The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 4
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HOST PO TaOEf PREaTRIP Contestant To Be Awarded New York i NEW YORK WORLD STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS ' rt listed i,ni't hr conslnmil tmtallvc as llioy rciimenl nl I 10 Cornier Nr WS Ofli.T. Na| llr; ,||,, illerc «,e , nv " ciuly vn («.s have .lane Acldti Kuj I»»Cjns V<r.i Kll/.Uirlh (i lu .Sire If all , ;n o«x . . Tiumlili! . Mule Alii.iliuii . I.ftUc Mac IlnUrii i'.\i\)t\ .7,7.10.000' 7,r,;tu,otv> .7,117,000 35,00(1 " PHONE FOR PKOiWT, ClOUliTI'lOUS •S3 . . . (lie phone number so inn- j«y< people call every day ... the 'number whirli i.s fyuoujmons iiilb perfect clwinitig service. Call i.b • lotliiy. HU "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" U\ rr?? IS THE PLIJ Blylhcvillc, Ark. This is lite Siyu of Good Jutffjweni for the PLUMBING in YOUR HOME! TO GET GUARANTEED Tires and Batteries Don't \sorry along on'worn-nut or inferior auaiily products or pinch xotirsclr hy paying cash. Use yottr crcdil "to K ct safe new Geotirich Sii\crlo\\ns with the Life-Surer Tread or a jimu-rful Cooilrirh Datlery—antl pay as you ride—on long easy tcrnta. • EASIEST CREDIT , IN'THH CITY 1. I^>n p Easy Terms. -1. fjuick Srrs-irp. 2. NoJJcd Tape. 5. Immcdialc Di'-Jivrry 3., No-Long Belay.,- fi, No <' m |jt ], f (.,i|. v FOR SAFE SUMMER DRIVING . BUY SAFE, NEWT TIRES HOI PHMIS TIRES AT SKNSA'i'ltiNAl, 50! OFF 'I'iiT iivici's |j|.rc absolutely Imv- (Sl in 'town. Von cati'l alT'iril In pajcs il|i this flpjinriiiiiilj- l« Kt-l a nc»- .set of "ltt>;nj.s.ifi>" rJmi'ls Tires, ;il <mq -'half (lie JOHN ; MILES -MILLER AUTO SUPPLIES Across from ItiU I'Jitmc 'fir, ®*M "My '(,'oi'il Is ni.ick licit 1 Treat Von (VI Buchanan FOR SUMMER SAFETY Guanl against (1;;rroii!j fonil haclcria liy using pure Ice .in your refrigerator! No''objec- tionable' niliigUnj; of nilnr's, no parls to break tltnvn just when yon iictil protection nicst! I'honc 107 BUY GREATEKSERVICE AND SATISFACTION Never lie fore li Kaviuss as these. Kcl- vinatur Silver .hibilee, muilcls al amazingly fo\v 11 r i ces. \Ve wilt Rive you a Rood trade in allowance on your lircKcnl refrigerator and easy terms fur (he balance. Sec our models 'mm-. ;!' ^cw Cold ; 'Chest—holds- H 1!)^. of meat. : Itoomy VcgelHhlc Bin—iels you buy 'in.'quantities and save. •' Ire Cube •;—pops out iii.sliinlly, Shelves-.move up and down for more' room. ASK KOll YOl.m MOULD'S I'AIR COUPONS 5S— Uuys ;i n-Culiic Vi. Kclvinafor "Thrif- ly fi" -. S. Second St. 1'houc ,67 CARTER'S Deluxe Circle New York ™Sgj A.'.SdB^W b^l "f'il Bo liijiif Tlwre" Pirconnlly 1-Jicorlid WEE:H Ho n Boofllor— Tell Your Friends tXAcur Illinois Denial n. R, Balllmora 5 0«o n. (I. Hew York Cinlfal R R , oltcqa Lecturer). " A " 0 inno,, in [lev; Yolk 3ic ' "' K ° Ct! ° lcl >" cw Voik t" Toui Jtip l°"to<,''Skyi Badio Cify •Two adrnmioni lo Iho Pal,. "Souv.