers Hank Build- if. H-ck-21 pair of Glasses in a blue case. Please return lo Courier News. 8-da-da Go.ods Stock Goldsmith's Baseball Goods Just Arrived! MA'ITIK Kxceiitrix of tile Will of Olio Bradberry, JDcecascd. Held & Evravd, Atlys. ' UARJ)WA|ti; CO. Two "Diviners' For Treasure Hunts Devised GULH'ORT, Miss. (Ui'l-I'lulip Lumcy, \yho spent the best part, of 40 years ami about $1.500 in cjtsh looking for buried treasure, is not discouraged because ho found only 85 cents and a trirulsuecl spoon, lie has invented a "miiehiiic." hf snid. that will "really find" ticasurp now. In fact, toasted the .versatile but luckless Lamey, )ie has invented t\vo nuichhics—one to find gold, ahotlier to find silver. Lamcy hint- et (jet ID ii-, ,mr coinforlablo I ail. I'm edn.. |. ;: ]m . ( [ m[ , 1( , wllrk elcanmi; n[, the i;rcmmls on Ilir I ' I'do rf. HIP ioail urlifulal wlilch i.s uiidi'r constnirlioti." lake . rHII,Al)KH'IHA. lUD-Hiuiinel H. Kodiiliauiii. vice president nf I'hiliiddpiijn Civhi'stra iiw.oct- alion, has chosen CarUu Chaci'vi. rlii'd Mexican compositr, iipi! n harp conci-i-lo. to "Jirdhns in Anns" In <iu:inl SA1.KM. ore. <UJ J »— "Urollier« In arms" is nol a trite rihrasc In the Oj-egOii National Guard, as Mali.-i- J. C. EVANS Box 6<H JMytlievlllc, Ark. JDIiilrlcl lUiuinKCr IIABIH.'I'ON TIIUST l''UNl) Sfionsored Hy llnmlllou UC|xvsUors Corp, HUKDK Fielil ai'ods. All Varlellf.'i. Oats. Soybean::. lx;spedtv.a, Alfiilfu, Any Quanllly. Wholesale fc Hclull W. 0. KI'MOVIOS So. K.Ii. St. Ulythcvillc, Ai'k. Phone 5&5&50'J Hemorrhoids-Piles CUHUI) WITHOUT SUIIGBKY & (Jl/AKANTKh'U Safe, >ure nnd with Its* discomfort. AU dlstasc.i anil conJIllum ot ntrvous origin, foot ailments nnd nkin oncers treated »nd cured at our cllulc. DRS. NIKS & NIBS Qstcopalhlc rjjystclant 51| Maiu ' I'hone 9H DlythevUIt, Ark. PAY $2 WKHKLY And Small l)o\vn I'ltymi'ut UNJOY A UKNOINK UIKVKOl.CT Auto Radio CHKVKOliKI' otioru yo" ucil Solecl-0-MiUlc Tmi- liiii. \\K-\\ n biitUin nnd Ihcrc'ii your stallim. Conqe In Today! Hcc nnd Hear this sensational new I'iKllu. Yon too will want one on yoin 1 ear. Auto & Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROIET CO. I \Valnul VUunc I ELECTRICAL I'islurcH & ?£l ^ Vir '"K WALPOLE'S "Jhc (.'empale ii. 2 riil pi, (m[! Hubert Utley'$ Service Station. Cafe All I(rainls nf WWsjfcy, Wine, Gins And Cordial* WIALKll IN ' _ Uuy _ A , _ (ji 1'1111.1,11'S BG GAS 1'AX I'AII) 2 pk. Mo or J1.15 per Carton 24 Hour Service H.W. (il, I'liiini! 17 Holland, Mo. Novf Imntcil al 101 Morlh ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON F.IHVAKDH, Proprlclit Onl c al atflrs—U c pair I ng—y a/ts—Uiiiijopi make, O j jtcbulil Typcirtlttr:!, Addlnj; Mnohlun »n( ,'*—Jtcj)a)rl'ifr—1'arts—ZdliWui Official in Canada IfY V. T. HAMUN MERE'S "TH EX-WIZER , DOOTSi BOBO AND— a*/, HOW COME y'DIDM'T PUT TH' BEE OM -THIS OOOLA DAME ? VEH- BUT THERE 6 5TJ.LL A FE'VOM I.IST.WHD AIM'T PAID UP VET/ BY GUM,"THIS OLD DISAPPEARING ACT DOESM'7 GO WITH EEMV/W05IR' , CCP- ,'"YOU \MVTHING THIS, \\cuLDyA? REMEMBER, BOVS WEIL ALL'MEET/' OKAV,OOOLA- AT THE BIG /V'CAW COUNT OW ROCIC.'