The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEMLLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUT1IFAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—Nn. 127 Blythevillo Courier, Blythevllle Herald, Blythcvllle Dally News, HLYTI1KVILLH. ARKANSAS, WKDNI'SDAY, AUCUST 13. liWO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HARRISON, ALEXANDER AND GAINES WIN W .._„ , . - —— • -- . -.• ' A w"^. ..„._, Robinson and Parnell Easy Winners Youth and Girl Held Up,|Robbed COOTER..MO., Aug. 13. is-.wciau —Pcnilsiof county aiitlioritie.s lo- .-j . . - . ., \ day arc seeking a man who hi.s'. belva Marlin Leading; iI'teiii held up Ezra Toibe:t «r KIVC-.:-. I \VM A I i • Hid Miss Mvrtle Mlvlilc of Contei Lawrence Wilson Alicacl ;at t h C point" of n pistol and took for Lieulenant Governor Nominee For County Judge . By N(»i.i:s' BUI.I.OCU Uni'cil Press Rfnff C'oiresoondenl UTTI.E ROCK. Avk.. Aug. 13 HIP)—Tlie ponnla'ltv of Uin vrt- 1'ian SMiatov .loe T^ob'n'cin nf Ar- '• kansns v;ns. incnntin» indav on in- I i-cmliw voles from veslcrdav's Ar- j kansas iirimarv election.whr-n state. J i-r.nntv and district officials were i . valued al ?OTO. and $5 in cash. The holdup occurred about. 9::t'! p. m. at the ^faple'*•ocd sciiool- hoiise, near here, where Mr. To! berl and Miss Mlcliio had stopped fov water wl-ilq v.Hiirnin^ t:i Ci>n- ; In- frurii Cariilhei.svllle. The holdup mnn stepped fron: • behind the school building, a hand- \ 1 Will Oppose Heflin in Alabama; Alfalfa Bill !s Oklahoma Nominee:' WASHINGTON, All«. 13. (UPt- Pour bare fisted political fign'.r with plenty of thrills for the voters wvre forecast by reluvns Itiday finn- primaries in Nebraska. Ohio, Alabama and Oklahoma. nelurns Indicated llie followine '' rf the ncmocrolic nartv for hfs support "f Cov. Al Smith two years ; aso for accenting the vice-presi-, d^ntial nomination, was apnroxiin- i rtely 400^1 voles in the lc:id of hh | rniionpiil. Tom W. Ccmn'jcJI. in the | rrl 1 ''rns already counted. " j Outlvine prnc'iicU were not re- | forded but political 'observers fore- j r-isi-. thc'« would onlv arid to the i ..... . .. lead nf the vr-ieon senator. "« l lat * c ?™ a lvhlle ma , n ' Van,.II 'niklnr I1I K I..-:ul i * >l l ° E t! . lc J" 1 " 1 ^ PCOjiie Governor Harvey Parnell. seeking j ^ eil K.nnv,n m sniit.iein ram r»-clcctinn . In a bitter gMbernaUr- ' ^"'i/^™ 1 ^ ?,\^ * /._,„. sl lal eamcaimi. maintained a sato l"ad over his onnonent, Brooks (lavs, youthful Utle Rock at'onn-v fnd rniiner-un in thc gubcrnalor- iul contesl two years a«r\ Parnell's lead was more than 12.000 votes and continued to mount as returns were tabulated. Two others in Ihc governor's race , run ri POT third and fourth. "-no*i»MH-. inaintnined a steady lend in'ail countieR in Arkansas ex- "CTTpttnET-six. I'ni'ricll's ' lead -was mnintained in 05 of the IS counties. ^ ™ w . Nol ,. ls . Republican inc,,ml«ntJ ""^ to '" er ^""^ Gi!lKrt N 'lei-- i Hitchcock. Demor.rnt. Tor gnvormr: " Arthur Weaver, nepublican Inciim- against former Governor to Bloelc and notified tlie s: office at Caruthersvillc by lihone. Offic-ris have oblaiiHMl no cjue.s j as in the klentily uf the h.