The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1967 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1967
Page 14
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(la.) Upper DM Molnti Thurtday, Oct. !2, 1967 ltllHHtl(tdilil!HIHItlt!ltllllllllliiHlnHliiiHiUH BojMijBjmroiiitiiiiMi^^ As the old saw goes, "everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it" I tried doing something and this Is the story. I have a good supply of sweaters, red, green, black, blue, two white, besides a darling white shrug and a blue stole - but one gets SO tired of sweaters - so I dug out one of my snuggy shirts. And wouldn't you know it ? By noon it turned so warm I nearly smothered. But I wasn't going to take off that snuggy — too much work to dress and undress. Then at bedtime, a sheet and light cotton blanket were shoved back, then I rang for a light spread, then later my wool blanket I Can you beat that for rapid changes in temperature ? Yep - that's my Iowa, but I love her nevertheless. - o- Joan, Mrs. David Hovey, is a native of Tennessee and has never seen snow, so she is awaiting our winter. I told her it is beautiful, especially when those big white flakes come down and the "stiff rails soften to swans' down, and still fluttered down the snow." (Quote from one of my favorite poems). Then I told her some of the not-so-good features- drifts and snow plows - and on the front page this morning was a picture which gave her a good idea of the less glamorous features. I showed it to Mr. Nasby who appreciated it, as it keeps him busy getting nurses back and forth even though the plows are good about making clearings. - o How wonderful to be born with a golden spoon in one's mouth I Most young mothers are struggling with formulas and endless diapers, but Luci Johnson Nugent can go on a la-de-da rest at a swank spal All that could tire her so far as I can see is posing with the little Lyn and his grandfather. - o I have an idea it was Edna Stebbins who sent me the Los Angeles County Fair edition of the "Pomona Progress" paper and It was fun reading about it and seeing names of familiar streets. Thank you, donor, whoever you are. There was no return address and no hint of a street. I could have told by that. - o- Also thanks to Hertha Dau for our new arrangement of fall flowers on the hall mantel which is right in my line of vision. She sees to it that we have seasonal bouquets and her arrangements are always so artistic. - o - 1 was talking with a friend and we mentioned the surgery whereby a mother gave a kidney to replace one of her daughter's. Both were making good recovery. Then there was an item about a man whose hand had been severed, the hand placed in a sanitary covering and sewed on at a hospital. It will take a little time, the article said, to see how the surgery turned out. Which brought up another unusual case. A boy had been bitten by a dog and the dog was given something to deter the flow of digestive juices so the lip could be removed from the dog's stomach and sewed back on the boy's face. - o - This will be of interest to those who have damp basements but no de-humidifiers. It can be purchased only from Cook's Welding and is calcium chloride. It is inexpensive, can be bought by the pound, placed in a gunny sack and the sack hung up in the basement and a pail put under it. It will eventually dissolve and have to be replaced, and it is thought it may be the answer to peeling paint on the outside of houses. I have had trouble and if this is the answer to outside peeling which painters have laid to moisture getting in from the INSIDE, then hurrah. We used it in our house when needed several years ago and it was amazing the amount of moisture that was extracted. It is of particular value when furnaces are not running, and it is said to be a good idea to keep the bag filled ail seasons. No, this information is not going to be charged nor am I getting a commission from Cook's. I am merely trying to solve a problem so many people have had. Yours for dry basements 1 * o •> It is piling it on pretty thick when death enters a home twice in three months, but such is the case in the Zittrltsch family. Annie died In June and her mother, Mrs. Mary Zittritsch, was brought to the Good Samaritan Home. A few weeks ago she was taken to St. Ann hospital and died there Sept. 26. She was a tiny woman, plumpish but short and neat as a pin. Her mentality was sharp and alert. She loved playing cards and every Sunday afternoon her