- n» Ticfeola piovided. •Two Iraasleis to Iho pflir. : •Two liansfo.j |, om ,),, F ., it . .•DcUso Molo, Toilr ol Pair Ciound! v/ilh Cuidc. •Two "a/king jouis ol Fail Giouois v/ilh Guide. •fillh Avonun nhoppina lour. Jjchvcen dopols and hotels. iy be intoieslcdi^ ~" - Slal « Tllo lollowin 150 Union Hotel Peahody WIOHC 8-1135 ntciniihi.s, Tcun. 111! I'xdlciiicnl that is E^-mmi . to Ihc winner of (hia conies!. Con(nts(iiJ music, modern-streamlined exhibits, nnd cvcrvthii comu-triic for the millions of people-who will sec This contest, sponsored hy (he Hl.vlhisville C'ol hrms, will run 12 wcelis,- with this section iippeurii of the fontesl, Augtist -l(h, the votes will he coiw number of votes in her possession or to her e'rtirif York World's Fnir. Wito every 51k piircliase you will he entitled m fccr of coupons you may receive with one tnircluujl .von make. ' 1 By ii-adiiifr with (he business men adverlisinJ . will ait! your favorite conlestani in her cfforls Irf every Friday. You will appi-eciate' (he harj wafch the pro«i;ess-of the contestants. KUMCS OK THK CONTEST: 1. Any single girl, Avilhin this trade-area, is CI. K I«I- tlaiiKhters and .employees of the business men | 2. Girls entering (his contest must• n ,,,i] or phone for, Conner News. S.-Kvcry coupon must have (lie name of the conies .4. Coupons inay be kept by the conk-stunt or plac] 1 he,contest. • ' j -5. No coupons will lie issued after njid-ni-rht of A (>. Contestants keeping: votes -in (heir possession il News.-Office not later Uian 5:00 I'.M Thursil-/,' arc executed from this rule. It will he satisfaf voles for counting every two weeks.) 7. All votes presented at the Courier Ncfl ion may mail your votes to the Courier-or brill accepted after the time stated. 8. The name of (he winner will be announced in -i he votes are counted, and the winner rcnuesled (hat arrangements for the lour can l ic made. DOUBLE VOTES SATURDAY AND MONDAY THE-- ' '"' ' 7 Hew York Store's v ON! ;; Special Beginning' Saturday, juiy,8tli ; $ 8 98 to -'*7* 5 lffl SILK and .COTTON DRESSES JttJR "Queen Make 1 ' Doris Doilson's Hope Reed Sizes 11 lo 44 ALSO — Grcal Reductions made on Spring Coats, Suits, Costume Suits, Kcltcr Silk Dresses & Fur Coats, BUY NOW FOR EARLY. FALL WEAR ON OUR LAY-AWAY-PLAN THBSK 1'RICES DO NOT -INCLUDE TFIi; h'BW SHFJCif DRESSES DOUBLE VOTES SATURDAY AND MONDAY - Your Safety's Sake You Should have an Extra Pair r ,* '*' ' Aii "•'c'xlia'pair of glasses would free you from worry en your vacation. You wouldn't have to fear loss of time and money hy having your eyes tested ami examined in a strange place. No new prescription required for your second pair. Low prices. 