The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Carry Boston Bees' Hopes Uncovering More Wallop Is Casey Stengel's Acute Problem BY HARRY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NKA Service BRADENTON, Fin., March 10.— "That's more nms than (he club .scored all ! as I season," cracked tlie Inimitable Casey Stengel, as his 35 Boston Bees crowed the plate in single file- for newsreel men. That's Stengel's problem —scoring- runs. When lie moved to Cincinnati, wily Will McKcclinle left Casey ol Kansas City a .splendid defensive club. Right now blond Gene Moore Is the Bees' chief stinger, and this long-range left-hand hitter baited only .283 in 1937. - Stengel frankly tells you that he hasn't the slightest idea where additional punch is to came from unless Max Edward West crashes the outfield or Robert Wayne Kalilo supplants the agile Rabbit Warstler at shortstop. West and Kalile mny do. West lilt .300 in his second year with the Mission Coasters last term, and Kahle compiled a- .300 average for Indianapolis at the tender nge of 21. While he may be totally unable to solve National League slants, a. .336 average in the Cotton States League in 1936 Is further evidence that Kahle may be headed somewhere. He came up as a third baseman, but Is being drilled nt, shortstop, which position he played when he broke In with Danville In 1934. But Stengel, who was paid 518,009 last year for not managing the Brooklyn Dodgers, prefers lo talk nlxnit his pitching. The one-time laxlcab driver who studied to be ft dentist and wound up hilling world series home inns for John McQraw hopes to do a comeback ns a; manager with a staff built around Ihree amazing veterans- Jim Turner, Lou Fette, and Daniel Knowles MacFayden. Dig Up Old Hands Turner had spent 12 years in the minors and Fette nine when Jack McCallister, who once guided the Cleveland Indians, plucked them out of the American Association. But they quickly made up for lost lime by becoming National League standouts In their lirst campaign In the big show. Each bagged 20 engagements. Turner's earned run average. 2.38, was lowest In the senior circuit, and Pette wasn't far behind with 2.88. Jf this pair keeps going and the bespectacled MacFayden cnn get back in the IT-game class in which lie placed himself in I93ti, enemy swatsmiths seldom will get fat against the Bees. Scout McCallister is accountable for another oldtimer, John Niggel- ing. This right-hander's record with Kansas City and Newark was nothing about which to get excited but McCallister declares that he flashed more stuff in relief roles for the Bears than Turner and Fette showed him when he recommended their purchase. The aggregation's success with well-seasoned slingers who had been sidetracked in the minors last fall caused Bob Qufnn to bring in Milburn Shoffner after that 32- year-old left-hander had bagged 17 games for Scranton. He finished exceptionally well with the Bees. Dick Errickson. a tall ana young right-hander from the Scranton farm, is the talk of the camp Willie Weir, stocky left-hander revealed streaks of brilliance in stepping directly from college to the Bee hive in 1936, but hurt His arm last trip. The. C ] U b also has pitchers of parts in Frank Gaoler, erstwhile wisecracker of the New York Giants, Jra Hutchtnson, and John Lanning, all right-handers The Bees should obtain as good or better catching as any club In the business from Alfonso Lopez. Ray Mueller, and Johnny Riddle, up from Indianapolis. And looking to the future, they have Stanley; Andrews, a 20-year-old Lynn 1 Mass., lad who hit .299 for vllle in mi. DiMag' Should Improve The infield' Is great defensively with Elburt Fletcher at shortstop Tony Cuccinello at second, Warstler at shortstop, and Gilbert English at third, but the latter topped them all at bat laslseason with .289. Cuccinello hit .211, Fletcher .247, and Warstler .223. Joe Walsh, up from Rocky Mount with a batting mark of .296, is said to move nicely at shortstop, but he probably is a year or two away and Is in Boston having what is feared to be a trick knee treated Vince DiMaggio Is one of the slickest