The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1967 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1967
Page 9
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CLASSIFIED ADS Council Minutes The City Council met in regular session Oct. 11, 1967 at the City Hall with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Nash, Cook and Peirce. Minutes of last meeting were approved, Resignation of Mel Bay from the Planning and Zoning commission was accepted and the appointment of Phil Diamond to fill the unexpiredtermof Mr. Bay was approved. Authorized the street department to purchase a snow plow. Authorized the ambulance service to purchase snow tires, coveralls, spot light and emergency light. Authorized the city to participate in the cost of construction of storm sewer on W.. Kennedy street and the rest home area. Instructed the city clerk to contact owner of Holiday Station Store to see if the sign at the corner of their lot could be replaced. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. SMITH CITY CLERK GENERAL Finn, Salary 123.15 Smith, Salary 254.00 Sands, Salary 130.00 Iowa State Bk., Wholding...71.23 la. State Tax Comm., Wholding 7.93 la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Soc. Sec 56.32 la. Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys. IPERS , 22.75 Life Inv. Ins. Co., Insurance 39.83 Advance Pub. Co., Publishing 47.58 Arweli, Rat Control 15.00 Callaghan & Co., Rev. Vol 22.50 City Clerk, Advanced Cash 2.33 W. Finn, Court Costs . .. .112.00 Hutzell's, Notebooks 15.12 Nat. Institute of Mun. Law Officers, Subscription...67.50 Upper Des Moines, .' Publishing . .46.96 ) STREET Burtis, Salary 167.70 Frambach, Salary 172.64 Giddings, Salary 165.39 Helmers, Salary 147.95 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Pergande, Salary 225.26 Wibben, Salary 171.28 Iowa State Bk., Wholding. .101.30 la. State Tax Comm., Wholding 15.59 la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Soc. Sec ."' 117.80 la. Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys., IPERS 73.12 Life Inv. Ins. Co., Insurance 79.66 Algona.Flour & Feed Co., Grass Seed 16.00 Big Bear, Inc., Supplies .. .10.08 Cook's Welders Supply, Acetylene 8.75 Ft. Dodge Ind. Towel, Service 5.16 Frederick Hdw., Supplies . .8.42 S. Stebritz, Labor 10.00 O. Robinault, Real Estate 5,000.00 ROAD USE TAX Algona Flour & Feed, Supplies 7.26 Algona Imp. Co., Seals . . .6.62 Arnold Motor Supply, Supplies 12.53 Bowman's Small Eng., Repairs 2.00 Joe Bradley Eqpt., Repairs 3.09 Gibbs-Cook Eqpt. Co., Supplies 5-77 Greenberg Auto Supply, Repairs , 76 Hilton's Super Service, Repairs 41.50 Jack's O.K., Tires 32.44 Reding's Gravel, Labor. . ,38.75 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 304.60 Day, Salary 242.66 Hutchison, Salary 279.16 Jorgenson, Salary 232.56 Schadendorf, Jr., Salary 227.87 Thompson, Salary 226.11 Voigt, Salary 244,34 Jowa State Bk., Wholding. .249.60 State Comm., Wholding . . .41.01 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 165.40 Trust & Agency, Pension . .22.38 Life Inv. Co., Insurance ..144.82 Arnold Motor, Plugs ... .10.24 Bradley Equip., Repairs.. .60.47 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills . .5.29 Qreenberg's, Filters 5.55 Tpm's Radio, Service . . . .5.00 Upper D.M., Adv 27.72 Wagner s DX, Repairs . . . .4.00 Reminder, Supplies 46.25 ken's Auto, Repairs . . . .227.90 Cook's, Supplies 12.00 Pray Pub)., Folders 