/UST'RUK) LOOKS 'L'DIE yourz TAX PROGRAM WENT OVER IN A BIG- WAY." CDULOM T FIWQ HER.-SHEJU3T Coinforiable bedroom, nut,'Call 102. DISAPPEARED' MORE OF US / ^j HOLED UP If \ BACK-THERE A WAYS.... Comfortable bedroom for gentle man. I'honc 217-J. Call at G2 J7-ck-3-l <v :-- ; 'Glass SAVE The Top of Your Furniture Glass All designs wit & finished. CAIJ, US BJytucville Painl &, Walliawr '. Radio Service BOOTS AND HER JJ1WDIES BY _BI)(JAI{ 1HAUTIN THE Itadtr PARTS, TUBES. llardaway Appliance Co. .Henry Werner Main\& 5th ' Phone 233 • -i:)v-.-t^^.-.,,,-i : --- Answer to previous Fault 10 Bute 11 Measure 12 Portrait statue 16 He was by the British Crown — m Canada. 21 One practices surgery. 24 To 26 Thr-jt 27 Coif (Ici-icJ H9 .Wayside hotel 30 Kindled 35 Malay d;iK6 c f. 36Pcrl;iinii)g !.> fungi A dent. WASH T.UBBS Well, Th:it Helps IJY ROY CRANK OH. DARUN6, SDCH LOVELY FLOWERS'. 3..?;-r?T H AVE A CI6AR; "AH, \ WELL, EIGHT"\ WW< WODVHE'5THE) MfcfcT S 9, (AfU^T Ri l^1WF<iC. ^DF / A~r KOFC.EL1T CMl/MtC ^rtl fMCO OH, YES, RAN ACROSS A CHAP PAN^^A^ OMCE WHO CLW*AED TO BE A SOLDIER Of FORTUNE. A SEGCARf HA HA! MOT MIXH OFA, FORTUNE FOS Wv\.' i plFFEREWT DW»St'HE* BEEW TRE- 6USINESS ARE / AT l : £ESEHT FAMOUS SOLDER. VOU IM. MV BOV? IM-IM WELL IS.jft- QF FOftTOWE I TELLING VOO ABOUT. i-YOU SHOULD SEE MEOAW-H^ W.IHED GOLD AND TftAPPeO AND 46 Vale or valley, 47 Heavenly under tlie nar.ic of YOUR KUOW WUCH ASOOT HIM.? sion by police. '- Tibctian IMBECILE EVER. HMO EVE30W! monk. 3 Exterior seed <in Starch 52 Kind of theater. 53 Distinctive .llieory. 54 He is general of Canada coverng. •1 To withdraw '•> Banal. 6 Soft mass. 7 A star. 8 Self. 9 Half 41 Slovak 42 Heavy blow 13 Young sheep. 44 To smash. f j> Kind of b^at 48 Stir 43 Chaos 6Y LEWS Mfl) MyHK T. W. REG. U, 5. PAT. Of F J I''KKCKf,KS AM) HIS FRIENI)S YOU'D BE.TTER SET f Li: OOWM AMD YOUR SPEECH I!Y BJKRRJLL 1JI.QSSKR NOW CALM YOURSELP.' E WAYMAM HA RIGHT TO SEE WHOMEVER SHE PLEASES.' YOUR BROTHER HAS CAUGHT "WE THUMPER, AWO WOW HE'S REACHING LI6MTN1MQ ' DEBATE! FOOfcY! HOW CAM 1 CARRY HIE BANNERS OF PEACE f WHEN MY \ BLQOD'isSHOOT- V INO our SPARKS ' I'D LIKE TO BUST THAT WAMGLE GUY RIGHT ON WHATS GOIM' OM, MOM . 6E THAT GUY? IF 1 COULD V^DTfA YA HEAR FROM TlC MOB '•? FRECKLES! SUCH LANGUAGE! HORIZONTAL 1 Exclamation of sorrow. f , r . Crown official in Canada. 13 Form ot "be." ' 1 J Scope 15 Part'pi .a circle. 16 Amidic. i 7 Cast ot a langyage.' precipitation. : SO Dimmest. 43 Rcfiwnsible. 55 He wrilc's 52'Crazy. iij " " 23 DUO- 25 Fish-eating mammal.' 28 Window ledge. 3IWralh. 32 Gazelle. 33 Noth.irig. 34 Brother's daughter. 36 Opposed to. .ffi Drove.

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