The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1930
Page 2
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]3r.YTlIEVIIJJB (_A'UK.): COUItlER NEWS _1 ' v v SATURDAY, DECEMBER C, 1930' - ; Margaret Milner and Martha ' Who's Who Winners hostess; flrcle-3, Mris:-L°sl|e Hoop- .qr,.chalrnian, w^h, Mrs.'W. I. Cte- borr\;' nylij'jcircl?. .Mrs. p. M. Qrayi chairzuah; j/with. ttfs r . .Edgar Bo'ruin \vrusri 'Xtr^.' Lp-u'lsVoireene'-will also Although, honors,In -the aojiuil .contest of. the city . Miss. Msr- won - first plnce for the most ''awards among the girls with Miss Martha Robinson second, while Woodrow Fisher. George Matthews, Don Smith and pjie Craig were most outstanding in the boys' contests. The several hundred students o"; voted acclaimed Miss Milner, who has been dent there the Honors were mprc evenly divided among the boys with 2a winning ticjicrs In the la contest: while 17 girls won awards. The complete awards to: 1 creditable honors follow: Girls Most popular, Martha Robinson, Margaret Milner, Marlon Burnc. Most Attractive, Margaret MUner, Marlon Burns, Othiis Brackln, Best Personality, Margaret Mll- ner. Marlha. Robinson., Qrlne Hut• 'Mostly Personal ;) Mr. and Mrs, S*m Florman will ave as their gucit Sunday Mr. ''oi man's brother, Ja?k FJojman, ! Mewco: 1 )), Tenn. '••• '••" • Mr. ami Mrs. Jack Applcbaum will s;>end tcnmrruw in Memphis. Mr. out! Mrs. L. N. Mathl9--'and aughter, Salllc, have returned rom Batesville and Rlpley, Mies., where they were wlth-Mrs.' MathL' «m , 'Mrsonallty. alto won second at- chins. Neatest, Margaret Milner, Otlius Brackln (Mulllns,. Supcrntendent. The"Tuesday club Is/meeting with Mrs, ?W.' Leoi;' ; Smith.': The Junior 1 High Parent-Tc-ach- honors In the popularity contest. Miss Robinson, who has receive:! The' DrlpHla'h" "chapter Is' having the Kcojjd , meeting of . the month .at the Hotel" Nobte. '~ .: \. ; ' ' , . . .. .. Mrs. \V. P/ Veate'y, Jr., Is hostess to jthe Young Matrons club. T,he Mirag<*'| 6l«b> is with Mrs,**: Con«^.''-' „ . ,.., >_t3haTlng,th,e Night .3r)dge3ue,'7';. ; ,,' ,.',..," . Guest Complimented '* ' At Nijht Club Parly. Mrs.'Herbsrt ~ * Canton, Miss I, rs. Herbsrt O:.Binttl\-yanlz. of .'.the; .honored the party of the Night Bridge c)u£ t bjst overling when Mrs. C.. W.. Garrigah .was hostess. An- other-sucsfewas-Wls^HftzeUHartlln. MJii.immle .Matthe'ws.'.won .the club';prize .and tho out of town gu»t was remembered wjth.a gift. Y* e R^^rVs/^p 1 ^ 1 r^t P e ^T -,s'alad. fe*;.'.was" served after five bridge games..- . • /'.'- numerous awards In such contests I Inglon, Cutest, Margaret Milner,' Carolyn Hull, Alllnc Fields, Mcst Ambitious, Tiiejma Worlh- mother, Mrs. Sallie Holt, who-died! Sunday school 0:46 A M U W asl intt week. - -'.',. ' ' ' Mrs. W. A..Dcbyns, whd ii'as Been erloiisly 111 at the Memphis Bap- ist hospital following a,ii operation several weeks ago, will be brought lome Monday. Mr. Dobyns :«ill spend tomorrow there, throughout her high school days, was chosen as the mo$t popular girl,-She also won second place in the contest for the girl with the best • "personality and the mos.1 friendly girl." , * Although Woodrow Fisher's only first .place was for the most dignified senior, " ho won fo'ur second honors and one third place. In the jcontesls for the most popular boy, bpyiwfth the beat'p'er'sonailty, most ambitious and wittiest he won second and wns third for the most friendly boy. • "Owrge Matthews,-'besides being chosen as the boy with tiie best personality, placed, sscpnd for tho most friendly boy and third In the popularity coriiest. •Pete Craig won" first place in the popularity contest - and second as the best athlete, -while Dori Smith won first honors in the neateat ant! cutest boj'and second place in tho contest' for the most ;liandsbme boy. . . The. 17,.rnember^; ofvthe- Ladies Bible class of'-^ho"'Pfrs't- Met'hodis't Sunday school : who. met, \vllh-iirs. Ealtte Hubler Fri^ayi.evenlng ha^ a business and 'sbcial-'njeeting: • "' Jf-s. H,-E. Neblett oonductsd the devotiorul,. taken' -ffonV'the' eighth" chapter pf-Kjp . served vfrtut.