53.30 Elect. Specialties, Service 28.40 Richardson Dec., Painting 56.22 C. Willey, Service 44.00 Fire Dept., Services . . . .595.00 Hilton's, Gas 13.31 Harris Fire Control, Red Light "5.00 Bomgaars, Supplies 8.27 -Ft. Dodge Towel, Service 1.50 Thuente's, Supplies 1.25 M. Smith, Amb, Services.. .20.00 C. Volk, Amb.Services. ...25.00 S. Krasean, Amb. Services 30.00 B. Wells, Amb. Service... .50.00 B. Bomgaars, Amb. Services 25.00 J. Levy, Amb. Services . . .5.00 G. Burtis, Amb. Services . .10.00 SANITATION Reding's, Labor & Mat. . . .41.50 Wallace & Holland, Fees 1,646.25 Bradley Equip., Repairs .. .41.95 Greenberg's, Repairs 21.62 Harris Fire Control, Supplies 12.00 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies . .2.94 SEWER RENTAL Lernkee, Salary 378.85 Sifert, Salary 162.82 Iowa State Bk., Wholding.. .43.80 State Comm., Wholding . . .10.75 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 56.77 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 12.75 Life Inv. Co., Insurance . .31.27 Algona Machine, Drilling ..3.00 Algona Plbg., Supplies . . .11.94 Algona Welding, Welding. . .3.16 Arnold Motor, Supplies . . .90 Big Bear, Supplies 1.58 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills ..6.72 ..2.77 fHE SURE WAY TO GET FASTEST RESULTS I • PHONE 295-3535 • 7c Per Word, Cash in Advance lOc Per Word, Charged All Claislfled Adi run In BOTH The Algona Upper Des Molne* newspaper and The North Iowa Shopper 9.200 UNDUPIICATED CIRCULATJ5N FOR SALE, gen'l FOR SALE - 1C ft. Airstream Travel trailer, gas ref., gas lights, gas heat, gas stove, 20 gal. water tank. Sleeps four. DALE WEISBROD, Fenton, Iowa. Ph. 889-2731. (80*) FOR SALE - Purebred spotted boars and gilts. Vac. & blood- tested. BERT GEERDES It SON. 3 1/2 miles south and 1 1/2 miles east of Lakota. (73-92* Thursday, Oct. 10, 1967 Algona, (la.) Upper 0«i Molntl-9 Frederick Hdwe., Blades Greenberg's, Plaster 1.83 Trupke Elec.,Repairs 39.85 RECREATION Boldridge, Salary 155.31 Iowa State Bk., Wholding . . .7.50 State Comm., Wholding . . ..1.13 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 15.66 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 12.46 Life Inv. Co., Insurance . . .8.56 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills. .11.79 Pratt Elec., Service 7.80 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 314.01 Nauholz, Salary 26.34 Schmidt, Salary 42.19 Iowa State Bk., Wholding.. .59.30 State Comm., Wholding . . . .8.42 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec 43.40 I.P.E.R.S., IPERS 5.95 Trust & Agency, Pension .. .4.08 Life Inv. Co., Insurance .. .31.27 Reminder, Notices 16.50 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills. .11.88 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egli, Pension 75.00 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiim Legal f ! Notice I HiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTliiiiWiiiiiiiil PUBLIC NOTICE OF HOLDING EXAMINATION The Examining Board of Kossuth Coun'.y, Iowa, has in accordance with Chapter 441, Code of Iowa, 1966, scheduled a written examination for the position of County Assessor of Kossuth County, Iowa, which will be held in the Court House at Algona, Iowa, on November 21, 1967, at 9 o'clock A.M. The examination will be prepared and conducted by the Iowa State Tax Commission and the grading of the examination papers will be done by said Commission. To be eligible for appointment, an applicant shall receive a grade of not less than seventy percent (70%), and those so qualified by the State Tax Commission shall remain eligible for appointment for a period of two (2) years from date of certification by the State Tax Commission. This examination shall cover the following and related subjects ; 1. Laws pertaining to the assessment- of -property for taxation. 