1 ) - HAVE THIS DONE BEFOR YOU FOR-S GET! Jewelru and Optical Store $1,000,00 IF •" yon have Ihis much e you needn't read (his at!. i!ul if. you haven't yon will waul lo know about jour great savings al Terry's. Your dollars go farther here . . . whatever you buy. .••;. "ARJUNSASGAS nl ' MISSOURI PRICES" Standard "Esso'i Products TERRY'S* SERVICE STATION AUK-MO STATB LINK -:_ P , IO NB fi-F-J Ask For TripToThe orld's Fair With All Expenses Paid! Is with a world's fair is the prr/.e to be •dors, IK-witching atmosphere, Ijcautilul |u Dial makes the World's Fair a dream- News- in cooperation wilh.tlicsc local Kriday during thai time. At the close I. Die young |;idv wilh the greatest- TJC awarded the 7-day tour of (ho New |e coupon-(worth 100(1 votes). The liiim- 1 limited only by the .six.c of the purchase Je antl .Kiiving (he coupons''received you 1 this contest. Watch for this section Idsod and at the same time be ahlc to ciilcr this contest, with (lie exception of here. THE ITINERARY OF THIS 7-DAY WORLD'S FAIR TOUR IS SHOWN BELOW I- name and address to the Contest Edi- I priit tod plainly upon it. lifh (he Contest Editor until the close of It 'ftll. - ': •• -.<•'.', '-•present (hem for counting at' (lie Courier very week. (Out-of-town contestants these contestants to present their - Iffice not later liian Tuesday, Angus! SUi, Iliein in personally but no • voles will be •news columns of this paper as soon as Ionic to the Courier 'News Oflicc in tirdcr ' DeLuxc Air-Conditioued rliiuipment T 1. Train from lilythevilte to New York (by way of 2. Alcals on (rain, {going and coming). 3. 5J(opoVer 'in Washington, I). (',. w i(l, transfer fro,,, station | 0 hotel Grand tour of Washington, AJcsamlria, Arlmgto," Ml. Venmn. 4 ' iTordeVZf ™m •"' Jt ' 1 ' SC " C li'rgest city '"" y ™ W 5. Hotel accommodations in New York. (j. Alcals in New York. 7. Tour of National lircadcasling Studios nl Radio City on l)e:uiliful » - of. the' 'worhl's 0. Admission Tickets to (be World's Fair will, transfers 10. Special tours of World's Fair. !!.• New. York- Harbor Cruise, Statue of Mocrly, 12. Fifth Avenue shopping lour. 13. Free boat trip from New York (o Albany. I'l. Visit to Niagara Falls ami Toronto. ' 15. Return to : Blythevijie. '•. ' island, etc. When \ou oidei mc.U fiom I'ick.ird's >ou ;\ie assuied of (he best at all times. Espeunlh in the sununei ;s this important. Oui mea(s ire fiesh . modern lefiigeration .sees to thai. 1' ^oul oide\ toda\ f or (his «cek end. Jujt phone us We de!i\er. PHONE 673 WE -DELIVER PICK ARD'S and Market YOUR Physician. KNOWS! Call 12i or 122 The rc/iolnlimi of our pluir- niiip.y ricparlmcnl has hccii won solely on the accuracy and care with which ivc coni- l-'otmtl prescriptions. Profi- nlily y our f'liysician, like mosf others