The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1036 nc ly Nazis Glorify Fuehrer As "San of God," Divi Inspired HV lllCIIAim 1IKI.MS UiiHcil Press Slaff .Com'Siiotnk n BERMN (UP) _ .. Wlml t , M . Fiii-lirer does k always rlglit!" Tins is ilie slogan v.'litch leads a nationwide campaign lo deify Ailolf Hitler. ' Waged by Dr. doe'obels' propa- Bimcls, machine, this drive liit a Ineh -point 0:1 Hitler's -fflh blrtli- <iny. As one foreign observer 10- Minrkrd. every element In Gtv- to lmil ils BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Rejoice &«th widespread ndornllon of Hitler is the latest manifsLstatlon or n phenomenon existing amtw members of the party Tor; years ^ y Gcrnian^<h S S "*"*» timent. ' ' March 7 with tJic reocctipation <T 'he RhlnelaiMi B nv e the Na/ls II e ehnnce to extend their Hitler Kloj'ilmiiioi,. Howing u ,e election on a national Lssue. they raised <lcr I-iiehw will, it above party or politics. He was the "liberator" Alfred Denticwitz, an anlltinc, < eaJer on Berlin's Seiilil strassc sliowed what he' thought of the Fuehrer. He Ijiirned a light all nig it every night In front of a Hitler photograph set in l,i s store wmdow. Kalian madonnas ace iimnlarly honored, Faith llecomes Stronger Fritz Hermann, an ardent storm I -.owner or a flower stall on r. rentirnent which the Nazis sow HO said: "I believe nnnly that my Fuehrer. Adolf Hitler, is a son of God 1 (nisi him to the death. lie went to Garini'icli-Partenklrelieii for He Olympic.'* and .it snowecl He ifH the day (lie Olympics were over and a long thaw set In." Not <juilc so radically. Dr Werner Sr.mliait, the eminent. German economist, voiced this same I'elief in hi., book, "German So! ciahsm." In effect, he wrote that he taidcishij) principle (held by he Nazis) cjuinot exist without the belief that the leader is divinely inspired. The election propaganda phrased and rephrased (his same con ception. Hitler himself said more than once in his speeches. "With (lie certainty of a man vwlkin? in hjs. sleep I follow the way which Providence has ordained for me." _ Illustrated by Picture -;...", The election Issue of the Bcr Jfncr lilustricrlc carried on pa<« 2 a photograph of the Fuehrer leaving one of the meeting halls. The only light showing.against a dail. background formed an aureole arounil Hiller's Ijody. By the time the birthday arrived, newspapere were quoting Dietrich Eekart, the Nazi poet as a subtitle to Hitler photographs ""ere is the light before which' darkness flees." In a nationwide birthday broadcast Dr. Gcobbels characteri7. K l the Cologne speech as "religion in its deepest and mcst mystic sense." The same occasion round Germany plastered with Hitler photographs enshrined In Hovers. Every store, ever) 1 business, even the Duetschc !3ank had a display behind the tellers' cage. The German kaisers ruling by "divine right" were paid similar tribute on their birthdays. Decisions ".ihvays Itighl" i Hitler's decisions are "always right," When he first saw tiie I Reichxsixntfetd (where the Olyin- ' pics will he held) he suggested certain alterations which were made immediately. German newspapers commented favorably on Jr.; nt Roosevelt's happiness over the surprise visit of Sccrc as responsible for this rare photograph, of a cabinet get- tiici.u mouths, reached the While iini-n-. n>. Then light: torncy "• " 1IUL ' CaSSanblKl °" the '«*•» it's?, the elated chief "side tor this unusual becielary of War George nern; Undei-Secretary or S ..encral Homer S. Comnlngs; Vice-president John N. the improvement. ForeW otae Inry of the Navy Claude A. Sw«« soi ,. shown wiih him „, ,], c IUI , 0 together on the While