2. Laws on tax exemption. 3. Assessment of real estate, including fundamental principles and practices of real estate appraisal and valuation. 4. Assessment of personal property and moneys and credits. 5. The duties of the assessor. Only qualified electors of the State of Iowa shall be eligible to make this examination, and those desiring to apply to take the examination may obtain application blanks at the office of the Kossuth County Auditor, Ttieir completed application shall be mailed to the Property Tax Division, State Tax Commission, State Office Building, Des Moines; Iowa 50319, prior to the examination date. Deted at Algona, Iowa, the 13th day of October, 1967. /S/ R. G. Buchanan Chairman Kossuth County Examining Board (80) FOR SALE - New 180 AMP. Welders S83.00 and new 225 AMP. Welders S03.00. Price includes helmet, cable, ground clamp, electrode holder, wall plug, and sample electrodes. Gas Welding and Cutting Torches $99.50 and up. New Power Hacksaws $94.50. COOK'S WELDERS SUPPLY, INC., Algona, Iowa. (79-86) FOR SALE - Purebred Black Poland China boars. Cut-out information on litter mates. MAURICE ERPELDING, Wesley. Ph. 679-4361. (79-91*) FOR SALE - 1954 Ford School Bus, 42 passenger - in good condition. SWEA CITY School Ph. 515-272-4102. (79) FOR SALE - New Winegard Golden antenna, booster, rotor, rotor box control, 20 ft. pipe stand with roof base. Extra wire and guide wire. MRS. CHARLES WEISBROD, Fenton, Iowa. Ph. 889-2217. (80*) FOR SALE - Quality Purebred Hampshire Boars. LICKTEIG BROS., Algona. Ph. 295-3031. (60-83*) r y, FARM EQUIP. M Duroc boars, out of tested boars; also one herd boar. PAUL BERNHARD, Fenton. Phone 925-3880 Lone RocV. (71 tfn; FOR SALE - Registered Yorkshire boars. Litter mates and half brothers to our top feed Eff. pen over all breeds on spring test at Ida Grove. Big, rugged, meat-type with top blood lines. Bruc. Accred. herd No. 279. Guar. Breeders SOLBERG STOCKFARMS.Cy- linder, Iowa. 5 mi. E. 1 1/2 So. Emrnetsburg. (66-91) FOR SALE - Purebred Duroc boars, vac. & tested. WILBERT BOECKHOLT, Garner, Iowa. (75-82*) FOR SALE - Used 21 cu. ft. RCA Whirlpool chest-type deep freezer. A real nice unit, $119. STOEBER HARDWARE, Fenton (79-81*) FOR SALE - "Patz" Circle" Cattle Feeders. Straightline chain-type feeders. Barn cleaners, Silo unloaders. For information, Ph. 843-3974 or write FRANK E. WELLIK, Britt, la. (68-82*) USED MACHINERY 2 - CORN PICKERS NEW IDEA 301 Picker, good. 2MH INTERNATIONAL, very sharp. Both late models. 2 - WD TRACTORS Real prices on New Demonstrators, 190 and 4-16 plow; also one D-17 AC demonstrator. Gleaners andCornHeads, Parker Boxes on hand. FENTON MOTOR COMPANY On Hy. 44 at Fenton (80) NEW AND USED FARM MACHINERY 1 - 953 J.D. Wagon on rubber, J. D. Hoist and Steel Flare Box $199 1 - Rubber Tired Wagon, Midwest Hoist and 6x10 ft. Stan- Hoist barge box $210 1 - NEW IDEA No. 61 Cornstalk Shredder $285 1 - HUMBOLDT Corn Stalk Shredder $85 1 - STAN-HOIST drive-on Hoist with 3/4 H. P. motor . . .