in fcvvn, knows Ihis. You may require'a prescription in the near future. If yon do, rememhcr we are ahva.ys here lo fill it and ''accurately!' SAFE-WAY lOi W. Main, Blythevillc I'hone 225 WE'VE GOT WHAT 1TTAKES FOR MEALS: Cheese-Macaroni Lo'iif, Br;uinsch..vei K er, I'iek- Ie-£>nuento; Loaf, i'otalo Halad, Shredded Slhw Harl.e cued Ktbs, Liver Cheese, Ifeketf TchKLoaf, Cotto Sa liinu, Ifoilcd Ham, Baked Ham. Ecs! Grade Center ...Cut, Ib. H- K; Beef-.. Cluirk Thick Rib. .......,. ; . '. ' ' Ib.'"i7^c Cudahy's Bru nded CUDAHY'S 1'URITAN " Kind On !b 22 t: Rind Off Ib 25c SMOKED HOCKS 15' 1'Oin or Round' Pound - TENDEK Half or Whole Ih K. C. MILK KK!) CUTLETS ........II,. 35c CHOI'S H. C. 11) fpc ..S..-C. IIM Ctidiihy's Urcawfasl I'flinul Dry Salt Por I'onnil 7 I I'WSIl TOMATOES ,' found . .; I'EKRLESS TEA !) o/.. J'kg ICIS CUBA ill SALT 10 Ibs AI'I'LH 'BUTTER -gft I'urc, Ql ,..18 4' SQUASH Tender, Ih 4 I'CT AIJLK (i .Small or 3 Tall.. COKKUE, Martha en, Hi PHU1T JAU LIDS FLY SPRAY 1/jf'tnl I5c; 1 Phil 25c; Quart 39c; Gallon $1.25 MERCHANT! 'iiiKs 5f)c; Quarts Gflc c Oallon Maxwell House DOU»J,E'YOUK hlONEY BAnt'oUARANTEK Purasnov •:> Ib. [fax 2:lr; 1.0 !l>. -Iflc- ilPinumi i WBMLJg . I STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS (ilii! HKIHTS lls(ctl must bo ransMotrtl Icnhiilre us lliey llic vntrs nl tli« Cnuitrr News Otllcc. Naturally there In Ilin ]iossesslov. v -....i. i"it liri'ii lurjicii ill.) Doils K;iy Dolijm ...... VM'II liliialiclli Gimili idi Sun Hull . Kciia Tnnnlilo Slavic Abraham U'llli! Man llolilni . Hvi'ljn .Vycin'k . anil oilier persons whlrh, iis' ....f.T-IG.WW ' ....7,»B.O<Xr i.ois.doo IDfl.OOO IM.WO 35,001) ons WA8T fl LiiNCH IN A HURRY? ,'•'Illicit SU'ii U|i and Help Yourself 't'o a Tasty Meal I'Voni Our 'SMORGASBORD' For (hose who wish extra thick service at lunch lime and for • those who like something diU'cient we |wvc borrowed fliis'; Swedish lde.ii. .This Smorgasbord is ton tied, wiih dclicion.^ cold meats, clicescs, sitliids and rejishes for hot weather. No waiting, just step up and help .yourself. 1 As nuictv as you like for only . ..'..' SOc PLATE .'LUNCHES 3Sc Hotel Noble •"WIIEKK HOSIMTAfJTY IS A HEAUTY" REDUCED PRICES FOR OUR SUMMER Shoe Clearnce! $6.00 Air Steps $3.40 $3.98 and $4.98 Factory Cancellations Bow $2.98 and $3.40 ALL $2.98 WHITE SHOES $1.98 ONE LOT OF ODDS and ENDS FACTORY CANCELLATIONS TAN AND BLACK $1,99 ZELLNFiTS SUPPER SHOP Phone 270 Across From First Nad. Bankf THE FOLLOWING DEALERS HANDLE Shibley s Best Flour .ARKANSAS Kirdsorig Grocery, lUr'Isoiie. - Ark.'.,.. .'. V. Nnilllnil), " " J. \V. Smith Store, llliick O«fi, Aih. .1. f). Nalim, Ulyllicvllli!, Ark. Ous lilicrdt Store, " " Jim Williams Oro. " " I/ccs GvosTry " " Christian Ovoieiy " " Kccilj'V Grocery " " 0. 