-:c«k« v «nB -hot choco- : -' ' "• All em "G<f-To S Mothers and fntrrcrfof in th'e • Junior;hjgh school wiil-'"goj to ; schwl.VTue»"nWg in a! unique.meeting'''-planned' by -"the'! Parent-Teacher'association of this '• schpol. '•..-""•; '-'?: : i'.f.' •""• '-'•'•' ' -' ITiere wi.ll^be" cl.asjes for everyone, Van-led:'out' oh trie' faine-'sciiea- tle as the" daily 'school 'U r operated except;tluyt : : the.-periqds .'will be mucVshbrter. The parents wUl go" 1 hrpugjij t.Hc - same dally sc hecjule.: as do the[r.children,,wi5rj the fahie ip- Etrqctors.. ,''-•'." Each ..will take''.lunch' wh'lcji will provide refreshments for the social) period. „• ;:- .;. This meiCng! has" been ip'lann'eii' EO that the parents may,become mere fahiiliar wUrrthe wordings of the ;:schcto!_and its.-'pupils. s ' Given Parly." :•'-. : ' • ' ." ijrs..' Dcaie • Mick was 'given'" a surprise btjthdajr - party ..Thursclay evening byfbjr daughter; jyjrs'^La^- ren^e Halsell, - and' Mrs! Buford Young- at yie-. ! .HalseH home Higjiway 6L. ^'_-^ . » QntesUi-ond-j .Idy Welfare activities;'-that in the'book shorn .for the public library 20 volumes-were donated In bEiirvlng' National Book Week-and tiat-.the American Legion maita- inc had been placed in the hljh school library. • ' .-. A vote of regret was taken be- ause Mrs. 0. R. Mobley, Ametl- anlsm chairman, was moving from he city. - .- In the educational work a nied- 1 has been again offered this year, t jJie student in. th,e eighth grade naking scholarship rac- rds." This "will be presented m May. Tho group voted to ask the qucr- mjtouii^f Mississippi county, at s next Sheeting, forSin approprl- tion lo Jhe Mot.hers'penslou Fund or needy- mothers.'Copies of ihe ill, recently passed, are to be sent o all'justices of peace "in the coiin- y at once. The hostesses, Mrs. Floyd White nd Mrs.' Ware, served delicious rc- reshments. of the First - ing. the attractive'-gitrs'-' provided amusement for • the 15 guests. - In the; cc.nte^Mrs.-.W-.-'D-r Barted'ale. ^<rtr ' - Tn Air k^T_t._'_^V_ . -i, tm.mX : -^ : and'MjN. Chas: Freeman won prbes. Delicious refreshments were served ' ----- -''- Ltjion Aoxiliary ":' Makes.PUni: '• Activities for.. the;,Chnstmas season. :-and reports--'of the 'accomplishments, since" the November meeting occupied the attention o the- Amsrlcan -Legion" 'Auxiliary members who met at the home "6 Mrs - k.-N.^Ware j£'Friday after" Wlth December as the time Jo major; projects .in 'his group .re, garding charity several plans veY formulated. Mrs. W. J. Pollard, is rehabilitation chairman, will diree tlw Bearing for of five families' r'o . World War veterans for Christmas Mrs. Floyd White is chairman 'o'r thejccmmittee which will furnish arid.make ihe Sant^ Cicuis bags for .the Fcodfellows fund. Mcsda'mes R • N.'.Warc Jr., o. W. Coppsdge. Ernest Roc Nelli Reed; Lo"y,Xelch, w. J. .Pqlfard, *>Jofin' W. 1 Myers and Floyd White will spend Monday- working ,in,,the clothing, room of thc loc&URed Crpis. -^-.-_;. It-.wSs~TOe'd'fo'»nif $30 to the Fort-.-.Hoot hospital for spreading Christmas.cheer and to give the' U3Ual'.