The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1967 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1967
Page 16
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8-Algona (la.) Upper Dei Molnes Thursday, Sept. 28, 1967 . .by Evelyn Sept. 13- This is one of those dark, drizzly, "do-nothin" days, so I'm going to do just that after 1 get this Tidbit job done. 'Tis said we need the rain - so I'll go along with the farmer and gardener and say O.K. - o - I've been hearing trains whistle and I wonder if the track is clear after that wreck a few days ago. So far I haven't heard just what caused it and of course, after the various acts of vandalism my first thought was that maybe the tracks had been tampered with. I hope that wasn't it. Enough damage has been done in various places without track tampering. We are living in an age of violence so totally different than when I was a teenager. One wonders what has come over the youth - and some not so young. Frank Sinatra, whom I never could stand, is in the limelight again, a middle-aged man I've always considered lacking in gentlemanly qualities. Why a young girl like Mia could marry a man old enough to be her father, and then some - well, you figure it out. I can't. - o - But, to pleasanter things. I was so happy to see May Walker, mother's cousin, hence my cousin, too, and I am proud of it. She is a young 96 - unbelievable when one sees and talks with her. She is as keen in mind, alert and doesn't look her age. Is so active, too. She spends the winters in Phoenix and during the summer divides her time between her son Phillip in Chicago and daughter Frances in Cedar Rapids. When she spoke of her thankfulness at being so well at her years I said, "You have a lot of Aunt Em in you." (Emmaline Heckart, her aunt, lived to be 94). May replied, "I have more than she. I am 96." I replied, "That was Grandma Henderson's age." (Alsoanaunt of May and sister of Emmaline). Aunt Em taught school and mother was one of her pupils. Of course mother called her Aunt Em, too informal for school, but mother was just a small child. Aunt Em explained to her privately with great kindness, "Elsie, when you are in school call me Miss Heckart. Then when we are alone or at home, call me Aunt Em." It was quite a coincidence, too, that my aunt Eva Cady (later Mrs. Bert Goddard) was mother's teacher and later became her sister-in-law. - o - Thank you, Inez Wolfe, for your nice note. Til be looking forward to your promised call. It's always nice seeing you. - o - This is a horrible day for respiratory ailments and I felt sorry for Joan Hovey. She finally had to go home. Hay fever, plus sinus, was just too much for her and after a valiant try, she went home. I can remember how Mrs. Agnes Laidley dreaded the fall. Her allergy which brought on hay fever each year at the identical times was ragweed. Golden rod bothers some people, and even I find some odors affect me. There is a certain spray deodorant used here at times that affects me until it evaporates, and certain cosmetics, which I don't use but others do. Aren't people peculiar ? - o - Earl Rich just drifted in. He left last night on the bus and in- tended to take in the Clay County Fair at Spencer. But the weather there was Just like here, so he came back via bus this morning. He couldn't get a hotel room all rooms taken, so he slept in a chair in the lobby and came home utterly disgusted, and I don't blame him. I had told him a few days ago he'd better make reservations, but he wouldn't listen. I wish Kossuth county would perk up and have as good a fair as Spencer. We need some NAME entertainers. What does Spencer have that we don't ? Kossuth county, largest in the state, should be able to out-do Clay, but it doesn't and hasn't for years, ever since Leo Dally, an ex-Algonan, put it on its feet, so to speak. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bernlnghaus have been visited by the tetter's brother, Jim Geilenfeld, and his English wife and son Scott. Jim was in service in England where he married the girl a few years ago. At present, their home is in Los Angeles, but ere long they will be living in Massachusetts. Like Donald Orton's wife's parents who lived in England, they love our ice cream and can't get enough of it. Don was in service in England, too, and met an English girl whom he married there. After coming back to the States, both went to college, received their degrees and now teach in Idaho, I believe. Elaine's father was employed in London and waited till he reached his pension term, then he and his wife came to the U.S., took out naturalization papers and now live near the Ortons. - o - Mrs. Floyd Ericksonandlhave this in common. I am finding it hard to get accustomed to my new crutches and she is finding it hard to cope with her new stove. Just give us a little more time 1 - o - Mrs. Dransfeld and I share the same desire — to see a deer. Oh, I've seen them in a circus zoo, but Pd like to see one actually out in the open. Let's go deer JAMES BOND IS BACK Either we're charging too little, or everyone else is charging too much. Rambler American. The only U.S. car that could stop you from buying an import. At a price very close to the leading import, the American seats six people instead of four. It gives you nearly twice as much room in the trunk and more than twice as much engine under the hood. Like the imports, the American doesn't change its style every year, gets about 20 miles on a gallon of regular gas. Unlike some imports, it never gives you the feeling that you're driving a toy. Rebel. America's most underrated car. The Rebel 550 Hardtop is the lowest priced intermediate sized hardtop in America. 