House lawn. «-,„„ secretary Swan son 1 v " J cxcci-tlvc immediately adjourned the regular meeting of d mrune, t «,,« Grouped about Roosevelt „,,, SWBIB8n „"„ sho '^ "' , airs" "."""Vr , S r lfll ' y °' Tm """ " f ^ » C'Omei. faraetary of Agriculture liom-y A. Wallace- !!,>,„• mme™ eloiiKlenetary of Interior ' Har^ iral Kvcn Dr. Hjalmar Schacht the non-Nazi acting minister of economics and president of (he ncfcb-sbank, is quoted by reliable sources to have said that it was astounding how Hitler always picked the best of alternate pliuis submitted lo him. Camera Clicks Most for Men Not in Movies NEW YOBK (UP) _ it. takes more than a screen lest for some persons to get a job as a film I'layer today. The screen test in fact, would seem to be discredited if the plight of the average assistant cameraman were recognized as.'.jj criterion. -•Accbrfliiig to Fred Waller eastern producer of short subjects for Paramount, the cameraman's -helper is the most screen-tested person in the world. An assistant may fee photographed as often as GO- COO times in a year. Often when his professional life comes to a close the helper may retire with -•nicli camera debuts reaching the million mark, yet leaving him ,111- Kiiown to the masses who p.iy 16 see others with far less practical experience perform. In the subjects, which he-produces in the Astoria, L. I., studio Waller estimates an assistant appears before the camera between 200 and 300 times, despite the fact that these pictures are limited to one and two reels. In the 20 years which he has devoted to the picture business Waller cannot recall a single case where n cameraman's helper vras Preceding every scene Ihe as- Ftetant stands before the camera. with what Is called a "take" card I numbering the scene. The aver- i age scene runs nhout 100 feet. Hut , the producer, director and film , editor are so busy taking care of their own jobs tliat the assistant: cameraman's personal register on' Ihe screen invariably passes im-l noticed. Ing up the necessary supplies lo the lirilisli Army and Air Force camp lliere. In face of almost overwhelming diineullics, a railway lo displace this road has been laid, lack of matcrlal.s, shortage of labor, and almost continuous sand storms were among fne problems which bessl Ule engineers. Rai! Workers Don Gas Masks to Avoid Sand ALEXANDRIA. (UP) — British workers, wearing gas masks as protection from Ihe sand, have accomplished a remarkable engineering feat In Ilia Egyptian desert • In 77 days: they have built a 40- nnie railway through a sandy rocky and waterless region to connect Alexandria with Marsa Mat- mil, (lie British Air Force and military headquarters and the nerve center of communications in the Western desert. At the end of 1935 the Egyptian State Hallways decided that the existing railway- from Alexandria to Poka would have to be rapidly extended to Marsa Matruh. The rong'h road covering 49 miles between poka and Marca Afatruh had been cut to pieces by lorries bring- NOTICE The following denial offices will be closed every Thursday ariernoou dining the summer. Drs. Brcwrr, Child, Moore and Taylor Australia sometimes is called the "shadcless land." The leaves of some of the trees are arranged so ns always to present their edges to the sky. it's One Grand Day For the John Smiths l > l-0« «ne ,|ny, on.' of 'loled^s sets of Mr. ninl Mrs John Smiths celebrated: Tlieir lOtli weildlni; unnlvcrsary Smith's 50lh bli'thdny. niece 11 25U> blrl ' ul " 5 ' 0[ Smith's! The fifth birthday of the niece's nephew. Co-Eds Place Football Hero Last On List URDANA, mTTui') -Football lilnyeis mid well-dressed men ai the university or Illinois twiddle