$2.50 for ths tobacco fund o! ' this .hospital. ' i,- .gwstctent, an- Vllpwihlp: Dinner. the 100." mcmbsrs Most Friendly, Margaret Milner, Mprthn Robinson, Orlpe Hutchins. Biggest Man Hater,. Thelma Wor- thlngton, Jane Gosne.ll, Pattl Moore. Wittiest, Peggy Secoy, Sue Butt. McKeel, Dori? Most Studious, Thelma- Worthington, Kfltharyn Denton, Mirieii Coqley. Most Dignified Senior, Thelma Worthlngton, Katharyn Denton. Boys Most Popular, Pete Craig, Woodrow Fisher, George Matthews. Most Handsome, Vernor Wiggins, Don Smith, Lester GUI. Best Personality,'George Matthews, Woodrow Fisher, Claude Kin?. Neatest. Don Smith, Ben Hall, Sam Johns. Cutest, Don Smith, Buddy Bohn, Charles Brogdon.' Best Athlete, Tom Short, retc Craijj, J. T. Craig.- Most Friendly, Claude King, Geo. Matthews and Bob/Burns, Woodrow Fisher. Wittiest, Dub Colston, Woodrow Fisher, Joe Pride. Most Studious, Joe Byrn Evans, Stanley Atchlson, Murrell Alton. •Most Dignified Senior, Woodro* Fisher, Kenneth McAnally, Norfleet Matlock. Most Ambitious, Joe Byrn Evans, Woodrow Fisher and MHt'on Gri\ham, Charles Ramsy. Biggest Woman Hater, Albert Taylor, Jlminie Tipton, Norfleot Matlock. hristlan church" who. attended the supper Friday evening, at.-the social .hall, a|so enjoyed a cllowship-meeting. Tlie Rev. E. K. Latlmer was oastmaster for an Informal pro- gram'of talks and Miss Marie Moon ave a reading. Gjuncs also enter- alned both thc olfieif people and children present. * • •• To Jfave Parly. ) Misies Margaret Slerritt nnd 3hnrl^ne. Robinson are. havlni; an informal-p'n'rty this' 'evening for Miss Fnnnle Mno Blntord. of Brownsville, Tenn., who' has been Ih.e houseguest of Mrs. S M. Terry Airs,.Edwin Robinson for several "weeks. •' .. -.. • * * Wtbrs Attend. Dance; - A. number of guests from Osceola, Carjtliersville and; other nearby cities attended-the'dance at th" f) ty sudltorliiiii last-evening when the Blylhevllb Dance club was host ..Oliver Cobb.and ftis recording orchestra, of St. -Louis, furnish d the music. . . ' : - * *- * * Fraiicway-Rosc Miss Edith M.ny Rose and Mr. H W, Francway, both of Lcachvillc' ° '" rr mornin:' ARTICI.E NO 12 WM. E. McKENNKV Secretary American Bridge 1ft; When your hand contains suit which Is only stoppec when' one certain opponent Is lithe lend, and it' would be detrimental 'to !:ave this suit led all finesses should be throujh, taken toward this'particular opponent In order to protect this dan gerou's suit. WEST S-l-9-5 H—10-76 D—0-108-64 €—¥•6 HOKTH S—Q-8-3 H-fl-tt-« D—5-2 C-K-J-105-2 6-2 . 11—9-6-3 D—X-9-3 C-0'8-3 SOUTH—DEALER S-A'7-4 H-K-J-8-2 D—A-J-7 C—',.7-4 .The .niddin-; The - auction bidding would be 1 South one no. trump. North two clubs and South two no trump. At contract. South lias a minimum two no trump bid. North takes out with three clubs, and South goes to three no trump. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 'P. ,Q. Ewje, .Pastor Worship and sermon n"'». in, and _|7:30'p. m/ .•-••-..- ••'• . . , , I Dr.. J. A. Anderson will'preach j ati'the morning hour; '•-* •:' The pastor will continue the Mr I rles' on the home at- the evenins 1 service. Morning service' broadcast 'oyer'ICLCN. Budday school 9:5 a. m. I First quarterly conference Sunday 2:30 p. m.. Junior, Hy and Senior Leagues 6:30.p, m. . Board of Stewards Monday 7 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m. choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:10 p. m. • First Baptist Church Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor WEEKLY SCHOOL LESSON Stephen's Contributipjri to Christianity <w Dec.' 7. (•> Chri.- . . . worship 11:00: 'Pastor's subject:.. "God'? Guarantee". Or- clln'ahcX of the Lord's Supper will be. otj-.ervc-d. =: • . . : . • Baptist Young People's Unions C:15. Miss Luna B. Wllhclm, Di- til Snphlaii, of Caruthersvllle,'rector. vas n business visitor In the city' Evening worship 7:30;, Pastor's odiiy. ' -. ..