1 It looks sporty, drives sporty and still gives you all the things that most people buy a car for. The Rebel Hardtop, Wagon, Sedan or Convertible, Y8 or 6- is everything we think a car should be. Before you pay more for an intermediate, make sure you get as much. Ambassador. The car with air conditioning as standard equipment. Air conditioning has been around for a long time, but so far only a few companies the people who make 1 Pi" f . l.nni- Kv.f. c.m 2 door fv Sidle u'>(J luc.ti I'M- Rolls Royce for one—have had the good sense to include it in their cars at no extra cost. We're another. We just don't understand why someone should be asked to pay a lot of money for a luxury car and then be asked to pay over $300 more for the luxury of air conditioning. Introducing the Javelin. Although we've always had the reputation for making sensibly priced, well-built cars, we've never had the reputation for making hot, sporty cars. We'll soon have the reputation for making hot, sporty cars. The front and rear bumpers on the Javelin are massive. Unlike thin blade bumpers, these give the car a rich, racy look. The side windows on the Javelin are solid sheets of curved glass, without vents to break up its fast lines. The Javelin SST comes with wheel discs, special exterior trim, reclining bucket seats and a woodgrain steering wheel, all standard. And all for a lower price than the other sporty hardtops. 1 American Motors e-!ett pnces Puces shown are tor Rambler Amen- iMHikip. jjveiin 2 doof Maratop Federal taxes included. Javelin DAU'S GARAGE 125 South Dodge Algonq, Iowa Looking at this strategy map James Bond sees two targets. The live one is beautiful Mie Hama, who has the historical distinction of being the first gal Bond marries. Sean Connery again stars as 007 In "You Only Live Twice," opening in Panavision and Technicolor Thursday at the Algona Theatre, thru United Artists release. Richard KInseth attended the Sunday School te? Cher's workshop at Manson Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Enockson enjoyed a week's vacation. Over the weekend they visited at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Burtis Eastman of Moline, HI. Sunday they attended church with them. Other Sunday dinner guests at the Eastman home were their sons, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eastman and family and Mr. and Mrs. John Eastman and family of Moline. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rydberg of Joliet, HI. were also dinner guests. Mrs. Rydberg is also a sister of Mrs. Enockson and Mrs. Eastman. The Enocksons took a trip to Cherokee Village, Ark. from Tuesday until Thursday and they also stayed overnight at Lake of the Ozarks. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Watnem and family attended a family picnic at the Lohrville park Sunday. They helped Mrs. Zula Bell, 77, grandmother of Mrs. Watnem, celebrate her birthday. Howard Hellickson had an appendectomy at Lutheran hospital Friday night. Mrs. Hellickson is visiting their daughters in California now. Her mother, who lives in the state of Washington and whom she had not seen for five years was coming to California to see her. Since Mr. Hellickson is recovering satisfactorily following surgery she remained to visit her mother. hunting, Mrs. Dransfeld-not to kill 'em, just to see 'em. - o - I was talking with Mrs. John Albright and was reminded of Charley who lived here years ago. She thought there might be a distant relationship, but the point was that whenever he'd see me on the street he'd give me money — a quarter, 50 cents, sometimes a dollar. I knew he meant it kindly, but I hardly knew how to cope with it except,to say "thank you" as he'd never stop to talk. I told Dad about it and he said he thought it was probably because years ago Charley needed some money and Dad gave him $5. Dad said it was probably a gesture of thanks he couldn't put in words. - o - Albert Hackman was a man who never failed to give me an Ice cream cone when he'd see me on the street in my wheel chair. To him I must have seemed still the little girl he made the doll furniture for when I was a child and he was one of the hayfield crew. This furniture, by the way, is on display in the Historical Society building, along with the dolls who occupied the "home" Grandpa Cady made for me and Albert furnished. Albert was an uncle of Leota Geigel. - o - When I read the movie program and it listed "Dog of Flanders" I rememberd having it as a Christmas gift from mother. Pve always liked to read and she thought Pd enjoy it. But the story was a sad one and 1 shed tears, though I don't recall the cause for sorrow. Anyhow, I never re-read it and I am putting it on my list of don't wants- but I hope this won't deter anyone from seeing. Perhaps I put a wrong interpretation on the story. - o - "Arizona Highways", which comes to me as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Willis Bradley, Minneapolis, is always filled with beautiful pictures and interesting history. The October issue came yesterday and it is even more beautiful with the fall trees and flowers. The photography is always so artistic and I often wish I had a huge gallery to display many of the pictures. *" - o - I have a friend who is going on a vacation in Germany 'ere long. Yesterday I read in the paper about a disease the monkeys are bringing to Germany. I told her she'd better stay away from this "monkey business", but I am afraid I made little impression on her, especially since she has had the necessary shots. 