The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1930
Page 5
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;.- »AOK six m,YT(IKA'IUJ<:. (AllK.l COIJKIKI! N'lUY'S MONjjAV, AUGUST 11, 1930 • Dougasi and Steadman Clash Tonight 1 iiher.-.' duel In the Tin- Yankees, paced Jiy BnlK> ! Until, win ftiiRFhcd his 32nd. homo : MI;:, dtltatcrt Hit; SI. Louis Drown- : :•.-, in :i sluicing lire, 14 to 11. Oos- | !iii drove in (our runs for tin--. Hroiins \Millc Combs nml nine hit • homers with lilni. Johnson vns Hie ' li-.c- Squalors Inviu-d en Clove!:in:l nnd lunckil tlio liullims nn 1(1 ;o ii defeat, plliiu: tip II runs in tin; cishlh Inning. Seventeen Ilk.-.. • TRIPLE TIE FDR Plenty of Action Forecast ><!m! a rt«>ibie triple and j.o:m-' ;Gosiicll, Wilson and Cooler f T • I • PI , nl " 'nlwl with 10 Irasw on lj:t)!s ! . ' . , . , . for Tonight's Show Athletic Arena. at ihivc ic the encrs counted 18 ninsi some encleci. JOIK-S \vns | 'i'ii 'mt Tiki's won os'ci tiie LeRoy Doiii'nn, pride of tlic local ; HOMOH lU'd Sax Sitmlny behind Hi'. 1 in Deadlock; Howe Leads Loop Ccsiu-ll. Wilson fistic Bock, wilt meet tlic of a formidable invader when h? j crawls through the ropes at UK-, Main'Street Athletic r.rena lontp,!;' j to face Paul Slcodman. "(he paw- crfiiliiiunlslior" of St. Louis. Ono of the blgk'csl v crouds to <tvf> wirtch a bouL here Is expected to h oil hand to iv.-iwli two uf the Iraii- , SUB rcmherveighis in t!iis cerUoi of" the country; clnsli. Utmgan lin been cnmpalgnlni; as a bantnm l;i. , with Ihe extra poundage nllowc-:' nfininst Ihe stocky Missouri b:>:. will protablj* be stronger than ever , Sleadman Itns apiicarnl I'.IMC '• twice this summei;. jjfilnlng n vci- dici over the flashy Kill Admns of > Little Rock and n draw unil newspaper decision over Hurry Brtkci' o! Biggcrs , Ark., Steadmnn clCiivl" demonstrated to local fans his nbil- . ity as an infightcr and an nggrc. 1 ;- sive bftltlcr. The St. LoLs bay IIL'V- er backed up diirhu; dUiir one 01 his umtches here nm! was conlin- imliy boring in content to tftXe punishment In order to ro;ic:i his opponent. Despite the fact that Uciuvjun \u.: f . i decision here In the sprint; to Al Jerome of New Orleans, it is t:en- ernlly concerted lliat lie will be lacing the toughest flulil of tils caix'cr ' \vr.h Sleadman. Promoter Jot Craig has .-•ecure:! an attractive card of four roinvl bouts to back up tlic main i;o. Cooler were pitching of Earl White- . di-udlorkcd in a Ihrce way tie liil!. who - pitched hl.s ninth con- Mho oml r.f .Sunday's games In ihc si-cuiive irluinpli, •! to 2. Tlic Rod ' Ark-Mn nini'ioiir ball league wlillc Si\ did not .score until (lit' ninth! Howe continued 10 show the wav •.iniiii!!. : to tin 1 Cliickai-aw race entries. At . :i nid.'tins of tlie offli-i:il beard or 1 Hie two Ir-aidics fiulurdny nlghl • llnrc jiiiint'i under protest were'ln- 1 vi-hiiiinlrd nnd decisions rendered 'l)iini;ln|c Hip urf.icni .shinilinj; of ' ihc leuins up to date Includim; i Hundny's ! Gosnrll and Wilson, two nf the ; strongest teams In Ihe Ark-Mo clr- ' c " it ' t '' lt!a " c ' 1 in !l liavi1 " anl( ' v(ls ' ilmlny wllli 'lie Wilson nsare«aiiijii » >p i r ! flnallv emorulni; viclorlour,. 8 io 2. /vre la lien lOl' aicoilcr, Ihr (lilrd member of the lentllnsr trio dffealed Ilollantl in a :finmc fenliiiccl by the iiilclilng of | Micllic mid hoiiie runs by Jack and r ! ,{.,,„,, liusiiliiK nf Cooler. Monk Wright Stan as Manila Blanks Ark-Mo 'the plate. Another was afldcd In the eighth. Manila -4' a I Blythevillc 0 3 4 Untierlcs: Monk Wright an:! Roth; Spot need and I'hilllps. I • I Geneva' j MANILA, Ar!