$95 1 - 24 Ft. NECO Auger Grain Leveler w/motor. List $242- SALE PRICE $140 1 - 2MHD Corn Picker w. auto, lube. Come and get it $1,250 1 - J.D. 50 Ft. 15 1,£" Portable Elevator, 2 wheel w/hopper and sprouts $295 1 - J. D. 953 Rubber Farm Wagon w hoist and steel barge box$275 New BRADY 2-row and 4-row, w/heavy duty gear box. Cornstalk choppers on hand. 2 and 4-row Stalk Cutters for Rent. ARTSWAY, BRADY AND WETMORE Grinder-Mixers in stock. NEW 4-5 and 7 bottom Trash Rakes. TRIGGS Rebuilt Snapping Rolls on hand I.H.C. and New Idea 300. No shafts or bushings changed . . .$77.00 exchange WEISBROD IMPLEMENT CO. FENTON, IA. (78) FARM FOR SALE 240 acre Kossuth county farm, highly productive soil, 3 steel corn cribs, close to Wesley. GEORGE T*. SCHAEFER, 608 So. Minn. St., Sioux Falls, So. Dak. (74-76-78-80) FOR SALE - Lovely 2 bedroom house in LuVerne, modern, one floor, attached garage. Adjacent to school 4 church?s. MRS. EVERETT STEVEN, Sexton. Ph. 295-2916orSTAN- LEY GENRICH, LuVerne. Ph. 882-3443. (79-80*) FOR SALE - New homes in fine locations. Call 285-5535, Algona. (65 tfn^ FOR RENT FOR RENT - Modern duplex 2 bedroom. Close in. Ph. 295-3453. (79-80*) FOR RENT - All types Industrial Tools, Electric and Gas Welders, Power Concrete Trowels, Roto Hammers, Electric Drills, Saws, and Power Hacksaws. COOK'S WELDERS SUPPLY, INC., Algona, Iowa. (79-86) fi REAL ESTATE WANTED x x FOR SALE - By owner. Excellent 3 bedroom ranch home, carpeted living room and hall, full basement, one side tiled, attached garage. 105 North Roan St., Algona, Iowa. Call 295-5351 after 4:30 p.m. for appointment. (76-78 & 80*) FARM FOR SALE - 200 acres gently rolling - all tillable. 6 room modern house - plenty of good outbuildings and water. One of Lucas County's better farms - $300. per acre. Have other southern Iowa farms from $135. up. COOP REAL ESTATE, Russell, Iowa. - (79) HAULING - Rubbish, miscellaneous. O'BRIEN TRUCKING SERVICE. Pn. 295-2624. (80) WOMEN - Start now for big Christmas earnings as an Avon Representative. Openings in Rodman and Whittemore Twp. Call or write MRS. LORAINE BIXLER, Algona, la. (79-80*) WANTED TO RENT - Nice 3-bedroom housu in Algona. Contact George Keleher, KELEHER & McADAMS CLOTHING, Algona, Phone 295-3190. (78 tfn) REAL ESTATE - We solicit RENTAL and PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Accounts in ALGONA. Herbst Real Estate, Algona, Iowa. (77-82) MAN WANTED •• Man to be Sales Technician in North Half of Kossu'.h County. Ideal position for man on small farm wanting 3 to 4 hours a day work. Use the Magic Wand, latest development in the business and proven to be the best. Free training and pay while in training: Write or Phone: RICKLEPS • GEELAN Can Now Offer You th« Btit In ... FARM LOANS — Writt, Call or Stop In and $•• Ui — Up to 70% on Good Farms Ricklefs - Geelan PHONE 5-2491 ALOONA — REALTORS & INSURERS — LAND AUCTION Hie Roy Hamilton Farm, located 2 Miles South on Highway 44, and 1 Mile East, of Armstrong, Iowa—On Monday, October 23rd •ALE START* AT 1:30P.M. 1 120 Acres, MORE OR LESS BUILDINGS: House, Two Barns, Com Crib, Small Hog House and Pressure Water System. LEGAL DESCRIPTION TheS l /jofNE l /4,NWV4ofSEV4 of Section 26, Township 99 N, Range 31, West of 5th P. M. TERM*- ~ 10% down date of sale. Balance when deed and abstract are furnished POSSESSION to be given Mar. 1.1968, or sooner, if desired. Roy Hamilton Estate, OWNER DANIEL SANDERSON, ESTHERYHXE, IOWA Attorney for the Estate CLAIR CLARK and LLOYD CLARK Auctioneers RUSSELL J. BLAKE, District Sales Managor, Midwest Breeders Cooperative, 404 6th street, Shrldon. Iowa, 31201 Ph. 712-324-2327. (79-80) BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MAN OR WOMAN Reliable person from tills area to service and collect from automatic dispensers. NV experience needed. . . .we establish accounts for you. Car, references and S")0.00 to SI785.00 cash capital necessary. 