center-fielders in baseball and Stengel looks to see him improve his batting- mark of .255 n ow that he Is accustomed to National League ways. Roy Johnson is a potential ,330 hitler, and should improve the .277 he compiled last season. The Tacoma Indian has stolen 133 bases in the 1136 major league games that he has played in nine campaigns. Turner and Felte pitched the stlngless Bees to fifth place—just one game behind U]C Cardinals In 1437. ,„ j Tftelr. steady right arms and pitching intelligence may enable .Jim Turner Alms for 20 more [Research Al Minnesota U. | Shows Boy Athletes May "Burn Out" 11V FRANK IWSSK 1'iiilcil Press stuir Oorn-s]>oml:'i]l WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 1038 . | lieu- is a. s yet not until nceiinu* \ i HI it , Information about elfrcts of ftl«- Ark-lHO Meets Ictics on Hint vital or»an. ' "A great many llabililic'; attend artificial keying up of lil»h s?hool players by H roach «ho a-otise? their emotions t:> siir their adrenal Hudson Plays Hubbard Blonds, thus releasing abnormal amounts cf Iiiel to tin- body imd stepping up heart action. H is easy lor the Immature alhleh; to wido capacities ot his lieurl in order to b)'J»3 at Jt-.'isi soi;oiKl-liaIf glrry to his school." lit. Key* Doimoc! out thai just a:; tile cverv.oii'.Li'.; of the hcu-t of :i Brent race licr.-'i; iiirjht ":<|3vi' him up" lor life, :) .) ovrrv.':)«:e<l ;ouii; ; allilutit: In-art i:, ihc frcoin-nl reason lor promising- a!iili:U-:s lo M-'.N'NBAI'OUS (Uf'j-Tj keep a lines. itlhlo'.!' from "burning nut full to (Itvtlup it r, l>';.t of training in hi^h school. "y havt: •'IjHrn-.'cl the oui" in high !,:•]>;,•;!. u-..-. ... LIIIJJJIIL£ ,u jji^n rnjiiu^l. It i UCJ JIUInv V!jl)[-^r hoy, bi'ifl" lias l;een discovered l>y Dr. Antel :i!on-{ a hl.;h ' school hi :\--i. A ii'iii K'\ asEocinle ))iote.sor of piiy-1 thai mini (jroyidr entity foi M • il education and heart of th<'! "]• :i(J mure piuiuls," li? saitl "Then U'.iiir.sity ot Minnesota .suidv into I Die y=nng colli-j-faii fnil-i to'lr'e an tin- cirnuls of atlilelics on till: hu- J to tlie |>ro:nis.i: he .slic/.vel when he in in rxxly. | >;t;t a cou:Hy record in Uic- mJe K-yiiiy up of ))i«h school teams' rlln -" i i)i(jbal>!y (huj^iTcus," Keys saiil, MliliMj!jli v. l f cannot be. iiositifc. The iniivr-rslty survey is uUcnipt.- l» llnov; more li:ht on (,:u.;-> Ri-ad Courier News Want Ads. Dick Errickson New sling for the Bees OTT^S HOT , Few better backstops West Side Tennis Club Organized; Court Built Work is nearly complete on the tennis court being built on tiie \vcsl side of Dr. J. E. Benslcy's home nt 1201 Chicknsiuvba nvennc by the newly organized West Side Tennis club which expects to sponsor oil}' tournaments and inter city matches. Tlic club with a limited membership of ten people is ocmposccl or Rcufccrt Wctcnknmp, Paris McCalla. Max IjOgaii, Don, James Terry, Bill Cnnvford, Vnn Elliott. J. B. Hay and Dr. Ucnsley. Officers will be elcelcd in the iicnv future. The purpose of the chib Is to stimulate interost in tennis in Uly- tlicvillc. A loam of four lo six members \vill be chosen by diminution mulches and «-ill piny in games scheduled with neighboring ctlcs. 'Ilic public will be invited to witness these contests. The court, which will be supported by membership dues, will be a dirt court for the present season, but will probably be converted into a clay court later, plans for landscaping the grounds are being made. Guests may play on the court by Invilsilrm ot tlie members. Mel Ott, New York Gionls-' star third bnseman, is grimly miciil on regaining his .300 hitting form Ihis year, and from tlie way he slammed inlo this one at Ihe National Leaguers' Union Houge Iroining camp, his comc- 11 back isn't far oft. hem to better that tills trip, pro- 'ided the resourceful Cftscy Sten- jel can find something to use for base hits. B«M*fTh«n Evtr-N«w F«ttur*s DON'T WAIT! LET US Get Your Car IN SHAPE To Pass the SECOND PERIOD of the State Inspection We Test Your Car FREE for UGMTS I SHAKES TIRES Windshield Wiper Wheel Alignment PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnnl Phone 810 • • - possible llml a!! hi;;h .school ' titn;, of this kind. 