-... Aug. 11.—Th Mmiilti baseball club continued Ihelr winning strcnk, and defeated lilytheville yesterday, i to 0. Monk j Manila Sprnnilc Wright, resumed his old role us u I ma " lla ^^lOS itilkc-oul tivtist, and whifleci i-lcv- I EaSV Will Over c-n opposing batsmen. He nllo.veU' only 1 three tills which came in <lif- MA N1I,A. Ark.-Tiie Manila .... fcrent, innings. His tmmmales gavr- nml [e , lm , m!mn(! e,j >, y A . '' him nlillBiil support, and lie wa; ; fca icd (lle Geneva Tlgfis Friday.' never threatened during tlie gam" Manila made most, of licr score.? In Hie third.Inning. Monk Wright go: on when his grounder v.'ns fiiml)!o:l, notli (toiiblnl. .scoring Monk; Hic-V Wi'lghl wns .safe on an error, lj:it Roll) was out attempting to scure: C. WriRlil doubled, scoring Nick and lie wn.s scored when Youti'i singled. Three scores had crossL'cl ^2-3. The game was a run-away victory for tlie reserves. They had t persuaded Monk Wrigni. to pitch for them, as Geneva had bragged ' about beating them three .limes., Monk complied with their wifh?; j and hnd hi.s opiwnents at his m?r- • cy nil during the Rame. Tlie i<am • »;is called at the end of the slxl:, ! as the visitors bad lost hope of ; catching up. ! . V n Wll', irom Beai'S; .Vll.ANTA. Ciu.--The MiMnphi Cl-Uks, foimuhibl'.' leaders of ih Si.iilln I'n oirc-uit. jiih-1 aboul clu-ie: 1 olf ^n\ p coiiiiK'lUifiii lhi> rest nf ih--; s.\i'on ir;iin ill- New OrleAii.1. f'el.-t \vlu-n they vjillojied the IJlrds y(-:j- l.c;(l.iy iil'Mrinpllls, (I to 3. 'I'll? <le- pni the I'cls ultno.U I'M pev «iun:!t p-iiuls 1 Rvndnk' nnd Osccoln linokccl up | In the closest, contest In the elr- jcull with livatliilt! maiinRlnif n eke itjiit a Erliiinpb, H Io 7. Kcisi-r unO Varhro staged a sluuging bee with I the Kciser bals cnntalnlne the behind lhc"chk : ks-! lnosl ' nyi»i"ite. Score, 14 to 12. llu- second ])lac: Dcl11 B' lvc tl!e Ohlckasaiv puce ^ellrrs. llowt 1 . n slitblx)rn bailie be- fere loiini; -I U> 2. IIov.-c- lins !(«!, ljul oiii' name Iliis season. Flat l.nko, made a race track of its b.ill dlniuond to bent Mlnyard, 'M 10 4. llnnlcUe lost Io Promised Land, II) In (\ niKl Little River ii[iscl Lone Ouk's hopes v.llh :\ rnuslni; 11 to 0 defeat. Thi: Ixix score "of the ilnlicnd JHIIIIO follon-s:' Center li. llusliint; •l'iilbos-1 .... Wiin-liigiiJ!i T. A. Mlcliin 'liinmp:nti . Pet' Wee (iiillln, diminutive let!• handrr. allowed the Ulrds but liw liils' ;is ln\ inalt-s criisiii'd tlv- al- lL-riiii!'i of iwo 1'jl pitchers for i douMYc viclory. l.iuh- fi'.K-k made a clean sweep al Uu 1 tliU'C- name sc-tio with thi Lln^i^• (iiphan Hear. 1 ), by winning ;o f! Ki;m' of Mobile's runs wrre mad-.- un linsiii'i.s by Monre, M(':- Hv.'iin. Winsett nnd OaiiBhlry. Kns- tcv hit n lioincr for the Pebbles •Kddieinaii «as the winninii Imrler. Tiie 13:u'0iis faili-d Io connect with '.hi' iiMi'r'iK^ of llt-iul and ths Nasli- vilir 1 Vol.-, won 4 tn '1. I'nvlrldne of ' Brums Win Twice *>$ Rob-1 ins Lose Two; Yankees, Nats Triumoli. NEW YORK.—Tl-.e St. l.otiiri ctiv- .