daughters, Tracy Kelley and Lizzie Post, would join her and Annie at their home for games with her and companionship. She was 94, I believe. A remarkable woman. The red flowers at the Wirtjes home across the street north are so pretty and perky. Pve been asked what they are and I say salva, though I am not certain. Years ago it was a common sight to see beds of them surrounded by cannas. I am not much of a florist, but I CAN tell a few things apart- at least a geranium from a sweet pea. Speaking of sweet peas, Zada Brunson's mother had such wonderful luck with them, and in season there was always a bouquet of them on a stand in the sitting room. They are so fragrant as well as pretty. She had a fence for them to climb. Some people say "plant them north and south", others say "east and west". I don't remember what direction hers were planted, and I don't believe directions have anything to do with them. There was also a small grape arbor that yielded nice purple grapes. I was never very fond of grapes of that variety. I like the new variety - almost white and seedless. - o - I have just had a chat with Elvira Monlux who is at Good Samaritan D. Her son William and his wife were here Sept. 23-25 and are recently back from Paris, France, where his wife attended a convention. They stopped in Washington, D.C. en- route home. William has made excellent recovery from major surgery some months ago. We talked about where we'd like to go and decided we were content to be where we are. As one grows older, our desires change and I marvel at these old duffers who want to take off In small boats and ocean crossings alone. That's not for me. Anytime Pd want an ocean voyage, it would be in a deluxe liner. I have always been sorry I didn't go aboard the S.S. Coolidge the time it was in Los Angeles port and being loaded for a trip to Hawaii. Mother and my cousin Melvin Henderson were permitted to go from top to bottom (wouldn't a seaman have a fit at my description ?) I could just as well have accompanied them as there were elevators and I missed the chance of my life to see this super ship. Later it was stripped and made into a troop ship, and later was shelled and sunk. A sad ending. I can remember Melvin remarking at the boatloads of iron being shipped to Japan. Melvin said prophetically, "Going to Japan to be made into missiles to kill our men." I can't believe it's ignorance — I believe Don Kaul is just needling us when he ignores the fact that Iowa has a CORNELL College at MOUNT VERNON. He ignores the Iowa college, which is a small one but a very good one, and refers to the Cornell at Ithaca, N. Y. Shame on you, Don. It'S a wonder the roof didn't fly off at one of the popular eating places here Thursday. Seven of us got together for dinner and since we are all good talkers, well, to put it into present day vernacular, we had a ball. I felt a little sorry for two who are not "old timers." They were good listeners and vowed they enjoyed hearing it. - o - An article I read which mentioned malts and nutmeg took me back to my high school days when we'd drop in at the drug store and have egg chocolate malted milks. Wish I had one right now. Eggs were beaten to a very light consistency, milk and malt added and on the tables were shakers of nutmeg or cinnamon. I always chose cinnamon. This was back in the days when a Mr. Larson was manager of the store and married a Lundell girl, daughter of a Lutheran minister here. The daughter Ruth was In my graduating class. - o - I don't Intend to make itahabit to call a friend of mine on trivial matters, but having missed the first of "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" I was puzzled over who was mad at whom, and the whole show was of quarreling and bickerings in a family, drink, drink, drink through the whole thing. It took a little time to get my bearings and I wasn't certain then whether 1 had figured it outright. Anyhow it was wasted time and why the movie got such rave notices is more than I can figure out. - o - The night before, I was torn between Paul Newman and Rock Hudson. I chose Paul simply because Maurice Chevalier was featured. He is still a great favorite of mine, but the rest of the picture failed to amuse me. I guess I am getting old and fussy. Oh, give me back the Nelson family, Perry Mason, and shucks, I've mentioned my loved missing programs so much, I won't go into further details. I hear laments on every side and criticisms for the new pro- grams. Wake up NBC, CBS