-' -... " Uubject: "Is the Young . Clyde Wilmon Paltou has return-1 tnloni' gate?" Man Abed from Newport where he visited Cjcml congregation:.!' singing and •datives Cor a.week. His parents,! cps'clal music. , . , • ' Ur, nnd Mrs E. C. PaUdn.,ands:n. > A cordial'welcome to all'services. Henry Clay, met him at Marked: Tree. .. ••':;,: !V?r. aiid. Mry. • p. B. Joyner, and FiiH Church of the Na.tartM -.. T .._ A. 1 f, .McAriaUy, .Pijtor. children, have returned from a :vliii! SUhd'ay school 9-« A-'M We " ""' ' r """ : '— ' :r ( ve a class, wm enjoy, points, of Oklahoma. . Joe Pelssnthal went to Memphis this afternoon for the we?jierjd( . t C. E. qbbb, Suoerljitenclent. Morning 1 WQrsnlp aria sermon, '"Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Fc,tter;fuidn A (Daughter, Blame Andersoni- accom- ! N y'P S (J-M P M 5? nletl , b L , M £, Pott «r' s ',!"<>«":<•. i wV'\vi"nt 'ail'- the.' 'you ' ' M_rs. ,, , Nick .Thomas, -wart' ' • lo he _ . . Memphis tldey for the weekend. president r Mrs. C.E, Coulter, Mr.. arid Mrs- EV hlri" Milton ^terntorg; spent Friday ;i in j, :30 p\ young t, Rennet • •> • nhii BD< 1 Memphis Prayer, .rnccilng and p as Hallle Wilcoxson'wlU go' to W . m Parajould tonight fcr the. weekend. I We aro'to beairi stud ' Steinberg, iHng over for her. .Fred A. Eddings ticre cnrcuto io Fari' Mnn., after having chanters' 'ot -'gt.' '-' : . -"fur. Icugh from the United States, .army '. with' relatives at Monetti: -"V ' Christian servlbss " a? . .in, of OEceola,'-were gucstiqj Hr._ and Mrs. Virgil Greeiie yes'terdas'. :Miss Pearl Littla will - retiirri to her home in Walnut'Ridge'"—'•'• j after spsndirig 'the week wl Grace Fender. '' ' '. . . tcmorfow:' Chiirch . on Buhda'y in -room' j,Qi Subject for .tha Only ,Cati8« and -'Ore'ator'.', 'Go.tijin': text: Act* 15:18, ''Known- (into God are ai n .,. c hls * ork . a frol n the bejinriing ,n. yiss tll|! W() rld"i.• - "-..-' - - Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Bean/'tns gone to BJu^e Mouiids, 111., ior''nil extended visit. They were tj panied by Miss Wanda , Argenta, in., W ho. visited.. hfr;-6U- tep--Mrs: Carmen- B l , .. - .,,., r.;and Mvsr-Ross Steveifs ~$\\i s..; M.'JiJbiuz 1 were' visitors' l!i ' te»,- Mrs. Carmen Bean, .for several weeks. 'Mr, Mrs..; M.-'Jontz^ were' visitors Memphis' yesterday. • ''- •! '" : ' ' Mrs. G. O. Caudlll and Jfr's. E. D. Glllen spent'' Friday 'in Mint- phis.- . •-••'•" ' '-.'"-• '•'•': Mrs. -Eva Saphian, of Caruthcr3'-' yille, spent Friday'.with JKr, "and Mrs. H. Saphian; •'•- •• •'' The Rev. and Mrs. P.' B. Lanjle^ are leaving : Tuesday f or - Jonestorp" where they' will-make their home.' The Rev. Mr! Lnriglcy, \yho "is nofe mljslonnry- for both the ^Mississippi' County:Baptist assbciatlbii and the Mount'-Zlon ' assbclatiftn, will - ha'\'t liendquarters In th'a't'-'«ily. ."•-•'•. ' Miss " Bob Williarn-s arid'- E. MV- Surge,-, of-Aimorcli"are In- Memphis today. - - V" • • • : " •*• Mr.' and -Mrs. Charles Crlggei-, Jr., are spending to<!ay in '.Men!' phis. Mr. and" Mrs. W. N. Williams have returned to 'their home a.t Armorel nfter a visit.-to points of Mississippi. Mrs. Russell Phillips and 'niece, Miss Patti Moore, are in Memphis . Evening praise and worship, 7:30 today. Mnry Emilia Steadnin»r>-sm!i!l West The Play opens the six spot, his fourth best diamond East plays the king and the dechuer wins with tl\e ace. , Declarer can count one spade trick, four lie.irt tricks, a diamond two club tricks, only eight tricks in all. If East gets In the lead nnd comes cerenion V - A ' J ' Hm lx:rft ' rme{1 the [through the diamonds.' thc rtc- • » Entertains :for fitWrtlnf- Teacher -i.Mrs.'j. V.'Rogcrf ». la , Ambers pt the Sudbury ^., lvll tarj- scnrol faculty 1.15.1. evening e"- pccially complimenting Mrs J s Anderson, a teacher, who Is n'-.ov- ing to Mintcr City, Jiij s 7± K2 U LD I r enl « lh* Buest of it cf hand- (laughter of Mr. and Mrs.'