11. N'aTinrs " " Friendly Nnnk do. " " Slay's Gromjf, " " Fred Calilivcll, " " C. A. llovcy Gro, " 1). A. Williams " Cecil Lave Gro. " I.ilipit.v Casli f!ro. " ltar.|).v lliiiir Oro. " Itiln I'rh'i: Oro. " rl ' E. .1. Silencer Oio. " " I'cuiiy fiavcr Cro. " " ilriunril Grcli Gro. ".' " t'aJr !) .Simp, Hcnc f»corj;c (Jro. " " E. I!. Alley Gro. " Homer Usher Gro. " " K.' C. Turks Gio. " Topes Grocery, " " Kilts Bros. Gro. " " K M. Fjavls fjrn. " " .1. .1, .Inhiison Gio. '' " CtimiTUihily' Grocery. " " 0. Ahratinm' Oro. '* " .Inhn' I.inn (Jro. I\lo«- Yick Grocery " " Mrs. T. J.'lSurke " " .loncs Grocery " " Queen & v 'Kn;u-cll " " SlcC'ormlrli Gro. " " . 1. SI. Ilcnllcy " " '•'. M. illcIJonolcl,' Kimtcllc, Kwr.iico Grocery, Ho. 6t III- ivay. City. 1'acc-Wlicclcr Grocery, Cara- ivay, Ark. Chailii; Smilli, " Kconnmy Variety Store " Vice Grocery " " 'II. K.''l.i>id, Chclfartl, ,Vtk. Mrs. W. J. (Jaiiilcaut SI. T. Hyrri i'ollfinrrs Oroccry, Dr.cKcr- vlllc, Ark. Mrs..!' 1 . N. Ilontls. Dnuhlc Mrs. l°ll!hn ThrrtkrJil, Klo- wali, A'k. Koali Glnllc.y " " Kldceway Grocery, Ilooil- wav, Ark. ijavc.way Grocery, Jr. " I!iaj-aiil» Grocery, Halls- Imvi), Ark. Klnery Dean " " Kcber, Ark. Uarrlsoii C!ro, Got,nell, Ark. Van Cfnvc Gro. " « W. C. CraufnrH, " , " K. S. Crawford, " " Huliy I'ntlcr, " n K: I'-: IMiikerinaii " » 'Tliri-e VV'aj Inn, Highway 40 C'l.iy M.ijs " " J : M. Spniecr, .Icrleo, Afk. Wallace Miller, Joiner, Ark. Harris Grocery, Joncsbnro, Ark. .' , Liberty Casli (Iro " " Scliislrr Sdiro, " " Kce's Grocery, " " I-'arnir Ilros. Gro., " " •I.': It. Amlrcns, " " Jolin Htani Hlorc, " "' Miirir, Groorry, "'. " Cboli's Ciish Gro. " " C'. F. Toril, Frank Voui Harvey Wilson, " " K.'- (.': Cook, ' John Herat " " Troy KKy " " ft. Dean •' •' OiithriMlh Grocery, l, :1 kc ' City, Ark. Cash Dollur Store, l.cach- villc, Ark. Aaron Gin. Store ' " ." Uoy Jones Gro. " " A. G. Taylor, " " .1. W. King, ;I,cpaiilo. Arlf. I'orll.s Mercantile Co, Ixnxa- , lu Ark. Sirs. (;IPB filockcr " " .1. 3J. flurn.i; tJrd. " " Mrs. E. JV. Hall " " U. II. .lliirjihcy ' " " Welts, Klmer Hall Oro., Liixofa, Ark fj^llnp ft LSingifon, " " IV: .f. GrrtHlcaux,,, " ! >• .fi'ssc lirouri, ; " " * Martin Grocery, Manila, Ark. A. K. Hall(irii; dabrlcl Mike, " " Saveivay Gro. , *' " JolilT tiro,. K.l'.D. " " Iljll-Wilsin,' Matio, Ark. .loji Sinjlr.lon, Marked Tree, 'Ark. Marlin Worthy, » ". Slim Walker, " " Dob & Jim, •• " Mrs. Gcp. Graiil, ' ' " C. A. Wotlby, G. I). 