4 to 12 hours weekly nets excellent monthly Income. Full time more. For local interview, write EAGLE INDUSTRIES, 472"j Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park, Minnesota "416 (70*) WANTED - Custom plowing. FRITZ FREYHOLTZ, Fenton. Phone 889-2804 or 8892818. (74-89*) -100- Mrs. Lena Hcxlgin of Cedar Rapids had a birthday celebration there, including a bridge party, which was attended by her two sisters from Maquoketa, Mrs. Mylle (Addle) Phillips and Mrs. Henry (Ida) Penrose. Mrs. Hodgin continued to work to age 83 and • has been very active these past 15 years with her favorite hobby, bridge. KOSSUTH COUNTY'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER! HALLOWEEN DANCE OCTOBER 31 Dress Crazy - Prizes Awarded MUSIC BY THE "ACCENTS" Crazy price-77?-Cover Charge Join the Dance Club- Good Music Two dances per month October to April Membership -$1.00 Smorgasbord Every Sunday (Private parties during the week) HAND'S PARK Fairmont, Minn. (70) Skating You are cordially invited Friday, Oct. 20 Algona AOK 4-H Skating & Dancing Party Open 7:30 Halloween Party Monday, Oct. 30 Skating & Dancing Open 7:30 Wesley Boys 4-H, Hosts For Parties, call 295-2166 LeRoy Lau, Algona (79-80) WANTED! EXPERIENCED TRUCK DRIVER. CROFT READY-MIX ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 295-3551 OR 295-2664 (79, THE Rnance Your New or Used Car at Bank Rates Sll "»IU" NUOIMT AT THE SECURITY STATE BANK - ALOONA FIELD TILING - SEWER LINES Richard E. Trunkhill Parsons Wheel Trencher, 2010 Tractor with Backhoe. Phone 928-2558 Titonka, la. IT'S "HARVEST TIME and things really are happening. We're having a wingding of a sale on the complete Minne- epoliS'Molme line. Tractors ... from scrappy 45 horsepower models to power, houses with as high as 110 horses to pull through the toughest ground. But whatever your needs-implements, batteries, grease, lubricants, parts—this is buying time. Come on in, look around, pick out what y&u need, and save money on every purchase. YOUR MINNE.APOLIS-MOLINE DEALER TRACTORS MM G1000 Gas Demonstrator SPECIAL! 445 Diesel with 3 pt. $1195.00 MM M 602 $3750.00 MM M5 Nice One! $3095.00 800 Case Diesel with 3 pt. Hitch $2650.00 SHELLERS 1210 MM P.T.O. Sheller $1845.00 EMM P.T.O. Sheller $ 695.00 SPREADERS Case 125 PTO Spreader $ 495.00 MM LO 100 Bu. P.T.O. Spreader $ 375.00 Nl No. 17 Spreader $ 375.00 No. 19 New Idea PTO ___ $ 545.00 MISCELLANEOUS Bearcat Grinder-Mixer $1245.00 1962 82MH Self Propelled Combine with cab $3950.00 MM 88 PTO Combine $ 695.00 MM 88 PTO Combine __ $ 495.00 75 Case Combine $ 495.00 64 IHC Combine $ 195.00 G4MM Combine w/auger unloading $ 195.00 2MH IHC Mounted Picker $1195.00 D-4 Moline 4-14" Plow $ 495.00 MM KA1318 Tandem Disc $ 675.00 Kewanee Tandem Disc $ 275.00 4-16" Oliver Plow $ 49:.00 3-14" Oliver Plow $ 295.00 Also — several used stalk shredders on hand. BUSCHER BROS. ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 295-3588 LGA VOICE

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