-i-J. R, Elcadm<\n. is .now myall improved after several .days. serious illness. The Rev. .and Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell spent Friday in Armoral vktting friends. Mrs. A. T. McAnally, who has been severely 111 for several weeks, Is now Improving.. : • ,; Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon are spending today In Memphis. Tuesday. The Literary department of the Woman's club at 3:30 o'clock. Friday The Fidelis Sunday school chss of the First Baptist church Is meeting at the church. hostess to elemen- D:!icious rcfn-shmcmr. were served after several hcurs of music and games. - - • « * Has Bridge Party ' Au average of 55<4 books ptr day were circulated by the Blythevillo library-• last mpntOi, it announced today by Mrs. H. A. Smith, librarian; in-her. first-monthly report Books for children, led with 715 while adults _drew 481 volumes, for n total of 1,196, exclusive of 26 volumes from the library's special fictional rental shelf..Of the tola! circulation only 53 Ibooks wore classified, .as non-fiction. Three .(ntfr memberships were not cover, the declarer allows it Bir'u and clever side shows enter- paid ...during the months, and fre° I cs\nnot go game, therefore! the declarer must play safe and' lead a small heart to ihe dummy's queen'. Tiic Jack of clubs Is led Irom dummy, ("id when East docs] A comedy play, pretty chorus Give Annual Carnival Friday Nighl Sunday'-school,•'8:45: A',' M. All-are cordially: invited. ".. ''•' First Chrisfjin Church .E. K,• Latfaier, Mlnbter-.' Bibl^ school, i:{i>. ' •••3ubjcct:'--rrhe other Sldi -, Chi istlavt.:,! iS :SO p.-.M. r:'.; ' societies,' ' '' Pilgrim Lutheran Church li.J. Kliiadicust, Pastor Sunday-school 9:15 A. M.'. ' and Blbje class . Divine worship and sermon, 10 A. M. Subject:'. "The' Lord's Corri- liarlson, of Judgment Day". •' ^St. Stephen Eplscbp»| Church •'-.-.W. F, B. Batjovof Cape Gir. aYdcait, Th* day gchcol Stephea'i tlinJty. AcU 6:7-»; 7:M-60. By mf. 8, GlUOy, D. D. Editor of Th* CanrreiilioruUlit The cootfibution Uiat Stephen made to Cfirlstlanity may be considered under two aipects; namely, the effect of h|s witness and mar-' tyrdom upwi the coursV of early Christianity In the hour of his sacrifice, and the effect, of his example and the story of his triumphant death as an Inspiring record for t.e future church, All through the ages Stephen has stood as a noble martyr to Uw truth, quickening zeal In men of successive "ages, and giving them courage in tunes of peril and necessity. The description of Stephen s one that In ibself sets before us a high Ideal of Christian IjfQ. He ras "full of grace and power." and his life waj.effectual In his worl and leadership among tho people, It \s the appalling tragedy of life that goodness and zea.l for social. welfar«,'.in««d of making 1 the saint and prophet immune," frequently »re the very occasion* of bringing ;down upon him the f trees of persecution. .' : The bigot. whose conceptloh: pf religion, la cintered In do|^i;»nt formalism rejenb the intrusloi;.in- to tbft.realm of.; rellgloi)s aiilH^tlty of a ra^h who places thf ernnriitls upon itaplo "goodnefs.'He miy'lg « wry; i e«n«t,-taterise.and'Ui(telf- Ish bljoi, But'he is npie • the;: Ijji a blgofrani'blgbtry, If It be not. ope ot tije-.-w'oret of sins, has b?eh"; "-'-o! th« Hibst.tragic causes bf ta._ t4oe 'Shi- violence toward theSpFo- phets,<|l' : truth, and progress. '.