-ldin,! Charles Brvan. Democrat and man. The victims of ihe robbery i brother of tho "tale William Jen- were unable to give an accurate i nines Bryan, description cf him. but were pnai- l:?rt Ohifi—For senator: Roscoe McCulloch. liopulilican Incumbmt against Robert J. Btilklov. Dsnio- r:rut. who won the nomination over__ __ = .. wiulmiiiBly as un oulriglit wet nvnr J H»nry NIlcYiiiTof CooteT- T°ai- ! four opponents. For lEOvernon Mv- is "afsisiant manager o't the '. ers Y." Cooper. Republican iiicum- ! Krcger store at Steele and a mem- j b3nt. against Gcors;e White. Dem- 1 b?r 01 the Cooler baseball : ucral, chairman of the Democratic i national committee during Ihc 1020 '. presidential campaign. Alabama--For senator: J. Thcin- ; as He'lin, incumbent; runnins a r j an independent after being oxnell ! ed from Ihc Democralic primary. j against John H. Bankhead, nsmp- • C!.it, and mcnfncr .of one-'o} Ala-/ buma's political dynasties. ' -' -Oklahoma—For senator: H."B r's Jury,"Frees Driver of Blame.: for Tragedy on High way'61 I his'A.M. IIAYTI, Mo.. Aug.' 13. ISpeclall —All unldentirLCd < man, between 4fi and 50 years of 'a(je. wns insunlly .killed near Huyll nt 11 o'clock today by the automobile driven by Normnn Cripiis, of Dyer. hid. i n i 1 The coroner's verdict eKoncmteil I ' tlie driver ot the tleiilli car, wliusf t „, \l'^ slatcinent of thc trAfiedy was sub- Ktuiulnlcd 'by several eye . The Ixidy Is.being'held ul Hnyli l slll " l! " while elforls are made lo Identify it. i',,."' . ,. „ , . About live.', feet -six Indies lall. 1 "iillelpaleil afler Senlcmbcr, First Bale Auctioned HercToday Harold. Ktcinlieiu. lilddinK f«r III," Sti'inlK'in Colluu company,- Imujjlit Mississippi county';! llrrl • bale of new crop cotl'in, put m> nt niicllon this moi-nlni; in tin' lloiird nf Trade. Tin 1 fOUTpssful lilil,. liicliuhng the Hu.ud of TmilP'E $5fJ. vurnilinn wns '.» cenls. Henry hurve.s was uucllot'.ner. The. |):ilr, 420 pounds, enme from tin 1 i>liuv nf Hen Darby, Hiuth i;I Klyilu'vlllo, and wo.;; Binned yi'sler- d:iy by Ihe Slernbcrg Cotton Com p;\m', which has Binned Mlylhe villi-'s fli-,1 halt! for llic past five yrm-.. The riiloii. clnssc.'d (is slrH lov ililllni;. with n .staple, of seven Mb in nttcen-slxlecntlis, was o ;n Hucker variety but mi of t|iialiiy to radio the rnlhuslir.m n niivcrs,'who sold was mnd liPly of prcnmlnrclv ci|>eneil ilfkcil from sand blnw:<. J.fost cotton which will be ginned month, in expected to be n! icier, hut a decided 1m- in class nnd staple is nrccinets of inn 2.U2B m ui were: For governor: Parnell, Hayes. . 47.TI5: Sheffield. Grey. 1.435. F°r senator: Robinson. Campbell. 23.423. Mrs. Martin Winning G0.1M: 3,130; Hie iwdesirlan had black hair, streaked with gray and his K<>u3 teeth were marred only by one missing from ttie" lower jaw. Hr wns dressed in dXvk Bray irousers with a black strip*, -inn shoes and a new shirt.. •'. The Indihna.'tourist was driving nprlh when Hits accident occurred' a mile south of ,H)tytl. According lo wllncscs. he had jiassM It'car and was driving al the rale of from 35 to 40 miles per hour when • hS pulled over to the rigM side of the highway I; nermil'the piissing of a irttck. When ! he did so lie saw the man walking Zal B. Harrison, local lawyer nnd former prcseculing aU:rncy. • n)ong thl , ^^ or thc pnvement gD- victor In.yesSerrtny's for county and prebnte judge of Mississippi | n g scuth, on thc right side of This year's first bale came a full two weeks ahead of the average date, and dm: to Hie dry season It . Is Anticipated tlml Blnnlngs will 'have reached a substantial volume (he end of the month, when ordinarily picking is just stanlnx. No reports have been received here of any other cotton ginned In Mississippi county, bill It Is known Ibnl a number of farmers hnve enough open In their fields to make up a l:nle. Word was received al the board of trndc lodny that George Ccok, Slcele glnncr, had received three bales of new crop cotton licre. county. ^ e. ST " I r fa- |ElcctiQiv : Pai-ly. -.