tlieir thumbs while co-eds u o in seiivch or "dates" with liilHllgpiu'p William p. Tliniiws. a ,.vi>dii«i-> slndent In psychology, laljulaieil riie read ions or Ills fellow students nn-l I fonml lhat tlio InMllscnl ' nnii rates nrsl with Hi,, ,.0-nls The considerate'man is second 1 'Hie atltolr and Hi,. wll-rtivsscil 111:111 "have no .slniNlliuj n| all -unless of pours, tliey nt In w ni, ii,,. irpiilird chnrurtorlstfr.s Thomas found. however u,,u IIH;>; Mill "Jail for , ,,,etl v fare!" lhclr C ciii '•"'•' <( ''' b ''"' 1|v llr ' st '" Older irnll.i willed 'id,, ,, 0 ,,,i s ruled high in ( |,,, lv ,e,|,ih. 0 i m , m ^ wen- kindness, ehivi fulness con'- versultoiinl ability, handsome np- prnraticc. sense or honor, runuonl "Illy, ability to ], 0 ],1 lul<>iv;,-r „,„: ! common interests. I The men nitcd cheerfulness, con- uenl/illty, sex apixNtl friendliness kindness. ',i..i| )fu |, u , w ' nm] M • _ "food snort." •* lloth men mid women dlslikiH deceit and conceit. UaUi Ilkeil |,i- u-Hlgi'iiru in (I,,,),. (wll Sl . x Snntr Hi Ims Hcsiilis INDIAN UKAI). sash. , un _ Mi's. .lean Miller . S1 | 1M . .., v Ul(]( laller Do|j" u | „ i,imd ,.„,„,,,.., here. Next monilni; .si,,. found n mongrel pup on her doovslep with the note: "In answer (o \. pica." ' !1"_ : ". "* PAGE SEVEN A complete Line of Old Mr. Boston GINS WHISKYS LIQUERS The Little Shop Hotel Noble Read C.nirle-r News (Jlnssliled Ads. • Batteries • Brakes • Radios •Seat Covers •Auto Supplies ON TIME NQDELAY 4.5071 4.1S-U 5.00.1? il-t-lt 5.2S-JI S.U.I I 5.50.1? 5.SWO 4.M.I7HD. i.M.IOII.0. S.OO-JIHD. OF INCOME ON LONE, 10 c II IJcanh ILIJ- FREE MOUNTING.-SERVICE NOW Phone 810 TODAY, PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. SERVICE CENTER HIM. WUNI)BKUCH,-M|{r. r rc Now located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS. Proprietor mate or rebuilt T mwr ;icrs, Adding Macnlnc, »nd cnlatora—Hcpalring— Parts— Klbboni Cal- Where 010 AGE can keep up withWUTH Hot Sprinos A/ ^* / «-~ / ^=5^ n i ' • . Arkansas cold water inthe Lakes HERE'S a surprise in flora for Hotel Majestic guests thii year. A brand new loil&e on beautiful Lsko Hamilton is.awaiting your arrival. Here you may swim, fish, boot nnd enjoy the water nnd woodland paradise of tbe Jjreat National Pork. Special summer rates at the luxurious Hotel Majestic offer you tVie greatest vacation of your life. Rest, bathe nnd play your way to new health. U'"M'^ /or Descriptive Literature. H. GRADVvlANNING/PRES. BRUCE E, WALLACE, MGR. BUY A BOTTLE AND TASTE A MIRACLE THtOKATWHISKIY TAStC *U AMERICA LIKI5 A New Kind of Liquor is Born in America... Il lin.1 tn como. We in |],n liquor tniluslry know Ilia! (In- averag,. person has trleil auywlier,. ten «> iwi-nly-five (lilTci-ont brands sin.H- repeal. Why? I» one li,[,, m . y on ma,- I,a VC f olln ,| ' aroma —in another, dolicioiis taslo — f,, i, 11( ,il,n-, smoothness. You have be,.,, soard.i,,!; for a li ll.a, combine,! nl! three qualities _ „ ,,1,,,^,,,, , !ls!t ., fine aroma and smoothness. NO\V, it's | lere . old Mr. Bosion WHISKKY MQUICUR. It ba s the Bmil . cans like, h has tin- rid, a,,,,,,,, ,,r fine w l,isk«y. It's .is smoolfi .-is a rarr liqueur. A i\K\V I lOLU'UU TO SATISFY Anll'.KICAN TASTKS. One slow si,, . o f O !,l Mr. Kostoi, WHISKKY IJQI.EUK — so ddicions |,' a i, ar ,,, r ] )( ,,i (;va l,| ( .. «ip !„ m;lk e sun . irs ,„„._.„„, y(m rrnli/r. lh.,1 n , ] asl JX , ltVc me| „ j,^,,^ |nily ^ HI oarh line quality. Ta=le it — antl I t . ;lm | IOW u . u , y YOUR CHOICE — RYE OR BOURBON NEW IIQU6UR..PQR, AMER ,CA-TO SAflSFY AMERKAN TASTE ; »)( e.a N*, !«, f — —. -— .. .. • _-O

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