1 guess if s "sour grapes" with me. Pd like to be going, too. - o - Crossword puzzles are a real challenge and I love them. To you who haven't solved the one in the TV section, Pll tell you 12 across, a kind of coffee, is ARABIC A and 17 down, Horse opera saloon, is CANTINA. Never heard of either before, did you ? - o - With forest fires raging in the west, it was with some apprehension I opened a letter from my cousin, Lola Henderson Swinney, Yucapia, Calif, it was with relief I found the contents to be just family news, everything O.K., except for Lottie, who suffered a leg injury at the home of her daughter, Audrey. It was not serious and she was soon back in her own home. It happened about the time my wrist was troublesome, so we should have been together to compare "miseries." - o - A truer word was never spoken - A guest at a party, asked her opinion of another guesf s mini-dress, replied, "it shows everything but good taste." Which is my opinion of stretch pants and all of their category. | WESLEY 1 By Mrs. Viola Studer | Boston, Mass., spent the Sept. 17 weekend in the parental Leonard Arndorfer home. Friday evening, they were dinner guests in the Elmer Doughan home. The Ralph Bauers of Whittemore and the George Welliks of Charles City were Sept. 17 guests in the parental R. C. Bauer home. All attended the turkey dinner at St. Joseph's parish hall. Jane and Ellen Roach, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Roach, Mason City, spent last week with their uncle and aunt, the Joe Weigs. Mrs. Sara Raney left by plane Sept. 16 for Colorado Springs, Colo, to visit their daughter and family, the Tom Forburgers. Mrs. R. C. Bauer entertained her auction bridge clubThursday. Mrs. Justine Becker will have the next party. Mary Hilbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Hilbert, arrived home Sept. 19 from Denver, Colo, where she had been employed 4 1/2 years in the First National Bank. She resigned her position there. She left Thursday for Minneapolis where she will seek employment. Richard Gardner, Sp./4, arrived home Sept. 8 from Ft. Hood, Texas, having been discharged from the U. S. Army after two years of service, one year in Vietnam. Marlene Gardner is attending Hamilton Business College in Mason City. She began her course in June, following her graduation from Britt High School. The Leon Gardners were Sept. 17 dinner guests in the home of their daughter, thp Larry Tobi'is, Charles City. Mrs. Tillif Matz had as l>er Sunday evening, Sept. 17 guests her sister, Mrs. Melvin Perkins and husband of Bloomington, ni., another sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Anderson and their daughter and family, the Gary Rohrs of Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins had attended the funeral of his brother, Ray Perkins, Britt. Mr. and Mrs. John Youngwirth and children and Mrs. Edna Flom attended the Grocer's Wholesale Convention in Des Moines Sept. 17. Youngwirths own and operate Johnny's A.G. Grocery Market move clock I e %jjj(JLQJtJ_0JLPJJ JJJLPJJU3 ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete Program begins: 7:00— 9:15 p. m. "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" - 7:15 - 9:25 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:10 7:05 - 9:20 p. m. "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" - 1:15 - 3:15 5:10-7:25-9:35 p. m. SATURDAY MATINEE ONLY- Complete Program begins: 1:30 p. m.^ "CATTLE KING" - 2:00 p. m. OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald Usher Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wehrspann and family, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Johnson and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson were Thursday night visitors at the Ralph Jacobson home to help Mrs. Jacobson celebrate her birthday. Rev. Robert LeMont and Mrs. Illll Mrs. Frank Bleich entertained her contract bridge club Thursday evening. Mrs. Franklin Bode was a guest. Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer won high score prize. Mrs. Tom Forburger will have the next party. Mr. and Mrs. Will Martinek had as their Sept. 17 dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Art Steinke and Lana and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Steinke and Jeff, Spencer. Mrs. Martinets brother, Herman Adolph, Richmond, Calif., spent several days recently with the Martineks. Sharon Lease of Newton spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alne, Ames, formerly of Wesley, were callers in town Monday. They have rented their house to Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Rusher of Corwith who have moved into it. Rusher is employed at the K & H Oil Co. They have three small children. The Alne house was vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weir, who moved to West Bend. Dan Arndorfer of Cedar Rapids and his fiancee, Marion Ryan, Cinema Arts Film Festival ALGONA THEATRE, ALGONA, IOWA 6 Shows at $1.25 $7.50 Series Discount -2.50 NET THIS SERIES $5.00 Oct. 25th - MARRIAGE, ITALIAN STYLE Nov. 8th - THE SERVANT Nov. 29th - BREATHLESS Date Later - BLACK ORPHENS Date Later - JULIET OF THE SPIRITS Date Later - DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE Clip and Mail to: ALGONA THEATRE, P.O. BOX 216, ALGONA, IOWA Enlosed $_ For Cinema NAME ARTS TICKET (s) at $5.00 Each. PHONE ADDRESS CITY Please Make Check or Money Order Payable To Algona Theatre ALGONA "Seen A Movie Lately? " ENJOY ONE TONITE This One Is W COLOR! THURSDAY FOR 7 DAYS SEPTEMBER 28 THRU OCTOBER 4th 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING AT 7 AND 9:15 - THURS. - FRI. - SAT. - MON. - TUES. - WED. CONTINUOUS SHOWS FROM 1 P.M. ON SUNDAY SEAN CONNERY IS JAMES BOND ADMISSION: ADULTS . $1.25 CHILDREN - 50c SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1:30 11 CATTLE KING " AU SJATS - 50e

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