'i us lire H liability. U is more I luipoidint lo luivi; good trainim; in' hiali schools llran in colleges uncl the present .situation likolv is till 1 other way around." !!)« .s' saW thai lii.s state-J . merits were na Indictment against I In h school sports, but explained { j thai it merely means that more i cure .should be taken in tulnin^ j ll'ouns athletes. It i.s ;i question o r j the heart, mostly, he said; and i GLENCOE BARBER SHOP I'.irJ B. Parker, fray. Olcncne Hold lihlj. llanil or lilectric Manicuring The Corporation will meet Cnfe mill Me Hudson Tailor shop will Hiibhnrtl Hardware (.'v-inpany In Cily league howling iimtclif.s- at- Stidljui-y's Playhouse tonight. * In games Friday night the un- '.Ipfciili-d Terry .service slation will meet Holt Funeral Home in the outstanding clash of Hie week and Or. Pepper will lake on John's Confectionery. A POINTER FROM THE SETTER The Irish SeHer hunts with core; He points—end never moves a hair; And here's a point for you, good friends: You'll like (he taste of CALVERT blends! CALL WHISKIES COPR.19JS CALVEHT DISTILLERS CORP.. DISTILLERIES: RELAY. MD.. UNO LOUISVILLE. KY., EXECUTIVE OFFICES. CHRYSLER KLOG.. H. V.C. CALVERT-S-BESERVE" BLENDED WHISMEV — 90 K??fiJEr"u> CRAIN NEU 'niL SPIRITS...CAVUCHfS "SPECIAL" ULENOED WHISKEY- 90 PnoOF-75;', CHAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. BEFORE YOU YOUR NEW 1938 AUTOMOBILE READ WHAT THIS NEW PLYMOUTH OFFERS Plymouth is the roomiest of the three leading low-priced cars- nearly 7 inches longer than one; more than 10 inches longer than the other by actual measurement. Famous artists— McClelland Barclay and Neysa McWein-consider Plymouth'sclean-flowinglines Driving a 1938 Plymouth is a new experience. It steersf aster, handles easier than ever. And clutch pressure is greatly reduced. Plymouth's double-action hydraulic brakes are self-equalizing...give the smoothest, safest stops of any type of brakes made. And andluxuriousinteriorappoint- ™V P * Ot f- m , fl " d ments outstanding among *he handbrake is a completely tow-priced cars. separate system Plymouth's seats are ! deep-cushioned,"chair- high." And Plymouth's "radio studio" sound-proofing absorbs tiring road noises. Bumps, jolts and vibration are blocked out by Ply mouth's"live"rubber body mountings and big airplane- type shock-absorbers. St'tM more safety for I your family—Plymouth has an ali-steel body, a Safety Styled interior, and Safety Glass at no extra cost. The new 1938 Plymouth's big"L-head" engine gives you full-powered performance — yet owners report 18 to 24 miles on gas. | Plymouth's oil bills are kept low by 4-ring pistons, full-length water jackets, directional cooling. No other low-priced car offers all these economy features. Plymouth "stands up best"... needs least repairs. For Plymouth has patented Floating Power engine mountings,a Hypoid rearaxle, a massive, X-braced frame. Read the used-car ads, I and you'll find that Plymouth has a higher resale value than either of the"other two" low-priced cars. The big, beautiful 1938 I Plymouth has an amazing new ride. Telephone any Dodge, De Soto or Chrysler dealer for a demonstration today. No obligation. -Get the Most 5-PASSENGER SEDAN (Illustrated Here) TVTB\ ER before has the buyer of a low-priced Better engineering makes the new 1938 Plymouth N r Ca h r e " 0 , ffcred so much for his money. the most comfortable low-priced car-and (he >ever betore have (he differences among low- most reliable, economical. Buy Plymouth-get pncea cars so clearly evidenced the greater value the most for low price! PLYMOUTH DIVISION OF ottered by I l ymomh to today's drivers. CHRYSLER CORPORATION, Detroit, Michigan. $ 685 Detroit delivered price. Other models arc priced as low as$645. AndPlymou th prices INCLUDE A!,L FEDERAL TAXES.State,[ocaltascsnot included. Bcsurctosceanddrivethls bcautifuU938 Plymouth before you make a dccisfon on ony car. Just call any Dodge, DC Soto or Chrysler Dealer. MAJOR BOWES'AMATEUR HOUR, COLUMBIA NETWORK, THURS.,9T010P.M.,E.S.T.

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