The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 6
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(Ahtt.) COUWRh BULLET .SHE IS BIG . lilfKIKFEl Steaming Service May Earn Him Place On 1934 Davis Cup Squad BV JIMMIE DONAHUK KEA S*rrfc* Sports Writer When big, blond Lester Stocfen, the Sierra Socket, blasted Wilmer Allison from the courts In he recent Bermuda Lawn Tennis championships, it demonstrated that Ellsworth Vines knew what he was talking about when he said Les would be the next singles tennis champion of the United States. His victory also gave him an Inside track on Davis Cup selections this year, and his choice by the tennis fathers, for at least the al ternate post, will be the first. Ele oward Infusion of young blow! Into the ranks of the veterans who flopped so ungracefully in 1933. Stoefen has been coming up in leaps and bounds. The giant racquet wlelder from Los Angeles has climbed the amateur ladder fn.u- er than any other player in the last three years. In 1931 he was rated In 15th position. The following year he Jumped to sixth spot, smd -when selections were made fm 1933, he rated third. « » • What's the secret of his phenomenal climb To be trie!, H'.< his service. Ellsworth Vines, just before he turned pro last year, had a lot to say about that sen-ice. Following Is part of what he said: "Les, when he's right, can beat. ^any player In the world. I respect ,hlm more than anyone when lie Is right, mainly because of his pervlce. ". "The service in tennis has two Junctions: It puts the ball into play and it can be used to place the receiver al a disadvantage. Good placement or dazzling speed may accomplish this. "Stoefen has the speed. When in form he gets more behind n tall than anyone of our time. He strikes the ball when It Is 12 feet in the air, and he hits It with such cannon-like speed and momentum that It Is next to impossible to return it with any degree of accuracy. He has you at his mercy, and you realize that he can . win his service games nnd the pressure Is put on you; it will depend upon how many of your service games you can win." . Vines himself, being tall, has an excellent sen-ice game. But Stoefeii tops !'Elly" by several Inches, and •his :added height and arm reach enable him to get -way up hi the air and smash down on a service. Hb speed has -been Winding them all In late years. , Some.say that Les' speed will be his undoing. They poin out that Maurice McLoughlin, the original speed demon, flashed to the front with his cannon-like service and stayed at the top only two years! • • • On the other hand, they illustrate. BUI Tilden, who had none of that dardlng speed, took a change of pace, * variety of delivery, a twist, cut, and lob and held the crown for seven years. But it can be said for Stoefen Cubs' Platinum Blond Rookie nnd cooks ,.... ^...j „ ,„ (he Chlcngo Cubs' oiitneld thU ssnson THIS YEftR Platinum Blond From Movie Town Exjjected to Become Major Slar the right field," ne says, "I like center field be«l of all." Slalnback, born and raised In Hollywood, spends his spare time plunking away on a guitar and Mia]i;)li]g photograph* when he 'l playing golf or swimming. He has n -best girl," bill (hey are not ••iilia grd. An 81-yoar-old granlmc/tlior Mrs" Mary M. Mlmiick of lx>s Angeles,' wil; miss him a lot when he goes cast. IX'spHe her age, "Tuck's" fiiantJma Is an urdent baseball fan :im! te.s sen,, all of his laral games. In fact. Stalnback says lie could l"-ar her rooting for h!m from away ''lit In right field. [IV KKRKINK JOHNSON NKA Sm-lre Wrlltr 11O1A.VWOOU.-A $15,000 plati- niim blond goes up to the mojn: PI; from Movlclovm this season. Not Hie film kind Is Hie blond, bin an enthusiastic kid who lias (|iiitc a baseball record hereabouts, lie is 21-ym-old George Tucker',*:"™' 1 ' flainback. a decidedly handsmnr'' sl|! '"' < ' —. • Kcmleman who may >,ee a loi o;', W''"''^^ record In iii'iloii this year in the Chicago'' :|K( ' '^' o! Cubs' outfield. 'iMi-rk . of l'<e Clrcull Court ol I'urchast'd lani. stnson by the Cubs |- x ' 1 ' >sLs - si ! l l )l County, Arkansas, ul in a deal with the Los Angeles An-! , } .'"'p- aiul ll '» owner of ttiu Bi'Ls for $15,000 cash and three XOTIflK OF TKl'STKK'S SAI.l: I >r fault having won mmic In UK payment of the debts nnd '.Higaiioiis secured by thai ccr- i:iiii dml of trust executed on N<.ffiiiljer Hill., 1920, by M. Moody ifl. M. Moody) nnd A/le M. Ms ulfe, 10 Die umlrr- thc siime Hook "CM," records of (lie JMURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1934 glre notlcn that we will on iJATUHDAV. MAHCH 11th, 1934, vltliln legal hours, at the front •loot o( the Court House- In Bly- fijcvlllc, Mississippi county, Arkansas, proceed lu sell nt public aulery to Die highest, bidder for oasli, the following described prop- city situated in Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wlt: The South Half of the North Two-third); of the Northwest Quarter of Section One, Township Fifteen North, Kongo Ten East, Ir.