The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1967 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1967
Page 10
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tnttred ai tecond cUtt matter at the pottoffiee at Alfona. Iowa (HSU), Nov. 1, 1BSJ. under Act of Confrett of March 1 I«79 CttAiUSHfO 186S VOl. 101 NO. 78 8lgotra Upper jltomes; morii MA EDITOR'S NOTE: This edition of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, March 19,19S3 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. AT OUR HOUSE THINGS are seldom dull. When things threaten to quiet down a little there are always the three children, the six Cub Scouts, a piece of balky household equipment, or a few visiting youngsters to liven up the atmosphere. This week we reached a sort of crescendo around here. Our dog, Wienie, had pups. * * * WIENIE'S PUPS ARE SOMEWHAT of a phenomena for we were led to believe that she wasn't that kind of a girl dog. Then, too, she is nearing five years of age and, for a dog, that*s middle aged. After we became aware of her interesting condition we took great comfort in some information one of our friends gave us. She said Daschunds seldom have more than one or two pups to a litter and at the most three. But Wienie had evidently not heard that. In spite of the spayed female classification on her dog license, in spite of our lectures on family limitation she went right ahead and efficiently gave birth to eight pupsl * * * HERETOFORE I'VE ALWAYS been inclined to snicker a little at the so-called trials a new father has to go through at the time of the birth of his baby. They always say that they feel so helpless and that there is absolutely nothing they can do to help. From now on, I'll be more sympathetic for I felt exactly like a father when Wienie was in confinement, complete with a lot of walking the floor. * * * THE REAL FATHER, a little cocker spaniel, hasn't even been around to inquire after his family. Pretty caddish of him, I thought, until I found out the reason why. The day the pups arrived he suffered the consequences of his favorite vice - chasing cars. He is now limping around with a cast on his foreleg. * * * THE FIRST PUPPY WAS born dead and it was then that I called Daddy and Arnie Ricklefs for consultation. We have dubbed Arnle, Dr. Fishbein, for he is very talented at canine delivery room consultations. There was not too much the "Doctor" could do, though. Mother Nature seems to provide her dumb creatures with the instinctive knowledge of just what to do at such times. The "Doctor" went home to his supper convinced that Wienie had a nice family of four live pups. When he called at ten o'clock to inquire we had five to report. The next morning we discovered six. I kept counting them just to be sure and each time I came up with a different number. I laid this to poor lighting, deficient knowledge of arithmetic and the fact that Pd been kept awake all night, by little whining noises. But when we got the protective mother away from her family long enough to sort them out, I found that I was right in some of my counts. There were seven, very active young dogs! .,*.** - • PETS ARE SUPPOSED TO teach children about natural science and it is also supposed to be a good way for them to observe the facts of life. I doubt if our children learned anything they didn't know already, but I know their parents did, for we had never before seen anything born unless you count those chicks we saw pick their way out of shells at Bob and Fran Nealy's. Our children were away at the time of the big event. As Bill says, "We only saw Ivanhoe and missed the Big Show!" * * * IT AMAZES US TO WATCH Wienie at her mothering. She's always thought she was a lap dog, very friendly and affectionate, the sole purpose of her life being to get some human to stroke her and scratch her ears. Now she is a reformed character and I doubt if we could get her to leave her babies even for her favorite diversion, a ride in the family car. With such a big family, dining room facilities are naturally limited but Wienie lines the little ones up with her nose, helping some of them find their supper and poking the greedier ones away when she thinks they have had enough. * * * WE BOUGHT A DOLL'S nursing bottle with the idea of hand-feeding some of the pups. This was not very satisfactory so we decided to feed the extra milk to Wienie and I am doing this every two hours. Come to think of it, maybe I'd better see to it that our own Daddy has good meals. He has 13 mouths to feed now and it should take lots of strength. * * * WE HAVE LOTS OF callers nowadays, both adult and juvenile and Wienie proudly shows them her offspring. Far more people come to see the pups than ever came to see me when I had a new baby. But then, I always had them one at a time. * * * IF ANYONE SO MUCH AS hums that popular tune, "How Much is That Doggy in the Window?", in our presence we will immediately put his name on the list we are making. Six weeks hence you can have one of our seven pups and it won't cost you anything except a promise to give it a good home. If the little ones turn out anything like their mother, you will have a wonderful pet. And that*s saying something coming from a person who has never particularly liked dogs. But I do like Wienie. * * * MY YOUNG FRIEND David McDonald read in Woman's World that I was looking for recipes. He looked up a folder containing 16 master menus and brought it over to me, Lots of good ideas there and it is nice to have scouts for the column, no matter what age. However, our son Bill, takes a dimmer view of Mamma's writing hobby. He was in the throes of composing an article on Egypt the other day and he told me he was having trouble making his paragraphs come out the same length. I told him that it was all right to use a short paragraph and then a long one and that I often did this in my writing. "It's not so important that your stuff be real good," Bill said. "You just put it in*your column anyway, With me - why I might have to read this article in front of the whole fourth grade." * * * JERRY BRIGGS IS WONDERING if there is somebody trying to sabotage her efforts in teaching their talking parakeet Us prayers. The other evening, Doc, as the bird is called, said, "Now I lay me down to sleep." Then there was a pause after which it continued, "Can I get you a beer?" The Craig Smiths have a parakeet, too. Little Bobby reports that it used to be named See but they had to change it to Mamie. OUR CHILDREN HAVE BROUGHT home little ottering poxes from Sunday school so that they can participate to the One Great Hour of Sharing plan. We feel that it is a good way for them to realise that there are people in the world not so fortunate as we are, They feel sorry for "those poor little kids" but whether it will carry over to the point where they will give up a show or a piece of bubble gum so they can have money for the box, remains to be seen. GRACE Observe Birthday Mr. and Mrs. William Eisenbacher celebrated their daughter Debra's 4th birthday Friday evening Sept. 29 by having her aunts and uncles as guests. They were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moffitt and Jerry, Jr. of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Elsenbacherandboysof Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Eisenbacher and boys of Armstrong and the honoree's sister, Jeanette. NEED A TYPEWRITER FOR SCHOOL? YOU GET THE BEST DEAL AT THE UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. WERE CELEBRATIN OUR LAST DAY MONDAY! MISSES' REG. $7 TO $10 FASHION SWEATERS A fabulous selection of cardigans and slipovers from a famous maker I Classic and new fashion stylings in plain and novelty knits. Sizes 36 to 40. Don't miss this sensational buy 1 Shop early for best selection ! PERFECT QUALITY SEAMLESS NYLONS Mesh or plain stitch in fashion shades to blend with fall and winter ward-' robes. 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