1'oweil " " Ttd Hcndrix " " S. I). Watson, " " iJEmpscy's , Gro., " " Midway Grocery, I " " 1'lca.s Henilrtx " " J..S. Nldiol.s, George IVesttirook Gro., Mll- llgan Uldje, Mtk. lieusley,- Grocery, •".,'" Marion Casli Slwrc, Mnrlati, Ark. n. w. aiibcri, nidncitp, Aik. WHioii Grorery, " " NoniMii l!!niikriislil|i " " TIIS. m,irikenshlii " » •Joe D.iwlcs SI ore " " MliKeilnoy A Tapp " " Atc.viiiiilcr Grocery, Nefllc- ton, 'Arli. A. Able Grocery, " " Noics & Kon Grocery, Osrc- oli\, Ark. Itulc Jackson 'Gro " M O. \V. Knljhl " » Guy Bryant, " ". W. E, lliinf Gro,, " C'nj,h A C.liry, " " .». N. •IIHI, Hishviiy 'Nn/'iO Alnriilicy & • H'ecin.i, Tru- ninun, Aik. Kotwrl Hull Grocery. Turrell, Ark. Joe Kasl Grocery, Tyroiuii, Ark. ' Tramniclls Cirnrcry; '' " II. II. Ilraiinan, " " Trice fMinlily, " " J.'W. Numially, " » Mrs. I;; niaiifinnn " " C. G. Andei-son, West Itliljc, Arkansas .1. I). Ovcrlicy " " Osscc Niinnally, Wlillloii, ', Ark. I'lirccll Grocery, Varurn,-Ark. French Grocery, " Burnbnm * Tliomnsan " MISSOURI J. A. .lolinson Store, Auslln- vlllc, Mo. A. G.. Sander Store, f!raB n .City, Mo. ' ' ' l)c I'rlcst, Gro.,' , " A.' G. .Sanflcrs Slorc, nr.i?- gatlorlo', ;HD.' W.' J. "i'lirvb Slore, 'Switch;"nib. > (1C. More Store', Canilli. 3!o Tcro.y Grocery, Carulln-rs- yille, Missouri. ^palillng -Market, '• '• Fred Rroirn, " " !•. li.Tfw.lor, " " I'. !<., D.irh Gr». " " I'.Vil Side Grocery, " " Nchon's Grocery, " " M^arlln Grocery, " " Hcnsley's Grocery, " '• Collfer .Grocery, " " 'fenncssce Slation, " " SI. &..H.; Market, " " Manning's Grocer}', " " &ha«'s Grocery, " " CHS Jackson, " v " M. M.' Gvcrclt Stoic, " " lliis Gtoccty, ''. " No. In fnnt Grocoq, Coiiran, nilssourl. Cecil Fowler Grocery, Couter; Missouri.. McCiinii Grocery, " " WMI«O Ball, Highway "I. Haylf, M^o. CScii. R H'dih Gro., " Kclqqlck Grnccry, " • C. Clnrk Gro TonnnlB Kail Store, '" Koiic-Itono Groe . " W. T. Sanders, A. G. Suidcr?, » 3. Travis Gfo " K. I-. Gilbert Store, " I.ilcs Groccrj-, " SaniJ.v IleHch Grocery '). H.yli, Mo. I'rtHill's Grocery, * » l " I!pr 'y Oro., Holland ('red. u, u ,i, Grocer*, "ersilllc, Mo. ' "'c-st 5Wr Mnrkcl, KwiMll, MlMOUll Lambert Grocery, " " Gooilmnn Grocery, " » Garner Gro. Store " " «oss Ca^h Grocery, Lilliourn, Missouri. illjcrs A Son,' " " IHclMrdwii Grocery, Mj r!> . ton, Missouri ' A. T. I'ikcy Cro ., ' ., *". .Maim Rros. Store, I,, 0 ., New Madrid; Mo, Knlh Gladney store " " Mickic Mercantile, Rucola, . Miwouri. •»• A. KHIum Slore .'• ' . •' Frank McColliim, ',' " Segal nVpaVtincht (Store. *• K F Mo. Hor- SJialro nag Grai-ery, shake Kzg. illo. - > . BullocX Grpc.cry," '• « - Jchnie ar»'ck'ct, Stccte, Bio. It- E. Frnlvcs Gro.' '" ". J. It, Morgan ' » ' " </ J. K. AUn;- R.r.n., Stcclc, Miisoiirl. ' C.• ft. ilia} 11,1 rd. H. l-.D Sliicle .Miisourr. J -, ''•, Ailair Grocery, Stub Town, Mo. • ' The Cxcliancc Slore, War- ilfll. Mo; 7 liiiliis SlorB, " " iMarlin Nix ^ro., " s " llallard Grocery, " " " TiHman's Grocery, " " t. Biirgoss Gtocery," Highway No. 61, Wtudcll, MB. * Sniff Grocciy, " " ' June Moore Oro., " " Taimcr Groctry, i ," < " •

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