-. H ofKLCN-Coui-ior moils as Oklahoma's blind For BOvernor: William Bill" Murray, Democrat. 01.250: : LAMBERT ST. LOUIS FIELD | Im A. Hill, Republican. i senator. ! "Alfalfa i>| a»ainsl ! Mississippi county, and norlheasl , „. I Arkansas followed the returns of .St. Louis, Aug. 13. tUP)—Flyinji _Tn Arkansas Senator Joseph l.| the Democratic primary in Arkan- • the road, about 15 feet from him. Ttie applying ot the brakes or. | the wet pavement caused the nia- ; i chine to skid .and the rhrm was! ! knockod.-dowrfai'.d dvaVged. f,rom 50! I o 15 test before the car, |iass?tl, ; ever his body when brought lo a j I Etop. A lurne cm wns ma'de In his I ' head and ibis is siikl to travc caiis- I ed instant death, although the ex \v.\y. Majority;' 'County, -for Robinson, Pavncll. Fiflr-lwo hoses out of flfty- llvi 1 In Mississippi county huvr i-eur.ilrd Hie fnlov*hi£ vote In jrslcrilay's Dfiuocrallc primary: for iniinly Judge: /ill B. Harrison, 3.OT; fiedfKc W. llarliam, 2,111. For circuit rmirl clerk; nillv Calim, 3.S20; 't. IV. I'ollnv2,lf1... Fort Irsasfireri;.W. WJ Hollf- I'm- representative: K. E. Alexander, 3,351; VI. Paul Marsh, ?.,239. For assessor: J. S. Dfltaliunly, 2.(!lr.: Jim Fowler, 2,165; J. W. \Valldiis, 930. ' For surveyor: Ovrrlou, 3,fMMi Kliicannon, 2,426. For clmill \\iift: G. F_ Keck, 4,710; Neil Klllouth, 2,7111; W. W. Itanil]-. 2,010; William Carroll, MB. Mlssliif boxes art Hie Fnnl liuildlne -Blyllifvlllf, lla\f Moon and Kocky. ' . . ' . For jorernnrv Han-ey 1'ar- nell, 3,515; Tliotntwrry Grey, (W; Brooks Hays, Ji'CM; Job" C. Shrtficlil, 328. ':;ii! Fcr senator: >J«e T. Rnblnsoii, 3,917; Tom C»:npb»ll, 1,131. For lieutenant', jov^rr.or: Ij»'- rence Wilson, 2,1U; Fretd Hullo, 134; W. I>. Slrail,' MS; Turn Hill, 1,244; Moon, 248; Bull, J3C. For Und commissioner: Mrs. Belvi Martin. 3,850; E. P, llasscr, 1,481. For railroad commissioner: Htndmon, .Z^5»i WUlu*,. MMj'i- For fttrtUry cf Miti': MtBoa- aU, l,M?j Mis, 1,097;. r . , . . 'hrough a sleady rain. Dale Jack- i Robinson. Democratic incumbent. ' Mrs B v Marlhi, ii' . Artnn** ! »n' ^ 'Forest WBrlnc piloted their won renomii "'»" bell the Hrst co fi.-'u'^vnnTiT-i'ramHdate'for a slate ! orange and yellow- . monoplan; r-rnce was leadh'gE P Rosscr by | Greater St. Louis past a new world's in UMve years. rcoo - volcs . ! endurance refueling flight , la ( lnsL ni ,„ guests <5 the Courier News. KLCN ' had a le: volcs over Tom Hill. y in Nebraska was President ,vm-norc scnu,,,,,^. — ..., -••- new record was established | Hoover a serious primary issue, ^ix candidate" were entered. I at 9:52:30 a. m. central standard There Norris won oul asainst th" six canainau.-. ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ a , ott 1 ccmWncd forces of regular Itamb- I S5J iiours, 4t minute? and 30 sec- , licnns and Anil-Saloon league forc- 1 onds, exactly one hour lomjer than ! es who allcmplcd lo punish him to' - • • ~- - -•• Smith on ths rad io . staM^^^ and Bornni's Drug stor[ . , n an e i abora ic and csien- I *vc broadcast of De balloting ov.r Seven in Field for Chicka-; sa\vba Township Offices; : Taylor in Runaway. nf his more than "™ " ^rdhlrict. found most of tho rep-' heavy dri77le as, ihe .new rccorl, resentativcs renominalcd without was made. It was Ihe first real rair, uno"iliori John E. ' Miller of 1 however, that this drouth distrcss- =earcy had piled up nearly a 1.500 Jed section has had in a niDiith. vote lead in the second district "W McDonald was safely in the lead for the secretary cf slates lour I jot Killing Negro Youth . Hold Seven White Boys -\Vith lour nominees lo be from a field o! seven candidates the ' thc state as we'll "as in Mississippi i race for Ihe justice of peace offices j C0lin ty. • i in Chiclurawba township was one ; Every possible source of election news in the comity was gleaned for Information throughout the night ns the slad of the Courier News nnd KLCN with tlie co-pp.?r.i- tion of Borum's Drug Store and ', eager volunteer workers strove lo • supply Ihc thousands of waiting i listeners with tl-2 latest possible i election news. Not to be outdone by thc election workers, Ihe studio staff o' | KLCN presented an unusually attractive program for its audence. y.<- .-itg's^i-^ Carrying 33 of the'52 boxes re- . ported up lo 3 o'clock tills afternoon, Zal B. Harrison .defeated Judge Oeorgc'W. Barhani for the Democratic nomination for .county and probate judge of Mississippi county by a majority that will probr ably exceed 1,000 voles when rc- uvuittnnruuio, mix. 10. >UI") j turns are complete. , —Captain Frank Hawks brought | Billy Galnes > won his race, with - jFlyer.Is Streaking Eastward in Race for New Ocean to Ocean Record. INDIANAPOLIS, Allit. 13. his monoplane down at Mars Hill alrpcrt at l:2j p^ in. central slnn- o'ard lime, today. Hawks look off nl 1:36 p. m.. 13 minutes nft^r I Ininllng. with Hie exception ol lh»|tio'n iimcporied box with a totnl of 3DI I ward \clcs. Geo. J. Walker Is In second : , Miss., bank lellcr. time, The woman, according to Law?! Knight is running third with 345 de by Cnl. nnd Mrs. Charles A. , T. W. Hotter 'for circuit clerk by approximately 1.500 voles, und- E. E.. Alexander gained renomlnation for representative, defeating W. ^ Paul Marsh by.n-margin that will probably reach at least 1,200. W. W. Hollipctcr ran nwny Irom^VTbe p. Pride for Ireasurer. the 52 boxes Bi'vlng him a lend of approximately three to one. ""!"" Assessor's Race Closest ".7. In only one county race did any. lotibt remain on the .basis l of the vote from the. 52 boxes. J. S. DHIa- mly held what appeal" 1 to ( Be '• safe lend over Jim Fowler for : ns- . sessor, thc vote standing 3.0l5tta 2.165, but rei»rts were current, that Fowler received a big vote at, the- md building' box in Blythevilla and at Halt Mcon.'ti? yet unrC[Jorl- ed, which might leave delcrmjijar- tion of the rcsull to the absentee volrs,. yet lo be fered. when his craft stayed In the | air. 40 seconds. . ; Charles Hall nnd Paul . Kevins competed with their twin pusher planes with Kevins coming on', victorious with a night of 279 feet. Hall's plnne Hew 240 feet. Another interesting contest was provided between J. W. Willingham nnrt Edward Couvlnri. whose: planes flew 45 nnd 60 seconds. re-| sj-eclively. Willingham's plane broke a wing in landing. The meet was held under the supervision cf J. J. Daly, one of the I spcnsors of Ihe organization here. | NIGHT SHITIT STROLLER ; DENVER, (UP) — Louis Richie, ] wanted on a narcotic charge, j strolled away from the delenthn i ward of the Denver General Hrs- pitnl iii his night shirt. Police found him and returned him to his; bed against his will. : ^iSouth's Choice For defeat. !' Keck, it appears, ran first in all j com iof .... - 'bciides the big vote given Killongh in his home county of Cross he was a strong scirnd in Critlenden. Mississippi and Clay. miles except Ihe home ciunlies i • . A l_Jj, R nm l,; n[ r the three other candidates, and | HViaiOT AUHUIS DOmDing Kentucky Coal Mines MUnPHREYSBORO. 