« the east four aores thereof conveyed by two ilf-eds, one recorded In Hook 20, Page 33:1, nnd Die other In Book'20, Page 37IJ; containing in the nggrogotc, less said exceptions, 50.17 acres, more or less. All right and equity nf ipdemn- •imi, homestead, dov;cr and appraisal waived In said deed of •rust, but the sale will fcc imde ,-i'ter due appraisal a s provided ij' the lows of ilw RtiHr of Av- kn lisas. The title Is believed to foe good. J/>nr Hockrr C«r«r For 23 years, Lester Patrick, gray-l-hatclwd manager of the New York Rangers National Hockey League team, has been a major league hockey thai, lie wa, 1 ; PHILADELPHIA <UP>_A uction of the nm radio omm" made by Dr. Helnrteh' Hertz 47 years ago. and with whi ch } " covered "Hertzian but and com'py _ . - ..- Ullu IU1UI ° -|.*votlu Iilnyots, Slainlrack was lefi with tin-1''"""' w "'Iwrttse m ' ' r cxpsrlenci-. l' r;> I :t '«5' <lescrlbeJ In said deed ol George Tucker Stalnback . 21 years r>W plays and cnn p!ay ball, too ... which he ho|>es to do In Hooks end Slides Bill Braucher On the Spring Front Being notes picked up in the baseball cniujB as summer start. 1 ! nortli. . A fnt i>hotoi;rnphcr . . . . ambling placidly about the. baselines at the Glnnts- park at Miami Bench . . , nnd wearing n teia- llke balhlng suit . . . \dt;i n ijrok- CH strnp on one shoulder. Bill Terry ducking interviewers with the explanation that "he litis to work" . . . .Baying m, the Held after he ,'ins sent his chnmpinn Olniits (ni!<l ,i few who want to bo champions) to the showers stooping sifti „ j itl i c s(ifrl) . for Grounders, batting, bmnlns;," nnd iwrsplriiig . . . everywhere nt onco like a bat iiroutid ail are light . if example goes for building morale, the Giants will have several sends of li. • * » One Little Worry Terfy is a picture Hint would In- down the groove In MUlng practice [he other <lav ... a young rookie Inslied ou't wit. hhh best Sunday swing . . . nnd the ball went tack ul 1)111 so hnrd time Had to be taken oul while 13111 recovered hl.i range. Hazard lo Infli-lili-rs The fences have bceu licking at Pliiniingo Field . . . but this uhciiomenau muy be iiartly due to ihe pUchers' iiistructlons nol i to curve too many Just yet . . . t'.-.e world scrips being pretty far olf. Though the playing field \vi\s on n recent day latter club in 19:« for cxps Now hc'.s rl|« for his major league debut, cub olllclals think, and bi« things nre expct-Ud of him. Pacific Coast fans, at least, ex- |X:ti young Stalnlrack lo be a sensation. : "Tuck" (Hint's his iilcknume) al-1 ways could b? depended upon lo hit i safely In a pinch in the Pacify'. I Consi u.'OKui-'. ills 1933 batting nv- I „_ of .'Jf>3 sjwnk.s for Itself, iiu: • Dial's nol his only asset. He cnn run the 100 In 10 flat. He can burn 'em In to home plate' [nun the outfield with little effon His 1S33 (Icldlng average ol .950 doesn't do him Justice, as many Coast LcaRiie gnmes are played at nighl and iho lighting in some of tiic parks Isn't svliat it should be. Oddly enough, this youngster didn't start playing UiiEcbull until hi.s lust term In high school. Previously, he liad done almost everything else In Hie Held of sports. He played prep football on the same lenm with Homer GrlflHli nnd Rosy Rosenberg, last year's Trojan grid greats. He performed on Ihe track team and spent his vacations rescuing fair damsels' li.s a Los Angeles counly lifeguard. Ji«l baseball imally got him In •his senior year and he wound up us nn all-city high school outfielder afler trying out. ns a pitcher. I The Angels got wind of his base- I bull ability, and he was sent to I Ihe now defunct Bisbee club ot the Arizona-Texas League In ll:e spring of 1931. The season of 1032 lound him playing right field for the An- • . e " llavl "K requested the uniier- nd sell tin — all of said Indebtedness liav- nii' matured by default in Die payment of a imrtlon thrrcoj al the HLiun of the owner, this !s to trustee only. This February 19ih., 1934. KANSAS CITY TITLE A'. TRUST COMl'ANY, Trustee, By .John Henry smith, President. >;hnrch & Gannnway, Mtnrne.ys. 22-1-8-15 slightly soggy when I watched tlic Giant gestures, the animated apple was slithering along at a sprightly ^Kp, leading to (he opinion that not only will the home mil business pick up smartly this year, but Nut the hospitnliiuUian ot bruLswl Imleldcvs Is likely to taXe an unlreml. too. Bv.l ilu- veteran Henry Fabian, McGraw's old .Polo Grounds carc- tukcr, pulls his vakc over liic brown earth, squints nt Hie antics ot the iuWotcs, nnrt says"Aw. they're only lliiutt'lng 'em ilrnigHi 'now. j'reUy soon we'll lave some curves and (hose bats won't be so busy." - ge-ls nml hlUing