and ABC! - o- I hear an announcement over radio the other day of a talk to be given by Dr. William Monlux of Ames on some animal subject. He is a son of Mrs. Elvira Monlux. - fl- it has now become a question "Does she or doesn't she wear a wig f and I've been, reading about wigs for men. A good idea, and why not ? Did you ever think of the false things) that aroused ? Start with wigs, contact lenses, spectacles, teeth, rouge, lipstick, "falsies", finger nails for those who want long, well-shaped nails, hair rinses and tints and downright coloring or bleaching, curls or waves, lifts in shoes to make one seem taller. And one time I saw a picture of some gadget that made bow-legged men seem to have straight legs. And why not improve on nature if we want to ? Maybe Pd better shut up or we'll have some more legislation on what we can do or not do to improve ourselves. - o - A 40-year old man was recently asked why he shaved off his beard. He replied, "I had the feeling it made me look too YOUNG." Fall Event The annual Fall Event of St Ann Auxiliary will be held at th« Legion Club Oct. 12 with ft 1p.m. luncheon. A non-religious pro* gram "Madonnas are totet- pretive" and floral arrangement will be given by Mrs. Dorothy Ashpole of Clarion, who haspre* sented this program on tele* vision, at Minnesota fairs and before numerous other group* in Iowa. 500 and bridge will be played. Price of the luncheon is $2.25. The speaker's program is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. If anyona can't make the luncheon and would like to hear the program the charge will be $1. Wed 50 Years The children of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Girard, Bagley, la., will hold an open house in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary at their home there Oct. 22. They are parents of Mrs. MaurineHarr of Wesley. A CLASSIFIED AD WILL GET fc AST RESULTS IN THE UPPER DBS MOINES. AND PATItONIZf VIKING OIL GO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WI OIVI GOLD BOND er KINO KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot B^HiiiiTCBflHXB!i&<.:Jito«*iiln ^•••P. .,.-... BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES • For fUmoeeltaf, Modendttaf • For Farm fc Home BolUUaf • For Rudy-Mixed Concrete COWAN CORP. Phone 295-5266 •••••»••»•••»»•»•»•»* ffljfipi^n^&^^ CARGILL INC. Buyers & Sollors of All Grains • Get eur bids an yaur grain before yew tell. ' • Federal Licensed Storage Warehouse. Dalt Kltlngartner or Corwin C. Potr 419 S. PhUllps St. Ph. 2f5-2741 "HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY" Well Appreciate a Chance t« Estimate Without Obligation en any Town of-Parm Construction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 295-5577 ALGONA, IOWA lo. Lantry Teie. 295-4266 ALGONA SEE US FOR ALL YOUR LUMBER, CONCRETE, AND BUILDING NEEDS BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm and Town 122 South Jfeckart, Algeria Ph«nt 295-2MS (Pleaie Call After 6:00 P.M.) O5SUTH oil eo CONCRETE NEEDS . PROMPT DELIVERY AND EXPERIENCED KNOW - HOW Vj INSURES YOU TOP QUALITY CONCREJE ALWAYS 295-5266 SERVICE UxBvUSI BULK STATION IVIOPII SERVICE PHILLIPS & MCGREGOR STREETS ALGONA, IOWA JIM SLOTER, OWNER JOHN B. ISEBRAND BUILDER - CONTRACTOR TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 17S We Welcome A Chant* To Give You An Estimate On Residential, Farm or Commercial Building No Obligation. CONTRACTING SINCE 1928 ,•••»»»»•»»•+«»+»••»••• »•»»»»»»»» ERNIE WILLIAMS Yovr John Deere Headquarter* In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" fait of Algona on Highway 18 Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK ALOONA'S HOME-OWNED BANK Moving • Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Iniured - New, Modern Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone 295-2275 POST Transfer & Storage Algona Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone 295.35Q1 1497 Commercial St. t »*«»••»•••»»»»»»•»••»»•»»•»»»»•< " So Phillipt SI. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred L.P. Gas BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO, of Algona Phone 295-2841 Algona f ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT t Komer, tthe«m * Crane Fixtures • Rbeem Het Wtter 0 AfttoMl* t Ly*-Ai« sad American Standard Fur- Softeners' A nacei »nd Air Conditioning, 9 Elwtfte t INSINKCnATOn'G»rb«(e DlipoMl Units cr-Reolcr vice. PHONi 295*5240 IN ALGONA »»»»•»»•»»»»»»»«

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