111.. Aug. HAltl) l.VCK ST011Y WINS ! ALBUQUERQUE- N. M. (UP)-: A sick wife, six children and the fact that lin was f>7 years old earned Juan fMcvan Trtijilo "another etl" when brouaht before I (DPI—Pnnl Mcnli{oery. 26. con- j u j ge Helmick In district court for T1IF. WKONO WORD ALBANY. N. Y. (UP)—Letter to j Dr. Thomas Parran jr.. state health ! commissioner: "Have you decided I salti today. i when yon will start your class of; — . dcnniclion? I would like to be ' one of the class." What the ladv fesied trady that he wns the nvi- atcr who early Monday . dropped mrant. decided the was "instnlction." the nalional' prohibition . He was given n 00-day sus- : bimbs on a coal mine at Province.' p cn ^cd sentence. Kv.. Sheriff William Flannisnn | STHKETS KEMETHF.n ; FORT MORGAN. Colo.. <UP)Lo-1 cal streets have undergone "rem- i edying" this summer, and to date. TOO MANY HEIRS commissioner.; CANON CITY, Colo.,. (UPl-Cclo- i rado's loss wns a gain for the king- 1 dom of Jugoslavia when S. Yoban- ' obllch, consul for'the king- idom, proved, to Judge Eldred's sat; i Isfnclion that 15 heirs of parbura STILL CANNOT SWIM EVANSVILLE, Intl.. IU . tj»,l*.^'' . _ • , Jlt\k-MUU 1.11.1k- 1%, llv.lo "I jiw....... ! Charles Ringer, a river man for 4G Barsmn , ive{ , ln nls co , mt ry. If 'years, cannot swim. The Ohio m- i helrsmp had not ^ n proved| lhc nrre than 2.0CO yards of (Travel have teen placed by city workmen.] Each day the streets are dampen- ! erl. 75.000 gallons of water being used. NEW rOLITOIAL SKKIKS VIENNA. (UP)—Austria's leading j Favored by legion men dally ' newspaner. The Neue Prelc I Presse of Vienna, has aroused j much public interest by publish- ! inrr as a letular feature articles on In iho south for ilie national comman- dcrsrilp of ttie American Legion, olouel llrniiu M Unszel. above, L'RGES SLOW EATING i , .helrship had not been proved, the I HARR1SBURG, Pa., (UP)-Per-: c-r has been the scene of his work , 42 ^ M cs(ate wol . w havc go:;( , to sons who cat to rapidly were com-i 1 as ft fisherman, dam worker. 105 [he Mc school (und pared with seeding automobile j ! roller and boat house custodian. He • drivers, by Dr. Theidore D. An- ! ' has been In the river only three or, . | ^ Pennsylvania Secretary of i four • times, when he fell in. . FIND MASTEDON JAW ' ' ! ' HASTINGS, Neb.. tUP) — The EXHIBIT TO FT.ST1YAL (large jaw of a mastedon with leelh PHOENIX, Ariz., (UP1—Several | still In place Is the latest "find" to Arizona agricultural exhibits, the; be placed In the Hastings museum, flaa and a menage from Gov- lit was discovered by Curator A. M. | pel, reiiii3>i><iiiui o\,\.n.*nij m i — ! n li» • t p FIND MASTF.DON JAW I Health, today. "In both cases, as; seeking re-election in Hie L. R. itolllSlOn Leaves FOUr .