nt a .35« clip. Ills sale lo the Cubs climaxed Hint MHJOII, and last year saw him preparing (or lib mnjor league debut by becoming thc pi'ide or tfli I'acinc Coast. Naturally. -Tuck" is nlmosi feeing dniry wullliig for ilie season to slart. -riic Citta expecl, imicli of me ami i hope I cnn make good," Buys lie. -I've been playing golf, liandball, nnd some baseball since Hie sen.son closed, nnd am in top •"ilmi>c. "Of course, my grealcsl nmbltion lids been to play In tne majors. I'm BUI n can oe saw for Stoefea , "' 1! > u picuire ttiat would In- that-he's a youngster, just coming ? p re au enibalmers' convention to along, who is built for speed. His Ilustli »B around ... he ts pasi- frame is not taxed by the )»wer he tlvc 'y "Jllated about every budding puts Into his game, and it will be y p u "f °ta'H In the flock . . . hc> puts Into his game, and it will be some time before his well- conditioned body breaks down under his terrific pace. Henri Cochet, the great French star who recently turned pro, has said the U. S. chances to-capture the Davis Cup this year are good— and he hod Les Sloefen in mind whtn he made that statement. At least two nem faces will be on the American squad this year —ftank Shields and Stoefen w - --- -•«*, liwn . . .111.' stands umplrins behind the pitchers in batting R rac|jcc, offerltiK TI h! IIP 5 ' ' ' wo ! «<crliig if Carl Hiibbells screw curve is working as weU with W! C i, c , v - oall as !(>-„(,, wlUi that slightly tllMy OI1C thc league «-as using as of yoi-e And, oh, yes, about tn c new b:Ul • . . the reports lliat it is more bouncy thim Its predecessor hardlv have been exaggerated to thc Stoelen, if he's "right," can'beat! anyone in the world—according to Vines. In addition to his singles competition, Les may take part in the doubles. He won the U. s. doubles title with George Lott last year, and that same combination should be good enough to work Uncle Sam's boys through the three Davis Cup ties in the United 6t»tts. Flat Indian Mask FOREST DROVE, Ore. (UP) — Workmen digging a basement to the -residential section here unearthed an Indian grave with numerous relics, and a skull on which a hideous copper death mask had been listened with rawhide. It was believed to be the grave of an Indian medicine man. It would require an average o three and a fraction children per family to, keep the population of the United States from decreasing. FULLER BRUSHES At Lowest Prices Wrfte W.T.NOKMENT going to hustle my oil, no«- The Vatican at Rome conlnlns 11.000 rootiv.s nml Is vbe world's nnlnci 1 . my bis chance has arrived, nnd I only hoiie I can make tlie Brnrtc." - With Cliuck Klein slated lo do a lot of playing in center ilcki for. the Cubs, and Babe Merman in j right, Stalnback expects dial he' win alternate \vilh Rlgg 5 siepheu- •Min or Kikl Cuyler In tile other oia- flcld post. "Alt'iiough my regular post with (he Angel. 1 ! has been in CROP PRODUCTION LOANS We are iirrparvd to udvanre mor.ty' for rrop prtMlnctlnn nn thr irop nf 1M4 in, chattel mortgage serurily. NO STOCK TO HUY Fanners eligible for I'nrm CtcUit Artm. loans invited to dls- rnss (heir nerds with us. Live Stock Finance Corporation Chamber of Commerce Office in Citv Hall NOTICE To Depository of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK m,YTHKVIU,K. ARK. Checks for Dividends of 15' ; are Now Available al the Bank for Distribution." Please Read Carefully Insiruelions Below: \yiien calling for checks lin sure to bring receiver's certificate-; •!< check? can only be delivered upon presenUition i>r UK-SB certificatps. " ff ' ce .°PJ I1 . 0nri > I>0 » Thursday Friday and Saturday of Each Week. 8.30 A. M. (o S 1>. M. and 8:30 A. M. to 15 r. M. on Saturdays. Only 2 More Days to Save On Shirts Our Entire Stork of MANHATTAN - ENROi - IDE SHIRTS WHITES .... SOLID COLORS FANCY I>ATTKKNS.... This siily includes all our fall .shirts . . . We find our stock much too large and us new Sjirinjc shirts will KOOII nrrive we' imn'.l make room for them. Replenish Your Shins at these 2 Low Prices $1,95 Shirts 3 For $1.35 Shirts $1.15 3 For s 3 New Mead Clothing Company W« say... "Spring at Ihis chance before Spring!" DO YOU KNOW why so many people are buying tires earlier than usual this year? ... Kvery- onc believe* prices are headed upward'—and thinking drivers figure it's no saving to run riiks •while usinft up old rubber, only to pay more for new tires laler. Invest now in a whole new set of (Joodyeari—you'll be glad yon acted on our advice. GOOD/*YEAR srai, PRICED, *f few ot '$T40 •We hare guaranteed Goody«ars at lower prices than our All- Weather shown here — but more people buy the All-Weather! Tires arc still so low In price that, unless you're trading in your car thi« Spring, it's best lo invest In the best. 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