•• '•• Me.n'-c( loose and uniaycijV 1W«, feeling.keenly the rebuke ort&eir- OlTO evil ways, have, also tfeeii rowed to Violence "against the"s!llriti6r prophet' 'who -rebuke's ' th?lr;'-w»yz either by "hlS'W.Qid.s or b^ the rriahi ner of his life. ' .' ';."-'.' :' ? Apparently In Stephen's .-case- It- was trie religious bigofs : who were i«sponslb,le for having him. stiried to death, though the plainness of Stephen's r.-ords, apparently,' cut into their- moral cortspiences.- - They could not aland'to have their : chir- feters or their motives assaljed., apd they, struck back In the -way-that men. of vindlcUveness . -in- bigotry and In evil have always 'struck':^ gentleness and goodness. • But when one turns from th,e motives and actions of vlolerit:'m£n to consider Stephen himself' arid the effect of his martyrdom witness, tragedy is turned frL glory; The .sadpess of his de^th is '" |5rin£d into .the spiritual's .tiorij tha^ ^vas his, and the glory.of the' vision came to hirri-rtrie vlsldri' : of heaven opened arid ' the Son pf Jlan standing on the hand of God and receiving him as he called out in his hour of death, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit." It is in contemplating such a scene and such 'an experience that inspiration' and courage come to men, both to face the crucial p<r- secutions tha,t have by. no means ended in the world,-and to face the lesser trials and troubles of life. Stephen Set Standard : These surely we ought-always ID I ,the cword ";ot. Clod increased; and the number of the' died-••• iKs' rftultiplleij In 'Jerufalem .greatly; arid a great company of the Pilests' Were Qbe,dle; . the faith. '. .'• .'.'.'•Arii. Stephen, Juil ; of faith" and power, did great wondei-s and mira f c.jes ; ,arhong .the-people. . ' ' ' .--Thin there>arc«e .certain of the synagogue,- which is called th^ sjnag'p^ue' of -'.tiuj- Libertines, -and O-renians, and Alcxaiwrlans, .ai'.d' 9f.-'thVm"of Clllcia a'nd'of Asio, disputing with Stephen, . to resist the wisdom and the spirit by ; they were not able he spake. ., When they heard these things, they ..were cut to the heart, and they '-gnashed on him. with their teeth. . ' ' . . But' he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into hea,v«n, and saw" the g'.pry of Gqd, arid Jesus standing on tho right". hahd'of God. ' .' . •-.--' And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Eon of V m»a 'starring on the'.-rlght hand of God. - ."•' • '• ; Then tiiey cried, out, iwth a joud voice, and stopped their cars, : . and ran upon him with one accord. And. cast him put of the city, and stoned him: and the witncssrT, laid down tijeir clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul. •'."'-..•• •' . ' "I they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord ... " - ' ' Jesus, receive my "spirit. •And- he kneeled- down, and cried with a loud vo not-trils'. And wfen he-had 6aid tlila," voice, Lodr, lay, , ,-he f ell'" asleep. '..' ) jvill conduct services ' " . ... .. Ail .are cordially,- invited. -[SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH ;-J ' E. Z. Newsom, Pastor "• Sunday school 9:45 a. m. W. M Blaylcck, superintendent. ' Church services 11 a. m. and 7:15 P-'m. by the pastor.' Wednesday, B. Y. P. U.'sfi:15. Church conference 7:15 p. m. " We want to see all the B Y p U.i members Sunday evening In regards lo' our Christmas program ; Everybody come to Sunday school and church Sunday. Book Circulation ' Averages 55 Per Day at tape'with the realization''that the soiils. that can. bear - up : u nder • the heaviest persecution, may well find strength to bear the lesser trials. There is no phase of life where the message of Stephen may not Inspire us • to'-greater strength and Christian darlng.