„....,.,-, eoi.nte;! by the . Democratic central. committee. . Thc biggest vole cast in.,the county for a candidate having-opposition was polled by O. E. Keck. Ndl KIllotiRh of Wynne ran second for circuit judge, with \V.;-W. Eaiidy third and William Carroll a poor fourth. •• Harvey Pnrnell carried thc county for governor more than two to' one over Brooks Hays, with the ollicrs (railing, and Lawrence Wll- ron received by (ar the biggest vole for lieutennnl governor. . . A home town girl, Mrs. Bclvn Turner, runty supervisor, show that educational work is prevalent In Mississippi county nt Ibis time. , .. ----- -. . Besides taking n part of the Marlin. ran away with tlie votc.Jpr month for her annual vacation. Miss Lawr.on sent out 183 letters, held 320 conferences and traveled "GG IIIUITO ill lui .j*,i% 11. ^»j" »j|.*.-» | 11* »l,n "" lho Otf '" " nrt lhC Sr a l» n ^|i n ««^S l ri m«n te hl made « Ic no PCI lutu inti,n"6-i !•••« -j-v..- j three days at. the superintendents'! delcaten conference at Fayettcville. 1 ir > tlie IK Miss Turnr visited 30 FChools in land commissioner over E. P. .Ros- antl traveien " Harrison Takes Early I^aft •-«-'- '>* H ^^ ,:r srt^^srffis of tiinc ^^p^ 1 %^i 1 i^'?s^ i ss!s B jja5 ., .!,„ ,,,™,rini»nrfoni«'! defeated Barham for county juii^c contest of the coiintj carried Blythe- ited three communities ichools. and ten the 17 days spent in the field *' lle b >' when she conferred with SI teach-1 l ^ ers included in the 178 conferen . ces held while traveling 1101 miles ] serious !n attending to her duties. She taught 31 demonstration classes and did office work ten days; The wrrk among the negroes Inst month was confined largely to the making of annual reports but Annie Currle. Jcanes supervisor, vis- into the Barli Luxora and stronghold, carrying Keller among others. The only 100 per cent votc was cast at McFWtln, where Barham polled 189 voles to none for Hamson but the victorious candidate very nearly matched this at Hickman, where the vote was 148 !pr Harrison to (wo for Barham. frcniicnt result, a crash occurs," senate. Senator William J Hat• he sntd. . , . . Virclnln stale r-ornmnndor. Is lie- | p rnnr Phillips wil Ibe sent to the j Brook in ss, who spent several days 'iiblect. 1 ;. Intel-national s-; i luu honme.1 in n nalional ram- ,nriti?h harvest festival and Thanks-'i on a research expedition near 11:11-11 for 11:C post • He. Is ninn-- . uivlns service to be held the third Franklin, Neb. A hundred politica well as domestic, written by the .youiver generation— chiefly co ], ieco "nnd -university students. iniendeni of tb. | Icy acitdcniy. boys, . - uvn , . , Uheiiaudoali Vsl- i'Rimd.iy in October in St. Paul's [camped nearby, aided in digging out | chapel. New York. the relic. COSTLY ABLUTIONS DENVER. Colo. (UP)—A balh r |, above, ot Georela. '!»' shitted his siana un the worlil court, ta- voi'lns American adherence only with dr-isllc rescrvatlona and lias cost Catherine Wessel tlOt. While announced in favor of more re- she was in the tub a friend wait- ' stricted Immigration la«s. »c s ing in the living loom of her anart- ' orr>»s;d for tlie Dcmocrallo noml- mcnt disappeared with a stocking : nation by formoi t'overnor Jol'ii containing the SIR1. , M. Slawn Dead and Three Dying I CRANBERRY LAKE, N. J.. Aug. 13 (UP)—A. milk truck and an automobile sedan collided In the ninr- ning mist at 1 Fredon near here today killing four persons nnd injuring five others, three of them |probably fatally. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Mostls 1 fair tonlsht nnd Thursday. Thc minimum here yesterday W.IK 67 degrees and'the maximum, 85 degrees, according to Francis..Car- jmtcr, official weather observer.

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