•linalE put the Chicago Cubs dceid- edly in tlie pennnni race yrv|»rdiv when, they walkpcd the Dedpers twice without cremony nnd left the Bruins, -who beat the Braves, in iwo-g'nmes but a same out of first Since iu the torrid National scrum-! ble. Tlie-Senators aijd Yankees' s?on in the Jujiior loop as the Wnrlil champion Macks idled, The Cards won 8 to 2 and 4 to C with Wild Bill Hallahn hurling brilliant ball in Ihe second gnme alter Btirleieh Grimes had turned the Robins back with his stead 1 : mound wort in the first' con'.ea. Adr.llo Luque. vetenin, los'. - to Grimes in the first encounter vhiie HaUahn limitc-d the n.itiins to five hits. Pat Mstons and Charlie Rout. BH~ of the Club pitching staff wert decideih- rizht Sunday and HaacV. Wilson weflded a powerful bat with ths result that the Bruins handed the Braves two defeats. 6 10 0 snti 11 to i. Root allowed to Braves but three hits in the opener whil? tu?t .cculcJ tind Malone for only j five in the ni&hk-ap. Wilson hit tsro hamsrs in the fir.-! and one in the Etcond game. j The Cincinnati Reds were Irounc- | ea nrice by the PhiHies in a dou- Weheaoer. 18 to 0 and 4 to 3. Four Stfi liurlers were touched for 21 Etteties la the opener and Collins i had the edge over Risey In a HOME'THEATRE Monday and Tuesday •jllr r.nd Picr.rrin;; of thr Mar- | j. UH)y Uavno tinned I'nc Atlanta I Cr«.ki-:-< h..vk vvi'.h I'.UTC htlr, Hun] d-.-.y [or iiis IStli \ii-lr.ry ot tho season. '1 i'.e Lfiakouls won to 3 bv .scorliif i'. run in Ikt elr/lith nnt ano'ih^r in the ninth. Not. a single i- v.-t'.s left on base iis liie ,sLa it Iv.irlcr fnci-:l nnly HO men tlie Ii:u-. FOR SALE 50-Gallon Steel Oil Drums, 75c Each Af Our Warehouse Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. Phone 233 VOTE A WINNER R PRIDE Candidate For COUNTY TREASURER First Term Your Vote and Influence Appreciated llor Sin wiis no greater Hum his—but she was ir \voni:in! Sue. We fiOCIPYKAR If You Hod to Wear Your House Would You Have Patches on Your Panfs? Suppose you had Io "wear" your house to a party. Would you he w<;ll*<lreg8e(l—or shnbhy, frayed al Ihe cuffs, baggy-kneed and run down at the heels? Don't give keen-eyed people a chance to talk about little signs of neglect in your home—inside or out. The seemingly unimportant, familiar little breaks, cracks and worn places you "intend" to fix, thrive on negleet. Let them go long enough and you will need expensive replacements. Minor repairs cost very little. You can save money by having your house fixed right now, because building materials are cheaper than they have been for years, and you can get experienced, dependable men to help you with the more difficult jobs you caniiot do alone. It pays to "Keep Your Home iu Good Repair." Come in and talk it over. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. I'honc 100 ' ;£ S^'s ;! : ">e s «, r J'fUi - v '^.. :^^ C ^- ^ 'U I > ,„ Don't let anyone tell you he » lire a? good as a • Go«dyear." Come in — we'll cicmonslrate the patented and exclusive Otxxiyoar superior- ities which only Gowiyear Tires can give you! dmission Matinee .«nrt Nigtil lOc and l^o DO1\ T5 T BUY A IWFAV TIBE until you see the new, improved Goodyenrs nnd get our low Summer prices! Building MILLIONS MORE tires than nny other company, Goodyear enjoys the widest experience, the finest facilities and Ihe lowest costs. Thai is why you get more for your money in a Goodyear. Backed by our friendly, all-year sen-ice, now is the time to get YOURS! Your size is here at tho price you want to pay MAIN SERVICE STATION Corner Main and Kiffh Phono :i25 Check This List! 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MOUNTAIN refrigerators. f UCNITUCE CC. BlytheviUe, Ark.

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