-As the first of- the martyrs, he has .'set a high standard for th'e':s«vauts of Christ who have folio wed. him.. ,This is his contribution to Christianity—this and the supreme qual- ity of his personal faith and lit;./ There are men- who:-havel,'CDurtfd.;- and borne persecution, writs; own spirits have been by no means SD gentle and refined. But the witness of Stephen's 'life conies not' only from his spirit under suffering, but from the freedom of his own life from every" taint of narrowness, prejudice and willfulness. Ho stand; before us not only as a great martyr, but essentially as a good man -r-a man whose life portrayed thj work and influence of ChrUt. by inmates of the Long .Island Hospital where indisposed prisoners and paupers ,are housed. State authorities have released the city from the regulation under Which inmates had to wear prieim- apparel, and Institutions Commissioner James E. Magulre has brought 200 suits and 100 extra pairs'cf trousers, all well-tailored, for the Inmates'. ' Steele Society—Personal Mr. and Mrs- Smith and . Dean Vick accompanied J. P. Douglas an.d children to their home in Lepanto, Ark., Sunday, after spending here. last week with' parents does win 1 with two tables of bridge day afternoon at her home in to ride through, as he still had thc; lolned those who attended the diamonds stopped even if West! &::nual senior 1 carnival nt t!ic high tho club trlcfe. i rchool building last night. Prp- the of clubs' cccds -from the events will be the deuce of clubs' r'aced In - the senior memorial Members of thai other closes n$is \elurricd' ixiA "won in'tlic rimii- 1 !:Mcc1 th c seniors in sponsoring the king. The' the carnival. In addition to the up, iis led from dummy and \voii wit:-. the declarer's ace. A small club my with break and the two good clubs in , Play "Fun In A Chinese , dummy arc cashed. Ensl discard- i ^uv.eiry", the younger dancing ing a dlaino'.id and a heart, do- , !:u i :1!s of Mlss ola Bob clarer drops his Iwo diamond-,: '"'wed a program of _ " Mrs. nounted'.Atl-lt ; Mrs.-R; E. -BHylnck has .been appointed parliamei:Lji.;- En;.-.Vtrs..c. R. Babcock, chairman of the constitution and by-laws corrirrjittce . and Mrs. .A. E. Scott drops and West his two hearts. Thc ace of henrts Is led from I 1 card panics Mrs. Tcui Ncal I dummy and then- a small heart grcr.ip apartments. ices. Such attractions as Andy-. "The..House'of Tciror" as Simpson sen the first prize, n dcc-1«hicri the 'declarer mitUe...-' Announcements : wc-re" also mads hand made .handkerchief Mrs. Hunter C. Sims for honors. ullimuuuuuull ucc shrdl ! lively used in the apai lunch served. tricks. cmtwy vbffi U the natural club finesse had KIN'STON. N- C., (UPl-jc>,-, A . "°t, N'--;thcott. veteran register cf deeds Plate |have gone'game. hands as shown above, five cdris toar ., ot commls!l io nei -; „,,,, por- Hwlay to Miss Orlell Hanis'anti i , for] John Bates, both of this city. ~-.i -'. . : • • are made. (Copyright, 1930, NEA Service. Irc. Kertlord county, cljrk of the Ihe memberships, given to children whose parents arc una.ble to buy the regular memberships, were (riv- en to 16., The financial condition of thc library at the present time is not such as to permit the purchase of many new bocks. Current fiction however, Is being added from tune' to time to thc rental shelf, which ts self-supporting. Recently a book shower .by the American Legion Auxiliary'.added a'number of volumes to .the shelves.-' At .present there ts one vacancy on thc library board. Mrs. B. A" Lynch Is the president. Olhcr members are T. J. Mahan, Cecil Shane Ray Worthlnglon, J.' L. Ch»rry' Mrs. J. w. Bnder, Mrs. Roy Walton. Mrs. Ira Oray Is assisting Mrs Smith, the .'librarian. Tailorccl Inmates Will Grace Boston Hospital Read Courier News Want Acts. fi-'inly read boanj, and comuy ac- i "untaiit, was absent.trim his i rtcontly for the flrst time In '24J BOSTON. tUP)—Stylbhly-tallor- I years, due to illness in his family, ed clothes will bo worn henceforth Miss Elizabeth Reeves of Blythe- vllle Is spending the week, end with Mr. and/Mrs. G. O. .Travis. Mjs. Maude Hckard cf Memphis' fs the guest of the Misses • Velina and Vergle Shrader fpr-the'^week,. Mrs. Rush Holipeter of .:Blythe- vllle was a visitor here TueMay. Miss Delsie Stewart. ha'd' her guest Wednesday afternoon, Mcs- dames O. Shonbyo.-A. Wert, Holscr, and Duncan of BlytheviHe- Mssed Hazel Weaver and .Thelma Burton are spending the week, end with Miss Burton's grandmother at Eldridge, Tenn. Mr. -and Mrs. William T. Lester, of Reeves, formerly of here, are the happy parents of a fine baby boy. Both mother and babe arc getting along rifctly. ; Rev. Stephen sen, pnstpr of thc Baptisif Church at Cooler, was.a| Sleele visitor Thursday afternoon. Catl Shc'eley was taken-to tlv. Methodist Hospital in ; Memphis Wednesday afternoon.. Mrs. Joe Burns is spcndihg a few weeks in Bcntcn, -Mo -«"lth_ her mother who k very ill. , Dick Stincs of New Madrid. Mo. visited In this city- Wednesday. . Miss Gertrude Hudgcns (if Ca- ruiheri-ville and "Miss Hubye Spencer- of' Steele visited in BlytheviHe Thur,sday eveniuff. Mrs. .A. R. Bcckhan of Cooler visited in this. city Thursday. Mrs. Alma Grissam visited in C«ruthersville, Wednesday. Car! Hailey of Hayti visited in this city Wednesday. Mr. and Mry. John R. Fr.inklin of Micola are' the proud parents of bakiy boy. The'young' man was named John R. Jr. Mrs, Franklin will be remembered as Miss Grace Dunivan- of this city. of much Interest took place In B'5'thevilie Saturday when Miss Bertha Collins became the brld,e ot Mr. Jack German. Mrs. German is the daughter of Mr. Bill Collins. Mr. 1 German is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. German. Both have.attended school here. Rev. G. R. Ellis, pastor, of the Methodist 1 church here was taken to the Metftodlst hospital in Mem-' "'j| phis Monday, in a critical c:ndi- tion'. He. has undergone an operation and a report from him last • night stated that he was very sick but in no immediate danger. , Abner Ashcraft and L. C. Spencer made a business trip to Caruth- ersvtlle Friday. Mrs. Woods will be remembered as Miss Lillian Davis. Mr. and MrA Lester J. Woods announced the arrival cf an S- pound baby boy. Tlie younj man wilt answer to the: name of Robert Lynn. " Mrs. A. J. McCollum wns taken to the Blytlievillc h'spital Thursday • in a. serious condition. She underwent an operation Saturday and is reported getting along nicsly. MATERNITY HOSPITAI^-For uh- . fortunate girls; secluded, private, rates reasonable. Por infoimation WTite Fail-mount Hospital, 49H East 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. 666 A remembrance of Chtistmas will live " again in her heart every ironing diy—if you give her a Westinghouse Adpst-o- mitic. For this i smooth, glossy, chtome- nnished iron—adjustable as well as automatic—mikes ironing hours limner brighter and shorter. Price $8.75 «her Westihghouse- Irons from ^3.50 up Westinghouse (Qleclrical Tfa Sit* tf't Dtilrr Is a doctor's Prcscrijitlon for Colds and Headachca IT IS Tilt MOST SPKEDI ! KEMtUY KNOWN. i G66 ALSO IN TABLETS, i. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service"

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